Godfrey – “All i can do is watch now…All three of his lap dogs are playing (POV) bro”

POV Holder: ? Next POV May 1st
POV Used ? POV Ceremony May 3rd
HOH Winner Kevin Next HOH May 6th
Nominations: Bobby and Brittnee
Have Nots Zach, Bobby
POV Players Kevin, Bobby, Ashleigh, Brittnee, Sarah, Pili

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-01 10-48-33-508

2:44pm HOH Lobster, Kevin, Ashleigh and Bruno

Bruno making small talk over Kevin’s family pictures. Doesn’t stay long leaves..
Kevin says he’s excited to see Pilar to get out of the lobster costume he can tell she’s over it.

Kevin reads his letter “It’s from my mom”

Dear Kevin,

What a honour to be asked to write HOH letter to you
Since you’re reading this you’ve become HOH for the second time yes the first time was so short

Because you are there the family is watching big brother so (We) can see you (He points out the mistake in the sentence)

We miss hearing from you Kevin Ivan and jane are really busy and no those cousins and no watching they are too little. But aunt Denise and uncle Rod , Aunt elizabeth, uncle Lyle , Tristan, Joshua , Grandma and grandpa , Ray, Jon and Dave are all watching.

Since you’ve been on the show i’ve been recognised at the local hardware store, the post office and even the dentist office as Kevin’s mom the Kevin from Big Brother.. People at church are also watching and praying for you.

kevin you love being with people and enjoy playing games so i’m sure there’s good times in the Big Brother Canada house. I’m sure there’s tough times to.

Remember there’s people in the real world that love you no matter what, your family is here for you because we love and care for you.

I love you kevin I can’t wait to give you a hug and I’m praying for you

PS I also like Pili

Kevin – People at my old church are watching that’s crazy to me .. they would be so against it.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-01 10-59-19-444

2:58pm Bruno, Bobby and Godfrey
Bruno says it sounds like production is doing the POV competition outside.
Godfrey – All i can do it watch now.
Bruno says they never know what is going to happen with this show it could be a diamond power of veto.. you never know. Bobby might win it and be able to put Zach up.
Bobby chimes in it might be a double
Godfrey – All three of his lap dogs are playing bro.
Bruno tells them the second Zach sits on the block he’s gone.
Godfrey doesn’t think Willow is going to vote out Zach, “that girls not all there bro”
Bruno brings up trying to convince Kevin to put up Zach says he’s going to wait until after the veto is played. Godfrey mentions that Sarah is going to try to.
Godfrey – I’m pretty much on the block right now bro.. why is Brittnee crying yo
Godfrey – “She (Brittnee) could be sitting next to Jesus bro and they would vote Jesus out”

Big-Brother-Canada-3- 2015-05-01 11-28-18-948

2:28pm Living room Bruno and Godfrey
Bruno saying unless they win this next week’s HOH they’re done.. Adds if Zach goes it will shatter the couple’s gives them a chance to work with some of the other people.
They agree there’s no way to shatter the 2 couples alliance they have to evict the lynchpin Zach. Godfrey and Bruno think Zach is running the couples alliance and the rest of them won’t know what to do when he’s gone. .

Big-Brother-Canada-3- 2015-05-01 11-32-55-969

2:32pm Have nots Sarah and Willow
Willow saying they have to create pandemonium with everyone. “We need to keep playing both sides”
Willow wants to make sure Zach knows to go after Bobby/Bruno and Bobby/Bruno go after Zach.
Sarah – Bruno is mad you are playing both sides he’s playing both sides too.. You’re in a better position.
Sarah – I’m going to stop trying to get B to trust you cause it’s not working
Willow – why doesn’t she trust me

3:00pm Feeds cut might be POV

6:00pm Feeds cut POV bro yo

6:45pm Feeds cut POV bro yo

7:30pm Still blocked..

8:05pm Still blocked.

8:45pm Still blocked

9:20pm Still no feeds Yo!

9:45pm Still nothing and Big Brother just tweeted “long competition. hold tight.”

10:50pm Still nothing.. not even a little leak..

