Nomination couch changed out for the Triple Eviction! “I’m going home, good luck bud!”

POV Holder: Kevin Next POV May 1st
POV Used No POV Ceremony May 3rd
HOH Winner Kevin Next HOH May 6th
Nominations: Bobby and Brittnee
Have Nots Zach, Bobby, Willow (Season slop pass)
POV Players Kevin, Bobby, Ashleigh, Brittnee, Sarah, Pili

Big Brother Canada 3 2015-05-05 12-20-22-548
12:30pm – 3pm Big Brother tells all the house guests to report to the HOH room and then blocks the feeds. When the live feeds return – The house guests are let out of the HOH room. Godfrey says I’m glad we can finally eat.. I was starving in that room. They realize big brother changed out the nomination couch to a bigger one. They figure its just like how in BBUS they change the table to a smaller one as there are less and less people. Kevin asks will the nominees just be sitting here with no back? The house guests keep commenting on how weird the couches are now.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-05 12-03-46-396
Up in the HOH room – Bobby is campaigning to Ashleigh. He tells her that he threw competitions to them. Ash says No you threw them to the house, we just won. Bobby says Zach knew. Ash says yeah Zach knew. Willow joins them and Bobby says that he was telling Ash it hurt his feelings when she said the “J” (secret veto coat hanger) was a J for joke. Ash says oh boohoo! Bobby leaves and Ash tells Willow what Bobby was saying. She says he came to Zach because he overheard there was a girls alliance.

Big Brother Canada 3 2015-05-05 12-04-19-950

In the pantry – Bobby says I’m going home. Sarah told Ash about the secret veto. Ash told me I lied about it to them. As soon as she said it knew who she was talking about. I said I only told Sarah and Willow that to see if it would get back to you guys. I’m going home, good luck bud! Bruno says you have to be careful about what you tell them. Bobby says I just don’t know which one it was that told them or if it was both. Bruno says talk to Ash, talk to Zach again! Bobby says best of luck to you. Bobby says tis been a pleasure. I have tried.

3:30pm Sarah says they filled up all the sponsored products in the storage room. Sarah wonders if in a couple hours they will evict someone and then have another HOH and tomorrow have the POV and Eviction. They think they hear the booths rolling out into the backyard. UP in the HOH room – Sarah and Willow talk about the possibility of whats happening. Sarah says the pantry being restocked with the sponsored products.. they want people scrambling in there.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-05 12-31-22-476

Bobby calls his slop creation a "pap smear" Ashleigh "Don't call it that!" @bigbspoilers #bbcan3

— Dawg (@DawgsBigBrother) May 5, 2015

3:45pm In the storage room – Bobby and Willow are talking. Bobby says that someone told Ash about my secret veto being fake. I only told you and Sarah. Willow says it wasn’t me. Bobby says then it was Sarah. Willow says no it wasn’t. Willow says it wasn’t. Bobby says B messed up one day and said they think you have it. Why would she say they think …don’t you think?! Willow says No one believed you had the secret veto. Sarah joins them. Bobby hugs and kisses her. He says he’s not going to try and get B voted out over him. Bobby says if I don’t have Zach and Ash’s vote there’s no reason to try. Bobby says Zach was willing to listen it was Ash that was smirking the whole time. Bobby tells Willow if something comes up on the Big Brother screen after I leave you might have to act. Willow asks on the screen?! Bobby says I don’t know if they’re going to let me do it or not. Bobby says I’ve asked a few times. Don’t tell anyone .. only you and Bruno know.

4pm – 4:40pm UP in the HOH room – Willow, Sarah and Pili talk game. Pili says you can’t put up pawns any more. If its an instant I would put up God and Bruno. If we don’t get rid of God he is going to win this thing. Brittnee joins them. Pili says at this point I am not going to put up a girl.
Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-05 13-06-28-360

5pm In the living room – Godfrey, Brittnee, Bruno and Zach are talking. Godfrey talks about his first time having s*x. He says he was scared because he didn’t know what hole to put it in. He says his friends told him misinformation. Some told him 3 holes, other said 2. His dad said you will just know.

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Ashleigh’s starting to plaaaayyy. She’s pissed at Zach. I hope he goes and she stays. Should be interesting!

The Truth

I am loving this new Ashleigh! She set Booby straight. The nerve of him suggesting that he threw the competition to her and Zach specifically when his greatest motivation was to take the heat off himself. I hate when people throw competitions or don’t nominate certain people and expect everyone else to give their first born as payment for their kindness. GTFO. To suggest that you told Willow and Sarah about your fake coat hanger veto as a test just raises the bar of stupidity. Why would you give out such an important secret upon which your game hinged.
Pack your bags Booby. You have been chopped.


oh goodness
willow, bobby, bruno have started to annoy me so bad lately, that im somehow rooting for the diapers again


I want Britnee, pimple faced bimbo ashleigh, and pilar gone in the triple eviction. They have been the most useless. Willow, even though she rats float, she has more game.

