Jag – “Out of the three of them Bowie will for sure take us to the final 3” **updated**

10:05 am Matt and Jag
Matt – I couldn’t get to bed until 7
Jag – Same I was up
Matt – just thinking about everything
Jag – Dude I’m so excited about this.. I’m so happy for you
Matt – it was a nice letter..
Jag says seeing Reilly’s picture and letter after Matt winning HOH feels like his two best friends in the house.
Matt complains about Felicia always coming up for meetings.
Jag points out that right now he’s having his meeting with him.
Matt says for next week as long as one of them wins veto they make it to final 3.
Jag goes on about how one of their three have to win the veto.

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Big Brother 24 Double Eviction Results

We’re in the final stretch of Big Brother 24. Today’s double Will bring us down to 5 people! What a season we had. Combine the last two season and they still are no where near at much fun to watch than this one.

Michael won the Head of Household this week and nominated Terrance and Alyssa. Michael won the Power of veto and kept nominations the same. The rest of the week was filled with Brittany overplaying, Terrance trying to form a cookout and Alyssa being cute. Nothing much more to say here.

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Big Brother 19 Spoilers Week 10 Summary and Double Eviction Results

At this point Josh is starting to get worried about how Paul is playing, he feels that Paul is making game moves that really only benefits Paul’s game. Josh confronts Xmas about this but she doesn’t buy it, sounds like she thinks she can beat Paul in the final 2.  Xmas and Paul continue to reinforce Josh telling him that Paul playing the middle is best for them all. The tell Josh if Alex wins the HOH Paul can manipulate her to take out Kevin or Raven instead of Josh/Xmas.  Josh is worried that Jason/Alex will be pissed at him when he votes Jason out after telling them he was voting Kevin out. Josh is worried about jury votes, he’s worried about making enemies, and he likes Alex/Jason and doesn’t want to be a dick. 

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