Zach – “She thought the only chance of getting Kev out was to vote Peels.. incase God flipped”

POV Holder: ? Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner ? Next HOH May 7th
Nominations: ?
Have Nots Canada gets to vote
POV Players ?

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-06 19-58-08-707
10:55pm Kitchen eating Chicken Chatting about the triple eviction
Zach says Bobby was a lot smarter than they thought. Bruno agrees says he was a genius. Sarah says Bobby was a math genius
Bruno says he knew Bobby didn’t have the veto.
Zach – It’s going top be so weird without Bobby, Willow and Kev.. so much quieter.

Godfrey says final 4 or final 5 they will have a instant eviction.
Sarah doesn’t think they will have a double because it’s so much work for production.
Bruno and Zach say they on “on pace” (Have enough players and weeks left)
Zach says Sindy coming back in for the third time would make a mockery of the show, “they would never do that.. as much as they want to make twists that would turn the show into a joke”

(everyone seems beat.. )

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-06 20-20-34-717
11:16pm Ash and Zach Kitchen
Zach – I can’t believe i’m here right now
Ash – I can’t believe you’re here right now.. my brain is literally pooched
Zach says when he voted for Willow to stay people cheered he thought it was really loud.
Ash is confused why the guys never kept Kev.

Sarah told Zach she never thought anyone would vote for Willow otherwise she would have. She thought the 3 guys were voting for Kev. She thought Ashleigh was keeping Pili. She had a conversation with Godfrey she thought he might flip to keep pili
Zach – Sarah voted Pili thinking if there is any chance of getting Kev out is if God flips for Pili .. so then Godfrey flips to peels, AShleigh votes Peels and Sarah votes Peels
Zach – she thought the only chance of getting Kev out was to vote Peels
Bruno – ohh snap
Zach – she sent Willow home
Zach is going to make sure Pili knows this is why Sarah voted for her.
Ash – why didn’t God vote with you guys
The guys thought he was to (Feeds cut)
Zach points out when Brittnee had that power Sarah was monitored all her conversations
Bruno – Sarah has got to go
Zach – 100%
Ashleigh – ya you’re right
Ashleigh says she will put up God and Sarah
Zach – we’re all playing POV now baby
Bruno – I win again i’m pulling you off.
Bruno says tomorrow’s HOH Brittnee’s not playing just Sarah.
AShleigh – Bruno have you been on the block.
Bruno – no
Ashleigh – me either.. you and me are the only ones.
ASh – did God tell you the way he voted
Bruno says they thought God was voting Willow but he changed it.
Bruno and Zach agree getting Willow out was the smart move
Zach – I feel bad for her
Bruno – I do not see things going on like this tonight.. you and Kevin on the block sitting ducks.
Feeds cut
Bruno telling Zach he shouldn’t even be here that was “their” whole plan
Ashleigh says bruno was supposed to go up but he won the Veto.
Bruno – shits gotten real.. Bro don’t forget that
Zach – i never will and with this HOh coming up .. it’s not going to be a button one
Ashleigh – Endurance endurance endurance

AShleigh asks them if they will put Pili up if POV is played “I won’t tell”
Bruno doesn’t know they’ll have to see how things played out, “We need this HOH I know that.. “
Zach – She has to go right away
Bruno – you didn’t think I would use it
Zach – I thought there was a 5% chance.. when I hugged you just the feel I got..
Ashleigh leaves..
Zach tells him Pili is 100% loyal to Ashleigh Sarah won’t be able to wedge that.
Bruno – I fought for Bobby man i’ll fight for you
Bruno says he even fought for Graig.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-06 20-34-09-466

11:18pm Godfrey and Pili, Sarah Joins them

Pili saying Kevin was not only her Showmance but her best friend.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-06 20-47-07-142

11:47pm AShleigh and Pili bedroom
Talking about the end game They want to take Godfrey to the end with Zach.
Ashleigh says if she wins HOH right now she’ll put up Godfrey and Sarah. Pili says she doesn’t trust Bruno she’s coming after her. ASh recommends Pili puts up Godfrey and Sarah and when POV is played put up Bruno.
Ashleigh tells her they have to start thinking of the end game points out that Brittnee has won two HOH’s and has pulled some big moves.
Pili thinks bruno is sneaky.
Ash – he will pick Zach over me any day

