Big Brother 16 Spoilers – Week 8 Summary of Events, HOH/Eviction Results


  • Team America tasks starts and results all the house guests harassing Zach for hours.. 
  • Zach finds out he’s going to jury decides to go without extreme drama
  • POV Ceremony has Frankie saving Caleb and putting Zach up as the replacement.
  • Zach is going to be evicted but that doesn’t stop Frankie from attacking him Here, Here and Here 
  • Fans try to send a message to Frankie, Zach and Caleb telling them how they really feel (Although I don’t agree with they said about beast mode they[‘re spot on with Zach and Frankie. In case you want to know how they did it here’s a map of the Big Brother house and surrounding areas. )
  • Donny gives Zach some pointers to campaign.  Donny is certain Christine tried to throw the BOB and that Derrick and Frankie tried to get him out this week.
  • Donny essentially has the alliances mapped out. He’s trying to break up the group of five by chiseling off Christine, Cody, Caleb. He knows this is a one in a million chance but he’s giving it a shot.
  • Nothing works every attempt Donny makes gets sent back to the group where they mock and insult him. Derrick points out that Donny is doing the only thing he can do. Frankie points out that Donny’s and Zach’s pitches were very smart but at the end of the day… Their alliance is solid for this week
  • To keep the group occupied on a single outside foe Frankie turns the hate onto Donny..  Cody plans to call Donny out but not today maybe tomorrow or the next day we’ll have to see..
  • Derrick and Frankie both wanted to evict Donny when they got HOH last Thursday. This was their plan all week.
  • I forgot to add something.. Victoria does something this week she takes back her pink hat that Zach has been wearing all season and cuts it up.. Zach has tormented her all season this maneuver pissed him off.


No matter how you slice it tonight is going to be fun on the feeds, someone is coming back into the game and unless it’s Jocasta they will be doing some damage. Rumor has it it’s endurance .. going to be a battle..

OBB Predications
Zach gets evicted

Official Results
Julie confirms the double HOH/BOB twist is now over.
Donny votes to evict Zach
Caleb votes to evict Zach
Derrick votes to evict Zach
Victoria votes to evict Zach
Christine votes to evict Zach
Evicted house guests is Zach

Nicole comes back into the game. it was very close Jocasta almost won

HOH competition will be later tonight

BB16-2014-08-21 19-26-20-677

7:28pm Feeds BAck Frankie telling Nicole all about his sister..

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211 thoughts on “Big Brother 16 Spoilers – Week 8 Summary of Events, HOH/Eviction Results

    1. This HOH is crucial for the game to be shaken up. The house is divided between Donny and the the HG who gets back into the house against everyone else. The only hope for an exciting last month of the show, is for Donny or the newly re-entered HG to win HOH. Let’s hope it happens!!!

      1. ONCE again BB disappoints us this season, and love Nicole but absolutely no way either of these two can win this game. It is rigged for Frankie and Derrick and pretty much nothing going to change that. I hate it because they are two of the most disturbing and vile people that have been on BB just because of their hate directed toward Donny and the ugly Frankenstein show especially the continued dry humping of the guys on the show. He is the worst example of a gay man I have ever seen, and usually love Gay men but not Frankie. He is DISGUSTING! So done with it this season and probably forever. It used to be my favorite show, but with the cheating on the POV this week with Frankie telling Zach and BB or CBS doing absolutely nothing to fix it, I just cannot watch any longer. Pray for a miracle that Donny and Nicole would end up as final two but no way that will happen. Donny will be sent packing this week, and next week Nicole goes. So disappointing!

