Zach & Kevin punished to wear French Maid outfits and clean in heels!

POV Holder: Kevin Next POV May 1st
POV Used ? POV Ceremony May 3rd
HOH Winner Kevin Next HOH May 6th
Nominations: Bobby and Brittnee
Have Nots Zach, Bobby, Willow (Season slop pass)
POV Players Kevin, Bobby, Ashleigh, Brittnee, Sarah, Pili

** The 2 round HOH twist that was leaked last week is once again back up for this week (Week 7). **
Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-02 11-18-07-837

2:25pm – 2:35pmThe feeds return to all the house guests staring at the diary room door. After a few moments Zach and Kevin come out of the diary room wearing maid outfits. All the house guests crack up laughing. Kevin says “may we be of service to you?!” Kevin shows his garter belt and exposes himself. Zach and Kevin head upstairs to start cleaning the bathroom. Kevin and Zach complain about how uncomfortable the heels are to walk in. Kevin asks how do you girls do it?!

In the bedroom – Sarah, Brittnee and Willow celebrate that big brother is punishing Zach and Kevin for not cleaning up after themselves. Brittnee says this is amazing big brother!! We will never complain again! They never clean, they never do anything. Brittnee says I was trying to so hard not to be so happy.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-02 11-22-47-140

2:30pm – 3pm Out in the backyard – Bruno and Godfrey are talking game. Godfrey tells Bruno he is going to try to make Kevin realize that everyone is down with taking Zach out. Bruno says I’m going to tell Kevin Zach tried to get me to b@ckdoor you when I was HoH. Godfrey says If we sit him (Kevin) down, he will do it. Bruno says everyone wants Zach out. Godfrey says That’s what I’m saying. He will do that. Bruno says that nobody wants to work with Zach. They think they can pull Kevin in if he takes Zach out. Bruno says that Pili is obsessed with Zach, man. If she wasnt blowing Kevin she would blow f**king Zach!
Bruno heads out to the hot tub room to talk to Brittnee, Willow and Sarah. Bruno tells Brittnee that he’s going to try and save her. He tells them about how they should try to push for Kevin to b@ckdoor Zach. Bruno says I know you guys are sucking up to him and blowing him but that’s got to stop!! Bruno says lets make some moves! Lets make things happen! Sarah says we just have to feel him out before we say anything. Bruno says it has to happen before the veto ceremony. Bruno says We have got to play it smart. I know this can backfire on me. Britt says sometimes with great risk comes great reward.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-02 11-47-20-493
Willow massaging Sarah’s butt:

3:10pm Backyard – Bruno talks to Bobby and Godfrey. Bruno fills Bobby in on the plan and says its a risky move. Bruno then says its actually not a risky move because next week you’re (Bobby) gone and then I’m next. They’re coming for us so let our balls drop and lets play. Godfrey says let me talk to him and get a feel for what he has to say. He said we would have a good talk. Last night he told me if he won it he would take of Bobby and put up Zach but I don’t believe it.

Brittnee says that when she saw Kevin’s d**k she thought oh he’s packin’! Look at that d**k!

3:30pm Up in the HOH room – Bruno talks to Willow. Willow says that Keivn and Zach only have 2 hours to clean the house. Bruno says let the golden boy get punished. Meanwhile Kevin and Zach continue to clean the living room and kitchen.

3:50pm – 4pm Zach’s in the kitchen doing the dishes. Bruno comes by and asks how you doing? N!ps are hanging out! Bruno follows Kevin up the stairs and says he’s trying to look up his skirt. Kevin says a lot hanging out. Bruno says yeah ..word on the street. They head to the bedroom. Kevin looks at how messy it is. Bruno starts showing him what clothes he needs cleaned. Big Brother tells him to stop that. (The other house guests aren’t allowed to help them clean.) Bruno asks you have to clean this room too? Kevin says Oui! Bruno says sorry buddy. Kevin says I’m actually really enjoying this.

Big Brother Canada 3 2015-05-02 12-55-25-502

Kevin takes a break to soak his soar feet from the heels. He comments on how the heels are way too small. He apologizes to the female population for having to wear heels.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-02 13-03-49-531

4:25pm In the backyard – Ash, Bobby, Bruno and Sarah talk about how Graig laid in the bed looking at Sindy while they were all in there and jerked off. Bobby says I though he was just joking about that. Ash says no he actually did it. Big Brother blocks the feeds.