Ash explains why Sarah voted to save Pili she thought that the boys would vote to keep Kev so if there was any chance to keep a girl it was to vote Pili with the hopes of a boy flipping.
Ash – she said it to Bruno and Zach.. it makes sense we all thought they were going to keep Kev.. she said to them I just sent my friend out the door.. she thought that Godfrey might flip.
ASh – you wouldn’t be in this situation if B didn’t put you up there.
ASh – she upset because she sent Willow home and she didn’t’ have to
Ash – we can’t trust neither of them (Sarah and Brittnee)
Pili – who do we want out first
ASh – I would have to put up Sarah..
They start thinking of loopholes aroudn their promise to B to not put her up as a pawn.
pili – She’s the reason my best friend went home

ASh – it would be super sweet if they were in Jury and Kev say you send home the person that sent him home.. that will light a fiore under your butt.
(Ash’s controls Pili)

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-06 20-50-07-309

If you are outside Canada and want to watch the FREE Big Brother Canada Live feeds sign up for a VPN service here It’s safe to use, easy to set up, and cheap. Need to know more check out this post explaining how to set it up.

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I miss Kevin already! Except for his mayo makeouts of course… His exit though was awesome! I was really proud of him.

Now I only hope Sarah and Godfrey don’t follow him right to jury.

wake up canada

vote Sarah Brit or Sarah Godfrey or Godfrey Brit as have nots so one of them wins the secret power and uses it to change the nominations if they are on the block or if one of them wins HOH the nominations whoever wins HOH can be kept the same if one of the 3 holds the secret power


sarah does not deserve this tho. has not won a thing and made a huge mistake with her vote tonight


Kinda odd you have the same name as me but ok…

As for Sarah, regardless of her vote for Willow shes been one of my favorites since the beginning so I’m gonna keep rooting for her.


Sarah vote against Willow is not her turning on her out of spite or even game play. She was over thinking. She felt that guys will turn on the girls and keep Kevin.


Britt is dead to me.


Brit and Bruno are dead to me. I don’t like Zach either.


Britt–played her noms well. And renominating Willow was best for her game. People quickly forget that Willow was talking about sending Britt home.
Bruno–Saving Zach was his best chance to survive. Now stupid Zach will be loyal to Bruno and with that comes Ash and Pili. If he kept the noms the same and 2 guys went then the girls were going to rule.
Sarah–Tried to be clever with her vote but it backfired. Can’t fault her for trying.


Now Ashleigh seems to play Big Brother more and more by talking to Pili about a prospective F3 with her and Zach. If Zach or Pili wins the last HOH, Ashleigh has at least secured a runner-up position.If Ash wins, she will probably take Pili to F2 and win.If this is where her mind is at, she’s pretty smart.


Please explain how Britts’ noms & renom was good for her game. i don’t see it.


Please explain how Britts’ noms/re-nom were good for her game.


I don’t see it either. She screwed their numbers by doing it. I guess people think Willow was going to nom Brit but I think Sarah would have not let her because they needed to keep the numbers.


Does anybody have an idea of when the HOH competition will begin? It doesn’t seem like anyone has won.


Oh okay, thanks! Also, a huge thanks to you, and Dawg for all your endless, hard work! 🙂


Going to wait to vote. I want to know where Godfrey’s vote is at? Right now I am thinking voting for Britt and Sara. Hoping Britt throws it to Sara, she owes her. Bruno put himself in a good position, The only way Bruno or Zack stay safe is if they win veto. Hope one goes home.


