GOD – “coming with a freaking vengeance Bro… they’re going to be crying YO”

POV Holder: Kevin Next POV May 6th*
POV Used No POV Ceremony May 6th*
HOH Winner Kevin Next HOH May 6th
Nominations: Bobby and Brittnee
Have Nots Zach, Bobby, Willow (Season slop pass)
POV Players Kevin, Bobby, Ashleigh, Brittnee, Sarah, Pili

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-05 20-45-01-047

11:38pm Bedroom Bruno and Godfrey
Bruno wearing Godfrey’s innocent bystander shirt.
Bruno filling godfrey in on a bit of Zach info.. “He doesn’t trust Willow” adds if Zach is legit he might be going after the girls he wants Sarah out. Bruno – “that’s what he’s telling me”
Bruno – we’re gold dude we’re literally sitting in the best spot.. We flipped the game on them bro
Bruno – dial it up we’re going to play .. we’re going to CRANK it
God – I’m going to come in with a freaking vengeance Bro… coming with a vengeance bro
God says all the girls ever say to him is the girls want him (Zach) out Bro
Godfrey – Even Willow.. all they tell me Kevin and Zach bro
Godfrey says not once has he seen Ashleigh stressing she’s walking around like she owns this place they’re going to be crying after he puts them on the block

11:43pm HOH the Diapers
Zach says Godfrey has to go up tomorrow. They’re saying how shocked how good of a spot they are after all that has gone down.
AShleigh says Sarah will put Bruno and Godfrey up
Kevin – 100%
Kevin wants Sarah/Brittnee in the house to slug it out over Bruno/Godfrey they all seem to be worried about Bruno and Godfrey’s comp winning abilities vs Sarah/Brittnee.
Zach thinks Willow is an emotional player once they put her up she has to go out.
They talk about the chats with Bruno/Bobby. Zach says the fault with Bruno is he’s too loyal to play this game.
Zach – I feel bad for him he’s had to scramble these past few days

They’re all surprised the house isn’t coming after them. They think they played this week out perfectly.
Asheligh – it actually baffles my mind
Zach – its’ hilarious.. is this really happening right now
Kevin says the guys are “dumb”, “what they are selling is so illogical.. not dumb you know”
Zach brings up Bruno telling him if he comes after “You guys” Bruno “Literally” has no one left in this game, “He feels he has some type.. with us”
Kevin can’t believe he lied to Bobby for 2 days and now his closest ally isn’t coming after him.. Kevin can’t believe it.
Zach – you iso’d him
Pili – it’s too good to be true but it makes sense..
Zach – if Willow wins we control the vote
Ashleigh – our numbers I just love our numbers control literally who goes home
Piliar – doesn’t matter who goes up on the block our numbers are key
Zach says what they did with Bruno was huge him and Ash had a conversation with him pulled him in a bit.
Sarah comes in to change batteries after she leaves.. Zach asks where Sarah’s head’s at.
Kevin thinks he has a good relationship with her but he feel safe if she wins next week.
Zach says if Godfrey goes Bruno’s hands are tied. They agree Brittnee,Sarah and Willow will never work with Bruno and Godfrey .
Zach is going to put up Godfrey and Sarah/Brittnee
Pili is scared of putting Sarah up
Zach – B winning is worst case Ontario for us
Points out they’ve put her up so many times she’ll look like a fool if she doesn’t put them up Adds Sarah will control Brittnee’s HOH.
AShleigh says they have to backdoor Willow. Zach is worried she’s going to go far in this game. Points out that Pili, Willow and Ashleigh are sitting the prettiest.
Zach – if there’s a canada’ vote twist they’ll flip the diapers
Pili – it’s too good to be true
Zach – they’ll flip us
Kevin – nothing you can do about it
Ashleigh says if one of them don’t win tomorrow they are not in a panic. They agree not to throw the HOH.
Zach and Ashleigh say if a Diaper cannot win HOH the next best thing is Willow
ASh – I think she’ll put up Sarah and B.. if me and peels were in her ear.

12:14am Sarah and Bruno
Sarah points out how Pili and Ashleigh are like the boys servants they ran downstairs to get them “F***g” ice water.
They agree Tomorrow the couples have to taek a hit
Sarah doesn’t give a f** who it is or how it happens they have to take the shot.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-05 21-19-15-618

12:19am Godfrey and Bruno
Bruno thinks if the Diapers win this week they might go after Sarah and Brittnee.
Bruno – right now we’re not at the top of the food to be taken out.
Godfrey – Sarah has two people working for her Willow and Britt

