Comparing notes “McCrae has a kickstand” “Jeremy Isn’t that Big” and Elissa “can barely complete a thought”

8:16pm Cam 1-2 Hammock Jessie, Amanda and Andy

Jessie is talking about the day when her and Jeremy were flirting together and then she found out that night Kaitlin and Jeremy had slept in the same bed. Amanda pours fuel on the fire saying “I can’t believe she flirts with him in front of you”

Jessie explains that Jeremy told her he wasn’t interested in her and wasn’t looking for love on the show.

Jessie: “I still think he’s freaking adorable.. he’s a cutie”
Andy: “I just wish I had a ragan fox in this house”
Andy: ‘I think you are in a really good spot right now”
Jessie: “I just hope the house doesn’t put me up next week”
Amanda: “I don’t see that happening”

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Big Brother Spoilers “This is my cup with the sticker on it nobody use it”

6:10pm CAm 1-2 Howard and Amanda
Amanda delivers Howard some cookies “Apparently this is the best thing I’ve made yet.. it’s hot”

Amanda asks him if he’s had a chance to talk to Candace. .he says no but he talked to “Spence” and “Spence” will handle it, “his plan is to wait for Tuesday or wednesday morning”

Amanda brings up how paranoid Judd has become. She retells the rat story (See previous post) Howard will talk to Judd because he’s seen Judd acting paranoid. Howard: “as long as he has his cigarettes he’ll be OK”

Howard says he’s talked to Andy he’s a bit nervous but he’s goo.

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Kaitlin and Aaryn have it all figured out “Jeremy is a communications major.. he’s smart.. he’s very very smart”

4:22pm Cam 1-2 HOH Kaitlin and Aaryn

Kaitlin: “Amanda is getting overprotected of McCrae “
Aaryn: “Why”
K:” I don’t know.. the reason Amanda snapped at Jessie the other day was because Jessie was like MCRae is the sexiest pizza boy she’s ever seen.. She felt Territorial because she was moving closer to McCrae”

Aaryn says that Jessie is really weird around the guys always flirting with them even when they have girls in the house.

K: “I don’t understand what she’s doing.. it shouldn’t be awkward for me to touch the guy I like in front of people.. why is she doing this when she wants to be our friend”

Aaryn: “Dude how weird is it that we’re in the Big Brother house looking at our pictures on the TV” (They’re looking at the HOH spy screen which is on the memory wall)
Aaryn: “this room is so relaxing one of us have to get”
Kaitlin: “Jeremy is going to get it..

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Big Brother Spoilers The Moving Company Causing Chaos “We’re about to make History”

3:20pm Cam 1-2 HOH Candace, Spencer, Elissa and Howard

Random conversations.. Spencer says he’s missing his girlfriend back home. Tells them she’s a sweet little girl she’s only 5’1″ or 5’2″. Spencer complains a bit about having to work out with Helen.

Chatting about Dresses.. Candace leaves to go “Pee”
Spencer says he auditioned in maine. Elissa: “I just think it’s so impressive that they find all these character’
Spencer: “And a$$holes”

Elissa: “Are you guys still on board about keeping me in.. (Spencer nodes).. Ohh that’s so awesome”

Spencer says that he’s not going to be mean to her but they need to keep their distance. Howard agrees./

Spencer: “Were you MVP”
Elissa: “Ya”

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Kaitlin says Jeremy has the wrong idea of what’s going on. I just got out of a relationship, I have no attraction to the pen!$!

1pm Out in the backyard – Amanda now has black garbage bags and is cutting them up to make the slip and slide. Amanda gets called to the diary room and comes back a few minutes later. They ask her if they can’t do the slip and slide? Amanda says they said they are going to get us duct tape. Kaitlin and Spencer are talking on the backyard couch. She is asking questions about his girlfriend. He says she has an old persons name Marilyn Frances Boswell. Spencer tells Kaitlin that she has her whole life in front of her. Spencer and Kaitlin talk about Elissa and how she is always working out. Spencer says that she has the personality of a wet blanket. Aaryn comes out and asks if Jeremy will rub this on her back. Did you get it?! (Referencing how Jessie had David rub lotion on her back yesterday which upset Aaryn.) Jeremy and Kaitlin comment how they got it, it just wasn’t funny.

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Candice laughs I’m the Mad Hatter, I sit on peoples hats! Amanda Yeah the one with the Biggest Ba-Donk-A-Donk!

