“I need [Sarah] out of this game.. no matter how long she stays she’ll be plotting everyone” -Zach

POV Holder: Kevin Next POV May 6th*
POV Used No POV Ceremony May 6th*
HOH Winner Kevin Next HOH May 6th
Nominations: Bobby and Brittnee
Have Nots Zach, Bobby, Willow (Season slop pass)
POV Players Kevin, Bobby, Ashleigh, Brittnee, Sarah, Pili

Bruno and B
7:15pm Bruno and Brittnee (Feeds cut in and out on this conversation so I’m not 100% who they are talking about.. I think it’s Willow)
Brittnee – emotions are too high maintenance
Bruno – I know ..manic
Brittnee says she loves the girl but “That sh1t is get get get your sh1t in check”
Brittnee says something about Low self esteem and a guy won’t look twice at you
Bruno – the mood swings are too crazy
Brittnee – I feel bad for her boyfriend

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-05 16-25-56-349
7:20pm Bedroom Willow, Sarah and Godfrey
Godfrey – I hope you’re still not mad at me
Willow – thank you for your honesty
God – Who else can i confi in
Willow – I’m happy you told me
They pinky promise best friends forever

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-05 16-27-20-828

7:26pm Bruno and Kevin
Bruno tells him if he wins HOH this week he’s not going after Kevin.
Kevin says Bobby was really uncomfortable with im during some conversations it had Kevin worried about his loyalty.
Bruno understands kevin’s move to target Bobby, “Things are going to get f***g harry man”

Kevin has talked to Godfrey they are mentioning the girls coming together , what Bruno is saying is making a lot of sense
Bruno says they are screwed.
Bruno says he hopes this stays between them, points out every time he tells Zach within three hours the house knows.
Bruno points out that the girls want the guys to go after themselves, if they lose another guy the girls have the numbers. Adds if Zach goes home next week the girls will pull in AShleigh.

Bruno tells him if it’s Pili and Kevin on the block Ashleigh is going to keep Pili
Bruno says they are getting rid of a guy that is going after the girls and a girl that is going get the guys.
Kevin promises him he won’t spread what they are talking about.
Bruno highlights if Zach goes home the girls pull in Ashleigh they have 5 girls vs 3 boys
Bruno – Definitely Definitely Definitely Definitely there’s a girl thing going on
Bruno mentions Bobby hearing the girls in the hot tub yesterday.

Bruno – Whoever sits beside B it’s a death sentence
Kevin thanks him for being logical with what happened this week.
Bruno says Kevin respected what he did with JP because for him it was the better game move.
Zach comes in..
Bruno going on about the girls already saying they won’t put each other up “It’s going to be a big joke in the end”
Kevin – They logically won’t even think about it (Girls won’t put guys up)
Bruno – not even a thought no no no
Bruno – we’re all in a very bad spot..
Bruno starts fighting for Bobby again says he’s not going after Kevin/Zach he’s after Sarah.
Bruno – He’s f***g pissed man he’s f*** pissed
Zach hopes Godfrey is on board with getting out the girls
Bruno – he is
Bobby joins them tells them what he heard in the hot tub “We finally got rid of the chop shop”
Godfrey rolls in

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-05 16-43-23-001
7:40pm Girls in the bedroom
Ashleigh gives them a debrief with her conversation with Zach about what the guys were talking about in the hot tub. Ashleigh says Zach and kevin are just telling Bruno what Bruno wants to hear.
Ashleigh goes on explaining that Zach is just nodding and smiling.
Sarah – our girls alliance is being decided by Bruno
ASh – Bruno’s game play i’m going to be as vague as I can to whoever I talk to so I don’t get Specific and get in trouble with anybody .. I’ll fidt bump through a couple winks in.. that’s how he plays the game.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-05 17-04-08-892
8:03pm Bobby, Bruno and Zach
Bruno says Asheligh is playing her own game he knows Zach thinks he has her.
Bruno – Willow came up to me today and was like Is Bobby safe this week.. I was like no.. cmon willow
Bruno brings up a conversation he had with Ashleigh where she said “Only one person wins the game” and “I’m playign my own game”
Zach – I trust Asheligh 100% I tell her everything in this game
Bruno mentions whatever he tells Zach is going back to the girls it’s hard not to think ASheligh is spreading it.
Zach – She’s never mentioned a all girls thing.. I dug in last night
Bruno asks Zach if Ashleigh would keep Bobby. Bobby chimes in says she won’t.
Bobby says at least Ashleigh gave him the time of Sarah never did.
Bruno and Bobby agree Pili is not in a girls alliance. bobby doesn’t see Ashleigh lying to Pili.
Bruno – Do you think Ashleigh will take you over Pili
Zach – no
Zach says brittnee and Sarah are telling them they are going after God/Bru and they’re telling God/Bru they are coming after Zach/kev.
Bruno teh only thing we know for sure they won’t put up a girl.
Zach tells them ASheligh will not put Bruno up she told him last night (Lie)

