Godfrey “I don’t know if Bobby has that veto or not” Kevin “We’re about to find out”

POV Holder: ? Next POV May 1st
POV Used ? POV Ceremony May 3rd
HOH Winner Kevin Next HOH May 6th
Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?
POV Players ?

** The 2 round HOH twist that was leaked last week is once again back up for this week. **

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-30 05-54-56-197

8:20am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Sarah, Brittnee & Bobby are in the bathroom. Britt comments that it could be have/havenot comp. Sarah says or Veto. Its the name of the comp that kills me. Britt says I know. Sarah says Every time I think of it, I just.. Sarah heads to the bedroom with the batteries and tells Zach.. it says Noms on the screen and the gate is closed. They’re setting up something. Sarah and Willow cuddle in bed and then look up at the camera. Willow says Good Morning nosey you getting in on this cuddle? Willow asks do you think Big Brother will start handing out anti-depressants?

In the bathroom – Ash says I feel like no one talked to him last night. Brittnee says she wants to talk to him but doesn’t want to be all up in his grill. Ash says I just don’t know where his head is at. They wonder if it will be a have/havenot comp or a luxury competition.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-30 06-02-14-171

9:30am In the kitchen- Sarah, Willow and Brittnee are making breakfast burritos. They talk about the live feeds for the US version. Kevin wonders if they had live feeds back in season 2. Willow and Sarah both say there were because they remember seeing clips that weren’t on the show. Zach asks what do you think a havenot comp out there or what? Willow says I think Sindy is out there competing to come back in here.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-30 06-51-21-243

10am Up in the HOH room – Bobby asks Godfrey did you talk to Kevin yet? Godfrey says na bro. Bobby says I just don’t know who he’s going to put up. Godfrey says there’s nothing to talk about. It will just go in one ear and out the other. I’ll just wait to see what happens. Bobby agrees. Bobby listens to a song and then leaves.

In the kitchen / living room – The house guests are talking about random things like fake IDs, getting into clubs, Vegas, amusement parks. Zach, Kevin, Pilar and Ashleigh talk about how there are too many people in the house.

Ash says day 25 was the last twist, we’re due for one. Kevin says I should have that conversation with Bobby. Not fun. Like a bandaid rip it off. Pilar says chug a beer and then do it. Kevin says just get bombed!

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-30 06-58-41-549

10:30am Up in the HOH – Kevin tells Godfrey I haven’t told them yet but I am going to put up B and Bobby. Godfrey says here’s the thing I don’t know if Bobby has that veto or not. Kevin says well we’re about to find out. Kevin says we’ll have a bigger conversation later ..but you’re not going up. It would be epic if you got to play in the veto. Godfrey says if I won HOH I would put up Zach and if he won he would put me up. He wanted you out man. Right now it is unlikely he will go after you. Kevin says that Zach thinks I am backdooring you… just know that there is more going on. Hopefully you get picked to play in the veto and win it.

10:40am Big Brother opens up the backyard and the house guests head outside. The notice that Sindy’s backyard photos is now black and white. Sarah wonders if they’ll all be haves for the week.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-30 07-28-38-008

10:45am – 11am Out in the backyard – Kevin says to Bruno, Bobby and Zach. Kevin says if I put up Sarah and Brittnee and then God won the veto he could pull one of them off. Bobby asks so you want God gone this week. The plan is to backdoor God this week. Going into the vote I don’t want one of us up there. Bobby says its up to you man its your HOH. Bruno says if you put one of us up as a pawn and one of them win the veto .. Zach says we have the votes no matter what. We’re sending one of them home. Preferably God and if not then Sarah. Bobby says I have an idea but its so risky. Put me and B (Brittnee) up so that we have someone strong playing in the veto. Pilar says even if God wins it and doesn’t use it .. you have yours (secret veto). Bobby says I want to play against God to make sure I win. Keivn says so if we put up you and B… then any of the 5 of us win it we take you off and put up God. Either way you have your veto. Bobby says I just want to be conservative and not use it. Zach says you might even be able to convince God to use it on you. Bobby says okay whatever you decide. Zach warns them all to watch what they say around Willow. Kevin asks Bobby so you’re okay with that. Bruno says why not put up Sarah and Britt. Bobby says I don’t know I am just throwing it out there to help you guys. Kevin says the only way God survives this week is if he wins the veto. Bruno says if its B and Sarah no matter what the veto is being used. If they win they take themselves off and God goes up or if we win we use it to take one of them off and God goes up.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-30 07-49-05-665