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why is willow so hateful
like she’s always so random and uses unnecessary words to describe other house guests when it’s just a game
and it’s not even strategy


I don’t know how she passed the psych test to get cast.


If Pili passed the psyched test then anyone over 4 year old can pass.


this is v true.


Godfrey – “She (Brittnee) could be sitting next to Jesus bro and they would vote Jesus out”

Godfrey – All three of his lap dogs are playing bro.

I really need Godfrey to stay until the end. I don’t mind if he doesn’t end up winning but having this guy in the house absolute entertainment. Freaking hilarious!


i thought the jesus comment was hilarious, but who’s the 3rd lap dog? is godfrey calling britt or sarah zach’s lapdog???


ohhhh lol


He is TV gold.


He’s no Zac


I dont understand why there is so much hate against Zach here. Fair enough he isnt perfect but the hate against him on this comment section seems too much.


We hate Zach because he is what we wish we were.


maybe you but you dont speak for me or , apparently most people here. We hate zach because he is an arrogant douche. hating someone does not mean you are jealous of them. I might not be the best looking but i still wouldnt want to look like him nor would i like to have as little awareness of he does. zach has nothing i want nor any qualities that either mirror my own or that i desire.


A large number of trolls this season. Sarah trolls thumb down all negatives comments regaurding her even if true. There seems to be an impression among the trolls Zack is in a good position to win I could not disagree more he never gets close IMHO. Nor should he as the worst player this season hands down. If Z/Kev go next Sunday the trolls have to get a hate on for Bruno/GOD that could make some interesting forum discussion here. Can’t wait myself.


We hate Zach cause he’s a TOOL!

Troll Too

I think there is a bit of wisdom in what Kenneth says here. “We detest in others what we see in ourselves.” I wish I had been a conventionally good looking, popular guy with all the benefits. Do I like Zach? Not at all, but, am I, deep down, a teensy bit envious? Perhaps.


Funniest line by a HG so far this season:

Godfrey – I’m pretty much on the block right now bro.. why is Brittnee crying yo
Godfrey – “She (Brittnee) could be sitting next to Jesus bro and they would vote Jesus out”

That was hilarious!


lol i was about to post that!! He’s hilarious

I really hope doesn’t get backdoored


britt is becoming dead weight for sarah except as a pawn shield.


Well just from the thread this talk about putting up Zack is idiotic. Sarah’s a moron I get she’s to stupid to understand Kev isn’t putting up Zack with 10 left. GOD is a rag doll spewing whatever production feeds him. But Bruno being an idiot no one to root for left.
So is the real target Bobby or GOD. I kinda think it’s Bobby. Guess POV will tell a lot. I’d like to see the option to use POV used myself. If Kev wins and doesn’t use it then the GOD F2 deal, though not genuine, might lead to a short term working relationship.
Think Diapers gotta make a decision, phoney as it is, to ride with BBG or B/Sarah. They think they have Willow. We know they appear to have no one. I hate the double after this HOH. Got no problem evicting Zack and even Ash. But Kev/Zack means a coast to the end for Bruno just like Derrick from BB USA. I need that “entertainment” like a hole in the head. Another diapers HOH would not be better. I despise Sarah but she and B could do stuff but not after Z/Kev go unless ….. Ash and Pili could be scooped up plus Willow 5 girls versus 2 of BBG. Production could fix the HOH for a girls win leaving 5 girls and a guy. Oh the idea of a Willow win getting closer. F2 dream Willow versus Pili! Folks keep wanting Diapers gone I just showed you your azz the season. Are you happy now.
note: One thing about Sarah when she gets a bit in her mouth she’s not letting go. Presume Bobby/GOD go then the diapers lose Z/Kev. Sarah will pull in Pili and Ash and 5 girls. The alliance name will have you puking for a day you gotta know that’s coming. Bruno plus 1 unlikely to pull the girls in. Unless all the Sarah lovers here are wrong about her game play and she’d buy get rid of diaper girls 1st. Could she be that big of a BB moron? 5-2 advantage staring her in the face. Bruno/GOD might be able to get lucky. I think man hater Sarah goes right after the last 2 guys. All girl final Willow wins BB Can 3. Oh God Almighty

Be careful what you wish for!


