“This week (Kev) can’t play, next week he can maybe next week is his time to strike” -Bru

POV Holder: Kevin Next POV May 6th*
POV Used No POV Ceremony May 6th*
HOH Winner Kevin Next HOH May 6th
Nominations: Bobby and Brittnee
Have Nots Zach, Bobby, Willow (Season slop pass)
POV Players Kevin, Bobby, Ashleigh, Brittnee, Sarah, Pili

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-05 18-40-44-723

9:43pm Sarah and Willow in the bathroom
Sarah says she feels ill thinks it’s from the gas fumes she smelled in the bedroom. Calls it gas poisoning. Earlier Willow was “puking”

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-05 18-58-09-520

9:44pm Kevin asks Pili what she’s going to do with her life Career wise.
Pili – go back to school in the fall anywhere
Kevin says he has 10 thousand dollars from the Brick if he spends 1 thousand dollars a day
Pili – that means you have to spend 1 thousand in 10 days
He goes on about only spending money on things he needs
Kevin then says he might see a TV that’s 9500 dollars it’ll be huge and curved he might drop the gift card right then “BOOM”
Kevin – we have to be smart..
Pili says she’s not a shopaholic but she likes shopping explains if she get a coffee everyday it only costs 2 dollars but every day it adds up.
Kevin – I’m so attracted to you
Pili – I’m attracted to you
Pili goes on to describe her job in retail at the mall. She worked at a clothing store she had to read people see their style and direct them to the right area of the store. She adds having to be aware of Shoplifters “its not good”

Pili says they have ink tags on some of the clothes but theres tricks to getting them off apparently you can leave it in the freezer. Kevin shares a story about a blue jays jersey he bought on boxing day and the guy forgot to remove the ink he hasn’t worn the jersey yet.

Pili says she use to go out partying a lot but stopped. Says she would go to work hungover like a zombie. Kevin shares a story about getting drunk on his 18th birthday and having to go into work he puked every 30 minutes. His boss sent him home, “I was such a idiot.. I might still be a idiot”
Pili – I use to drink a lot.
Kevin – I love going out
Pili – its the best
PIli says she was year 3 in a 2 year program she needed to stop drinking felt like she was just going to school to drink.

Pili is scared for tomorrow, Kevin tells her to stay calm and chill they will both be here tonight. Pili hopes it’s endurance because if it’s questions she’s screwed.

Big-Brother-Canada-3- 2015-05-05 19-08-42-679

10:09pm Massages and Chit chat..

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-05 19-20-43-035

10:16pm HOH Zach and Ashleigh
zach says Sarah is trying to get the guys to come after him.
Zach – if B wins B is an emotional player Sarah will get in her head.
Ashleigh – you want Sarah gone after Bobby
Zach wants to pull Bruno in after Bobby is gone they need the number.
Zach says bruno told him there was a 60% chance Zach would put him up but a 100% chance Sarah will.
Ashleigh is worried Bruno is going to come after the Diaper alliance. Tells if he feels Bruno isn’t going to take a stab at the Diapers they are OK
Zach – I don’t think he will, he’s alone in this game, super loyal dude never done anything against us or Sara who plots against us.

Big-Brother-Canada-3- 2015-05-05 19-21-33-364

10:21pm Bobby sets off the fire alarm

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-05 19-32-54-267
10:28pm HOH Ashleigh, Zach and Bruno
(Bruno is working a wedge between the couples)
Ashleigh and Zach telling him they are with him.
Bruno – you guys need me as much as I need you..
Bruno says he’s going after Kevin 100%
Bruno says Bobby isn’t coming for them he’s after Sarah. Zach says taking out Bobby was the better move for Kevin. Bruno is going to talk to Godfrey “His game is his game but i’ll talk to him”
Bruno says Kevin knows he’s going to have to turn on Zach/Asheligh “He’s a smart dude”
Ashleigh – he is he’s very smart
Zach – we can use that to our benefit
Bruno – hit him first

