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30 thoughts on “How to Support OnlineBigBrother

  1. Your new site layout is the absolute worse. I’ve talked to many others who feel the same way. What did you do !!!

    1. Let me know what you liked more about the old one and I’ll work towards changing it. Just telling me it’s the worst doesn’t give me much to work with.

  2. I like the site…it has just taken a little time and patience to learn how to navigate it…just wish when I post a reply I was brought back to the comment I replied to instead of having to look for it to read the ones I haven’t read yet…not sure if that’s possible but it sure would be sweet!

    1. I kinda figured it out…it’s only when I use firefox as my browser. If I use Chrome or IE, the Thumbs work fine…just thought I’d let you know in case anyone else asks. Appreciate all you guys do. Congrats to Dawg on the new addition!

  3. I am so glad that I get a security warning popping up box over and over whenever I come to this site . then my computer will freeze and act up . no other site does this except yours . WTF ? what is with the name box and website box ? then the msg saying your email will not be shared . where am I to put my email . oh yeah in the website box so then my email gets a https before it .

  4. Just wanted to tell you, Simon, that you’re writing seriously cracks me up…most of your side thoughts are mine too…HAHAHA!!! — making us very funny people! =D

  5. This show is getting absolutely rediculous. Big brother shouldn’t let this happen. Paul should be forced to leave how do you treat someone that is for our country like this? Big brother should tell him he has to chill or leave. I hope it backfires and he is gone next week and all his puppets follow. Team Jessica and Cody?

  6. I am a Canadian who has loved BB USA and BB Canada since the show(s) aired. As of this season, I will no longer be watching and promoting this show! I understand this is a game BUT all the bullying and defaming people’s character for $500,000 is absolutely disgusting! If I could stand in front of all the cast (except for Cody and Jessica) I would tear a strip of these so-called adults. Shame on you and that production even allows this disgusting behaviour.

  7. hate it that you condone bullying of 2 people and the the minions just follow along with the guru Paul that thinks he runs the show,,and those no-minds let him get away with it,,so many supposedly adults that have no opinions of their own or thoughts that don’t agree with the master,,I amk sick of the bully Josh and his big mouth You are pushing someone to react with a fist to the face and I would not blame them Cody or Jessica,,I would have flattened someone by now, no game is worth this stress and Paul just eggs it on. Even follows into the yard to keep stirring the pot and then laughs because all ofhis no-minds are doin g the dirty work for him,,He makes me sick,,I wish someone would get a brain and get him out,,disappointing season for what is supposed to be entertaining,,and this is entertaining,,I think not as we can all see how stupid this sheep are

  8. disgusting behavior bullying and all of the minion no mind followers of the devil Paul are so 12 yr old behavior people,,what a joke and for big brother to let this go on without stopping it is just as disgusting,,Josh should be kicked out or flattened by Cody and someone should get a brain I would have slapped someone in the head by now You couldn’t pay me enough to put up with what Jess and Cody have went thru ENTERTAINMENT I DONT THINK SO…absolutely sickening that none of the sheep have a brain

  9. Simon and Dawg … Thank you ever so KINDLY for this spoiler site! I have loved this site since probably the first season you started…. It makes Big Brother seasons much more exciting! I love the comment section and I just LOVE Simon and Dawg’s side comments … most of the time it is exactly what I’m thinking too!
    I just donated to your website! A much deserved donation especially this season. I don’t know how you both can sit thru watching and listening to these sheeple … but I am so grateful for it! Thank you for the best Big Brother Spoiler site out there! Always a fan … Big Brother Cat Lady :-)

  10. What are you amazon? I clicked them link and nothing.
    I’ve tried and looked on big brother and did not find you.

    1. The link on Amazon is an affiliate link. If you click on it and then buy something on Amazon we get a small percentage of that from Amazon for bringing yo uto them. It doesn’t cost you any extra.

      1. I know but It just takes me to amazon, I have done it before with another charity, which who I donate to. What is your name on amazon so I can change it to you?

  11. Hi– please consider ( maybe for next season) adding a feature to the comments as some sites do (see The Washington Post for example)– buttons at the top:. OLDEST FIRST and NEWEST FIRST. This way somebody looking back at the comments could just look at the newest ones without scrolling through the whole list. Just a suggestion. Thanks.

  12. Thank you for another great season of reports! Your side comments were so funny and oftentimes broke up the frustration of reading about the antics of these clueless guests. You truly have the best site when it comes to BB! Wish I could donate more. The entertainment value is priceless!

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