Zach – “If I win (HOH) I’m putting two girls up.. If Ash is playing me she deserves to win”

POV Holder: Kevin Next POV May 1st
POV Used No POV Ceremony May 3rd
HOH Winner Kevin Next HOH May 6th
Nominations: Bobby and Brittnee
Have Nots Zach, Bobby, Willow (Season slop pass)
POV Players Kevin, Bobby, Ashleigh, Brittnee, Sarah, Pili

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-04 21-16-02-332
11:53pm Hot Tub Bruno, Pili, Godfrey and Ash

Talking about Bobby/Sindy getting a chance to leave the game with 10grand. Pili says she wouldn’t press the button. Godfrey thinks if they did that twist again people would be fighting to hit it.
The girls leave. Bruno brings up saying in front of the girls “Pili, no one is going to put you up”
Bruno and Godfrey fist bumping again. Talking about putting Zach and Ashleigh up. Godfrey thinks there is going to be a double. Bruno mentions the last 3-4 competitions they’ve had were button ones this next one is going to be a HOH. They’re worried Zach’s good at physical.
Godfrey is certain Willow is going to throw the HOH, “I’ve just seen them have a girl power meeting.. her, Pili, brittnee and Sarah”

Godfrey and Bruno think if it’s Canada’s HOH they will be safe, Bruno says Godfrey will be loved he’s going to win Canada’s votes
Godfrey – I need to get rid of these showmances bro
bruno called into the Diary room, Bobby takes his place.
Godfrey – You actually got any work done today
Bobby – Ashleigh is following me around like a hawk..
God – She’s been doing that all week bro
Godfrey tells him all four girls were in the bedroom, “The girls never target another girl.. always a girl targeting a girl or a guy targeting a girl”

Godfrey – Pili’s in f***G love bro, but ASh she’s with the girls yo
Godfrey – I have nothing to lose man
Bobby wonders where Pilia and Ashleigh’s allegiance lay
Godfrey says Pili is with Kev she will not vote away from him
Godfrey – I wonder why he (kevin) didn’t backdoor me
Bobby says they see Godfrey as an outcast and Bobby is with Bruno and has been talking to Sarah. They wanted to split up a pair. Bobby thinks it was him and Bruno were the targets, Bobby adds he’s also good at comps so that could be another reason.
Bobby claims to have known he was going to go up that is why he volunteered so he wasn’t backdoored.

Zach joins them with a plate of slop cakes.
Bobby says he overheard some people talking in the hot tub, ‘Three girls I have nothing to lose”
says he heard Willow, AShleigh and Sarah say “We finally stopped the chop shop.. they were cheering.. I didn’t know how to take it what does that mean.. The chop shop hasn’t been relevant for weeks”
Godfrey – wasn’t Ash part of it too bro.. why was she celebrating.
Bobby – I know i’m dead i’m not trying to get your vote bud..
Zach says it sounds like the girls are working together.
Godfrey – I’m telling ya bro since week one girls never targeted a girl

Godfrey says line the girls up in a row they will all target, Him, Zach or Bruno.
Zach – I’m telling you I win i’m putting two girls up
Bruno rolls in “The boys are in a tough spot right now”

Bobby thinks Pili and Asheligh weren’t in on the girls alliance in the beginning.
Zach – you know Willow is in on all the alliances in this game.
Bruno – you know what he worst thing is everytime I talk “They” (Girls) know it in a couple hours.
Zach – what do you mean
Zach wonders if Willow told Sarah about the chop shop early
Bobby says Sarah knew early in the game.
Zach says Sarah is going next week.
Bruno – why isn’t B leaving this week
Zach – we got to get the numbers
Bruno – we do have the numbers
Zach – Pili will never vote against Kevin
Bruno says the last time he was talking to the boys about the girls being in an alliance Sarah and the girls were calling him out for it 3 hours after.

Bobby says he’s going after Sarah he’s not going after Zach. Zach will swear on a bible that he tried to convince Kevin Bobby is loyal.