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-05 21-30-35-201

12:30am Bobby and Bruno Storage Room
Bobby says he’s 100% sure there is a all girls alliance he heard Brittnee and Sarah whispering about Sindy exposing it
Bruno – they’re shaken you can tell by their faces
Bruno says it’s not written in stone but he’s trying to set it up that Zach goes after Sarah.
Bruno – If Zach goes it’s not good for my game right now .. I can almost throw this one
Bruno tells bobby he’s the only one in the house he can trust.. adds he’s not counting Bobby out.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-05 21-53-00-279

12:52am Bobby and Zach
Bobby tells him he knows he’s going home he’s not trying to get votes just wants Zach to know something that will help him. Bobby says he heard B and Sarah talking in the bathroom again not sure what it means. they said
“you think they believe it”
“Do you think Sindy said something to them before she left.. “
“She very well could have”
Bobby – don’t think they’re talking about the purple cobras.
Bobby – I swear to god i’m not making this up
Zach says once they get Godfrey out he’s going after all those girls as fast as he can
Bobby says he really wanted to have an alliance like the brigade. Zach doesn’t think the house was set up for that adds people couldn’t stay calm.

Going through the season.. long Conv. Zach tells Bobby he doesn’t think Pili and Ashleigh are in a Girls alliance.

(Video uploading.. It’s super long)

1:34am Zach and Ashleigh
Zach says he had a funny conversation with Bobby, “nothing new”. he mentions the conversation Bobby heard between Sarah and Brittnee “Do they believe it.. I dunno.. I hope Sindy didn’t say anything before she left”
Zach – He thought it had something to do with a girls alliance
Zach tells her if Sarah breaks them up tomorrow she has to promise him she wont work with Sarah, “Go to your grave to get her out”
Zach – The Diapers are a strong alliance

2:00am Have nots Willow, Zach and Bobby
Bobby tells Willow/Zach if a twist saves him tomorrow he’s down to reform the chop shop “We’re back baby”



There are always a lot of Alliance but we’ve tried to make sense of it all.. Read our alliance help guide

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LOL. Bobby has spilled all the beans to Zach and he ignored it! I just hope that one of Sarah, Brit and Willow wins tomorrow and send Zach and Kevin/Bruno out. He never learns, he is feeling safe and comfortable as he was when Jordan left.


Bruno stop being so loyal to Bobby uggghhh


Bruno is by far the most disappointing player this season, close to Sarah, who never wins comps cause she over exerts herself, but man, Bruno aligns himself with the two biggest idiots in the house: Bobby and Godfrey and both will be gone. Willow and Pili have it easy, no one is targeting them. They will be in the f2.


How’s Bruno looking now? Oh shit

another name

I turned off the computer for a while. Bruno was campaigning to kevin to save bobby. it’s been too long a day to listen to Bruno campaign to the hoh. the guy that doesn’t get a vote.
just. no.
at this point I think tomorrow bobby and two players that are actually playing the game with intensity are going to jury. now we get to bell curve a season out of what’s left. yay mediocrity.
yeah, I like and hate some players personalities, but i’d rather the ones I hate stay tomorrow than be left with everyone i’m completely apathetic about in regard to ability to play the game.
let’s say that any two of kevin, Zach, sarah, Bruno, or godfrey go home in this elimination. now think of the d/r sessions we’ll be forced to sit through during episodes with what’s left. will global provide a gibberish to English subtitle box? hire voice over actors to make it seem like they actually have a gameplan?


LOL – I was just thinking how a F3 with Brit, Ash and Pills would look. I’m not even sure where to start. I think I would die of mumbleitis. Entire convos of, “Yeah, um like, mmble mmble, you know, but then, um yeah, like RIGHT, RIGHT?


is ashleigh delusional or just playing them when she says she is sure willow wilp put up sarah and B?????

IN general all 4 are pretty delusional but that is really odd. and if zach i ure that ash and pili are not in an all girl allince then it must follow that there isnt one. but maybe they arent as deluded as bruno did he just say he could throw the hoh and be ok right now???!!!


Most of what is going on in there is mind boggling.


She is playing them.

another name

I think I must have misheard something earlier: did Zach and Bruno suggest using Ashleigh as a future pawn to get out a bigger threat? to Ashleigh?
that worked so well for Jordan.
no wonder she’s suggesting that willow will put up sarah and B if Ashleigh is in her ear.


If Ashleigh and Pili think they will win in F2 over either Zach or Kevin, they are sorely mistaken.Ashley might have a slight edge over Pili, but i hardly see them together in F2. If they aim at being the runner-up, then the Diapers is the way to go


49 days till BIG BROTHER 17


Yay! So we can see that evil self-centered bitch Grodner help rig awful houseguests like Frankie and ruin another season!


Oh I hope not…and don’t wanna see him visit the house either!


I absolutely cannot wait. This season on BBCan is such a disaster. It just needs to end.

I’m really struggling to find anything to say about these houseguests and their “game”. It’s so boring and not fun at all. Such a miserable season.


