POV Ceremony! “They have to see me packing like I’ve given up. That’s the only chance I have”

POV Holder: Kevin Next POV May 1st
POV Used No POV Ceremony May 3rd
HOH Winner Kevin Next HOH May 6th
Nominations: Bobby and Brittnee
Have Nots Zach, Bobby, Willow (Season slop pass)
POV Players Kevin, Bobby, Ashleigh, Brittnee, Sarah, Pili

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-03 08-38-02-552
10am – 11:40am Big Brother blocks the live feeds for the Power Of Veto Ceremony to take place. As the veto holder, Kevin has the option to veto one of his nominations or choose to not use the veto on either nominee. Originally when Kevin nominated Brittnee and Bobby the plan was to use the veto to remove Brittnee and nominate Bruno as the replacement. However, Kevin’s plan as of last night is to not use the veto. If Bobby doesn’t have a secret veto he gets voted out “that’s what happens to liars” and if he does have a secret veto (which he doesn’t) and uses it then Kevin would then nominate Bruno and try to get him sent home over Brittnee. Either way Kevin will have some explaining to do as he’s told everyone different things as to what he was going to do.

When the live feeds return – In the bathroom – Kevin, Zach and Godfrey are talking. Godfrey says well it got tested out! Thanks for not putting me up there man! Godfrey leaves. Zach says now Bruno’s by himself. What’s he going to do?! Kevin says we’ll let it rest the next 24 hours.

Brittnee, Sarah, Bruno and Willow are out in the hot room. Bruno says it doesn’t make sense to me why he didn’t put God up there is he knows he’s coming after him. God is definitely with them. He said last minute talk ..I just got to him. Bruno says in the end we’re giving them all the prize. Sarah says for our own benefit I acted like we weren’t all together.Godfrey joins them. He says I got through to him with a last minute conversation. I am telling you guys we still have the upper hand. They have the two goblins and Zach & Kevin.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-03 08-37-41-193
11:50am In the havenot room – Bobby says what a blast… I am going home! He pulls something out of his pocket and says I’m keeping this big brother. He heads up to the bathroom and says wild game! He heads to the bedroom and starts packing his clothes. Kevin comes in and says strictly game Bobby. Strictly game. Bobby says yup. He leaves. Willow comes in and Bobby tells her if you want me to stay you need to avoid me. Willow leaves. Bobby says to himself. They have to see me packing ..like I’ve given up. That’s the only chance I have. Bobby says my fate lies in Sarah and WIllows hands now.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-03 08-51-43-824
Kevin & Bruno are talking by the pool. Kevin says I got the feeling Bobby was coming after me and he is such a bigger competition beast. He said he has a veto and he’s asking me to use mine. Bruno says its your move I respect it. Bruno says the girls are sitting back not having to do anything.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-03 08-51-00-588

In the hallway to the hot tub – Kevin tells Godfrey dude you played it perfectly!! Godfrey says I’ve got your back. Kevin says he’s sorry he couldn’t let him in on his plan. They hug and breakup the conversation
Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-03 08-55-41-081

12:10pm – 12:20pm In the pool area – Bobby says “I’m sorry for fake crying. It was very insensitive. I apologize and I’m sorry” If anyone can tell her that I would appreciate it. Bobby says That means the showmances knew I was coming after them…I think…meaning I probably wont get their vote. I can’t even campaign. They should see why it would be smart to keep me. That genuine reaction from Sarah during the veto ceremony means she’s not working with them. I know its not the showmance side of the house that will keep me. If they don’t keep me Bruno and Godfrey should be really terrified. Bobby heads out to suntan with the others.

12:40pm In the storage room – Kevin says that was a good read. Pili tell kevin that was a good read. You can read people. Pili says Oh my god crazy Kevin!

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-03 09-39-35-493


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Mangwizzle the Sizzle

Props to Simon and Dawg for keeping us in the loop! Props that Godfrey is still alive!

If the cockroaches stick together and send Brit home it will be epic, lets hope the grazing moping cow leaves! Sorry Brit, Zach isnt into you but Godfrey was, too bad your ego couldnt get past the fact he works at McDonalds! You are going to wish you showmanced him because he is fan fav, is going to win and will ave any girl he wants when the season is over. And you will still be a grazing cow Brit, get over yourself girl!


Did a girl hurt your little feelings? Do you need a hug?


I can’t tell if Godfrey is playing Kevin or no. He’s definitely going after Zach and Ash, but hasn’t really made mention of Kevin with the exception of him saying he was going after showmances last week.