I want to see kevin, sarah, bruno, and that slime-ball zach in the final 2. They have actually played the game.


Godfrey has game too!!!


C’mon Godfrey was on the block consecutive weeks and still throws the HoH competitions. He is talking a good game trying to stir others into action while taking none himself.


Godfrey has game too!!! You can’t forget him.


Ash. Is playing . ..also her beauty should earn a separate hundo grand cheque!


Bobby being a classy guy even when he knows his fate is sealed. Not at all bitter unlike some people who even got 2 chances.

Child, sit down!

Ok, Bobby and classy should never be mentioned in the same sentence.

another name

bobby has become the king of misinformation.
there’s a girls alliance because they were talking about karate chopping flies, and said the chop shop wasn’t real for a long time.
Ashleigh says bobby lied about his veto, and now there’s a girls alliance because he told sarah and willow. has he forgotten that he already revealed he was lying, and that’s what she was referring to?
someone stop him from deciding their is a girls alliance because big brother gives them feminine hygiene products.


It’s because Bruno has drilled it his head for weeks and now. Bobby is doing anything he can to expose it Though we all know it never existed. I think with all the talk, the men are making the women will do it because they are being accused of it anyways.


WOW!!! I just cannot wait until tomorrow!!! In all honesty, this has been one of the most exciting seasons of BB. It’s so back and forth and changes from week to week. Usually, we have the whole house against a few. There are really two even sides playing each other and so many who are willing to do what they can to get to the end. I just want Sara to survive!! Stupid Bobby playing the girls angle. I still think if Diaper don’t win tomorrow one or two of them will be going home. That’s the best case for the viewers.


2 going home from the losing side unless someone gets smart and evicts Sarah. By the way what’s all this talk about no girls alliance? The only thing not “official” is a name as even now Pili says she won’t put up a girl. Call it an alliance or not it’s practically the same thing. 2 guys going behind Bobby and a 5-2 house. Only hope, now this is funny, is Zack wins HOH and at least goes after Sarah with Bruno and GOD if it’s 3 noms. 5 votes 3 to evict. Though I think the vote will be which of the 3 stays. That folks could be the fun part. Lets say black and Bru win POV. Sarah is already up. If your Zack Willow or B? Guessing B since these geniuses can’t see Sarah and Willow together. 5 votes to save….
Bruno- GOD
GOD- Bruno
Willow- Sarah no doubt on this
This is Sarah 1 vote to save and a guy 1 vote to save.
Diapers- Zack expects all 3 to save B for argument sake. Let’s presume for fun Zack breaks a 2 2 1 tie. I presume Kev saves B. He sees potential to play with Sarah but at this point if Zack’s HOH does he want to get rid of diapers. Think he votes B if that is what Zack wants.
Now the fun part would Ash grabs Pili and evict B by saving Sarah? They’d be totally exposed if they did. It would sure shake things up.
Just hoping tomorrow isn’t a 2 guy evict bore fest. It’s hard to see 2 more not going behind Bobby unless POV is won and played.

John Ross

For all of you who think this whole “girl’s alliance” thing is Bobby’s doing…you are wrong. Bruno is the one who first started pushing that idea. Heck, Bobby’s not smart enough to come up with that on his own. He wouldn’t know what to do if Bruno didn’t tell him.

Bobby is the house’s male version of Pilar.

another name

oh, the ‘girl alliance’ thing is definitely a Bruno creation. bobby just stoked the fire by misunderstanding everything he heard and equating it to a girl alliance.
from the looks of it, there is a girl alliance tentatively forming. I think they should call themselves Bruno’s bright idea.

another name

production, please tell willow nobody can hear her when she whisper normally, now she whispers through the closed shower door to Ashleigh…..apparently the get smart cone of silence works now.


bruno is doing so much damage in regards to what he keeps saying about the girls he might find that everyone would rather he goes up and out even sarah and britt might put him up as a ‘pawn’before zach lol


Imagine if production pulled a miracle and tomorrow Pili, Ash and Willow leave

It would be like flushing the toilet on very shitty casting

Make my day for sure


Ment Bobby not Willow


oh hai i am siting in a room with all girls all of whom i am notin an alliance with and i say to them:

a. i am only going to nom girls


b. i am never nomming a girl.