Zach tells Bruno “I’m not going to let these girls dice you up! I’ll start throwing daggers at them!”

POV Holder: Kevin Next POV May 1st
POV Used No POV Ceremony May 3rd
HOH Winner Kevin Next HOH May 6th
Nominations: Bobby and Brittnee
Have Nots Zach, Bobby, Willow (Season slop pass)
POV Players Kevin, Bobby, Ashleigh, Brittnee, Sarah, Pili

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-03 13-22-54-626
4:30pm In the kitchen – Bruno asks Zach if Ash will put up the girls. Zach says she isn’t convinced the girls would put her up. She would put up God. But I can get in her ear. Zach tells Bruno it doesn’t benefit me to come after you. And I want to prove it to you. Bruno says Sarah 100% won’t put a girl up. Zach says here’s the deal though ..we’re going to be the ones winning all the comps. We have to make the right decisions. Bruno says I wasn’t going for them. Zach says I know I told him that all the time. Godfrey joins them.

Up in the HOH – Willow, Ash, Pili, Britt and Kevin talk about Sindy and Jordan in the jury house together and if she will take his V card. Pili says she thinks she will. Kevin says I hope so!

4:50pm Brittnee says that Bruno is always hanging around Zach. He is obviously trying to sway the vote to Bobby. I think the best options is to lay low. So just remember we are numbers and can be on your side or someone else’s. Sarah says Zach is not going to go against Kevin. Its going to be a whole lot of bullsh*t in the next 3 days. Like someone like Willow we have to pretend.. when she has to go she has to go. Sarah sarcastically says you’re terrifying B. Britt says according to Bruno. Sarah says after I busted in on Zach, Bruno and Godfrey having the most intense conversation I’ve ever seen .. he comes running out here and asking me if I’m still with him. I told him its a numbers game. Of course I am. He said I hope you’re not giving them information. I’m like I hope you’re not! Sarah says I think Bobby thinks I am way closer to Willow than I am with you. I don’t trust anyone else to be as loyal as you and I won’t for the rest of the game. God is making himself a target by hanging out with Bruno. Bruno’s a sinking ship right now. Sarah says between now and Tuesday I’m not going to be seen talking to anyone… then on Tuesday night we’ll talk.
Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-03 13-57-59-350

In the bedroom – Willow tells Ash that she thinks Pili would take Kevin over her. Ash says I know that. Willow says okay you’re a smart girl. I don’t need to worry about you. In the backyard. Zach sacks himself and falls to the ground. Bruno then talks to Zach again. Zach tells Bruno “I’m not going to let these girls dice you up! I’ll start throwing daggers at them!” I would sh*t my pants if you put me up next week and I would hope you would too because I am telling you I won’t. I wish I could prove it to you but its all actions. If I were to lose you next week I would be f**ked! Bruno says oh totally f**ked!

5:40pm In the bedroom – Kevin, Pili, Willow and Ashleigh are talk and joking around about Ashleigh not being a virg!n any more. Ash blows up a condom and takes it downstairs. Godfrey argues with Ash and Britt about how one size wont fit all. Britt says Ash could fit it over her head. Godfrey disagrees. Britt says Ash could fit it over her two feet. Ash then goes up stairs and gets another condom and tries pulling it over her foot. It snaps but Britt says it was because of her toe nail. Britt and Godfrey then start talking about relationships.

5:45pm In the storage room – Zach talks to Ash about keeping Bruno as long as we can. Ash says I am fine with it as long as he is not coming after me. He hasn’t looked at me since the thing. I will just have to talk to him.


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Looks like the seagull is holding her own in the polls! Good for her!



i hate zach
zach and ashleigh better go home on the triple eviction


zach sacking himself is a representation on the shitty game that he is playing


Zach sacking himself has been the only move he’s made this whole season.


haha love it bruno vs women he wont win!


Zach is still be an idiot by still loyal to bruno after leaving bobby on the block. If bobby goes he will go after zach.


