Zach tells Kevin “After this Double we start to implement the split between you and I”

POV Holder: Kevin Next POV May 1st
POV Used No POV Ceremony May 3rd
HOH Winner Kevin Next HOH May 6th
Nominations: Bobby and Brittnee
Have Nots Zach, Bobby, Willow (Season slop pass)
POV Players Kevin, Bobby, Ashleigh, Brittnee, Sarah, Pili

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-05 14-11-07-536

5:10pm Bedroom Diaper meeting- Zach, Pili, Ashleigh and Kevin are talking. Ashleigh says if it was an instant or something I would do B and Godfrey. Pili says yeah that’s smart. Kevin asks what do you think about Sarah? Ash says she scares me a little bit. Kevin says she is pretty fixated on Bruno. Pili says that Sarah and B are really fixated on Bruno. Kevin says if we can get through this double then we will need to slug it out. Ash asks if they’re so fixated on Bruno right now ..who will they fixate on once Bruno leaves? Probably the couples. Kevin says Bruno or Godfrey leaving on a double is so ideal for us. Ash says you know what we could do .. Pili and I could start acting sketched out. Zach says as much as we need Sarah gone .. if she won an HOH I don’t know. Kevin says I think she would go after Godfrey & Bruno. Zach asks who should we nom tomorrow. If Bruno wins veto and pull God off that’s a sh*tty situation. If we put God and Bruno up and God goes home. Bruno would be pissed at us and go to Sarah and B. Zach says it would be so great if Willow won this HOH… that would be so money. That would mean all 4 of us compete in the next. I don’t trust Sarah and B enough to give them an HOH. Willow would totally do a god move. Ash says did you know Godfrey went up to Willow and said you guys were trying to start a guys alliance. Kevin says Godfrey is all over the map. Zach says he’s a loner. Ash says if its an instant eviction I don’t see any point in putting both Bruno & Godfrey up there ..pissing both of them off. Zach tells Kevin after this Double we start to implement the split between you and I. Zach says its totally a double tomorrow! Totally! 100% its a double tomorrow! F**king Double!

In the living room – Bruno, Bobby, Godfrey and Brittnee reminisce about JP’s blindside eviction. Meanwhile up in the bathroom – Ashleigh, Sarah, Willow, Zach and Pili are talking about past relationships.

6pm In the kitchen – Bruno tells Godfrey if Bobby did stay you, me and him could run this house. Godfrey if we Bruno tells Godfrey its just me and you now. We have to stay tight. I won’t turn on you. You’re all I’ve got. Bruno asks do you trust Kevin? Godfrey says no .. not as far as I can throw him. Bruno says he knows he has to turn on Zach. Bruno says that Sarah told me that Kevin trust me and her the most … I’m like I haven’t talked to Kevin in 46 days. Bruno says if Sarah wins I am 70% sure she will go after Zach because she wants to pull in Ash.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-05 14-51-58-546

In the bedroom – Willow gets reacts when Godfrey makes a comments about Pili’s pants being able to fit Willow. Willow gets all excited. Everyone blows it out of proportion. Godfrey asks her if she’s okay. Willow says that I was more joking around with you and everyone else turned it around to me being insecure.

6:40pm Sarah asks Big Brother for alcohol and says that if they give them some they will all wake up before the rooster for a week.

7pm – 7:15pm All the house guests are lazing around in the bedroom. Not much going on.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-05 16-00-13-783


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I really do hope that Zach gives Willow the HOH and then nominates him, Kevin and Bruno. That blindside will be so awesome to watch.


I honestly don’t understand why everyone underestimated Sarah and Britnee. First off no one has not won 2 HOHs but out all of the HOHs Britnee won the endurance with Sarah. And with Bobby & Sindy gone they have a chance at winning another one.They both think for their selves & aren’t afraid to make a big move. If it wasn’t for Sindy & Britnee JP would still be in the house. And Sarah lies have put her & B in a great situation because now everyone wants Bruno & God gone instead of B and Sarah. In my mind they are in the best spot. God wants the couples gone and once Bruno leaves will side with B and Sarah. Bruno is mad that Zack won’t save Bobby and is not coming after him. Willow already sided with them. And the girls aren’t coming for each other at all so in my mind they are playing a great game


Sarah is a manipulative strategic player, she is still “safe” from being evicted because she still has two buffers before her, namely Bruno/God and Zach/Kevin. Those four needs to team up but it will mostly not happen because Zach and Kevin will not leave Pili and Ash behind and in the minds of B/G those four is stronger than the three girls. If Bruno and God are smart they would target Ashleigh and Pili first this week and then team up with the guys, not only did they destroy the tight four alliance (diapers) they also destroy the ‘potential’ girls alliance. The problem with that is sarah already outmaneuvered them and has already planted a seed on Kevin’s ear that those two will be coming after them so even if they did that if Kevin (and Zach but he’s stupid so i don’t know) wins the next HOH they’ll still be going to go after Bruno and God because they are the bigger threat.