11:25am – 11:40am Out in the hot tub – Brittnee asks do you think we should say something Kevin? Sarah says no because they were up late last night. They already have their minds made up. Brittnee says I am just trying to be nice. Kevin doesn’t make big moves though. At the end of the day I just hope its not you and I. Sarah says you could say if I’m not up there I would vote however you want me to vote. Keivn joins them and says so Noms coming up today. I am going to nominate Bobby and you Brittnee. Britt asks can you explain why me again? Kevin says there’s a lot more going on this week. Britt says I get that its a safe move but if I’m not up there I would vote however you want me to and if I’m up there you’re down 1 vote. Kevin says Godfrey made it very clear who he’s coming after. The veto is being used no matter what unless Godfrey wins the veto. Britt says I am not your target right? Kevin says no you’re 100% safe. Britt asks wouldn’t you want to put up two powerhouses so they win the veto. I haven’t won anything. Britt says I want to work with you but I don’t want to keep going up on the block. Ultimately I want to work with you Kev. I don’t want to go up as a pawn. Kevin says I’m sorry its just kind of the way it is.
Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-30 08-34-38-301

In the bathroom – Brittnee is crying. Bobby comes to give her a hug and tells her he’s going to be on the block with her. Sarah comes to comfort Brittnee. Brittnee says I just don’t get it. I would put up two strong people that could win the veto. Sarah says I get it but I would rather be a pawn than a threat.

In the HOH room – Kevin laughs about how great it was that Bobby volunteered to go up on the block.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-30 08-43-42-562

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-30 09-11-56-801

Out in the pool – Bruno is talking to Godfrey. Bruno says I think they’re trying to break me, Bobby and you. I think they’re going to try and get rid of Bobby. Bruno says we will just have to wait until after the veto and then talk. Bruno says lets push to get rid of the pawn. We just have to figure it out and make it work. Godfrey says right now they’re already comfortable. I don’t see them talking to Bobby. He is good though he can use the veto to safe himself. Bruno says I think they’re going for Bobby. I can’t believe I blew that HOH.

In the bedroom – Brittnee tells Willow I don’t trust Kevin. I don’t trust him as far as I can throw him. Brittnee says that his (Kevin) game play is cowardly! I’ve said that since day one!

Sarah Tells Brittnee I know you don’t want to hear this but look at Spencer Clawson he was a pawn almost every week and he made it to the final 3. Britt says I dont want to look like a chump.

12:35pm – 12:45pmBig Brother calls all the house guests to the HOH room for a lock down.

12:50pm Big Brother blocks the feeds.

3:15pm Still blocked

4:10pm Still blocked

4:45pm Still blocked

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So production made it look like Marsha the Moose gave Willow the wine and Willow shared it with Sarah even though she was on slop.

I started watching big brother last year and the live feeds this year. I knew production edited and told a story they wanted the viewers to see, but really? If they can blatantly change the story we saw, what else can they do with all those DR sessions we cannot view?

Annoyed new fab here!


I liked BBCAN when it was on Slice TV so much more. You got to see people and how they really were. As well, someone had mentioned it yesterday that the damn HOH comps never finish before the show is over. So, we never know who won, unless, of course, you’re reading spoilers, until the next episode. I never noticed it before, but, started thinking back and noticed it yesterday…damn awful. I hate the effing editing this year.It is so tame and the twists have become so lame. BBCAN bring it back to Slice TV.


