Big Brother Canada 3 – TWO Round HOH This Week With 3 House Guests being Evicted!

*** Big Brother removed the 2 Round HOH week from their website without an explanation. Revealing it might have been a mistake as it could be for next week. We will have to wait and see.

As we always know with Big Brother you have to “Expect the Unexpected” and this week is definitely going to stir up the house with TWO rounds of evictions and THREE house guests being evicted!! This is going to be a crazy week on the live feeds with lots of scrambling, game talk and backstabbing. This could mean Pilar’s HOH reign will be shortened or it could mean they will cram in a double eviction Wednesday night with a three nominee twist. No dates are given so how this plays out exactly is still murky (And knowing BBCAN things might change 😉 ) If Pilar’s HOH reign is shortened and they do cram all these competitions into a week expect some feed blockage. Hopefully Sunday’s show will reveal the details or maybe something comes up on the Live Feeds, Don’t hold your breath. Chances are this will keep us guessing over the weekend.

Whoever wins the second HOH will hold an awful lot of power. The game will be flipped again 🙂

– Round 1 –

Pilar’s HOH where she will nominate 2 house guests for eviction. They will then play in the power of veto competition where the winner will decide whether to use it on one of the nominees or not use it at all. The house guests will then vote to evict one of the nominees.


Before the week is through the house guests will compete in another HOH competitiion

– Round 2 –

The winner of the 2nd round HOH competition will nominate THREE house guests for eviction. They will then compete in the power of veto competition where the winner will decide whether to use it on one of the house guests. We are assuming the head of household would then nominate a replacement nominee (keeping 3 nominees) and then the house guests would choose to evict 2 of the three house guests.


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Finally got to watch the episode and was glad that Jordan admitted to his stupidity. He isn’t so bad after all.

And 3 evictees this week?! That’s crazy, I’m very excited!!


OMG! This season would be, like, the worst if Sindy/Sarah/Brittnee all go in one week. Would hate that. Urgh… >_<


Well, with the luck of how things have been going on, we should prepare ourselves for the worst, and expect it to happen.


If all 3 girls leave and there’s just the chop shop/diapers alliance left, that will be SOOOO LAME. I cannot believe after the blindside eviction everyone is still so far up zach’s ass. What is wrong with these houseguests? Does no one have critical thinking skills??!?! They literally know all the information now. This kills me.


I can’t see the predictions for week 6. I still have week 5 on my BBCan page.


Nope, still get the same. Week 5.


I copied it into Chrome and it was worked perfectly. Thanks Dawg. I appreciate all the help!!!


The second HOH is the one must to win. Hope Bruno or Ashleigh will win the second HOH. I am glad Pillar won the first round.


You are retarded


He’s almost as retarded as Pilar. “I dunno what to do, I cant think straight”. “What should I do guys” How the fuck did they let a handicapped girl in the house?


Pili HOh is going to be horrible, Ash/Zach r just going to control her if she has any sense go after Bruno and Bobby wasn’t bobby saying he wanted Kev gone and if Bruno and bobby win there coming after him

Zach is the worst I rather see him gone then Jp


I kinda hope Pilar’s HOH is a short one, it’s hard to watch her waffle. She does whatever it is she is going to do – Sindy, Godfrey, Willow. Then I hope that Sarah or Britnee win HOH in round two and shake up the house again by going for Zackleigh.


This hasn’t come into play yet “Big Brother Canada 3 Havenot will UNLOCK a SECRET POWER during the season ”


production is probably saving it till there only 5 in the house or something dumb like that… then Pilar will it


Production is definitely saving it for Bruno. Just like Alison happened to stumble across the note last year. Gimme a break with this bullshit.


Allison wasn’t the first person to look at the plant BUT did waste that Veto by using it on the wrong person when she could have made a big move and took Arlie off the block


Now everyone is gunning for Sindy, Sarah and Britnee and with these 3 evictions, they might get them all in one week. That will be the point when i’m absolutely done with this season…from the highest high (evicting jordan) to the lowest low….


I do not know what you are complaining about. You support them to make the move to draw a line in the sand against the other side. What do you expect the consequences will be? I think you expect the other side just sits there to wait for eviction and hands the prize to Sindy, Sara and Britt. If you know the consequences, why do you support them to make the move so early. Have you ever heard “Don’t do the crime if you cannot do the time”?


