Big Brother Spoilers Team America gets their task “better watch your stuff for the next 24 hours”

POV Holder: ? Next POV Aug 16th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 18th
HOH Winner 1: Derrick HOH Winner 2: Frankie
Battle of the Block Winner  ?/? Next HOH Aug 21st
Original Nominations: Derrick’s Noms (Donny & Christine) Frankie’s Noms (Caleb & Cody)
Final Nominations: ?& ?
Have Nots ?and ?
POV Players ?

BB16-2014-08-15 13-59-43-613

1:58pm Derrick and Frankie HOH
Derrick is giving the Team America task. THey got mission A
“Create a distraction by hiding a favorite piece of clothing from each Houseguest then organize a neighborhood watch program to keep it from happening again.”
The neighborhood watch has to be consistent for 24 hours. Derrick says they have to steal a personal item something they wear a lot. He thinks they should hide the clothing and write a message on the mirror.
Caleb joins them they start talking about “Googling beast Mode Cowboy”
2:08pm Derrick comes back
Derrick – Caleb is following me around the house.. this is what i’m thinking we take an item from them it has to be all three of us participating
Derrick explains they will put the items in a garbage bag and at the bottom of the can in the storage room. One of them writes a message on the mirror, “better watch your stuff for the next 24 hours”
Derrick – It can’t look like it a saboteur or production the message has to show them someone is f***G with their stuff..
Derrick wants to get flash lights and have them patrol around ‘It’s got to be consecutive for 24 hours.. it’s going to be fun.. won’t impact the game”
Derrick says they all have to get together and decide as team america which item they are taking and why.
Caleb’s Bunnies slippers.. something that makes Frankie warm so he can b!tch about it, Derrick beanie.. Christine’s glasses they
They start laughing at taking Christine’s glasses..
Derrick – We have to do it we have to take her glasses..
Cody’s Hat or rutgers sweater..
Zach’s gator shirt
Donny’s visor
Derrick – the main things is convincing them to go on patrol. THey have to notice the clothes missing and put it together and say Lets do a watch..
Derrick says the message on the mirror should be “Time to keep a closer eye on your stuff..”
Derrick – not the easiest thing in the world but fun..
Frankie – it’s doable..
Derrick – Christine is going to be walking around without glasses.


BB16-2014-08-15 14-07-50-533

2:06pm Derrick and Donny
Derrick telling him about the team america task. Caleb joins them has a beer “popping a coors”

BB16-2014-08-15 14-36-22-837

2:22pm HOH Victoria and Derrick
Victoria says people won’t even look her in the eye after the meeting they all had last night in the HOH.
Derrick tells her nobody want to be on the block at this point everyone is pissed.
Victoria says she doesn’t want to be a target next week. Derrick tells her she’s fine.
THey start doing origami together.. Victoria is happy..

Victoria says Frankie told her he’s not putting her up as a replacement nominee. Derrick explains it was him that told Frankie he wasn’t going to nominate Victoria and he shouldn’t either. Derrick adds that Frankie is covering his bases with her.
Derrick says he never lies he knows people all talk.
Victoria – Nicole was so sketch
Derrick is hoping if he stays HOH this week it will be Pandora’s box
Victoria doesn’t think they will do Pandora’s box until they go down to single HOH’s
Victoria – this week is double eviction.
Derrick – you think so
Derrick thinks it will be endurance this week.
Victoria would love to have seen Hayden and Nicole’s face today when the were reunited in the HOH, “She was so sketchy man”
Derrick tells her going forward it all comes down to winning comps, “To get to this point you have to be a good player.. all the weak players are gone”
Derrick says Caleb and Cody are going to smash Christine and Donny.

Victoria says when Julie asked her that question during the Thursday show she was thinking about the fight between Derrick and her she wasn’t thinking about Frankie’s sister.

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BB16-2014-08-15 15-03-50-805
3:02pm HOh Victoria, Caleb and Derrick
They are showing Caleb their origami animals.
Bubbly the blue lion
Yolo the Yellow giraffe
Oliver the orange giraffe

BB16-2014-08-15 15-20-06-545

3:20pm HOH Room CHit chat Looks like Frankie is h*mping Caleb’s leg

BB16-2014-08-15 15-32-03-050

3:31pm Donny sweeping, HOH conversation has Frankie and Christine talking about how beautiful Frankie’s family is..

4:00pm Kitchen CHristine and Victoria
Christine thinks if there is a buy back it will be this week followed by double eviction the week after .
Victoria says one good thing is coming out of this week donny is leaving. Christine “ I hate his guts” Victoria says she’s getting mean like Christine.. Christine is glad says he like the spicy Victoria.

BB16-2014-08-15 16-21-21-092

4:23pm Everyone sleeping
5:00PM Still sleeping..
Caleb and Frankie were up shortly they think the BOB will start at 6

BB16-2014-08-15 17-09-39-386

5:08pm Kitchen Donny and Cody
Donny asks about the Skittles why did they do it.
Cody – I guess it was fair
Donny – what colour was my skittle
Cody =- Orange
Donny – Orange make me angry i like yellow
Donny – am I the next target
Cody – they said Victoria.. I guess we all went up to play and win .. At this point there’s no secrets.
Donny – just keep your ears open for yourself and know I will help you if you needed it.
Cody says after everything that has gone he won’t be surprised by anything.

