Jackson “I don’t give a f**k what happens after he’s gone. Let it rain fire once he walks out the door.”

8pm HOH room. Kat, Jackson and Holly. Kat – honestly I am trying to walk on eggshells around Christie because she flips so much. I am just afraid that she might flip based on whatever is heard. Holly – No, it doesn’t matter because she is gungho wants Sam out because he has the key to her closet full of skeletons. Kat – obviously she is screwed no matter what because he is going to give some kind of hail mary speech. Holly – He’s not. He wants to go out with class. He is going to only tell a couple people the secrets that he’s holding and leave it at that. Kat – Wow, should I do a hail mary speech? Jackson – NO! Holly – no, you’re not going anywhere.

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“If I told this to Jack and Jack is onboard would you and Nick be willing to work with Holly and myself and Cliff”

1:49 pm sam and Jackson
Sam has been doing the rounds campaigning to everyone.
Sam tells Jackson that he likes him. Jackson says he likes Sam
Sam – I do like your game .. you have a very good social game and a good social game without even talking much
Sam – I can’t offer you much you’re really good now .. but in the future numbers get tight

Jackson says the easy eviction is now done, “you’re not an easy eviction, Kat’s not an easy eviction. This is not an easy week this is now Big Brother this is now getting hard”
Jackson – personally I would rather have you here. This wasn’t my deal to have you up against Kat
Jackson – it’s two or three weeks earlier than I wish for you to be on the block
Sam – I never went after you guys or talked about, Cliff did I get that. I never broke trust

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Cliff “Michie had a melt down because there were two open containers of peanut butter. I’m going to put two more in there.”

9:05pm Backyard. Sam and Nicole playing pool. Sam – I said in there that I was going to give a savage speech but now I don’t think I will. Meanwhile, Christie and Sis devise a plan to play a prank on Jackson. Telling him that someone told Cliff that Michie stole Orwell the Owl which ended up costing Cliff 15K. Jackson – why am I?! NO! This is a prank! Christie – no its not. Jackson – it is. Sis – just go talk to him.. I don’t know. Jackson points at Christie laughing and says you’re cracking. Holly – its a prank. Its for sure a prank. Jackson – good job! This isn’t real! Y’alls poker faces are cracking.

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“I just have to float to 7 Sam. If I can float to 7 then they’re going to need me to take shots at their showmances”

1:30 pm Sam and Nick

Sam – did you say something to Christie about my eviction speech
Nick – No why
Sam – you swear
Nick – No why She say something to you
Sam says that Christie told Sis that someone told her that Sam was mad at her
Sam – Sis told me. You Told Christie that I was mad at her
Nick – I said he’s probably mad at her

Sam – you swear you didn’t tell her about my eviction speech .. you swear dude

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Sam “I want to blindside Christie. If I get evicted, it might cause chaos and Christie will probably cry.”

8pm Backyard. Nicole and Sam.
Sam – I’ll tell you what I might do in my eviction speech because I want to have a total surprise. I want to blindside Christie. I don’t want her going around trying to fix things. Nicole – have you spoken to Christie about her targets? Sam – Ummm… yeah, Christie wanted Michie out. That’s why it was total BS that she was looking me in the eye last night saying I never wanted Jack and Michie out. Yes you did! Swear you won’t say anything about my eviction speech? Sam gets Nicole to pinky swear. Sam – I am thinking it could help you, Nick and Cliff. I want to put a target on her because if its the truth .. I want to say .. I’ll give my little shout out thing and then I’ll say house guests lets take a walk down memory lane.

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“I’m going to blow up Christie’s game.. It’ll cause chaos behind me and help out the rest of us bottom feeders”

3:45 pm Sam and Nick
Sam – I’m going to blow up Christie’s game with my eviction speech
Give him the gist of it. Says only Cliff and Nick know because they were involved in what he will say.

