Bruno “There’s got to be a way out of this.. Zach’s a paranoid guy. If we could just mess with his head”

POV Holder: Kevin Next POV May 1st
POV Used No POV Ceremony May 3rd
HOH Winner Kevin Next HOH May 6th
Nominations: Bobby and Brittnee
Have Nots Zach, Bobby, Willow (Season slop pass)
POV Players Kevin, Bobby, Ashleigh, Brittnee, Sarah, Pili

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-03 09-54-44-947

In the bathroom – Bruno & Bobby are talking. Sarah joins them. Bruno says we need this HOH! He asks Sarah you’re 100% going for them? Sarah says yes. Bruno says we need to win back to back to get them out of here. Bruno says with everyone giving them bits of information .. they’re able to piece it all together. Sarah leaves. Bruno says there’s got to be a way out of this man. Zach’s a paranoid guy. If we could just mess with his head a bit. I know he has deals with everybody. Once the girls .. the girls are not voting each other out, they want us to take each other out. Right now we’re at a spot where we need to win HOH or we’re broke. If Godfrey wins I think we would be okay. Bobby says maybe Sarah said something to Britt about me not having a real veto. But after I voted out JP I knew the showmances would never trust me. Bruno tells Bobby you got to fight bro! Bobby says I will. Bruno says I am telling you next week if I win I am going to go on a terror bud! Godfrey joins them. Bruno says I hope you’re not working with the devil now! I hope you didn’t sell us out. Godfrey says oh hell no. They wanted to flush the veto out and make you use it. Bruno says we’re in a tight spot right now we need to stick together. I am telling you right now I am voting for you to stay Bobby. Godfrey says me too. Godfrey says if you stay this week .. its you and me going up next week. Bobby says I just need to get as many votes as I need to stay. Bruno tells Bobby make deals, make deals, sell me out I don’t care! Make deals

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-03 10-18-15-631

Storage room – Bobby asks the thing I don’t get is if Sarah is working for them why did she vote out JP? Bruno says Sarah used to tell Zach and JP everything. Bobby asks so why would she not still be working with them? Bruno says because they got into a fight here in the pantry. They’re working with us .. really they’re working for themselves. Bobby says I need Sarah’s vote. Bruno tells Bobby to tell Brittnee that she will always be the pawn with them. Bobby leaves. Zach joins Bruno. Bruno says those girls are laughing buddy. Zach says so. Bruno they’re laughing their way to 100K. Zach says I didn’t know until this morning. Bruno says Bobby wasn’t coming for you. We were never coming for you. Zach says we’ll see when we get out of here. Bruno says by then it will be too late ..those girls with be 100K richer. As the guys we have to go for them. Zach says I see your side. Ash and I sat down today and said we’re f**ked! Bobby joins them. He asks Zach you knew I didn’t have it eh!? Zach says I didn’t know. Kevin was worried once you got into power you would come after them. It doesn’t make any sense for you guys to go after me and Ash .. we did what we could. Zach says you still have me in this game. I will not put you up. I will not f**k with you in this game. Bruno says I’ve got you. But we are f**ked in this game. Zach says I don’t trust anything Sarah says. Zach says if I can get Godfrey on my side I will go after Sarah & Britt. Bruno says I will get him on your side. Bobby’s not coming for you. If he goes we’re all next! We have to win HOH every week for the rest of the season or we’re f**ked. The girls are sitting back and putting poison in everyone’s ears. Godfrey joins them. Godfrey says not once have the girls ever said they’re going after each other. Zach says if I win HOH I will go after Sarah and B.. I want to prove it to you thats the only way because everyone is talking out of their a$$holes right now. Zach says Sarah is a all about girl power… even if another girl wins she’s happy. Bruno says enough of this b@chdoor sh*t.. if another guy goes we’re done.

Sarah and Kevin talk about Bobby and the veto ceremony:

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-03 10-37-56-139
1:40pm Up in the HOH room – KEVIN “I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!” Pili asks WHAT?! Kevin says “I care about you so much” They start kissing. Kevin tells her she is so smart. Pili says you talk about it all last night and all of a sudden it all made sense.

2pm Pili and Ash are in the bedroom. Ash says that she was in the kitchen and Bruno came up to me asked me how I was doing and kissed me on my head. Pili says I’m glad this happened because if it hadn’t they would have come after us. Ash says I don’t know. Pili says yeah I don’t know for sure.