If Willow wins BBCAN3, I am never going to watch again (to quote someone, lol) 😉


Sarah is overrated!


I have a weird feeling Willow is being underrated.


Hey Stan,

Just like last year we find ourselves on opposite sides of the fence. If I recall correctly while I was routing for Neda you didn’t like her or her game play. I believe you were a Jon fan so congrats on the win.

This season once again I’m on opposite sides having picked Sarah early on. So, to your analogy perhaps I can shed some light: I don’t believe for one second she is going to aggressively try to get Kevin to take out Zach. Rather, it’s a bigger plan on her part to plant seeds into Godfrey’s and Bruno’s ears to get them in hot water and also to make Kevin start thinking about tearing apart the 4. She is always playing a step ahead of others.

Why I rank Sarah as the best: (this is just why I feel she is the best player in the house and for the record I’d put Bruno at a very close second)

1) Sarah is the tops in the house at utilizing others to her best advantage:
For example: Ashleigh has always liked Sarah’s forthrightness so she’ll be able to pull her in once Zach is gone. It’s why she told Ash immediately after the JP vote… I’m sorry I voted him out. The crazy thing is if next week Zach leaves and the vote is close (and Kevin isn’t on the block) she could even tell Ash she didn’t vote Zach out …LIE HER PANTS OFF b/c Ash will likely believe her given the track record she’s established with her and pin it on Kevin!

2) She discards people when they have zero use to her:
JP was a perfect example of this. He had opportunities to keep her loyalty, but she saw through his cockiness and lies which led to his demise.

3) She senses when people feel left out or on the bottom and uses that to her great benefit:
Knowing Willow was lying to her and loyal to the Chop Shop (though she didn’t know the name yet) she always maintained the relationship. When the time was right, she pounced to show Willow how her insecurities were correct 1) that she was on the bottom 2) that Canada wouldn’t like her game play. As we can all see, it paid huge dividends for Sarah.

4) She’s great at adapting:
Sarah initially wanted to work with: Naeha, Sindy, Johnny, Zach, Kevin JP and Britt but when she saw how the boys ousted Naeha (after hearing how trustworthy Zach was from Naeha) and further saw them use her/Johnny and do nothing to in return for her loyalty she switched sides to work with Bruno.

Let’s make no mistake, getting the man who called you poison on an hourly basis to suddenly want to go F4 with you was perhaps her greatest feat of the season!

5) Sarah (and Bruno) are the best at playing to people’s egos and making them feel safe.
As upset or angry as she may get she always knows what buttons to push on anyone in the house. Where she is better than Bruno is she also can utilize this ability with a strategic purpose to get the other players to do something she wants, either directly or indirectly.

For example: (first there is the Willow situation who is now 100% loyal to Sarah) but a better example is Johnny. Sarah knew he was leaving so she got him to plant seeds with the two main male groups in the house Kevin/Zach vs Bobby/Bruno about how dangerous they were and how they were aligned via her gummy bear strategy.

6) So far, she’s had a little luck (which ever BB winner swears is part of their victory)
By doing the above gummy bear strategy and knowing Johnny would use it to try to save himself she advanced the boys beginning to plot against each other 3 weeks earlier than they would have. Where she got lucky was immediately after Johnny left. Sindy returned and confirmed everything Sarah was saying.

7) Uses timing to her best advantage:
As per above Sindy’s return was timely given the information she disclosed. This opened the door for her to talk openly with Bruno about the “Chop Shop” and use the “Purple Cobras” as common ground, i.e. yeah he (Zach) makes alliances all the time but he doesn’t keep them. Instead of Bruno getting scared he recognized his best asset (in the short term) is Sarah, b/c together they can attempt to topple the Diapers and specifically Zach.

