Big Brother Canada 3 week 7 summary and HOH/Eviction Spoilers


The day we’ve been waiting for weeks ever since Production leaked the triple eviction twist 2 weeks ago. A lot happen this week especially these past 3 days. Bruno was in scramble mode trying to save Bobby and at the very least reduce the people targeting him going into what they all assume is a double eviction. Sarah solidified her relationships with Brittnee/Willow. The Diapers continued being safe and confident reassuring each other they’re still Down with the 4. Godfrey continues to be awesome. The season rides on who goes home during this triple will we have a final 3 weeks with the Diapers destroying, Will Sarah’s no mans land alliance gain power or will Black and Bru stage a comeback?

We have no idea of the mechanics of the triple eviction tonight, whatever happens I hope it’s exciting.

Spoilers from Twitter

Bobby evicted by a vote of 7-0 Brittnee wins the triple evciton HOH (Thanks @Hamsterwatch)

Brit Nominated Zach, Kevin and Pilar.
Bruno won the POV saved Zach
Brit nominated Willow
(Thanks @Hamsterwatch)

Final vote was for who to save. Pili was saved Willow and Kevin evicted..
(I guess Bruno is the new member of the Diapers)

Results from the Show

Sarah votes to evict
Zach votes to evict
Ashleigh votes to evict
Godfrey votes to evict
Willow votes to evict
Bruno votes to evict
Pilar votes to evict
Evicted houseguest is Bobby
HOH Winner is Brittnee (Bruno came in second)

Brittnee Nominates Zach, Kevin and Pili
POV players were Sarah, Bruno, Zach, Pili, Kevin and Ashleigh. Brittne did not play.
POV winner is Bruno Uses it to save Zach.
Brittnee nominates Willow

Willow, Kevin and Pili on the block
Zach votes to save Willow
Sarah Votes to save Pili
Godfrey votes to save Pili
Ashleigh votes to save Pili
Bruno votes to save Willow

Willow and Kevin evicted.

Twist explained from the BBCAn website (So expect it to change 3 times)
…but little do they know, you’re also voting to give them a chance to compete against each other for a special power! This power forces the winner to change ONE of the nominations right before the live eviction… It also gives them the opportunity to change both of the nominations….IF they decide to do so! Tune in May 13th to see the Twistos Twist revealed!

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209 thoughts on “Big Brother Canada 3 week 7 summary and HOH/Eviction Spoilers

    1. I think no one considered Britt winning but Sara will tell her what to do, put up Zach and Ash or Zach and kevin, I just hope my boy Kevin can slide through on this one, don’t really care who goes except for Kev and God

      1. last time britt was hoh sarah had no control of her. sarah wanted bobby out. bad. britt wanted graig. britt went after graig. britt got graig out. everyone just said it was sarah manipulating her. sarah was really passive with britt when britt was hoh first time. why would that change?

      1. I honesty felt so bad for Willow. You can tell how big of a fan she is and her game with Sarah was just getting started
        As mad as I am at Sarah you can tell her over thought the vote. She thought Bruno and Zach would vote to keep Kevin cause Bruno just used the veto on Zach, and that Willow was gone no matter what. So she was hoping ash and God would vote to keep pili with her. Little did she know that she’d be the vote to boot her best friend out.
        Crazy eviction but I’m pretty shocked. Would’ve much rathered Zach and pili leaving. MUCH.

      2. Most likely, either Sarah or Godfrey will gain the secret power, since they are both fan favorites (as long as one of them doesn’t win HOH). They are still both gunning for Zach (and probably Bruno after the stunt he just pulled). I predict Zach or Bruno are out next week.

  1. @hamsterwatch just tweeted Bobby evicted 7-0…B won HOH…YES…so what I wanted to happen, she can do major damage to the diapers by putting up Zach, Kevin and Bruno and can justify the choice

      1. I’m For an all girls alliance also….
        Go team Sarah … (wish she could win some comps though)
        If these woosy guys weren’t such freakin wimps
        “I don’t want blood on my hands” n “it’s to early” BS
        One should always take out their biggest competitor/threats
        whenever the opportunity is there.
        Looks like it might not be to early for Zack n Kev to go to jury. LOL

  2. If Brit is smart she will put up Bruno, Zack, N Kevin (She can tell Kevin he is “just a pawn” lol)
    If so Zack n Kevin will be voted out …. sounds good to me

    1. Bruno just spoiled all of Sarah’s plans. I bet the feminists are really pissed that there will be no all girl thing :$
      P.s. Brittnee is a dunce and you will see when you watch the show.

    1. Can’t you just hear the conversations the diapers are going to have with Queen B…not to mention Bruno…lol…lol

  3. OH MY GOD!!! This is perfect. Been praying for this for the past three weeks. Idiot Bobby evicted and the diapers alliance crashing and burning in the triple eviction. Let the fireworks begin!!!

  4. If I understand this correctly…B has to nominate 3 people, then only 5 will be voting. If she puts up Ashley next to Zach, he doesn’t get her vote or Pilar with Kevin. Eek! I can’t wait!

    1. Yep it could be sweet … we’ll see ….?
      If Zack, Kev, n Bruno r on the block …
      Ash will be forced to vote out Kevin
      Pili will be forced to vote out Zack
      How sweet would that be?
      Goodbye top worst n worst named alliance in BB history.
      Sarah n Willow smartest move would be to vote out Zack n Kevin
      Godfrey also … he won’t vote against Bruno
      I Love It!

      1. Too bad Britt is one of the dumbest people in all of Canada and put up and sent out her own alliance member! LOL Britt’s dumbness rubbed off on Sarah. Sarah with an S for stupid voted out the girl who would have taken her to the end. Hopefully this stupid power doesn’t bail Sarah and B out of their stupidity on national television.