        1. I don’t think her or Donny is going anywhere next week, but if either of them do it’s really nice to see Derrick worried for once. He hasn’t shut up yet. He’s barking orders to everyone almost threatening them to not be alone in a room with Nicole, He knows his secrets are exposed. He has had that worried look on his face ever since Nicole said she saw the tapes from the last week since she was evicted and he knows Hayden told her some stuff, but what he doesn’t know is that Zach filled her in also before he left. Derrick is lying to Frankie and Christine saying they are Nicole target, but I HOPE she wins HOH and show Frankie and Christine that they aren’t and if nothing else Derrick will be exposed this week. He is so paranoid right now he can’t even think straight

    2. OMG! The WORST comp for returning a jury member. It’s pure luck. I nearly had a heart attack when Jocasta almost won….that’s pretty telling how awful a comp is. Let’s see if the froot loop dingus (nicole) has figured out who the real threats are (Derrick & Frankie).

      1. NOOOOO!!!!!!!! God dammit if zach threw that last one on he was back ugh!!!!:( but glad Jocasta didn’t win I woulda cried

        1. That’s it- season over. Major fail for the season. The only hope really was Hayden He was the only person who knew to target Derek.
          I cannot believe Zach couldn’t answer the question when Julie said who would be his target!!?
          Nicole it’s going to be useless. All she wants is to get Christine. Big deal. The seasons is ridiculous from here on out. Congratulations Derek.

          1. My only hope is that Hayden got into Nicole’s head in the jury house and she will be gunning for Derrick. I doubt she’ll be able to shake her personal vendetta against Christine though. Derrick does need to go soon, but Frankie needs to go first. He has the most ability to win a comp compared to Derrick. I just know one of those two are going to make it to the finals. This season SUCKS!!!

        2. I wanted Zack to come back but after Julie’s blatant pro Frankie rant I knew he wouldn’t go after her so was happy with Hayden or Nicole. Wanted Hayden but hopefully Hayden talked sense into her in the jury house. Shame on Julie Chen! She knew what she was doing! #JulieChenSucks

  1. Streams to try

    **no password needed if it asks you you clicked on something wrong

      1. I was hoping for Hayden to win because he had Derrick/Cody figured out. Hoping he straightened Nicole out during the week on jury and for her to see the light.

        Donny or Nicole MUST win HOH tonight!!!

  2. I can’t stand any of the houseguests left except Donnie.I think it would funny if once the bullies get rid of him ..hope not..they all find out somehow by the New person coming back how hateful they are to Donnie..

    1. problem with Nicole if Donnie doesn’t get to her before the rest its a waste detonaters will just say we want Christine out to and it will back to like it was before

    2. Does anyone know what Hayden whispered into Nicole’s ear when he hugged her? I hope he warned her to get Derrick out.

  3. The new person comes back..hope Donnie tells them all the alliances they have and the pecking order.please don’t let Derek snow who’s coming back in.

    1. I do believe nicole will listen to donny about derrick, he told zach allready and he was still going to go after victoria, nicole and donny make a perfect match queen of the HOHs and king of the Veto’s. Game on!

  4. Cant wait to see whats going to happen. Even though he might come back, I will be sad to see Zach go…..Especially with out his Pink hat!!!! Dumb arse Victoria.

  5. I am praying to the big brother gods that whomever returns, wins Hoh, and aligns with Donny. I would also like Frankie and Cody nominated with a Derrick backdoor. Fingers crossed.

    1. No forget that Blackfoot crap. Donny/ Nicole win hoh… Put up Frankie and Derrick one of them comes down put up Christine

  6. This could be the week Donny goes home his chances are not very good.Hoping that this does not happen Would love for him to win and watch Cody And Derrick on the block. Happy dance!!!!!!!

  7. At least we know now what the worst season in BB history is. I cant wait until this season ends and we can put this all behind us. Big Brother production is probably feeling the exact same way babysitting these children. I really enjoy all your comments, I am glad we can come together in mutual dislike towards this perfect storm of thoughtless and immature people. No matter how much they frustrate you, just feel glad I am right beside you equally as frustrated.

  8. Im afraid if its endurance that it will favor smaller people so i think nicole will be coming back and i hope im so wrong zach all the way.

