Power of Veto Ceremony results “noms are locked, Christie is going unless Sis blows up “

11:55 am Sis sand Christie.
Sis going on about wanting to win the HOH and put Holly/Michie on the block.
Christie calls Nick a snake.
Sis doesn’t think she can beat Tommy later on.
Christie – Nick is going to last as long as Nicole is in this game. He’s taking Nicole. I mean maybe he’ll take you I don’t know

Christie – you make one BIG move you’re good.. you win ONE HOH everyone wants to make a deal with you
Sis – I can’t be here without you, I can’t
Christie- Yes you can, don’t say that
Sis – I don’t talk to Nicole and I don’t talk to Jess. I don’t want to be around Michie and Holly.

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“I was meant to play in OTEV .. I’m chalking it up to that .. Thanks, America Thank you”

11:33 am Christie and Kat
Christie says now they know everyone they know who they love and who they want to work with and trust.
Christie – it’s hard because you love both people on the block
Christie – it’s going to be a weird couple days I’m sure we’ll (I) will talk a million times.
Christie – I was meant to play in OTEV I’m a big brother super MAGE fan. Thanks, America Thank you
Christie now claiming that Tommy would have used the veto on any 3rd nominee because it’s not fair
Nick is now with them.

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“If I win HOH I’m putting up Jack and Michie BAM lets do this again I’m so at the bottom of this it’s fricking pathetic “

1:10 am Cliff and Bella
Cliff – I wanted to send Jack home and it became obvious that she would use the power
Cliff – I would love to see Jack still go home If you can make it work more power to you .. You are going to come off as a champ if that happens (like you’re a champ Cliff)
Sam joins them.

Cliff – this wasn’t a plan to backdoor her from the start I wanted Jack out .. I don’t vote at this point it’s out of my hands I will talk to them as much as I can and you tell me if there’s anything I can do to help

Sam – work on kat.. if she can flip to last minute it’ll be a tiebreaker
Cliff – if it’s a tie-breaker I will do what I need to do

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“I’m freaking out.. Nick said a million comments this morning about a red flame, I’m going up”

12:18 am Christie and kat
Christie – I’m going up
Kat – are you serious
Christie is crying .. Kat I’m going up.. I’m going up …
Christie – Nick is making comments to me all day.. Holly was carving a heart in the cardboard and he goes carve a flame a red flame and I’ll light it on fire
Christie – then he turns around and goes to me Christie, you would never f* with me right
kat – no
Christie – Kat, I’m going and they’re going to get me out because they think the 6 of us are a team .. I wish I could talk to Jess right now too. Look they are putting me up Kat I have to stay calm but I know they are putting me up .. I’m positive. I heard him and then I went outside

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Big Brother 21 First POV Results! “I’m going to tell him that he’s the pawn.”

Other bedroom. Kemi and Kat. Kat – I am so glad that Cliff got off. I wish I could just have a week off the block so people can see that I’m cool. Christie – I’m going to go talk to Ovi because I’m sure he’s blindsided. I’m going to tell him that he’s the pawn. I just need you to trust me. It sucks but I am playing my game and I want to keep this fair. He is the best option to A) keep you here, keep the girls here. And I am going to tell him he’s the pawn. I’m sorry. Kat – its okay. Christie – you’re good I promise but stay social. Stay present.

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Dina “Don’t play me! I’m not a fool! They’re trying to convince Lolo to take the fall.”

9:30pm Bedroom. Ricky and Tamar. Ricky – if you won HOH would you put up Dina and Tom? Kandi and Tom. Tamar pauses for a long time. Tamae – I don’t know who. She won that damn veto… when it mattered. Ricky – she did. Tamar – well they voted his a$$ out.. to be honest about it. I’m going to keep going but I can’t risk us fighting. Ricky – I say if they’re going to figure it out, then let them figure it out. Do you think whatever they figure out we can get Kandi and Dina on board? Tamar – not Kandi. Tamar goes to get Dina.

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“The next couple hours we are going to be called to start the veto ceremony “

Celebrity Big Brother Spoilers roundup..

Ryan is the Head of household
Jon was auto nominated due to twist
Ryan nominated Tom and the mooch
The mooch quit the game. Kandi tossed on the block up in his place.
Kato won the Power of veto plan on using it on Tom
Sounds like Jon is the target,

9:40pm Tom and Kato
They’re trying to figure out when the Veto ceremony is..
Tom thinks in the next couple hours they are going to be called to start the veto ceremony

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