Bruno thinks Ashleigh is loyal to Zach but is also loyal to the girls she’s safe both ways.
Zach – Ashleigh and Pili are teh safest in theis game
Bruno points out Kevin/Zach are teh shields for Pili/ash, “Ash and Pili have no one going for them”
Zach – They are going into this HOH with ZERO chance of going
Bruno – you know if Bobby stays it’s SO much better for your game
Bobby leaves

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-05 17-15-48-221

8:14pm Bruno and Zach
Bruno says he never talks to Kevin, “you know that right”
Bruno says never once has Sarah mentioned Kevin it’s always Zach. Bruno is worried Sarah has a secret agreement with Kevin.
Bruno – I want to be straight with you..
Zach – I just want to trust Godfrey man
Bruno – he’s in man
Zach wants to cut out Sarah. Bruno agrees, ‘She’s poison man’
Bruno – If i’m sitting beside a girl i’m 100% going home
Zach – who will she put up
Bruno – I dunno she tells me you she tells you me
Bruno – talk is so cheap..
Bruno – are you really thinking about putting Sarah up or are you blowing smoke
Zach – I need her out of this game because no matter how long she stays she’ll be plotting everyone… I dance the fence between Godfrey and Sarah all the time.
Zach – If I win tomorrow it’s between Godfrey and Sarah
Bruno thinks Godfrey made a deal with Kevin. Highlights that Kevin is in a really good spot, he broke up Bobby/Bruno who are close to Zach but not with Kevin.
Bruno – once Bobby leaves I got nobody bud.. there’s going to be that time when you two have to clash (The couples)
Zach wants Godfrey and Sarah out first
Bruno thinks the game will open up once Sarah leaves.
Zach is certain unless he wins POV/HOH’s he’s not making it to the end, he’s thinking ASh/Pili have a good chance to make it.
Zach doesn’t know where Willow’s head’s at
Bruno – I dunno she seems tight with Sarah
They fist bump, tonight they’ll ask Willow who she’s goign to put u then compare notes. Bruno thinks Sarah and Willow are the only two that will know the truth of who Willow puts up.
Bruno – I wouldn’t be surprised if she says Sarah and B.. just to show she’s not with them
Bruno doesn’t think Willow will bother winning the HOH she doesn’t need to.
Zach wants to put up Sarah next week.
Bruno – You’ve been in everyone’s ear since week one and you’ve been a poison.. I have no choice I have to put you up.. with her not in the house all the guys odds go way up
They agree having Willow, Britnee and Willow in the final 3 will make them sick to their stomachs.
Bruno – and they’re open about it we’re not putting each other up

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-05 17-38-41-762

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-05 17-45-43-999

8:40pm Sarah and Brittnee
Talking about all the chop shop stories they’re hearing now. They’re both surprised at how comfortable the chop shop players have been since day 3. Sarah says it’s no wonder everyone was happy after Jordan left because the show must have been boring.
Willow joins them with a plate of taquitos. they start talking about the Bomb Squad during BB16. Willow goes on about the beginnings of the Chop shop.
Graig told her they needed to bring AShleigh into the Chop Shop because Bobby or Zach were going to “Bang” her

Willow says they all had one person to get close to
Zach – Naeha
Willow – Jordan
Graig – Sindy
Bruno – Godfrey
Willow says it got weird because Bobby wanted to be with AShleigh but Zach swooped in.