Zack once again shows how dumb he really is … I mean really guy .. Bruno never gave him the time of day for two weeks and now >Bruno is so close up his azz…Zack has one nasty ego and isn’t worth a grain of I also hope Ash and Zack go this week.. enough already .. heck Ash doesn’t even know how to use a can opener ….lmao


omg this willow, pilar, ashleigh talk right now on feeds 2 at around 5:16:00 is saving my life… for now


What’s happening?


Zach is just plain stupid…he has no idea what is going on in the house!!!! come on Zach open your eyes!


link for today episode.

another name

it’s sunday, and i’m thinking of the week’s developments so far.
most miraculous thing we have seen: pilar talked game. more than once. without being a complete parrot… and in a way she made sense. was anyone else floored?
second most miraculous thing we have seen: the diapers are no longer completely following Zach blindly. their only actual alliance at the moment is that they aren’t targeting each other yet, otherwise, they are cracking under the pressure. with Zach trying to save his own skin expecting bruno or godfrey to not target him if they win hoh, he’s actually creating wedges with his own alliance. pretty soon one is going to say ‘Bruno’s not a diaper why are we saving him?’ if they haven’t already.
third most miraculous thing: Bruno is actually creating his own worst nightmare. the more he says ‘gotta look out for the girls’ the more he pushes them together out of necessity; the more he becomes a priority target. even if he is only saying it to fall under the radar, he says it so loudly and so often that the girls will buy it anyway. Kevin, Ashleigh and Pilar are considering him a target, s//b/w are considering him a secondary target (possibly more of a target than kevin).


link for today episode


I don’t get why they keep talking about the girls when it’s Kevin that kept Bobby on the block… It wasn’t the girls, it was Kevin…

another name

Bruno uses the ‘the girls are poison’ talk to make the guys paranoid. it takes the target off of him while making him look like a loyal bro. if it hurts his female allies game, oh well.
now that we know that Zach hasn’t been able to keep his finger on the pulse of the house since Jordan left, he’s going to go with whatever he is fed by anyone that keeps the target off of him. since he doesn’t believe the girls can win in comps, it’s okay to say you’re going after them without fear of reprisal.
how much each of them says is smoke and mirrors is debatable.


Zach continues to show NO GAME SENSE……….

Why would you discuss anything negative about Kevin in front of Godfrey who
a) convinced Kevin to not put him on the block
b) not use him as a re-nom
c) and you know is coming after you

Now he has info to take to Kevin specifically saying Zach said Bobby going is ALL YOUR DECISION that Ash, Pilee and him didn’t want it AND he can tell Sarah, Willow and Britt that Zach said they’ve been pushing to get rid of Bobby the entire game.

What an idiot. If he wanted to tell that just to Bruno on his own … fine, but to do it in front of your number one target shows how much game savvy the kid has: ZERO!!

I hope Godfrey runs and tells Kevin and Sarah immediately. Honestly the game might actually get interesting once Zach is out of that house. I can’t stress how much I hope he is one of the triple evictees. Can’t wait for him to be off my screen. ARGH


I`ve been reading thru all the comments and NOT ONCE have I read ANYONE mention ANYTHING about Sarah & Godfrey`s EPIC discussion. OMG I love those two.
They are hands down my favourite BBCAN3 players.
Zach can jump off a cliff and die
Ashliegh can jump off with him
Pilar….Can just continue being a cheerleader
Bruno can take his chauvinistic arse out of the house and continue working in construction
Bobby…on his way out. There are times i`m like MAYBE he`s not as dumb as production is making him seem but then he does something that makes me go NOPE he is.
Willow can follow him out to. Too all over the place and simply annoying.
Kev I feel like we haven`t seen him play at a 100% so I`m interested to see what he brings to the table feel like he`s a late bloomer like Godfrey¸
Brittnee I want her to win something again cause she`s a queen when she does, otherwise she`s a cry baby
GODFREY went from a sleeping weirdo to the coolest most entertaining person in the house in knot to 100 in 0.5secs
Sarah the boss is simply awesome, I wish she wasn`t so emotional but that is her only flaw at this point.