  5. Yay! Revenge of the Pawn is going to be throwing out some dirty diapers. It’s about time they came crashing down from their high horse…while landing on a piss-stained air mattress (meaning Zach and Kevin will try to sacrifice Ash and Pili in their place). Cannot wait to see their smug faces turn to fear. Now THAT’S “sexy”…

  6. Well now the seasons done as I predicted. No real way it wasn’t gonna happen thanks to the morons at production. Only scenario I see as viable is Sarah runs the show. Puts up Z/Kev/Bruno with GOD the renom. Sarah is gonna want to keep Ash and Pili to get them in girl power so she needs to have B get out Zack and Kev and neither of Black/Bru. Unless Kev or Zack win POV it’s a done deal. Sarah/Willow/GOD or Bruno vote to save anyone but Kev/Zack season done. No ones gonna align with Bruno/GOD unless Sarah’s a complete idiot and goes after what’s left of diapers that being Ash/Pili. Zack or Kev win POV Bruno goes out the door instead.
    Yes enjoy the snore fest. If either of the remaini9ng guys wins POV it’s target Ash/Pili not Sarah and friends. the girl likely put up Pili and 1 guy. Target a backdoor rinse and repeat next time I know they be a lack of integrity here and not say this is BB 16 all over again but after tonight it’s basically that unless the 2 remaining guys can run the comp table. Or if a miracle happens and Kev(preferably) or Zack stay in the game. I’ve never stopped watching a season and BB USA 16 is the closest I ever came so boring. I’ll at least come here. See I have no dog in the fight. No fav to root for in fact never got to a fav all season. I’m pretty Sure Sarah becomes the target after the last 2 guys go. If by chance the idiots evict Zack and Ash as an example they get what they deserve. Don’t think that will happen. f5 need a Pili or ash HOH if their left to go after Sarah or Willow gets no better than second. Willow was my dark horse early season pick to float to the end.
    Haven’t enjoyed much of the global crap fest from the beginning. BBAD is so unwatchable to.
    If BB CAN is to survive they better get back on slice. They better get rid of some of these production A holes. I honestly think some folks do not understand the cause and effect of moronic decisions like a triple in the production team.
    RIP Season 3

  7. If Brittnee puts Bruno up, the girls better be certain he goes home. All that will do is confirm to him and Godfrey that there is, in fact, an all girls alliance.

    1. Good let Bruno squirm! lol
      Bruno should of aligned with Sarah n Brit when he had a chance.
      He blew it because of his irrational non thinking.
      I still haven’t figured out what his problem with women is?
      In BB … an ally is an ally regardless of gender…

      1. He really does not want to be beaten by a woman. He doesn’t think too highly of women. I would hate to be his wife. I bet he acts like she is lower than him too.

        1. Oh shut up. You people are so pathetic. Just because he’s trying to win a game, doesn’t make him a misogynist. So Sarah is uniting the girls, and cant stand the thought of a guy winning, what does that make her. Feminists are often the biggest hypocrites when it comes to equality.

    2. They don’t need to make certain Bruno goes home if Zach and Kevin are beside him on the block in fact it’s better for the girls he stays because they know he has been preaching girls alliance so makes for the next logical target…the girls will need to get all the guys out if 2 more go home tonight because the guys have all been pro male, yes even Kevin and Zack in their minds the girls are their ticket to a hundred grand, and if 1 guy is left final 2 I think it’s hard for a girl to get the votes from this jury.

  8. Can someone please clarify…two of Britt’s three noms go home tonight…with a new HOH comp tomorrow?

  9. Kevin wins HOH again after Sindy is evicted beside Brittnee. He uses Brittnee as a pawn again, and she wins HOH right after him, again. How ironic.

    Not shocked Bobby was unanimously voted out.

  10. If Britt won when Sindy was still there it might’ve been good, now its just meh, this season is full of boring people. No one to really root for.

  11. Out of the guys I hope britt nominated kevin zach pili replace if one them wins veto with bruno or ash lets go britt payback the favor on the diaper alliance for being a pawn

      1. That is no excuse for not taking out two of the strongest alliance within the house. I guess she really doesn’t want to win.

    1. Britt is a dumb ass. Doesn’t trust willow because she is a physical threat? What about breaking up the strongest alliance in the house as per the plan for the last 3 weeks. Unbelievable…and she didn’t even increase her flirt odds with Zach. Again, Dumb Ass.

    1. Because he’s exposing the girls alliance and uniting the guys. He now saves a physical threat who will be loyal since he knows the girls want him out. Zach will now be after Brit/Sarah. It was a brilliant move that absolutely destroyed Sarah’s plans. Bravo Bruno!

  12. Gah! Just saw part two of Hamsterwatch’s spoilers. Britt…why oh why didn’t you put Bruno up with Zach and Kevin! She put Pili up instead, Bruno won veto and took Zach off. Willow is renom. House could vote out Pili and Willow…leaving Zach, Kevin and Bruno still in it. *facepalm*

    1. Well, she did go to sleep early every night this week while everyone else, including Pili, were gaming. And Bruno wasn’t throwing her name specifically under the bus…just Sarah’s. so why shouldn’t she trust him…even when he just saved one of your main targets.

  13. That Bruno knew his ass was on the line if Zach left. It is a good move on his part.

    Brittnee better hope that Ash/Zach/Bruno does not decide to keep Kevin.

