JC “If I get out the other gay people, I am going to get a lot of backlash.”

8:04pm Backyard. Scottie and Haleigh. They talk about how Scottie voted out Swaggy C while wearing a Swaggy C t-shirt. Scottie – I thought is he going to hate me? Probably. Haleigh – was I trying to further my game.. yes! Did it work.. No! Scottie – we didn’t get to find that out because I won that HOH. Haleigh – to take out Winston who was irrelevant. Scottie – I used that HOH to prove myself to you guys. Haleigh – that’s true you did. You didn’t really have anything to prove to me. I liked you. I didn’t think you liked me very much. Scottie – really? OH lets go over that? Haleigh – I thought you were way cooler than me.

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“Brett is helping ROCK with her Speech he’s going to tell her whatever I want” – Angela

4:53pm Angela and Kaycee
Angela – Brett is helping ROCK with her Speech he’s going to tell her whatever I want
Angela – he’s like think of some good thing and I’ll put it in
Kaycee – oh my god that’s going to be F*ing hilarious
Angela says all Rocks speech is her shitting on Angela. After Rocks gets evicted Angela is just going to smile and wave at her.
Angela wants to sneak “Level” into Rocks speech..
They laugh
Angela – next Level Entitlement .. Angela’s entitlement is on the next level like level 6 ..

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Rockstar’s Speech “I got the bones of it.. 1st step stay, 2nd step take over the world”

Big Brother Spoilers The fun continues this week :)
“Of course I wanted to win this veto and take myself off the block but I’m actually glad I didn’t because it exposes a infallible final 2 of Tyler and Angela. ”
Brett – that’s good
RS – “which is dangerous for all of our games as none of us are actually working together and we’re all just kinda lone wolfing it”
Brett – mmmhhmmmmm
RS – “Kaycee has refused to work with anybody throughout this game except for Angela so Angela is sitting real pretty right now with a infallible,e bond with Tyler and KAyucee. Are you going to let her have two shield protectors in this house”
RS – Kaycee also has a great relationship with Rachel and Rachel went out the door.. Kaycee spent hour long conversations with Bayleigh she didn’t even toss her pity vote whats her loyalty going to be to you in this house”
Haleigh – YEAH
Rock – soemthing along those lines

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Rockstar “I would like this entire cast a lot more without Angela.”

8pm HOH room. Fes, Scottie, Haleigh and Rockstar. Talk of piercings in the HOH room. Rockstar – can you imagine that this was all that was left of the show? (She points at the spy tv where Tyler and Angela are in the kitchen.) Scottie – as apposed to me going I can see you ear piercing. Fes looks at the spy tv and says her n!pples are hard. Scottie – they’re always hard. Fes – she was running outside in the blazing sun and her n!pples were hard. Haleigh – that’s what happens when you get a b00b job.

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“The other Angela has been able to play a real passive floater game.. I’m the real Angela in this house”

** updated **

Big Brother Spoilers Rocks thinks she’s staying.
2:25pm Rock and BRett (Buckle up for the stupid)

Rock – as you know you weren’t my target this week
Rock – if I win HOH I would put Tyler next to Angela on the block
Rock – then I would say well Tyler will win the veto .. exactly and he can’t use it on Angela
Brett – true .. that’s a valid point
Rock – that is my plan.. I would put Scottie up in his place but the target would be Angela moving forward..

Rock – My name is Angela.. I’m the real Angela in this house
Rock says she’s due to win the next HOH she’s been really close.
Rock – I want to stay here..
Rock – Kaycee drew a line in the sand and refuses to work outside that line, she works with Angela and that’s the person she works with. I am adaptable.. I don’t have any lines.. I have me staying here as long as I can

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“You were not supposed to go home.. I mean, maybe you still won’t” – Rock

Big Brother Spoilers – The amount of stupid on the HIVE is so much fun. So glad they will never change.

11:50am Rocks, Tyler and Kaycee
(Tyler tells Rocks that he couldn’t do what Haleigh wanted him to because last week she used the Hacker on him to put him up then she cancelled his vote because he knew he was voteing against Baylegih. He was going to vote to Keep Rock. )
Rock – expect the expected..
Tyler – I wish it wasn’t you that got the heat for this but you have Haleiogh to thank
Rock – I don’t have Haleigh to thank for it
Tyler – She put me up last week
Rock – yeah but I didn’t put you up[ last week
Tyler – you want me to put Haleigh on teh block she’s HOH
Rock – I wanted Angela up there and for Kaycee to stay
T – well that’s not for me to decide
Rock – I mean I also wanted to stay
T – I also wanted to stay last week when teh hacker put me up
Rock – and you did

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Power of Veto Ceremony Results “F***ing Spoiled b1tch.. such a b1tch.”

Big Brother Spoilers – Tyler used the power of Veto on Angela. Haleigh Nominated Kaycee in her place.