Hot Tub – Zack, Willow, Brittnee, Sarah, Godfrey, Bruno and Bobby are chatting about random topics like dream jobs. Sarah tells them how to beat a lie detector test saying when you tell the truth you squeeze your sphincter and then release it when you lie. Willow says I’d be scared I’d release it like take a dump. Sarah says you don’t release it like that. Sarah says its like kegel exercises. Guys can do it too and if you do it a lot it can make you last longer in bed. Godfrey asks questions about it. Sarah tells him to do like ten sets. Godfrey says yo I’m going to work that into my exercises. I’ll be standing in front of the mirror doing them. The conversation turns to talking about why they have a jury of 10. Sarah says I think we’re going to have a final 3 instead of final 2. Sarah says it has to be a double or an instant eviction this week.. like every week from now on.

2:40pm In the backyard – Bruno show Godfrey martial arts moves. Godfrey asks Bruno if Zach was being legit when he wanted to work with them and get out Sarah / Britt. Bruno says no, he’s wasn’t being legit! Not Legit. He is just telling us that. If we win HOH we backdoor him. Bruno says I was just telling him that.. its just you and me bud!

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-03 11-25-37-708

3pm Bruno and Godfrey are talking by the pool. Godfrey says the only people we can afford to win HOH is B, Sarah and Willow. Bruno agrees. Godfrey says and then when it gets down to the final 5 its down to just you and I. Godfrey says they (showmances) have 3 votes each. Bruno says they have 3 votes each if one of them is on the block. Godfrey says for the next 3 days I am just going to tell Sarah real sh*t.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-03 12-35-25-686
3:10pm Willow tells Kevin that Godfrey was only really going after Zach. Kevin agrees. Kevin says that as far as Bobby and Bruno whenever I would talk to them they were like shields .. they would never release any info. Willow asks are you happy how it all worked out. Kevin says oh yeah. Willow asks did you talk to Bruno? Kevin says yeah a little he was already trying to mend it. He was saying Willow, B and Sarah are going to make it to the end. Willow says I hope so. Sarah joins them. They talk about Bobby double middle fingering everyone. Willow says Sarah was like why am I getting fingered? Willow says you should have said I love a double finger but.. Sarah says I love getting fingered. Sarah & Willow are alone. Sarah tells Willow that Bruno and God seem to be over it… that’s why we need to get rid of Bobby. Willow says Kevin told her that Bruno said us guys have to stick together to get out the girls. Sarah says F**K BRUNO! You just sealed your the fate for your boy! I was honestly considering it. Willow says Bruno keeps saying lets play, lets play… what has he done! Sarah says I know f**k you. Sarah tells Willow that Bruno hated JP for playing the way he did but he’s doing the same thing, we all are that’s the game!

Up in the HOH – Zach has a bath and talks to Ash and Pili. Zach says part of him wants to go after Britt & Sarah next week if he wins HoH because they wont put up the girls. Pili says yes we need to worry about Sarah and Britt but.. Zach says that’s why this game is tough you draw a fine line between whats good for your game and what’s good for everyone elses. Ash says Sarah wouldn’t come after me. Zach says B would. Ash says if I were to win HOH why would I put up a girl if they’re not going to put me up? Zach says you could put up God. Zach says at the end of the day we have to continue to do what’s good for our group. Kevin joins them. They talk about how Bobby threw out a piece of a hanger as a fake veto.

4pm – 4:20pm Living room – Bruno says I am going to start causing some chaos! I’m going to flip this house around. Bobby says I hope so .. best of luck if I go. Bruno says I tell you .. look at how fast Willow and Sarah run up there. I tell you buddy I am going to flip this house around. Bruno says if you think there’s no chance then blow up their game. Bobby says that doesn’t keep me here. Bobby says if I get voted out its definitely you next. Bruno says oh I know .. I might be okay if Sarah wins. I think she might go after the couples.
Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-03 13-02-06-018


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guys remember
big move =/= backdoor
big move = shake up the house / blindside
even though kevin shook up the house, no one is really talking about him


thatt why i think there going be a twisto coming soon!look how kevin screwed up on the twisto on instant eviction night aka naeha?


kevin makes me sick. just another chicken shit who played it safe instead of making an actual move. Talks big then gets scared of some secret veto that bobby claims he has that the entire house is stupid enough to believe in . i have given this season enough chances,i’m done. worst season ever, without doubt


LOL how does someone’s gameplay, who has a limited perspective, and limited knowledge of what is occuring in this house, make you “sick”
it’s so easy for us, viewers, to judge everything they do


his plan was to take down britnee and put up bruno to ensure that one of bruno or bobby go home because he knows those are coming after him and his alliance. yet because he is dumb enough to believe that bobby actually has a secret veto he chickened out. Thats why he makes me sick


your very first comment was the exact same as @lima_amy ‘s tweet (but separated into two)
coincidence? i think not
don’t like the show, don’t watch it. simple as that


You always have a choice to change the channel, and walk away. See you soon 🙂


So is this guys alliance actually a thing or is Bruno just lying to Zach’s face?