(Video uploading)

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-05 18-04-07-702
9:04pm Willow and Sarah (Talking about the season and how much people were playing them)
Willow says she was so loyal to the chop shop and they all played her. Willow – I might actually hate Jordan.. liek I think he’s the worst person in the world”

They think the bedroom smells like gasoline, Sarah says she’s about to pass out.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-05 18-06-56-371

9:07pm Godfrey and Willow
Godfrey tells her if’s it’s HOH she’s safe. Willow asks him who is he going for “Kevin and Zach?”
Godfrey – absolutely
Willow – you do you want out first Zach
Godfrey – 100%
Willow says if one of the guys come off she’ll put up Pili and Ashleigh.
They agree Zach is playing everyone.
Godfrey says 150% he’s putting up Kevin ans Zach, Godfrey hopes Bruno does the same thing. Willow says brittnee will to “She hates them”



There are always a lot of Alliance but we’ve tried to make sense of it all.. Read our alliance help guide

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im so confused where loyalities lie
like even the DRs arent helping me with anything


Bruno is loyal to Bobby, but with Bobby leaving he is loyal to God. He is telling Zach what he wants to hear so if Zach is in power he will go after the girls and not him & God.
God is loyal to no one buy his self because is smart enough to know that he is his own person and by telling everyone he is going after Zach that besides the couples no one is actually coming after him.
Britnee is loyal to Sarah and only Sarah.
Sarah is loyal to Brit and Willow but will turn on Willow in a heartbeat. But she wants to have a final three with Brit and Willow so she is 100% will be in the final two and probably win with those two.
Zach is loyal to Ash &Kevin & Pili until final four.
Kevin is loyal to Pili and will cut Zach the next he can
Pili is loyal to Ash and Kevin and the other girls
Ash is loyal to Zach but wants to go to final two with another girl so she is loyal to the girls
Willow is loyal to Sarah


I’d say you nailed that except for one person: ZACH…..

Zach is only loyal to himself. He’ll cut anyone, anytime but he’s also a coward. He got mad at Kevin for ousting Bobby b/c B&B would go after Kevin/Pills before Ash/Zach (or at least that’s what he believed). Zach is so easily influenced Bruno has been able to get in his ear to cut Sarah AND NOT JUST BECAUSE SHE WOULD GO AFTER ZACH….. but b/c she would go after him before Kevin. I’ve never seen a physical/mental guy suck so bad socially. What a kitty-cat (insert proper synonym)

Zach has played the game the same way throughout with EVERYONE.
His alliances:
1. DIapers
2 Diapers +Willow
3.Chop Shop
4, Chop Shop +Pils./Kev
5. Diapers +Bruno/Bobby
6, Purple Cobras
7. Newport,
8. Bromuda
9. Boys Alliance

F2’s with:
2 Ash
3 JP
4. Naeha
5. Graig
6. Willow

F3’s with:
1. Ash/Pills
2. Ash/Willow
3. Bruno/Bobby
4. Ash/Britt
5. Britt/Sarah
6. JP.Kev
7. JP/Willow
8. Ash/Bruno

I mean did I miss any?

When he lost JP he lost his ability to read the house except blatant danger i.e. God telling him I’m coming after you. Now Bruno has swayed him when he wasn’t able to sway anyone else.

The girls made one mistake last night, they should have stayed quiet longer to hear the boys saying they would take down all the girls. It’s the only way they would have seen (or rather Ash/Pilee) would have seen what a snake Zach is.

River de Nial

How do you know Zach is buying what Bruno is selling? Ashleigh herself said Zach is just nodding and smiling to whatever Bruno says, so they must have discussed that Bruno is just reeking of desperation right now. I think Zach also wants Pili beside him at F2 but he’s not going to show his cards just yet. A girls alliance doesn’t scare him as much as the big guys gunning for him and blind siding him like they did JP.


I am disliking Bruno more than Zach right now. I just wondered that Bruno has the tendency to trust and align with total assholes. Like Graig in the beginning then Bobby and now sucking up to Zach. I know he is trying to keep his butt safe if Zach wins HOH but his complete disregard for female players is mind boggling. I hope the table turns on him sooner than later. On the other hand, I want Godfrey to be the last man standing in the house. My rankings for men in the house is:

1) Godfrey
2) Kevin
3) Zach
4) Bruno
5) Bobby


What a load you just wrote. So who should he align with then? Stop trying to push your Bruno is a sexist agenda. Just because he doesn’t kiss Sarah’s ass and see’s through her BS, while most others are blinded by it. When Sarah was on the block I can remember her campaigning and crying every other minute. Are you equally offended by Sarah’s unwillingness to align with any of the men? I didn’t think so.