The poll is making a little more sense to me now..


Still don’t know why Kevin is 2nd. All he does is suck face with not so bright Pilar.


Kevin keeps telling us he is a mastermind and “the best player”. I wouldn’t be surprised if that is why some people think he is. I bet if we did a “beauty” poll, CCCindy would be up on top as well. That would prove that people are completely suggestible. Maybe it’s the current trend of everyone being told they are the best thing since sliced bread. All you have to do is say it and it is believed.


From what I’m reading on twitter, Kevin fans are a mix of people who think he’s cute and are rooting for him and Pilar (and don’t even care about game play), and some people who have been cheering for him from the beginning and truly believe he is the best player…


Kevin gets a unfair edit that makes him look like a more influential player than he really is. Plus his hi-jinx are celebrated on the show whereas other houseguests like Willow are more or less ignored.


I wonder if production told Sarah in the DR that they want her to be less hateful about other HGs…
“Sarah, we’re really trying to show you as a nice, warmhearted person… but you’ve got to give us SOMETHING here… otherwise it’s just not possible anymore…”
She’s currently having a monologue by the hot tub, about “sorry Canada for having been bitching a lot about the others. They’re lying, I’m lying. They’re in showmances, I’m also using feelings to my advantage. We’re all doing the same thing…”
She’s been having conversations with Willow over the past days where Willow would tell her how awesome she is for “loving everyone in here”… I thought I had to be hallucinating!!
This sounds so different from how she’s been bashing everybody to everybody in the first 35 days… She was constantly saying nasty stuff like “I hate x so much, I want to punch them in the face!” “you call me sweetie? Get a life!” etc.
She’s lucky BB hasn’t shown any of this in the main show, otherwise the mainstream show viewers would see her as another Christine from BB16… I get that it’s her strategy (to get her interlocutor heated and to convince them she’s not working with those she bashes), but she’s gone so far overboard with the hate speeches, to the point of just appearing really malicious and mean – in my opinion.


Every one in there talks bad about others…Sarah is actually the most nurturing in there and one of the only ones who also talks good about everyone…even the ones that annoy her she is always telling Willow and Brit how eeryone has great and bad sides..even her…she does it about herslef as well..
she hasn’t done anything that is anywhere close to hate speech…that is just ridiculous…For whatever reason..the people that don’t like Sarah will have this narrative..whatever…
Sarah is a woman who is going all out gaming…for whatever reason a certain segment of the population still don’t like seeing women actualaly play the game hard (as opposed to Ashleigh and Pilar for instance)….if she was a guy she would be even more popular…its hypocrtical and misogynistic…
Sarah is the best…deal with it


lol. Feel free to use this awesome site and the videos Dawg and Simon were kind enough to upload: Go back a couple of weeks and check out some of these hate speeches that ‘never existed’. You’ll be amazed at how many there were. πŸ˜‰


THANK YOU- FINALLY SOMEONE SAID IT. Sarah is definitely a good player, and so I like her enough for that…but she gets a good edit on the show considering all the crap she talks about everyone. Brittnee on the other hand, needs to both stay and leave. Getting rid of her is a waste of time, but she’s pretty much a useless player at this point.


psst!!! You’re going to get massive thumbs down for saying Sarah talks crap about everyone. We all know she’s never said a single bad thing about anyone her entire life, and anyone suggesting she did is part of the Sarah Conspiracy! πŸ˜‰
But thanks πŸ™‚


omg bobby is volunteering to go up. i really hope he does not win the veto. i want bobby to get evicted over godfrey, and definitely over sarah!


Here’s to hoping production gets God to play in the veto and he wins!! Then bobby will for sure leave unless something crazy happens where they vote Sarah out :(((


God can still use it on Bobby because he trusts him more than Britt, and that would be the worst!