However, it’s not a bad thought if he could find a way to get to the final 2 with Ash or Pilar. The only ones I see voting for those girls are the one girl in the jury between Ash/Pilar and Kevin or Zach, depending on whoever’s chick is in the final 2.

I think Jordan, Kevin, and Zach appreciate the game too much to hand a check to Ash or Pilar, even if they were in an alliance, over pretty much anyone else in the game not named Britnee, Bobby or Willow.


Very excited to see what Godfrey/Sarah/Willow/Bruno would do this week. They need to vote as a block so they are the majority. They can’t split. They don’t have any other options. Better move is to actually keep Bobby. Hate to put it out there but Britt would continue to be dragged


You think the planned fake fight between Sarah/Willow really necessary? They might actually fight for real if Sarah keeping Britt and Willow keeping Bobby . Why would Willow want to keep Bobby anyway? If Britt’s gone she’s the next pawn star.


Number one, staging a fight with another houseguest to throw everyone off is a waste of time and energy. Sarah and Willow are not professional actors, and will not be able to pull it off. No one is going to buy it. If anything, it will look suspicious and draw attention to their alliance.

Number two, Sarah WILL vote out Britnee…it is just a matter of when. We cannot forget that Sarah voted to keep Naeha over Brittnee. I never got the impression that Brittnee was ever a part of Sarah’s long-term game plan. In Sarah’s mind, Brittnee has outlived her usefulness. At this point in the game, no one wants to be aligned with someone who they believe brings nothing to the table. If you are not winning HOH or VETO competitions, you will find yourself excluded from a lot of strategy talks.


And Kevin just sent Brit home. Bobby has Bruno and God votes in the bag, Sarah also told Willow that they need to keep Bobby over Brit. Guess Kevin caught “I’ll make a big move and chicken out at the last second” disease.


That disease seems to be an epidemic this season.


nope…Bobby will go home…Sarah knows better to keep Brit who she can control…Willow votes with Britt…ur wrong…book it


Another HOH wasted! Kevin could have really shaken up the house. I am so disappointed.


big move =/= backdoor
big move = blindside
since the veto ceremony everything’s been kind of blown up
sarah is playing everyone but everyone is starting to catch on
bobby is probably going to go home
no way sarah is keeping bobby or sending home brittnee
and the three diapers are sending home bobby
so how is sending bobby home a waste of an hoh
or even if brittnee goes home, how is that a waste
if she stays, she’s gonna sail to the end


Wow! This is a “big” move, indeed


This week will prove a lot. Since a lot of you think Sara is a good player, I’d she votes out Britney I will agree if not she sucks.


Why in the world would Sara vote out Britney, it’s too soon for her to do that, if she leaves Bobby in the house then she has Bobby Bruno and Godfrey who are against her and sends an ally home, that is stupid, she needs to break up Bobby Bruneau and Godfrey in order for them to work with her against the couples Britney is a guaranteed vote with Sarah she’s not getting rid of her, she’ll bring willow around to her way of thinking after all the boys really don’t talk much game with Willow.


exactly….voting out britt does nothing for her now except lose someone who will do anything she wants…bobby too loyal to the boys…the orig poster is just a sarah hater obviously…probably a misogynist like Bruno


Lol…. Bobby sure is stressing out! Sounds like his heart rate is up.. just a tad huh


So Bobby is a bigger competition beast (with only one HOH) when Bruno has won an HOH and the POV………. Makes a lot of sense. Zach and Kevin refusing to put up Bruno will bite them in the ass.

Bobby should not have made this Vero lie. Sarah, Bruno, Willow, and Godfrey can easily vote out Brittnee if they wanted to.

The HOH should NEVER try to predict or control the votes; especially after the POV is handled with. Zach made that mistake, and did not think the house would have their own plans.


I agree Bruno is the bigger overall threat (because of the great ‘poisoning’ he does when talking to people), but in terms of competition, Bobby is the bigger threat.
Bobby won a physical HOH.
Bruno won his HOH due to Bobby, Godfrey and Ashleigh handing him letters where the others needed to search for those letters in the soap water.
Bruno won his POV when everybody who was playing except Johnny deliberately laid down and died: They all targeted Johnny, then Sarah, then ‘everyone but Bruno’. Obviously he was going to win.

Kevin Martin

It’s week 7, still too early to make big moves.


Even though kev teased us and ended up not making his ‘big’ move, im just glad godfrey escaped the block for the third week in a row! this guy has nine lives man…lets hope he survives the triple evict.


look how times that kevin been on the block!


i think there twisto coming very soon

Moronita Pilar

Honestly, I am sorry Kevin didn’t replace B and put Bruno on the block. He’s not winning competitions, he chickened out when he had the opportunity to evict Zach, and is floating like a duck ever since.

