Kevin – “I wish there was no (Secret) veto, I could pull B off and put Bruno up”

POV Holder: Kevin Next POV May 1st
POV Used ? POV Ceremony May 3rd
HOH Winner Kevin Next HOH May 6th
Nominations: Bobby and Brittnee
Have Nots Zach, Bobby, Willow (Season slop pass)
POV Players Kevin, Bobby, Ashleigh, Brittnee, Sarah, Pili


Feeds were block for while when they come back we see the last few seconds of this conversation where Kevin tells Zach he’s not using the Power of Veto.

kevin – that’s where my heads at I’m going to crush a good sleep

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-02 21-21-07-173

12:21 am Bathroom Zach and Ashleigh (Sounds like they think Bobby has the secret veto and Kevin isn’t using the real veto)
Zach – He’s going to keep them the same
Ash – I just told Pili it makes absolutely no sense to me.. You’re not 100% one of those boys will come after you but you are 100% Godfrey is

Zach – He’s really freaked Bobby/Bruno are coming after him.
Ash – We’ll now one of the is.
Ashleigh – How is Godfrey escaping the damn thing again it makes no sense.
Ash – Godfrey wins HOH next week one of the four of us is going home.
They mention if Bobby uses the secret Veto Bruno is going up and he’ll go home.
Ash – kev does not know Bobby/bru are coming after him yet and they are not
Zach – Yeah they’re not
Ash – Bobby – bru are not going anywhere near them it’s too damn early
Ashleigh says if Godfrey doesn’t go up for sure he’s going to feel like he owes kevin/Pili something and for sure if he wins HOH they are both going up and one of them are going home.
Ash – can you pass the vaseline.. i mean the petroleum jelly .. thanks
Zach – this puts us in a really tough spot
Ashleigh says Kevin is not going to change his mind “Pili says I’ll talk to him i’ll talk to him she won’t talk to hm she’ll do whatever he says”
Ash says some of thee things Pili is saying doesn’t make sense. She thinks the remnants of the chop shop are coming after her and kev, “She keeps saying I’ll talk to Kev I’ll talk to Kev.. AKA ASh shut up”
Ashleigh says the only conversations Bobby/Bruno have had with Kevin is “Sketching out” Wonders why they are doing that.
Zach – Bobby’s not acting paranoid at all
Ash – he’s cool as a cucumber
Ash – I swear if they keep the thing the same and Godfrey wins HOH I’m so pissed.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-02 21-36-00-089

12:34am Kevin and Pilar (Sounds like Kevin is betting on Bobby using his secret veto)
Kev- F*** it’s a big decision
Pilar is it a big decision but honestly

Kevin says Zach and Ash are not happy with his decision but they’ll be OK
Kevin – Should I tell Bobby Bruno before.. I’m keeping the nominations the same.
Pilar says if Sarah wins she will be going after Bobby.
Kevin says he’ll talk to every single person but Bobby and Bruno they are going to be pissed anyways it’ll make good TV.
Kevin brings up that Bruno never give him any information just says “I gotcha I gotcha.,. I gotcha going forward I actually gotcha.. looking good kevin.. I gotcha.. He says the same line 30 times as if saying it over and over will convince me”
Pili says Sarah told her she does not trust Bobby or Bruno “They don’t give any information.. They haven’t done anything for us to trust them A and B they haven’t showed anything ”
Pili says Bruno has never talked game to her.
Kevin says Bobby and Bruno only talk game to Ashleigh and Zach that is why they don’t want them to take a show at Bob/Bru they want them to take out Godfrey.
Pili – they (Bob/Bru) are so loyal to them (Ash/Zach) not to us.. we can’t be loyal to someone through somebody else.
Kevin – we have to take the shot now we have to
Pili – Ash and Zach have great reasons as well they say they’re (bob/bru) loyal but to them (Zach/Ash).
Pili says now is the perfect time for Bobby to come to them and say look I have Veto.
Kevin – I wish there was no (Secret) veto and I could pull B off and put Bruno up
Pili – If there isn’t a veto I’ll be pissed
Pili – if there is no stupid veto he’s going home he’s lost his chance that is what happens to liars.
Kevin – Absolutely
Kevin – so that’s it it’s game time they are going to be so pissed… Even 5 hours ago I Was like I’m pulling Bobby off and putting Godfrey up easy week
Kevin says he’s been hugged by Bruno 400 times and heard “I gotcha” 375 times “I’m like this isn’t how you grow a relationship”