Christine joins them.. They start talking about the feeds being better to watch at 3am

BB16-2014-08-15 17-32-15-379

5:30pm – 5:45pm Kitchen Christine, Cody, Victoria , Donny
Christine says she’s not feeling well. (SHe’s planning on throwing the BOB and is using the excuse that she is sick)
Cody goes to hug Christine She says “I’m scared Cody”

Christine asks Derrick I wonder what they’re going to pour on you. Derrick says yeah, I’m not looking forward to that. Maybe if I have an elaborate costume it won’t be that bad. Derrick then says never mind it probably would be. Christine says maybe it will be a coffee making contest. Donny asks a what?!
Zach then yells from the other side of the house “Time for the battle of the block! Get dressed and meet me in the backyard!” Christine asks if they have costumes. Zach says not for me. Big Brother cuts the feeds.
Big-Brother-16-2014-08-15 17-38-25-501
5:45pm Big Brother blocks the live feeds for the battle of the block competition…

Who do you want to win the BOB Donny/Christine or beast mode/ Cody ?

The new bomb squad – Caleb, Zach, Derrick, Frankie, Cody, Christine
“The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie

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Donny/Zach final 2! please BB gods, please!


Not this season. The BB gods are hibernating. The way things are going it’ll be Frankie and Caleb final two with Derrick eliminated at Final 3 coz the other two, Frankie and Caleb will win the HOHs. Caleb will win Final HOH and take Frankie over Derrick just because Frankie is a ‘celebrity’ and he hopes to gain something from picking Frankie..

I’m going to try and remember my predictions to see if I am right. Zach and Donny final 2, would love that but that looks impossible.

I Don't Like Derrick

I think Derrick plans on backdooring Frankie, if Donny happens to win the veto. He has said, he is not putting up Victoria if Donny wins POV. I hope Christine decides not to throw the BOB, thinking that if Donny wins POV, she could go to jury. I would love for Donny and Zack or Donny and Haydn/Nicole/Jocasta, whichever comes back to be Final 2. If not, just anybody besides DERRICK!!! And why does Christine hate Donny? What did he do to her?? These assholes need to stop thinking he is inferior to them. HE’S NOT!!!


she’d be stupid to throw it, she’d be stupid to listen to those guys thinking that she isn’t up there specifically to be the next target if Donny wins POV if she does throw it, she’d be stupid to trust those guys, she’d be stupid to….

oh wait, right.

carry on with your BoB throwing, Christine, we’ll see how that works out for you. We’ll see what happens when Victoria finally realizes that Nicole and Zach was telling the truth.


Victoria wouldn’t get it even if they drew a picture and it was color coded. She won’t get it even when she gets home and watches the show afterwards.


Not unless the BB demons aka Allison Grodner stops sucking Frankie’s dick.

(oo) Derrick's Snout Nose!!! (oo)

[Donny/Zach final 2! please BB gods, please!]

That would be awesome! Anyone winning BB….. except Derrick or his wife..(my bad) Victoria!


Let me start off by saying love Gay Men. They are usually, excluding Frankie, the sweetest and funniest people you will ever meet. So with that said does anyone else feel after watching Frankie or even seeing pictures of him that you feel so dirty that you have to go and take a bath. Seriously, he just makes me feel DIRTY!


Ariana grande had 4 songs in the top 10 of itunes!! She’s amazing!!!


You’re on the wrong page


that is so neat! she’s totally like the next demi lovato! dances about as well as demi too!


Why r u guys hating on her?!! She’s literally the biggest popstar right now once her next single comes out she will have 5 songs in the too 10!!! =D and btw u rnt a lovato fan cuz every one knows they are called lavatics not lavatonators so bye demi is good but nowhere on arianas level


For craps sake……..WHAT does she have to do with the drama in the Big Brother House?


You’re an idiot. You’re obviously some little 11 year old girl who somehow found their way onto this page. If you’re not 11 then you’re just a mindless idiot with terrible taste. Ariana will be a flash in the pan in a few years time. Her natural voice is actually very nice but her music targets the tween crowd and is extremely autotuned. And Demi sucks just as much. They are just bubblegum pop stars. Nobody except victoria even really knew who she was on BB. And btw the majority of America can’t stand frankie and can care less about Ariana.

Ariana who?

The next Demi Lovato? A nobody being called the next almost nobody! Wow


sarcasm! we lovotonators got some mad sarcasm ya’ll! also, I’m not a lovotonator. made that up. moving on.

Inyoface Christine

…and this applies to BB HOW???? No one cares about a wanna be Mariah Carey on this site!!!


So what? She is not playing the game and her half-brother is annoying.


Are you 10 years old?