  9. I seriously can’t stand Frankie’s BS on BB. so done with this. I don’t enjoy watching him LIE to a point where it destroys character

    screw you frankie

  10. I CAN’T believe it – BB is giving Christine a positive edit. They show her DR after Donny lets her know that Derrick is in charge of the house – where she is saying oh poor me – I’m confused. What Donny said makes a lot of sense. You know what they didn’t show – Christine RUNNING to Cody and ratting out Donny. Sure Christine, your edit suggests that maybe you aren’t as stupid as you appear – um does BB think WE are that stupid?

    1. Yeah I noticed that too. Lame edit.
      But I was wondering why didn’t Donny throw Zach a vote like he promised??? Kind of let me down. Thought it would be better to stand up to those idiots. I guess he didn’t want Cody mad at him but big deal. Cody is such a wussy

      1. I think he voted out Zach to throw off the other HGs. He is wanting to make it look like he has teamed up with a couple of people and by voting out Zach they are now all paranoid. They most likely think Donny is in with Derrick and Cody. I want Donny to put up Derrick and Frankie soooo bad. Then Donny wins veto and keeps noms the same. We for sure get rid of one of them. Then Nicole wins and puts up whoever did not go under Donny’s HOH. If she puts someone up against cody, Cody will stay cuz christine and vic love him. Nicole and Donny should keep him cuz he cant win comps. Nothing has gone my was this season (except Donny staying) Would it be too much to ask to have Frankie go this week and Derrick next week?

  11. “I vote out my biggest hater, ZACH”-Victoria

    I wanted to jump through the TV and yell in her face how we ALL fing hate her, and Zach doesn’t give two shits about her CRAPPY game she is playing.

    somehow, they put in a twist that got rid of crappy players, and she is still in there, they didn’t do enough. which means, CAST BETTER

  12. Frankie told Zach one of the reason he voted him out because he wouldn’t lose the Battle of The Block competition. Zach should of asked why wasn’t Cody asked to go up with Donny.

  13. I wasn’t able to watch the feeds last couple of nights. Why did Donny swap votes? I was under impression Donny was voting for Cody to leave. Surely he isn’t voting for the house. There would been a slim chance for jury vote if he voted to keep Zach. But again, I have not been watching last couple days, due to Frankie show.

    1. I don’t know, but I’m sure Zach was okay with Donny voting with the house. Knowing that Zach was going home regardless, there really wasn’t a reason for Donny to go against the grain. It would have pleased all of US but there was no point and would have further distanced Donny from the rest of the HGs.

  14. I love how Julie let Christine know, it was Donny that saved her from the block! Sure he was also saving himself but if he had lost the BOB he would’ve won POV as he does when he needs it.

    But why did Donny vote to evict Zach? He was already gone but I didn’t expect this.

    1. Hello Donny – I’m pretty sure I saw that you promised your vote to Zach. What the heck – why would you vote him out? Because if you had given him your vote you would have been made a target? You are already the biggest target in the house – if you had voted to evict Cody you would have at least had your integrity. But I guess just playing the game. The sad thing is that so far you have been pushing that your game is being done with no lies. So did you lie? Or did I miss the live feed where Zach told you to vote him out?

      1. Indeed you missed it when Zach released Donny from that promise; he did. I’m pissed that they didn’t show this on the live show, it made Donny look like a liar. He would have kept his promise but Zach told him to vote with the house when he realized it was fruitless.

    2. They didn’t show this on the live show which makes me mad, but Zach told Donny to vote to evict him so the house wouldn’t turn on him!

    3. Yes, but what Julie left out is that Christine THREW THE COMPETITION and actually handed Caleb a bone to help him! The CBS edits are an entirely different show.

      1. Why would they decide to edit Donny in a bad light (show him promise Zach his vote and seemingly break it) and Christine in a good light by letting her get away with lying to Julie on the live show about throwing the bob? I would have loved to see her squirm with Julie calling her on her lies. HELLO it would have made for great TV Julie!

  15. but him saying he would throw the HOH makes me want to punch him lol. best exit possibly ever, but my gosh man…..

