Big Brother 15 Spoilers The new Triangle of THRUST

JUDD tells them Jessie is acting normal again he say her talking to Helen. JUDD jokes that this is the Triangle of thrust.
JUDD: “So what are you girls doing today”
GM: “Same thing we do every night pinky.. try to take over the world”
J: “Hows it coming for you”
GM: “Not good lately”
J: “We’ll get it tomorrow ladies”

GM jokes asks him if he wants a foot massage. Aaryn says “He wants a butth@ole massage from Howard”
J: ‘Oh my god.. them are killing words”
J to GM “Candice is in your bed asleep” (LOL)
J: “Howard is giving her a massage”
A: ‘the way she gets massages is so appalling.. I can’t even be in there”
J: ‘The massage of thrust”

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A flirtmance fight “You are being a a$$hole right now i’m not playing your childish games today”

7:44pm Amanda, McCrae, JUDD and Elissa enter the room
Jessie tells them she doesn’t want to talk. Amanda: ‘This is a intervention.. there’s people that love you here.. why don’t’ you be honest with us and clarify so we can give you some peace”
Aaryn joins them.
Amanda tells her she’s drawing negative attention to her she needs to tell them what is wrong
Amanda: ‘What is her problem..” Amanda looks at Aaryn “she’s freaking out on everyone..“
Jessie tells them to leave her alone. Amanda keeps asking her why is she upset.
Jessie: ‘I don’t want to talk about it right now”
Production tells Jessie to put on her microphone. Amanda asks her if she needs help with it. Jessie says she doesn’t want to wear her microphone she wants them to leave. Amanda comments how it’s in their contract to wear a microphone.
Amanda is mouthing something to McCrae and they start to snicker
Jessie tells them to leave

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Blame world hunger on JUDD “My eyes are burning red I want JUDD out so badly”

4:26pm HOH Andy and GM

Talking about being on indoor lockdown because production is building a “elaborate” set out side. Andy says it’s going to be endurance because they will have been working on it for 2 days.
Andy says the vote is going to be 9-0 or 8-1. Ginamarie points out that Candice and Amanda are best friends now.
Aaryn joins them and Andy leaves after a few minutes of Chit Chat
Aaryn feels like something has to happen soon. GM mentions how Julie chen said something 2 weeks ago and nothing has happened yet.
GM: ‘I hope we don’t get wet tomorrow.. it’s going to be cold again.. “
Aaryn: “Amanda needs to relax..”
GM: “I don’t want Howard to go… but i’ll do what everyone else does it sucks” GM is worried this will screw her the following week because Candice will put her up. Aaryn doesn’t think it will happen it’ll be

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Judd is a sketchy FU*K! Andy says he is terrifying me right now, he needs to go!!

2:10pm -2:15pm Andy and Helen are in the storage room talking. Helen asks Andy what happened last night. Andy says that Judd basically got caught. Andy says that Judd said that Jessie was fu*king up his game. Andy says that Judd said that Howard was lying and made it up but then half an hour later he told me that Jessie told him the plan. Andy says that he questioned why Judd said Howard first and then changed to say Jessie. Andy says and then I called him out on it again later. Andy says that Judd said he got his conversation with Helen mixed up with Jessie. Andy says questioned that and then Judd freaked out and said quit putting things in my mouth!!!! Andy says I said I wasn’t trying to call him out I was just questioning it. Andy says I fear that on Thursday it is going to happen and we are going to be the minority. Helen asks what Aaryn said. Andy says that Aaryn is still on board with voting out Howard even if there is a tie vote. Andy says that he thinks Judd made it all up and says that he needs to go.

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Helen says the hair straightener was on all night. I can’t believe it was on, we could have died!

10:50am – 11:35am Aaryn is out of the diary room and in the kitchen eating while Helen is cleaning the bathroom. Helen comes out of the bathroom and says to Aaryn that the hair straightener was on all night. (Amanda used it around 10am and didn’t turn it off.) Helen tells Aaryn I can’t believe it was on, we could have died! Aaryn says yeah. Aaryn finishes eating and heads back to bed in the HOH room. Helen cleans the bathroom mirrors and Big Brother says “Helen, thank you!” Howard wakes up and heads to the bathroom. Helen continues to be the only house guest awake and cleaning the bathroom and kitchen.

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Amanda says Howard whispered to me “When I get out of here I am going to f**k the sh*t out of you!”

12:35am In the bathroom – Judd tells Candice that he heard that Jessie has been saying that she can control me. Judd tells Candice that is not the case, Jessie doesn’t control my vote. She is hurting my game and we haven’t even so much as kissed. Candice says okay, thanks for telling me.

Judd heads out to the hammock and tells Amanda and McCrae what he just told Candice. He then says god Jessie, trying to be a power player all of a sudden. Judd says she is wanting to be the next Janelle. You don’t just decide one night, I want to be the next Janelle. Is that what happened like she just thought I am going to make a big name for myself tonight. McCrae says take away Candice and Howard and you have two easy weeks. Judd says and here is Jessie trying to scramble like a moron. Amanda says why she has no need to. Judd says she came up to him in bed and said all this stuff about Helen. Judd says I will vote out Jessie in a hot second. McCrae says that she is in a perfect position she has to just do nothing.

