“how many do you need 6?” ..”Yeah, I got my team so three.” .. “plus us three you’re fine”

10:32 am Brent and Alyssa
Alyssa giving him the update about the meeting last night. The conversation started late we missed the first bit. She’s sticking to the script and feeding Brent everything they planned on last night.
Brent – what did X say?
Alyssa – he was very vague said he’ll think about it. He seemed about it but made it clear that you are his target
Brent – F*** he’s probably watching this right now (Via HOH TV)
Alyssa – Christian will do whatever X wants to do
Alyssa – I don’t know if the queens are bluffing

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“I let some family things get in the way of my thought process.. please stop recording this I don’t want my son exploited”

11:49 am Frenchie and Kyland
Frenchie – I don’t want people to feel sorry for me .. I woke up with such a migraine
Frenchie – I had a lot of fun fishing.. that was fun. You got to keep that up keep up the fishing..
Ky – what are you thinking?
Frenchie – If I had one last request
Ky – there’s still a lot of days not everything is set.. even if the ceremony is set the game isn’t set.
Frenchie – if I can reiterate one thing to you I do feel like we do have a good relationship and I have cared about you since day one..

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“Obviously, Alyssa is working with Frenchie If you get rid of Alyssa you’re getting rid of one of his numbers.”

1:49 pm ALyssa, Xavier, BIGD
Alyssa – I think I’m fine.. I hope so
Alyssa – Travis needs to stop being in the conversations. If I was Travis this is what I would do. I would hear that Alyssa is working obviously with Frenchie. He’s hearing all of it that I’m staying.. He would go to the girls. obviously, Alyssa is working with Frenchie If you get rid of Alyssa you’re getting rid of one of his numbers. If you keep me I’m a threat next week and you guys are good.. I would be like DAMN I want to keep him
Alyssa – he (Frenchie) needs to stop can we stop putting him in the conversations
DerekF – one of us have to get on that HOH next week

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“I’m having a good week. Sorry I broke my promises this is big brother”

10:13 am Tina and Tera
Tera “if Jed’s side wins next week they will go after Kyle and Ro, “If our side wins next week they go after Jed and whoever that’s where we need to sit”
Tera – honestly I don’t care about the pecking order of any of it. If some way we can skate by without Latoya or Keifer going home and neither of us I don’t care what they do.
Tina – If Ty goes up it’ll be Ty and Kiefer on the block. which means they will want to vote Kiefer out
Tera – not the oddballs. For the oddballs that is a massive target to get out. I just don’t know if she will actually do it to be honest. I think she will put up Beth

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Power of Veto Ceremony results “I do feel like a mastermind a little bit “

1:00 pm Nicole and Cody
Nicole – she’s insulting me while she’s trying to manipulate me..
Cody – brilliant play
Nicole – she said sorry a couple of times.. she’s so pushy..
Cody says now the dialog will change it’s going to be Christmas telling Enzo they need to split up Cody and Nicole
Cody goes on about Christmas saying Nicole and Cody are a duo.
Cody says he doesn’t trust Memphis at all “HE’s a snake”

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Power of Veto Ceremony results – “why didn’t you go for it?”

1:52 pm Enzo and Kaysar
Enzo – you didn’t like that nom
Kaysar – no, did you even consider it?
Enzo – I did bro, trust me
Kaysar – why didn’t you go for it.
Enzo – I got a good relationship with Dani .. there’s a lot that’s going on in this f**ing house. I thought of every f**ing thing
Kaysar – Okay, well I tried.
Enzo – I know bro I could be out next week
Kaysar – you’re in a good spot who knows what will happen
Enzo – we got a couple f**ing days..
Kaysar – I was going to have an impossible time competing against David.. now Christmas I don’t have the vote s
Enzo – you’re making me feel bad bro

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“Oh my god Cody I’m going to be eternally in servitude.. I’m serious about working with you”

10:33 am Kevin and COdy
Cody saying he’s had some conversations and everyone is saying I really like Kevin.
Cody says he told Enzxo not to use the veto and go around telling people to keep him.
Cody – I think you’re going to be good

Kevin – I’m starting to realize people want to do what your wish is because you are the HOH. Oh my god Cody I’m going to be eternally in servitude. It really is a gesture and I’m serious about working with you
Cody – I have a genuine connection with you and I trust you

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“that’s not the type of game player I am I don’t make deals I don’t offer things to people “

3:12 pm Cliff and Nicole
Cliff says Jackson and Holly swore he’s good. He talked to Tommy and Tommy said he’s keeping him
Nicole – obviously you have my vote. I haven’t told Jess that. (don’t bother she won’t know any different)
Nicole – just so you know I’m telling Jess that I’m still thinking

Nicole – I talked to her last night she’s like I’m not campaigning I’m done what Can I offer people
N – I was like, Jess, Speak from your heart. She was like how can I. It’s not worth it. I’m like talk to people. Play your game. TALK TO PEOPLE
N – that’s the type of game player I am I don’t make deals I don’t talk to people

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“oh my god are those condoms .. that’s hilarious”

1:05 pm Tommy and Jackson (planes overhead so parts are missed)
J – how are you feeling going into next week
T – taking it day by day. every day I’m scared.
T – my light is being dimmed with every person that goes out. I got to dig deep and find some new strength. HOw about you
J – Scared

T – it’s terrifying this game. You try not to be afraid of it. I have the same conversations with myself. This is a game the point of a game is to have fun. we play games in lif to have fun.
T – I find myself being scared and I’m trying to cut that out.
J – I’m having a blast. Alliances are f*ing shot
T – As far as I know there are no alliances.. which is crazy
J – Everyone has a plus one
T – I’m grateful being part of the group that ended up staying .. now we have more of an opportunity. with every person that goes out our odds increase.
Tommy brings up checking out the rule book to see how much money 3rd and 4th and 5th makes, “it’s 10, 75. 5 which is cool” (10 grand 7.5 grand and 5 grand)

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Power of Veto Ceremony results “noms are locked, Christie is going unless Sis blows up “

11:55 am Sis sand Christie.
Sis going on about wanting to win the HOH and put Holly/Michie on the block.
Christie calls Nick a snake.
Sis doesn’t think she can beat Tommy later on.
Christie – Nick is going to last as long as Nicole is in this game. He’s taking Nicole. I mean maybe he’ll take you I don’t know

Christie – you make one BIG move you’re good.. you win ONE HOH everyone wants to make a deal with you
Sis – I can’t be here without you, I can’t
Christie- Yes you can, don’t say that
Sis – I don’t talk to Nicole and I don’t talk to Jess. I don’t want to be around Michie and Holly.

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