  16. Zach still thinks Frankie is a good person? Oh yeah he was never there when Frankie was being his true rotten self.

  17. Ugh, now I don’t want Zach back in the house because he doesn’t have a clear target besides Victoria. Damn Zach, after all that you wouldn’t want Derrick and Frankie up?!

  18. I have to think CBS handed Zach big money to say nice stuff about Frankie, that or he just has no clue the stuff said about him

  19. and I put it on mute. sorry, Jocosta Hayden and Nicole are the least interesting three to start jury…ever.

    1. that is what bothers me

      its supposed to be paranoia in the house. Christine is heard saying right after Zach walks out that door “see you in 10 minutes”

  20. Frankie’s instagram page is down!! BAHAHAHAHAHA So much for being a social media mogul!

    Have fun coming back to the real world when BB’s done, douche nozzle :D Gonna be a nice wake-up call for Frankie, Christine and Derrick

  21. The awkward moment when the jury hugs the houseguests that got them evicted and the whole bs (oh I missed you). oh please. gotta show them swag & class.

  22. Christine calling Zach a crybaby irked me. Its like….OK, lets see how you act when EVERYONE turns on you, someone takes your glasses, and Cody won’t touch you anymore.

    you and cody…so opinionated for people who never sit the block with any true fear of going home

    1. Since it wasn’t Hayden, I’m glad it was Nicole. He has had time in the jury house to prep her for return. Lets hope for Donny or Nicole to take out Derrick or Frankie.

  23. Ok please simon dawg is there a way I can post this picture I took? I stumbled on a huge mistake. Nicole was sitting on the couch tonight when Victoria was cutting up the leaves. I paused it and took a pic. Old footage being used? Confused as heck. I’d love to post this!

  24. Jocosta Nicole and Zach tied for first right now

    ahahaha they may get jocosta back. if so, WORST SEASON EVER(we just won’t include last year, lets forget that season happened)

        1. Simon, you sly one, I do believe you are on board with those of us who have had quite enough of Frankie! As we say in the south, a little bit of Frankie goes a long way with me… #cannotstandFrankie!

  25. Whew. I was worried that Jocasta was going to come back in. Not that I have anything against her, but she doesn’t have the demeanor to take on those in the house. Nicole had better team up with Donny, and not be a dim bulb this time. They need to now focus on evicting Derrick or Frankie.

  26. What in the freaking hell!!! What kind of competition was that?!?! Seniors disk throwing chance to get a spot to get in the game. Wtf..
    Omg I’m so mad what a waste ..

  27. Reading through posts, I saw a couple posts about Christine should have had a penalty nomination. Can someone please tell me what happened? I was sooo bored I haven’t watched in 2 weeks.

    So sad Zach didn’t get back in. But Nicole was my second choice because she is a comp BEAST. I hope she wins HOH, Derrick and Cody go up, Frankie is replacement if needed.

  28. I’m gonna really miss Zach. I think he wanted to come back, but who knows? I do fear for Nichole messing up another HOH…..IF she even wins. If she doesn’t, she’ll be right back to Hayden real quick. Bummer.

  29. I was on the edge of my seat during the buy back competition, can’t believe how close Jocosta was to coming back in. Was hoping for Zach to come back in, hopefully Nicole will shake the house up a bit and not just fall under Derrick’s spell again.

  30. we get stupid Nicole? seriously? now I get to hear about how great of a player she is, when she is the biggest freaking moron. 21 years old, naïve as can be. I’d rather have Hayden or Zach, I will miss Zach.

    at least jocosta didn’t win, but I don’t see what Nicole can do other than float her way to the end WITH VICTORIA. woo hoo.

    1. FLOAT? Nicole? You are crazy! Nicole is a competition beast! Zack coming back would have been entertaining but not in terms of game. He would’ve just fallen under their spell. He even blamed himself for getting evicted. Hayden or Nicole was the best option. Glad it’s Nicole.

      1. a comp beast? really?
        lol ok, and she will put up whoever derrick wants her to.


  31. As someone who either wanted Hayden/Nicole/Zach to come back, I’m happy Nicole won since she was one of my picks to win in the beginning. I would be very satisfied if she is the one who takes out Christine.