That would be even more epic, since then, it would be Bruno who’d get backdoored! πŸ˜‰
(though I agree that the non-diaper alliance might rally to save him over Brit – if they can convince Sarah to vote against Brit)


Take a shot everytime the houseguest said “pawn”


Wow!! Bobby’s pulling a Jordan and asking to be put up.


True…but I think there is a difference here. Jordon volunteered himself because he was cocky and thought he was safe…therefore, throwing the veto. I think that Bobby offered because he knows he isn’t safe and fears they will back-door him or renom him to flush out his “secret veto”. So, Bobby would rather go up as an initial nom, which gives him a guaranteed spot in the veto comp and a fighting chance to save himself.

Although, it is never good to offer yourself up…if you are doing it knowing they will definitely back-door you if you don’t play in the veto comp…then he will at least get a chance to win it. (It’s better to have your fate in your own hands, then to leave it to chance and others you don’t trust.)


Although Jordan was cocky (and his cockiness was a contributing factor) that was not the reason he volunteered to be put on the block. He volunteered because he had over celebrated Zach’s HoH win (jumped in Zach’s arms like he was Zach’s lover) and was stupid enough to think by being put on the block by Zach ‘the house’ would be convinced they were not in an alliance together.


I feel, after last nights episode, that if Brittnee/Bobby go up… one of them comes down (assuming it’s Bobby) and Godfrey goes up then Brittnee could very well go home. It seems that the “alliance” of Sarah/Bruno/Bobby/Godfrey and then Willow and Brittnee as sidekicks still plan to stay together even though they will lose a number. Obviously they need strong people to go after the Diapers so why would they keep Brittnee over Godfrey? If Godfrey/Brittnee end up being the final noms then I forsee Sarah/Bruno/Bobby/Willow voting out Brittnee, which would be the smarter move. Bobby also has a VERY good chance of going home if the veto is not used on him. Bobby is the person I wanna see go home because he is SOOOO dumb. DUMBEST player.


If you you think Sarah/Willow/Bruno/BOBBY want to keep a stronger player if God/Brittnee are on the block, then Sarah/Willow/Bruno/GOD should also want to keep the stronger if Bobby/Brittnee are on the block. Using your logic, either way, Brittnee goes home


no no that’s not fair!!!

Zack is the dumbest player. Jordan second and poor Bobby 3rd. There is something to be said for this season of dumb!.

How bad is Bobby though …. lets review some facts. He knows that Jordan offered to go up and got blindsided. He just gave diapers the opportunity to do the same. Shake my freaking head. In a convo the talk also included “Bobby your safe you can use your veto”. The genius forget he has no such veto and if votes stay the same he’s at risk. Should have never made up that secret veto BS. Fact is if this was a BB smart house instead of the house of dumb dumb they’d have know instantly it was a lie.


Kevin has something bigger up his sleeve like getting rid of Bruno, he already told God just to go with the plan so he is getting out Bruno or Sara one. All the people that says that Kevin isn’t here to play and not putting up strong people, will see this week Bruno or Bobby is going home. The only thing that could save Bruno at this point is for Bobby to be shown lying about his veto lol


Did Bobby just volunteer to go up fully knowing that (a) he doesn’t have the veto and (b) JP just tried this and ended up outside the door? Wtffff.

Yo Bro

No, no, it’s okay –
First of all Bobby is being conservative with his imaginary veto as he stated.
& I believe he has a hidden stash of many imaginary vetoes, so why be concerned with losing this one?
Volunteer away Bobby!


I think bobby is too slow to do this…but maybe since he knows he doesn’t have the veto, he wants a chance to play for it? Tho i really doubt he’s smart enough to logically think that through


LOL at Bobby, no secret veto and volunteering to go on the block, great move buddy, start packing! Kevin helping Zach win the game is funny too, going to be fun to see how this week plays out.


