Bobby to Bruno – “I’m going this week but maybe I can help you out for next week”

POV Holder: Kevin Next POV May 1st
POV Used No POV Ceremony May 3rd
HOH Winner Kevin Next HOH May 6th
Nominations: Bobby and Brittnee
Have Nots Zach, Bobby, Willow (Season slop pass)
POV Players Kevin, Bobby, Ashleigh, Brittnee, Sarah, Pili

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-04 16-53-07-432

7:53pm Hot Tub Sarah and Bruno
Bruno says Brittnee and Bobby are two people that he trusts that is why this situation is so horrible for him.
bruno and Sarah acknowledge that Bobby is to Bruni like Brittnee is to Sarah.
Bruno – Going forward I don’t have Bobby
Sarah – you got me
Bruno – you think willow is still good
Sarha – she has a choice we don’t.. she’ll ride the middle
Sarah says if it was her she couldn’t play the middle like Willow because it enrages her so much
Bobby joins them Sarah says the couples are telling Willow that Bruno is throwing her name under the bus
Sarah says Willow thinks Zach and Ashleigh will use Willow to take out Kevin.
Ashleigh and Willow join them.
The guys leave but Bobby stays back to listen in on their conversation…

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-04 17-02-24-845

7:55pm AShleigh, Willow and Sarah hot tub

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-04 16-56-41-096

8:03pm Storage room AShleigh and Willow
Willow saying that Brittnee went up to Kevin told him to put Willow up “She can win comps” Willow claims she’s fighting with Sarah right now they can’t stand each other.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-04 17-05-00-073

8:06pm Hammock Brittnee and Bruno
Bruno is trying to smooth things over with Brittnee.
Brittnee – I trust you as long as you say I’m campaigning for Bobby
Bruno – I wanted him to say but I’m not campaigning
Brittnee – Don’t tell me you’re not doing it when you’re doing it I’m not a idiot.. I do trust trust you.
Bruno says now that Bobby is going who’s got his back
Brittne – we do
Bruno says he’ll vote to keep Brittnee this week, “When I said I won’t write your name down I met it”
Bruno – Bobby is gone after this week I don’t have my guy anymore..

Bruno and Bobby1

8:13pm Bobby and Bruno
Bobby was listening in on Sarah, Willow and AShleigh and they said “We stopped the chop shop.. I don’t know how to take that AShleigh willow and Sarah.. does that not tell you there is a all girls alliance.”
Bruno knows the girls are in an alliance together.
Bruno adds that they’re screwed if Zach/Kevin go and they’re screwed if they get rid of Ashleigh, If they get rid of Sarah they’re f***d
Bruno thinks they should talk to Zach. Bobby wonders if he knows.
Bruno – Tell him you went to the hot tub and heard them
Bruno says Sarah wants it to be
Bruno – We’re f***D bro… I’m telling you I don’t trust Sarah as far as I can throw her..
Bruno says he doesn’t trust Sarah but he’s going to play the part that he does.
Bruno says 100% the guys are coming for them, “Sarah is all about Girl power” .

Bobby – I’m going this week but maybe I can help you out next week.. If Zach realizes that Sarah and Willow held up telling him about my thing (Secret Veto)
Bruno – then he’ll know you told me
Bobby – but aren’t you going up anyways.
Bruno – ya that’s not 100% we just gotta chill.. Zach needs to know that Ashleigh is with the girls.. we have to make a move man.

Bruno decides he’s going to go further being with the girls. Bruno agrees says he’s screwed either way but he’s going to target the guys (Kevin/Zach)
Bobby isn’t sure if AShleigh is playing Zach. bruno thinks she is, “She knows flat out if they go after the showmances Zach is going home.. it’s a bulletproof vest bud..”
Bruno – once Zach is gone Ashleigh is going with the girls and picking us off one by one..

8:16pm Backyard Godfrey, Sarah and Brittnee
Godfrey says he’s surprised about Bobby’s veto he never heard it was fake. Bobby lied to him about the Veto and the Chop Shop.
Godfrey tells them he’s voting to keep Brittnee.
Godfrey – From the start I trust you guys more..

