Big Brother Canada – Meet the Cast of Season 11!

The all new cast of Big Brother Canada season 11 were released yesterday just ahead of the season premiere next week on Wednesday, March 8th. Take a look at the cast and start forming your first impressions / picking your choice for winning / first to go / most likely to cause the most drama / etc.

Unfortunately the BB Gods have decided k!ll the live feeds because we apparently had too much access to the house guests being able to watch them 24/7 and think restricting and censoring the content even further is going to boost their ratings or make the experience more enjoyable for the viewer… Only time will tell if this decision is the final straw for the Canadian franchise or not.

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Big Brother Canada 10 Finale

Here we go! The finale to Big Brother Canada 10. Results will show once they come in. Let me know how good this season was in the comments. Did I make a mistake missing this seasons feeds? Super thanks to all of you that commented Another name and TTOTambz you’re the best 🙂 Looking forward […]

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Betty “It’s going to take a lot for me to stay in this game.”

10:20am Bedroom – Martin and Betty.
Martin – I always said I wanted to play an honest game. Betty – I would never target you. Martin – I’m not targeting you. I am targeting Jay. If I don’t have to break my word, I don’t want to do that. Betty – Its cool. I know I’ve got a vote in your favor. That’s cool. Just don’t guarantee because Jay is saying there are a lot of people on his side and I am not. I am obviously going to fight for myself but this early to be lied it really hurt my feelings. Martin – I am sorry I did that. I didn’t want to blindside you. Just the reason why I waited till the last minute .. if it gets out there. I just did what I thought was best for my game. I know Jay is going to go down swinging.

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