  14. Britt made the wrong move by nominating willow she could have help sarah now it looks like she maybe gone. I think bruno pull down zach could be a terrible move on him because zach and him are the targets for the girls and God looks like sitting pretty if ash or zach does not win

  15. LOL what is wrong with Brit…why put Willow up. She should have put up Ashleigh at least…sheeesh. It was already clear that she was targeting the diapers.

    1. Yeah because he’s playing for your feelings and not for his family. Get over yourself, he just made the move of the season to flip this house.

  16. Looks like Brit just totally blew her chance to make it to F3
    What a stupid Stupid Stupid Stupid play!!!! How dumb can one be?
    These have to be the dumbest BB players ever
    JP volunteers to go on the block … voted out
    Bobby volunteers to go on the block … voted out
    Brit completely blew her game and Sarahs game
    She could of made it to F3 with Sarah n Willow
    She just gave the game to Zack or one of the guys
    Dumb Dumb Dumb Dumb
    Back where we started … freakin boring!
    BBUS can’t start soon enough

    1. She saw how close that sarah and willow were and knew sarah would take willow rather than brit.
      still think it was a shitty move but smart on her part

      1. How can you justify it was a smart move? She leaves 2 physical/social threats in the game who are not going to take her to F3. If she wanted to increase her odds within the game she needed to remove 2 of the strongest alliance in the house. Once Bruno vetoed Zach she needed to put up Ash. This would have increased the odds of getting Kev and Pili out, or Kev and Ash out.
        Who would take Britt to F3 or F2 over Pili?
        Bad emotional play.

  17. Oh my god, Britnee, what a disaster. Just proves that Sarah is indeed behind the brains in this duo.
    Here’s my prediction on the votes that will happen.

    Sarah votes to evict = Kevin and Pili
    Godfrey votes to evict = Pili and Kevin (?) Willow
    Ashleigh votes to evict = Willow and Kevin
    Bruno votes to evict = Pili and Willow
    Zach votes to evict = Pili and Willow

    If that’s the case she’ll have Kevin, Zach, Bruno, Ashleigh gunning for her in the next HOH. Congratulations Britnee you took out a major threat in your game, Pilar.

  18. i can’t see her nominating willow . She won’t have the votes. Ash, Zach, Bruno will vote for kevin to stay..That only leaves Sarah and Godfrey to vote ..Willow and Pilar go home..waste of a nomination. if she put ash up it would split zach’s vote does he vote for ash or kevin..stupid move by brit if she did put up willow. now she has sarah mad at her as well.

  19. it will be intereting to see the votes. as far as i can tell from what has happened on the feeds the past week it all comes down to godfrey’s vote. if it is 2 votes to evict will he vote willow and pili or pili and kevin and if it is vote to stay will he vote for kevin to stay or for willow to stay. although i am kinda certain he will vote out willow. that would be pretty much a waste of an hoh. willow and pili… great move

  20. OMG being the perfect pawn must have scrambled B’s brain to make such a dumb move…not once but twice…first by not nominating Bruno and then by putting Willow up…at least if she had put Ash up it potentially takes away Zachs vote

  21. I’m fine with this triple eviction outcome it’s going to shake the house up a lot.. Sarah will be pissed at Brittnee it’s going to be fun to watch..

    I know everyone is pissed at these results but it could have been a lot worse.

  22. I get that you guys don’t like Bruno’s move for YOUR entertainment but you can’t say that is not the smartest move FOR BRUNO. He coud see where this was heading. If Kevin goes, the next targets ar eonly himself and Godfrey. Bruno is a smart man. He needs Zach at this point if he’s going to survive if for no other reason than to act as a shield to buy him an extra week. Yes for the viewers entertainment it’s not the best move but don’t berate him for making a move that benefits him an not the viewers.

  23. I am just here for the meltdown/lashing out Sarah will have; dealing with the aftermath of Willow leaving, and when she is put on the block within 24 hours.

  24. Brit really messed this opportunity up. Willow was with her side. Bruno is just going to replace Kevin in that alliance. Wonder how Godfrey feels about Bruno saving Zachula…the Undead (can’t seem to kill him).

    1. Oh, and I can’t forget to mention Zachula’s bride, Ashvira…Queen of the Night. How the hell does she escape the block again??

    2. Once Brit realizes it’s boys against girls she will be mad she didn’t put up Bruno. She screwed up bigtime.

  25. Can anyone please tell rob has a podcast his prediction is wrong and derrick too that willow will win she is out thank you God that she is gone finally this good news I hate willow it looks good for bruno to win

  26. I don’t get how this happened. If each had a vote to save.. why did Sarah and Godfrey not vote to save Willow.. and then Bruno, Zach and Ashley would have to choose between Kevin and Pilar… did Godfrey switch as well?

  27. Brirnee screwed up royally if this is true…I really hope someone made a mistake and its Ashleigh instead of Willow, if true…she has at least 3 people gunning for her hardcore now and Sarah would be fucking pissed at her…and Willow was on your side…*URGH if true…

  28. Wow…Kevin should of made bigger moves…Pilar must be a blubbering mess! Everyone wants to bring her all the way! Lol Poker Player Out! Snooze Ya looze!

  29. Bruno screwed himself….maybe? Yep Sarah and Pilar will flood the place with tears..,dam Britnee I want to see leave too

    1. I agree. Ugh Britt…why?? I blame Sarah for Britt’s renom of Willow. Sarah feeds Britt shallow surface game information, she kept telling Britt to trust Willow, but not specifically why. i.e telling her about the secret veto. But seriously Britt, putting Ash as a renom….is common sense/obvious.