10:00am Rocks and Sam backyard
Rocks grabs a smoke “Stupid b1tches.. Stupid b1tches”
Sam – Stupid b1tches, why .. everyone?
Rocks – what if.. Angela was the hacker.. freed Kaycee and Picked Tyler because she knew Tyler would take her down (LOL)
Rocks – they have a final 2
Sam – I guess it’s possible I don’t know.. I wouldn’t think that
Rocks – I want Tyler to take me down
Sam – calm

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Brett “My prediction is that he will take her (Angela) down because she took him down.”

7:18pm Backyard. Kaycee and Sam. Kaycee – tomorrow will be interesting. Sam – tell me what the ideal situation is? Kaycee – Hopefully she doesn’t put me up. For her game though that would probably be the easiest because she already put me up. Or the less blood on her hands. You know because she already put me up. When she put me up she said I wasn’t the target but if she puts me up then I am pretty much the target. Of course she put me up .. why wouldn’t she put me up again. We’ll see tomorrow. Sam – but Tyler is still good? Kaycee – of course. Sam – as much as I love angielala..

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Fes “[When] the game is over we shouldn’t be hiding.” Haleigh “No, I agree.”

2:15pm HOH room Fes and Haleigh. Fes – as the numbers get smaller its better to win HOH. Heleigh – You, Rockstar, JC or Brett have to win HOH. Or Sam. Fes – I think Brett would put me up. Haleigh – he might. I would talk to him but I don’t think he would listen to me. Fes – somehow Tyler uses the veto on Rockstar. Kaycee and Angela are sitting next to each other. One of them goes home. I win HOH. We put up the reminder one and who else? Haleigh – HHmmm. Fes – we put up Brett or Sam right? And if one of them takes themselves off we put up Tyler? Haleigh – no we put Tyler up.. we backdoor Tyler. Obviously! We tried to do that this week. Haleigh – I wonder what the new twist thing will be? Fes – another one!? Haleigh – they’re not just going to do a two week twist.

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“Look at them as pieces on a chess board.. you want to keep your queens. Kaycees not necessarily a queen”

***updated ***

Big Brother Spoilers I don’t see Tyler using the veto on rocks he’s using it on Angela. Kaycee will probably be the the replacement nominations. At that point it’s a battle for which side can capture Sam’s and JC’s vote.

11:02am Sam comes out…
Sam asks her what she’s thinking about.. Rocks has been working over the votes trying to figure out if she’s staying and what she needs to do.
Sam – I think it’s a done deal babe (you are staying)
Rocks – because he would be stupid not to take that deal
Sam – Tyler has alliances and teams whatever they are all shaken down now week to week.. yeah I think you are fine
Rocks – My ultimate goal is you me and haleigh Final three..
Sam – that would be amazing
Rocks – I’m working that out logistically. If Angela goes the next move would be to knock Kaycee out
Sam – I don’t know if I can do that
Rocs – then it would be Brett and JC
Sam – I can’t do that either
Rocks – you have to ..you have to get rid of everybody that’s the whole thing..

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“I’m on my power trip I have begun this week is not over yet Kaycee take a seat”

Big Brother Spoilers

12:10am FEs, Haleigh and Rocks
Rocks and Haleigh are talking like Tyler would use the veto on ROCKS after Haleigh told the house that Tyler was her backdoor target.

Fes comments that he would like to get to know Angela outside the house “She’s hot”
Haleigh says fes is just trying to piss her off.
Rocks – she doesn’t have an a$$ and he likes a$$

Rocks – I think he’s going to do it
Fes – I should have a talk with him too about how we share the Kaitlyn connection
H – what’s that going to do
H – you do need to try and make a connection though
Fes – I have a good connection tih him.
H – then tell him to use the veto on ROCK
Fes – ok
Rock – reinforce that he has safety
Fes – he knows that
Rock and Haleigh – how does he know that..
Fes burps out something… “look bro I know with the whole Kaitlyn stuff me and yo haven’t been on the same page.. ”
They laugh at Fes for not making sense..
fes to Rocks “you’re on the block for the third time.. you could have won veto but you told Tyler and I’m trying to help you and you are making fun of me”
Rocks – you are supposed to be my champion warrior knight..

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Tyler “Its funny that Haleigh thinks I would do what she wants when she just tried to get me out..”

7:55pm HOH room. Scottie and Haleigh. Haleigh – he is going to take Angela down and the I will put Kaycee up. Scottie – I think it would be unlikely for him to not use it. Haleigh – he sat right here and said how we needed to build trust. And I said Tyler, I will not put you up and I will not backdoor you. Scottie – but he spent last week solidifying his trust with Angela. Granted I think that whole thing was planned. Haleigh – that was her wanting to go after Bayleigh. It had nothing to do with wanting Tyler off it had everything to do with her wanting Bayleigh up. Tyler thinks you’re his number one. Even if he keeps the noms the same I would be okay with that. Please try and talk to him.

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