Dan tells Danielle “I’m coming into the game… who are we going to run with” Danielle: “SHANE!”

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Danielle saying that Ashley is driving her crazy right now. Dan: “What does your gut tell you” Danielle: “get out Frank.. he’s the bigger threat”

They head to the arcade room
Dan tells her he just got finished with talking to Frank and Boogie they’re good really good..

Dan: “I would rather work with his team but frank is a big threat he’s the safer choice to go home”
Danielle: “What should I do”
Dan: “Either way you are good.. you’re going to lose someone”

Danielle says that Janelle’s group is intentionally trying to piss her off. Danielle brings up that Janelle was saying in the kitchen that Ashley should hook up with Shane.

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Britney: “I’m rethinking this entire thing.. about getting Frank out.. Janelle’s team is falling apart”

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Talking about how sick they are hearing the new players talk about all the stuff they plan to sell on eBay.
Britney asks if she’s talked to wil
J: “No
B: Is he still made at you
J: No..he’s getting mad at me for helping him.. I’m the one getting mad.
B: doesn’t matter he’s coming after us next week (They both laugh)
J: Britney you have to win the endurance competition or we’re screwed.
B: It’s going to be hard to beat dan.. If it includes water I’m not good with water.
Janelle has been thinking that they should keep Dan and Boogie around to take out the noobies. Britney wants to call a coaches meeting as soon as they get dropped into the game.
Britney wants to know who they will nominate first out of the noobies… She thinks maybe Ian.. Feeds cut.
Janelle says the ideal situations will be Ashley, Jenn, Danielle and them in the final 5. Britney points out that it was all girls last year and Adam. janelle explains that the vets were smart last year they took out all the strong players first. Janelle: ‘We took out pawns first.. we’re fucked if we don’t win HOH”

Janelle goes on and on how scared she is that Wil is going to flip. Britney explains that Wil might think Frank has a better chance to win HOH than ashley, Joe or himself.

Janelle asks her if Boogie wins the HOH they can talk Boogie into in not putting them up. Britney thinks they should approach Boogie but she really thinks it won’t make a difference.

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Janelle and Britney make plans to enter the Game: “The votes are locked.. Wil, Ian and Jen will be coming after us”

6:12pm HOH bathroom Janelle and Britney
Janelle is getting nervous about Wil working out with Frank downstairs. Britney: “I think he’s really mad at you for real… I think if you enter the game he’s not going to side with you” Janelle says she still has Ashley and Joe. Brintey is worried about Joe’s back and forth. Janelle isn’t says it was all Frank’s doing.

Janelle: “if Ian wins HOH the targets will be Me, You and Shane”
Britney brings up that Franks plans to confront Joe has to be squashed. Janelle doesn’t think so she think it’ll sink Frank.

britney completely disagrees thinks if the blow up starts between Frank and Joe something could be said that will cost them joe’s vote.

Hanelle: “will Shane come after us”
Britney: ‘No way NO Chance.. he’ll be a little freaked out but he trusts me”

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Big Brother 14 – Britney to Danielle “Janelle’s game is so obvious to me.. it’s so transparent and fake”

3:39pm Cam 1-4 HOH Bedroom Britney and Danielle

Britney asks her if she’s sure taking out Frank is the best route to take. Danielle most definitely wants to still evict Frank she thinks they are screwed if he stay in the house.

Danielle saying that she had a talk with Shane about him not giving her a hug every morning, he use to talk to her all the time and now he barely is around her. (Shane is 1000% not into Danielle) Britney avoids this conversation..

Britney: “Do you know what Ashley said about you the other day.. “
“Danielle likes to feel important we need to make her feel important because she feels like she’s 3rd rate in this house and so unimportant…”
Britney mentions that the only reason she’s telling her this is because ashley said it in the kitchen and Danielle could’ve heard. Britney adds that Ashley was with Janelle at the time but said it really loud. Danielle doesn’t know how to take that.. She doesn’t really like ashley says she hasn’t spoken with her for days. She caught Ashley and Janelle in the arcade room ‘Scheming” they acted funny towards her. Danielle thinks Janelle is giving her funny looks all the time.

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Joe tells Janelle Wil has only gotten worse, he is insanely mad at you, I think he is switching teams.

11:40am Ashley, Mike, Frank, Britney, and Janelle are talking out in the backyard about baby names. Janelle starts talking about pre-marital counselling at her church. Dan says that he and his wife did that pre-marital counselling too. Dan talks about how he would always stand behind his wife even if his family disagreed because in the end you go home to her. The talk turns to talking about video games. Meanwhile, Joe, Ashley and Danielle are in the kitchen. Danielle goes to lay down. Joe and Ashley go into the arcade room to talk. Joe says that this morning Wil told him that he doesn’t trust Janelle and then said that they are in serious jeopardy. Joe says that he thinks Wil has flipped. Ashley says what?! What does that mean? Joe says that Wil is saying that he doesn’t want to be around Janelle anymore ..in essence he is leaving our team. We are in trouble. Ashley says oh my god! Joe says that Wil thinks Janelle thinks he does nothing and that she saved him, he does nothing. Ashley says this is terrible! Joe says this is worse than terrible. Joe says if he flips we have to get Jenn. Ashley says that Jenn isn’t going to flip she is so tight with them. We need to figure this out. Frank is going to live up Wil’s a$$. We need to get Janelle in here right now. Ashley goes to get Janelle.

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Mike tells Frank that he is super, super blessed at home dumb this cast is..

