Final Feeds “Do you think she feels played”

2:49pm Kaycee, Tyler and JC
Talking about Kaitlyn running around telling everyone she fallen in love with them (Fes, Brett and Tyler)
Tyler brings up that KAitlyn thought Brett had a power and was able to flip two votes. this was during the “Winston and Brett vote”
T – I just looked at the camera..
Kaycee – they probably show her following you around
T – yeah
Kaycee – like on your a$$… on your a$$
T – all the time constantly
JC – poor Kaitlyn, do you think she feels played
Tyler – Yeah
JC – do you think she’ll talk to you
Tyler – Yeah
Tyler says he likes Kaitlyn as a person, ” I enjoy her company.. she’s fun she’s crazy”
Kaycee and JC agree she was funny.
Kaycee – she’ll be cool at the club and sh1t

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Big Brother 20 Part 2 Final HOH Results! “I feel like a loser but you did good”

9:10pm The live feeds return to the final three talking in the kitchen. Kaycee – I’m feeling that champagne. Not even tipsy, just relaxed. I am so glad we got that over with and to know that we don’t need to know the days or the faces. Tyler – hopefully! F**k! JC – so part 3 is live right? And I wait for you guys here? (Kaycee won part 2 of the 3 part HOH) Or do I sit outside seeing it? Tyler – I bet you get to watch. If its live. JC – I bet I know what its going to be .. its going to be physical.. why not everything else is physical. F**King, F**king swimming pool with sharks! Kaycee – great, I f**king lost.

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JC “Sam’s strategy was keeping all the bathrooms clean & feeding all the tarantulas..”

5pm Kitchen. Tyler, Kaycee and JC chatting about past events of the season. Tyler – what if we get out of here and find out that Sam is a superfan. JC – her strategy was keeping all the bathrooms clean and feeding all the tarantulas or uhh.. spiders. JC – did you guys every notice how Angela has a non-constant voice? Like her voice was weird. Like I would see her going up and down a lot in her voice. Even when she would make big announcements you would notice it even more. Tyler – I think she’s just not a big talker.

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Tyler WINS Part 1 of the 3 Part HOH Competition!


12:42 When the feeds return – the final 3 are in the kitchen. Tyler – How long were we out there? JC – I think we were out there for an hour or probably less. I think we went out at 11. Tyler – I think it was an hour. I was zoning out. Damn guys! Kaycee – that sh*t was hard. Tyler – I really didn’t think we were going to have to do any more of that hanging bullsh*t. After the “pie in the sky” I was like this sh*t is over. JC – last yeah they had a unicorn and it was farting on their face and stuff. JC – I had a little bit more in me.

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JC “Its crazy, the first time in Big Brother history that 3 gay people make it to the top 3!”

7:25pm Kitchen. Kaycee, JC and Tyler are in the kitchen. They talk about who the jury thinks is joining them. They head to the bedroom. Tyler – the hardest one to get out was Rockstar. Tell the one person who you don’t want to win what the right answer is. They all laugh. JC – its crazy, the first time in big brother history that 3 gay people make it to the top 3! Kaycee laughs. Tyler – I said the nicest speech ever and you said that speech made me want to throw up. Kaycee – it was really nice. Tyler – I wish I had said that we’re broken up. If I have to say another speech, I’ll say that. JC – what’s waiting or us out there.

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“I win, I am more hated. You have to continue on. I will go home.”

****updated **** *

9:01pm Bedroom. Tyler and Angela. Angela – Girls hate girls. So lets count. I have Bayleigh, Rockstar, Sam, Haleigh and Fes. You have Brett and Scottie. Tyler – so you get Rockstar hating you and I’ll get Bayleigh hating me. Angela – no I backdoored her. You had nothing to do with her backdooring. Tyler – yes I did, I put on sunglasses. She hated it. Angela – I made a speech about her being the hacker. You just told her. I win, I am more hated. You have to continue on. I will go home. This is the way it has to go. I should just tell Kaycee. Tyler – no. Angela – no look at the numbers, there is no way.

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Spoilers and final week Big Brother 20 Wrap up

Thursday 20th episode will have the veto competition followed by the veto winner casting the single vote to evict. This leaves us with the final 3 for the season.

Final 3 HOH break down 

Part One will be started on the Thursday Sept 20th show. This one is the endurance and is sometimes shown on the feeds.

Part Two will be played on Saturday Sept 22nd. This one will be shown on the finale night. It’s usually an athletic puzzle

Part Three will be played on Finale night live Sept 26th it’s a questions crap shoot

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Power of Veto Ceremony Results “The song we just made is called The Real Tyler”

4:17pm Jc and Kaycee are working on a song. Something they’ve been working on it all day.
Kaycee – the song we just made is called “The Real Tyler”
JC – by Jc and Kaycee
She, she’s just so beautiful, she fills up all my soul.
Tyler you know that I love you so much
She.. She walks into a room, sometimes I just can’t breathe .. maybe it’s her perfume
She.. she loves to fliping her weave when guys look at her they call her Ai Mammi
ai Mammi
MMMMMMM.. chex mix is all she eats while standing on her feet

She.. she loves … flipping her weave when guys just look at her they call her ai mammi
Ai mammi
mmmmm.. chex mix is all she eats while standing on her feet.. wearing her dirty “shot glass” ?

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JC “Are you listening to what I am saying?! Do you have problems listening!?”

1:20pm HOH room. Kaycee joins Angela. Angela – Sam was in a lot better mood today. I talked to her for like 2 hours this morning and it actually wasn’t painful. It was a good conversation where I was like listening and not being like .. okay.. It was a good conversation. Kaycee – that’s awesome. Last night Sam asked me would it be stupid for me to ask you to use the veto on me? I was half asleep and I was like I have no idea it just happened. I am not in the mood. I am already irritated. And now I have to go into the diary room. Angela – wrong timing. Kaycee – I was like I don’t know Sammy. We can talk tomorrow. I just got it. I was literally half asleep.

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