Sam – Alright houseguests lets take a walk down memory lane. When Cliff won HOH he wanted to make a BIG move. He wanted the house to have his back so Cliff told me to talk to the house so I talked to Christie and Christie said she’ll do whatever Cliff wanted because she did not want to be on the block when I asked her what she will do with her power she said.
Sam – she was going to pretend that Jack and Michie were bullying her when you guys were to ask her she would shut down and not use the power
Sam – however, plans changed Michie won the veto resulting in Christie into having to have Jack’s back leaving me and Nick out to dry and looking like the bad guys

Nick – Don’t say my name

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Veto Ceremony – “I’ll just campaign and see what happens hopefully the other person unravels”

12:33 pm Sam and Holly
Holly – I’m putting up someone neutral and I know they are being sh1tty with things. It’s not personal with me DUH
Holly – I tried and I saw my game be in jeopardy over it.. it might be a mistake.
Holly – I’ll go neutral and let the house decide. I’m sorry I don’t have better news
Sam – I don’t like how I am called out for things when other people are being fake
Holly – I came here to play an honest game
Sam – you have to do what’s best for your game that’s fine I’ll just campaign and see what happens hopefully the other person unravels.
Sam – Kat going up

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Jack “Are you just gaming too hard and making chicken salad out of chicken sh*t?”

12:10pm Jackson, Jack and Holly.
Jackson is b***hing about the mess in the kitchen / fridge. I was about to have a BF! A b***h fit! The conversation turns to talking about Nicole. Holly – the way she (Nicole) walks and stuff, I don’t think she is hiding anything. Jackson – Maybe Nicole is a super genius. Holly – yeah she could be. Jack – nobody knows what she tested on the Wonderlake. She’s kept everything to herself. Jackson – and who’s to say that the answers she give are legitimate. Jackson – when I took the Wonderlake for my restaurant gig.. I got to about question 39 ..similar to another experience I had (taking it for BB). But even for the restaurant they never told me what I got.. they hired me so I was not completely incompetent.

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Holly “A relationship with Nick is like an abusive relationship. He breaks your trust, he lies, he manipulates!”

8:35pm HOH room. Jack, Holly, Sis, Christie and Jackson. Christie – everything happens for a reason. Maybe this was supposed to happen so that this is Nick chance to redeem himself. I still don’t trust him at all. He’s a crazy liar. But my be Sam is the bigger threat. Christie – I just convinced kat that she will stay over Sam. She is gungho to go up. Jackson – she is going to spiral. Holly – we do have to decide how we are going to manage Nick and everyone’s relationship with him. This is going to be an extreme analogy ..A relationship with Nick is like an abusive relationship. He breaks your trust, he lies, he manipulates but then he is so lovey dovey and pulls at your heartstrings.

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Power Of Veto Competition Results! “I told you bro I was going to win. I’m back!”

The live feeds return to the house guests all in the kitchen. Jack is in a dress. Nick has the veto around his neck. Nick – If I had gone against Holly in the first round I probably would have lost. Nick – when I had 12 I was tired. Tommy – you did great! Cliff – you figured it out! Is this your first veto win? Nick – yes. Cliff – When you needed it. It kept you in the house. All the house guests comment on how hard the competition was. Nick – I asked for an athletic on and they gave it to me. I told you bro I was going to win. Nick tells Tommy – I am going to win HOH next week. I’m back!

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“Can someone riddle me off why the f* me and him are scary now” .. “They like to find Public Enemy”

10:04 am Nicole had a rough first night as a have not. Sounds like she was very enthusiastic about it yesterday not so much now
They talk about the double standards in the house. How the 6 can do anything they want but the rest of them get shit for everything.
Sam is thinking about picking Cliff if he gets houseguests choice. (power and fury)
Nick says he will “because you took him off the first week”
Nicole says she’s being bombarded by the other side “People are like, why would you do that. none of use will use it, why would we use it.. Nobody would use it. blah blah blah ” (She’s impersonating them in an annoying voice)
Nick says he’ll pick Nicole
Nicole warns him she won’t do well
Nick – I was thinking her or Jess but Jess might try to win it (DO NOT involve Jess)

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Nomination Results! “I could swear on my kids. I would take it back and do it anyway.”

Sam – Alright Jess is out to get you? Big whoop! Is she going to go win something and then throw you up? Who cares? You have us in the game, we’ve got your back. Look at the couples, you really think you’re above Christie and Tommy?! You think you’re there? We can help you get there. Maybe Nick mentioned your name but those people he mentioned it to were saying it right back at him. It goes both ways and in a million years he would never go after you. If you did not put us up right now there would be so much trust right now. He was like alright let me ask you this … would you very put me up? I said yeah Michie I could swear on my kids .. I was like whatever screw it because I don’t care I would take it back and do it anyway.

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