Big Brother Canada Executive Producer John Burton

Big Brother Canada – Executive Producer John Burton Overwhelmed by Response

Less than 24 hours after the press release regarding the newly scheduled Big Brother Canada edition, John Brunton the executive producer says that he has already been overwhelmed with hopeful hosts and contestants.

The Chief Executive Officer of Insight Production, John Burton, says:

“What’s amazing we’ve just had the most bizarrely aggressive response since that press release went out yesterday. I think I’ve had 10 emails already from people that want to host the show, some known and others who have been in the news lately, and we’ve got hundreds of emails from people that want to be in the show. People have been sending photos in. Weird photos. I know Canadians are considered to be shy, but we definitely aren’t seeing that.”

Burton stated that the company had their first pre-production meeting about the new series on Thursday. He says that they are hoping to begin shooting early in 2013 at a location somewhere in Toronto. Burton continues saying that he is looking forward to casting and says that it is the absolute key to any reality TV show.

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Big Brother Canada

The Very First Canadian Edition of Big Brother Set to Air 2012/2013

We are super excited to announce that Canada will be coming out with its own edition of Big Brother!

Shaw Media just announced that it has sealed the deal with Endemol to create the very first edition of Big Brother Canada. The Canadian Production company Insight Productions will soon start production of the internationally popular Big Brother sensation. The first ever season of Big Brother Canada is scheduled to air exclusively on Slice during the 2012/2013 television broadcast season.

The Big Brother franchise has been hugely successful over the years and now in 2011 there have been 25 aired formats in 87 countries, with more countries being added each year. The widely popular Big Brother US edition has consistently recorded high ranking on the Canadian TV Network Global over the past 13 seasons. The 14th season of Big Brother US will première on July 12th, 2012.

Barbara Williams, Senior Vice President of Content, Shaw Media says:

“Big Brother has become a worldwide phenomenon and we’re proud to team up with Endemol and Insight Productions to launch the fan favourite format in Canada.The production of this format is hugely exciting as it takes us into unchartered territory, filming live around-the-clock and enabling fans to interact with the series in ways we’ve never explored before.”

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Big Brother 14 Commercial Number 2 – BB is “Unscripted” now

Another Big Brother 14 Commercial has been released by CBS. Just like every year it reveals some information that ends up having nothing to do with the show. This year they are stressing it’s “Unscripted and Unpredictable”. The Video is 33 seconds long and highlights Rachel and Brendon’s garbage bag wedding and Bachelor Party.

What do all you think? Is this year actually going to have a season that is “Unscripted and Unpredictable”? I would say Unpredictable is possible but cmon CBS Unscripted I don’t think so. What is the

Big Brother is back! The sexiest, the funniest, the most outrageous summer show returns! Unscripted, unpredictable, unlike any other! Tune in on July 12th for the season premiere only CBS!

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ABC The Glass House

ABC The Glass House Live Voting AND Live Stream Video STARTS June 11th!

ABC has just released new information on their new reality TV Show “The Glass House” that is set to premiere on June 18th, 2012.

ABC just announced that the LIVE STREAMING Video and LIVE VOTING with start on June 11th, which is one week before the premiere episode. The ABC network is advertising the new reality TV show as a never seen before reality show where you have the power and control to influence the contestants and what happens in the house.

As the viewing audience you will be able to take part in Daily Polls & Cast Voting, which puts you in control of “The Glass House”. You will be able to control who goes home, who stays, and who returns to the house. In addition, to controlling what they eat, where they sleep, and what they wear!

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Big Brother Alumni Hearts Of Reality 2012 benefiting Give Kids The World

OnlineBigBrother is putting forth $50 dollars and donating it Evel Dicks Page we are challenging all other Big Brother Blogs to do the same and Support a great cause.. Come on people lets support something important and make a difference.

Big Brother Fans here is a great way to support a great cause and show the reality TV fan world how great of a bunch we are.

A Weekend full of TV’s hottest Reality Stars in Celebration, Florida. Starts Thursday July 26th and Sunday July 29th. Each reality star has a donation page where they are trying to collect a thousands dollars to the Give Kids The World charity.

There is plenty of Big Brother Alumni so find your favourite out of the lot and donate.

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CBS lawsuit Against ABC

ABC Responds to Lawsuit – There’s Nothing Secret About Big Brother!

With “The Glass House” series premiere set to air on June 18th, 2012 there is still a black cloud looming over head with regard to the lawsuit filed by CBS. Despite the claims that ABC stole trade secrets from CBS, “The Glass House” is still going full steam ahead with its new reality series. Evidence that ABC is moving forward with their scheduled show is that they just released their first promotional commercial for The Glass House.

ABC responds to CBS’s claims that they have stolen their “Big Brother” trade secrets in the making of “The Glass House” saying that NOTHING about Big Brother is a secret. ABC has filed their response to the copyright infringement lawsuit filed by CBS – requesting the presiding judge to dismiss the “over-the-top” lawsuit as soon as possible.

In the court documents, ABC responds by saying the insinuation that “The Glass House” is stealing trade secrets is “outrageous” adding:

“there is nothing secret about editing a program with multiple feeds together or developing a narrative structure for it. That is reality TV.”

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Jeff and Jordan allegedly eat 72 OZ Steak each at the Big Texan Steak Ranch – May 8th

Big Texan Steak Ranch off Interstate 40 Amarillo, Texas has a simple contest. Eat a 72oz steak and bam your meal is free. Check out the rules here. For every person who completes this challenge they’re name is recorded in the Big Texan Hall of Fame. You can clearly see at the end of the document and the screencapture provided that someone Named Jordan Lloyd from Waxhaw, NC with the note Big Brother 11 & 13 in Texas, ate a 72oz steak in 56 minutes and 24 seconds thus completely the Big Texan challenge and eating for free! Above Jordan’s Name is Jeff’s (with a misspelled last name) from Chicago, IL with the Note “Do America” Texas Style!.

