Big Brother Spoilers – POV Tonight? Danielle tells Jenn if Noms are the Same Frank goes home

8:22pm Cam 3-4 Bathroom Danielle and Frank
Danielle mentions that Ian is convinced that it’s OTEV early in the morning.

Frank thinks that 4 people are going home in the next 2 weeks. Danielle thinks it will be staggered because 2 back to back fast forwards is too much.

Frank: “I just hope it will be that competition that you crawl through that sticky stuff.. I know you don’t want it but I sure do”
Danielle: “I just don’t want it in my hair”

Frank starts talking about all the “W” he’s had in this game. (Frank calls wins “W”) Frank now reminds Danielle that he’d play in every POV comp. Dan walks by and Frank asks him if it’s rare to have a person play in all the POV comps. Dan says it is. Frank :’That’s so crazy.. I’ve played in all the POV comps so far.. So crazy.. all the W i’m winning”

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Big Brother 14 Spoilers – Ian’s Nominations

6:25pm Kitchen Cam 1-4 Everyone

They’re talking about running out of food because Jessie/production took all the “Junk Food” There seems to be a bit of panic that their favorite foods are all gone. Ian says that he hopes the food isn’t thrown out because that is a waste of food and that’s not cool.

On the kitchen table is a bunch of health food that was left behind. everyone is trying different types of these health foods. A new player I have never seen before is eating slop with Ketchup and mustard. They appear to be nominated.

Ian keeps going up to his HOH room to get some food from his Baskey. (Jessie never touched the HOH basket food.. Ian’s doritos, pop etc are not gone)

Frank: “They took my F***** oatmeal”
Ian: “Maybe this is there way to curb the ant issue”
Danielle: “Or tell us we’re FAT”

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Frank wonders if Ian got more than he says he did. Dan says it would be an easy way to disguise it with all the presents.

2:50pm – 3:15pm Shane and Dan are in the kitchen alone. Dan asks Shane how he felt about everything. Shane says it’s good. Dan says that they should be good till the final four. Shane says that he doesn’t trust Joe and wonders why Ian isn’t putting him up. They both agree that they think even if Joe wins veto, he won’t use it. Dan heads outside. Ian and Dan chat about the new hammock and how Dan looked into getting one. Meanwhile, Joe, Danielle and Shane are in the kitchen hanging out and eating.

3:15pm – 3:25pm Frank and Jenn are on the backyard couch. Frank tells her that he hopes Ian puts her up against Joe or Dan. Jenn says that she had two conversations with Ian and says that he kind of said he wouldn’t put me up but that he was so wishy washy. Jenn says that it would be to obvious if it was you and I. Frank says that Ian says that he is more worried about the post nominations. Jenn says that she thinks that is a lie.

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IAN Opened Up Pandora’s Box and Released Jessie Godderz into the House!

12:15pm When the feeds return, Ian opened Pandora’s box and said that it said if you open it you may have the beat Christmas ever. He says that he opened it and there was a Christmas tree and it said all the gifts were his. He says that they were all just a bunch of toys. Frank says so you didn’t get a veto? Ian says no just a bunch of toys. Danielle is blowing up an inflatable alagator. Apparently Jessie Godderz was in the house. He told Frank to shave his chest. Jenn talks about how Jessie drank all of her lactaid milk. She says that she told him that’s all she has and he said he would help her out with it. Jessie took all their beer and junk food and gave them healthy food. The house guests are trying it, Ian runs to the kitchen sink wanting to puke it tastes so bad.

12:25pm Big Brother opens up the backyard. The house guests realize that BB gave them a new hammock. They tell Ian that it’s a Christmas present for him. They comment on how the BBQ is gone.

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Joe tells Sarah to not let the kids watch the HOH competition. Frank says they can watch the first 25 seconds.

