Big Brother 20 Faysal Shafaat – Model, Ninja Warrior, Indecent Exposure

The premiere of Big Brother 20 is in one week where we will get to see the 16 new house guests compete for half a million dollars. As with past seasons, once the cast is revealed there is always lots of dirt that surfaces. Not to mention an arrest records here or there. This season is no different with that arrest record of Faysal Shafaat surfacing from when he was 21 and living in Chattanooga, California.

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Audrey from Big Brother

Big Brother 20 Spoilers – Cast Reveal Schedule

Big Brother 20 is only 2 weeks away! The cast reveal will happen June 18th on the Big Brother Live Feeds @ 11AM ET/8AM PT. This will be similar to last years reveal. Not sure if Jeff will be the host though. You’ll need the live feeds to catch this live. If you haven’t picked yours up and you like our site please use the affiliate link below. If BB20 is truly an all new cast it’ll be worth watching.

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“The second I walked through those doors I was immediately put at a disadvantage”

Big Brother Spoilers 1:25PM Paul practicing his speech
p – had control of the numbers in the house nobody could take a shot at me
P – won 2 HOH’s .. f* I should talk about that..
P – It was easy to always to make a target.. it was easy to make a house target that wasn’t me
P – I pretty much controlled every HOH, the two that I didn’t.. I was the one that flipped the house for Groundhog and I was the one that flipped the house for Josh
P – I flipped the house for my game.. I flipped the house for Groundhog day and Josh
P – after that first double eviction I knew I had to change my strategy because there wasn’t a lot of house targets left

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