    1. I would be very satisfied if she is the one who takes out Derrick, Frankie, Christine, Cody, Victoria & Caleb in that order. I ain’t asking much.

  32. Sux that Zach didn’t get back in!! Not sure if he would have been better than Nicole though because I don’t think either one of them have Derrick/Cody in their target. When Zach was evicted, did you guys hear the hg’s saying see you out back in 10 minutes?

  33. well now I am officially done

    no chance of hayden or Zach in the house when it SHOULD be both of them back in there, I can’t help you CBS, you do the same thing EVERY YEAR. I didn’t watch until BB10 or so, I have watched all older BB’s, but there is no twist that we don’t see coming, that the hg’s don’t see coming.

    the rest of this season will be derrick dominating. period. I don’t see it any other way. Nicole will be another derrick ally who targets Frankie(yay) but…she is a total froot loop dingus

  34. Did I miss something? One of Nicole’s disks wasn’t on the turntable, there was one of hers next to it though. She had 4 actually on the turntable and Jocasta had 5. So shouldn’t Jocasta have won? I’m glad it’s Nicole and NOT Jocasta but still….

    1. I thought the winner was the one whose disk was closest to the centre which was Nicole’s. I could be wrong.

  35. Is it just me or was anyone else about to pass out cuz Jocasta was way to close to winning just now …. Thank you nicole I actually love u

  36. Well Christine is back and more of the same. She’ll be talked into doing whatever Derrick wants. The season is really downhill from here.

      1. Sorry, that…..or Mrs Dracula …..comment was in response to……That photo of Cody looks like a member of the Adams family….

    1. Her name is Nicole, not Christine!
      Small and feisty with a good sense of humor. Not the creepy gutless one. Totes different.

  37. Omg my brain is melting! Yippie more top knot and glasses adjustments in the mirror by nic and more everything in front of the mirror by vic.

  38. we need to campaign for Zach to return in future seasons. he is just too good of TV. what an exit. WOW

    but he needs a year to look at what went wrong, how he can improve his game etc. the kid has potential to win his 2nd time, he reminds me of mike boogie’s first trip. where he really just went to have fun. I think Zach goes in there next time with a solid gameplan

  39. Aaaand yet another crapshoot comp. I thought the comp was kinda fun to watch, but yet again superfast and superrandom. Seemed to me none of them really took advantage of the 5 seconds they had to launch their puck – they just crossed their fingers and went for it too quickly.
    Oh well, glad it’s not Jocasta! That was close.
    I guess it’ll be endurance and Nicole will win?

  40. From Zach’s eviction to Nicole’s return.

    Knowing Nicole, she’s not gonna make much waves, planning to align with Derek, which means leading to doomsland. This girl has no game, and would be thrown back to the juror house in no time.

    I felt the pangs of being let down, now that I know there’s no hope of Zach returning back to the house.

    It’s confirmed: production is not too fond of Zach, or they’d fixed it for him to return, just like how they fixed comps for fark!ng Fr@nk!e to win (ie, giving him answers, making sure only his bulbs work etc)

    *Enjoy your time in juror house, Zach!!*

  41. I was hoping Hayden or Zack would return. Oh well. Only comfort is that I read somewhere that Nicole’s targets are Derrick and Christine. We’ll see…Hopefully Hayden also talked to her about who to go after. Just hope she doesn’t get misted and fall into the same old trap with Derrick and Christine, etc. This season needs a savior!

  42. Hayden held and whispered to Nicole. It wasn’t sweet nothings – you could tell by the look on her face. I don’t think she is gonna trust Derrick as much. Nobody caught that?

    1. I caught how cold Hayden was with Derrick and Cody. ( esp. Derrick…Wow, the look on Hayden’s face, when Der tried to hug him! )

  43. the good news is, Zach went out REAAAAALLY classy. I mean, he is just a great guy and great TV, but even better is that Frankie just sunk his own game

    you got rid of a guy who STILL would have been loyal to you. unbelievable mistake, I for the life of me cannot see what Frankie is seeing there.