Big Sister

Just got my People magazine with the following in an article about the “mega, mega superstar”…,.. Normally she tries to tune out the criticism–unless the barbs are aimed at her older brother Frankie, who is gay and a contestant on the CBS reality show Big Brother: “Before I went on the show, [Ariana said], “If people start on you, I am going to be so angry.” She is going to rally her troops to vote for him, just you wait and see. Please tell all your friends and relations to vote as many times as possible for Donny!


Last time I checked, Ariana Grande wasn’t a cast member of BB 16. Her name’s not appearing on any of Simon and Dawg’s houseguest polls, either. Maybe you should be making these comments on another fan page. You know, like Ariana’s.


OK you like Ariana – what’s that got to do with her brother. Are you liking him just because of that?

So gullible

LOL! There are too many stupid people on this site. arianator and lovatonator is a troll and you people are taking the bait!


LOL I 100% thought this was someone being sarcastic/joking,before I saw you defending your comment.

Aeriola Grande

But how many of those songs are solo? all her hits are due to her guest vocalists. plus she looks like a 10 year old hooker

Hermione Cumberbatch

Look up Beast Mode Cowboy in the Urban Dictionary…*giggle*


I looked too it was awesome!!! 🙂


LMAO! That explains Caleb’s knowledge regarding animal IQ’s.

Hermione Cumberbatch

Haha..make sure you view the entire page….there are two definitions there. I have no idea who wrote them. I was only told about it a few days ago.

Coin Jar

Which one of you put that there?


Aw common….I’m going to tell ’em what it says, b/c for sure that is the funniest thing I’ve seen in about 2 weeks

A state of mind that produces an energetic, outgoing, sexual attraction to farm animals


Damnit if they take Christine’s glasses that’s an automatic win for Caleb/Cody, don’t do it Donny!


I really hope production doesn’t allow the glasses thing. First of all, they’re not an “article of clothing”, they’re a necessity. You shouldn’t be allowed to take something someone needs. Otherwise, why not take people’s meds. If you’re going to take someone’s glasses, take the stupid fake ones that Derrick keeps wearing.

Back off, Pinky

Oh, Caleb. Frankie might hump my leg once, but it would never happen a second time. Holy Mother of Ewww….


I don’t understand why any of the guys tolerate Frankies groping. It’s gross. It’s not like friendly hugs.. Frankie admits in his comments he makes that it is sexual and he gets pleasure from it. If I were a straight guy I’d tell him to stop. And notice he only hugs the ones he thinks are hot.. he’s not groping Donny! And it’s not like an occasional thing.. it is constant! Poor needy mess


Wrong most men would not just tell him to stop they would knock him into next week and that goes for straight and gay men. Frankie is the worst stereotype of what a gay men is. He is a sicko over aged PERVERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No Touchy

I agree. Frankie’s not four years old. He’s behaving inappropriately, and in these PC times and in front of the cameras, I think people are loathe to complain, in fear of being slapped with that “homophobe” label. And Cody needs to kept his hands off other people, too. Although Christine may well disagree with me, on that.


Why picking on Frankie? It’s all in humor for the show! Besides if I remember correctly Caleb is the psycho, stalker from hell who doesn’t know when to take NO for an answer when it comes to women – but I guess everyone just over looked that! Caleb can tell Frankie to stop ay anytime. If you don’t like watching it turn the channel!

DOWN with RATine and Fakey

Guess Zach lost his place in the Pinkster’s heart… His NEW focus is on CALEB. Although, in last night’s feeds ZACH declared his love and asked the Pink IDIOT if that meant he was gay. The MEGA iDIOT responded with some NASTY sexual innuendo. UGH!



A Nonny Mouse

Sometimes I wonder if Caleb is just leading us on or joking because the things he talks about are so out there and he’s so baldfaced about it. He is the one I’d be more concerned about as his delusions are going to hit him hard once he’s back in the outside world.


Just look up Beast Mode Cowboy in the Urban Dictionary. He’s mentioned by name but not the way he’s want to be.


Let’s hope none of the future HOH competition set-ups involve livestock. Things might end up going in an unfortunate direction…


Can you talk ‘game’ in the Jury House? If not they must be incredibly bored right now, Nicole is probably dying to spill the beans about everything! I remember last year in the jury they had people with them to make sure they didn’t talk about anything, right??


I think they can talk game. They hang out with production because they aren’t in the game but can’t go out to the real world. And considering how many rules they’ve allowed to be broken with no repercussions they really can’t start enforcing them in jury.


I recall in previous years that the evicted hg took a DVD of everything that happened in the past week. Has this changed?


Watching Victoria epitomizes why this season was almost beyond unwatchable. She is Derrick’s little puppy and it’s has all the girls played this year (sans Joey and Brittany/Amber to an extent but none of them ever watched BB to know how to play). The girls all clinged on to the guys and none of the guys gave one shit about the girls.

Without a strong female player, guys will and always have dominated, which creates a beyond boring game. Especially with the guys running the house, except Zach, may be the most boring group of people ever.

So I may have despised Amanda and Aaryn on a human level last season but AT LEAST they ran shit like bosses…


Megan C.