8) She has the best read on the people in the house. Who they are aligned with, what they will do and what their weaknesses are:

Where Sarah is well ahead of Bruno is she recognizes God will sell out ANY of them to stay and probably already has (Bruno hasn’t figured that out yet) and she has continued to work her relationship with Ash, Pili and Kevin so in the event Zach leaves she will be sitting in the power position in the house.
Moving ahead (if the Diapers lose the Triple Eviction) you are right the game will play to Sarah’s strengths. By then it’s likely one of Bobby, Bruno or Godfrey will be gone. My guess is if Bobby doesn’t win POV it will be him. If he does it will likely be Godfrey (though I suspect Kevin wants Bruno out b/c let’s not forget how close he was to JP and Jordan wanted Bruno out first). So, Bruno may need some real luck this week to stay off that block or may need to really put his trust in the girls to stay if he’s sitting beside Bobby.

Next week if one of the nomances wins the noms will be: Zach and likely Kevin if Bruno/(Bobby/God) win OR Zach and possibly whoever remains between God/Bobby if one of Sarah/Willow or Britt win as I’m not sure they swing at both Kev/Zach plus one would likely win POV. Then 2 men will leave.

Then she’ll rally Ash/Pilee to work with her Willow and Britt to take out the men.

Her ideal scenario is if Britt or Willow win and take out Zach/Kevin or Zach/(God/Bobby) b/c then she is still clean to pull in the girls and say let’s get out Bruno and Kevin and make this an all girls final. If she can successfully maneuver this it will be BB history by getting women to work towards a common cause. We’ll also get to find out who has more sway over Pilee (Ash or Kevin, lol).

At this point, I suspect the first move would be to take out Pilee b/c of her competition ability. Afterward she’ll have a different target for each HOH: Britt/Willow she’ll sway towards Ash and conversely she’ll sway Ash towards Willow or even her hatred towards Britt.

At F3 her ideal scenario is sitting beside Britt but I still think if she gets out all the men and gets to F2 she can’t be beaten unless it’s a very bitter jury and she’s sitting beside Ash. Willow can’t beat her b/c she was just the rat who Sarah pulled in and used the information to get ahead in the game and Britt can’t win b/c Sarah is the one who has kept her calm.

Long way to go (and a lot of luck required) to get there, but things look rosier this week then they have pretty much since the onset of the game.

And although I know all these special advantages being tossed around are unfair I’m still hoping Sarah is the one who gets the power in the Have Not room. At least she’ll have the balls to use it!


No fav more a devils advocate season for me. The whole girl power 5 is dependent on Zack/Kev going both. If Kev holds Pili as an example Bruno plus God Bobby survivor could still run things. That might be ideal for Bruno but not GOD for example. He won’t miss the possibility of a girls alliance late. If I’m Sarah I want Kev/Z gone. Get the girls then see if thy can win an HOH or 2. 5-2 is great but someone has to win something called HOH.
The problem with Sarah F2 is this IMO. Lets say she has all girls at 4. How is she not the target as best positioned to win the game? Pili F4 is almost golden to get F2 as beatable. Sarah has to win from 4 down IMHO. That’s her Achilles heel. Don’t think she can comp to the end. She definately could help get girls F4 for sure.
Nice to see you nothing wrong with rooting for Neda she did really well and if there is ever all stars she is a shoe in to get an invite IMO. For me the season is so much about perspective. Sarah I don’t see as a star. Don’t see Zack as a threat to win. Think GOD is wayyyyy over rated. Kev no star either. Out of all of them I like B’s 1 HOH But lord that was a long time ago in the BB house.

About Pili… I thought long and hard about her HOH. She won HOH by getting questions correct. A fair number at that. That’s gotta be as good as standing on a gear to the end as a twosome. I hate the edits of her week. But maybe she is just a nice person not cut out for BB. That’s were I think she sits in all fairness. Try to remember going back to Chilltown feeds and the guests actions/words. Does anyone really think the “funeral” was Dan’s idea. Oh just about GOD and his humour. Britney was completely different between her season and coaches. Lord the only DR better IMO was Chilltown BB USA 2. Brit was pure gold. Don’t think Pili being fed much. Look at the pictures top right you think having her look like a laughing hyena is flattering. Production knows what there doing.
PS don’t tell anyone this is just between us two. I won’t rant is Sarah wins. I can’t find a fav and I picked Willow as a dark horse early on. I’d be just fine with a F4 all girls. It would be richly deserved in a season of dumb…. if the guys all took out each other.