I supported them in making the move because i expected that the 5 that voted for jordan to stick together afterwards, but idiot bobby betrayed them right away by getting sindy out of the hoh comp and it all went downhill from there, culminating in pilar being hoh. Of course i’m going to support the only people that have the guts to make a move in the house. You can support pilar and ashleigh if you want, their submissive game is perhaps more to your liking.


Did you hear “Expect unexpected”? I thought the host reminds you every show. Instead of blaming on other houseguests’ fault for the bad circumstances of not winning HOH, how about blaming on your favorite for not studying hard for the HOH. Remember you fail your exam because of you, not because of your friends not helping you. Every houseguest makes the move the best for their game, not best for your game or your favorite’s game. Stop complaining about other houseguests does not help your favorite. It does not make any sense. One more thing, you do not know they make the wrong move or not until the end of the game.


I can complain all i want just like you can obviously root all you want for the other idiotic houseguests.


Perhaps your the idiot. See the SSB thing was SB and they had the Diapers supporting/aiding them. Thus Sarah wasn’t evicted. Funny they cut off their nose to spite their face you wonder why they are targets. Proven disloyalty to the folks that helped them all along.
They helped Bro’s keep Godfrey so TY. What do they owe SSB …. nothing. There fate lies on who wins next HOH. Well in Cindy’s case her fate lies in POV. Watch the rats scamper to get Zack backdoored if POV is used. Guessing Kevin will count numbers then it would be Bruno/Bobby or Sarah/B.
They need to send a girl home 1st(SSB). That leaves 10 Diapers/Willow/GOD/Bruno and Bobby versus the 2 left. Wouldn’t it be poetic if he spent most of his time in the Jury house with a snake and 2 rats. I’d laugh for days. Oh and the whining here I’m done with the season….boo hoo. No matter how bad it gets I stick it out.
By the way that’s just 1 scenario maybe they backdoor Bobby, SSB win HOH and get out Zack and GOD or Bruno. That would be equally as funny.


Just when you thought this shit show was going to redeem itself….These houseguests aside from Sindy, Brit, Sarah, Bruno are so bland it’s like watching paint peel very slowly. It’s boring to watch & unless a magical twist happens I predict this show is going to continue down the stony end.


at least there is some shifting of power.. everyone was complaining of j/z cockiness last week, now Sindy is there saying how she told Pilar what to do and it’s a plan, same situation… whoever thinks they have power will be cocky… i like to believe its fair for the other side to loose one this week

Ariana Grande stinks!

Pilar is really a casting mistake. You cannot select an imbecile to participate a Big Brother experience. That level of stupidity is rare. She has no clue about life, about her existence, about anything… Airhead should be a compliment because that would mean she has no functional brain. She has and it’s shit.

How the casting directors did not see that is beyond me. Makes you question their basic competence. UNBELIEVABLE!


maybe the cast of this season are family of production?


There is an airhead cast every season both sides of the border. This is hardly a new revelation. Same Kasting both sides of the border I believe.


So true, but I suspect these guys were on their way to an air head convention and took a wrong turn and ended up in the big brother house!


literally half the house went against Zach/Ashleigh/Pilar/Kevin and they STILL think everyone is on their side and “trusts them 100%” (except SSB)……..and they’re right….why are these minions so scared of making big moves……yawn….


These stupid houseguests have parted the sea for Bruno to walk to the end. Seriously Zach and Ashley are still not trying to get blood on their hands. Pilars stupidness has rubbed off on Kevin. And Pilar is even more retarded than when she first walked into the house. Not to mention Willow thinks she’s this awesome game player because she’s one of the only idiots that actually watched a season before season 10. C’mon these stupid houseguests are getting taken out by the Bombsquad 2.0. An alliance that everyone and the hammock knows about and they’re doing nothing about it!


when they cast peope. don’t they ask potential houseguests at audition about strategies, if they have seen the show before and also runt through possible scenarios and solutions etc when faced with evictions, vetos etc? My mind is blown….Pilar was chosen as a potential showmance partner thats it. Sad really.

To the Curb

If Sindy, Sara and Bethanny are the three to go this week i will stop watching.i am not going to tune in to watch the backyardigans.


Bethanny…do you even watch this show?

