Haleigh “These are not my underwear!! Who’s pant!es are in your shower FESSIE?!”

9pm HOH room. Haleigh and Fes. Fes – she loves Scottie to though. Its going to be a bloody week. Haleigh – these are not my underwear!! Who’s panties are in your shower FESSIE?!! Fes – Rockstar. Fes – what have you been doing all day. You’ve been doing laps around the kitchen island. Haleigh – Why haven’t you come down. Fes – I am chilling right now and enjoying my privacy. Haleigh – I didn’t get any privacy on my HOH. Fes – not my problem. Haleigh – why are you being rude. Fes – I feel like people are scared to come up here.

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Nomination Results! “I don’t have a target, I just need some truth!”

5:05pm HOH room. Scottie and Fes. They talk about the past votes and evictions. Fes – Kaitlyn got played that first week. Scottie – I literally thought it was JC who flipped the vote. At first I thought it was Rockstar. That’s two weeks in a row where I though his (JC) vote was locked and then in the last millisecond he flips. And those are just the two I know of. Fes – they only thing is that JC has told me every time. I know he runs around but it can’t be JC because he’s told me every time. It can’t be JC because JC voted to evict Brett the first time and JC gets paranoid. So if JC voted to evict Brett he knows he’s coming after him and then when has another chance to evict him, why would he not do it?

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“I’m your dream girl and outside of all this one day you are going to walk up to me and be like I’m completely in love with you”

**** UPDATED *****

Big Brother Spoilers Sam has created a showmance final 2 and a 3 person alliance. She’s created a husband and a happy life for herself when the show is over. LOVE IT
1:54pm Brett and Sam
Brett – they think we have a final 2.. they’ve thought they had one from the start,.. Rockstar was the one that originally said it..
SAm – Really, I had it in my head that you had a final 2 with me you just didn’t tell me about it .. without my consent..
Sam giggles…

Sam brings up Rockstar having Stories about her and BRett having a final 2 and Brett was secretly involve with her (ZOMG)
SAm – Like I’m your dream girl and outside of all this on day you are going to walk up to me and be like I’m completely in love with you

Brett – Scottie and I had a running joke that every time me Scottie would talk to me, Rockstar Haleigh and Fes would interrogate the f* out of him
Brett says every time Scottie would say he was just trying to get to the bottom him Brett’s and Sam’s final 2
Sam – oh my god

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“I don’t know how to play this game.. I know how to be loyal and win competitions”

****** UPDATED *******
Big Brother Spoilers In what is the cherry on top of stupid land. Fes is targeting Scottie the one person left on his side other than Haleigh.  Fes’ target is Scottie if veto is used Tyler goes up. IF SCottie wins the veto things get interesting if Scottie doesn’t win the veto Scottie goers home. Of course this can all change by Monday.

10:46am FEs and Kaycee
Fes is telling Kaycee he’s targeting the people that are playing both sides. Kaycee tells him she’s respecting any decision he makes.
Fes – it’s the lying and flip votes that’s making me mad..
FEs says you are supposed to lie and cheat but he doesn’t know who to do that
Fes wants her to respect his nominations this week she’ll be fine though. “I don’t know what exactly i’m doing”
Kaycee – you got it
Fes – I’m a man of my word
Kaycee – I know you are
Kayce says fes reminds her of her best friends she has his back this week and next week

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Scottie “You’re having a hard time with specifics” Brett “There’s no need to be hostile towards each other”

10:17pm Outside the HOH room. Scottie and Haleigh. Haleigh – Sam has a crush on Brett. She was pissed.. she was asking Rockstar if Brett and I f**king bang. That’s disgusting. I would throw up. Then she came to my room and said Haleigh – who do you have a crush on in this house? Scottie – Sam said that or Rockstar? Haleigh – Sam did in front of Rockstar. I said well JC I guess. And she started laughing. I said I don’t know there are a bunch of cute guys. Sam left and Rockstar said Sam is jealous of you and Brett. Scottie – that’s why she put you up then. If I won HOH I would put Sam up and expose her.

