Big Brother 16 Spoilers – Week 8 Summary of Events, HOH/Eviction Results


  • Team America tasks starts and results all the house guests harassing Zach for hours.. 
  • Zach finds out he’s going to jury decides to go without extreme drama
  • POV Ceremony has Frankie saving Caleb and putting Zach up as the replacement.
  • Zach is going to be evicted but that doesn’t stop Frankie from attacking him Here, Here and Here 
  • Fans try to send a message to Frankie, Zach and Caleb telling them how they really feel (Although I don’t agree with they said about beast mode they[‘re spot on with Zach and Frankie. In case you want to know how they did it here’s a map of the Big Brother house and surrounding areas. )
  • Donny gives Zach some pointers to campaign.  Donny is certain Christine tried to throw the BOB and that Derrick and Frankie tried to get him out this week.
  • Donny essentially has the alliances mapped out. He’s trying to break up the group of five by chiseling off Christine, Cody, Caleb. He knows this is a one in a million chance but he’s giving it a shot.
  • Nothing works every attempt Donny makes gets sent back to the group where they mock and insult him. Derrick points out that Donny is doing the only thing he can do. Frankie points out that Donny’s and Zach’s pitches were very smart but at the end of the day… Their alliance is solid for this week
  • To keep the group occupied on a single outside foe Frankie turns the hate onto Donny..  Cody plans to call Donny out but not today maybe tomorrow or the next day we’ll have to see..
  • Derrick and Frankie both wanted to evict Donny when they got HOH last Thursday. This was their plan all week.
  • I forgot to add something.. Victoria does something this week she takes back her pink hat that Zach has been wearing all season and cuts it up.. Zach has tormented her all season this maneuver pissed him off.


No matter how you slice it tonight is going to be fun on the feeds, someone is coming back into the game and unless it’s Jocasta they will be doing some damage. Rumor has it it’s endurance .. going to be a battle..

OBB Predications
Zach gets evicted

Official Results
Julie confirms the double HOH/BOB twist is now over.
Donny votes to evict Zach
Caleb votes to evict Zach
Derrick votes to evict Zach
Victoria votes to evict Zach
Christine votes to evict Zach
Evicted house guests is Zach

Nicole comes back into the game. it was very close Jocasta almost won

HOH competition will be later tonight

BB16-2014-08-21 19-26-20-677

7:28pm Feeds BAck Frankie telling Nicole all about his sister..

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Who does Zach target as HOH? Frankenstine?


This HOH is crucial for the game to be shaken up. The house is divided between Donny and the the HG who gets back into the house against everyone else. The only hope for an exciting last month of the show, is for Donny or the newly re-entered HG to win HOH. Let’s hope it happens!!!


ONCE again BB disappoints us this season, and love Nicole but absolutely no way either of these two can win this game. It is rigged for Frankie and Derrick and pretty much nothing going to change that. I hate it because they are two of the most disturbing and vile people that have been on BB just because of their hate directed toward Donny and the ugly Frankenstein show especially the continued dry humping of the guys on the show. He is the worst example of a gay man I have ever seen, and usually love Gay men but not Frankie. He is DISGUSTING! So done with it this season and probably forever. It used to be my favorite show, but with the cheating on the POV this week with Frankie telling Zach and BB or CBS doing absolutely nothing to fix it, I just cannot watch any longer. Pray for a miracle that Donny and Nicole would end up as final two but no way that will happen. Donny will be sent packing this week, and next week Nicole goes. So disappointing!


I don’t think her or Donny is going anywhere next week, but if either of them do it’s really nice to see Derrick worried for once. He hasn’t shut up yet. He’s barking orders to everyone almost threatening them to not be alone in a room with Nicole, He knows his secrets are exposed. He has had that worried look on his face ever since Nicole said she saw the tapes from the last week since she was evicted and he knows Hayden told her some stuff, but what he doesn’t know is that Zach filled her in also before he left. Derrick is lying to Frankie and Christine saying they are Nicole target, but I HOPE she wins HOH and show Frankie and Christine that they aren’t and if nothing else Derrick will be exposed this week. He is so paranoid right now he can’t even think straight


Later Zach….See you never!

Bow Wow Hilary

How does Zach complain about Victoria when all he did was bully people all season. What an ahole.