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No dang it Simon and Dawg!
I am gonna need therapy now!


i would love to see where sarah and kevin’s heads are really at


I’ve missed the last bit of feeds.. where does everyone think the vote is If it’s Bobby/Bruno on the block?


bruno is slowly digging himself in a hole
he’s planning to convince kevin to put up zach by telling him that he was the original backdoor target in zach’s hoh… BUT kevin already knows that, so he’s probably definitely going to be on the block
the diaper’s would want bruno out probably, or else kevin wouldn’t attempt to backdoor bruno
so zach, ashleigh, and pilar would vote to evict bruno
sarah also might not want to lose kevin’s trust (cuz she knows that he trusts her but not vice versa)
so willow and sarah will probably vote to evict bruno
so that’s 5 (majority) and you only need 7 votes


ahh.. Thanks!

I guess the only thing Bruno has going for him is being a big target for following weeks.


It’s too early to tell. But could still go either way.
Diapers probably would want Bruno out.
Godfrey is gonna push for Bobby to go
Willow/Sarah/Britt would be the swing votes cause they could vote either way.
The odds for Bruno are not looking good unfortunately 🙁


An exciting week nonetheless


Storm front vista! A Whirlwind is coming…major tornado…little do they know….it’s coming…and things gonna blow up…wonder how all the pieces will fall?


i think it will be Zach and Ashleigh who will be the swing vote. Ashleigh hates Bobby but if Zach thinks that Bruno is a bigger threat then Bruno’s a goner.

Votes to evict Bruno:
Sarah (not wanting to lose Kevin’s trust)
Willow (following Sarah’s vote)
Pilar (follows Kevin’s plan)

Votes to evict Bobby
Godfrey (much closer with Bruno)
Britannee (loves Bruno)


This is the difference with the gameplay of Bruno to Sarah, he’s scared to let go of his meat shield Godfrey and does not want to throw him under the bus while Sarah immediately let go of Sindy in a heartbeat last week. Although she is a bigger target than Britannee and Willow, Sarah knows that it’s a safer route to let go of an ally than sink herself in a hole. Bruno the best thing to do now is to throw your boy Godfrey out, Sarah already planted a seed with Kevin about G, if he talks to Kevin about Zach that would definitely screw himself more.

Poor Bruno

oh bruno .. bruno .. you just sunk your own ship without even realizing it.. Godfrey gave you the knife and you dropped it . that hole you see at the bottom of your ship its going to start flooding with water real soon…

Godfrey thought Kevin was implying Zach was the target .. Kevin does have bigger plans this week but its not Zach he has his sights on its Bruno by Godfrey feeding Bruno with false info hes going to dig himself into bigger grave .. before this if Bobby was on the block with Bruno, zach and Ashleigh would have wanted bobby out more but once Bruno opens his mouth to Kevin he will take that back to Zach and be like look dude your trusty ally Bruno wants you gone. .thats 3 votes for bruno to go down only 1 more and Bruno is done for.

Sarah is the decider this week if she feels keeping Bruno is better he stays… BUT if she feels hey you know what Bruno is a big gamer and has a lot of sway over B and God and I sure wouldn’t want to be sitting next to him in final 2 might as well get rid of the bigger threat Bruno is finished.. Plus she may also feel like Kevin is trusting her why burn that bridge might as well not rock the boat and get rid of Bruno. .
Bruno is also the glue holding bobby and Godfrey together if he goes those other two wont trust each other they become free agents if Sarah realizes this she will take Bruno out.

Votes to evict Bruno
Ash, Zach, Pili

Votes to keep Bruno
Godfrey, Brit

The swings
Sarah, Willow …..
Sarah holds all the power she decides which way the votes go


I don’t think Kevin really cares which one goes, he just wants them on the block together so one of them goes for sure. Otherwise he would take bobby down instead of britt to make sure it’s Bruno going home. I hope they keep Bruno over bobby. He deserves it more and he is less of a physical threat anyway. Imagine trying to work with Bobby?! Ugh.


I love how its ok for women to gang up on men because they are strong women, but when guys do that then its considered boring game this and that. Double standards of BB and society 😉

Also, Sarah considers herself to be a strong female and a feminist, but why does she complain and moan that Kevin should go after the strong guys and not the weak girls. Isn’t there supposed to be gender equality.

P.S. Willow is a lesbo!


so it appears Kevin grew a brain. who wuda thunk.

