Big Brother Canada 3 Week 6 summary and HOH/Eviction Spoilers


Summary of events over the last 7 days in the Big Brother Canada 7 house

Twitter Spoilers

Thanks to @Hamsterwatch
Sindy evicted, Kevin wins HOH, Next week is triple eviction week

Results from the show

Zach votes to evict Sindy
Ashleigh votes to evict Sindy
Kevin votes to evict Sindy
Sarah votes to evict Sindy
Willow votes to evict Sindy
Bruno votes to evict Sindy
Bobby votes to evict Sindy
Godfrey votes to evict Sindy

Evicted houseguest is Sindy

Arisa says Triple eviction next week it all goes down one week from tonight.

HOH Winner is Kevin

There’s three groups in the house
Bru Crew – Bruno/Bobby/Godfrey
No mans land – Sarah/Willow/Brittnee
Diapers – Zach/Ashleigh/Kevn/Pili.

The first two are targeting the Diapers. The Diapers think the Bru’s Crew and No mans land is more or less targeting each other. If the Diapers win the HOH except Bru’s Crew and No mans land to turn on each other. There’s only 4 weeks left and still 10 people in the house how they are going to cull the herd is the BIG UNKNOWN

**in light of the HOH spoiler Kevin said last night that he wanted Bobby out if he won HOH **

Big Brother Canada 3 april 29 2015 live eviction


There are always a lot of Alliance but we’ve tried to make sense of it all.. Read our alliance help guide

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happy that kevin won hoh for a few reasons
not going to be predictable
(if someone from the six won, you KNEW it was gonna be zach and kevin/ashleigh on the block)
with someone in the DA winning, there will be sarah, brittnee, (willow?) vs. godfrey, bruno, bobby
it’ll also even out the numbers a bit better
but on the downside, it sucks that zach has been HOH for three weeks in a row
and it sucks that zach got a good ending for his birthday, considering that his alliance member, kevin, won hoh


Ow please, we’re 90% sure it’s going to be Sarah and Britt on the Block with a backdoor option of Godfrey, Zach does not want the others on the block yet, and it’s his HOH remember? How much more predictable can this get?


NanaSil, I agree! so predictable. Tired of the diapers they are so boring and Kevin is really annoying me. I hope godrey wins the veto this week and they evict bobby since none of the diapers will be going anytime soon 😐


Kevin is not putting God up, he will not listen to Zach. God is coming after Zach not Kevin, Kev and God made a final 2 last night that i hope they both stick to, KEvin told god that he wouldn’t put him up if he won. Kevin is going to see if Bobby secret veto is real or not for sure. Kevin knows when to play and when not to play, it is his time to start playing for himself. Zach wouldn’t listen to JP when he was hoh so kevin isn’t going to listten to zach. Kevin’s worst enemy right now that would put him up in a heartbeat is bruno and sara but bobby will most likely go home this week to leave brun o scrambling for someone, it is good because bruno and sarah took kevin number 1 ally in the house he needs to take out theirs too. I LOVE you KEvin you are the best ever


This season is trash! Such an epic fail on so many levels, so many people I know are clearly
uninterested in this cast.



Well, I am disappointed, but I expected the results of the spoilers to take place.

They better start doing Double, Instant, and Triple evictions every week to make this slightly more entertaining and to finish this faster.


Kevin tells Pili about how he became a bully in High School…because he was nerdy in Junior High. If anyone needs a mental image of this, here it is:

(Meant to post this here…please disregard other post.)


The picture of Kevin has just solidified the fact that he was never a bully…. ” real talk” !
Am sure kevin will be devastated if he knew that pic of him was surfacing the internet while he pretending to be tough to pilar.


More delicious tears from the Zach / Kev haters this week. It’s gonna be great!


haters troll on 😛


Fill yer bootz buddy


I really hope Bobby goes this week.


