Ika Wong Interviews the Cast of Big Brother 19! “No time for any victims in the house”

Big Brother 19 premieres in just 1 week and we’re already forming our first impressions of the 16 house guests that are set to move into the house later this week. Photos and a Julie Chen tour of the newly redesigned house will be released tomorrow (Wednesday, June 21st), so make sure you check back to see what this seasons theme is going to be. Julie will also be revealing this seasons twist tomorrow so stay tuned for that breaking news.

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Big Brother 19 Houseguests revealed

It’s upon us! Big Brother 19 cast was revealed today. 16 new players (hopefully it stays that way). Christmas Abbot is the only person I’ve heard about outside of BB, she may be packing a sizable fan base compared to the other players. After watching the Jeff interviews I’m pretty excited for the season. A lot of these players are going to be fun to watch.

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Big Brother 19 Promo Commercial! Big Brother is BACK!

The 19th season of Big Brother starts in less than 2 weeks!! Now is the best time to sign up for the BB live feeds because it will give you access to exclusive content, plus you can re-watch the past 18 seasons. If you sign up by June 19th you can meet the house guests before anyone else. On Monday at 8am (pacific time), Jeff Schroeder will be interviewing the cast and you can only view it on the live feeds. Sign up for the live feeds and test them out for 1 week for FREE.

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Big Brother 19 Promotional Commercial!

The Big Brother 19 premiere is fast approaching with only 3 weeks to go until the 2 hour premiere episode airs on Wednesday, June 28th. We likely won’t learn the identities of the big brother 19 house guests until about a week before the premiere. There are always tons of rumors floating around the internet but don’t get too caught up in them as they’re rarely ever true. Fan favorite Jeff Schroeder will be back this season doing the cast interviews, however there won’t be any pre-season alumni cast interviews.

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Justin “I think its really going to be f**king hell” Jason “Lets just hope Donald Trump didn’t win!”

8:40pm HOH room – Shelby, Alex and Morgan. Shelby – I can’t wait for Morgan and I to release our inner b***hes together but with this double eviction .. we could go home right after. Alex – I really wish it was not. I wish double eviction was next week and not this week. Alex – coming in here I said I wanted to be close with the nerdy people. You (Shelby) are a bit nerdy and Scott was nerdy.

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“If Scott says something, i’m like going to be like dude you better watch your a$$hole”

7:21pm Scott, Shelby and Alex

Talking about Neeley and Kryssie going up as Pawns they agree someone from the other side is goign to crack this week and it’s goign to be Kryssie. Scott feels bad for putting up Neeley. SCott’s plan is to get rid of Shae. Danielle is a mess and she’ll be no threat when he’s gone.

Scott tells Shelly he doesn’t want the house to see how close they are.
Alex says if Shelby or her go up as America’s nom Justin will probably not vote them out.

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