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-04 17-29-02-879

8:28pm Storage room Brittnee and Sarah
Debriefing about their talk with Bruno
They get why Bruno is trying to save Bobby just wish he would admit it.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-04 17-47-35-012

8:44pm Bruno, Godfrey and Bobby
Bruno – if me Zach and Kevin can legitimately get together..
Bruno says they will never do it because him and God are their biggest threat.
Bobby – No matter what I’m going
Godfrey says Zach isn’t’ coming onboard he’s coming after them for sure.
Bruno – Zach is in onto getting us out
Bobby thinks the girls are closer than the showmances.
Bruno – the girls are all together and the showmances are all together..
Bruno says as soon as they get rid of one of the guys in a couple the girls will pull the lone girl in.
Bruno – ASh, Willow, Sarah and B are in if for sure.. for sure
Godfrey – they’re all in it
Bruno – Ash was telling Zach that Sarah saying the girls need to stick together.
Bruno – if we win HOH we pick who has the upper hand the girls or the couples..
Godfrey thinks they need to take out the guys (Couples)
Bruno says if they get rid of the guys every week they have to win HOH
Godfrey – Just because we’re dudes we’re not the strongest people here.. points out PILI wins Competitions. Godfrey thinks everyone in the house can win comps not just the four guys.
Bruno thinks Sarah being a feminist will want Girls in the finale. “if there was 6 girls in the end she would wet herself.”
Godfrey – it’s true yo the girls are working together 100% YO I would not trust Willow at all..
Godfrey says if Zach/kevin go all the girls will be after them, “Just because we’re dudes doesn’t mean we’ll take everybody out..”
Godfrey says Sarah is running around saying Girl power and the girls can beat the guys but if you look at their performance in competitions her argument doesn’t hold up.
Godfrey and Bruno agree Sarah wants to take AShleigh and Oili to the end because she’ll beat them in final two all you have to say is “They road the guys coat tails”
Bruno says Willow is doing the best out of the girls when people take a shot at them they will be targeting Sarah.
Bruno – We have to go after the couples we have no choice
Godfrey – that’s what i’m doing bro
They agree this coming week Sarah will be going after the couples, They agree Zach is the target from Sarah’s girl group. Godfrey points out Zach has more influence over the girls than all three of them put together in the house period.
Godfrey and Bruno agree they have to talk to Kevin Once Zach goes Kevin will only have Pili.
Bobby – if AShleigh or Pili win HOH you two are gone
Bruno – 100%
Godfrey tells Bobby to go to Zach and tell him what he heard in the Hot Tub when the girls were talking.
Godfrey – I see a bigger chance of Zach flipping than Sarah

Bruno warns that kevin and Sarah are really close
Bobby’s – whats pilis roll
Bruno – she does what she’s told.. she’s having fun
Godfrey says anyone will win against Pili in the final 2
Bruno – If B wins she won’t put us up unless Sarah convinced her.. Sarah won’t either..
Godfrey – the only one i’m worried about is Willow.. the girls in love with Zach yo
Bruno says if Sarah leaves next week it will cripple the girls but that’s only if Zach wins the HOH. if it’s them the couples have to go. Godfrey trusts Kevin a bit more than Zach.
Bruno – We’re in trouble man.. but it’s not over
Godfrey – I’m hoping there is some kinda twist yo
Bruno is certain twists are coming “Canada could vote man.. Day 25 was the last twist”

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-04 18-14-39-875

9:15pm Hot Tub Sarah and Brittnee

Sarah wishes she could go after bruno but they can’t they have to go after the couples because that four is unbreakable.
Sarah – It’s best for their game to stick together and take those two girls.. they’ve set themselves up in a really good spot.. but they should have been more subtle

(Videos uploading they’re long)

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When Naeha, Sindy and Sarah strategize and start an all girls alliance it’s strategy. When Bruno, Godfrey and Bobby start something, then it’s mysogyny….

No further comment.


So true. I’ve seen so many comments on here in the past week about how Bruno hates women but not a single comment about Sarah hating men when they are essentially doing the same thing.

Moronita Pilar

Except that the difference is that first three evicted houseguests were girls and the girls alliance was the only logical thing to happen and Sarah was the first to voice it.

On the other hand, the paranoid chicken — Bruno, is lumping them all together all the time, including Moronita and Assleigh-the-blonde, DESPITE the fact that he was in the room when Ashleigh was a rat and as soon as she talked with Sarah she came to tell Zach [and Bruno, who was in the room!] that Sarah was talking about “the girls thing… feminist shit”.