I think Kevin hopes to backdoor Bruno here and save Godfrey because of their (supposed) Final 2. He does really need a backup in the event Zach gets forced from the house. I would love to see the Veto get used and Zach put up but that will never happen. I can see Kevin’s mind turning though. One thing is a constant here though……Sarah right in there and already throwing people under the bus. What a bitch she has become. And now she has Willow following her around like a little puppy. This show can’t get any worse at this point. Brittnee bawling, Willow bawling, Sarah bawling…………bring on the clowns!!!


Grats on all the thumbs down πŸ˜› The Sarah trolls will never allow the truth to stand in the way of thier man hating hypocracy. By the way the constant crying you mentioned is so ridiculous and annoying.

Cheers for Godvin

Sara needs to go asap, her voice is like someone is scraping my brain with their nails, can’t wait until all the swillow fans feel when willow goes against her haha. Then there is Bruno, Kevin knows no one else is going to put him up on the block, he has everyone in th e house swooning over him. I would be happy if Sara, Bruno and Bobby all left in no particular order. Then Kevin has no one standing in front of him, Kevin isn’t playing for Zach, he knows that is all he has right now but Kevin will kick Zach to the curb in all due time. B, Sara, and willow are always crying boo hoo i can’t win nothing boo boo that was my comp to win lol they couldn’t win nothing if everyone threw it to them they would still lose


brit does not add any value at all to the group. i wish they would vote her out. the time “she” won hoh it was sarah who got her there and gave it to her imo. but sarah needs to start winning someting soon

i wish kevin could be relied on to do something sex…like backdooring zach but he is as clueless as the rest of the babies


You think Kev should backdoor his alliance member when diapers don’t have the numbers? Your a complete BB idiot!! Zack the moron isn’t winning this game so get rid of the hate foolishness and think about what your saying. Next you’ll say Pili should backdoor Kev. You really have no clue about BB strategy.

Cheers for Godvin

Agreed, everyone was so happy when JP went out but guess what Zach is all kevin has right now. The perfect week would be Bruno or Sara getting backdoor, I get excited just thinking about it. All the kevin haters wants him to put up zach that is hiliarious, Bobby. bruno or sara is going home this week, then zach or ash or pilly will win again next week to take out another 2 then kevin has won yay


I will be fine with Bobby leaving. Again last night the way he walks (all that and a bag of chips) after he votes in the DR.
He is a good looking guy but his arrogance (and how dumb he is) makes him one of the worse players. EVER!!

Can’t wait for him to catch up and see how hated he is by Canada. LOL


That’s harsh, he’s not “hated” by Canada, just his gameplay (lack of) and how clueless he is with the game (we scream in frustration)….it’s a game, people who take it personally by “hating” a player should probably be medicated and not allowed on twitter lol.


Bobby is starting to grow on me. I think if Britt/Bobby stay on the block. He should stay, he has a better chance at going further. I love Britt and I am glad Bobby was so sweet to her about going on the block.


He’s only being sweet to her because he thinks he’s safe.


Bobby is such an idiot, he deserves to nominate himself and get evicted.Im loving Godfrey i wasnt a fan at the beginning but he is proving to be really smart. Godfrey for the win! Godfrey and Bruno to me are the only likable ones in the house really.