Real on Zach’s part, a bluff on Godfrey/Bruno’s part probably. An attempt to save Bobby, possibbly. Idk though, Bruno has been super paranoid about Sarah/Willow/Britt. The title of this post is actually very ironic LOL!


I think you guys toned down Bruno’s paranoia too much. He’s going to town with it! Paranoia city, population Bruno! LOL!

Bob's house?

I know Bobby is super annoying but I want him to stay over Brittnee just because I feel like she feels defeated in this game & she can’t win comps.. plus this is a wake up call for Bobby


Bruno “There’s got to be a way out of this.. Zach’s a paranoid guy. If we could just mess with his head”
Anyone else find this ironic on Bruno’s part? I do! LOL!!!!


Willow is such a lesbian, she’s always asking for sarah to kiss her or vice versa. It would be better if she admits it, this will be a Jon/neda thing where a week or so after BB you will hear that Willow moved to Toronto and is planning on transitioning into William.


Also, never trust a feminist!


says the president of “The Little D**k Club”.


I’m so bored with this season, there are no interesting people, they do nothing, Britt just complains and attention seeks! That pili has peanuts for brains, every time she talks I’m embarrassed to be watching the show! Zach well he is just a dick. I liked Sarah till she started her thing with willow, willow just talks to hear herself, she is way to obsessed with past bb hgs. She is also a waste of airtime same with Ashleigh! I can’t watch any of them. This season is a huge disappointment. None of them bring anything to the game, or entertainment to viewers.


It’s still better than BB16.


true dat! If BB17 doesn’t vastly improve over the last 2 seasons I will,sadly, have to leave the BB family. BBC3 is hardly watchable. If not for Simon and Dawg I wouldn’t know what these idiots were up to. Thanks guys!


twisto time!


after reading comments, and looking at the fav list … I am still wondering WHY so many likes Bruno`s game play… that man has done nothing but whine about the every second sentence is cant trust Sarah, got to get her out, and when he did win something he needed help from Bruno.. I mean REALLY .. from what I have seen so far is a player that is trying to wear big boy pants , because his actions to me so far says his wife wears the pants in his home …lol… sad thing is I was gonna cheer for him since we are from the same city but his game play sure changed that .. he is aweful ..

another name

there is no difference between what Bruno says the girls are doing and what Bruno has been preaching to the guys for weeks.
a day after joining with sarah britt and willow out of necessity he was telling bobby and Godfrey they should pull in kevin or Zach.
his logic can be very pot and kettle.
I still say the barrier between sarah and Bruno is that they are playing the same game.


bruno is gonna blow up his game by trying to save bobby


You think they come after the lone guy Bruno than the power couples (half of the house at the moment)?


did bobby like disappear


I want Bobby to stay to see the priceless face of Kevin and Zach.


For Bobby to Stay Zack has to vote B out unless you think Sarah would expose her whole game and evict B. What happened to Cindy after she did that again?


Its going to be a good week to watch eviction and I wonder which person is leaving bobby or britt. WIth bobby he can get sarah, willow, god, bruno. If britt goes it was wasted hoh for kevin, sucks for him could of backdoor bruno and everything will be good for his game. Willow true colors will appear if there is a blindside. BB please put willow on the block and tell her I do not like her in the game. BB17 is not pure all stars which sucks. I hope one day they will have hayden, ian, and derrick back for one more game.


Sara needs to ask herself does she want to keep the strong player to go against the other side or want to keep the weak player to go the block every week until got voted out.


Normally I’d agree with you and say there is sufficient reason for pause on who to keep. The problem is Bruno is being SO AGGRESSIVE about the girls it’s bound to get back to SBW. When it does they have no choice but to vote out Bobby becasue Bruno is making it impossible to trust them.

Bruno has done more damage to himself and the nomance alliance this week than anyone. Kevin said it: all he does is hug me and say, we’re good, I got you man. And, Sarah/Britt/Willow complain about the same thing. He is very transparent in that when he is comfortable or sees opportunity he provides intel when he is nervous, scared or paranoid he goes into the Girls/Sarah are poison mode.

He knows Zach/Kevin are after him but he’s hurting the possibility to go deep with their alliance and take out the showmances with his actions. If he played more logically i.e. planted seeds of doubt with Sarah/Willow regarding Ashleigh/Pilee he’d be far better off. Why not work the girls to make it a common nomance goal to oust all 4 people in the showmances instead of vehemently bashing SBW (especially Sarah who literally is his best chance to go deep by working alongside her). Last night Ash ran right to Pilee and told her what Sarah said which was an opening, No Bruno didn’t know this BUT if Bruno would tell Sarah that Ash/Zach told him they are coming after Sarah next week (or any detail for that matter) he could buy some trust from her. Instead all she is going to hear (AND SEE) is him being paranoid and spouting how she has to go.