To the curb

whoa anonymous …I did not mean to type Bethany but i was watching RHONY ..If you had to point it out in such a scarcatic manner you must be really peeved at the remark i made about the backyardigan’s tv show. If i made fun of your TV viewing schedule i apologize .. I am sure Zack, Ashleigh, Pilar and Kevin love the Backyardigans as their mentality comes off similar to your own.


If you are better than her. How about you apply on the show and then show that kind of attitude towards a woman. Let see Canadian like you or not.


If Sarah/Brit/Sindy all go. I am going to be very bummed. If there is 0.00001 chance that Zach and Ashleigh, go then people will this is the greatest twist ever. Wasnt bb 16 supposed to be the most twisted season ever. I feel with all the twists, this could lead to the demise of BB Canada, I do not want that to happen because I do enjoy watching, Not a fan of BB UK and AUS, because I feel its a popularity contest. I dont know.


I like BB Australia .. It is different but entertaining.
BBCA took the idea from BBAU of offering cash from the grand prize to temp the house guest
BBAU also did a talent show … it blew BBCA’s out of the water … way better
Also I did not like BBCA shock collar comp… watching people get hurt is not entertaining to me. A new low I would of expected from BBUS
I agree that BBUK sucks though


I really hope that sarah, sindy and britnee somehow survive this week. bruno and bobby…wow. they are incredibly stupid. we already knew bobby was but bruno is showing us that this week. in 1 day he has gotten over the fact that just last week, if not for sindy coming back him or bobby would have walked out the door. jordan being gone does not change the fact that zach wants them gone, he isnt loyal to them.
bobby and bruno are just setting th3mselves up to fail. they are going to help the other side tke out potential allies that they for no reason do not trust. they want to target girls that would keep them over a side that will ditch them in a second. they can not beat that other side if they only leaves themselves and godfrey in the house.
like seriously, what the fuck is wrong with these idiots?
this season is shit. an alliance with the stupidest name ever and with some of the worst game players ever is being allowed to run things because most of these other guests are stupid and to chicken shit to make a move against them. it took someone coming back to get them to make a move.

once sindy, sarah and britnee are gone, and that might be this week unless 1 of them wins the 2nd hoh i am done with this season. i am so disapointed in kevin right too, thought he was better than this


What game you watching? No reason to not trust SSB are you kidding? They just backstabbed the diapers who had helped keep B and Sarah safe and in the game.
I think BBG have a tough decision after the 1st HOH. Simply how do they get numbers(votes) to get to 6. As long as snake Cindy remains they cannot team with B and Sarah. All the SSB lovers would benefit from Cindy going next. It would open up an opportunity for the other 2.
I see all the baby tantrums about Zack and I can’t stop laughing. The couples alliance folks…. come on Pili HOH Zack going no where. He’ll be gone soon enough on a Bruno/Bobby HOH so relax he’s not getting any where near the money.


also..pilar is confirming 2hat i thought. she is an air head. i just…i have never seen anyone so helpless before. she cant do anything without clearing it with someone else or being rold what to do. how does this girl survive in the real world?

it sucks that risha got voted out weak one. she might not have been the best game player but its quite clear that if she were still here and in this position now she would be able to decide for herself. pilar is just a watse


You really gotta watch the show for real. Many an HOH is basically talk to everyone do what the house wants both sides of the border. Pili has very little BB game at best but you like a few trolls here whine non stop if Hg’s don’t do what you want.
Her HOH will be forgotten soon enough like Cindy with an S if she doesn’t win POV. If GOD is left on the block after Cindy wins POV who goes up that could be interesting. Sarah/B or Bruno/Bobby as I can’t see willow going up personally. I’d love to see Sarah with an S as replacement just to read the whining troll comments. On a practical note be interesting if she can rally votes to stay. B/B aren’t voting out GOD so they need the diapers they just stabbed in the back. LMFAO Yeh lets get Cindy up so she wins POV and Sarah with an S makes jury. hehehe
By the way I think B would be the renom thanks to Ash if she isn’t an original nom. SSB in big trouble thanks to the terrific BB game of Pili.


I hope round 2 is something complicated comp but I wish it was Canada hoh to see zach go home if doesn’t then this will suck. If I was pillar I would nominate zach he is good socially and comp beast everyone should think that even kevin because I don’t think he can’t beat him


“If I was pillar I would nominate zach”

Wow! That would be a really poor move from her perspective.