Cuzin Cooter

Congrats Nicole and good riddence Zach.


OMG! The WORST comp for returning a jury member. It’s pure luck. I nearly had a heart attack when Jocasta almost won….that’s pretty telling how awful a comp is. Let’s see if the froot loop dingus (nicole) has figured out who the real threats are (Derrick & Frankie).


I hope Nicole learned her lesson and no longer trusts Derrick and Cody. Let it be Team Donny and Nicole.


Nicole won… I’m gonna miss Zach so much


NOOOOO!!!!!!!! God dammit if zach threw that last one on he was back ugh!!!!:( but glad Jocasta didn’t win I woulda cried


That’s it- season over. Major fail for the season. The only hope really was Hayden He was the only person who knew to target Derek.
I cannot believe Zach couldn’t answer the question when Julie said who would be his target!!?
Nicole it’s going to be useless. All she wants is to get Christine. Big deal. The seasons is ridiculous from here on out. Congratulations Derek.


My only hope is that Hayden got into Nicole’s head in the jury house and she will be gunning for Derrick. I doubt she’ll be able to shake her personal vendetta against Christine though. Derrick does need to go soon, but Frankie needs to go first. He has the most ability to win a comp compared to Derrick. I just know one of those two are going to make it to the finals. This season SUCKS!!!


I wanted Zack to come back but after Julie’s blatant pro Frankie rant I knew he wouldn’t go after her so was happy with Hayden or Nicole. Wanted Hayden but hopefully Hayden talked sense into her in the jury house. Shame on Julie Chen! She knew what she was doing! #JulieChenSucks


That Cody picture…. lol, he looks like he was from the Addams family.


Thanks Simon!!!


Thank u for the link…… No way I could of waited another 3 hours to see what happens tonight




This will be one hell of a night.


What a waste Nichol. She still thinks Derrick should win.


I was hoping for Hayden to win because he had Derrick/Cody figured out. Hoping he straightened Nicole out during the week on jury and for her to see the light.

Donny or Nicole MUST win HOH tonight!!!


I can’t stand any of the houseguests left except Donnie.I think it would funny if once the bullies get rid of him ..hope not..they all find out somehow by the New person coming back how hateful they are to Donnie..


problem with Nicole if Donnie doesn’t get to her before the rest its a waste detonaters will just say we want Christine out to and it will back to like it was before


Does anyone know what Hayden whispered into Nicole’s ear when he hugged her? I hope he warned her to get Derrick out.

I Love OBB

Simon great choice of eviction pics! It sums them up perfectly, more so Kotex Cody! haha


You forgot the halo on top of Zach’s head though.


The new person comes back..hope Donnie tells them all the alliances they have and the pecking order.please don’t let Derek snow who’s coming back in.


I do believe nicole will listen to donny about derrick, he told zach allready and he was still going to go after victoria, nicole and donny make a perfect match queen of the HOHs and king of the Veto’s. Game on!

Thor's Sister

Cant wait to see whats going to happen. Even though he might come back, I will be sad to see Zach go…..Especially with out his Pink hat!!!! Dumb arse Victoria.


I am praying to the big brother gods that whomever returns, wins Hoh, and aligns with Donny. I would also like Frankie and Cody nominated with a Derrick backdoor. Fingers crossed.


No forget that Blackfoot crap. Donny/ Nicole win hoh… Put up Frankie and Derrick one of them comes down put up Christine


This could be the week Donny goes home his chances are not very good.Hoping that this does not happen Would love for him to win and watch Cody And Derrick on the block. Happy dance!!!!!!!


At least we know now what the worst season in BB history is. I cant wait until this season ends and we can put this all behind us. Big Brother production is probably feeling the exact same way babysitting these children. I really enjoy all your comments, I am glad we can come together in mutual dislike towards this perfect storm of thoughtless and immature people. No matter how much they frustrate you, just feel glad I am right beside you equally as frustrated.

Kathie from Canada

I’ll drink to that!! Cheers. 😉



Cocoa Puffs

I hope the rule book gets played tonight. Zach off block. Christine put on for penalty.