Bruno destroyed his chances this week, had he stayed quiet and left Bobby to drown Ash and Pili may still be swayable to join his side if Zach and Kevin leaves on Sarah/Brit/Willows’ HOH, but by him scrambling I honestly don’t think that those girls will trust him anymore.


They need to win an HOH. They all foresee a double eviction this week. Double evictions mean quick HOH comps…usually questions. Sarah and Britt, and Bruno, have observed all the other HG’s memorizing and studying for HOH quick questions. None of these three have studied. Well, Sarah a bit today with Willow. Britt asserts that she is not good at the questions, ie the non-physical component of HOH’s. Where is the effort Britt??? Pili is studying her ass off for the upcoming HOH. Pili is going to outplay Britt on this HOH.
I am so frustrated with these people.

Arya Stark Bad Ass

Sounds good Carlos.


If theres a BB god
Bobby goes home then Pili sent packing and Zach or Ash really dont care who but Zach would be fun to see leave


However if Diapers win both HOHs and send Bobby Bruno Godfrey home, the show isnt worth watching just be a total yawn and unbearable to watch


Lets face it, whichever side gets the HOH is going to decimate the other. BUT….. There will now be new enemies. We’ll see Kevin go after Zach if they are left. Or we could see Sarah rally the girls to take on Bruno and Godfrey. There will still be people battling, regardless.

Cheers for Godvin

I don’t really care who goes home tomorrow as long as its not God or Kevin, if one of those two go the live feeds won’t be worth watching. Sara and willow and b need to go already, especially sara and bruno back stabbing each other than throwing the other name around to go up.


I just hope a good game player don’t go tomorrow like Kev, Sara, Bruno or even God, G is getting in so many heads. Floaters like B, Willow,Ash, Pills, Zach either 2 of those can go and i won’t mind one bit, but the others have worked for their place in the house especially kevin he has been working the whole time he has been in the house, while others have just had a free ride.

I also think it is hilarious that Bruno, Bobby, B and God making fun of JP getting blindsided, they might be 2 of them get blindsided tomorrow by Ash. She has came 2nd in so many competitions, I really think she will win and put up bruno and god and whoever.

To the Curb

i don’t see kevin as being a good game player ..if good game play is sucking face ..he would be a master.

Habs Rule

haha!! so true bud………Best comment on this whole blog!!…….i dont know why but i just cant stomach kevin he should of been gone long ago!!


It is pretty challenging to call Pili a floater.

another name

too bad kevin can’t play in the hoh, unless they call special exemption for the triple. I could almost see him pulling a fast one and implementing the split a week earlier than Zach wants.


Kevin will plant that seed regardless of who wins HOH…unless it’s Ash but even then she is getting suspicious of Zach so who knows she might just end up blowing us all away and blindsid the guy


Ash is stuck hard to Zach. She doesn’t think to far ahead relative to her personal game and is playing for 2nd place at best, but probably 3rd.


Zack really is so clueless since JP left. A Willow HOH would be great.. among all BB morons ever he’s top 5 material hands down. Bruno has a much better sense of where the house is at. Tomorrow will be fun if nothing else.
Was trying to figure what I’d enjoy more Girl Power versus Black and Bru (Z/Kev gone). Option 2 Bruno/GOD gone and diapers versus Sarah and minions just to see if Sarah can turn Ash. The girls flip on Zack/Kev would be epic stuff. Option 3 Sarah gets evicted with a guy. Less likely but a POV used it might happen. Zack going with her could make for an interesting F7 down as an example.
Hoping not to leave Kev as he has potential to switch to anyone if Zack’s evicted. that could change house dynamic


So is next week a double eviction? If so this house is going to be very empty come next Wednesday.


My ideal triple eviction will have Bobby, Bruno and Zach leave the house.

Moronita Pilar


Zach really deserves the asshole of the century title, and Bruno is definitely the evil bastard who needs to be kicked out asap.