Big Brother Canada 8 – “Supersized” Season Premiere Date Set

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Today we learn that Big Brother Canada 8 premiere is set for March 4th, 2020 at 7pm. from the press release:
Global announces a supersized eighth season of Big Brother Canada kicking off with an epic two-night premiere Wednesday, March 4 at 7 p.m. ET/PT and Thursday, March 5 at 8 p.m. ET/PT, followed by the dramatic fallout on Sunday, March 8 at 8 p.m. ET/PT.
And the regular schedule for the program is

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Big Brother 21 Finale

Here we go the Finale of Big Brother 21 It’s finally over!

After Cliff left last week we were left with the final three. Nicole, Jackson, and Holly. Jackson went on to win Part one of the Head of Household. In a shocker, Holly won part two. Part three is going to be shown tonight. Jackson and Holly have confirmed they are taking each other to the finale. Leaving us with Nicole to be the evicted and a showmance in the final two.

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HOH Part 2 Winner is HOLLY! “Everything happens for a reason!”

Holly – I thought I did it in 12 minutes. Why did they make us wait forever?! I was like is Nicole taking 40 minutes.. what the heck!? Jackson – I’m going to be sick. Holly – they made me wait for an hour after I came in. Jackson – I am literally speechless. I am without speech. Holly – that was a hard comp. Jackson – everything happens for a reason. If we saw these two on paper, I guarantee you I would have said you should have won the first one and I should win this one. And I would have bombed that! Holly – do you think?! Jackson – I never would have gotten out.

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“I was told in the before that I was a country Laura Croft “

10:10 am Final 3 Champaign breakfast
Nicole mentions how she didn’t do “that Great” in the Competition last night but says it was an amazing set.
J – That was an experience
H – that was one of the most fun things I’ve ever done in my life
N – like when in your life will you jump from rotating pilers
N – It was very nancy drew, Indiana jones-esic and I love it.
H – I felt like Laura Croft
J – you looked like Laura Croft. I say that to you all the time
H – I know. I was told that in the before that I was a country Laura croft
Nicole says they are the “bionic woman and man” adds that they looked like they were moving in “fast motion” and she was in “slow-motion”
N – they’re not your average people. I don’t know what the f* they are some kinda robot people

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HOH Part 1 Winner is Jackson! “I want to prove to people that I deserve to be here.”

9:40pm The live feeds return to Jackson in the bathroom showering. Holly joins him in the bathroom. Jackson – that puzzle was really hard. Holly – so hard. They talk about the competition. Holly talks about a squishy rock by the treasure chest that she used to jump up on to get back onto the platform. Jackson – I didn’t know. I was jumping up without it the hole time! I’m an idiot! That was exhausting. That was hard.. 25 trips. Holly – That was a full body workout! That was a really fun comp! Like that is a comp. That’s the kind I want to compete. Physical, mental, strategy. Jackson – the next one (HOH part 2) will be physical. The last one will be mental. Holly – if its mental.. Jackson – its not, stop saying that.

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Big Brother 21 Week 12 recap and Live Eviction Results

We’re almost there.

Last week Nicole and Cliff high on power planned on getting rid of Holly thus turning their backs on the Jackson/Holly/Cliff/Nicole final 4 deal. After hours of house arguments including some massive lies from Jackson and deals from Holly, Nicole and Cliff go back to evicting Tommy. In order to secure the vote to stay Holly has to augment her original final 4 deal and agrees to throw the next HOH and POV. The HOH is played Holly drops in minutes, Cliff falls

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Jackson “I’m going to light this house on fire with my speech. I’m not going to sit there & have someone threaten me!”

8pm Living room. Holly and Jackson.
Jackson to Holly – I fought to f**king hard to get here and to sit there and dangle half a million dollars over me like a little carrot. You’ll going to lose our votes. You’re going to lose this game if you don’t … F**King. I am so f**king pissed! Holly – He is trying everything that he can. He tried strong arming and dealing. And when that didn’t work he tried talking about our strengths and when that didn’t work.. he tried threats. None of which are respectable moves. That’s not okay. Jackson – I’m going to light this house on fire with my speech. Holly – ditto. Jackson – I am so f**king mad! I would never tell someone or threaten someone that has busted their a$$ and worked their a$$ off in this game…

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“I feel like it’s more than just a biter jury it’s about the way the game’s played”

Head of Household Winner: Nicole Nominations are: Jackson & Holly Power of Veto holder: Jackson Power of Veto Ceremony: Grab your live feeds —-> BB21 Live Feeds Subscription Link Rank your houseguests —-> Big Brother 21 Ranking 12:53 pm Nicole and Cliff Nicole – every time he talks “I hope it doesn’t affect our relationship.. […]

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