Has it been said that Christine is going to throw the BOB? Has she talked to Donny? If she does she’s a stupid bitch. I mean, do any of the women in this house have any sense? Christine…you don’t have a chance in hell with Cody or with any of the guys in that house, even if you were single. So why are you so focused on trying to stick with them?? They DON’T have your back can’t you see? It’s always “bros before hos” I hate that term but had to use it.


Even Victoria said in the diary room, the way things are going she and Christine should just pack their bags in regards to all the girls being voted out. Too bad she can’t see beyond her glassy eyed crush on Derrick to see he’s playing her and everyone in the house. I still cringe when I think about her asking Derrick if he would have married his wife is she was 21. Fishin much…..


And of course we can’t forget the #1 rule of Team America. Find a way to blame it all on Zach.

Lol, just watch and see. Zach is going to take all the heat for this hahahahaha.

Poor Zach. Team Screw Over Zach in full effect as usual.


I just want to say I was just reading all the comments from last posts and I never laughed so much in my life. This site is great. Keep up the good work.


I actually think this TA mission might be a good one. They can create some mischief in the house without it hurting their game. This even seems like something Donny will like. Maybe it will stir up some fun for us to watch.


they are going to do this task after botb…. they have until Tuesday to do this task, they are not going to rush into this…. Donny is on the block, he is not worried about this task at the moment. Donny is more worried about botb at this point..


I want to get on the psychological testing/casting panel for BB to see how they do it. I’m convinced this whole cast & the twists was built around Frankie – let’s get a load of immature weak-minded people plus one super manipulator & one smart nice guy. Put Frankie in an alliance with the manipulator & the smart nice guy to guarantee he stays around & the rest will be easily led down the garden path.

Donny Aint Nice

Are you trying to say Donny is a smart nice guy?

Donny is probably the meanest guy in the house. Why he was making fun of Cody like that when he was playing Jenga and saying my baby Cody wasnt a real man.

What Cody did to deserve that? Cody is the nicest guy in the house and I hope Cody laugh in Donny’s face after he beat him in BOB, and then I hope he shove Donny out the door whwen Donny gets evicted so Donny falls on his face and then America boos Donny when he walks out to see Julie.

Cody > Donny when it comes to everything. Cody is BAE. Donny is creep.


I don’t know, why did Cody say that Donny is “skating through this game”? Why did Cody say Donny is the “sketchiest person on the house”? Give me a break.


You are insane!


You’re kidding, right?

Cody is a pee sitter

cody is the biggest weenie in BB history. he sucks. he is the worst “bro” in history. I would gladly trade cody for any HG from any previous season

he is a total weakling and is attached to derrick’s balls


I am picturing a 14 yr old with braces having a crush on Cody….with glasses and a big shnauz


You are picturing Christine she has the teeny laugh and all:))


cody bugs the crap out of me. All the girls I watch BB with thought they’d love him because they thought he was attractive. after one episode I told them, “you will hate him by the end of the season, he is a d-bag.”

Sure enough, Cody has demonstrated both on the show and the feeds what a whiny little punk he is. His inside has made his outside so beyond ugly. I’m proud to say as a gay guy that I find every other guy in that house more attractive than him, because at least they have personalities and act like men!

Cody ain't no man!

Uhhhh MAYBE because Cody is a whiny-ass pussy!
Are you watching the same show as the rest of us?


What are you? Friggin’ nuts or something? Donny hasn’t done anything to none of those assholes in the house except be respectful and try to talk with them so he won’t be left out. Cody is just another jagoff that want to show off because of his bod and good looks. He’s used the women to keep him safe in the house, his head is so far up Derrick’s ass that he can taste what he ate the first night they were in there, he’s a homewrecker and if I were Christine’s husband (and thank the Good Lord that I’m not) I’d have divorce papers waiting for that bitch, and he’s acting like he’s gay for pay when it comes to Fakie! Donny is greater in his pinky finger than Cody’s obnoxious ass!


Blah, Blah, Blah a young man who sits down to pee and then hugs and snugs on another man’s wife and whines more than a baby wanting his/her ninny. Yeah, that’s a good one to bring home to mom and dad. You must be a relative!!!


I think there’s no way for the casting directors to possibly know how a person will play the game. Do you think Caleb said ‘well when I set my sights on a girl I like I hound her and be a total creep and never give up until she gives in.’? They all sold themselves very well otherwise if there was any sign that they’d be terrible they would have been cut. (well, the ones that were not picked up at bars by production)


Plus , people say how they’ll play the game but the reality of how they actually play the game once they are in the house is different from how they thought they’d play it. For instance, no one truly intends to be a floater that doesn’t win any competitions and has no alliance. Yet it happens.


They can give them basic IQ tests!! Get people halfway intelligent at least. I mean this crowd is dumb dumb dumb.


Basic IQ tests don’t really test the social, competition or strategizing part of the game. Who knows they’re all probably smart IQ wise but BB is a social experiment where they have to eliminate each other to win money.
Their personalities not IQs come into play here.


Doesn’t matter if they say how they would play the game – good interviews & the right psychological testing can pretty much determine their IQ, maturity level, whether they are a leader of a follower, their grasp of complex concepts & strategies, willingness to make a move or be different, etc. I’d be very interested to know what tests they get.


