TOM Wins Head of Household! Tamar is pissed she can’t “sip on the devils nectar”

Ricky – I don’t know what he is thinking.. because he is going to have to do the same thing we did because he can’t compete (in the HOH competition). And he is going to have to win the veto. Lolo – true. And he got his chance to make amends. And that’s what he really wanted … so maybe that’s what his prayer was. Even though our prayer was victory .. his prayer was to make amends with all of us to make sure he was friends with all of us afterwards.

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Head of Household Winner Results! “Nomination Ceremony is about to be LIT!”

In the bedroom. Tom and Kato. Tom – three days ago all Ricky did was talk smack about Tamar. Tamar doesn’t know that. Kato – I’m not going to play that. They tried to play that with me. Tom – you’re not going to? Kato – No. Tom – yeah lets just have fun. Kato – I’m not going to hang out too much.. We have this room. I’ll come and say hi. There’s the high road .. and I’m on the high road. Tom – they were so happy though. Kato – they were scared. Tom – I almost feel good for them. Tom – good stuff again. I actually thought you were going to win it again there for a second.

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Power Of Veto Winner Results! “We’re bad motherf***in b****es!”

9:20pm Storage room. Natalie and Lolo. Natalie – I am not going to lie… If I didn’t win that my parents would have been like What The F**k?! Lolo – why? Natalie – I was a soccer player all through college. Lolo – I am just going to let you know that I could have totally bit that pain and won but I… Natalie – I know you could have. It was a fun competition for us. Lolo – I just feel that I would have got it more from Kandi. Natalie – agrees. And if anything we’re in this together. That was fun for me and it was win win no matter which way it goes.

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Tyler WINS Part 1 of the 3 Part HOH Competition!


12:42 When the feeds return – the final 3 are in the kitchen. Tyler – How long were we out there? JC – I think we were out there for an hour or probably less. I think we went out at 11. Tyler – I think it was an hour. I was zoning out. Damn guys! Kaycee – that sh*t was hard. Tyler – I really didn’t think we were going to have to do any more of that hanging bullsh*t. After the “pie in the sky” I was like this sh*t is over. JC – last yeah they had a unicorn and it was farting on their face and stuff. JC – I had a little bit more in me.

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“I feel things now, you watched me grow a heart .. Defrosted it.. melted the ice”

12:43pm Angela and Tyler
Angela says she had the “dreaded appointment” last night
T – did you get red face
A – mmmmmhhhhmmmm
(talking about the showmance in the Diary rooM)

Tyler- the world knows.. they probably already knew before we even knew..
A – you’re probably right
T – it’s just a matter of time
T – it’s crazy.. is this real life..
Tyler- the most perfect girl in the entire world comes in and you expect me not to do anything
A – ohh hush
They bring up the only 2 people left in the house that knew about their showmance left yesterday.
Angela – I can’t get why Brett thought he could tear that apart.. how dumb are you

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HOH Competition Results! “Third HOH! You live up there.”


9:50pm The live feeds return. Sam – that was crazy hard. What are you going to do? Angela – I don’t know yet. I have no idea! This is the hardest one I’ve ever had to imagine. Sam – oh yeah you are pretty well at it now it is your third one! Angela & Sam head to the kitchen. They talk about how Angela won. Tyler – third HOH. You live up there. Sam – the second HOH in one day! Tyler – do you have 3 vetos? Angela – two but one that I asked for. Tyler – you earned it. Angela – three competitions in one day. JC – you did really well at them. Kaycee – maybe we’ll get the backyard tonight.

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