Big Brother 19 Week 3 Summary and Live Eviction Results

Cody was evicted as predicted but unlike the prediction the the vote was a little off. There was 3 votes thrown at Ramses and they were Christmas, Kevin and Jessica. The Big Surprise was Christmas, as we already knew Kevin was going to as he promised Paul on the feeds. For the houseguests having these 2 unknown votes caused all sorts of drama in the house as they houseguests work themselves in a knot trying to figure out the rogue votes.  The Head of Household Competition was a Spaceship themed wall endurance. Final 3 standing was Jason, Elena and Alex. Jason eventually falls off. It was amazing how well Jason did considering his size, historically the wall competition favours small light people. With Jason out is leaves Elena and Alex to make some deals. Elena offers a deal to Alex where Elena would drop if Alex would promise Elena protection for Elena and “Whoever else she wants safe” . Alex agrees, but later mentions how the “whoever else she wants Safe” is a bit vague and needs to be explained.

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Big Brother 19 Week 2 Summary and Live Eviction Results

Big Brother Spoilers Week 2

Groan… (not a Kraken Groan though)

Not the most exciting week. Everything Paul said he was going to do he was able to accomplish, no real surprises. Remember the BIG PLAN he had last week? He touted that Big Plan and asked people to throw the HOH to him. Many houseguests complied, a lot of them wanted Cody out anyways. At times it felt like 1/2 the house was playing for the chance to give Paul a back rub while the other 1/2 is playing to jury so that they can watch Raven win. There’s Hope!  Just look at the top two players in our Houseguest Ranker.

Here is how the week panned out.

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Big Brother Over the Top Eviction results Danielle VS Shane VS Neeley

8:15pm Kryssie and Scott
Kryssie is having trouble dealing with shane’s eviction.
Kryssie yells at Scott “you guys knew you couldn’t beat him so you backdoored him.. that’s f****d”
Scott tells her that’s strategy.
Scott tells Kryssie someone has to get voted out every week that’s what they signed up for.
Kryssie goes on about her side voted for Danielle so Scott got to break the tie and be able to check someone off his bucket list. (ZOMG)
Kryssie Tells Scott “That is a human Being you took out personally” (Corn and monte were?)

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Big Brother Over the Top Week 2 Eviction “I’m a total party.. I’m everyone’s buddy”

6:56pm Scott, Shane and MOnte
Talking about all the down time they had during the week before the show started. Scott read through the entire game of thrones series. Monte says they took his bible away. they all agree that is odd because Cornbread had his.
Big Brother calls them out.
Monte – we’re playing you up as the villain you can’t have that.

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Big Brother Over the Top First Eviction “f*** Y’all”

Kryssie “Hey butts.. the hardest position the first week is the veto nominee.. you need to keep someone that furthers you.. i’m not done here yet.. Lets make America happy by doing the right thing”

Neelley Votes to evict Cornbread
Jason Votes to evict Cornbread
Whitney Votes to evict Cornbread
Morgan Votes to evict Cornbread
Justin Votes to evict Cornbread
Shelby Votes to evict Cornbread
Justin Votes to evict Cornbread

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Big Brother 18 Finale Night Results

Here we go Folks it’s all over the season comes to a end. Tonight we’ll find out who wins the Final Head Of Household competition between Paul or Nicole. The winner will have to pick who will they take to final 2. Will James stumble his way to the ultimate BB upset? Maybe.. it was a Kraken season after all ;)

It was a fun season, I enjoyed it (for the most part) very much. WE’ll be doing 1 more Kill Show ON Saturday then it’s time for us to gear up for Big Brother Over the Top. YES! we’ll be covering it to some degree, I’m still on the fence not sure what to expect. Will be it Kraken? probably .. :)

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