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Fes “Brett needs to f***ing go man! I am tired of him! I am tired of that motherf***er!”

8pm Kitchen. Haleigh, Fes, Tyler, Scottie. Fes – about time there was an athletic comp. Fes to Tyler – so you have how many comp wins? Tyler – four. Fes – in my book you’ve got five. Tyler – three vetos and one HOH. Scottie – so next week is definitely going to be double (Double Eviction) with questions. Tyler to Fes – so you have four? Fes – two vetos and an HOH. Fes – figured my vote was being cancelled when I would walk in a room and no one would discuss vote with me. Tyler – Rockstar is probably on blast for her speech. Haleigh – yeah that was bad. Tyler – it wasn’t that bad.

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Big Brother 20 Week 7 Summary and Live Eviction Results

THE HIVE! One of the most comical alliances in Big Brother history. I love the HIVE! Every week they make the same mistakes it’s too good to be true. How Does this happen? Haleigh wins the HOH but her side cannot secure the Power of Veto or Hacker power, couple this with tragic game play does not bode well for our once ‘great’ FOUTTE alliance. Haleigh’s Hive was too feeble to sway anyone in the house other than Sam (in the end she won’t flip either)   The Level six alliance (+JC) ended up just toying with the HIVE all week. Rocks continued her same Schick attacking Angela with the same material she attacked Brett with. She also comes up with a killer speech that was way too much fun to type out.

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Big Brother 20 Week 7 Animated Gifs

This weeks Big Brother 20 Animated Gifs. My favorite and a contender for years best is the one of Rockstar sucking all the d1cks. Going to miss Rockstar. via GIPHY Rockstar "Who's d**k do I need to suck to get a power?!" #bb20 @bigbspoilers pic.twitter.com/2mD2X2pAGs — Dawg (@DawgsBigBrother) August 13, 2018 Fes & Haleigh kissing […]

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“Come on JC come to this side where we’ve literally f*ed up .. ” – Rocks

**** updated *******

Big Brother Spoilers Slip n slide HOH tongiht. This is my favorite
11:09am Rocks and Haleigh
Rocks – it’s not that I would be blindside I just really want to know there’s an outfit I want to wear if I get evicted.. I wanted to know my finale dress.. I know that sounds stupid. .if I’m not I don’t want to pull it out.. if I am I kinda want to know..

Rocks – I totally get what JC is saying, How is he supposed to trust us. Come on JC come over to this side where we’ve accomplished every single thing we said we would do.. It’s Come on JC come to this side where we’ve literally f*ed up ..

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SAM “They think I’m going to vote for her because she smoked cigarettes with me, she’s older & uglier..”


8:30pm Lounge room. Haleigh and Fes. Heleigh – what’s wrong? Fes – Nothing I just feel out of it today. Haleigh – something is wrong with you. Fes – nothing. I just don’t feel like playing big brother today. Haleigh – you’re not going to talk to me about whatever is wrong? Okay, well I tried. Are you serious? What is wrong Fessie?! Fes – nothing is wrong. Haleigh – okay, go to sleep and I hope you’re in a better mood tomorrow. Look at me, what is wrong with you? Did you talk to JC? No you didn’t, when you said you were going to. Or did you talk to him and tomorrow isn’t going to go the way I want it.

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“We’ve only got 1 HOH on our side and we’re getting them all out”

*** updated ***
Big Brother Spoilers LOL.
3:58pm JC and KAycee
JC – you have my vote..
Adds the only person that’s pushing him to vote Kaycee out is fes.
JC says Rocks is targeting Tyelr and Angela
JC – you have to be very careful they have a bad concept of you..
JC bring sup Rockstar saying that KAycee is fake for not throwing the vote to Bayleigh
Kaycee laughs says that Haleigh brought the same thing up to her.. And KLaycee called her out on it because haleigh didn’t vote for bayleigh either.
Kaycee – I bet it made the show.. it was up in the HOH b1tch you voted her out too

Kaycee was blown away that riocks got so upset that Tyler didn’t use the veto on her. JC is shocked too.

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