If Bruno and Zach will be loyal to each other FOR REAL instead of just blowing smoke in each other’s face, they deserve to make it far. Right now Godfrey is not loyal to anyone, Brittnee is not 100% with Godfrey&Sarah either, Sarah is also pretty much by herself , Pili is a wildcard and Ashley is not 100% with anyone either


I honestly cannot fathom how Sarah has so many fans/supporters. Despite production trying their best to get her to win a competition by gearing all competitions towards her, she still has NOT won a single thing. She sure talks a big game but has done ZILCH. Tonight, she voted out her F2 because she was trying to be extra smart. She has made terrible moves throughout her time in BB.

But, have faith Sarah lovers because production has conveniently introduced this twist where ONLY 2 people can be havenots (gee I wonder who those are eh production) and they will be Sarah and Godfrey/Brittnee and then of course this HOH will be something physical to ensure Sarah won’t win just so she can win the super power. If by some miracle (which is a real possibility) she does not win the havenot power, she will be offered another super power, if that fails production will feed her the answers to the competition and basically ensure that she gets to F2 and wins the game.


I’m sorry cause Zach Pili and Ash have played such great games so far?
Bruno’s playing well for sure, and people rally behind Sarah cause they hate the other side so much mostly.


How soon we forget: Britt AND Sarah won the gears competition and only b/c Sarah is so small. Then Sarah GAVE Britt the HOH so… Sarah has actually won more than Ashleigh!


You know who is really underestimate? Britt.

She is the only person who has not played safe with HOH and she has won it twice now. She has now won more HOH than anyone else in the house and does not get the respect she deserves because everyone is under the impression that Sarah controls her nominations. Getting Sarah out is best for her game but I hope that does not happen because I love Sarah. Brittnee’s best final two option is to go with either ¨Pilar or Ashleigh.

Also, I think it is poor move for Bruno to veto Zach. The fact is that it is terrible game play for both Bruno and Zach to go against each other in final 2 and now I think he has alienated Godfrey as an ally thereby pissing every woman with the exception of Ash and maybe Pilar.

Faith lost

I didn’t mind Bruno that much before… but now that he started kissing Zach’s ass so much, it makes me sick to my stomach.


I’m just wondering how he looks at any of Sarah, Brittney or Godfrey in the face.

Just yesterday he reiterated to Britt that him and her were final 2 and then tonight all she said was “Nice, well played” to Bruno (implying you played all the nomances) and he retorted “hey you come after me, I strike back” implying he’s always been on board with Zach/Ash.

My hope is Britt gets pissed and calls him out in front of everyone to show what a rat he really is. I have no problem with him making choices but he has vehemently been making sure Britt/Sarah/Willow and God would all take out Zach for weeks on end and then acts like he was never with them. Fine again, but to make a sarcastic comment was (for me anyway) a sign of who he is.

I get it, he has a family and will do anything to win, but his EXTRA vehemence towards Sarah especially and now Britt is going to find him walking out the door. If he’d gone along with Britt’s noms she already proved to him she was loyal by not renoming Godfrey. Imagine if she had that’s all Bruno would be talking about.

Maybe he’s worried his wife won’t want him playing with girls but the truth is Godfrey just moved ahead of him with only Sarah behind him in the pecking order.

So everyone can spout off what a great move this was for Bruno, but Zach is not someone who’ll keep any alliance unless it’s with some girl he can laugh about controlling.


Probably he saved Zach because right now there are not trustworthy people left in the house.I think he trusts Zach slightly more than any other house guest left in the house.And even though both Zach and Bruno entertained the idea of turning on each other in the past, in reality neither of them did it.


They each want meat shields. Zach has replaced Bobby and Bruno steps in for Kevin. It has nothing to do with loyalty. And they both are vying for Ash or Pili as their goat. Britt believe she is the goat for each.


Bruno using the veto on Zach actually made a lot of sense for him. He had been working ZAch/Ash to turn on Kev/Pili and now that Kev is gone they have a common enemy in Sarah. Brit putting up Willow also made sense for her since she probably felt Sarah would choose her over Brit. I felt like Brit and Willow were the two vying for the Final 2 goat in general and now i feel like Brit is going to the end one way or another, be it with Sarah, God or some other nonsense. Sarah done messed up big time though.
Also God for havenot secret power!