I think he will, Kevin isn’t scared to put him up to flush his veto but when they find out it was all a lie, Bobby is going to go then Bruno is going to be guilt by association because he was right in on it , I can’t wait to see Bruno and Sara trying to save their BBCAN lives ha ha


Yay to all you Kevin haters, his best bet is to put up Bruno and Sara get rid of either, they are walking around so safe right now. If Kevin gets rid of Bruno it is smooth sailing for him here on out I love that the Diapers are dominating Hoh right now, Zach is not going to tell kevin what to do. All you Sara lovers get ready to really see her work to stay this week. I hope she gets put right back on slop this week too. haha All the diapers have to do is keep taking turns winning hoh like they have been and then kevin wins the game lol


Lovely…can’t wait for a whole nother week of Kevin and Pili sucking face in the HOH bed. *shudders*


This shows been so boring!!! I can’t even watch after dark anymore, zzzzzzzzzzzzz.


This sucks kevin hoh bruno sarah Godfrey is gone I hope they didn’t throw it. I want zach gone this week. The hoh comps sucks this season. I have feeling sarah threw it but she needs zach gone to go the distance. And bb 17 is not all stars it might have returning house guests i wanted zach rance back he is not with his charity events for summer


This is becoming BB16 watching the same unlikeable group of people win week after week…

another name

sorry for my confusion, in regard to the spoiler does that mean may 6 is the triple eviction or may 17 is the triple eviction?

another name

I meant may 13 not 17 (hangs head in embarrassment…)


god this sucks. was really hoping someone else would win this week. anything to get that smug look off zach’s face

To the Curb

on the bright side kevin can’t play for hoh for the triple.


I don’t want to get too excited about the upcoming triple eviction. I suspect production will screw this up in some way.


Absolutely….. they ALWAYS do : /


How do you know Kevin won?


Another week of watching Kevin and Pilar in the HOH room….shoot me now.


That wasn’t as bad as BB9, I stopped watching that half way through the season.


I hope so Simon! Cause you & dawg the best part of Big Brother ; )


Another week with Zach as HOH. Ugh.
Another week of boring livefeeds where you see Sarah and Britnee whining about their ill fated situation in the house (step up your competition games WHAT THE HELL!), Bruno and Bobby throwing Sarah and Britnee under the bus, Willow talking BS to everyone in the house, Zach and Ashleigh boasting about being in the best position in the house, Pilar saying you’re so smart a hundred times to Kevin, and Kevin acting as if he has game but in reality is clueless about his position.


Well it sucks that the other people are absolutely garbage in challenges…The only way Sarah will win is if Production gives her all the answers (which is a real possibility).


Well the silver lining to this crap-cloud is that I’m so miserable with a bad cold…that I no longer have to stay up to see what happens tonight. I’m going to eat my homemade chicken noodle soup and take my sick ass to bed. So glad I have this site to catch me up in the morning…thanks to Simon and Dawg. Good night all.


How is it possible that its 6 vs 3 and the Diaper alliance still manages to pull out a win.
And from what I hear the competition was geared toward a Sarah/Brittnee win.


Production forgot to slip Sarah the answers along with the wine.


It was a coverup on the show saying Willow had won the champagne when really they gave the bottle to Sarah. They were getting flack about Sarah being a havenot so BB lied on the show.


“… geared towards Sarah/Brittney …”

So it was a whining contest?


The house (other than the diapers alliance), especially Sarah, is all whine and no action. No matter how hard I try, I can’t like her. I don’t know what it is about her. Sure she wants to make big moves but at this point she may be one of the worst competitors big brother has ever seen. And to make matter’s worse she’s aligning with equally terrible competitors. I don’t get how Britt and Sarah lost a comp about Sindy? I just don’t see her winning this game unless she stands next to Willow. Honestly, Pili and Ashleigh will both beat her (more friends/more comp wins)


I still do like Kevin, I don’t like that he is aligned with the Diapers (stupid name) though

I would like him to turn the tables and go after Zach, but that might be a long shot.

I would say his best bet, if he sticking with that alliance ^ is to put up people from the Bru Crew. Godfrey has really grown on me, and I think he is great, but I could see him getting put up. Bruno I like, but I could see him being a target because he is the brains of that alliance.

