“I’m excited for you to use the hex.. they’re scared shitless.. they really want jury that bad.. they crave it that bad “

Big Brother Spoilers 5:03pm Jessica fighting with Alex..
Paul – Jess you want to come out and answer some questions.. Ohh you actually want to come out and play the game.
Alex – we saved you
Jess – how did you save me ..
Alex – everyone wanted you out
Jessica – Alex you nominated me.. How am I supposed to trust someone …
Alex – it was 10 to zero
Jess – because dom had a meltdown..
Alex – no no, I told you you were safe..
Jess – me being on the block is safe.. OK
Alex – everyone here wanted you to go home

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Jessica – “I’m going to use the temptation.. .. this is the only person I trust in this house”

Big Brother Spoilers 4:11pm Paul is asking Jessica why Chaos has erupted..
Paul thought Cody was being aggressive and Raven was crying because of that.
Jessica – that’s funny..
Paul – everyone is uncomfortable with him..
Jessica- he had zero part in it.

Cody comes in.
Jessica tells him the line has been crossed with what is going on with the house against them.
Paul says that is the game.

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Paul – Hey Jess.. why not put a muzzle on your f*ing dog because all he does is bark

Big Brother Spoilers 1:54pm HOH Matt, Paul and Raven
Paul doesn’t care if she doesn’t use the Hex, he’s certain that Jessica is using the Hex.
Paul wants to make Cody blow up again. He’s thinking that is the only way they can get Jessica to not use the Hex.

Paul calls Cody a piece of sh1t and he’s going to get a rise out of him, “Use coward.. you’re not a man.. and Jason wants to question his military.. why are you covering up your dog tags if you are not proud”
Matt doesn’t sound convinced this is the best thing to do.
Paul goes on about how he’s got the power this week.

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Big Brother Spoilers Veto Ceremony results “They don’t grovel”

Big Brother Spoilers 12:05pm Paul used the Power of Veto on Jason
Paul is trashing Cody for not giving a speech during the veto ceremony.
Josh – part of this show is giving a speech.. you don’t give a speech you don’t participate and you don’t get personality than what are you doing here
Paul =- that’s what I’ve been asking
Paul – you’ve got more chances than everyone..

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“I thought about a good way for you to repay me… Just get me a really pretty ring..”

Big Brother Spoilers 9:08pm Hammock Jessica and Cody
Cody – people in that small town are going to be intimidated by you
Jessica – I don’t want them to feel that way..

Jessica – you know how yesterday, you said I gave up 500 thousand dollars for you and you’ll find a way to repay me.. .I thought about it and I thought about a good way for you t6o repay me
Cody – how
Jessica – Just get me a really pretty ring..
Cody – OK

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Paul “What do you want?” Jessica “Safe for two evictions & I want whoever wins HOH to take out Alex.”

Paul – who do you trust indefinitely? Who would never vote you out? Kevin – me. Paul – that’s one. Who else? Jason – Alex. Paul – that’s two. Who else? Blob? Kevin – yup. Paul – three. Who else? Jason – you don’t get a vote. Paul – What about Matt and Raven? Jason – I don’t know man. Kevin – Christmas right? Jason – no. Paul – I don’t know about Christmas. Think about this… so Jessica’s temptation is that she can either save a nominee or if she is on it, it can obsolete the thing. Or something like that. So if I pull her off, she is safe right. But if I pull her off with someone she is friends with. Jason – who is she friends with?

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Paul “If he comes at me, let him so I can make him look like a b***h!”

Matt – its frustrating to me .. I’m not complaining but it seems like bad game play is being rewarded here. And that’s really frustrating. (LOL that’s ironic coming from Matt) Paul – we stay up all night and look what happens. I’m going to enforce it. I am going to make him crack and cause a rise out of him. And I need everyone to stand up for the greater good and be .. make it seem like he is singled out and the only one. He might just convince her to not use it. The veto is going to be hug. And the conversation is coming first to lay the pathway and the veto is lock and load.

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Power Of Veto Competition Results! “Sticking to my tommy guns and calling your bluff!”

Cody – they put me in the storage room. I ate like 4000 calories in snacks. (Thet all competed in the POV comp individually.) Kevin – you did good. And you didn’t even study. You did 15 right? Cody – that’s what Jessica said afterwards.. how the hell did you get that?! Jessica – well you had a 25% chance .. there were only 4 answers. Kevin leaves the room. Jessica and Cody laugh at how they slept all night and did well. They head to the bedroom. Jessica – I just want to get through one more eviction… I want it! I want it so bad. That comp was so much fun and the solitude for 3 hours was so much fun.

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“Bunch of dishonorable, disloyal f**ks! You can’t tell me they’re not like this in their outside lives!” – Cody

Jessica – well babe, he took a shot at us again and lost again. Technically on his two HOH he has accomplished nothing. He might have won two HOH’s but he has evicted zero people from this house. Cody and Jess laugh. Cody – and me I have evicted like 4 people now. technically. Jess – if you want to put him in checkmate you better go for the gold and get HOH. Cody – please let it be a physical comp. Jess – well production hates me now and so it will probably be a mental one. They want me to re-live this like right now. I can’t. Cody – they’re under tight deadlines. Jess – everyone was trying to convince me to not use the hex.

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Havenots and POV players picked! “ME F*** FACE”

Big Brother Spoilers Havenots = Alex, Christmas and Elena
Mark is also a have not as he went for the have not temptation and picked the wrong door cursing him a Have not for 2 weeks

Paul – as head of household I must choose 3 have nots for the week
Paul – which three haven’t been havenots yet
zmas – me.. f*face
Paul – you three beautiful ladies are now have nots
Paul adds that mark is also a Have not having gone for the have not temptation but picking the wrong door.
Paul – the have not temptation is back in play only the first persons to claim the key in the Diary room can accept the temptation Mark because you received the have not temptation last week you are not eligible this week

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Big Brother Storm watch “this is what Big Brother is all about”

Big Brother Spoilers 5:52am BB Storm update.. “Fast changing weather conditions are breaking out in the immediate BB area”

Kevin grumbles because it’s his first night out of the have nots bed and he doesn’t even get a chance to sleep in it.

Paul – I believe this should be the last one
Christmas – when do we get this thing started
Alex – probably 8

BB storm Ramses has created a trough causing a severe downpour of costumes and comic book. the downpour is expected to end within 24 hours
BB storm Ramses and strata cumulus cloud returning to it’s low lying nature

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