      As for Bruno…..I have no words. I don’t know how this will play out for his game. To be honest I think it will affect his game in regards to jury. Willow will probably be pissed, Britt is pissed, Sarah is pissed, Sindy will annoyed when she finds out….and possibly Godfrey who has been plotting Zach’s demise. Lol only bobby will love this move

      1. bobby and bruno have been really paranoid about a girls alliance for the past couple days so i think bruno realized that if both zach and kevin left (the two biggest targets) then bruno would become to main target. So in a sense it was a smart move for his game, but we’ll see what happens!

      2. Should Bruno and Zach sit F2 (unlikely) Zach wins. Bruno has flipped me to root for Zach over Bruno.
        I blame Bobby and Britt for tonights results.

  30. I’m so happy that someone other than Diaper alliance won….Yay cannot wait for the show to start. May be the reason why Bee put willow up is so that she can work as a double agent in case she stays, and pretend to pissed at Sarah and Bee. Bruno is such an idiot WOW!!!!!…. Bruno has been hanging around Bobby for so long that his stupidity has finally rub off on him. I hope Godfrey win so that he can finally nominate Zach or Bruno or ash. Best case scenario Zach goes to jury to his one true love JP. #sharethesadsandwich

  31. OK I’m so so on predictions but this is wack times 10. Sarah let a girl get nominated. B must be free thinking today. Bruno for all his talk can count numbers apparently and didn’t like the 5-2 spilt or these guys have the deepest alliance of all time Z/Bruno. Then just to get things more puzzling Willow the renom? Sarah has gotta be pee d off big time. This shows B and GOD have something going for him not to be the renom.
    Without knowing anything Ash, Bruno and Zack could save Pili and evict Willow. Oh lord never saw that coming. Sarah has gotta be flipping out. Can’t wait for the strategy edits after B wins HOH should be interesting.
    RIP Kev some of your game was entertaining. I’d of rather Zack went but oh well. Where does Ash go or did she go girls thinking Zack gone? Man if Willow left on a “girls” HOH that would be epic fail and Sarah rage on the feeds. Maybe “the fake veto” all over again. They disguised it so well B thought Sarah disliked her and rather than GOD she put Willow up? The feeds should be fun even if Willow stays. 1st convo with Sarah/Willow will be interesting.
    Just 1 minute…. Just a minute another of my insane thoughts! Number is 5 votes… Zack, GOD and Bruno could numerically at least save Kev. OMW that would make B HOH 2 a complete fail. Kev’s gone IMO but lord that HOH wasn’t good. And Willow still could go.
    Just to be a party pooper ….. but Hamsterwatch could have it wrong it does happen. For the shows sake I hope not

  32. I think Bruno played it very intelligently. If he voted out Zach and Kevin, there would be 2 guys and 5 girls and Bruno would be target number 1. With Zach still in the house, there’s a shield in front of Bruno. Plus, Bruno gained the trust of Zach before and has secured it with this move and if Zach left, Ashleigh was never going to work with Bruno. This move ensures that Bruno can sit back while diapers vs Sarah and Brittnee go at it.

    Secondly, Brittnee is the real dunce. Why put up your own alliance member as the replacement and not Ashleigh LOL!

  33. Britney deserves to be voted out next!!!!!
    If I get a chance to vote? It will be for Brit! Even though I dislike all the
    other players except Sarah (she doesn’t have a chance at this point) Thx to Brit!
    I feel bad for Sarah, She has had mostly solid strategy throughout the game
    But no one with a brain or loyalty to ally with.

  34. I guess Brit felt a bit slighted at Willow taking her number 1 gal from her.

    I can’t believe Bruno saved Zach… wtf.

  35. Pilar for the win!
    (I’m assuming Sarah will be voted out next)
    It would be a perfect ending to this season of BBCA

  36. Well update now says who was saved. Pili is still in the house. This hour has to be the most important to watch in a long time. Willow gone I have to see the fall out from Sarah. She is gonna tear B up unless I’m missing something.

    For the Zack haters.. Ash/Pili plus Bruno and GOD. Sarah/B in tough. Bruno has got to be strategic and keep Sarah around surely. God will want B to stay. I just cannot see the 3 guys F3 being genuine. Bruno has the middle for the moment. Diapers win HOH could get really interesting.
    Just like to say my earliest post had the season being done. All that was based on 2 guys going after I read B won HOH. To think not 2 guys but that Girl Power weakened by Willow getting evicted the night was an epic fail for Sarah lovers. She has B or no one. Though she can position to work with Black and Bru or perhaps diapers even, if there is a split between B and Sarah. Sarah got put in a tough spot it appears thanks to her friend B. The fall outs gonna be juicy.

  37. Tonight episode is crazy bruno saves zach and willow is gone I wonder what happen with britt tonight sarah is gone slap britt she blew up sarah game

  38. Bruno talked big the whiole season about getting Zack out and now saves him. It’s heart breaking!

  39. anoter wasted hoh by britt this time. why didnt she put up ash with zach or use ash s the replacemet instead of willow. insteaf she has guarantred left a vouple in the house when she could have guaranteed the halfs of both ciuples gone.

  40. Bruno showed his cards today by saving Zack. God is most likely going to call him out . I hope that Sarah or God wins the next HOH and Zak or Bruno goes. These girls now have a reason to form a girl alliance. I hope that Ashleigh turns on Zack, that will be a beautiful move on her part.

    1. The only logical reason I can think of that Britnee could have spared Ashleigh instead of Willow is if she offered up a girls’ alliance to Britnee and offered to help out Britnee and Sarah and really sold it to Britnee that she is going to more helpful to them than Pilar or Willow…this is assuming all of this is true…only how can they trust her with that scenario and Ashleigh is absolute shit at competitions so I don’t even know how helpful Ashleigh can helpful in anyways…Britnee does not have a reason to put up Willow

    2. How dim are you? Godfrey, Zach and Bruno talked about staying untied yesterday because they could see how the game was shaping out. Although Zach wasn’t as loyal at the time, he now must see that the only people loyal to him are Bruno and Ash. He’s now going to target Brit and Sarah because they tried to take him out this week. The only people pissed at Bruno are Sarah and Brit.