Habs Rule

This might be the dumbest move kevin makes for these 5 reasons………..
1.first of all he cant get rid of both bobby and bruno……so theres 1 person gunning for him.
2.Godfrey will have whomever stays between booby and bruno back and therefore go after kevin ….2 people gunning for him.
3.after keeping godfrey who downright said he is going after zach, im sure zach will not be to happy with kevin making it easier for people to convince zach that kevin is a snake and not good for zachs game.Zach can compete in the HOH next week .
4.Sarah,Britt and willow dont really give a shit about kevin and when his power runs out so do the girls.
5.Kevin cant compete for HOH next week so why would anyone care about doing what kevin wants He is irrelevant.
This is why if he is planning on doing what he told sarah he is going to do then the guy is more brainless then i gave him credit for.The target he is putting on his back is getting bigger by the day and easier for someone to hit the bullseye. nuff said!!

Habs Suck

Your points are weak…
First of all those guys are already coming after him why not put both bobby and bruno to ensure sending one home bobby has been after Kevin for a looooooooong time no bridge to burn there
and if he sends bruno home it ensures bobby and godfrey are split bruno is the guy holding them together if he goes those 2 are split up.
As for Zach being mad who the fuck cares Zach hold zero sway in the house plus he isnt targeting kevin and pili the only alliance he has left… also once bruno approaches kevin about backdooring zach kevin will take that info back to zach and sell bruno out so no zach will not be after kevin you are delusional if you think so.
kevin cant play in hoh next week and the other side is ALREADY targeting him as a secondary target after Zach so WHY NOT take the shot and ensure one of the people coming after you goes home godfrey isnt coming after kevin bobby and bruno are the bigger threats to target him.

another name

before Jordan’s eviction I had thought that sarah made a huge error in telling kevin that she thought Jordan and Zach were manipulating and lying to herself and kevin. Inadvertently I think she’s actually become safer with kevin because of that error for this week. that, along with her relative inability to do comps may help her stay off the block for the week. at the same time, since kevin has been feeding godfrey one story, bobby and Bruno Britt and willow another, and now sarah yet another… who knows. anyone could be going on the block.
i’m beginning to think this weeks episodes will be 50 kevin in d/r clips pasted together since he isn’t having sessions with his alliance every five minutes like during Zach and pillar’s hoh runs. I also feel like that’s production’s design for the week.
Bruno godfrey and bobby’s plan to speak to kevin about Zach is ill-advised at best. kevin is sitting in a four and a half (willow kinda sorta in their minds) person alliance with multiple comp wins against what he believes is a three person alliance of men with multiple comp wins and a two and a half (willow kinda sorta) person alliance of women with a single comp win. the numbers don’t add up. leaving an alliance where kevin believes he’s in the second position on the totem pole (or possibly first in his mind), to join with an alliance where he sits in the fourth position on the totem pole? why do that?
at present, the only way that bobby, Bruno and godfrey stand a chance is to actually blow up their own game and reveal that they are somewhat aligned with the women. that is a complete crap shoot. it still leaves kevin thinking get out the stronger ones with more ability to be hoh to ensure his own safety next week.
hardest sell of the week: kevin trying to convince Zach not to wait another two weeks to make a big move.


I called it yesterday… Said Kevin would go after Bruno all along. He had way too many conversations with JP and knows that Jordan (and Sarah) were much more strategic than Zach is. This move will partly be for his bromance with Kevin (JP wanted Bruno out a long time ago… umm even during Zach’s HOH).

As for people thinking this puts a target on Kevin he will have Godfrey owing him (though God isn’t loyal to Kev) and he thinks he has Sarah (which means Britt/Willow by extention). In Kevin’s eyes the only person this upsets is Bobby. And since Bobby lied about the veto which they’ll learn today when he stays on the block he’ll be a bigger target than Kevin as well.


Kaka? Lol one of them was wet? Lol why would they eat if had doubts ? Kaka…


Kevin so enjoyed swinging something around for pili. in the shower after his win..I think he likes this french Maid thing too…Hasn’t he exposed himself a few times these past weeks to dif.people? I thought I read that before…once pretending he was asleep? ….hmm…makes Ya think…is pili too innocent for him? Or are we bluffed by her too?


I am starting to get confused. Is Kevin lying to Bruno or is Kevin lying to Sarah, or is he lying to both? I am getting lost. Does Kevin know? Or is it going to be the luck of whatever happens and he’ll blame everyone else for the result, because hey, it is after all, very confusing, especially in high heels.