I wish all of the people I like could be in a alliance! But they are scattered. #BBFanProblems


But Kevin knows that Bruno and Bobby were targeting from the start of the game. So surely they would be a worse choice than the Zach alliance?

And Brittney was fairly public in telling everyone how much she hates the showmances, so I don’t think Kev would have found any comfort there.

So what does that leave him? Either side with Zach or maybe side with … Willow?


He will consider targeting all JP offenders, This includes Zach (low likelihood),Bobby, Bruno, Britt and Sarah and excludes Godfrey.


I don’t blame the Diapers for a boring season. I blame SSB for not being able to win a competition to save their lives. Power shifts can’t happen without an occasional win. I’m starting to think that the Britt/Sarah HOH win was a one time thing. Not accepting them to ever win again at this rate.




honestly im so annoyed that the other side of the house doesnt know how to win a freakin HOH like come onnnnn stop saying how much you need to win and actually win it so zach can get kicked out!!!!


Especially when the odds are 6 to 3 for one of them to win!!? So frustrating.


i was rooting for the people not in the diaper alliance but honestly they can’t do anything when it comes to important competitions and its really pathetic its hard to cheer for people that throw everything (bobby, bruno) and people who cant do anything (sarah, brit)

the whole house should just self evict and start BB17


i give props to you guys who update this site. After the last few seasons of BB U.S. & this season of BBcan,… idk how you guys do it lol. i wuda thrown my computer out the window long time ago.


Awe great s.d. (kevin)hoh…where’s the action…half hour in and still showing crap!


What the fu#%? All doubles from here out? Really sucks….boring f uk kin show tonite…,all the False hype for nothing!!! They just wanted a boost in ratings global did! A$$es!

Moronita Pilar

Really bad news 🙁

I will stop watching this for a week. It will be very boring with unbearable Kev & Moronita sniffing each other and giggling idiotically. Fin-nose-Zach will have his smug face back on, and the Sarah team will be in agony of paranoia…

God is a backdoor plan. Otherwise Bobby is going home next Wednesday when I’ll tune back in.


Fin Nose Zach

LOL @ “Fin nose Zach” – so true, so hilarious and so epic!!!!


They tested our response from predictions on website last week from that 2 hour leak…therefore changed this double to triple next week


Now we had an hour of crap…Public relations used us!


Well i guess that’s good then.


sindy kinda threw the other side of the house (bruno, bob, sarah, brit, godfrey, ?willow?) under the bus by exposing them. Even though they voted out jordan -willow they kinda weathered the storm and bruno and bobby sort of worked their way back into zach and the diapers good books. If the diapers were smart (which they are not) they would realize what she said means there are two sides of the house possible of keeping her and they would figure out that bruno and bobby are not actually with them.

I guess they kind of already see this but not so clear cut as sindy hinted at. Hopefully what i just wrote made some sense, but if not, as a proud canadian i must say sorry!


Irrelevant question but if anyone had some input.. When do tickets get released for live eviction shows? So for next Wednesday, when would they be available? I tried getting tickets for today’s show but it was already too late 🙁


I love that the seagull is a “she.” Because, there are no other she’s that are holding their own in this game, and that bird has now got my vote 🙂


Yep this site from these dudes is the most entertaining for me…sick of cliffhangers and Global trying to Up their ratings by trying to play with our minds… (the 2 Hoh and 3 leaving crap they leaked on purpose to get us to tune in tonite)
MUCH MUCH PROPS.TO DAWG and SIMON and THE REST 4 PUTTING THIS SITE together.. HOUR AFTER HOUR FOR US! (more like minute after minute)


Wow kevin the hobbit body won , another no watch of bb live feeds week for me

Fin Nose Zach

LOL I love this description of Kevin but I would add, pasty and weird noise making to hobbit body. If I have to listen to this pasty weird noise making hobbit body scream that “Its snowing! Aghhh Its so beauful!!!” I may end up ruining my flat screen due to acidic corosion deom my projectile puking all over it!!!!!!


