Audrey from Big Brother

Big Brother 20 Spoilers – Cast Reveal Schedule

Big Brother 20 is only 2 weeks away! The cast reveal will happen June 18th on the Big Brother Live Feeds @ 11AM ET/8AM PT. This will be similar to last years reveal. Not sure if Jeff will be the host though. You’ll need the live feeds to catch this live. If you haven’t picked yours up and you like our site please use the affiliate link below. If BB20 is truly an all new cast it’ll be worth watching.

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Omarosa “Ross, his word doesn’t mean anything. He gave his word to Brandi and he broke it.”

9:33am Big Brother blocks the live feeds. When they return.. Ari – Ross asked me yesterday. Omarosa – don’t take Ross .. I’m sorry. Ari – but I didn’t ask him back. Omarosa – take Mark because now its about jury. But if Ross asks you.. Ari – I said yes. Omarosa – if you take him .. you lose. I’m sorry. If you take him .. he’s won 2 HOH’s and a Veto. Ari – 2 Vetos. If it goes just by the record, he wins. Mark has won HOH but someone gave it to him. No veto and he doesn’t have the jury. Omarosa – you promised him or you just said you’d think about it?

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Celebrity Big Brother HOH Results! “The nominations are going to be Ari and Omarosa.”

12:30am When the live feeds return – Ross – my fingers were dug into that. At first at the top and then the side. I was just never going to let go. Ari – she (Omarosa) was saying come on Mark, he’s (Ross) shaking. Omarosa joins her. Ari – I need you to win. Omarosa – They’re targeting me, that’s a good thing. But if I don’t win, then you stay and fight. That’s a good thing. Nobody can beat them in the jury. Brandi’s in the jury, Keshia’s in the jury. Metta’s in the jury, Chucks in the jury. You can fight, they’re focused on me.

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