Okay take this as it’s meant>>>>

I get some people see Bruno’s move as brilliant and are fans of him… BUT if he is so close to Zach WHY IS HE TELLING GODFREY TO NOMINATE ASH & PILI? He told Godfrey he wants to remove Zach’s support so he has to work with them. The truth is he wants God to do his dirty work b/c Bruno has no intention of nominating Ash (in fact he’ll throw the HOH unless he thinks Sarah is going to win it).

Also, to everyone beating on Sarah please know prior to the vote Godfrey told Sarah the boys were voting to keep Kevin. That’s not poor play on Sarah’s part that’s BRILLIANT play on Godfrey’s part. God KNEW Zach/Bruno were voting to keep Willow but he wanted to keep Pili and knew Sarah might go along with that if he told her the boys were keeping Kevin. What God did was remove someone who he accurately saw as the biggest threat in the house. Willow was super close to Sarah (a position Godfrey would rather take over) and God knows he can pull Pili in. Both of these girls are people he feels he can beat AND MORE IMPORTANTLY work with.

So given the fact Sarah was told by God the boys were keeping Kevin you can’t blame her for trying to keep Pili as she thought a vote for Willow would be the only one.

Also: Bruno whispered to Sarah after the veto, we got this, we got them and then hugged her and winked at her. This less than a minute before he saved Zach. Less than an hour later he was screaming at her, trying to blame her for why he switched made the decision to save Zach. Problem is his deflection didn’t work b/c he blew up at Sarah AND he’s been running around all night trying to hug her b/c he knows he went too far. He yelled at her that she was disgusting and foul and called her a nasty bitch. Britt made the point that it wasn’t even what he said as much as how angry and mean he was while yelling it at Sarah.

THIS is not the sign of the sweet Bruno he has been displaying to everyone and THIS behavior won’t buy him any favoritism from Pili, Sarah, Britt or even God. Mark my words Bruno’s choice to over exaggerate and try to play everyone will catch up to him and this move only served to actually move him to the forefront!


I have a feeling the feeds are going to be extremely boring for the rest of the season.
Honestly BB17 can not come fast enough.


Yeah because the U.S. version is doing much better nowadays. *rolls eyes*


The comments are certainly better for the American one, anyway.


BBUS is TERRIBLE on EVERY possible level!

BB16 was the worst shit EVER! Even BB15, with all of its racist, homophobic, xenophobic and antisemitic content came across as interesting in comparison [with BB16]. Then all the floaters winning… Plus Julie Chen!!!! No, seriously, BBUS is by definition horrible wrt to BBCAN (most probablu b/c BBCAN is still in its early seasons).


I like both BBCan and BBUS ………..the more controversy the better – maybe not so many super fit people would make it even more interesting.


With the twist, I honestly hope Zach wins this next HoH. Don’t get me wrong!
Sarah/Britt would become have nots with the Coup D’etat. The others would think Canada hates them (which would be hilarious)

Zach will put up 2 out of Godfrey/Sarah/Brittnee, We’ll most likely end up with two of them nominated after the veto. Then on eviction night, Sarah/Brittnee plays their Coup D’etat, Bruno and Ashleigh go on the block. Pilar, Sarah, and Brittnee vote Bruno’s ass out. After that, Zach probably can’t compete in the next HoH. Sarah, Godfrey, Britnee would only have to deal with Ashleigh and Pilar.


sarah and B are the next house guest going home

Not really

Since Britney can’t win an HOH and Sarah can’t win a competition to save her life, they will most likely be voted the have-nots for the week. There’s a great chance they’ll be safe and one of their major targets goes home.


I seriously can’t believe Zach is still in the house and I HATE BRUNO right now. I can’t stand to hear him gloating all over the place.

I am pissed that B put up Willow she should have put up Ash *smh* I get that she was worried about the relationship between Sarah and Willow they were getting very very close and they did make a final 2 deal so for B it was the right move but for numbers it wasn’t smart and had B put up Ash the boys would have been more likely to save Kev evicting the 2 girls.

Here is the only way they can salvage this show right now.

Vote for Sarah and Godfrey or Sarah and Brittnee or Brittnee and Godfrey to be have nots and have the chance to win the power.