Another whole week of the same. Honestly, those diapers need changing! They’re getting pretty rank now. PEE YEW!
Someone, anyone else needs to win one of these comps!


I waited all winter for this show now i cant wait for it to be over

Fin Nose Zach

LOL! So true – glad i am not the only one who suspected her of suffering from a mental handicap. As a proid Mexican Canadian I assure you that it has nothing to do with her accent – but her character


Shes the first Make a Wish Foundation kid to get cast into a Reality Game show

Shout out to Make a wish Canada for making dreams come true!!


I am sure Pilli is a very nice girl but her voice grates on me and Kevin’s weird face twitches drive me crazy too. Am I the only one who feels this way?


Puhlease let Canada have the HoH for the triple! Or at the very least, let Canada choose the HoH


lol – you just described what seem to be the 2 only possibilities for the cockroaches to become HOH… Since ‘winning’ doesn’t seem to be their thing… like… at all.
Even when it’s “guess what Sindy thinks”, her bffs Sarah and Britt still can’t pull one off, it’s between Kevin and Zach.
Yeah, might as well give up on waiting for them to win something and let Canada help them out. They’re hopeless.


THIS SUCKS! (Kevin winning) Only hope now is he continues to be the self professed bully he was and puts Sarah on slop for the third straight week leading to her getting the special vault reward.

Knowing Kevin there is no way he’ll put Pilee, Ash or Zach on slop because they’ll need to be strong for the following HOH so his only choices are 3 people who just came off slop (Britt, Sarah on her 2nd straight week of slop and Godfrey) or Willow, Bobby and Bruno.

In each of those cases actually getting the special vault reward which is likely the ability to replace all the nominees would work to their advantage as they can throw up Zach and Ash or Zach and Pilee. Except that Bobby/Bruno might not use it unless they themselves are in jeopardy. So again, my hope is Sarah or Willow get the reward.

Do we know if this week is the triple eviction or next week? i.e will Kevin be the HOH who puts up 3 people or will the next HOH?


Well now I’ve heard it all. Apparently Kevin is a bully for not putting his 3 alliance members on slop!


I Bet Global doesnt show third eviction wednesday
Right before vote

Thats when ill never watch another BB Canada


i would not put it past them. like don’t they understand that it is getting old & annoying now?


I know Sindy is evicted and blah blah blah, but I am still pissed at Pilar and her little brain for not putting Bobby on the block. Ugh. This season’s cast has no brain!! Who would actually tell everyone that he has a secret veto. If they watched big brother before, people who got the secret POV had to keep it a secret. Sindy is the only reason why I think this season is interesting enough, now she is gone, I don’t care who wins, they are all no brainers.

another name

so the episode didn’t go exactly as I thought it would. but close.
apparently viewers don’t need to know that everyone else has tentatively allied against the diapers (even though some have already talked about flipping depending on this hoh).
kevin gets to evict one player, then they have a two player eviction in a 24 hour period?
because it would reek a little if the instant eviction guy was also the send three people home guy… wouldn’t it?
on the feeds a few minutes ago Bruno was commenting about cheating in the hoh comp (people changing answers or something). not intending to be a hater when I thought that’s karma for the spin cycle hoh help he received to win. just thought it a little hypocritical at the moment I heard it.


Big Brother has been really lax on the HOH comp plays. Seems to be about reading the fine print. YOu mentioned Bruno’s HOH but Pili’s HOH was as bad. Both her and Ashleigh did not name the comps but threw out vague descriptions. “The tennis one.” Even within the description she failed to identify the type of comp…Havenot, POV, HOH. Nada…
Emmett must be fuming.

another name

yeah, I agree. Emmett must be wondering why he wasn’t cast with a ref-less season.
from what they said to cindy the night of pillar’s win the hg’s were given an info pack of names of competitions so that she wasn’t at a disadvantage after being gone for two weeks. so not knowing comp names wasn’t really an excuse. I hadn’t thought of that.
I only mentioned the Bruno case because he was the one making the comment and I believed it to be short sighted.