Ugh…I think I lost brain cells watching that convo between Ash and Pilar (especially when they were trying to come up with her nominations speech). Also, Pilar repeatedly apologizing to Kevin and Ash for believing Sindy…and having them both remind her that Sindy was telling the truth. Pilar asking Ash how to think…useless. Ash threatening to call out Sindy for “lying” about Ash’s loyalties…when Sindy was only stating fact about what she knew. Pilar SHOULD be questioning why Ash didn’t tell her until now…instead of being angry at the one who DID tell her. Ash enthusiastically stating that it will beneficial to them if the Underdogs keep thinking that Pilar is with them. Really Ash? Didn’t you just help convince Pilar to put them up? So how exactly does that benefit you…since they will know Pilar isn’t with them the minute she does that sometime today. Like I said…useless.

And don’t even get me started on Godfrey going straight to Chop Shop and spilling the beans. The abundance of stupidity running amok on this season is aggravating. It is impossible to play an interesting game…when the one or two players with any common sense in the house is trying to work with absolute morons. This isn’t entertaining to watch…it is just frustrating.


Besides Sarah and Sindy, I can’t stand the rest of them as players
Where do I sign-up to play poker against Kevin?
What horrible player
He can not seem to figure odds
He can not read people well (Zack throws up major red flags every time he speaks)
His non-existent strategy sucks
Godfrey??? I don’t even know what to say? one of the worst players ever
My prediction
Zack, Ash, Pili F3 .. zack dumps Ash .. Zack n Pili F2
I’ll vote for Pili to win


This is when they should have done the veto twist….


Like I said days ago, BBCan is trying so hard to pull this show out of its ratings slump. All of these phenomenal twists would have worked brilliantly with a different cast, though. The cast is the problem. They talk about the house flipping when, really, it’s the house guests who flip on a weekly, almost daily/hourly, basis. Everyone’s strategy and game is rooted in fear and paranoia, not skill and cunning.

Pilar is the worst HOH ever. She shouldn’t even be in the house because she’s useless and clueless about BB. This isn’t really her HOH, it will be Kevin’s, with a dash of Ashleigh and Zach thrown in. But, not Pilar’s.

Bobby is massively ignorant and short-sighted. He’s playing the game in his head and it’s not the same game that’s being played in reality. That makes him dangerous and unpredictable because he takes too much work to work with reliably.

Godfrey tells absolutely everyone absolutely everything. Worst secret keeper ever, which makes for a dangerously stupid player to whoever works with, or trusts, him.

Bruno would be great with any other cast. His problem is that there’s no one for him to truly trust and work with that’s competent.

Zach – His true colors came out with his arrogance. That’s how he is with his social media interactions. The humble, aw shucks stuff is an act he puts on while his ego feeds (like a vampire) on all the “great player” and “Captain Canada” smoke blown up his butt.

Ashleigh is just a truly horrible, selfish person. She has the “most popular cheerleader whose dating the quarterback” attitude. She’s mean, self-entitled, and considers others lower than herself. But, in reality, she’s useless and needs the boyfriend to 1) think for her, 2) feel good about herself, and 3) give her status.

Willow is just a confused person who uses silliness as a coping and defense mechanism because she doesn’t know who she is. That makes her annoying, but not a bad person.

Brittnee is completely insecure. She talks a good game (not BB, but life in general) but she doesn’t really believe it because she lacks confidence and doesn’t believe in herself. And she’s useless in comps that involve more than just standing there.

Kevin – Big Talker. Little Game. Thinks highly of himself without the evidence to back it up. He’s like Bobby in that the game he’s playing in his head isn’t the one that’s actually playing out.

Sindy – Good gamer with convincing social skills and game talk. She’s a strong competitor. But, her extroverted personality is her downfall because it makes her specific flaws super obvious. Even to people like Bobby.

Sarah – I have to admit that she’s okay at her social game, albeit a bit psycho. But she’s like Ashleigh, Britnee and Pilar regarding anything physical… completely useless. Personally, she puts me off completely. I don’t like her or anything she stands for. I find her offensive and gross. We’re complete opposites in every way. I don’t care who wins this show, but I don’t want her to.