Noms B and Bobby…. OMW

Hope for Kev is lost as a BB player. Lets look at facts. 10 left we don’t know the structure on the triple. I’ll assume for now its 1 evicted followed by 2 more separately on Wednesday. HOH and 2 noms don’t vote. If Bobby is the target diapers have 3 votes but need 4. The pawn definitely can go home. Sarah would have to cut B loose for that to happen. You want to make sure the target goes home you nom Sarah not B as Willow the 4th vote to send out Bobby or the renom(GOD).
BBG run together why do you tell Bobby/GOD opposite plans their gonna compare notes even if just with Bruno. Terrible decision making by Kevy Wevy! Think this double target stuff is all about appearance. They can say in the DR after POV we got Bobby if he loses POV or if he’s removed GOD goes up and gets backdoored genius play(J/King).
Bruno’s work week. Time to put your game into overdrive! He has to decide can he get farther with Bobby and how to do it. Could he possibly count both Willow and Sarah as votes to evict B? Possible but Sarah evicting B not sure on that happening. And remember Bobby/Sarah do not like each other. Then there is the GOD backdoor plan. How does he save GOD? This I think is the best scenario to get B out and keep BBG intact. GOD has a relationship with Sarah and I think Willow and Sarah vote as one at this point. Sarah has to figure out who has more value to her game moving forward. Think win nothing B goes home under that scenario. Diapers are gonna get very little out of this week unless they get POV lucky and GOD wins.
Bruno not so much luck. He’d have to work GOD hard not to use the veto to save Bobby. Veto used Bruno can be the renom. Think him being the engine driving that side of the house B goes instead of Bruno. All above is an example of HOH not thinking things through. If Sarah was up instead of B a lot more in play for diapers. Think diapers has a very good chance of missing completely if noms are B and Bobby. …………….Pawns go home!


You raise very good points, but you forget that these people do not have all the info you have. For example, they think Willow will vote with them so basically, in their minds at least, they have the votes (4) and the pawn is safe. We have the advantage of knowing Willow is playing them, but they have no way of knowing that. Also, we know about the triple eviction, they do not.

I think the Daipers should’ve taken a direct shot at Bobby/Bruno, with God as the backdoor plan. Because let’s face it, everyone knows that whoever stays among the Bruno/Bobby/God crew is going after the Daipers, so they might as well take out the biggest threat, Bruno.


tis is a fare point but just to a point. The H do not know for a fact willow no with diapers but…. These 2 are in a snugglemance at minimum. The diapers gotta have seen that. So even if they trust willow to a point putting up Sarah leverages Willows vote. As far as the stupidity of diapers reading the house it’s getting epic. One thing to miss a flip and a blindside but 3 straight HOH’s no clue OMW. Lets not forget JP got blindsided to. Clueless morons OMHO.


people watching the show ALWAYS have to consider that the house guests don’t know everything and all the alliances in the house
so fans shouldn’t judge of what the house guests are doing because they each have a different perspective of the game and different opinion on how to play the game


I’m fine with Bobby leaving but we need Godfrey in the house to instigate the move against Zach!!! Ahhh these houseguests stress me out soo much!!!

another name

Comment that made me laugh: people discussing what type of comp is being set up
‘I think cindy is out there competing to come back in here.’ first thing to make me laugh today.
Britt IS this years perma-pawn, and her own game has set her up to be that. she’s playing the social game of being likable to everyone but doesn’t appear to be too close to everyone, and isn’t threatening in comps. isn’t that pretty much the definition of the perfect pawn? well liked and non threatening? I understand that it’s still a risk and pawns can go home, but maybe she should alter the perspective a little. the perfect pawn could manipulate their way to a final two (take me and you’re a guaranteed winner). once in final two a perfect pawn could say they have the least blood on their hands to an entire jury (I was up there with you, I didn’t vote you out), maybe even say you took the risk of planning to be the perfect pawn, and protested to throw people off because you knew you weren’t a comp threat.
Bobby volunteering: well they wanted to gage his reaction. But dammmmn, never volunteer for the block. volunteer to be a have not (stupid but non lethal), never volunteer to be a nominee. just no. beyond saying he thinks he has the votes to stay regardless, just no. can’t spin that with any semantic shift.


Britt is playing the spencer clawson game this season and could be in final 3 same goes for willow


Someone asked BBCAN via twitter last night why do they bother with the cliff hanger HOH’s when “everyone” knows the results 5 minutes after the feeds come back on. Their reply was that 90% of the people that watch the show do not watch the Feeds or follow twitter.