We all expected him to be smart but his conversations with people are a total snoozefest — “We got this, bro!”

Very disappointing! Not that Bobby is smarter but he’s at least more entertaining.


look how times kevin been on the block!i know i wouldnt want a poker player around!

another name

three things i’m interested in seeing:
1) does godfrey continue his ruse deal with kevin to vote out bobby, or does he continue his alliance with Bruno
2) does sarah vote out britt to make the outsiders stronger, or does she remain loyal to britt (she has stated she has to do both. each time she says one, she says the other).
3) Zach didn’t like not calling the plays and being followed without question by kevin. a lot of cracks were exposed. will he flip on kevin thinking he and ashleigh can still bond with Bruno and bobby?

another name

reason I question godfrey’s move: he could not have missed that sarah, britt and Bruno didn’t looked completely stiff and wouldn’t look him in the eye during the hot tub area conversation. in the first five minutes Bruno’s eyes were covered by his cap, and sarah didn’t look up once.
reason I question sarah’s move: she doesn’t trust the diapers, but she doesn’t trust Bruno either. she could go either way.
reason I question Zach’s move: his conversation with Ashleigh last night made it sound bad for the diapers making the long run.


Aaaand Bruno rants about the girls this the girls that is really starting to piss me off. Sounds super childish


He is clearly a misogynist…and now he is just acting like a baby…he is a baby acting misogynist basically….it is sickening


It’s funny how Bruno is so boys against girls but was ready to vote out Godfrey this week. Doesn’t anyone see what a hypocrite he is.


Do I see a huge crack in the “Diapers” coming here? I think Zach, Bruno and Godfrey may have something starting here. Zach telling Bruno he won’t ever go after him is HUGE and Bruno responding “same here Bro” is as well. They now have a common goal in getting the girls out of the house. They know that Sarah is the one they need to get rid of, and we shall see what takes place this next week with all the evictions coming up. This could get extremely interesting. Kevin could be in real trouble here unless he wins that second HOH.


Sorry I have to break it to you: People lie on BB.
Bruno has told Zach all the time he wasn’t gunning for him and had his back. Yet every conversation he had with Bobby and Godfrey was “we need to get Zach out!” for weeks.
Zach, Bruno and Godfrey’s conversation in the storage room after the POV ceremony was borderline hilarious: “hey! I know that you’re BSing me, but that’s ok. I’m BSing you. And I know you know. We all know we’re BSing each other. We might as well just stop talking.”
At one point in this conversation, when Godfrey was telling Zach “Like I’ve been telling you this whole time, man! We need to target the girls!!”, I actually thought they’d both have a laughing fit, picturing Godfrey’s “I want Zach’s blood on my hands! That’s my goal in this game!” speeches.
I usually get irritated by the level of BS in BB, but this conversation was actually really funny to watch! 😉


I have never been more frustrated than I am now watching the live feeds. Can we get Bobby, Bruno and Zach all out this week.


That would make the whole season for me. They are the 3 I want out most.


Bye Bye Brittnee =(..


Well if you think about it on the feeds Bruno was telling Britt because of hishand out of action I am not going to be good at any physical comps I believe Kevin also heard this from Sarah as well. So Kevin is trying to get rid of Bobby bacause he is more of a comp threat at physical challenges than Bruno. But know BBthey will most likely rig some of the comps coming up in favor of Bruno. As with Kev & Zach will not have the leg strength to do an endurance as BB has them wearing heels for 2 days as Kev already said he can’t stand very long now his calf muscles are f……ed! So let the games begin BB always twists it up!


Bruno jammed his thumb (by a roll of toilet paper football) SIX WEEKS AGO! There is no way in hell he is still injured. Right now he is faking… he is a life long construction worker for crying out loud… Darn right his hands are strong! This kind of ding is something worked through all the time. In the real world, this is a ‘suck it up princess’ and carry on as usual. Bruno is masterfully flying under the radar a la Jon Pardy (dislocating his arm)… people think these injuries are disabling. Bruno is a comp beast pretending to be old and frail and the house are buying the act.


Bruno said the other day (don’t remember to who, in the washroom) his hand is fine, he is just playing it up.


The best move next if anyone other than the diapers wins is to put up Zack and Bruno. If either of them win POV put up Kevin. If anyone in that house had half a brain they would realize Kevin is their number 1 target as he’s pretty much the number 1 game player. Either way, one major target will go home. Best scenario is Zack and Kevin sitting next to each other on the block. Showmances will be over and a major threat will be gone.