And how would you know the interviews were not thorough? Isn’t it like a job, the person that gets the job is the one that answers all the questions right but when they start the job it could be a different story.

I’d like to give credit to CBS casting and assume they are professionals who do the best to get sane houseguests who they feel make up a great dynamic. Unfortunately they aren’t psychic and cannot forsee that people will become creeps, or be scared to make moves, or be too trusting. I guarantee if they brought people with the best IQs out of those you’d still have the strategically weak and strong.


I’m not talking about strictly IQ tests – there are tons more highly validated tests they can use. I’ll bet they use Myers-Briggs personality test for one Interviews are only as good as the interviewer and aren’t enough. This isn’t like a job where you have a resume to back up your qualifications, references, etc & the interview is just to make sure you’re telling the truth & will fit in. Plus I don’t know any jobs that don’t also do background checks, To put together an entire cast they have to rely on other instruments than just an interview, which is why I think they deliberately put together this cast for Frankie.


Maybe they do have all the necessary tests and people still make the decisions and moves they’ll make in the game regardless. Every season of Big Brother or Survivor ALWAYS has the strong and the weak, the smart and the stupid, and this has proven to be no exception. It’s just that this season there is a one sided dominance of the game that makes it so boring.

Frankie being Ariana’s brother is for ratings there’s no denying that, but the producers did not tell the girls to turn down Joey’s offer, they did not tell the girls to not think on their own, they did not tell the boys to forgive each other the way they do it’s all their free will, they certainly did not tell Christine to be a snitch. So no matter how many tests they do I’m sure, the pressure cooker that is the Big Brother house will certainly surprise you.


Good lord – no-one is saying they don’t have free will or that anyone can 100% predict what they will do, but they sure can determine LIKELY responses to stress & other situations. I’m sure they put considerable time into the casting process to get what they consider is the “perfect” cast for whatever their agenda is. Given that one has to wonder about the mix on this year’s cast – such a LOT of immature followers.

You can argue all you want about casting being so great at what they do, but the past couple of years proves otherwise. Which was my whole point in saying I’d be interested to know how they do it. Time to move on.


” But they can determine the likely response to stress……” This is Big Brother, not real life, and most that have played the game have said it’s hard and probably not what you’d expect walking in. So stress is to be expected. They have a psychologist so that’s taken care of. But we’re not really talking about stress here we’re talking about the genius or stupidity of the houseguests and the moves they’ve made.
Sometimes you cannot predict what people will do, you just can’t, no matter what tests you do. They audition for Big Brother, a light summer show, not brain surgery. Some seasons are hits, some are misses. This is a miss. Casting did the best it could but it’s still a miss.

You’re right, time to move on. Agree to disagree.


I completely agree with your reasoning, Queen. It’s just impossible on this site when your assessments are “unpopular”.


I know, right.


I have to agree with the Dumb response. Queenie your assessment may be correct in theory but these group is truly ignorant. Nicole’s vocabulary and general basic knowledge was embarrassing. Same with Vic. Cody asked what a “detonator’ was when they picked their alliance name!!! Come on. We’re talking basics here. Like grammar school level.

My favorite though was when Hayden was with Nicole and said something like we’re Hansel and Gretel. Nicole got frustrated and said, in her whiny voice “Hayden I don’t even know these people”. LOL Dumb.


As much as I dislike Skanktine…she’s teamed up with Donny… So I would love it if they win the botb. I want Donny safe for the week. Cherry on top of my sundae would be Donny winning the veto. Love nothing better than for BMC and Vagody to scramble and campaign to stay. It doesn’t matter which one leaves. Hayden gets back in the game…teams up with Donny and ZachAttack and decimate king derrick and Freakie.

Brad Pitt

Fyck Nicole.


Best comment I read here today. It probably went right over 99% of people’s heads though!!!!


Yes I would. She is one sexy little blond bombshell!!

Fred and Ethel

Serious question: Is Donny your favorite because of his game play, or because of his kind spirit? Just wondering


I’ve like Donny’s personality since I saw his pre-game interviews.

I’ve also liked him in the house because A) he’s worked his butt of to stay in there; B) I can’t imagine feeling so alone and isolated 99% of the time since day one; and C) because he’s been kind to everyone even though they’ve not been so kind to him.


Donny’s game play never got off the ground because these children are too stupid to listen. In the beginning he would try to talk game but then the children wanted to play with the fratbrats. Then every time someone even spoke to Donny for more than 10 minutes they became targets. When you listen to how he was talking with KnowNothingNic at the end he just walked her through it but even now she still doesn’t see what’s going on. Zach was the same way but its hard to see what Zach believes. Imagine how great this season would have been if we had another 2 mature individuals who didn’t give a crap about voting with the house i.e. fratbrats.

Lucy and Ricky Say


Donny’s Visor

honestly i don’t think donny is playing a good game. I like him as a person but I don’t think he deserves to win at this point. I hope he proves me wrong and makes a big move but as of now, he hasn’t. I really don’t see what the Donny hype is. For instance, Derrick is playing an amazing game so why are people hating on him? He’s definitely playing a better game than Donny. I mean I like the guy but he’s not winner material


How can he make a big move when he’s constantly on the block.


try winning HoH comps. face it–this game is geared towards the younger crowd.



