“If Scott says something, i’m like going to be like dude you better watch your a$$hole”

7:21pm Scott, Shelby and Alex

Talking about Neeley and Kryssie going up as Pawns they agree someone from the other side is goign to crack this week and it’s goign to be Kryssie. Scott feels bad for putting up Neeley. SCott’s plan is to get rid of Shae. Danielle is a mess and she’ll be no threat when he’s gone.

Scott tells Shelly he doesn’t want the house to see how close they are.
Alex says if Shelby or her go up as America’s nom Justin will probably not vote them out.

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Big Brother 18 Finale Night Results

Here we go Folks it’s all over the season comes to a end. Tonight we’ll find out who wins the Final Head Of Household competition between Paul or Nicole. The winner will have to pick who will they take to final 2. Will James stumble his way to the ultimate BB upset? Maybe.. it was a Kraken season after all ;)

It was a fun season, I enjoyed it (for the most part) very much. WE’ll be doing 1 more Kill Show ON Saturday then it’s time for us to gear up for Big Brother Over the Top. YES! we’ll be covering it to some degree, I’m still on the fence not sure what to expect. Will be it Kraken? probably .. :)

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Big Brother 18 Finale eve “that was a pure feeling of euphoria”

Nicole about Corey winning the double eviction “God was watching over Corey at that point” (She must have free time on her hands)
At 3:20 Nicole leaves to use the bathroom they do not turn the Microphone off so we hear her pee.. (Sometime I think I deserve hazard pay for this… LOL)

When she comes back she’s telling Paul that Corey and James were really close.
Nicole – that’s like you best friend voting you out
Paul – really..
Nicole – I don’t have someone that close to me other than Corey..

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“I would rather have 10 dudes pissed off at me than 1 women pissed off at me”

11:00am Backyard enjoying the backyard…
Talking about the inconsistencies with Natalie’s stories
Nicole – she told me she dances on tables and makes out with a lot of people when she drinks..
Nicole was originally worried that Natalie would have tried to make out with Corey in the Jury. “This was early”
Paul – a few times she said blackout drunk..
Nicole – she says she kisses a lot..
Paul says Natalie might just be a rowdy drunk

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Nicole “HEY GUYSSSS.. I can’t believe you let me sssslither my way up to one of thesssse sssseats!”

12:10pm Nicole heads into the safari room. Nicole talks to herself – It is day 96 and Wednesday is finale day. AND there is just so much to think about! Literally! Look at these battle wounds. I’ve fraught so hard to be here. I need to finish thing .. like just finish it! Its a HUGE difference between 50K and 500K. I want $500,000! I want first place. Okay … so to get first place I have to be able to talk well and tell people why I deserve to win this game. The questions I have to have completely figured out is: Why do you deserve to win 500K?

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Nicole “I do not want to take James to final 2 because he does not even deserve 50K!”

5:05pm Nicole goes back to talking to herself about jury votes. I do not want to take James to final 2 because he does not even deserve 50K. And if he beats me I am going to be livid! I don’t know what his edit is …if he is a mastermind .. because he is the furthest thing from a mastermind. He literally slept all summer, chased Natalie around, did moves for Natalie, didn’t do anything strategically to help his game. Just perceived as a weak player. Its not a Dan, Derrick game.

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Nicole to Paul – “once I win this I’m telling him I’m not taking him”

Paul – i’m convinced he doesn’t want to win it because he knows in the end he will lose that HOH comp..
Paul – if you win he’s going to be up my a$$
Paul – go in … level headed.. All you have to say I’m winning.. Don’t panic
Nicole brings up the coconut comp and how she kept her cool during it
Paul reassure here even if she losses this next HOH he will beat james and take her.
Nicole – I feel like it’s not till tomorrow though
Paul says the competition is today.

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