Ariana Grande stinks!

Why wouldn’t you tell us how you really feel?


1. That’s what the comment section is for.
2. Your comment applies to you and your “name” (Ariana Grande stinks!), too.


I agree with you about britnee, sarah and sindy but what makes me root for them is that they actually want to play the game, they want to make moves. The 2 biggest moves made in this game were started by them. Everyone else here is to chicken shit to do anything. zach wimped out last week and bruno and bobby are so stupid they are targeting their potential allies.
Bruno is not a great player, he too is afraid to make moves. he didnt do anything with his HOH and if it werent for sindy coming back he would never have voted out JP, the thought would never have come to him.


I agree with you. The women are much better game players than the guys this year. For that reason, a woman SHOULD win this season… even if it IS Sarah.


i mean, if bruno was smart he’d put aside his hate of sarah for his own good and work with SSB to take down the other side. once those 3 girls are gone the other 5 will pick bobby, bruno and godfrey off 1 by 1


I liked reading this thread. My little effort…

Bruno- has been getting everything handed to him including letters from GOD in HOH comp. He could be Helen 2 if he doesn’t fire his next HOH
Zack- gutless coward he won’t be missed.
Bobby- how can anyone act without thinking of the consequences? He needs a comp run to go deep.
Kevin- early target being left alone. Either he has no game or it’s brilliant attaching himself in a showmance with non threatening Pili.
Pili- F2 material for sure they’ll take her dragging and screaming all the way to the final.
Willow- she’s floating with out a float game. lol She can watch all the action from the sidelines until she becomes the pawn…. then ask Jordan what happens to pawns.
Ash- OMW such a non factor in BB game play. Her only hope is Zack goes soon maybe she has and finds a voice. I don’t think so myself.
B- I like B because I think she owns her decisions. Her HOH was best this season so far. An adult with a lot of kids pretending to be adults. Good convos with Bruno to.
Sarah- Fred said it best she gross that’s being polite
Cindy- I find very few if any person in BB Can history I like less. Sooner she goes the better for the season.


has kevin reaaally disappointed anyone else? I thought he was going to be some mastermind abd was really rooting for him but he seems to be doing nothing at all…


Ya gonna be WHIRLWIND. For sure!
All bets are off! Gonna be exciting!


They could also twist things up by having a non-jury. Evictee. Ya just never know now!



So Pilar nominates Sindy & Godfrey (who btw is going to feel like an idiot for telling Bru/Bobby as soon as he is nominated). Then one of Britt/Sarah win POV to remove Sindy from the block.

Now here is where the season gets saved: Sindy, Britt and Sarah compete as a team for Have Not and lose b/c they become Have Nots…. BUT THEY WIN … because (you guessed it) they get the power under the floor.

I mean come on .. the only time this season the audience seemed genuinely excited was during JP’s eviction so the Powers That Be must know they can’t keep trying to ram Captain Canada down our throats or keep both him and Bruno in the house with the lemmings and dumb, dumber and dumbest just blindly following everything the say.

So here’s where the season gets saved… they go to Pilar/Kevin and reveal they got a power in the Have Not Room bigger than what Bruno got and that if she doesn’t put up Zach as the replacement they will use it to put up Ashleigh and Kevin which means Kevin will go home. Zach goes up & Bruno jumps at the chance to take him out (or maybe b/c he’s been playing like an idiot lately) he keeps him over God .

Regardless, the next HOH runs and one of the girls wins and retains the power and/or they don’t but have the power to save themselves.

At this point it’s the only way the season can be saved. BUT then again that’s in my crazy world of hoping for a season with actual people who will PLAY Big Brother Unfortunately given the way the season has gone Zach will likely be the one to win the power. ARGH…


kevin is doing absolutely nothing except catching the information that keeps landing in his lap constantly. And he will keep doing the fortress sign by himself in the DR to the end….


That would be fitting since he was the only one who was ever really IN that alliance. That’s where Kevin and Bobby are VERY similar. They’re both diehard loyals in an Alliance of One. Everyone else’s loyalties change with the wind.

Just, in Kevin’s case, The Fortress has always been only him. He put a lot of thought and effort into coming up with a “cool” alliance name and hand gesture before even going into the house. Pity he’s still the only member.