Donny tried to play the game, but was shutdown by others. As someone pointed out earlier, Derrick targeted him early on as a threat and made it an issue if anyone was talking to him for any length of time, game or not. He tried to get people to see what was going on in the house many times. He basically hit Nicole over the head with it at the end and she still didn’t see it! S, the game Donny has played has been more defensive because he had no choice. He had to win BOBs and POVs to stay in the game. He has been a target since week 1 and he is still on the house mostly because he won those comps to save himself. I really would have loved to see his game had he had people who were willing to team up with him and take on the two headed snake in the house (Derrick/Frankie)

He is a very nice, genuine guy. He is nice to other houseguests and shows real concern. I’m sure like all people on the house he is concerned with what America thinks of him, but the fact is, Donny is who he shows to us and the houseguests. He isn’t acting or mugging for the cameras and putting on a show. He’s had a really hard time socially in the house. He is isolated by the other houseguests and really on his own.


Donny has been a tough one for me because I do like what I see, especially when I compare him to the alternatives. He is smart. I think he has good potential to be a great player…….that is…if he had played the game with players from earlier seasons. Back then people chose up sides, created alliances and weaved their way past different obstacles to the end. They all, for the most part, had some brains. They also had a level of trust with one another. As seasons go by though it seems like u have to play super dirty to get anywhere. It is taken to the next level by blatantly lying about the other persons game, intentions, personal stuff…hard to describe…just really really dirty. I dont think Donnie is prepared to stoop to that level and maybe years ago he wouldnt have had to. Good for him though….I couldnt do it either. Too smart for this game. If there werent so many really dumb players in this game, other players would be fighting to have him on their side!


So, DePrick condescends to speak to Donny. Only because it is necessary for the TA task. Bas*ard.
Frankie and Christine are talking about how beautiful Skankie’s family are. Hmmmm, wonder who is doing most of the talking.
If they hide Christine’s glasses, they best beware. She won’t know who she is cuddling, massaging or rubbing. After all, they are all the same — nothing between the ears and nothing between the legs.
Victoria is doing origami? Maybe she can do an origami crow and it will carry her out of the BB house.
Donny FTW


Now that’s good , Taylor!


I really don’t think Victoria is going to go up on the block if Derrick stays HOH. Don’t be surprised if Zach doesn’t get backdoor. He made people mad last night.
I think Derrick made a mistake last night promising Caleb he wouldn’t go up, and oops, look whose up with Cody. If Caleb stays and win HOH, {it’ supposed to be the beginning of the single HOH} I won’t be surprised if he doesn’t put Derrick up. Caleb’s mentality is not high, but he prides himself on his word.
Zach has a big mouth, why doesn’t he tell Caleb the truth about Derrick, Cody, Frankie, and Christine, this could really turn the game upside down.
If this is anything like last year, this will be endurance, whoever is the last one from the jury house will get back into the game, and last person standing is HOH.


Derrick and Frankie have undermined Zach’s credibility so no one believes him and the funny thing is that Zach isn’t lying. You keep telling everyone Zach is a liar, or that’s just Zach stirring up trouble and he’s just ignored and not valued.

Caleb should be mad, but he really isn’t able to think for himself.


Yep I think Derrick thinks Victoria looks like 500k for him & he’s probably right. He will win with her in the F2 with him (if they make it). Not sure how long he will be able to carry her. Either way it’s a jury vote but I think he’d rather take her to F2. Of course, I’m not sure that Cody wouldn’t be an easy F2 too. He wouldn’t have much to say he’s done to earn the 500k


The girls hates Donny’s guts hahaha. Ask them why! **Crickets**

Stupid girls


I think those girls are jealous because they are stupidly obssessed with frankie’s sister and plus since they know everyone likes Donny, so they make crap out to convince people to vote for frankie later on when the america’s favorite appears… Indeed they are ignorants… They only watch the show just because Ariana Grande’s brother is on it. -_-


God i can’t wait until the BOB ends next week, and force them to play the real game.

Team America...

I am so over the Team America tasks’, double HOH’s and the BOB… Production must have really knew this season was going to suck this bad, to have added these “major twist”… They should have ended already and let the games really begin… Just Saying…

The Truth

This is the first task that I have actually liked. I wish the other task were as lighthearted as this one. This is what is missing from BB U.S. . I really enjoyed all the task on BB1 and 2 Canada especially the ones with Andrew, Arie and Adel.


Just ranting
Yes Derrick is playing a great game, I agree. They should hand him the money now. It is so easy when playing with a bunch of Dumbo’s and ditzes.I would love to see how he would do with
some real gamers. What i don’t like is his
arrogance and talking to the cameras . and its
getting worse. I just wish something would
happen to bring him down a couple of pegs. I also
don’t like his condescending attitude towards
Victoria even if I don’t care for her.
As for the prancing peacock, truly pat
hetic attention monger and if you read back on the
updates, he told someone in the house, can’t remember who, that he was giving to charity 10%
of what he makes with the TA tasks. Not that it
matters really as it was just a ploy and falling for
his crap just shows they are truly Dumbo’s

Thanks feel better now

Big Sister

Actually he said he is using his STIPEND money for the “schools in Africa” project. What a liar he is!