I wouldn’t go as far to say this season is a disaster, but yes of the 3 BBCAN seasons this is definitely the most lackluster. As of right now i’d say it’s mediocre at best, but it all depends if this triple eviction goes as we want.


I want to say yay but I’m a little gun shy to get my hopes up with any anticipation towards BB at this point. I’ll proceed with caution after this disaster!

another name

if you are godfrey and you are thinking: when godfrey was nominated, Bruno said hey man, you do the work and i’ll vote to save you. when bobby is nominated look at Bruno fly around the house in a tizzy. and yet no alarm bells. the guy you’re in a two man alliance with is working 1 million times harder to save someone else. time to think about that.
if you’re Ashleigh and you are thinking: the girls are offering you a back up position. Bruno talks to Zach four times before he talks to you and Zach together. where was your private chat? and now Zach and Bruno are both talking about getting out girls as a priority. let it sink in.
if you’re bobby and you’re thinking: why not invent a fake twistos twist to save you.


Zach is an idiot why would he take out sarah so he has full control of pili or ash and let them take out god but if he wins hoh Sarah and god are gone does not matter tomorrow is crucial from there you know who has a better chance of winning the game


Zach just hears what he wants to hear. So, he believes that Zach Ash and Pili are not in alliance and Ash and Pili can get into Willow’s ears. Wow! And he is still paranoid that there is women’s alliance. Clearly, he doesn’t seem like a guy who has practiced deep, critical thinking a lot. I hope that the show turns out be a positive learning point for him. He does seem to have a lot of potential to be great in life I think.

I like Godfrey but he has to drop saying “Yo” every sentence. It is driving me crazy.


Yo, why, yo say that man? Yo..

Crossing Fingers

I’m really hoping Sarah wins HOH. Best move for her would be to put up Pili (as a pawn) and aim to get Zach and Godfrey out. Bruno would be left without any alliance, since he would have no strong ties with other players, and Kevin would be left leading the remnants of the mostly dead-weight diaper alliance. If Godfrey is left in the game with Kevin, they would most likely team-up (especially since Kevin has already demonstrated his loyalty to Godfrey by not putting him up this week). If Bruno is left in the game with Zach, they may team-up as well due to their Chop-Shop history.


If a non-Daiper wins and doesn’t strike at Kevin and Zach, that would be the most foolish move in BB history. Kevin and Zach win comps and are on the opposite side of the house, why target Godfrey? It makes no sense


Agree that it makes no sense for a non-Diaper to target Godfrey. They need to put Zach and Kevin up together to make sure one of them goes home. If not, one could (easily based on past competition wins for both of them) win veto and keep both of them safe. The best way to make sure one goes home is by putting them both up right at the beginning.


I have both behaviours in my house. I have four kids and I dont belevie that the way I was raised was the best and do not treat my children like that. As for a hit I have hate myself after. I have my youngest with ASD and he is so aggressive. My other 3 stuggle with this as do I. I think that my other 3 are inwards but not from psychologically bulling as I praise alot about everythink that they do and in the way they are. So my question is how can you have both sides of the coin in your house if it comes from parenting? cheers


It’s simple: Bruno is scared of the girls aligning, he wants Sarah gone cuz he knows she’s the patriarch. Bobby is sure but gone. So he needs Zach to win that 2nd how to take out Sarah, Godfrey is hellbent in getting Zach out its hilarious, the girls should align two guys leave…. it’s a numbers game. I hope Bobby/Zach/Sarah go in that order.


a patriarch is a male


really? patriarch / matriarch, who cares… you understood the point of the post didn’t you?


Just pointing it out. I wouldn’t want Giuseppe to use the word incorrectly in real life.


Bobby and the Chop Shop is as pathetic as Caleb and the Bomb Squad. Clueless idiots.


More pathetic. Once Amber left Caleb proved to be a smarter game player than Bobby.


Based on the polls the BEST THING that could happen for BB CAN 3 would be if Zach and Ash leave given the polls show Kevin, Sarah and Godfrey as the top 3 popular hamsters followed by Bruno and Willow.

Bruno is dropping and Willow is climbing sooooo the 2nd best scenario would be Zach and Bruno leaving. Obviously it behooves the nomances to get out 2 diaper players and I have a funny feeling based on tonight’s convo’s that Bruno isn’t even going to try to win (DUMB MOVE) so it will be up to Godfrey, Sarah, Willow and Britt to beat out Zach, Ash and Pilar if they want to break up the Diapers.

For Sarah it’s better for their game if they take out 2 men even if one is Bruno b/c he will ONLY work with them to get out Zach and then he’ll try to turn on Sarah to work with Kevin, Ash, God and Pilee to take her out. He hasn’t done anything that proves otherwise. Sarah is useful to him ONLY if she takes out his targets and votes to save who he wants.