Ok LMAO Stan… I’ll keep that between you and me. 🙂

I loved Sarah’s comedy routine it was equal parts humor with strategy. I also really liked Britt’s HOH. (she is definitely better in power).

As for Sarah being targeted at F4 the thing is Willow/Britt will both feel loyalty to her over the other 2 girls and I think Sarah will be able to get into one of Ash/Pilee’s head as to why she should stay over the other player i.e. for Ash if she’s up vs Willow she tells her about how Willow sold them out, if she’s up against Britt she plays the Zach card.

I posted a while back that Pilee is actually the best female competitor left in the house (or at least that we’ve been witness to) She has consistently placed in the top 3 in both physical and mental competitions. I’m sure she is a lovely girl as well. I think much of the vitriol being spewed towards her is she doesn’t “LIVE for BB” like many of the other contestents. She is making the most of her time in the house and will walk away with a BFF in Ash and a possible snake BF in Kevin. Out of everyone I think he disappointed me the most b/c I expected (based on the poker player lead up) that he would have some game. He still might prove me wrong.

I agree God is likely getting fed lines from TPTB (the powers that be) just like Adel last season, but he is live feed gold at times. Bruno seems like the nicest guy in the world and you can’t help but pull a little for him recognizing he’s playing for a wife and children. He’s played a pretty decent social game, but I just can’t see them allowing him to stay until F4 even b/c of how much of a threat he would be to win.

Willow is a great dark horse call and she’s latched herself to all the right feeding posts. She just has to hope Bruno, Bobby or Sarah don’t let out she is the rat. Then again, I’d like to see how she would recover from that spin since the others basically did exactly the same thing.

Finally, the big thing Sarah has in her pocket moving forward is only her, Bruno and Willow know the veto is fake and none of them have told anyone. That’s big for building trust especially if Bobby isn’t the target. Seeing Kevin won POV I can’t help but think his real goal is to get out Bruno.. I just have a feeling b/c of how much JP cited Bruno as the threat he’ll take a swing at him now. But if he puts Bruno up beside Bobby he might not get what he wants. In fact there’s no guarantee the girls will keep Britt (but more likely) over Bruno. If Bobby does stay the fact he isn’t much of a game player and Willow/Sarah kept his secret will serve them well for his loyalty.

Should be interesting to see what happens now… will Bruno sell out Godfrey? Sarah? if he does he might take some major heat back. I just don’t see Kevin targeting Sarah so it has to be one of the boys. My money is on Bruno (b/c of JP) but I won’t be surprised to see Bobby leave either and I actually think Godfrey is safe. Though Kevin should know if he puts up God beside Bobby it’s likely the nomances will keep Bobby.

At least we should get some excitement now. Zach will push for Godfrey but will Kevin oblige? Will that lead to fractures in the Diaper alliance? Will Bruno/Bobby/Godfrey paranoia back fire on them or have fallout on SBW? We’ll see 🙂


I gave you a thumbs down just because you wrote a book instead of a comment.


My apologies.. I’ll refrain from offering any further insight.


Please don’t refrain from sharing.


I am just joking. Please don’t take it so personally.


Do you know how to scroll?


Yo can say that again Simon!



– loved his other comments: it took Ashley as long to do the challenge (ant one) than it took to build it.

We have to have a separate area just for all the funny things he says!!! I know there are move but just can’t remember them. PLEASE POST.

I think we will have to keep each other entertained as nothing big is happening in the house. PRAY it’s bobby or britt this week and not Bruno, God, or Sara.


How the heck is Godfrey the “biggest” threat when he hasn’t won a HOH, barely wins a POV and doesn’t have any allies? He’s Zach’s biggest threat and that’s it, so these guys constantly going after him is their way of helping Zach get further. I wish this season’s best player and mastermind (Kevin) puts him on the block after the POV is won by Brittnee (sarcasm)…I just really want to see Zach on the block, that is all.


if Kevin is such a mastermind he should be putting zach up and getting him out of this house.. Zach is going to take kevin down with him…… GET HIM OUT AND MAKE A NEW ALLIANCE BRO YO


How is putting up Zack good for Kevin’s game? They are in an alliance, Kevin knows that Zack is a bigger target than he is … so why would he put him up? I think he is keeping his options open and will try and work with God, if Zack should voted out. Zack, is so dumb … everyone knows, thanks to Sindy, that he’s been in an alliance with everyone. Nobody trusts him and he still thinking he playing all sides and is safe.


team Godfrey!! lol knew I liked this guy from the start. He can’t leave…not yet!!


you are… outtaaaheeerreeeeee…


Now that is funny !!