Ashleigh or Pili win HOH

They put up (Godfrey and Sarah) or (Sarah and B) best case scenario is the person not on the block has the power and and pulls them both down and then Pili has to put up Bruno and Zach because she won’t put up Ash. Zach would be voted out by Sarah, B and God!

If Ash wins and (S,B & G) get pulled down she would put up Pili over Zach so it would be Pili and Bruno on the block then Sarah God and Brit vote out Bruno if it’s a tie I don’t see Ash voting out Pili and Bruno goes home!!!

or if Zach or Bruno win HOH and they put up Sarah and B and Godfrey wins the power he removes the girls which means they have to put up their own alliance.

Either way I hope these cocky ass hats (diapers) plus IDIOT Bruno get played this week.

I need Godfrey to see the light and that Bruno does NOT have his back.

Team God, Sarah and B!!!

Not really

I don’t think the HOH gets to select the replacement nominee once the secret power is used — the powerholder does, no?


Why did Zach vote to save willow? So confused at all the guys votes.


Repay to Bruno for save.


Haven’t you been watching all season? Zach thinks he is God’s gift (and I don’t mean Godfrey) to women. He thought he had Ash/Willow on lock and had been planning on taking Ash/Pili and Willow to F4.

Just go back to Tuesday night when he wanted water and was offered some from a water bottle but said “Oh I want ice in it” so Ash got up to go get it. Once Ash/Pili left the room he clicked his tongue and laughed about how he has Ash on lock (basically as his beck and call girl). Just go back and watch how miserable he was being the maid. Did he make it fun like Ian when he was the dog.. NO. He was ticked off b/c he is used to being the one catered to.

I can’t stand him and for those that say Sarah does nothing, she nailed her analogy of Zach who has spent his entire life being handed things. He’s smart, an athlete and apparently women his age find him attractive/charming. He’s spent his entire life being handed things and therefore has no comprehension of how someone who isn’t naturally athletic, intelligent and above average looking lives their lives. He expects to be handed things in life and therefore doesn’t have the capacity to feel compassion for those who don’t.

Ash and Pili are dumb

Wait. They said that they want to take Zach and Godfrey to final 4 and in the next breath they say they are going to put up Godfrey? Gosh, do they even listen to the nonsense that comes out of their mouths?


Well jordan hand willow the darts on sarah. At least kevin has company when going to jury. Willow is going to be bitter jury on sarah God ash. Well I glad she is gone. I am guessing next hoh is tommorrow to replace have not comp. vote God and sarah for have nots britt I do not think she can handle being have not


Please vote Britt and Sarah for the power. I like Godfrey more than Britt but I know the only way Britt and Sarah are 100% safe is if one of them has the power. I am afraid Godfrey will go after Zach and Ashley and leave Bruno from the nomination in the hopes that if Zach goes Bruno would be loyal to him.


zach almost reminds me of bb14 frank. The guy was public enemy #1 and just kept escaping eviction week after week….


Ashleigh is the worst kind of idiotic blonde. And frankly she’s not even D on the DTF-o-meter. A parasite…. worthless… damaging… #TeamHateBruno


I’m gone for a few days because my modem/router was out and come back to madness lol!

I’m glad to see Bobby is gone, but what the heck was Britt thinking? Why didn’t she put up all guys? Zach, Kevin, and Bruno should have been up on the block with Ash as a replacement nom. She literally just sent an ally, Willow, out the door.

I pray Sarah and Godfrey are have nots and get the special power because they will need it. I’m rooting for them to make it to the end.

I knew I couldn’t like Bruno. I’m not sure how this will work for him game wise, but it may screw him over with the jury. Zach has been a lot of people’s target or ally. If he and Bruno were at the end I don’t see Bruno beating him.

I can’t believe how useless Pilar is. It would have been better if Kevin and Ash left. She’s just a puppet for the two of them.