God – these girls are trying to fool me at the end of the day I’ll do their work and they’ll cut me
Bruno says if the boy turn on each other they might as well just give the girls the money.
Bobby says early in the game he had a feeling Kevin will win this game if they don’t get him out early.
Zach – Sarah and Willow will win it if they keep this up
Bruno says if Sarah and Willow can get the house to turn on themselves
Zach – If Ashleigh is playing me she deserves to win the game
Bobby says if AShleigh isn’t close to the girls if they can get her vote.
Zach point out that Sarah and Brittnee don’t want to make a big move they want them to go after each other.
Godfrey says he wanted Sarah out when she was up with Johnny. Stresses how dangerous Sarah is in this game.
Zach is going to talk to ashleigh tonight. The guys say they will not go after Zach and Ashleigh they are targeting Sarah.
bruno – Bud we’re in this together we have no f***g choice.. we’re giving them the game dude.
Godfrey – Look at the brigade bro they were all equally matched bro
Zach about Ashleigh “I’m going to try and pull her in”
Bobby points out that Willow and Sarah were cuddling on the bed. Godfrey adds he saw Brittnee and pili with them.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-04 21-52-50-369

(The girls barge in during the last 30seconds of the video)

12:25am Storage room Girl power
Twerking, Giggling, Peeing their pants and rolling around on the floor.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-04 21-44-44-320
12:45am the girls listening on in the Guys conversation
AShleigh hears “I got a good dig (Or take) on Ashleigh”
Willow I’m calling you out

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Zach is getting paranoid about ash turning on him


This parallel is hilarious, the boys paranoid about a girls alliance while all the girls are together in the pantry twerking and then barging in on their all guys meeting. FEEDS GOLD LOL.


The next hoh will be crucial to see who has a better chance to win the game.the game is confusing with the guys alliance and girls the diapers non showmance and bruno and god. I hope someone nominate willow or ash i hate their gameplay


Slice has After Dark listed for the week … but you never know


Oh?? So they won’t be evicting 3 tomorrow night?
I was under the impression week 7 part two was this same week as Kevin’s.


Oh yes, True…
Thanks Simon


I always thought they did that for the predictions page on Global. But since you have to have your predictions locked in by Wednesday, since it is listed as this week, which should end tomorrow, that it should be shown on tomorrow’s episode. Fingers crossed at least! I want no time for scrambling!


I hope so if the triple eviction is finished quickly because if they leave with a to be continued then feed are down till sunday hoh comp this season sucks except pov comp and have not comp


The diapers are loyal to each other, but they’re willing to make the move that’s better for their twosome rather than the whole group:
Kevin/Pili want Bruno out.
Zach/Ash want Godfrey out.
Kevin/Zach want the girls out (Kevin not really, but he can’t play for HOH)
Pili/Ash want the boys out.
If it was a regular eviction after Bobby leaves (not a double, which they don’t know), here’s where they’re at right now:
– If Zach wins HOH, Sarah or Godfrey are his targets. Sarah if he wants to cut off Ash’s options, Godfrey if he wants to cut off Kevin/Pili’s options.
– If Ash wins, Godfrey is her target. If he takes himself off the block, Bruno would be her 2nd target. If Bruno won POV and took Godfrey off, she’d have to go for Sarah.
– If Pili (aka Kevin) won HOH, Bruno would be her (aka his) target. If he takes himself off the block, Godfrey would be her 2nd target. If Godfrey won POV and took Bruno off, she’d have to go for Sarah.
With a regular eviction, even if the HOH stays within the diapers, there’d be plenty of potential for friction…

Now the fact they’d have to nominate 3 and evict 2 might make things easier, since they would also put up their secondary target which happens to be the other showmance’s primary target…
1 fact is sure: no matter how much the cockroaches dislike each other, if any of them wins HOH, they’ll rally to get the diaper boys out. Then, if the Veto got used on either one of them, it would become important which cockroach won HOH: Bruno/God would put up Sarah, Sarah would put up Bruno, Brittney would put up Godfrey.
Willow will throw the comp.


Willow is horrible to watch


Can a girls alliance finally happen?..