Why have a rule book if you don’t use it. Nice one BB


BB sucks


Im afraid if its endurance that it will favor smaller people so i think nicole will be coming back and i hope im so wrong zach all the way.


simon all we want today is a Donny hoh

frankie sucks

I seriously can’t stand Frankie’s BS on BB. so done with this. I don’t enjoy watching him LIE to a point where it destroys character

screw you frankie


Someone just hacked and deleted Frankie’s instagram page……OH DAMNN MR SOCIAL MEDIA MOGUL


That’s awesome!!!

frankie sucks

so far this entire episodes has pissed me off.


I CAN’T believe it – BB is giving Christine a positive edit. They show her DR after Donny lets her know that Derrick is in charge of the house – where she is saying oh poor me – I’m confused. What Donny said makes a lot of sense. You know what they didn’t show – Christine RUNNING to Cody and ratting out Donny. Sure Christine, your edit suggests that maybe you aren’t as stupid as you appear – um does BB think WE are that stupid?


Yeah I noticed that too. Lame edit.
But I was wondering why didn’t Donny throw Zach a vote like he promised??? Kind of let me down. Thought it would be better to stand up to those idiots. I guess he didn’t want Cody mad at him but big deal. Cody is such a wussy

Donnie is smart

I think he voted out Zach to throw off the other HGs. He is wanting to make it look like he has teamed up with a couple of people and by voting out Zach they are now all paranoid. They most likely think Donny is in with Derrick and Cody. I want Donny to put up Derrick and Frankie soooo bad. Then Donny wins veto and keeps noms the same. We for sure get rid of one of them. Then Nicole wins and puts up whoever did not go under Donny’s HOH. If she puts someone up against cody, Cody will stay cuz christine and vic love him. Nicole and Donny should keep him cuz he cant win comps. Nothing has gone my was this season (except Donny staying) Would it be too much to ask to have Frankie go this week and Derrick next week?


Zach told Donny to vote with house. Not to give the house anymore reasons to get rid of him.


lol loved his speech


In that pic Cody looks like Mango from SNL!

Oh please.

When Derrick does the zach move during eviction. Please. You cant imitate zach. period.


1000 thumbs up for the zach vs cody pic!!!

frankie sucks

“I vote out my biggest hater, ZACH”-Victoria

I wanted to jump through the TV and yell in her face how we ALL fing hate her, and Zach doesn’t give two shits about her CRAPPY game she is playing.

somehow, they put in a twist that got rid of crappy players, and she is still in there, they didn’t do enough. which means, CAST BETTER


Hopefully she leaves soon so ZachAttach can screw with her in the jury house.


Frankie told Zach one of the reason he voted him out because he wouldn’t lose the Battle of The Block competition. Zach should of asked why wasn’t Cody asked to go up with Donny.


I wasn’t able to watch the feeds last couple of nights. Why did Donny swap votes? I was under impression Donny was voting for Cody to leave. Surely he isn’t voting for the house. There would been a slim chance for jury vote if he voted to keep Zach. But again, I have not been watching last couple days, due to Frankie show.


I don’t know, but I’m sure Zach was okay with Donny voting with the house. Knowing that Zach was going home regardless, there really wasn’t a reason for Donny to go against the grain. It would have pleased all of US but there was no point and would have further distanced Donny from the rest of the HGs.


Zach told him to go with the house

It was yay, then, what?

I love how Julie let Christine know, it was Donny that saved her from the block! Sure he was also saving himself but if he had lost the BOB he would’ve won POV as he does when he needs it.

But why did Donny vote to evict Zach? He was already gone but I didn’t expect this.


Zach told him to vote with the house and not make himself a even bigger target.

What the heck Donny?

Hello Donny – I’m pretty sure I saw that you promised your vote to Zach. What the heck – why would you vote him out? Because if you had given him your vote you would have been made a target? You are already the biggest target in the house – if you had voted to evict Cody you would have at least had your integrity. But I guess just playing the game. The sad thing is that so far you have been pushing that your game is being done with no lies. So did you lie? Or did I miss the live feed where Zach told you to vote him out?


Indeed you missed it when Zach released Donny from that promise; he did. I’m pissed that they didn’t show this on the live show, it made Donny look like a liar. He would have kept his promise but Zach told him to vote with the house when he realized it was fruitless.


They didn’t show this on the live show which makes me mad, but Zach told Donny to vote to evict him so the house wouldn’t turn on him!


