AZAH WON Part 2 of 3 HOH! “I hate that I didn’t win sh*t this whole season.”

11:57pm – 3:14pm Big Brother blocked the live feeds for Azah and Big D to compete in Part 2 of 3 HOH competition. When the live feeds return Big D is sleeping and Azah is showering.

AZAH WON Part 2 of 3 HOH

On Finale night Xavier will compete against Azah in the Part 3 of 3 HOH. The winner of part 3 sill decide who they want to take to the final 2 and who is the final member of the jury.

3:22pm Bedroom. Xavier and Big D.
Xavier – are you alright? Big D – yeah, I’m alright. Xavier – why are you just chilling in here? Big D – my knees hurt man. It sucked. I am just pissed. I hate that I didn’t win sh*t this whole season.

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Kyland WINS HOH! “You have nothing to worry about.”

9:57pm Kitchen – Xavier, Azah, Tiffany and Kyland.
Kyland – this is the heaviest this necklace has been all season. Tiff – yeah because now you’ve got to do something we ain’t had to do. Ky – tough game. So what I am going to tell everyone. I think everyone is tired and hungry .. I don’t know what time noms are going to be tomorrow but I think all of us could rest and enjoy tonight. My hopes would be … I think that I would like .. what I would appreciate and it is up to everyone’s discretion is like literally kind of going back to week 2.. just a five – ten minute check in. As I process through the night a little bit and go to bed. I would appreciate it but nobody has to do it. Xavier – do you want to do that before or after you get your room? Ky – before. So maybe starting at I don’t know 10:30pm. Hannah – are you excited for your letter?

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Big Brother Spoilers – Week Three Eviction results

For the non-nominees this week was all about planning out 8 weeks of gameplay and counting jury votes. For the nominees, it was a slow. It started with Xavier winning the Head of household. The wildcard was not used by Tiffany. During the competition, her attempts to make sure Brit doesn’t win sours Azah and DF relationship with her. Xavier nominated Brit and Brent with Brent being the target from the get-go. Brit of course melts down in a most spectacular way. Brent believes himself safe a belief he’ll carry until feeds go dark on Thursday. Christian wins the Power of Veto and decides not to use it.

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