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Aaryn wants to flip the house Jessie on board “I’m getting a girl b*ner just thinking about it”

10:30pm Cockpit Aaryn, Jessie and Ginamarie
Aaryn selling the idea to Jessie of getting Candice out. She says they need JUDD and Jessie’s vote. Aaryn points out that Howard and Spencer are not targeting them three but Candice is.
Aaryn: ‘It’s so tempting.. but everyone in the house will be after me”
GM: “I wouldn’t”
Jessie: “I wouldn’t either”
Jessie is worried that Candice will go off on her like she did with Spencer she is very much interested in getting out Candice. Jessie also doesn’t like how Elissa and Helen are now very close to Candice. Aaryn points out that Amanda will be too preoccupied to get Howard out the following week the house will be in chaos.
Jessie thinks Amanda
Aaryn: “They would freak out if they knew we were talking”

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Spoilers Aaryn: “Spencer don’t write me off too soon I have a only takes four”

7:10pm HOH Spencer and Aaryn
Spencer saying he thinks his game is f*** Aaryn tells him that she was thinking the same thing as him just a week ago but now she’s in a much better spot.

Aaryn tells him that a lot of other names are being thrown out there other than Spencers. Aaryn says as soon as she’s not HOH she’ll be back on the outs. She wouldn’t be surprised if she was nominated next week. Aaryn thinks the nominations will be any two of Spencer/Candice/Aaryn

Aaryn: “Now I want Howard to go but before I wanted Candice to go”
Spencer: “He’s toast.. my only hope is I can lay low long enough and skip through another eviction and maybe be kept around as a vote”
Aaryn has already heard people mention that they want to keep Spencer until jury.

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Amanda says Howard wants to “F*** her” because she’s “F**** hot” .. ” Howard is toast” – Spencer

5:11pm Kitchen Andy, Amanda and JUDD
Amanda: ‘He said when we’re both out of here i’m going to f*** the sh!t out of you because you are so f**** hot.. “
JUDD: ‘Huh he said that to you”
Amanda: “I swear to god on my life.. that just creeped me out”
(she’s claiming it was Howard that said this. These comments were not heard on the feeds we’re only going by what Amanda is saying. After Amanda told the superfriends this she went to the Diary room where she apparently telling them)

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Amanda says I told Spencer if there are no votes against me I wouldn’t put him up BUT I still will!

1:45pm In the lounge – Judd holds up Amanda’s leg and says your legs are hairier than mine. I am going to call you butch! Judd leaves the room. Andy tells Helen and Amanda that this morning Judd freaked out on him. Andy explains how Judd doesn’t want me to tell Spencer that we aren’t with his plan to vote out Amanda. Amanda says that if it takes any heat off you I will tell Spencer that it was Judd and not you. Andy says he doesn’t understand why Judd doesn’t want to tell him. Amanda says because Judd wants to flip the house and he is scared because it’s not working. Candice joins them and Helen tells her to be careful of Spencer. He was outside throwing your name under the bus saying he wants you to go. Helen and Andy reassure her that she is staying.

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Judd says if you are going to f**k me over, then I will f**k you over a little earlier!

10am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. When the live feeds return – Andy, Judd and Candice are out on the backyard couch. They talk about the wakeup music. Andy says he is going to go back to sleep. Judd says nooo.. I have something important to tell you. Andy says it can wait. Candice heads inside to bed. Judd tells Andy to not act nervous around her. Judd says that he wants to get Candice out before Spencer. Andy says he is cool with that. Judd says I wouldn’t mind if Howard went to jury too if he didn’t act a fool. Andy says that he is going to tell Spencer right before the vote. Judd isn’t sure about it. Andy says I am going to and I think you should too. Just in case he gets HOH then we will be on his good side. Judd says if you’re going to do that, then I will do it today. Andy says no! Judd says if you are going to fu*k me over, then I will fu*k you over a little earlier.

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Aaryn says Yup, there’s a Jew, Candice and Howard on the block and I’m the racist!

12:40am Up in the HOH room – Andy, Aaryn, Gina, McCrae and Amanda are talking. Aaryn asks I wonder if the black fish is in heaven. McCrae heads downstairs. Amanda says she thinks McCrae is pissed. Andy asks about? Amanda says that this is even being considered. Aaryn says that she is too, because when you get nervous you suck. Andy says here is the thing Ginamarie, me, McCrae and Helen. Even if Judd and Elissa, and Jessie all flip (With Spencer) it’s a tie vote and Aaryn breaks it. Done right! Amanda says it shouldn’t even get to that point. Do you know how hard it was to get Howard up on the block? Aaryn says not hard. Amanda says hard. Gina asks so why didn’t someone get Judd to put Howard up on the block? Amanda says we tried to, he wouldn’t do it. Amanda says before that Elissa was supposed to and she wouldn’t do it. All I talk about is wanting Hoard on the block and it’s just ironic that I am up on the block with him and Candice. Andy says Ginamarie you hate Candice so much. Aaryn says Yup, there’s a Jew, and Candice and Howard on the block and I’m the racist. Amanda says oh get over it, no they do not! Everyone sees the truth. Aaryn says yeah but you see how it looks.

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