    1. I’m confused about how zach’s exit was classy. He is a young punk kid that needs to grow up. I just don’t get his following.

    2. Frankie knows he will lose to Zack,Derrick,and Donny. That’s why he will get rid of them all(with productions help). Anyone notice —no 1 week safety for returned player!

  44. Nicole talked to Hayden, Her targets are broader that his but the same as most of us.
    Derrick/Cody/Frankie and Christine.

    I so want them to say that Nicole is the NEW HoH.
    They are already giving her the cold shoulder… at least Donny will have company.

  45. Did anyone see how red Donny’s face got when the evicted houseguests came back and he was hugging Hayden and Jocasta. I think he was on the verge of tears. I feel so sorry for him. At least now he’ll have one friend. I hope Nicole knows what to do now that she has had time to reflect in jury about her game.
    Please don’t disappoint me Nicole.

    1. Not pleased that Donny didn’t have the guts to throw Zach his vote, considering he promised Zach he would

      1. Zack told Donny not to vote for him to stay to protect Donny. Zack knew he was leaving and didn’t want Donny to have to dig out of a deeper hole.

      1. What Donney could say to Nicole in 5 minutes or Zach in 3, he’d have to spend a half hour
        explaining to poor nice Jocasta. Hayden at 7 minutes is almost as bad. Its easier this way.

  46. at least Zach WILL enjoy his jury time. what a good kid. I want him back next year. he is everything right about Big Brother

  47. Yay Nicole is back!!! Give them hell girl!!!! Can’t believe they didn’t show Christine going straight to cody and telling him everything that donny said and than all the cruel things they said about him….they only people who know what they are really like are the ones that read it on here or watch the live feeds.

  48. I would have wanted Zach back. That being said, I pray Hayden talked some sense into Nicole! She needs to team up with Donny, and get Christine to thinks she is trusting her again. Then she needs to take out Derrick, Cody, Frankie, Caleb, and disgusting Victoria. Then she can repay Christine with a knife in the back in the final 3. I’ll admit I wasn’t team Nicoke before, but I’d like nothing more than for her and Donny to be the final 2, and Zach win America’s Favorite!

    1. Excellent comment! I feel EXACTLY the same.

      Btw, FUCK DERRICK & FRANKIE. Ones an evil prick and the other is a fake bitch!

  49. Had to have to been either Hayden or Zach if there would be any chance of shaking things up

    Nicole is gonna fall right into a trap for a third time

    Fool me once, shame on you
    Fool me twice, shame on me
    Get ready for fool her 3 times.

    1. To quote Danielle from BB14: “fool me three times I’m a dumbass”

      Side note so pissed Zach won’t get his vengeance…hopefully now Donny can win or place second so Zach wins Americas Favorite

  50. Donnie and Nicole just don’t have the numbers to do anything even with an HOH win and two of the slime balls nominated. This is SO over. :(.

      1. I’m anticipating that either Nicole or Donny will HOH because as the say it will make for good TV. My thoughts are this if they don’t become the next HOH we know what is going to happen one of them will be going home, we’ll be pssst and a bunch of us will stop watching. If one of them become HOH they’ll put up two of the Butt Holes, and it will be a tense week and it may continue like that for at least another week. What cha think?

    1. Numbers do not matter with only one HOH. This is still a game of chance with the competitions. If one is nominated, you still have a dog in the fight. If both are nominated, still only one goes home. Fighting dog still lives, even though it may only have one leg. At least two good weeks left with my hopefuls.

  51. how about a new twist. where America can vote on a swap, we can swap out a current HG for one in jury

    Victoria, you are eliminated, go to jury, Hayden(sorry Zach, you can’t be throwing HOH comps, killing me man) you are back in the house

    honestly it drives me insane that Victoria is still there.

  52. Wonder if Crustine is pooping her knickers now that Nicole is back. I do hope that Nicole has really had a chance to discuss things with Hayden and she realises Donny should be her alliance. If she falls under DePrick’s spell again Donny is royally screwed and she will follow him out the door.