Today when he angrily called the girls out saying “we can’t be telling them anything” I laughed that he never considerd Godfrey is the one he should be annoyed by, since it’s so apparent God sold them out to make his own deal for safety (and good for God).

For those that believe Bruno/Sarah have the same game I disagree, Sarah is much more strategic and subtle. Plus if she truly feels you are working WITH her she’ll trust you. If Bruno leaves in the next showmance vote he has no one but himself to blame IMO.

another name

re: sarah voting to keep bobby
not so much a disagree as a devil’s advocate:
does she want to keep a strong guy whose allegiance to her is less than his allegiance to everyone else in her group, or does she want to keep someone that is more loyal and dependant on her than the others.


it’s sealed
bobby is going home
kevin told willow that bruno told him that he is gunning after sarah, brittnee, and willow
even though it’s a lie on bruno’s behalf, he still threw them under the bus
sarah + willow + pilar + zach + ashleigh
(5 votes / 7 possible votes)


bye bye bobby


Hopefully and good riddance


So Zach is basically this years Helen but ALOT dumber.


Kevin is so smart, he seen Bruno & Sara groups getting closer to make it 6 against 4, now with BRuno wanting to keep bobby, with sarah wanting to keep B that turns bruno and sara against each other. Still a smart move for Kevin


who votes for who?


tic tic tic
Clocks starting to un low for Sarah. I’m not talking about her time in the house either. 1st she has to make a strategic decision keep the better comp player Bobby or the better whiner B. She keeps Bobby she draws a line in the sand. Voting against Zack twice since he’s a moron means little t nothing he’ll just wonder why the poor lil idiot.
Sarah doesn’t know it’s a triple for argument sake so she can’t count the 5-2 girl guy split after Wednesday we can with guys going and 3. It be a no brainer to keep B if she knew IMO. Truth is she can keep B(her buddy) and still work with Bruno and Diapers She saves Bobby she certainly can’t work with Kev/Pili til Kev gone.
Back to Sarah in a moment. Zack could actually decide to keep Bobby. That’s the end of Diapers. Kev/Pili are in no man’s land. Zack is already dead man walking. Who is he gonna swap HOH’s with to get to the end if he backstabs Kev.
Go go Sarah. Don’t show your true colours and save Bobby. Keep working the I’m with Bruno angle. Hope 1 side goes after the other next HOH and 2 guy or Ash/Zack go as the worst case scenario. Really hope Bruno/God win as there is no way he’s noming you or Willow. You vote out 2 diapers and the game looks very good for girls. If they can win some HOHs This caveat that Kev stays compares notes with Bruno perhaps BBK could turn on Sarah.


that how my votes go!brit-zach,willow,pilar.

A Pound of Marijuana

love her or hate her; you have to admit if Willow won HOH on triple eviction night, that would be pretty wild.

Sarah's weed stash

I fucking love Sarah so much.


ash and pili are nevrr going to side in “all girls” as long as any guy remains in the house. just because sarah says something like that to them doesnt mean she means she is planning an allgirls alliance wih them.. what else is she supposed to say to 2 females so clearly aligned /coupled other than they are safe from her so they think she is nota threat to them personlly so her name stays out of their mouths when they are talking to their alliance

after their talk they say “sarah is not coming after us” hich is her only goal and she succeeds.


OMW that’s just silly! Your suggesting if Bruno/GOD nom and evict Kev/Z that Ash/Pili aren’t going to go running to Sarah are you kidding me? If Sarah won HOH and Nomed Kev/Z/ash and the guys went maybe it would be a struggle to keep them from siding with Bruno. But I think the girl power 5 is a lock if 3 guys go. Also think Sarah unlikely to win next HOH unless it’s a THC quiz o various buds found in our national parks in BC(BC bud :P).


if zach and ashleigh vote to keep bobby
they can freakin go on the triple eviction


Kevin told Pili she’s so smart! Hopefully he didn’t mean it or he is as “smart” as Pili LoooL


So is the HOH with three nominees and two people evicting still happening or is that next week?


Main site shows Kevin’s HOH as one with Bobby or Britt leaving and then another second HOH occurs with 3 people going on the block and 2 leaving.

What isn’t clear is they keep saying it will be 2nd HOH of the week, so that makes me tend to believe not only is it a triple eviction but it occurs that night i.e. live eviction on Wednesday (which is why they are referring to it as triple eviction) Bobby leaves and then another 2 people join him.

Personally I’d enjoy it immensely if those two people included Zach and either Bruno or Ashleigh simply because the remaining Chop Shop (sans one) would be all walking into the jury together. HA!


are the have nots on cold showers this season…

If so why is zach having a bubble bath >.<