Damn! Sarah is devastated right now, i can’t even begin to imagine how heartbroken Willow must be knowing that Sarah voted her out (by accident, a mistake in her strategic purposes, a fatal one). Sarah accidentally ends Willow’s life at Big Brother what kind of Romeo & Juliet tragedy is this.

I hope Willow doesn’t hate Sarah for this……and she gave Sarah her ring before she goes


This is what happens when BB throws a spate of twists at the players. The twists may be good for the viewers/ratings/ whatever, but are definitely bad for the players. No matter how much you strategize, how logically you play always there is a twist that turns your plans upside down. This spate of twists might be great for the viewers, but they may discourage the people to apply in the future.


Hopefully zach does not win veto or hoh this week to send him packing

Not really

Seagull and Maintenance Guy for Havenots this week! They’ll really shake up the game with the secret power 😉

another name

so Ashleigh is explaining to pilar that sarah only voted to keep her to get rid of kevin.
good thing she didn’t have to explain why her own alliance member Zach voted willow. yet?


Very little dot connecting within this group.

River de Nial

I’m thinking somehow Bruno signaled to Zach to vote for a chop shop alliance member in return for him pulling Zach off the block. It proves Zach’s loyalty to Bruno over the diaper alliance. Problem is it was so blatant that Bruno has set himself and Zach up for failure. Now they’ll both be huge targets and Zach won’t even be trusted by his own diaper alliance.


I’m really hoping Godfrey has realized he can’t trust Bruno. Hopefully he sides with Sarah and Britt.

It would actually be best case scenario if Zach won HOH and nominated Sarah and Britt.

I’m definitely voting for Sarah to be a have not and either Godfrey or Britt. Ideally Sarah pulls herself and either Britt or Godfrey off the block and nominates Bruno and Ash as the replacement. Bruno leaves and Zach can’t compete in the next HOH. Hopefully Zach or Ash would leave after Bruno.


Sarah being the last vote to decide if Willow went home or not is why I now what Sarah out of the House… I was in favor of keeping Sarah till the final four but no longer, Sarah needs to go as she betrayed Willow and was the deciding vote of her gong home…..


Best case scenario for this week, Bruno wins HOH, nominates B and Sarah. B or Sarah then miraculously wins veto. Bruno then will have to choose between pissing off Ashleigh and Zach by putting Pilar up or cutting his ties with Godfrey. Either way, Sarah or B gains the coup de etat, changes the nominations and puts up Zach beside Ashleigh. Zach will definitely go home and the following week everyone will be gunning for Bruno.


You don’t really need to campaign for Sarah / Brittney / Godfrey to be have-nots. It is a done deal and they will control the power this week.

I really don’t like this style of big brother where the public gets a large say in the game. You end up with casts that play up to the camera and hide their true feelings. I’d rather see people slog it out and be disgusting and ruthless, without having to fear the public messing up their game.

To see this taken to an extreme watch BB Australia or BB UK. The public has full control over evictions and you end up with a house full of party kids. Some people like that but I prefer that kind of casting for Jersey Shore type shows where the gameplay isn’t a focus.


Clever thought, depending on who you are rooting for…so it won’t happen. And giving B any chance to strategize with power in her hands may not give you the results you are thinking of.


Why are people hoping for Godfrey so bad? What element does he bring to this game?

God delusion

Nothing, nothing really. Godfrey just wanted Zach gone so diaper-haters are rooting for him. He’s entertaining for live feeders tho, I’m gonna have to give him that.


I’m a Sarah fan, but i do like Godfrey and he made the BEST DECISION TONIGHT…. he told Sarah that the boys were voting to keep Kevin so she would vote for Pili which is what God wanted.

AND b/c he voted to keep Pili (and told Pili he and Sarah voted to keep her) now Pili knows Zach voted for Willow so he gains some credibility from Pili for not keeping Willow.

Bottom line God played Sarah by telling her that and on a night were Bruno showed his hand to everyone and also blew up on Sarah calling her names. Godfrey just gained some stability in the game. At this point Ash/Pili/Sarah and Britt all want Zach and Bruno out before Godfrey. He’s playing the game for himself and wants weak women in the end (likely Pili and Sarah). So with this one vote he cut both their number ones and improved his position… I’d say he’s a pretty SMART GUY!