  53. This isnt what i wanyed but i think nicole will win the enduranve comp. She will listen to donny this time around i would bet my house on that.

  54. I constantly see how you can get live feeds free for a 2 day trial. However once I’ve established and account and sign in every time the next page is a page that says it cost’s $9.99 for a monthly pass. So where’s this free trial option?

  55. I’ll miss Zach, but the guy just wasn’t a clutch competitor. If he put a little more steam on his final shot, he would have won, but he messed it up.

  56. It’s getting to the point in the season where I am starting to get really annoyed at the good edits some of the house guests are getting. I know they always do it, but I still let it bother me every year lol.

  57. That moment your heart stops, because you think Jocasta is the one going back into the house. Please Nicole don’t ruin your second chance!!!!

  58. A “CRAP-SHOOT” ?? Could they have made getting back in the house to win 500k, any EASIER? Damn, JOCASTA could’ve actually won, that’s how ridiculously easy that comp was… Nicole, will no doubt be right back under Derrick’s thumb, all he has to do is help her target Chrustine… She’s very weak when it comes to social game, easily manipulated… Hayden and maybe Zach, could’ve at least go against the grain, Hayden more-so…

    Crustine in the DR talking all big about hoe Zach was a crybaby? really? wasn’t u crying about how the whole world, and Tim seeing the truth about how attracted you are to that Tampon wearing Cody??

  59. I was rooting for Zach or Hayden but I also liked Nicole. If this HOH comp is an endurance comp which small, in shape women usually win, she might be the best option. Just so happy Jocasta didn’t win. That was way too close.

    1. Julie cheated, that wasn’t no IceBucketChallenge…. U need ICE for it to be an “Ice Bucket”.. #WarmwaterInaBucketChallenge

  60. I think Derrick will lead the play of Nicole vs Christine. Donny’s not falling for it any longer. As long as the target is Christine, Nicole will be in trouble again. They probably won’t let Nicole and Donny have too much alone time. Maybe Nicole or Donny wins the HOH and then hope they don’t set their heart on targeting Christine. Listen to Donny explain the “we decided” scenario that Christine is involved with. I just hope Nicole listens to Donny this time around. Derrick and the rest of the gang will pit the women against each other to keep targets off of their backs. So hoping Nicole doesn’t fall for it this time like Christine did. If Nicole wins the HOH and doesn’t bother Christine, she may gain an ally. Remember, keep friends close, (Donny) and your enemies closer(Christine). Obviously happy Nicole is back. Would be perfect if plan A doesn’t fall through and a backdoor is used on Caleb. (Still remember sit next to your boyfriend). or here’s your knife back. Honestly, anyone evicted but Nicole and Donny will suffice. Nice to think but always “God’s will be done.”

  61. Of course Donny got a pretty bad edit and now everyone thinks Donny went against his word with Zach. Why do the worst people get the best edits? Jk I know they have to keep their golden boy golden.

    1. Maybe because he did go against his word to Zach.

      Always liked Donny but what he did was the same mentality as the trolls do in the house.

      Took everything away from the stand he claimed to take all week.

      1. The feeds showed Zach telling Donny to go ahead and vote with the house so as not to give them more ammo against Donny after Zach left. He knew he was going and it would be a wasted vote.

  62. People are all excited about Nicole coming back, you must’ve not paid any attention to her weak social game.. Derrick will manipulate her into targeting Crustine… Sorry, u will be disappointed this week, if she ends up winning HOH… Only hope of a huge shift, rests solely with #FearTheBeard

  63. OK, now Donny just has to win HOH and get the diamond power of veto, win the veto next week, and use the diamond power of veto the following week and then he should be in there… right? Going to be an uphill battle but when he is gone… so am I until the finale.

    Sure hope Nicole joins up with him and doesn’t fall back in with the other morons. I bet Nicole and Donny combined might have more in not at least close to the same amount of comps win as the rest of the house.