Oh Hundo! I’m guilty of that plus watching regular tv / movies and think “man that would be a great screen capture” .. the downsides of watching 12 hrs of feeds a day for 6 months .. lol


kevin will just prove he is not a mastrmind the minute he does noing to align with others combined with not putting up zach to get hm out.now when it is doable. he wont because he isnt social gaming with anyone but zach…pili..and ash.

and for a mastermind he will fail just like jp when he finds himself on the block next to zach and him with no allies but pili.if he was smarter hed work on getting zach out now and hed have ash wit him instead of just pili. he only has to pretevd to be surprised.

in fact am surprised if he didnt think of this as a ‘revenge’ f move and a ‘big’ move for jp being left on the block due to zach’s blunder. if kevin wants to do sexy moves time to actually make onr


Swell drivel! Mastermind writing this piece needs a BB education. You want him to flip on Zack, moronic at minimum. Zack is a complete idiot but got backdoored by….? Lets see Sarah, B, Bobby and Bruno plus departed Cindy backdoored JP. Now lets have Kev do thier dirty work for them you are a fool. Your not the only on this thread but your BB education is about a 3rd grade level. Start colouring inside the lines at least! Diapers is his alliance.
Need to know POV winner mon Simon and Dawg!


I am not sure there is a need to name call at people with an opinion. You never know the experience or age level and being positive may enlighten rather than shut them down. Is it not possible to disagree without the put downs? I am sure you can find a way if you try. 🙂


Not a Kevin hater, but he’s also not my favourite for the win either. That said, I actually think that he might put Zack up. I really do think he is smart, maybe not a mastermind the way some, including production, claim, but I don’t think he is afraid of putting up Zack and I think he sees through him. Wouldn’t that make for an interesting double eviction after Zack leaves?


Kevin is vulnerable in the next HOH so he needs his alliance to keep him safe. There is no way Kevin is back dooring Zach this week.


I love Sarah and Britt, but if one of them manages to win POV, I would be shocked.

I don’t think Kevin is a mastermind, but if he was smart he would pull Britt off the block and put Bruno up next to Bobby.

We shall see. It’s almost 7:30. Is Ash doing terrible in another POV?


i’m starting to wonder why they even have live feeds if they never intended on having them on.


You get what you pay for.


You know I don’t normally comment but you made a snide comment about someone else who I actually come here purposely to read. Their insight makes me look at the game differently. Then you post this drivel for what? Comedic relief? Sarcasm? I’d personally rather read their sometimes lengthy strategic breakdown then your sarcastic comments. Can’t we all just respect the posters that make this site interesting?


Relax I am joking but in all fairness this is a site where everyone can comment. Those are my comments sorry if they offend you for some strange reason. That’s what the thumbs up and downs are for. You may like long posts and I may like short posts. We are different just like everyone’s opinions. If we all thought the same, this would not be the great site it is. Not only are the spoilers wonderful but so is the banter and opinions. Try not to let those differences bother you.


Wow, I find your remark more offensive than anything TJ said. Are you the comment police? I don’t mind TastyJane’s comments at all. You are the rude one here. Loosen up!!


9:15pm here and still no feeds so still no news lol. UGG


I know!! I hate sitting here watching blocked feeds. Either its an endurance POV or a competition where one person competes at a time.


Anyone know how the triple eviction will work?


Mellissa there are 2 rounds. 1st round is Kevin’s HOH with 1 evicted. 2nd HOH comp is played and winner nominates 3 HG’s and 2 are evicted. There is speculation that on the 2nd round HG’s will vote to keep 1 of the 3 nominees.
So, 2 separate rounds with 2 different HOH’s resulting in 3 players leaving in 1 week.

And we may actually get to see a complete HOH comp.