Kevin – Leave the nominations the same and Bobby doesn’t have the veto.. It’s Bobby vs brittnee
They count the votes, Pili, Ashleigh, Zach, Sarah and Godfrey, Willow to evict Bobby
kevin – that’s enough
Kevin – when Bobby uses the veto and I put Bruno up
Pili – let’s see, Me ashleigh, Zach, Sarah and hopefully willow and Hopefully Godfrey

Kevin – We always have the three from the Diapers and Sarah
Pili – ya so that means worst comes to worst who is voting against Godfre.. Willow and that’s it that doesn’t make sense
Kev – Godfrey, willow and either Bobby or Bruno whoever isn’t on the block
Pili – that’s a tight one
Kevin – We really have to pull Godfrey in this week
Pilar – really push it.. we have to push it but not give him any information.. you know what I mean.. get him to trust us but information wise uhh uhh
Kevin – Next week he’s not coming after us not after we save him
Pilar says if he did she would never forgive him
Kevin – There might be a blow up tomorrow
Kevin – Oh my god 5 hours ago I was like Bobby you’re coming down.. Bruno is planning last week not I’m like I’m not using the veto

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-02 21-35-21-084

1:39am Everyone sleeping



There are always a lot of Alliance but we’ve tried to make sense of it all.. Read our alliance help guide

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I’m super annoyed now that BB let this fake-veto nonsense go on.

@Pepe It wasn’t necessary for Sarah to tell him that Bobby’s veto is fake when he said Bruno will be going up but now she probably would tell him if Kevin talks to her before the ceremony tomorrow so Britttney can come down. It all hinges on them talking before the ceremony and them being open and honest…


Why didn’t Sarah tell Kevin that the Bobby’s veto is fake?


Why not let him think he really has one so they definitely put Bobby on the block to “flush it out” and keep her alliance off the block …


Sarah couldn’t tell Kevin the Bobby veto is fake because it would reveal that she has been working with Bobby and Bruno. Her knowledge prompted her to offer herself as a replacement nominee, against Bruno, should Bobby use the (fake) veto. This was her way of encouraging Kevin to take Britt off the block and re-nominate Bruno. She should have been a bit more direct and explained how you put to allies together to eliminate one of the votes. Even if Kevin was still concerned about the fake veto her offer to sit beside Bruno could still stand.
Hopefully she has a chance to encourage Kevin to remove Britt from the block before the POV ceremony or Britt is in danger of heading to jury and Kevin soon after.


1. Really hoping for Sarah or Willow to tell Kevin that Bobby’s Veto is fake.

2. Urgh… Zach is once again ruining Kevin’s game. So frustrating.


Kevin is Willow’s target. She will not tell Kevin the veto is fake, but she will work to take Britt out.


Even if Sarah tells him the veto is a fake, I think it’s better gameplay for Kevin if he leaves the nominations alone. If he takes down Britt and puts up Bruno he would have Bruno vs. Bobby on the block. There is no guarantee that Bruno goes. I think it would still be Bobby leaving, but now he has a problem. Zach and Ashley have lost trust, and Bruno is still there with his target firmly planted on Kevin.

If I was Kevin, I would tell Zach and Ash that I was putting up Godfrey when Bobby uses the veto (knowing it wouldn’t happen). When Bobby doesn’t use it, it make Bobby look like a liar and gives Kevin an easy out.


Pili finally talking game… That’s incredible! Who could have thought ?


She’s standing by her man.


she is not really talking game lol, she is only repeating what she has heard Kevin, Sara and Ash and anyone else inside the house tells her, she just repeats all her sentences and words from what she has heard. Willow is dangerous because she can sens e when someone is conniving against her, she also can sense and watch to go in a room break up and eavesdrop on conversations. Before JP left BB house he told Sara that willow is another Andy, that is why Sara knew she could real her in to get information from her just by flirting a little, giving her all this attention instead of Britt, Britt is too much work,I would pick willow over b any day. Then pills and ash two of the most quietest people in the house, they listen they watch, they know who is with who like Nae ha taught them, but to get back to m point pills has a watching listening game, but all this game she talking watch next time go back a few minutes or hours go to pills to watch she will be talking with Kevin, repeat that Sara said then repeat what Kevin said to ash you know what i mean.


NOW … would be the perfect time for Willow to tell Kevin she just overheard Bobby say the Veto is fake! Although it would be a lie (she does know it’s fake but hasn’t overheard it) it would work to allow Kevin to pull down Britt and put up Bruno beside Bobby.