Which will get used up by him flying back & forth to Africa first class just for photo ops.


He told Derrick he would use the TA money and not the stipend. The amount keeps going down and down.


This is why no one should have picked a single person, without knowing their character, before putting them as “Team America”. All it did was inflate their already filled egos. They actually think, by getting picked, that they are America’s sweethearts…. UGH! Which is why, I believe, Derrick talks to thee camera….


100% agree. I cringe when Derrick talks to the camera. I’m just like, “no one cares what you think, pig. I’m trying to watch the game.”

this pisses me off

how m uch do you want to freaking bet that this ends up getting blamed on Zach ATTACK. I am so sick of team America and this BS alliance that forced them to work together to an extent, and has been a total exploitation of Zach’s game and ONLY Zach’s game. oh right and amber got screwed but really they were putting her up anyway and just justified it as such afterwards


zach has tried to talk to BMC

he is totally clueless, and all he really cares about is hanging out with Frankie and Justin Bieber. I bet if you told cody “hey cody, my sister can get you a 1 on 1 with zac efron”, that he would do anything Frankie said after bending to efron’s will

Wtf is going on?

Why don’t one of these guys tell frankie they don’t want him humping them like some horny spider monkey? I’ve seen him do it to almost every guy and he gets away with it. He’s the exact type of gay guy that makes me feel homophobic sometimes because im afraid if someone did that to me a beating would ensue. He’s disgusting


I feel like they encourage it. I know one example was last night when Frankie crawled on top of Zach and was like grabbing him and Zach said something like “I want to push you off but I don’t want to though” and then he liked grabbed Frankie. Idk my point is that there must be some reciprocation on the other end.

Pink Skunk

lmao @ a visual of a humping spider monkey with a pink fluff


Wishing that the casting staff would start getting a better mix of age groups. Last season & this season are the first time since the beginning that I remember losing so much interest. I never used to miss any shows and I stayed up to date on reading the feeds until the last 2 seasons. I loved BBAD when they started it & can just remember being really tired every summer for a long time watching that & reading feeds. If I ever did miss a show I used to not be able to wait to get home from work the next day to watch it online. But not anymore, I’m actually several shows behind and haven’t bothered to go back & watch them. I haven’t seen 1 episode of BBAD (especially since it went to TVGN). I try to keep up by reading SImon & Dawg and no offense to the guys, but I am not finding much going on to keep spending my time doing it. Bummer…this used to be my favorite summer obsession. I never used to understand all the posters that would say they were done watching this or would complain about the cast. But I’m starting to take notice of my own disinterest & wondering why. I keep reading because I guess I’m hoping for it to get better but I’m wondering if it’s the age group (or more so the immaturity) of the house guests that’s causing my indifference. Everyone that knows me knows I’m a freak about BB so they are shocked that I’m hardly watching the shows this year. This is a pretty long tradition for me & it’s hard to think about not watching anymore. Of course I’m older now than I was when the first season started so I’m probably no longer their target demographic & they don’t care about my opinion. 🙂 So there’s probably no hope of this getting better for me or at least hope of getting a better mix of maturity levels in future seasons I suppose??


I couldn’t agree with you more.


Same with me. My phone was always ringing @ 2:00, 3:00 AM EST talking to my out of town sisters & friends about the game. It’s crickets around here this season. Now my HUSBAND loves the change…..but I HATE it!! Loved my summer fling! (-;


I am old. Senior discount old. Never in my life have I seen so many supposedly straight men dry hump each other never mind all the groping and stroking these guys have going on. If that’s metrosexual it is really scary. I’m trying to think of a single guy that grew up in our little suburban subdivision who wouldn’t knock a guy like Frankie out for groping them. These people are very confused.


Back then, the married men just went behind their wives backs and fucked each other.

If you’re senior discount old, then you should know that things are a little different these days, in many ways.

Old School

I remember the good old days when you’d give one of these 3-dollar-bills a good dragging behind your pickup truck, just to teach them a lesson. Now you do that and somehow you’re the bad guy.


What is scary about their behavior, exactly? They aren’t hurting anyone.

Sorry, don’t mean to disrespect my elders, but I found myself agreeing with the majority of your argument until your questionable word choice. Frankie’s behavior is really inappropriate at times, and I think at least Zach is definitely confused (I don’t think Cody is, pretty sure he is/was an escort and is into guys, he’s just lying about it), but again, I don’t see how that’s “scary”


So I’ve decided to try to start the fundraiser for Donny per some comments on here and a couple of other sites.

Two questions for people: 1) Any suggestions for a good name? I’m thinking Team Beard – a fundraiser for Donny Thompson BB16

2) How do I prove that this legitimate and that I’m not going to keep the money? I know I wouldn’t just contribute to something w/out being assured it was actually going to him. I’m starting with a website called giveforward and hoping that’s a good option.


