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Big Brother News and Links from the Internets (2012-01-31)


Robyn Kass tweeted earlier today that Big Brother 14 Casting starts beginning of march and open calls should start mid March. I believe this is code meaning we’re going to be casting Jeff, Jordan, Rachel, Brendon and Jesse with a bunch of Jelly fish.

Brendon Villegas and Rachel Reilly Live Chat

LIVE CHAT! with Big Brother 12, Big Brother 13 and The Amazing Race Superstars Call in and chat Monday February 13th at 3pm PT/6pm ET on Superpass SUPERPASS FREE 3 Day TRIAL

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The Amazing Race cast revealed – Brendon and Rachel, Boobs, Brawn and Brains

The Amazing Race Season 20 starts FEB 19th at 8pm on CBS and surprise surprise our favorite BIG BROTHER couple is one it. Leaked photos emerged last month showing Brendon and Rachel competing in The Amazing Race competitions. Now it’s official hurray 😉

Both Rachel and Brendon will rip through TAR20 and if they don’t expect them on Big Brother 14 this year because that’s the way AG rolls.

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Big Brother 14: Porsche Briggs’ BOOBIES RULE…. Photo Shoot

My fiancé found these Boobies Rule photo shoot pictures of Big Brother 13 house guest first place loser …Porsche Briggs on Facebook. We almost didn’t recognize her from her growing assets from last season.

“Boobies rule!!! was created by Identical twins Rory and Troy Coppock in December of 2010. With our mother currently battling cancer, and also losing one of our best friends to brain cancer at the age of 19- we wanted to create a brand that would help raise awareness and donate money to help battle the disease that touches almost everyone in our world today.”

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Big Brother All-Star Jeff Schroeder at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival

Jeff Schroeder Pictures from the 2012 Sundance Festival taken at the T-Mobile Village at the Lift on January 21, 2012. Jeff’s been pretty busy since appearing on Big Brother Last year. He’s been on web shows (Mission in Action), bullying George Clooney, Being nominated 2011 worst reality star and taking the next step with girlfriend and BB winner Jordan Lloyd…….. Open Big Brother 14 Casting beings in a couple months we’ll probably gets some clues about whether or not it’s allstar.

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Big Brother maker Endemol secures support from lenders to restructure debt

Big Brother maker Endemol has been close to finanical ruin for some time now. It’s currently sitting on $4.1 billion in debt for which it does not have the cash flow to service. Lenders have been giving it extensions on loan payback with the hope that some deal between Endemol’s shareholders and Lenders could be made.

Finncial Times has reported that a deal has been made between a majority of the lenders and the shareholders to effectively reduce Endemol’s debt by 80%. Ultimately this means Endemols 3 main shareholders who own 1/3 of the company each will dilute their majority control to a sub 50% stake, this in turn temporarily saves the company.

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Big Brother Spoilers – Brazilian player investigated for Raping passed out houseguest

I’ve always said Big Brother Brazil was more like a softcore pron than a traditional Big Brother Show. Now it looks like someone may have taken it way too far. Reports are saying that 31 year old male model (Daniel Echaniz) engaged in sexual behavior with a fellow passed out houseguests (Monique Amin). Pretty shocking, Daniel Echaniz says he was “too Drunk” and doesn’t remember the incident. The victim found out about it happening after production informed her in the diary room. This is why they don’t give too much alcohol to Big Brother USA houseguests.

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3 Reasons to watch Celebrity Big Brother 2012 (UK)

I’ll admit I’m not a huge fan of Big Brother UK and even less of a Celebrity Reality Show fan but this year I might change and give Celebrity Big Brother 2012 another look. If you are new to the UK variety of Big Brother i’ll sum it up in 2 words NO FEEDS. Also BBUK has less strategy but generally more entertainment it’s like a giant popularity contest because the viewers opinions count the most. Not everyone’s cup of tea.

Celebrity BB started today you can watch the live streams from the show and check out the cast list here . There’s no Charlie Sheen or Lindsay lohan but there is still 3 very good reason to watch and they basically boil down to eye candy, Mr Blonde and a KICK ASS Diary Room Chair

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