Hopefully Sarah/Willow have their thinking caps on!


I don’t understand the obsession with Sarah. What has she done to have that many fans? Is she charasmatic and funny like Britney (bb12) on the feeds and in DR?? NO!!! Is she a great competitor like Rachel, Jillian? NO!!! Is she manipulating people and making big game moves? NO!!!

The only reason she’s getting this support is because of her golden edit and because she’s a woman! Why can’t we all ignore gender when it comes to BB? Why do people such a fuss about having a girls alliance or why are people so against an all guy alliance?

Personally, I support great players regardless of gender i.e Dr. Will, Dan, Rachel, Janelle, Jillian etc. I hate how Sarah is getting the support (despite being so catty and a major complainer) ONLY because she’s a woman.


Support for Sarah is not gender based but game based.


Yes, her support is coming from her brilliantly reading scripts in DR or maybe from being a competition beast or from influencing most if not every single decision in the game….right?maybe?


Everybody goes to Sarah with important information. Cindy trusted her with information from sequester before anyone else, Willow goes to her with all the information she gets from both sides, even Kevin came to her first with the plan to get rid of Bruno/bobby this week. She must be doing something right.


Having her ears opened as Sindy was telling her all that golden information about all the other HGs can’t exactly be called “gameplay”, now can it? ;p

To the Curb

The king may rule but the queen controls the board….


yo boooooodee, is it possible the obsession with Sarah is very real, but not by others, by you? Is it possible, beliefs act as filters? Is it possible, our perspectives twist and distort everything unconsciously to support and prove the accuracy of our beliefs? Is it possible, you are frustrated because you see what your beliefs dictate and that they are not he same as what other people’s beliefs dictate. Reality is subjective and a unique distortion of each observer… it is a manufactured experience that does not exist in any cohesive structure without an observer. The observer forever influencing and changing reality and experience into something it never was and never will be, but what it is obvious and absolutely real to the observer (until the observer allows their beliefs to change. In which case, a new illusion becomes definitively real… some observers then believe they are seeing things clearly for the first time – in along time – but they merely substitute one illusion for another). Is it possible, the way we see the house guests is completely and utterly our own distortion and that none of these people are even remotely like how they appear to us / how WE see them?


The study of Psychology, specifically Perception, is really quite fascinating isn’t it?


Sarah is overrated


Kevin’s only concern is that if Bobby actually has that bum veto then Kevin would have nobody left to put up since Bruno’s already on the block. Since Sarah knows the veto is fake, she should volunteer to go up If Bobby really uses the veto. She already did this yesterday she just needs to make it clearer to Kevin.


JenGee, Sarah has already offered that to Kevin earlier in the day. He either has forgotten, doesn’t want to risk Sarah on the block (Zach keeps pushing to get her out), or is over confident in Z/A supporting his move.


how is Bruno on the block? I thought Kevin’s not using the veto on B

another name

imo kevin is overthinking.
if I were in kevin’s ear: he tells bobby that he plans to take off b and replaces with Bruno, because bobby has a secret veto. you say that you are counting on bobby using his secret veto so that you can fulfill your true plan. fake true plan: put up godfrey vs. Bruno. the guy that stands alone vs. the guy that everyone loves. tell bobby nobody would vote against Bruno, but sarah might vote against bobby. use all the info they’ve been giving to kevin against them.
if bobby reveals the veto is a lie, bobby vs. Bruno. if bobby doesn’t reveal its a lie, bobby vs. Bruno. case closed.


What Kevin needed to do was go for a cigarette with Sarah instead of getting brain numb with Pili.

another name

true enough. a poker player that’s forgotten how to read a tell, or call a bluff.


Get Zach the fin nose and his dumb blonde sidekick out already!


Oh NO! Support is so fickle.


Well, it should’ve grabbed that VETO! It had it’s chance! What does it expect if all it does is beg for food and lay around the hot tub. It became a floater.


Looks like Kevin made a good decision but he should remove britt with bruno. I think kevin is making smart decision for himself bobby or bruno goes allowing zach to go for godfrey or bobby or bruno then make a side alliance with britt and sarah to get rid of zach


I hope kev doesnt use the veto. Bobby is a moron and needs to go.


has everyone forgot that Sarah, Willow and Godfrey said they would vote out Brit over Bobby and Bruno so that they had the strength and numbers to go after the couples??? Thats why no one is saying Bobbys Veto is a fake because their working together but making it appear that they arent.