      1. I would think Godfrey is not to happy with Bruno at the moment. Bruno just showed huge loyalty to Zach who is a major physical/social/jury threat to Godfrey’s game. Also, it would be illogical to Godfrey. It seems you have bought into Bobby’s hype.

    1. Where have you been all week during all the talk about 1st HOH this week 2 norms 1 goes home…2nd HOH 3 norms 2 go home = 3(tripple) evictions

  41. Britnee must have like her pawn star status so much that she decides to get rid of Sarah (everyone in the house will be gunning for them next week and if Sarah does not win HOH or veto she’ll go home). Initially I thought that willow was the needy one but after this week I think Britnee is the one who needs so much love and attention and hates the relationship of her bestie Sarah with Willow.

    Zach and Ashleigh are a duo, Bruno saving Zach mean those three are solidified. Godfrey is tight with Bruno. That makes it a four. Pili is tight with Ashleigh and that’s the entire house versus Britanee and Sarah.

    I’m already expecting a crying and weeping Sarah this week on the feeds. I’m just hoping that Ashleigh will turn on Zach and tries to get rid of Godfrey and Bruno first before getting rid of Sarah and Britnee. The aftermath of this eviction will be so golden.

  42. Right on cue when Sarah’s ass is on the line production have introduced a new power, which Sarah will conveniently find and waltz her way to F2. If by some miracle, she does not find it, she will get another super power until she gets to F2. I can guarantee it!! I called it weeks ago and after all of her scripted DRs and special treatment, its obvious she’s production’s new darling;

  43. If those spoilers are true I’m annoyed. I don’t care that Bobby and Willow got evicted that’s fine. But why would Bruno save Zach?!!!!!!! I wanted Zach gone. And Kevin :( my favorite player the whole season, if he got evicted I will be sad…

    And these are probably true since I don’t think hamsterwatch had been wrong.

    1. But really though, why would Brittnee put up Willow? Did she think Sarah would take Willow over her? And what is Bruno doing saving Zach? What will Godfrey think?

      If all this is accurate, I assume that there would be a new diapers (which is still a stupid name) Pilar/Zach/Ashleigh/Bruno and maybe they will bring Godfrey a long, and Brittnee might have just ruined hers and Sarah’s chance at the final.

  44. from Brittnees perspective i can see why she didn’t trust Willow. Sarah and Willow were becoming way too close.

    1. It was the worst move yet because she screwed up her and Sarah’s numbers. Now it’s them against everyone except maybe Godfrey. I hope God wins. God and Sarah final 2.

  45. God will be pissed at Bruno for saving Zack. Sarah the same thing with B. So there is a chance for them to start a new allience together. I think God will bring in Pili as well. Since they voted out Kevin.

  46. I disagree with the whole house being against b/Sarah. If I was Godfrey id be pissed at Bruno for taking Z down cause he had a very good chance of going up (Bruno probably expected it and was shocked when B put willow up). Ashleigh has recently shown signs of playing both sides and after Bruno saved zach, she might think zach convinced him to do so, putting her in danger of being renomed. Pilar is lost without Kevin but is much closer with the girls than Bruno or even zach. Depending on the next few days the entire house could turn on zach and Bruno. Ash and Pil really need to start thinking for themselves because their votes could really control who leaves in the next few weeks

  47. Hey, if the girls keep being accused of having a girl’s alliance and the guys are plotting because of it, no problem! Accuse and punish for crimes NOT committed long enough, someone is liable to just say – Fine! OK, we’ll make a girls alliance in self defense. I would have put up Zach, Bruno, and Kevin. Even if one got off, the other 2 could go. DONE!

    1. You really are slow. A girl alliance was already formed, and once Zach/Kevin got booted, it would have been solidified. Anyone with a brain could see that coming. Which is why Bruno put a stop to it, along with keeping a bigger threat then himself in the game. Great play!

  48. The votes were sooooo weird…why would Sarah not vote for Willow and why does Zach not vote for with Pilar or Kevin…there must be a secret alliance of Ashleigh, Britnee, Pilar and Sarah cause that just makes no sense….

  49. I liked Sarah until tonight. I didn’t understand her rationale behind keeping Pilar over Willow. She goes on about how much she loves Willow and she’s her closest ally yet she backstabs her for seemingly no reason. Very bizarre….

    Why did Bruno use the Veto on Zach? What the hell is going on?

    1. Sarah’s thought was a logical one.
      She thought the boys would vote to keep Kevin over the girls, especially after Kevin’s speech.
      Other than that, she figured Pilar you get more votes to stay over Willow, because at least Ashley would vote for her.
      The boys would probably think also that willow was more dangerous for them than Pilar.

      Sarah wasn’t counting on Godfrey’s and Zach’s votes to keep Willow. I’m sure she would have voted to keep Willow if she knew they would vote like that.

    2. It was her reaction to what Bruno did by taking Zach down. Because Bruno has been throwing out her name to everyone and it’s been getting back that Bruno was trying to rally the boys all she had to go on was that and his action of saving Zach. In a moments choice she had to figure God was on board with Bruno.

      You have a moment to think and all she could surmise was Ash would keep Pilee (that was the only thing she knew for sure). Other than that she would assume Zach, Bruno and God would keep Kevin but she was hoping God would keep Pilar (because of the deal he made with Kev/Pilee) or maybe that Zach would. She couldn’t know Zach would keep Willow he’d done nothing to warrant her thinking he would OR that Bruno after saving Zach would keep Willow.