The girls alliance is fabricated to give the gutless cowards easy targets with little risk to their games. We get it. Try to make as many other people targets as possible so your name doesn’t come up for weeks. But seriously, does anyone actually buy the BS being marketed here? Most of the girls are trying hard to win comps… and failing miserably… any talk about who the girls would or wouldn’t put up is ridiculous. Who will they put up? Nobody! They cannot even win comps tailor made for them to win. They cannot even win comps so easy Pili won one. The girls are not a threat. The girls have done nothing to win… saying the girls will win is utter BS. The only way a girl wins is if here are no guys left. No guy on the jury will vote for any of the girls. They have done nothing (minor exceptions B and Sindy) but the guys won’t give B the win. Hard to believe the smoke and mirrors BS about how the girls will pick them off is not seen for the cowardly move it is. These cowards want to claim to be competitive but the only big moves they make are back doors and blindsides. Gutless cowards won’t square off. They put up girls because they are afraid. The girls don’t put up girls; not because there is a girls alliance but because they too are scared $h!+le$s and hope by saying they won’t put up a girl their names won’t come up. The girls have won 2 HoHs and 1 of 3 nominations was a girl… but people believe what they want to believe. Cowards need to feel safe while their egos battle to hide their cowardly acts behind marketing campaigns they hope make them appear smart.


12:25 is why girl alliances just don’t work until final 5 and only if they aren’t loved up.

There still is a chance for Sarah\Britt\Willow if they can actually win an HOH (the triple eviction HOH might be an endurance comp just to screw over the boys), but probably not. GG Kevin or Zach. They, honestly, deserve the win at this point (maybe Bruno as well?).

I don’t care about any of them, boring cast, I’m just not a specific hater.


Zach – If Ashleigh is playing me she deserves to win the game

If the winner of this season is determined by who’s playing you Zach, there will be a lot of winners this season because everyone is playing you, heck, you’re even playing yourself sometimes, sending your boy home for example.

Damn Zach is so delusional

another name

thinking back to the eviction of sarah and Kenny in bb2. how long were the feeds cut, just for the day? having three nominees shouldn’t change the time it takes. a fast forward eviction just means they should be locked in the house most of the day to make an hoh and a pov comp.
I completely agreed with Godfrey’s description of Zach’s game strategy to B.
can’t help but feel that the listening in on the hot tub room door thing first with bobby and then with the girls is a production device. in the same way that I feel that certain houseguests are encouraged by production to discuss current game events when they are alone in a room.
I still think Bruno’s scramble to save bobby has harmed him more than helped him. he was a tertiary target to most of the house before. now he’s a secondary verging on primary target for some people.
i’m surprised that none of the houseguests (specifically kevin) have picked up on Zach’s tells. when he is nervous or thinks he’s been caught in a lie, he flicks his teeth and chews on things even more than his normal nervous flicking habit. when he’s actively lying he phrases his statements in question form. when he is trying to manipulate someone and failing he says ‘give me a second to think’ (looong pause) or shuts down in the conversation completely for a really long pause (as if there is a conversation reset button to try again).


Yup noticed that. And when Godfrey’s bro yo bros kick into high gear… he’s up to something or knows something he is trying to hide.

another name

Bruno’s is pretty easy as well. he avoids eye contact, usually tilting his head forward. when he is covering his ass he says the phrase “i don’t want you to think” and then spills what he’s actually been doing. (to britt: I don’t want you to think i’m campaigning for bobby. to sarah: I don’t want you to think I don’t trust you. to Zach: I don’t want you to think I would target you.)


This is hysterical. The girls alliance, that never was, need to actually be because Bruno keeps imagining it. No amount of truth will sway that guy from his own delusions. This is/will become a self fulfilling prophecy simply from the girls needing to defend themselves. I’ve always thought that if you are accused of something enough times, and if people treat you as if you are guilty of something (not being true, of course), you sometimes want to do what you are being punished for anyway. At least it would finally be justified.

Maybe there really is something to the idea that you create your worst scenario by so much focusing on preventing what isn’t really happening?


Bruno doesn’t necessarily believe there’s a girl alliance. He is pushing the idea in the hopes it will get people to evict B this week.