11:15am Candice and Amanda are in the bathroom talking about the hat incident last night. Candice says that she didn’t mean to sit on her hat and that she apologized. She says that Aaryn just flipped out. Candice says I work so hard for my things , I appreciate peoples things. Candice says I am the mad Hatter, I just sit on peoples hats! Amanda tells Candice not to worry about it, its okay. Amanda laughs that Candice the one with the biggest ba-donk-a-donk is in the house to sit on peoples hats. Candice says how annoying someone starting sh*t over that. Spencer joins them. He tells her you can’t reason with it, just ignore it. Spencer tells Candice that she can’t win the argument so just ignore it. Amanda asks Spencer what he’s doing. Spencer says just waiting for the mad hatter to get out of the shower. Spencer tells Candice to just lay low and don’t be confrontational with her. He tells her that in the next 30 minutes there will be another argument and people will forget all about it.

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Amanda calls Candice the annoying jet setting b***h.. but she’s not that bad, we’ll keep her around for a bit.

9:20am Elissa and Helen are in the Havenot room talking about last season with Ian Terry and Dan Gheesling. Both Elissa and Helen think that Ian was cute. Judd joins them and they talk about how uncomfortable the seats are to sleep on. Elissa comments that today is her 9 year anniversary with her husband. They all congratulate her.

9:30am In the bathroom – Helen and Andy are talking about the plan and how they are good. Out in the backyard – Andy, Howard and Judd are talking. Judd and Andy talk about Jessie. Judd says that Jessie is hot but she is spacy. Howard says that when the plan goes through there is going to be fire. Andy says the plan will go through. Howard says again when the plan goes through just remain calm and don’t react.

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Kaitlin is the Prime Select Meat Cut! Jeremy says I want to sleep with her at least once!

2:25am Kaitlin and Jeremy are in the lounge still talking. Kaitlin starts going through the votes. She says that she thinks Elissa would have Andy and Helen. Kaitlin says that she doesn’t think anyone would vote against David. Jeremy says that he hopes so because he needs him there. Kaitlin says that she thinks David threw that POV because he felt safe. Kaitlin says that she thinks without a doubt Jessie will be going home. Kaitlin says oh my God, McCrae is going to be so upset. Kaitlin says if they vote against Elissa and she stays, then we’ll be huge targets. Jeremy wraps his hand around Kaitlin’s throat. Jeremy says that Judd freaks him out. He says that Judd won’t talk to me about anything. Jeremy says that he can’t understand Judd. Kaitlin asks how can they keep Elissa in this game? Jeremy says she’s a pawn for an extra week. Kaitlin says that she is worried that Elissa could win POV so they need to back door her again. Jeremy says that he will win POV so she can’t do that. Kaitlin says you’re so cocky. She laughs. Jeremy tells Kaitlin that she can’t tell anyone. Kaitlin agrees and says that people can’t even handle their sh*t now. Helen comes by and says goodnight. When she leaves Kaitlin says she is such a fucking snake. Kaitlin wonders if they should switch their vote. Jeremy says that they need to just vote Elissa out and hope for the best.

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GiGi protecting her man “I see the way she looks at you I’m going to smack that b!t*h in the face”

10:40pm Cam 1-2 GIGI and Nick

GiGI: “Ayrn saw Elissa, Andy, Helen, Amanda and she walked by and someone said to Andy Shutup.. They are working together”

GiGI: “Amanda is a sneaky fuck.. Jessie flirts with everybody..

Gigi explains that earlier in the day Jessie rubbed lotion on David and Aaryn got pissed. Gigi understands that she thinks the same way as Aaryn.. “If someone messes with my man I beat the B1Tch “

GIGI tells them that Andy, Elissa and Helen are in an alliance they all talk. Gigi has noticed that Amanda and McCrae are very close and she thinks that spencer is a floater.

Gigi can’t “Fu**ing stand” Elissa, Candace, Amanda but she likes Kaitlin and Aaryn.
GiGi: ‘It’s going to be Candace and Amanda up next..”
They start running the votes..

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Big Brother Spoilers Amanda to McCrae “my boyfriend is going to kill me but you’re my only comfort”

POV Holder: McCrae Next POV June 27 POV Used Yes POV Ceremony June 29th HOH Winner: McRae Next HOH: Wed July 3rd MVP: Elissa Original Nominations: Candice, David, Jessie Current Nominations: Jessie, Elissa and David Last Evicted Houseguest ? Have Nots Andy, Elissa, Jessie, Howard, Helen 8:11pm Cam 1-2 HOH Amanda and Elissa FYI you […]

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