Nomination Results! Brent “I am not pawn material. I am not dumb at all! I am highly intelligent.”

Bedroom. Xavier is talking to Britini who is crying. Xavier – I hate that you have to be put through hell twice. Feeds cut. Xavier – I understand. I am not going to let you down. I won’t. I am so sorry Britini. Britini – I’ve got a veto to play tomorrow. If I win the veto, she (Azah) isn’t the replacement? Please! Xavier – no she is not. Britini – okay. Xavier – no one else on your team is going up. I can assure you of that. People need to view you as a target right now but everyone else knows whats going on. No one views you as a target. Britini – is there still potential if you win the veto, I come down? Xavier – yes. Britini – okay, okay. Did I play along okay? Xavier – you did. Britini – I understand why you did it .. it just sucks.

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Nomination Results! Frenchie “I’m going to blow some sh*t up. If I get the veto I am using it on you.”

Bedroom. Britini and Azah are crying. Frenchie – keep the focus on me. You (Britini) lay low. I am serious, keep the focus on my. You lay low. Britini – I don’t you to leave. We got to find a way for both of us to stay. Frenchie points at his kids – see that girl right there, I get to go see her. Britini – I had a weird feeling as soon as he won HOH. Frenchie – hey you start ruffling feathers …let the focus stay on me. Let me do what I’ve got to do because I am going to blow some sh*t up. Britini – Okay. Frenchie – let me do it. Let me go home. Britini – I don’t want either one of us to go home. I am telling you right now if I get the veto I am using it on you. So you’re not going no where. Hey, I miss my family. I am okay. I get to go see my family.

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Nomination Results “we are going to get the big fish together and then we’ll fry the big fish “

2:00 pm Frenchie and Kyland
Frenchie – I have a GUT feeling this veto has a huge reward.. MY GUT.. MY GUT.. I don’t want I couldn’t think.. I knew she was going on the block she’s bait for a bigger fish I’m about to fry.. this veto is about to be won it’ll be put around your neck.. if there is a big reward there’s no way she is winning..
Frenchie – you’ve been nothing but honest to me..

Frenchie – if I win that veto it’s going around your neck. Nobody knew I was doing any of this..
Kyland – you told me why me. Why could you tell me if you trust me?
Frenchie claims he made his decision in the DR.

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Tera “Trust tree.. out of the two boys, which would you want to go first?” Keifer “I don’t even know if I could trust you with that information.”

11:40pm Jed, Roh and Beth.
Beth – we are just making a plan like if Breydon comes to me. Jed – what are you feeling? Roh – I am not going to use it. As soon as I won it, I never intended to use it. I was like I am not using it. All this chatter around final 6 was around and so I wanted to get this cleared up. Jed – we ah never said that, you know what I mean!? Like obviously we talked to you about us four but then we never have pitched a six to them. Beth – and I don’t even think that is an issue any more. Jed – it was an assumption but its fine. Its good that we talked about it first before that happened. So like what kind of rationale’s are we talking about here? Beth – just like in the mean time like when Breydon is coming to ask like what do you do? Will you keep me if Roh uses the veto? Roh – well like what I did was I heard her out .. both of them came and talked to me .. because I do have to hear them out as the veto holder and what I told them is from a game perspective is basically it is not smart for me to use the power of veto right now.

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“It’s a move on her part.. She’s like Jed come for me Ty kissed me”

10:16 am Ty, Jed, Kyle, and Ro

Ty and Jed claiming they didn’t orchestrate the flip.
Jed says they were in the rooms where people were pushing for him to go but they were not part of that. The people wanting Ro out did not have the votes because Jed and Ty weren’t going to vote him out.

They ask Jed who he would put up
Jed says Tera and Kiefer Ty says he would do the same.

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“If you win the veto don’t pull me off”

3:30 pm Kiefer, Laytoa, Tychon
Kiefer says he’s positive he’ll be nominated. Mentions his talk with Austin earlier today. Adds that Austin said the target is Josh 100%.
Kiefer – I said having me there doesn’t make complete sense because I am not the strongest competitor I said that’s basically the only pitch I don’t have.
L – that’s a good pitch.
K – we got the numbers no matter what..
Kiefer brings up Austin asking him if Josh comes down who goes up.
K – I said the easiest option would be Rohan

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Big Brother Nomination Results! “We have to start laying the framework for a deal.”

5:28pm The live feeds return from the nomination ceremony.
Bedroom. Christmas and Mempis.

Memphis – If you win the veto, she puts up Enzo. Christmas – I don’t want her to vote you out. Memphis – yeah. Christmas – because Cody would vote for Enzo. So we have to make a deal. We have to start laying the framework for a deal. Memphis – yeah. Christmas – you have to start planting those seeds. We can always start that now.

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“When you’re a target the entire game you’re [Tyler] not good at this game that’s how I feel”

10:43 am Nicole
Nicole – it’s Not Good.. When you’re a target the entire game you’re not good at this game that’s how I feel. Not even a target when people just talk about it’s not good. I know a good player and I’m really good at giving props to people that deserve it . Tyler’s So bad.. I just can’t help he’s just so bad.

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Nomination Results! “You come at me personal and with bullsh*t, I’m going to pop off!”

Bedroom. Tyler and Christmas.
Tyler – what up block buddy! Christmas – If F**king Enzo hadn’t .. Tyler -he’ll be mad at himself now that he did it. Christmas – It didn’t make sense for him not to. He’s been terrified of Nicole the whole time. You know!? I just don’t get it, unless he’s working with them. You know?! I mean you put up Nicole. Memphis put up Nicole. Like there is a common denominator. And I know they came in with a final four. Tyler – they’re definitely final two. Christmas – I’m like don’t act nervous. (Nicole) You know. Tyler – one of us win the veto .. come down and sent the other one (remon) off. Whoever goes up ..

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Nomination Results! “They got into it! It got a little heated.”

Nicole – what happened with the convo.. Tyler – Me and Memphis heard .. it kind of got loud. Nicole – oh it must have got serious. Tyler – I want to know now but I don’t want to run up there right away. Nicole – because it didn’t need to go badly right. Tyler – no. Nicole – it was more just I told him to be straight up. He (Kevin) was mad about being a havenot so I was like maybe give him a warning he is going up. Tyler – he is going to be mad anyway. Nicole – yeah you’re dammed if you do and dammed if you don’t. Tyler – it is what it is.

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