Big Brother 25 Week 3 Live Eviction Results

It’s going down tonight. Preasure COOKER BABY! After years of Fans begging we’re finally getting a return of the preasure cooker competition. How will this new crop of houseguests compare with Season 6? Let us know in the comments how many minutes/hours you expect this to last. I’m placing my chips on 34 minutes, it’ll be a insta-pot. This week of Big Brother 25 was kinda neat. Hisam got the blindside we all wanted, Felicia got a case of HOH-itis and Cirie/Izzy created another 13 paranoia alliances. Here’s some details. BIG MOMMA Felicia won the Head of Household and was set on backdooring Hisam. There was many reason I won’t get into but the one big one was him creating side alliances with the Blue/Jag and their Ilk. This is standard HOH practice early in the game. He also behaved like a HOH douche-canoe and told America that he was stuck with Leftover players that can’t win sh1t.

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Big Brother 24 week 8 eviction episode

Turner won the Head of Household. Nominated Brittany and Taylor. The target was Michael. Michael of course wins his 35th veto and plans to use it on Brittany. Before the Veto Ceremony Michael tells everyone that Kyle came to him weeks ago with the worry a cookout2 is forming. Kyle also wanted to form what was basically a  white cookout to combat this. Michael and Brittany being deeply upset sat on this information until there was an opportunity that Kyle would be nominated.  Kyle was nominated  and guaranteed to get evicted. There was some attempt by Terrance to save Kyle but there was no budging it. Kyle did the rounds crying, talking, learning and hugging and no one appeared  to hold a grudge. They seemed to all decide to make this a learning and growing experience for the man child.

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Big Brother 24 WEEK 5 Live Eviction and THE WALL HOH

Week five wasn’t the most exciting but it did offer us some interesting tidbits. The leftovers can crack at any minute. All we need is the right mix of Head of Household and Veto wins. We now have one full-blown showmance and one fauxmance. Finally, we need a shake-up to avoid boredom.

Michael won the Head of Household and nominated Terrance, Monte, and Joe. The plan with the leftovers was to get the veto played and to evict Daniel. However, if Daniel won the veto Monte would have been in serious danger. As luck would have it Daniel and Kyle were not selected to play in the veto. Michael and Brittany go on to win the Power of Veto. Micheal now has won 5 competitions. The entire non-leftovers side of the house pressured Michael to not use the veto saying this is a perfect time to get out a very strong player in the game

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Big Brother 24 Spoilers Week 1 Eviction and HOH Results

Week Summary

The week started off with POOCH winning the Backstage pass and being able to pick 3 other Backstagers. He chose, Paloma, Alyssa and Brittany. The rules of the backstage twist were a bit vague but we know none of the them were eligible to be nominated but the three girls were not necessarily safe. POOCHIE was safe. America got to vote for one of the girls to be safe the other two who knows? Going by the OBB poll it’s looking like Brittany will win that vote. Daniel won the first Head of Household and immediately started vibing and if you didn’t vibe back you found yourself on the block. Those two non-vibers were Terrance and Michael. The Power of Veto was played and Michael pulls out a win.

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