Yoyo’s fun to watch.

Sindy Withanesse

Bruno = Tool


Bruno saving that douche was a shock to many; he’s lost a lot of Canada’s backing tonight; I sure hope that decision will come back and bite him in the ass.


When and where does one go to vote for the “have nots”?


I think once the dust settles, Sarah will get a second wind and be able to bring to light the audience booing what Bruno did which will put an even bigger spotlight on Bruno (and Zach by extension). For now the boot order for each house guest is:

Zach’s Sarah, Godfrey, Bruno, Britt, Pilar, Ash

*Ash’s : Godfrey/Sarah, Bruno, Zach, Pilar **(after time to discuss what happened/Bruno’s lies AND once Zach is gone:) Bruno, Godfrey, Britt, Sarah, Pilar

*Pilar’s : (after discussion with Sarah/Britt/Godfrey when she also learns Zach was targeting Kevin/Pilar through Bruno) Bruno, Zach, Britt, Godfrey, Sarah, Ash

Bruno: Sarah, Zach (assuming he can reel Britt back in at least in his mind), Pilar, Ash, Godfrey, Britt

Britt: Bruno (though hopefully Sarah can explain why Zach still needs to go first), Zach, Ash, Godfrey, Pilar, Sarah

Sarah: Zach, Bruno, Ash, Godfrey, Pilar, Britt

Godfrey: Zach, Bruno, Ash, Britt, Sarah, Pilar

*Of note I suspect their order will change as more time is spent discussing what happened tonight. Specifically I see Britt/Sarah locking Godfrey down who has no reason not to trust them and has PLENTY of reason not to trust Bruno who kept God’s #1 enemy in the game. The two I suspect will shift will be Pilar once Sarah/Britt/Godfrey confirm the same story about Bruno wanting both Kevin/Zach split from Pilar/Ash and I think Ash will only come around once Zach leaves which is why it’s imperative he goes before Bruno.

Like I said, much will depend on whether Godfrey and Sarah can align together as a team (with Britt) and pull in Pilar. I’m also assuming Britt/Sarah will be the have not’s who end up in the vault to send out one of Zach/Bruno (ideally Zach first).

Based on Ariza’s wording “it will also give the veto holder the opportunity to CHANGE both of the nominations” so it’s not clear if the HOH replaces them or if the Veto Holder does. I’m hoping it’s the veto holder since she also said it would occur NOT during the Veto ceremony but during the live evict! (so it sounds like a coup d’etat).

My personal best case would be:
Ashleigh is HOH: She nom’s Godfrey/Sarah
(we don’t know if the POV holder will be safe, so I’m going to hope one of Pilar, Ash, God, Sarah or Britt win it just to be safe).

Then at veto ceremony Sarah remains on block beside either Godfrey or Britt.

Eviction night comes & Sarah stands up and replaces both nominees with Bruno and Zach (Crowd goes crazy).
Voters will be one of Ash/Pilar plus God, Britt & Sarah who determine which guy to send home (hopefully Zach).

Other option would be Bruno wins HOH and then Zach Ash go on block with the group saving Ash and then Bruno can’t play the following week.


Thanks Simon


Worst season ever. Hate every single person. Kevin was the only person I liked. Sarah britnee and God are my least favourite. Don’t get why everyone likes them? Mind you I dislike the whole house. I guess I’m rooting for Bruno now?


I have to say that I think Britnee is getting off way to easy. Folks can point the finger at Sarah all they want, but Britnee made a dumb move putting Willow up. It’s pretty obvious that Britnee was jealous that Sarah and Willow were growing closer, so that was her best opportunity to break them up. Still, I can’t believe that Britnee couldn’t do the math. So, rather than nominating Ashleigh, who would never keep Britnee in that house and who is aligned with Zach (Peels and Kev), she chose to nominate Willow. At least she could have removed two people from the couples alliance. Her dumb move actually seems to have made an impact on Sarah’s game, because Sarah is not public enemy no. 1…if you can believe Bruno…