8:45am Frank is awake, he grabs a coffee and heads outside. He starts talking to the camera and complaining about the other people who sit out on the couch and start picking their feet. He says that they then go and touch doors and shake peoples hands. It’s gross. He points out all the dirty cups and bowls laying around.

Frank says that Joe has been talking porcupines about me.  He says that he is thinking about calling Joe and Janelle out. He says that the Janelle lied the other day to Wil saying that I wanted to back door Wil, which I didn’t I never said that. Frank says that he really like Wil and would want to work with him. Frank comments on how Shane is a bigger target than him because he keeps winning competitions. He apologies for the fight with Willie and says that he hopes he didn’t embarrass himself or his family. He says that they funniest thing he has said all summer was when he told Willie to eat his fu*king froot loops. He says that Joe lied and said that I came up with the final 2 deal. Not true! He came to me the second day.

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Big Brother 14 Spoilers: Janelle says I’m not an idiot you curly haired dweeb!

12:30am Ashley, Wil, Frank, Shane and Wil are sitting around the hot tub talking about past competitions. Meanwhile, Jenn, Dan and Joe are over on the backyard couches talking. Frank says that the diary room keeps telling them that house guests aren’t teams. Wil tells Shane that he chose not to do what his coach told him this week, suck up to Shane, he says that just isn’t him. Shane says that Britney is 2 years younger than he is and he knows that she has played before but it is tough to just follow Britney blindly because he doesn’t want to get sent home because of a decision Britney makes for him.

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Big Brother Spoilers – Wil tells Danielle she’s safe “I can even put Joe and Ashley up”

7:46pm Cam 1-2 Arcade Room Wil and Danielle Watch with FlashBack FREE TRIAL!

Danielle asks him if he’s going to vote to evict Frank. Wil says that Frank is a nice guy and all but he has to leave the game soon, he’s just too strong a player. Danielle asks him who he would target if Ian and Jenn are safe from a POV next week. Wil says he would put Joe and Ashley up, he points out that is the worst possible scenario and it means that Ian or Jenn win a power of Veto and only one of them are on the block. Wil says if any of Janelle’s players win HOH they will put both Ian and Jenn up. Wil says he will not put Danielle or Shane up next week they shake on it. Danielle: “Right now I’m sending Frank out.. How does the rest of your team feel.. cause right now I feel like I would go up.
Wil says that before today wil thought Shane was an a$$hole in disguise but after the Power of Veto Wil realized that he had Shanes head was in the game and he felt like he could work with him. Wil: “If we get HOH we are going to work together next week.. We owe you big time”

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Big Brother 14 Showmance Frank to Danielle: “Hey Sweet Cheeks.. I’m going to be stuck to you”

Britney jokes says they are keeping Frank and targeting Shane so that Danielle can be with her one true love Frank. Britney tells him that Frank is all over Danielle he called her “Sweet Cheeks”. Danielle explains that Frank is flirting with her he walked up to her called her sweet cheeks and said ‘You can take that any way you want”

Shane: “You want Frank out right”
Danielle: “Absolutely.. Frank is so Creepy”
Danielle says Frank doesn’t know about her and Shane so he’s playing the flirt card with her. (About her and Shane?)

Britney: “Frank will give you s$x for a vote.. He’ll give you some pleasures.. are you desperate for pleasures..”
Danielle: “OH MY GoD no.. Frank is a sleazeball”

Britney: “If the next HOH requires you to lick Franks abs would you do it… how about kiss his nipple area”
Danielle: “He stinks.. he smells bad.. he doesn’t wear deodorant”

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Big Brother Spoilers – Janelle: “What will you do If Frank Stays” Britney: “Kill myself”

3:08pm Cam 1-2 Boogie and Frank in Arcade room Watch with FlashBack FREE TRIAL!

Boogie brings up his chat with Dan. Boogie had asked Dan earlier about when he found out about Shane using the POV. Dan told him that Janelle was in the room at the time. Boogie freaked at first. Boogie: “I said Look you better get your girl in check because now she’s messing with your paper” Boogie warned Dan if Danielle floats both ways he’s going to go after her and take her out on principle. Boogie explains that after he went for a swim and calmed down Dan told him Janelle was not in the room at the time. At that point Boogie offered Dan a deal for him to roll with Boogie and his 3 players after they get dropped into the game. Boogie explained to Dan that his players are more capable than Janelle and her 3 players. Boogie thinks his team has a much better chance of getting to the end and they need to drill that into Shane. Boogie told Dan that the only way to take out Shane is with Frank.

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Janelle says Mike and Frank are going to try and mind fu*k you all week.

1:50pm – 2:10pm Janelle and Wil head into the kicks room to lay down and talk. Wil says do you know how fu*king lucky we are! Janelle says oh my god this is great. Wil says that he will do what they want him to do. Janelle says that Mike and Frank are going to try and mind fu*k you all week. Boogie is on to me for sure. Wil says if we get rid of his next best player next week that would be great. He says that he is sure they had a deal and that with me going back on Frank make them think. Janelle says I hate to toot my own horn but I am way more trust worthy. Wil says and like hell Frank would save me next week. Janelle says that they did the same thing to us and they are pissed at us, I just did a way better job at it. Wil says we’ve got the two of them on board now .. Britney and Shane. Janelle says yeah for now. Frank comes in and they ask him if he is okay. Frank says it’s not his first time on the block. He says as far as this week goes I am not going to ask for your vote. If you don’t vote for me I am not going to hold it against you if I go to jury.

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