      In the end, she’ll kick herself b/c she could have saved Willow. Then again if Sarah can get Ash/Pilee on board especially after she wins the secret power (insert huge smile) then they could get out one of Zach or Bruno next week and it will be 4 – 2 girls left in the house.

    3. I think she expected Bruno & Zach to keep Kevin not Willow. She knew Ash would keep Pilon and just hoped Godfrey picked did to. Not her fault its the game not enough time to talk about votes.

  50. Wow I am shock that sarah took out willow and it is strange that Zach and Bruno were comparing notes about willow and they kept her doesn’t make sense. I wonder why sarah wanted willow gone. And does sarah have a chance to take out Zach now its the time. Hopefully Zach does not win hoh to replace him on that block. Canada vote for Sarah and Godfrey hopefully they will finally take down Zach. Qb is the fastest runner so in comps he can win and make it harder for the other houseguest. Hopefully this decision pays off for sarah. It was an epic night and willow was pissed off at sarah for evicting her. I cannot wait for the next episode and the reason of evicting willow and keeping Zach. Kevin made the wrong decision for his game oh well, he should have thrown the hoh to Zach he messed up. I wonder how God feels about Bruno for keeping Zach.

    1. I like Godfrey but he’s too much of a loose cannon. It needs to be Britt/Sarah in that have not room so they can do the right thing with it.

      I’m just waiting to see who wins HOH. It won’t change my vote as to who to make have not’s though. I do want it to be Britt/Sarah b/c they’ll work in concert. AND b/c Sarah/Britt won the first HOH together Britt will let Sarah have the power which she’ll use to get payback for Willow by either booting out Bruno or Zach!

    1. I’m still trying to understand why Sarah did to her…it makes no sense..Willow was completely loyal to her…

      1. while in bed later with pilar, sarah says that willow told her she had already tried to convince people to save her and she was going home. guess they keep moving and talking during commercial breaks.

    2. I thought sarah ‘s rationale was that she assumed the boys were voting to save kevin and wrongly assumed no one was voting for willow. so in hopes of a lesser of 2 evils she voted pili knowing that there was at least a vote for her from ashleigh. I do hope however that they all divulge their votes and she can see what transpired. maybe it’ll help her from being so spazzy and erratic at crucial times as i am on team sarah. now B on the other hand… ugh….

  51. I don’t get why everyone is saying Sarah is mean an evil, She voted for Pilli because she was ASSUMING that everyone was gonna vote out WIllow. Not Knowing Zach and Bruno wanted to keep her. As why she went with Pilli if she knew Bruno an Zach for some reason were going to keep Willow she would of.

  52. the only person who outdid britnee’s stupidity tonight was bruno…using the veto to SAVE ZACH?!!!?!?! LOL what a moron!!!
    Sarah, Sarah, Sarah…there is no helping you, is there? You couldn’t put dumbass Britnee in her place and tell her whom to nominate and put up for replacement…and then voting AGAINST Willow.
    Dumb, dumb, dumb.
    I think Britnee and Bruno were dropped on their heads as children, because they are stupid with a capital S.

    1. In the pantry, just before the voting, Britt told Sarah she wants to put Willow up because she doesn’t trust her.Sarah, instead of defending Willow at all costs , said : “if you don’t trust her, then put her up”. Now Sarah is upset because she’s sent her best friend out of the door, but what was she thinking in the pantry? Had her brain gotten frozen? If i can accept her rationale of voting to keep Pili, i don’t understand why she didn’t dissuade Britt from putting Willow up in the first place.

  53. I can understand why Bruno kept Zach on some level but really, it would have been F’ing SWEET to see both Kevin and Zach in the Jury House. Though I do think next opportunity Zach gets he will go after Bruno, so that might have been bozo’s mistake by using the veto….

  54. I’m voting for Sarah and Britt to be have nots because I can’t wait for them to put Bruno and Zach on the block!!!!

  55. Everyone please vote for Sarah and B for Have Nots. B will have to give it to sarah because sarah gave B the hoh. They can finally turn this around. There is an arterial motive to willows eviction I’m sure.

  56. For those who don’t get Sarah’s thought process: After Kevin gave that speech about keeping a guy and them going after the girls, she assumed that Bruno and Zach would vote to keep Kevin. Knowing that Godfrey wants the showman’s out and knowing Ashleigh’s relationship to Pili, she assumed that Pili and Godfrey would vote to keep Pili. Both were very good assumptions. Therefore, she decided to vote with the majority and try to have Pili and Ash on her side, thinking that there was no chance to save Willow anyway. I am voting for Sarah and Godfrey to compete for the power, not only because I am a Sarah fan but because those are our only options as viewers to see Zach walk out of that house. (Or Sarah and Britnee)

  57. There was no a second of live in that whole show. I read as tightly scripted, and I could see Production’s hands all over it. Not commentating on what happened, but how it was shown to happen.

  58. Bruno pissed Godfrey off big time (At least it looked that way) but gained Zach/Ashleigh
    Sarah voted out and lost her final 2
    Pili’s game is sunk
    Brittnee made enemies all over the place but broke the Diapers up
    Godfrey’s still rolling

    Can;t wait for the feed to come back so we find out the new HOH. I suspect a lot of tears.

  59. I wonder if it was a plan by god and Bruno to split sides. So that God stay with sarah side and Bruno with Zach side. I do not know why Bruno saved Zach.