I’m almost glad Bruno says he won’t try b/c I have a feeling he’d try to take out Kevin and Sarah who are the top two in the polls read: boring rest of season if they are the 2 who leave.

Can we PLEASE have a Britt, Sarah or Willow HOH with one of the 2 who don’t win taking the next HOH right after. PLEASE…. Then we’ll see how good Kevin’s game is, as I suspect he’ll be the one who wins the POV to stay over Zach. (and I won’t be surprised if it’s a clown shoe type POV and if Sarah or Kevin are in trouble their shoes will be easiest to find)

My best case scenario is for Sarah and Willow to make it through the triple eviction and win back to back HOH’s ideally with Willow first followed by Sarah. My reason is Sarah has said all along she wants to hold a “typical” HOH which would mean one at a time the hamsters come up to talk to her. I’d love to see this occur so we hear where each of the hamsters heads are at (or how well they lie).

Plus I’m dying to see the Sarah conversation where she sits down Pilar and Ash to tell them how they are being portrayed on TV as the weak hangers on to Zach/Kevin who are dragging them along.

Something tells me though that Ash is starting to catch onto Zach only doing what is good for his game, b/c how many times can Ash tell him “why would I put up someone who’ll never put me up” only to have him say “you should put up Sarah b/c I think she wants me out.” For as much as Ash can play dumb, I think overhearing that convo at the hot tub made her realize what’s going on. When Sarah tells her Zach said to her Day 1: You be Neda and I’ll be John we’ll see how she deals with that news!


Unfortunately I don’t foresee Sarah, Britt or Willow winning HOH. And I don’t see Britt informing Ash that Zach had a discussion with Britt about him wanting to keep Britt around to take out Ash for Zach. And I don’t see Ash heading to the girls because Zach and Bruno suggested Ash would be safe as a pawn.


Sarah, Willow, or Britt need to win tomorrow… there is a 66% chance of that happening because we all know that Britt is a complete write off in this game.

Queen B my ass…


Britt is disappointing on many levels and so far only fills the role of Sarah ally.


I sadly agree, Brittnee seems like a sweetheart outside of the game, but she is not a very useful BB player as of right now. However nobody can top Pilar, who is the most useless and clueless player ever.

Just sayin'

Lol the chop shop is long dead, buried and forgotten and it’s still all bobby can think about. I feel bad that it takes weeks for his brain to catch up with the house! It really is a toss up for dumbest person in this house…


To many choices.

Yo Donny

Bruno reminds me of Donny. You want to like him, but he just has no game, yo.


As an f.y.i. I watched Rob Has A Podcast last night (Rob who played on Survivor) he had Derrick from BB 16 who provided some pretty interesting info:

He and Donny don’t talk . Derrick said he’s a nice man but is still bitter Derrick won. He also hinted that Donny was the one who told Jocasta that Derrick wasn’t sincere in his praying (although that was a lie).

Further: Derrick is no longer talking to his FATHER…… get a load of this Derrick’s dad is doing a TV show with Beast Mode Cowboy: Caleb. Despite Derrick not wanting his father involved they both ignored his request. It’s a show about bullying. From what I can decipher Caleb and Derrick’s father drive around in a van and save people who are being bullied. I mean how is Caleb even remotely qualified for something like that? Very odd.

As for BBCan3 Derrick loves Bruno (b/c he’s a dad) but thinks he’s made some bad choices. He also really likes Sarah and Kevin, but thinks Willow might slide through. Of note: he’s not aware of Willow/Sarah being as close as they are so he might move up Sarah when he hears that.

He thinks :Pilee is Kevin’s Victoria but ranks Victoria higher/better than Pilee (WOW that says alot).

He also can’t stand Britt’s DR sessions b/c he feels they are so fake.

Just f.y.i.


Bruno is annoying as F. send him home please!


I am throwing a party if Zach leaves this week. who’s coming? :p


Lol, I’ll be raising my glass as he walks up the stairs and dancing as he goes out the door.


I think I might just be doing the exact same thing. – If it happens, I’ll raise you a “clinck”.


Zach asks Ashleigh to get him a glass of water. When Pilar offers what’s left of her water bottle, he claims he needs ice as well.Kevin jokes to Pilar that he’s parched and needs water too. Ashleigh gets up to Go down and Get water for the boys, Pilar offers to join her. When they leave, Zach clucks his tongue and says, ” love it”

This is one pathetic moment in a series of pathetic moments…good grief


Yes, like yesterday (I think it was yesterday), he walks to the shower, flips the curtain and says, “is there a towel?” He expected her to bring one to him. If I were Ash, I’d have thrown it at/to him. So what if it might get wet?
I hope Ash is just biding her time for game sake and then cuts his user butt loose after the show.