9:50am Shane and Joe go into the storage room. Joe says that he talked to Ian last night, and that Ian told him that he is safe but only if there isn’t a replacement. Joe says make sure Dan would vote for me. I think he will put Frank and Jenn or Frank and Dan. He said that you are completely safe and Danielle is safe. If Frank goes up and it sticks, we have to get rid of him. Shane says yeah we will discuss that when it happens. Shane says that he was talking to Danielle and Dan before he went to sleep about what power of veto competitions. Joe says just make sure I have Danielle’s vote.
The trumpets sound and Joe starts doing the hula hoop.

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Ian tells Dan if we are back together you have to cut the s**t, no more telling Danielle she is dead to you!

12:50am – 1:05am UP in the HOH room, Frank and Ian area talking. Frank tells Ian about Britney wanting him out after agreeing to a deal. Frank keeps telling Ian that he is alone now and that if he didn’t win this week, he would have gone up. Frank says that they can work together but understands Ian not wanting to take him to the final 2. Ian explains how the numbers are going down and that he needs to think he needs to start thinking about final two and about who would be willing to take him. Ian says that he doesn’t want to have to win the final HoH. Frank says that he can help Ian. Ian says if we’re both up, I don’t want to have to go against you in a veto. Frank says that the only person he trusts is Jenn but he would like a third person to trust. Ian says the one person I trusted unconditionally is gone. Frank tells Ian that if they are in the final two, Ian would get Britney and Dan’s vote. Ian asks Dan’s? Frank says yeah, Dan hates me. Frank tells Ian that if they are in final three and Ian cuts him, he would still give him his vote and says that he would understand. Frank says that he would take Ian to the final two.

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Big Brother Spoilers – Trumpets Sound Hula hoop boot camp begins

10:35pm Cam 3-4 Bedroom Danielle and Jenn

Jenn is saying it’s either going to be herself and Frank or herself and Dan. Danielle says that if it’s Dan and Jenn they will get the POV and get Ian to put up Joe. Jenn adds if it’s Joe and Frank they have the numbers to take out Joe and as long as the Power of Veto doesn’t get played they are in a really good spot for next week. Danielle is going to try and get Shane to sleep in her bed so people don’t think her and Dan are talking.

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Joe Lasted 21 seconds in the HOH Ian tells him not to worry next competition is Hauling Bricks

9:38pm Cam 1-4 Frank, Joe, Ian and Shane eating pizza

Joe is saying that the pirate ship competition was easier. Ian and Shane disagree completely. Shane: “Poor Brit.. She’s with Ashley now” Ian: “Tomorrow is her media” Joe: “They spend one night in a hotel”

Joe apologizes to his wife and kids for ‘S**king *$$” tonight .

Shane: ‘You lasted 5 minutes”
Joe: “you’re making fun of me?”
Shane: “No.. at least you lasted 5 minutes”
Frank: “He lasted a little bit over 1 turn”

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Big Brother 14 Live Eviction and HOH Results Britney Vs. Danielle

Speculated Vote results
Britney goes home

Tonight on the live feeds
Not sure what is going to happen tonight. If the right person wins HOH we are in for one hell of a weekend. Also keep in mind there are too many people in the house for the amount of time remaining in the season. I believe there is still one double eviction type scenario planned and probably soon.
Endurance on the feeds?
It has been speculated that tonight’s Head of Household competition will be an endurance. If that is the case expect it to play out tonight on the internet Live Feeds.

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Britney says Danielle won’t even come to you for the votes, when I am here trying to get your vote.

1:10pm Britney and Dan are in the arcade room talking. They talk about how they both haven’t won anything yet. Britney says that she knows Frank wants me gone for a reason. He knows I am coming after him. She says that she has burned Frank but that Danielle hasn’t. Dan says that one thing he forgot about this game is that its hard for people to forget hurt feelings. Britney says you could either spend the next three week rebuilding the relationship with her or you could spend the next three week winning this game. She will never prefer you over Shane in this game. I was mad at you for the first few hours but what were you going to do lay down and die. It encourages me to fight. You are expendable to Danielle and she makes emotional decisions. I think she is a great girl but no matter what you and I have a better shot at working together. Dan says yeah.

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