  60. I realize everyone thinks that Sarah shafted Willow, but this is what Sarah was thinking:
    – Bruno and Zach are going to vote to keep Kevin because of the all-guy’s thing (but they actually voted Willow)
    – Ashleigh 100% votes to keep Pilar
    – Godfrey’s vote still up in the air
    – Sarah is hoping that if she votes to keep Pilar, and so does Godfrey, that’s a 3-2 advantage and she keeps a girl in the game
    – From her perspective, if Bruno and Zach are for sure going to keep Kevin, and Godfrey and Ashleigh vote to keep either Pilar OR Kevin, her vote for Willow means nothing

  61. Britt and Sarah are most likely going to go into the Block for Zach losing kevin and jp by sarah’s hand. I did not understand why Zach did not keep Kevin or he thought the votes were not there.

    1. Zach thought Kevin has no chance to stay, therefore he voted to keep Willow. Sarah thought the same thing about Willow and voted to keep Pili. Zach was right, Sarah was wrong.

    1. Godfrey will likely be on the block next to Britt this coming week, I’m betting Sarah and Pili will be too messed up to function for an HOH comp.

  62. who better to win a comp based on being on the block than the person with permanent resident status. oh production. you’re not transparent. nope. not at all.
    so britt chose to renom willow. because she said countless times she doesn’t trust her, and because she thought willow could beat her in comps. I can almost follow the logic. she’s in your alliance. but…. okay.
    so Bruno voted to save Zach, godfrey’s main target. you and godfrey are in an alliance. but….. okay.
    sarah voting for pilar to keep a girl thinking Zach and Bruno would vote to keep kevin with all the talk of boys vs. girls this week. I can almost follow the logic. she’s going to snap when Bruno throws it in her face and calls her poison. Ashleigh’s going to snap when she finds out Zach voted to keep willow over pilar in the fallout.
    so most of the alliances are going to shake up. who lands where?
    small thing noted: Ashleigh and sarah’s looooong hug when Bruno won veto and they were called back to the living room: what was going on there?
    can they put feeds in the jury house? imagine Jordan and cindy bickering or not speaking. in walks bobby. in walks kevin. in walks anti-depressant filled willow. i’d rather watch that as a fan feed I think.

  63. Can someone let BBC production know there is a flaw in the power?
    There are 7 players left.
    Player 1 is HOH
    Player 2 is special power holder
    Player 3 is POV holder
    Player 4 and player 5 are initially nominated
    Player 3 removes player 4 using POV
    Player 1 nominates player 6 as a replacement
    So now player 5 and player 6 are on the block
    Player 2 wants to change both nominations by using the special power to remove both player 5 and player 6.
    There is only player 7 left to replace one nomination
    So I do not get it. Can someone explain?

    1. I think they will play it like a regular week. I don’t think POV will mean anything. I think the person who won the POV will be safe from being nominated, but even if it is used on a person, it will still be nullified.

  64. For all you thinking it was a good move by Bruno unless he wins HOH you better think again b/c now Sarah and Britt will be the people sent to the Have Nots room to compete for the special veto and next Thursday Sarah or Britt will stand up to remove both of themselves from the block and nominate Bruno (and possibly) Zach as well in their place.

    Britt showed via her noms there was no all girl alliance by putting up Pilar and then Willow instead of Bruno or Godfrey. This won’t be easy for him to get out of. And NOW Britt and Sarah will tell Ash/Pilar EVERYTHING Bruno has been saying. Plus the audience reaction to Bruno saving Zach told the whole story. Fans wanted Zach gone and the fact Bruno who’s been plotting Zach’s demise for weeks won’t sit well. They had the numbers.

    Mistake by Bruno saving Zach (leave noms the same)
    Mistake by Britt re-noming Willow
    Mistake by Zach voting to keep Willow (only in hindsight b/c Pilar will learn who saved her!)
    Mistake by Sarah assuming both Godfrey/Bruno wouldn’t save Willow

    Comedy of errors across the board. BUT … now I’ll go vote for Sarah and Britt to become the have nots b/c it’s the only way Zach/Bruno don’t run the house. ARGH … if Bruno was gonna save a guy I know he wasn’t as close to Kevin but why Zach who will cut his throat just as quick as he cut JP’s.

  65. As much as I like Godfrey, I need the power to be in Sarah’s hands. This is our one shot to actually make this game go the way I’ve wanted it too since the beginning. I’m voting for Sarah and B, just so Sarah can use the power. She will for sure nominated Bruno and Zach.

  66. Ok as frustrated as I am as a VIEWER over Bruno saving Zach..from Bruno’s perspective saving Zach might not have been a bad move. He has shown Zach he has his back and therefore has Ashleigh and Pili. If he voted Zach out it would have been him and Godfrey against the girls because why would Sarah/B/Willow (if she stayed) vote out Ashleigh and Pili over Bruno and Godfrey?? Now he is going into the HOH with Zach, Ash, Pili, and probably Godfrey not putting him up and having to only worry about Sarah.

    1. Don’t be so sure about Godfrey being okay with Bruno. He was PISSED in the voting room and if you caught what happened during the show. Britt said “nice” to Bruno and his response was “you come from me and I strike back” …. TOTALLY unnecessary comment to Britt b/c now they’ll tell the girls AND ZACH about Bruno’s plotting for weeks on end to get Zach out. The person Willow was to the group will suddenly be switched to being Bruno as they tell everyone how he’s said he was with them, has F2’s with God and Britt and F4 with Britt/Sarah and Willow. The person everyone was expecting Willow to be called out for will be what Bruno gets called out as being.