Zach is sure if Brittnee wins the HOH Sarah will control it.
Bruno keeps fighting to save Bobby says Bobby is pissed at Sarah, Kevin and Pili “I know he’s a big competitor but it’s someone on your side.. He’s so loyal.. I’m telling you”
Bruno wants to roll deep with Zac and Ashleigh they agree to this.
Bruno/Zach agree the talk they had earlier today was so genuine and real.
Bruno – this week he can’t play, next week he can maybe next week is his time to strike.
Bruno – I think they’re close
Zach – I think so to
Bruno tells them he’s been saying since day one Sarah is poison. Points out that Sarah is telling him Zach is targeting him and she’s going to Zach saying Bruno is targeting Zach.
Bruno mentions how Sarah was trying to say he’s working with Kevin
Bruno – I haven’t talked to Kevin in 50 days
Zach says they can put Godfrey and Sarah up tell Sarah they don’t want to put B up as a pawn again because she’s been one so many times.
Zach tells Ashleigh there is no way Sarah will put her up.
Bruno – Not a chance not a chance.
Zach says if it’s him and Ashleigh on the block Zach is going home 100%
Bruno keeps reiterating it’s not looking good for any of them..
Zach and Ashleigh both hope that nobody hates Bobby they think he’s so funny.
Zach – he’s never done anything personally..
Bruno – I hope he doesn’t get boos
Zach – Graig got cheers
Bobby rolls in. . They talk about how awesome of a guy Graig was, Zach says he can’t wait for all the guys to get wasted together.

Kevin Pili kissing

11:15pm Bruno and Zach
Wondering what the twist is tomorrow.
Bruno says he should be really worried but he’s not speculating, “everyone is too calm”
Zach – perfect time to drop a bomb on us



There are always a lot of Alliance but we’ve tried to make sense of it all.. Read our alliance help guide

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Moronita Pilar

Zach is really a 100% despicable person. His parents should be truly ashamed of themselves. All that for this?!

Ashleigh on the other hand is a total embarrassment for all the women out there. Have you any brain in your head girl?! Astonishing!

Bruno evolved from a likable guy to this monster.


I think you should take a good look at yourself because you are making comments about people you do not know personally and have only seen in the game. Your name itself is very telling of your personality.


Did you write both of these comments?


Moronita Pilar……………what the hell show are you watching?


Ideally, if Bruno wins, he should nominate Sarah, Kevin and Pilar. This will ensure Sarah and Kevin go home. This will cripple the girls alliance and Bruno would be in a great spot.

Bring on the downvotes Sarah-lovers/spinsters.


no down vote…just pointing out that dince there is no ‘girls alliance’ how is it going to be crippled with the loss of one girl ….and one guy


Thanks guys, I just about lost it looikng for this.

Hoose Guest

I think Bruno has been pretty smart with this contingency plan, he has been planting seeds of doubt in Zach’s head. He’s probably taken the target off of his back in regards to Zach and Ash anyway.


I hate Bruno’s game play. Funny thing about bb one week the fav the next week not!!


I hate people in the house buying his game play.


I hope Bobby stays and bobby , Ash, Zach, Bruno, concrol the house !! Sarah needs to GO !!!! Why do ppl like her ?? Didn’t like her since day one get her OUT !!


It seems that Bruno is campaigning for Bobby harder than Bobby himself.The truth is that if Bobby leaves, Bruno will be largely by himself.


So…Bruno is really campaigning for Bruno. He should be campaigning hard.

River de Nial

I think Zachleigh see through Bruno’s BS. Asheigh even said herself that Zach just smiles and nods to pretend to go along with Bruno’s obvious deflection of the target from himself to Sarah. Bruno deflects so much because he knows Zachleigh don’t trust him after the blindside of JP by Zach’s own alliance members while Zach was HOH. Zach knows Bruno and Bobby made him look like a fool in front of Canada. Despite that obvious blow, Zach recovered well and now he is gaming Bruno. Zach does that because he and Ash know they can still use Bruno. Plus Bruno is more likely to be loyal to them once his lap dog Bobby is gone.


not true. zach has said on multiple occassion (when he’s just alone with ashley) that he’s 99% sure that bruno and bobby are loyal. really, he needs to realize that the diaper alliance is everyone’s target, so his only real chance is sticking with kevin and pili


Zach is being played by Bruno more than the reverse.


nah…bruno realizes that zach, ashleigh, kevin, and pili need to go. zach truly believes that he and bobby are still loyal to him, which is ridiculous because like we’ve seen on the feeds, zach is still their #1 target.


So high % that Sarah, Bruno, Godfrey take a hit tonight.