Big Brother 19 Week 9 Top Animated Gifs

It’s a vile season of Big Brother.. let’s enjoy some vile gifs

  • Kevin almost throws a glass at Josh after non stop bully for weeks
  • Josh picks his nose
  • Alex scares Jason (maybe the best scare to date but nobody really cares)
  • Paul and Josh dance at the prospect of Alex throwing the HOH
  • Matt and Raven throw food on each other but nobody cares
  • Matt falls off the hot dog during the endurance HOH competition but noone cares
  • Raven blow dries her privates but nobody cares
  • Xmas drives er stupid cart around smashing it into people and nobody cares

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Alex – “I’m going to tell him [Kevin] straight up dude, America is going to hate you so go hide”

4:40pm Alex and Jason
Alex saying America is going to hate Kevin “for being petty” (Kraken)
Alex – I’m going to tell him straight up dude America is going to hate you… (just assume everything is Kraken and everything is a ZOMG from here on in)

Jason – I told him to apologize to you if he was a man
Alex – I still want him to sh1t the bed..

Alex – you are a coward excuse foof a man that you are scared to lose against a girl so you are going to start all this propaganda
Alex – he’s so full of sh1t..
Alex – you are a coward (kevin)

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“why do they keep making stuff up about me, tell them to stop, I’ll go home next week if I lose”

Big Brother Spoilers 10:43am HOH Kevin and Jason

Kevin – that was a fiasco huh..
Kevin explains he was in the pool with Matt said he was a good guy. Matt asked him if he won the 25K Kevin told him no, None of you business.
Kevin adds that he feels bad for Matt because he’s leaving.. “I never started the conversation he did”
Kevin bring sup that he offered to take Matt out for dinner if he’s ever visiting his brother. (i guess the school Matt’s brother goes to is near where Kevin lives)

Kevin – I told him Jason is a nice guy sometimes when he does things It’s because Alex is telling him how to Play the game.
Kevin – Alex is the one that knows how to play the game, but she gets petty about things

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Kevin “The f***ing b***h! I’m a soldier! I’m not afraid of no one! I ain’t kissing Alex’s a$$ no more!”

Kevin – Christmas said it hasn’t gone unknown how mean she’s been to you. Alex, you know what I mean. Paul – that’s what I f**king told you. Kevin – okay, I’ll be cool! You got it! I’m going to win the HOH. Paul – don’t win this HOH. Kevin – so who wins it, you let Alex win? Paul – she won’t win. Kevin – you going to win. Paul nods. Kevin – okay I feel better. I’m going to go to bed. Could you do me a favor? Could you tell them to stop. Josh went and told everyone I won the money (25K). The f**king b***h! I’m a soldier! I’m not afraid of no one! But I ain’t kissing Alex’s a$$ no more! I’m going to tell her right out though.

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“Ideal top 3 will be me, Paul and Xmas..” Losing to Paul “I would be OK with that.. I’ll probably lose to Xmas too”

Big Brother Spoilers 4:40pm MAtt and Raven in the APSR
Matt thinks Kevin has promised Jason a part of that 25 thousand.
Matt – Jason is either really smart or really dumb
Raven – he’s really dumb.. If I was a smart player.. I’m not aligned with Paul..
MAtt – of course Paul.. of the remaining people other than Alex he’s the best competitor.. He’s a smart player..

Matt – there’s no way the house wants Kevin outta this game
Raven – no way
Matt – he’s never going to beat you in a competition he’s never going to put you up.. Why would you want him out of this game.. Because he annoys you
Raven says that is why Alex jumped down from the HOH she knew Jason would make that move.

MAtt says it would be HUGE if JAson and Alex went up and they got the two vetoes.. (crapo I forgot about that tree.. Ohh damn this weekend could get fun)

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“his skin looks leathery .. you’re going to get skin cancer.. it’s already starting” -Alex

Big Brother Spoilers 3:24pm Alex and Paul
Alex – next time he asks you why I hate him so much.. ask him
Alex – be like I don’t think she does, she says you remind her of her grandfather that died at your age and she’s worried about you
Alex – what’s she really telling you.. not to mess around with questions.. tell him that her grandfather had alzheimer’s and is worried about you
Alex laughs
Alex – he’s forgetting things and then like if he says something about putting on sunscreen be like Kevin that sounds like she actually genuinely cares about you and then Flip it all on his head..

Alex – You’re about the same age (as her fake dead grandfather).. and all the question she thins you can’t keep yo mind straight
Alex – he’ll lose his sh1t dude, do it..

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“[Kevin] sees a weakness, that’s what ch!ld mol$sters do, they see which kids are going to f*ing tell”

Big Brother Spoilers 11:30am Jason and Alex

Jason didn’t want to put Kevin up because he felt that Alex and Paul had a plan and if he had put Kevin up as a pawn everyone would have voted him out (correct)
Alex – I said we might I didn’t know if we wanted to or not.. We wanted the option

Jason – why didn’t you have that conversation with me
Alex- I did tell you, you didn’t listen
Jason – apparently not in the right spot..
Alex – it’s not a big deal Matt goes.. This is what Happens when you’re HOH until the person leaves it’s hard.

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Paul “Should I start promising to get them far? I don’t want to say that unless you & Christmas trust me 500%”

Kevin – oh my god I hope I win HOH! I’m only going to put one person (Alex) up twice! I’ve got no one else to put up. I’m going to put her up first and second. Like in the DR can I put her up twice. Can you put two pictures of her up? Jason laughs. Kevin – she is doing this for no reason. It wasn’t a bar fight. Once you and Paul came I stopped and walked away. Jason – I know, it was no worse than the pots and pans. Kevin – thank you. I was no worse than the Mark thing. He threw sh*t in Josh’s eyes. Jason – its because its the new thing. I don’t know how to get back to ground zero here. I don’t know how to protect you. I don’t know how to protect me. Kevin – just don’t vote against me and I won’t vote against you. Jason – I won’t.

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Matt – “If [Alex] and Jason make it. I’m the first person in Big Brother history that refuses to vote”

Big BRother Spoilers 5:21pm backyard Xmas, Paul, Raven And Matt
Talking about how arrogant Alex and Jason are getting. Especially Alex. Paul more or less tells them Alex was the other vote against Matt last week.
Xmas says she had a conversation with Alex were she said if “things work out” on BB she doesn’t have to go back to her job and starts her bikini company

Matt – if her and Jason make it. I’m the first person in big brother history that refuses to vote.. (Poor sport)

They start shitting on Kevin again..

Raven – he told production to f* off..
Paul – he cracked..
Xmas – lost it..

Paul – Big BRother is not difficult

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