Jeff and Jordan not only ate the monster steak within the 1 hour time limit but Jordan is also the first female to finish one in 2012!! Congratz Jordan.

So is this real or is someone at the Big Texan trying to impersonate Jeff and Jordan? I find it pretty hard to believe that Jordan was able to eat a 72oz steak they are freaking MASSIVE! What we do know from Jeff’s tweets is during the time steaks were reportedly eaten Jeff and Jordan were travelling from North Caolina to Los Angleas to live together. The day after the steak feast Jeff tweeted that Jordan and him had run into a couple bumps (72oz bumps) but they are still pressing on to “Cali”

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ABC The glass house commercial

CBS’s Big Brother 14 Commercial Versus ABC’s The Glass House Commercial

The very first commercial just aired for ABC’s “The Glass house” which will première on June 18th, 2012 a few weeks before Big Brother 14 on July 12th, 2012. The new reality TV show The Glass House is very similar to Big Brother, which is why CBS is currently suing ABC for copyright infringement. It will be interesting to see if the lawsuit affects either of the two reality TV shows this season, and whether they will continue to battle it out for viewers each summer. One thing is very clear, that both shows will need to step up their game to ensure they don’t lose viewers. Which is all good news for us fans, as I can just imagine the Twists, and Drama that we’re going to see this season. OR as Big Brother says “Expect the Unexpected”.

We want to know what you think about the two reality shows newest video commercials. Will you be watching both reality shows this season? Tell us what you think about your first impressions of the two reality TV shows newest commercials.
Here is Big Brother 14’s first commercial for the season:

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Us Weekly mentions Big Brother Couples Jeff & Jordan, Rachel & Brendon

With the 14th Season of Big Brother set to start in less than 6 weeks, one can only wonder what it has in store for us. With the Big Brother 14 Cast Auditions finished and the new cast still held tightly under wraps, the anticipation is growing. We will likely see tons of Drama, Fights, Alliances, and Showmances, in addition to numerous Twists that keep us watching the most anticipated summer reality tv show. Stay tuned for more Big Brother 14 details as they are released.

Us Weekly Maganize had a small write up about America’s favorite reality Big Brother couples: Jeff Schroeder & Jordan Lloyd and Rachel Reilly & Brendon Villegas. Its rare to find someone you are compatible with, let alone find someone on a reality TV show and be able to stay together after the show ends. Two of Big Brother’s recent seasons couples have managed to stay together despite all odds.

The article states:

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Evel Dick and Russell Hantz

Reality Villains Evel Dick & Russell Hantz Rumored to be on “The Amazing Race”

As you know, many fans that get on one reality show rarely stop at just one show. Many previous house guests have been cast to be on the reality TV shows like Big Brother and they continued on trying to get their 15 minutes of fame extended on other reality shows. We all know about Rachel Reilly and Brendon Villegas and how they were first cast to be on Big Brother 12, Big Brother 13 and then went on to recently compete on The Amazing Race Season 20. Rachel & Brendon also recently appeared on The Price is Right, in addition Rachel also works on her website Adventures 4 Pets. Other reality stars, Rob & Amber were also on Survivor and then went on to compete on The Amazing Race.

CBS reality TV show The Amazing Race is still running strong with 20 seasons under its belt and the announcement of another season already in the works. This will be season 21 of the reality show that has been running for over 10 years now, having contestants race around the world for the chance at a $1 million grand prize.

The recent buzz going around is that Survivor Reality Star Russell Hantz is rumored to be teaming up with Big Brother 8 and Big Brother 13 Reality Star “Evel” Dick Donato.

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Brendon Villegas And Rachel Reilly on The Price is Right

I know what you are all thinking now that The Amazing Race is over we’ll see less of Brendon and Rachel. Brendon will be hard at work at UCLA (Brendon asking Mat Lab questions) and Rachel will be working on her website Adventures 4 Pets.

That is not the case with these two. May 16th Brendon and Rachel were hosts for the Price is Right.They do a pretty good job showing off the prizes which just happen to be trips to they went to during The Amazing race. India, Santa Barbara and Germany.

Here is a shot of their Dressing room door.. What do you all think is Brenchels 15 minutes up?

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Hosts of the show The Talk

The Hosts of ‘The Talk’ Are Moving into the Big Brother 14 House

The Big Brother 14 House is going to have 5 NEW Guests prior to the shows première on July 12th, 2012. The Host Julie Chen and her fellow talk show hosts from “The Talk” will be moving in to film the house and compete against each other in “Big Brother” type competitions. The hosts of show “The Talk” that will be moving into the house are Julie Chen, Sharon Osbourne, Aisha Tyler, Sheryl Underwood, and Sara Gilbert
Julie Chen says

“Late June as we are dusting off the ‘Big Brother’ house and before we throw the real houseguests in, the five of us are moving in and we’re playing a fast-forward version of the game,”

When asked how long they will be living in the house; Julie Chen responded, “We don’t know, they’re going to unlock the doors and then…” The Talks fellow host Osbourne interrupted and said they’ll “Throw away the key!”

The five ladies will be all alone in the Big Brother House competing against each other without their children or spouses. Julie Chen stated that “It’s just us, we have to compete. No kids. No distractions.”
Sharon Osbourne interrupted and asked “I can’t bring Bella?” (One of her 10-plus dogs) Where Julie Chen Responded “Okay, but there’s going to be a penalty. You can bring Bella if you only eat slop.”

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