The difference between the TV edits and feeds are becoming larger and larger every year.I consider these two different shows.


100% agree with you Simon. It’s sad, but the “tv show” part of BB has become its own creature and lives a parallel life to the reality of the feeds.
If I wasn’t aware of what really went on in the house, I’d even have found the wednesday show entertaining: they converted the road trip to some funny tv scenes and Sindy had some nice punch lines when she was included in that HOH comp. BUT knowing what really happened in the house, I just couldn’t get over the fact that BB is blatantly making up stuff:
-Willow got the wine for ‘running over Marsha the Moose’? It was Sarah who got the bottle out of the storage room. Fun fact: when Willow and Ashleigh were in the car and ‘ran over’ Marsha, Willow was riding shotgun, Ash was the one standing behind the wheel! lol!
-As always, making it seem like there was a serious thought about keeping Sindy.
-No mention of the Diapers being clueless of the entire house being rallied against them.

But getting back to the “tv show only viewers”: Though most of them will have been entertained by the show, the ending must feel so incredibly frustrating and unsatisfying!
If I was one of those, I’d decide between upgrading to watching the feeds, or stop watching the BB show altogether. It baffles me that BB lets this wednesday show end with such a frustrating cliffhanger every time, even when they could easily have included the end of that comp in the show.


100% Bang on Simon. When I first got into the feeds… I could not believe my eyes watching the show and how badly edited it was. Even as your watching the story line in combo with the DR’s…. the clothes they wore made it stand out like a sore thumb, who changes outfits that many times a day?! Definitely not these guys and maybe there we have the reason why they always wear the same thing. BB totally manipulates the tv audience.
The TV shows might as well be big bang theory or something because the feeds are where the actual reality and true goings on exist.


What was the last thing Bobby told Brit besides I am on thr block too. It kind of sounded like a motovational speech maybe.


Check out wiki – bobby is voted out 6/7 votes on the 49th day !!! Is that a typo or a leak ???


@ confused…. it’s just not possible.


As stupid as it was for Bobby to nominate himself to go on the block…I don’t think he did it because he thinks he’s safe. I think he did it because he is afraid they are going to try and back-door him…or make him a replacement nom to flush out his secret veto. So, he would rather offer himself up as an initial nom…so that he at least has a shot at the veto to save himself.

Still not a good idea…but he knows if he doesn’t get a chance to win that veto, he is screwed…and the only guarantee he is picked to play it is if he is on the block.


I do feel bad for brit. Its just so easy to put up the same person as a pawn all the time and its not right. I also dont buy that” if you dont want to be a pawn then win something” shit. the same could apply to willow, ashleigh or sarah but its always brit. You should always have 2 targets you want gone . put 1 up right away and if they manage to get taken off then put you option B up

another name

in my head I do think the comp was more geared to people that actually talked to cindy most.
only thing that even marginally made it less biased: cindy changed her opinions and stories depending on who and when she was trying to spin them. BUT still think it was more biased to the non diapers. so kudos to the diapers for playing the odds and winning. head shake to the non diapers for not playing the odds and losing.
i’m trying to assess kevin’s tactical strategy. I think the week three (?) oxiclean basketball / chance game he played with graig, Bruno, godfrey and Ashleigh outlined how he strategizes. he made slow and strategic moves from places of power relying on his skill, but took chances only in weaker positions. if he was comfortably in the lead, he relied on making baskets. if someone rallied or passed him on the game he took chance shots. if he was in the first three stations of the game he took more chance shots. if he was at the 4th through 7th stations of the game he played it on baskets more to get into the lead and coast. so, if he takes the shot at bobby, he’s going to want to guarantee that bobby takes the bullet imo.
I know i’m reading too much into a one hour basketball game on feeds, actions louder than words is the way i’m looking at it. how people play other games in the house when their guard is down might show more of their over all strategic mind than just relying on what they say on a given day.