      Also as Kev/Willow were walking out Bruno was talking to God saying “it’s all good man, it’s all good”. God is Zach’s number one target and even if he can be persuaded to not go after God first Bruno kept God’s number 1 enemy in the house. THIS WON’T SIT WELL WITH GODFFREY and now he can’t trust Bruno at all:

      1. Lied about the Chop Shop
      2.Lied about knowing about Bobby’s veto
      3. Lied about wanting the couples out
      4. Lied about the fact their group FOR SURE (as late as last night) would nominate Kev/Zach with Zach as the target. Bruno said he’d nominate Zach and vote him out.

      All he’s done is lie to Godfrey so now God will NEVER trust him over Sarah/Britt and also likely Pilee. If he’s smart he’ll rally those girls to take out Bruno/Zach and then finalize a pact with Britt/Sarah to take out Ash/Pilee.

  67. Please Vote God and Sarah for the have nots this week I hope God will use it and make Zach go home. But the pov and hoh are safe the week so I hope Zach does not win and if he does win both or one then Bruno is in trouble because everyone most likely will vote him out. Sarah was pissed on Bruno for doing that.

  68. I still freak out that Jordan had was throwing darts on Godfrey, Sarah, Bobby, Willow, and Zach. But I think he might change willow or godfrey picture with sindy picture.

  69. Britt’s 2nd HOH… so promising yet a fail bugt she had the right idea,Maybe she thought she could play pov I wish I could vote her to be a Have-Not with Sarah.

    1. Bruno chose a side.
      he’d rather side with Zach than godfrey.
      he thinks Zach still has Ashleigh. maybe he does.
      he thought he Zach and Ashleigh still could play on willow.
      he wanted a chop shop reunion.
      who would ever think Bruno would be the type to stick to one plan. it’s not like he’s the type of guy to say and do the same thing over and over and over again. I think I sprained my sarcasm fingers….
      is anyone else having problems accessing the vault to vote? the message says the vault will open on march 23rd. did someone hit the red replay button?

    1. He saved Zac because now he only has B and Sarah after him, B can’t compete for HOH and Sarah is useless, so why wouldn’t he save Zac. God is gunning for Zac, so no one is coming after Bruno, good move for him to save Zac

  70. Now house guests might talk about audience reaction when Vito was used on Zack. It was obvious that no one was happy then

  71. Did Sarah win HoH already???…. Some person on Wikipedia keeps on posting that Sarah won was taken down….then put back up again..???

    1. hey simon,
      been seeing tweets about Bruno and sarah having an argument during taping.
      lots of name calling like ‘dirty bitch’ and ‘she’s out to get the guys.’
      have you heard anything about this?
      just wondering if any of the chatter is legit.

        1. thanks simon. hadn’t heard anything about it on feeds yet either, but judging by threads a lot of the heat of the moment stuff I would have liked to see already happened during taping. lol.

  72. I am not going to vote till tomorrow. Don’t want to waste my vote( like last twist) without knowing who is HOH. Anyways so far Sarah and Pilli are my choices.

  73. Hate me if you will, but I kinda like Pili. I will not like Pili if she spends the next week in bed with Sarah crying about their “showmances” being gone…

    I’m so disappointed with the results of tonight’s triple. Ugh.

  74. Is Ashleigh, zach, pili and bruno now against sarah, Britnee and Godfrey? I think bruno made a very good move tonight. He chose to be on the stronger side of the house. Pili and Ashleigh will go after Britnee and Godfrey. Zach and Godfrey will go after eachother. My two favourite people who I want to see in final two are sarah and Bruno. I think they are the smartest in the house hands down.

  75. For all those asking why Britt nominated Willow instead of Ash or one of the other guys… here’s the thing.

    Ideally she puts up a guy to ensure 2 guys leave but she wanted to show Bruno/Godfrey she was legit with their alliance. Which is why I almost threw something at my TV when Bruno made that comment to Britt “you come after me and I strike back” What a f—king crock.

    But, then if she puts up Ash the boys could’ve voted out Ash and Pilee leaving both Zach and Kevin in the house so she had to go with what she thought would cause the least damage. Retain her relationship with God and Ash and hope the votes work out to keep one of the girls.

  76. Here is the only way they can salvage this show.

    Vote for Sarah and Godfrey or Sarah and Brittnee or Brittnee and Godfrey.

    Ashleigh or Pili win HOH

    They put up Godfrey and Sarah if Brittnee wins the power she pulls them both down and then Pili has to put up Bruno and Zach because she won’t put up Ash or vice versa but Ash would put up Pili over Zach then Sarah God and Brit vote out Bruno if it’s a tie I don’t see Ash voting out Pili

    or if Zach or Bruno win HOH and they put up Sarah and B and Godfrey wins the power he removes the girls which means they have to put up their own alliance. Either way I hope they ass hats (diapers) plus IDIOT Bruno get played this week.

  77. I would PAY to hit the idiotic Ashleigh in the face and knock her teeth out!

    YES, that’s for her gameplay! #OhThesePeople

  78. my concern about voting God and Sarah as have nots is they will think canada hates them and there game play and change to wanna keep zach the sac of shit , that’s if they don’t discover the super power !

  79. OK wow. So confused. WHY did Bruno save Zach? This is ridiculous.
    And why did Britt replace him with WILLOW and NOT ASHLEY?
    Big brother is just not the same anymore.

    1. It’s all been discussed in the thread above. There is good reasoning (in my opinion) behind Bruno, Brittney and Sarah’s choices. In order they are:

      – Bruno saved Zach because otherwise he would become the #1 target in a house of girls

      – Brittney put up Willow because there is deep distrust between the two of them

      – Sarah voted to keep Pillar over Willow because she tried to predict what the other people would vote. But she was thinking on too high of a level.

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