John, Bruno does not have to kiss Sarah’s ass to be open to working with her. Successful game players usually are not so gender specific in who to work with as both Bruno and Bobby have been. It does not make sense to reduce your odds in the game by not attempting to stay in the good graces of as many HG’s as you can.
Bruno has made a number of missteps through the season but the biggest one is in his isolation from those outside of the Chop Shop and not staying close to the women within the Chop Shop. Both Zach and Kevin had worked throughout the season to maintain some working relationship with most of the HG’s which makes them better players socially than Bruno.


I totally agree.


Bruno likes his meat shields


i’m soooo excited for the triple eviction, no matter who goes home


Except the feeds will probably go down during the best parts
If BB/Global has it way
Remember they said they don’t give a crap about the live feeders


Well the drama will be super lame if its the weaklings ashleigh ,pili the 4 year old and the lesbian willow.

Moronita Pilar

Bruno is WORSE than G! A despicable SOB!


No matter how you look at it, if you can’t win and HOH when your alliance needs it most, pack your bags!


i think kevin is so popular cuz he is good with DRs and arent boring and fake


Geez….. I like Bruno and all but that dude is really starting to sound like a broken record. It’s the same song and dance over and over. I appreciate those who fight for their lives in the game, but there’s also something to be said for chilling out on occasion and not acting so damn desperate all the time. What Bruno really needs is a HOH win…… as does everyone not in the couples alliance.


Exactly. If you want to take the couples/diapers etc out…… Win a freakin HOH already!


This show will suck if Zach, Bruno and Godfrey are eliminated. If even two of those players are gone, global might as well announce a quadruple eviction next week just to end this season. Pili, Ashleigh, Willow and Britnee are absolutely boring. I really don’t want to see the get along gang survive this.


I would be happy to see Bruno and Zach go.


For me it’s Zach and Ash I would like out.

Kevin the Sleaze

Kevin has some good game play, I admit it it, that poke her face will take him far in this game. But he is at the same time a sleaze – he lies to people’s faces (yes, a huge part of the game), but then he laughs at the other HGs believing him in his DRs and disproportionate amount of airtime.

Why do people overlook this? Everyone seems so fixated on Bruno and Sarah’s men/fem issues or Sarah’s whining or Willow’s crying or Zack’s unfailing stubbornness and stupidity.

Kevin admitted to having a cougar girlfriend before entering the house (30, lol, and his words) and yet he preys on and uses a young, innocent, and easily influenced HG to hide behind as a shield. What a sleaze! I’m not a Pili fan and she will have to sleep in the bed she made, or chose, I just wonder why Kevin is so beloved in spite of his disgusting flaws?

lying to people’s faces and then laughing at them in his disproportionate DR edits and opportunities that make the cut at the expense of other
HGs. Oh, and having a “cougar” girlfriend (his words) prior to entering the show, and then preying on a younger, innocent


Kevin laughing at them in the DR is at least more respectable than Bru, Bob, God and Brit making fun of Jp face when he was blindsided than Willow saying she hated JP first I am hearing it, JP didn;t even give her the time of the day the same as all houseguests until sara picked her up to get info. When the other side see Willow flips then Sara won’t need her anymore and i hope they get into a lesbo fight then one evicts the other lol


Pili is a few years older than Keven.


Tomorrow it going to be exciting Arisa do not make it a to be continued and stop the feeds because I will be pissed. Also Sarah, God, Bruno, Zach or Kevin two of them are gone 100%, but I hope its not God or Bruno. This is going to be exciting episode since jp left. Let go non-showmance and win the hoh.


Good thing Bruno has 2 little boys… if he had 2 little girls I hesitate to think what he’d tell them post BB…. Sorry honey only boys are allowed to work in groups, when girls do it they are poison.

I just can’t


Listening to the bros bro-down was crazy. Bobby revealed so much info that Godfrey was not fully aware of. How loyal Bruno and Bobby are (to Zach), proven in the t-shirt comp. Bobby helping Zach get shirts and not letting God know he was short 1 shirt…how that aided Zach getting the 5K that could have been God’s. I’m curious how God is processing all this info. Even if Bobby was able to acquire Zach/Ash vote…he surely lost God’s.