So no! This is the false equivalence. Bruno had a chance to evict Zach and he chickened out. He’s always talking about “We’ll crush it!” and then is not winning anything. His talks are the snoozefest. He’s zero-entertainment and now ultra-paranoid. NO, thanks on Bruno!



Thank you Samboooodee (sp? Lol) and Anonymous. In your own and different ways, you have both pointed out what I have been trying to say in my own small way all along. Bruno is not a mysoginist because he is suspicious of Sarah and the future potential of an all girls alliance. They are both real threats to his own personal game. He is married to a loving woman, and if you look at his BBCan Twitter account, his wife, mother, and sister, etc. clearly love him (and not for his 20 seconds of fame). Sarah, yes, is a self proclaimed feminist and all for girl power, which is cool, but she is not a misandrist (despiser of men). You should all admit that you have never heard of that term and had to look it up. Then you should wonder why we know so much about misogyny and not its reverse in the literal sense. I am not excusing or over looking violence against women and oppression and patriarchy, etc. in any way, but if you really think about it, why is it so easy for people on these forums and elsewhere to throw around the label mysoginist to the common sense behaviour of a contestant on a reality show, and yet be blind to the reciprocal behaviour of someone of the opposite sex? Mysoginist is such a loaded term, I think we should leave it alone in these forums, and if we can’t, recognize that those who condescend to use it are the REAL trolls here.

Spelling Enthusiast

Not disagreeing but you should probably learn how to spell misogynist if you’re going to lecture others.


I am not asserting that Bruno is or is not a misogynist, but I do want to point out that many misogynists have families and women that love them. So, I find bringing Bruno’s family into this is irrelevant.


Too funny. You looked up the opposite of misogynist and found a word you did not know and assume others do not know it either.


It’s a typo, it was late at night, and I didn’t bother to check. Also, I minored in women’s studies. I did not need to look up the opposite of misogyny. My point was that people should let this go and comment on other aspects of the game. The whole thing is ridiculous, mean spirited, and not true. I’m done with it. There is no point conversing with people who are so narrow minded and fixated on it as a way to express their dis/like if certain HGs.


Exactly. Feminists tend to be the biggest hypocrites when it comes to equality.


When Sarah is lying and covering her tracks she’s a bitch, two faced, fake and has no loyalty. When Bruno is throwing Sarah under the bus and is lying he is playing the game.

No further comment.


These are a couple of trolls stirring this up in my opinion. Don’t fall for it! sambode is either a troll or a very confused and BBdoofus… is 100% troll. Don’t fall for it! I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the same person. I love the bbcan comments, they’ll be enough nonsense and vitriol come June! Bruno and Sarah are both good players, I’ll be happy for either of them if they make it to the end. No thumbs up or down for these comments would be the best move.

Paranoid Bruno

Can someone just slip a sedative into Bruno’s coffee, the guy really has to calm down and take a nap.


Maybe its just me. But I feel like if Kevin and Sarah like actually aligned and tried to take each other to the end, that they would be like the next Jason/Danielle from BB3. I kinda get that vibe, that they could be similar.


I think Sarah and Kevin have had a secret alliance going on for a long time.


Kevin won’t take any girl over Pili to F2.So much the less Sarah.


I’m not saying they have a final two, I’m saying they have been working together (using the fact that they are opposite sides of the house) in order to get farther and protect each other…whenever their names are brought up as targets the other deflects that somewhere else.


Bruno and Godfather for the win! I love how they can basically see exactly where this game is going and how the wheels are constantly turning.


Bruno is severely overestimating Ash’s game.


I would agree but he’s been correct about everything else. It must be so difficult living in that house and trying to decipher whats real and whats BS. I’m sure it would drive most of us to insanity

another name

i’m almost of the mind that Bruno is falling victim to self fulfilling prophesy. His mad scramble to save bobby might be what creates a girls alliance that he dreads.
yes, willow and sarah are a pair. yes, britt and sarah are a pair. willow and britt are…well they really aren’t a pair. yes Ashleigh and pilar are a pair. Ashleigh and Zach talked about Ashleigh finding out where willow and sarah’s heads were at.
Bruno’s ‘get the girls before they get us’ campaign yesterday may end up creating the thing he fears the most. he’s almost pushing the girls together in the same way as the Bruno’s boys and Sarah’s girls were pushed together. necessity. (he’s saying we’re together and that makes us targets together so we might as well be together). He’s yelled smoke so many times that they might just light a fire.


