Big Brother 25 Promo Commercial “Something BIG is Coming!”

With the official premiere of Big Brother 25 set for Wednesday August 2, we can only sit and wait for more information to be released. The below promotional commercial aired on the the Canadian network Global. And although its great to see these promo commercials there is very rarely anything that gets revealed as to what is in store for us for the upcoming season. This commercial is no different. No new information is revealed. Its just exciting to see we’re that much closer to getting to watching our guilty summer pleasure. Stay tuned!

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Big Brother 25 Starting Later than Expected with August 2nd Premiere Date!

We will have to wait a bit longer for the 25th season of Big Brother US. Unfortunately due to the ongoing writers strike, CBS announced that Big Brother 25 will not premiere until Wednesday August 2, 2023 with a special 90 minute episode. This will push the finale to the end of October or the first week in November depending on how long the season is this year. Last season was only 81 days, which was considerably shorter than the average. This season will be any where from 81 days to 99 days depending on how it fits into the fall scheduling. From the sounds of it CBS is attempting to cover the fall scheduling gaps by pushing Big Brother late into the fall. If the late start sounds familiar, it’s because in 2020, season 22 premiered on August 5 due to the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions.

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Big Brother Canada – Meet the Cast of Season 11!

The all new cast of Big Brother Canada season 11 were released yesterday just ahead of the season premiere next week on Wednesday, March 8th. Take a look at the cast and start forming your first impressions / picking your choice for winning / first to go / most likely to cause the most drama / etc.

Unfortunately the BB Gods have decided k!ll the live feeds because we apparently had too much access to the house guests being able to watch them 24/7 and think restricting and censoring the content even further is going to boost their ratings or make the experience more enjoyable for the viewer… Only time will tell if this decision is the final straw for the Canadian franchise or not.

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