  64. I think Nicole will be a great comeback houseguest since everyone will expect her to go after Christine but Hayden has been talking her through the mist and she can misdirect them. she doesn’t seem shy interrogating everyone and cracking her knuckles. I LOVE the look on Christine’s face when this is going on. I don’t know why they didn’t called out on the cheating and hating but that’s whqt YouTube and twitter wre for, right?

  65. I just Hayden and Nicole continued to talk game and make a plan, now Nicole must execute that plan. Please make it more exciting!

  66. Ok, Zach went out like a man. My respect for him went up. But….maybe he is just too young to realize what was going on in the house and based on what he said to Julie, it may be good he is staying in jury. I don’t think he us able to think clearly and strategically and hold his ground. Especially when it comes to Frankie and Derrick. So, although he is my second favorite, his return after eviction would not have been as good as Hayden or Nichole.
    So now we have Nichole back which could actually be good because she may be able to do some damage to Frankie and Derrixk. I hope she and Donny go after Derrick first. If Nichole goes after Christine, this game is over and I will tune in foe BB -17.

  67. Nicole is working with Donny 100%! She knows everything. YAY!!! The rats are all pissed off and scurrying around. They are so nasty! Now Donnie and Nicole just HAVE to win HOH!!!

  68. Can we just have a Nicole or Donny hoh just once….. I will be happy if Derrick or Cody gets evicted next Thursday…. I just want a Nicole and Donny back to back hoh please production make this wish come true…

  69. I can’t wait for Derrick, Frankie, Cody, Christine, Caleb (considering the yellers the other night), and worthless, pathetic Victoria learn how unlinked/hated they are by the outside world!

    Go Donny for the win! Go Nicole for 2nd place! And go Zach for America’ Favorite! Suck on that Derrick and Frankie!

  70. even Zach said he couldn’t keep his mouth shut

    with this game, there is SERIOUS rigging. I wonder if they (CBS) were too concerned with Zach’s wide open mouth, and that he would spill secrets. basically, they had to give him no help, otherwise he would be like “so…they told me the answers to that comp”

  71. What a twisted game this year. Maybe BB will try and jam the next 4 weeks with odd ball left field options. .Where is the luxury competition, Pandora s Box, Penalty Elimination, Double Eviction, DPOV, Food Competition, Self Elimination, GPOV, Coup D’ Etat There has to be some sort of a challenge that creates excitement or a reason to watch!!! Some one dropped the ball with this cast and non confrontational effects each week way to predictable and un interesting.

    1. Yeah one HOH went home one week. Oh and now she’s back. Happy to see Nicole again, but … still waiting for a legitimate twist.

  72. men simon we love Nicole an Donny finally big brother has begun lets do this Nicole or Donny hoh tonight
    please dp it for the fans

  73. I admit I wanted Zach to return, but during the interview he stated he would throw the HOH, had no strategy or any idea who to target….I just gave up…..I knew it was a loss….I can’t say Nicole is a better choice, especially if she tells everything, as before and trusts the wrong people….everything just seems bleak….I really don’t want Frankie or Victoria with Derrick, during the final two, but it’s looking that way…..unfortunately

  74. Where’s Derrick & Cody they’re not in the kitchen with the other house guests!! LOL come on Donny or Nicole for HOH!!!

  75. Welcome to big brother hall of fame class of 2014
    1st inductee is Brendan Villegas
    2nd inductee is Sovereign Six
    3rd inductee is Danielle Reyes
    4th inductee is Jessie Goddrez
    5th inductee is Jen Johnson
    6th inductee is Nicole Nilson Schoffrich
    7th inductee is Shelia Kennedy
    8th inductee is Chelsia Hart
    9th inductee is……..The Renegade alliance (Dan & Memphis)
    Congrats on being inducted into the hall of fame. So far Final 2 inductee Eval Dick vs Daniele are in the lead.

  76. Frankie says I want details like did she suck his P?! Christine says doubt he even copped a good feel. – Of course, from Frankie and ‘sweet’ Christine – anyone surprised?

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