The season would be better without Pee-Lar and sketchy Bobby.


here is the game plays…..Pilar goes on the block for Kevin , Ash goes on the block for Zach , Willow will go on the block for Zack , so we know that Kevin and Zach will be there for 3 more weeks. Unless Sarah wins an HOH she will be gone before Bruno or Godfrey . Britt & Willow are pawns. So good luck to Kevin , Zach , Bruno , and Godfrey. Kevin or Zach at the end with either of the others, they have an automatic 3 votes. If Zach is at the end he will win, Willow will help with that vote as well as JP. Sorry Godfrey you will not get enough votes to win it. Bruno is the only other possibility to beat Kevin or Zach. Knew this before Johnny left the house. I am sure cameraman will keep Ash as long as possible to keep his head in gear…mmmmmm


Willow has been consistent over the past weeks in telling Sarah & co. that she can’t stand Zach anymore. I don’t think she’ll help him with anything.


I state it before but i will again. i just dont understand how these people have fallen for this veto crap. i mean..just think about it, if anyone had that power would they really be allowed to talk about it? no! and if they did they would lose it. why cant these people realise that, why are they so damn stupid.

im so annoyed with kevin if he doesnt go through with his plan. people need to stop being such cowards in here and use a little common sense.


Is it possible, these people are cowards and the secret veto is a convenient tool they have available to hide their cowardice making it seem prudent/smart/justified in playing it ‘safe(ish)’?


really, especially with the veto being fake, his best move is keeping the noms the same. If bobby doesn’t have the veto, he looks like a liar, and the people he didn’t tell probably wouldn’t vote to keep him (like how we’re seeing Godfrey pull away and distrust bobby).


even after Kevin’s talk with pili, I still feel like he’s gonna use the veto on brittnee and bd bruno


Is Kevin working with Zack/Ash or with Godfrey? If Godfrey does not go up, it will be a big question mark for everyone. What made Kevin think Godfrey will not target him. What made Kevin think he is closer to Godfrey than Bruno was? Kevin keeps Godfrey even though Zach/Ash is pissed off with the hope Godfrey will not put him up? If Godfrey wins HOH and will not put Kevin up, it will be a question mark for everyone. So Kevin rather loses trust of Zach/Ash to keep Godfrey. If Kevin leaves the nomination the same and if Zach/Ash finds out Kevin had the deal with Godfrey and they decides to keep Bobby over Brittnee with Bruno and Godfrey’s votes. What will leave Kevin out of it in triple evictions on Thursday. If Zach/Ash wins HOH next week and Godfrey comes to them and sell Kevin out about the deal. If other sides win HOH next week, Kevin will be in serious trouble. I do not see Kevin will escape the block next week. There will be a crack in trust between Ash/Zach and Kevin/Pillar moving forward. Zach/Ash will think Kevin keeps Godfrey to target them. Good luck to Kevin. Kevin is delusional to think Sara and Godfrey will not put him on the block next week. Sara and Godfrey will honest their once chance of HOH to get him or Zach out.


Do you think Pili is playing dumb?

To the Curb

Academy Award acting Skills if she is.


bruno is starting to irritate me


I remember Pillar was stressed out last week and does not want to talk game. Then this week, suddenly she wants to talk game with everyone. Pillar even wants honestly talking game with Sara this week when last week she shut Sara up.


9.22 A.M.: the 4 feeds are blocked, but the fan feed shows Brit in the bathroom doing her makeup. BB announces:
“Houseguests! Remember, Canada is watching!”
Could someone please inform BB that we can’t actually watch if the feeds are blocked?!?


BB the grand social experiment (extends well beyond the ‘house’ and the ‘house guests’). It is interesting watching cowards market their cowardice as rational and justifiably the smart / right thing to do. Human beings can literally talk/think themselves into believing anything given the right conditions. Concensus does not create truth no matter how pervasive. Charisma: the skill/ability to inspire others consciously/unconsciously to accept (or ultimately experience) your distortion/reality as real such that they follow you and believe (in) you more than they do themselves all the while believing they are free thinking and self directed..


For a poker player, Kev really doesn’t understand the concept of “calling someones bluff”


Oh man that’s good .. I might want to use that for my POV ceremony title if Kevin doesn’t use the veto to put up Bruno.. I’m also really surprised Kevin can’t pick up on Bobby’s lie.


Exactly! And that’s precisely what Sindy recommended they do, use her to call him out… a week ago. So this is making me wonder what’s ‘really’ going on in Kevin’s game plan. Something isn’t adding up.