Yes, but what Julie left out is that Christine THREW THE COMPETITION and actually handed Caleb a bone to help him! The CBS edits are an entirely different show.


Why would they decide to edit Donny in a bad light (show him promise Zach his vote and seemingly break it) and Christine in a good light by letting her get away with lying to Julie on the live show about throwing the bob? I would have loved to see her squirm with Julie calling her on her lies. HELLO it would have made for great TV Julie!

I love zach

but him saying he would throw the HOH makes me want to punch him lol. best exit possibly ever, but my gosh man…..


FOR REAL! At least Nicole did say she has a target, but I’m not holding my breath.

so very sad..

Zach still thinks Frankie is a good person? Oh yeah he was never there when Frankie was being his true rotten self.


Ugh, now I don’t want Zach back in the house because he doesn’t have a clear target besides Victoria. Damn Zach, after all that you wouldn’t want Derrick and Frankie up?!

Donny Rocks

This season of BB has just ruined the color pink for me.

I love zach

I have to think CBS handed Zach big money to say nice stuff about Frankie, that or he just has no clue the stuff said about him

I love zach

Zach will throw the HOH if he gets back. I don’t know if we want him back until another season


Hayden for the win. Like Zach but he is just going to through it.

so they went to jury

and I put it on mute. sorry, Jocosta Hayden and Nicole are the least interesting three to start jury…ever.


meant to say throw.


How can Julie say this is the most twisted season yet with a straight face?


LMAO bbfangrl! Didn’t you know she’s a Chenbot?


Zach and Nicole are perfect for each other! Perhaps they could find some cheese together with their whine!

Most twisted season ever?

there is nothing twisted about a house guest returning. This happened last year. WTF?

so they went to jury

that is what bothers me

its supposed to be paranoia in the house. Christine is heard saying right after Zach walks out that door “see you in 10 minutes”


Frankie’s instagram page is down!! BAHAHAHAHAHA So much for being a social media mogul!

Have fun coming back to the real world when BB’s done, douche nozzle 😀 Gonna be a nice wake-up call for Frankie, Christine and Derrick


I wanted Zach to be back, but he’s gunning for Victoria instead of Frankie which is a complete waste.


The awkward moment when the jury hugs the houseguests that got them evicted and the whole bs (oh I missed you). oh please. gotta show them swag & class.

so they went to jury

Christine calling Zach a crybaby irked me. Its like….OK, lets see how you act when EVERYONE turns on you, someone takes your glasses, and Cody won’t touch you anymore.

you and cody…so opinionated for people who never sit the block with any true fear of going home

Such a joke...

Since it wasn’t Hayden, I’m glad it was Nicole. He has had time in the jury house to prep her for return. Lets hope for Donny or Nicole to take out Derrick or Frankie.

Zach H

Ok please simon dawg is there a way I can post this picture I took? I stumbled on a huge mistake. Nicole was sitting on the couch tonight when Victoria was cutting up the leaves. I paused it and took a pic. Old footage being used? Confused as heck. I’d love to post this!


No. Yes. It happens.

so they went to jury

Jocosta Nicole and Zach tied for first right now

ahahaha they may get jocosta back. if so, WORST SEASON EVER(we just won’t include last year, lets forget that season happened)


Ok Nicole, gun for Christine! I hope you win the HOH or Donny. Go Team Fear the Beard!


Well Nicole will be back under Derrick’s wings.

That was tooooo close for Jocasta getting back in….lol


Nicoles back bitches


OMG I was so scared Jocasta was going to win lol

No, please, not Jocasta

Did you see how excited Frankie was when he thought Jocasta might win. Can’t stand him!

Big Sister

Simon, you sly one, I do believe you are on board with those of us who have had quite enough of Frankie! As we say in the south, a little bit of Frankie goes a long way with me… #cannotstandFrankie!

It's Official

Nicole is the one back in the game

Irked by the stupidity!

I thought for a minute there….it was gonna be Jacosta! That was some skerry shit!!!!!


Whew. I was worried that Jocasta was going to come back in. Not that I have anything against her, but she doesn’t have the demeanor to take on those in the house. Nicole had better team up with Donny, and not be a dim bulb this time. They need to now focus on evicting Derrick or Frankie.

Maria L.

Lets hope Hayden clued Nicole in, regarding Derrick.