Sam “House Guests can lie about powers if they say that someone else has the power.”

Camp Comeback room. Ovi – If you vote me back in I can show you that I can compete in these competitions. I know my days in and stuff like that.. if you want to see a true underdog story.. I know I can get far in this game. I think I can get really far if I can mesh my way back into the game. I can go the distance. So that’s my argument as to why you should vote me back into this game honestly. I’m not going to talk about representation because I

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“I’m really coming in to chop heads I really want to destroy the Legion of Doom”

Big Brother Spoilers
Head of Household Winner – Nick
Nominations – Jessica Nicole and Cliff
Vote Intentions – Nick wants Nicole, 6shooters want Cliff
Power of Veto Players are Nick, Jackson, Jessica (picked Christie), Cliff, Kat
Power of Veto winner – KAT

Power of Veto Ceremony results – Kat uses Veto on Jess. Nicole is the replacement.

3:30 pm David and Ovi

Ovi – thw way they (the other players) speak to us is different because they think they can treat us .. that’s dumb a person that’s playing it perfectly you know who it is
David – Sam
Ovi – he is treating us like nothing different
Ovi – we’re not asking people … just have conversations with us
They talk about how they wouldn’t treat anyone different if the rolls were reversed.
Ovi – we know what it’s like to be different and like to be pushed aside in actual real life

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“If I win HOH, I wouldn’t because [Sis] in my alliance but she’s the one I wouldn’t really want here”

Big Brother Spoilers

12:35 pm Holly and Kat
Holly – she (sis) tells Nick she would date him in the real world
Holly – she told Nick that umm.. that if she got to him first she would be dating him
Kat laughs
Holly – she tells Jackson that she wants to marry him after this in the real world. How have you not heard any of this
Kat – I don’t know
Holly – It makes me uncomfortable. please don’t tell her
Kat – I don’t sis’ energy she brings.
Kat – I feel like you guys flirt with her all the time I never hear her flirt back

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Tommy “Ladies and gentlemen, in a surprise Kicked Out Eviction!”

8:05pm Boat room. Kemi & Nicole. Kemi – Honestly with everyone I just need to turn on my game face. The fake social-ness. Like really turn it on. Tomorrow I think I am going to grab Holly and have a deep like one on one with her. I don’t want to manipulate anyone or anything and Jackson too. Because I know that Jackson knows I feel very comfortable with him and its the same reason I feel comfortable around Holly. They’re just comforting people to be around. Nick, I want to get that back in check! Then I want to cement it with a conversation with Sam about how I really like him as a person.

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“I was going to throw up.. he was going to put me up. I was really scared guys.. I threatened him”

Christie – guys I really don’t know if I’m going crazy or if that was really going to happen
Christie – I really think it was going to happen
Sis – you do
Christie – yeah I do
Christie tells Sis she has a power
Jack – ok
Christie – I scared him
Jack – what did you say to him
Christie – So I have the power
Sis – you do
Christie – I threatened him basically, I knew I was going up
Christie – it’s the Diamond Power of Veto
Jack – what does it do

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“I’m freaking out.. Nick said a million comments this morning about a red flame, I’m going up”

12:18 am Christie and kat
Christie – I’m going up
Kat – are you serious
Christie is crying .. Kat I’m going up.. I’m going up …
Christie – Nick is making comments to me all day.. Holly was carving a heart in the cardboard and he goes carve a flame a red flame and I’ll light it on fire
Christie – then he turns around and goes to me Christie, you would never f* with me right
kat – no
Christie – Kat, I’m going and they’re going to get me out because they think the 6 of us are a team .. I wish I could talk to Jess right now too. Look they are putting me up Kat I have to stay calm but I know they are putting me up .. I’m positive. I heard him and then I went outside

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Tommy “I know for a fact that he bullied her but I can’t say that because he’s HOH. They’re f**king planning an army.”

9:23pm Boat room. Kat and Jess. Kat is telling Jess about a situation that happened between her and Jackson where Jackson was yelling at her. (This happened earlier when the feeds were down.) Kat – I was like hey, I just heard that you said that I’m always running my mouth. Because I don’t want him (Jackson) saying that because it makes me look bad. Jess – then he knows that it was me. Kat – he thinks it was David because David said the same thing. And instead of talking to me like a normal person he yelled because you f**king are! I said I’m not mad, I just wanted to hash it out. But like he was yelling at me and it was embarrassing. He was very aggressive.

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Bella “Like this has been going on for maybe 30 minutes.” Tommy “Did you want to just break it off?”

5:40pm HOH room. Tommy, Bella and Sam. Bella is crying because she’s been watching Nick cuddling and smelling Analyse on the HOH spy tv. Bella – I feel like every time I trust someone I feel so stupid for it. Tommy – no. Bella – I thought like Nick understood when I told him and now it seems like he clearly didn’t and I just feel so stupid. I feel stupid for crying. I feel stupid for telling people in the first place. I feel like there are reasons why it is so hard for me to trust people but I still really do trust people and it always bites me in the a$$. I am just so tired of it and I just don’t want to do it anymore.

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Sis “I don’t like Bella, F**K BELLA but I love Nick.” Holly “I think Nick would f**k you over without feeling bad.”

12:20pm Bathroom. Nicole and Kemi. Kemi – Kat is being super weird. Nicole agrees. Kemi – I thought it was just to me because of the whole David thing. Nicole – I’m sure Bella was talking and said Kat why are you around Nicole.. she said nasty things about you. Kemi – I mean she is going to look like a f**king troll and shes so worried about what her family is going to think about what I said? You should be more concerned about the way you carry yourself. Big Brother switches the feeds. Nicole – A week is a week, if I can make it to next week. Two weeks instead of one week that would be tremendous.

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Big Brother 21 Power Of Veto Competition Results! “I told you I’m a comp beast!”

Bathroom. Christie, Jack, Tommy and Bella. Christie – I was like make me lose in a really weird way. I don’t want to have to use it on Jess because I don’t know who I’d want to use it on. I don’t want to win it. They (production) are literally going to air me pacing saying make me lose in a really weird way. Nick was like look and kicks my piece over .. it was near him my 17th piece. I was like I only have 16, I only have 16 .. my other piece was there the whole time. Crazy, I wasn’t meant to win it. I didn’t want to have to win it. Like it would have been weird. If I used it her and not Cliff.

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Bella “You calling Nick and I a bully. I think that was disgusting, dishonorable & a disgrace to the game!”

5:10pm – 5:45pm Bedroom. Bella and Kat. Bella – I also want you to know ..I’m not even going to speak for Nick anymore but in my case but you are really good like 130 million percent. At this point most people are united against Nicole. I’m noticing that Jess is getting really close with Michie (Jackson). I don’t know what your relationship is with Michie? Kat – its really nothing.. we were like close the first week. And you told me to branch out.. its more my personality to branch out. Bella – you’re so much better as a player by yourself.

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Big Brother Spoilers Head of Household Winner – Nick Nominations – Jessica and Cliff Intentions – Nicole or Cliff Power of Veto Players are Nick, Jackson, Jessica (picked Christie), Cliff, Kat Power of Veto winner – ? Powers in the game Ovi – Nightmare (Dead unless he comes back?) During the night, Ovi could secretly […]

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