Jeff and Jordan in Cambodia with People for Care & Learning

Jeff and Jordan are partnering with People for Care and Learning in a new Build A City project. Join them in a movement that will change the lives of thousands! Are you ready to Build A City?

Earlier this year Big Brother All-Star Duo Jeff and Jordan travelled to Cambodia for charity work with People for Care & Learning and Build a City. It’s a great cause, we explained what exactly they were doing in Cambodia and why Build a city is something everyone should take a closer look at.

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Jessie Godderz Big Brother

Big Brother AllStar Jessie Godderz Wins at FWE Goes T*pless

Jessie Godderz After his big win at FWE no limits

Jessie Godderz, Big Brother superstar and OVW Pro Wrestler wrestling career has taken off. He’s renewed his contract with TNA IMPACT Wrestling and will début on SPIKE TV later this year.

TMZ Catches Jessie on Sunday at LaGuardia Airport as he was returning from the FWE no limits event. This was his début with FWE on Saturday in Manhattan. During this event he was matched up with Jay Santana where he defeated him via a devastating pin.

If it wasn’t for his TNA contract I would bet this july’s Big Brother Spoilers will have this this guy in it this July.

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Philip Alan Photo shoot with big brother 13 runner up Porsche Briggs

Philip Alan Photo Shoot with Big Brother Runner up Porsche Briggs

Philip Alan has just completed a photo shoot with Big Brother 13 Runner Up Porsche Briggs. Philip Alan is known year after year for doing amazing photo shoots of the Big Brother alumni such as Rachel Reilly, Janelle Pierzina, Laura Crosby, Daniele Donato, Ragan Fox, etc. In addition to capturing the best features of our favourite big brother stars, Philip Alan based in Los Angeles also does Weddings, Engagements, and Portraits.

Take a look at all the amazing photo’s Philip Alan has taken of all those big brother stars and more, including Vegas Bash 2009, Vegas Bash 2010, etc. For all those and so much more visit Philip Alan Photography’s facebook page.

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Dan Geeshling

Dan Gheesling Book: How to get Cast on Big Brother

Dan Gheesling’s Book is out “How A Normal Guy Got Cast On Reality TV” and hisin-depth Step By Step Guide to Getting on Reality TV The first one is free the second one costs some money but is well worth it

If you are thinking about applying to Big Brother 14 or any other major reality TV show Big Brother 10 winner
Dan Gheesling has written his story and gives crucial advice on how to do it. I believe this book will become the DE facto guide to the Big Brother Casting Process for regular people (large chested blonde’s and buff model dudes need not read this)

We’ve been a fan of Dan since we saw him destroy the competition on Big Brother 10. It’s players like this that we need more of. I highly recommend picking this book up if you plan to fill out that Big Brother 14 Application.

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Brenchel – The Amazing Race, Bold and the Beautiful and TMZ

Brenchel on The Amazing Race 20 recap

Last Weeks Amazing Race Premiere had everyone wondering will Brenchel survive this type of “real” reality TV Show. They did survive the first leg of the race and did quite well coming in second place.

Brendon and Rachel Big Brother exploits need no introduction on onlinebigbrother. We’ve followed their every move on the Live Feeds for the last two BB season (BB12 and BB13). With last year finally witnessing the unthinkable Rachel Reilly becoming the Big Brother Winner, all while surviving Fan/Houseguest ridicule, countless BB Fights………..

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Porsche Briggs is in the 2012 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue!

Porsche Briggs is in the 2012 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition! Since 1964 Sports Illustrated has been publishing their popular swinsuit issue and this year is no different. The issue ordinarily features fashion models wearing swimwear in exotic locales all over the world, however this year Big Brother’s 1st place runner-up Porsche Briggs made it into the popular swimsuit issue.

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Big Brother Spoilers and Links from the Internets (2012-02-17)

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Big Brother Allstars – Dick Donato, Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd Interview

3 of the most popular Big Brother Players are interviewed in weeks edition of Reality Weekly. Get your edition today available at wallmart.

Dick briefly talks about his Web en-devours here is a excerpt……..

Big Brother 14 Casting Starts Next Month
In case you haven’t heard a ton of BB14 Casting news has been released…….

Its all about Porsche Briggs at OBB
Dawg and his crew have been busy digging up Porsche Briggs info, from …….

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Big Brother Alumni: Porsche Briggs enjoys a night out on the town..

Big Brother 13 first place runner-up Porsche Briggs enjoys a night out on the town with friends in Las Angeles, California. Porsche won the second prize of $50,000 on big brother 13 when Rachel Reilly narrowly beat her with four jury votes compared to Porsche’s three votes.

Porsche and her friends are sporting some of the classic “Boobies Rule” t-shirts that they got from the Boobies Rule photo shoot. Their shirts have slogans like “I heart head”, “Boobies Rule”, and “Fighting against breast cancer”.

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Big Brother Casting News and Links from the Internets (2012-02-10)

Big Brother 14 Casting

It’s getting close to that time of year again, Robyn Kass is starting to tweet about BB14 Auditions and Casting procedures. If you are one the fence about applying just do it, fill out the application form. If you find that too hard there making it even easier this year with online casting submission. From last years cast it’s become apparent they are in desperate need of fresh blood you could be that person to make Big Brother 2012 the best. Online submission has yet to opened up to the public. Don’t forget to sign up to our Google+ page we’re rolling out all the best most complete Big Brother Spoilers and google+ is a key component this year.

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big brother king arthur parade map

Past Big Brother players to make apperance at New Orleans’ King Arthur Parade

Meet Shelly, Adam, Lawon and Cassi
Last Years Big Brother 13 Heavy weights, Lawon Exum, Cassi Colvin, Adam Poch and The Straight Shooter (Aka Shelly Moore) will make an appearance as parade Grand Marshals at the New Orleans’ King Arthur Parade Sunday February 12th. They will be riding on float #2 of the Parade. After the parade there will be a party where the Cassi, Adam and Shelly will be to sign autographs and be available for photos. This is a great opportunity for Big Brother 14 hopefuls to get some information about the Big Brother audition process.

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Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd are volunteering for the organization People for Care and Learning

Big Brother 14 is 6 months away, if you have what it takes fill out a Big Brother 14 Application form.
Big Brother Alumni, Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd (BB11 Winner) are helping out the organization People for Care & Learning, who Jeff first met while doing Around The World For Free (ATWFF), with the Build a City project in Cambodia. People For Care & Learning is a non-profit humanitarian organization that cares for the poor by combining training with opportunities that give the poor a working change towards a brighter future.

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