I see what you’re saying but from the outside looking in I wouldn’t consider Pili and Ashleigh as strong independent thinkers. If Kev and Zach are eliminated do you really see them deciding to team up with Bruno and Godfrey to get revenge? I don’t think it matters what Bruno or Godfrey does, this is almost inevitable that they will turn on the boys when they have the numbers. Ashleigh and Pili will just go with the flow without any strategy or idea about what to do next. They are more excited about meeting what they believe is their future spouse.

another name

before the last couple of days, if kevin and Zach left, I could have easily seen Ashleigh leaning closer to Bruno. and taking pilar with her. Zach has drummed it into her head that Bruno is so loyal. Ashleigh’s entire game style from her initial bio until now has been to play off her femininity. that only works when you align yourself with men.
realistically, would she align herself with a group with britt in it or a group with Bruno in it before the last couple of days? Britt the girl she’s had issues with since she and Zach began mancing, or Bruno that calls her ‘a good girl’ all the time. Ashleigh is not the go it alone girl. Ashleigh is the ‘can you lift that for me, i’m just a girl’ girl. As you said, she’s not an independent thinker, nor is she an independent spirit or independent tactician. Before Bruno started the ‘get the girls’ campaign, she would have been Bruno’s ‘good little girl’ for sure.


The amount of menimest on here is disturbing


I dont care about gender. I hate that people bring that into their discussion of games and favourites. I support great players regardless of gender. What’s more disturbing is they hypocrisy displayed the houseguests and people on here.

You cannot be a real feminist if you ONLY care about women. Look up the definition of feminism its equality for BOTH genders but sadly this great movement from the 80s has been ruined by these neo-feminists that are looking for special privileges for ONLY women and not equality. How often do you hear feminists talk about issues facing men? NEVER!

p.s. I cannot take Willow’s constant whining about finding a husband after the show. I think there’s a reason why she’s still single. She’s annoying af and constantly needs assurance.


Hmmm…I wonder what all the male comments on here regarding “feminism” would be if the historical roles of men and women had been reversed and that for hundreds of years it was women who had all the special privileges and men who had to fight for their basic rights(would the term for that be “menism”)…after all the rights women have gained are not even 100 years old yet…sorry just had to get that off my chest…now back to the game…ALL of the house guests are lying, throwing whoever they can under the bus when they are feeling vulnerable, making alliances with as many as they can to get further, and know only 1 of them will win so are doing whatever they can to make sure it is them….I just happen to like and relate to Sarah more than the rest so I root for her but I am not going to call Bruno the M word just because he thinks it’s good for his game to try and make Sarah the target…he sees her as a threat and rightly so so good on him…the biggest problem with this season is that they are sooooo boring.


Well said. It is quite uncommon for people who are working to advance a cause to also fight for the causes of others. When there is pervasive inequality fighting for the rights of the advantaged is ridiculous. In an adversarial system we make our own case and it is up to you to make yours.


Gypsdar, for me the admirable aspects of Sarah’s game play is that she sets herself several steps ahead and is proactive in her response to situations. Willow also does this, and Kevin. Most of the others react to the moment and fail to effectively work for future weeks.


The term is meninist, Meninism.

Some Name

They need to improve screening someone like Willow shouldn’t had been cast with her issues, i’m don’t like but i’m worried because she isn’t close to her family they wont get resolve thats not to say you can’t solve them on you plenty of adults do.


Willow is following her game plan as laid out in her audition video. She is actually well grounded in her life outside of the BB house. So what you observe is a role she is playing to throw others off.

Moronita Pilar

Bruno is so paranoid and stupid — I feel embarrassed I rooted for the man. Sickening!


i hope hope hope that god and bru win HOH this week and get rid of Zac&Kev&Sarah …these are their biggest threat…once these three are gone its smooth sailing…am pretty sure pili might self evict she cant live without Kev ,Willow will be a hot mess …GODBRU will literally eliminate 5 people with one shot :)…..then they can sit in final two with ash or b and they are golden 🙂
Zac-Kev-Sara are pin that holds the HG together get rid off them and the house falls apart and Victory is yours.
this is the move to make to win!!!