I love the name. I have no idea how you prove legitimacy besides getting a lawyer involved. Does the site have a terms and agreement page that spells this kind of stuff out? If you start a page, count me in!


Looked it up but nothing live yet. Will keep looking for it by searching his name.
It’s a legit charity site and best you can do is give your word all funds raised will go to him!

Good luck!


Sounds cultish. Well done. I’ll take every dime you raise for me and use it on candy bars and lube. That’s my commitment to my fans and minions.


Let’s hope for a Donny BOB win and then Frankie BD’s Derrick. Frankie needs to make a big move as nobody can win the $500k so long as Derrick remains in the house. I don’t want Frankie to win either but he is probably the only one left smart enough to try and take Derrick down. It is the type of move that has been sorely lacking this whole season. It is amazing how shallow these people are. BB is a numbers game and Derrick is the only one who ever evaluates the different scenarios.

Zach seems to be a favorite but he is a terrible BB strategist. He has no idea what he is doing hour to hour. Donny quit five weeks ago and has survived only because of TA. Victoria survives only because Derrick wants her for final two. Christine is intimidated by the power players and is basically a puppet. Caleb is loyal but completely lacks any strategic skills. Cody is paranoid yet has never been stressed at any point in this game.

Production has ruined this season with the BOB. Any twist that literally rewards blatantly throwing a competition is ill-conceived. Throwing HOH competitions in a stealth fashion is fine but this season the two HOH twist has only served to make the backdoor standard operating practice.

Unless Derrick is evicted, this game is over. The sad part is that 75% of these house guests never really played to win. Most of them played to get to jury. Get rid of the stipends. You want to play BB then play to win. $1,000 weekly stipends are a windfall for 22 year olds and is the reason all they play for is jury. A lot of people bitch about the casts every season. How many normal people can take 100 days off from their job? The pool of potential contestants is diminished to young people who are socially shallow and have very little life experience.


You forget for Cody, the stipend is less than he could have made if he stayed home. He was complaining about being sent to jury and just getting his stipend.

I don’t agree with everything, but you made good points about a more varied age groups playing, get rid of stipends and get Derrick out or he is winning the 500k.


Also, with this show being aired three times a week, would it kill CBS to make the prize a mil? THEN, you might get some serious competitors to try to get on.


I may be exaggerating but does it seem like some of the houseguest’s family members are posting comments a lot on this site this year????? LOL Especially Frankie & Cody’s?


I was going to say Donny and Nicole’s family! I couldn’t imagine what anyone would see in those two boring saps.

Zach Attack’s the man! Let’s leave it at that.

(oo) Derrick's Snout Nose!!! (oo)

[Why don’t one of these guys tell frankie they don’t want him humping them like some horny spider monkey?]

Because these effeminate dudes love getting humped! I’m really shocked a “religious bible-thumping Christian as Caleb claims to be would allow this behavior!


They are always the ones.


HA!! Sooooo true!


Allowing it? He even got in a few dry humps himself the other night on BBAD. Zach was sitting in the backyard,along with a group of other HGs, and Caleb walked up behind him and gyrated against his back briefly. Overall, this is the most overly touchy-gropy group I’ve ever seen on BB.


If there is any justice they will hide Victoria’s ratty weave – oh but then what would she snuggle with? Yes – hide that mess and she will probably self-evict and hide in the bathroom stall because she’s not ‘gorgeous’ anymore. GAG!


production we want Donny to win bob can you tell by the poll who always on top it not derrick
it Donny he the reason we watch he a great men do you want that type of player gone
I whould do anything to keep him in the game cause so many people love him in love the way he plays
witth class I think if you let him go this early you will lose more fans it so many people who are not happy cause of the way derrick is treating Donny behind his back derrick don’t have to go home we really want that too but yall got to save Donny bob winner for us we all rooting for Donny please help him cause Christina going to throw it so please help Donny I figure if you going to throw it like cleab did last week he don’t need to be in the game so many people try to get on this show in cleab just going to throw it he try to do it 3 times if you let somebody that does that in the game you should give this show up in cancle cause it not right to the fans that you will throw it im glad Frankie won last week in I hope Donny wins too cause it not right to the fans that watching to just throw the game I hope Donny wins bob to show cleab

(oo) Derrick's Snout Nose!!! (oo)

Derrick just rubs me wrong, he is so slimy and sleazy! I get how you play, wit, lie, cheat what-ever to win a game, but this lazy slouch goes about it wrong. BB 10 winner Dan Gheesling done all the game moves to get to the end, but Derrick is a slug! And, his fascination with that 10 year old Victoria is creepy ass f*ck, a “P”erson “I”n “G”overnment is creepy period!


But then who will tweeze all the hair out of the men’s – oops, boys’ noses?
That is the romantic Victoria who does that o-so-special job like a little Jewish wife.


Derrick saying to Victoria, “all the weak players are gone” is hilarious. Of course he has to pump up his minions. I know a number of people think he is playing a masterful game but I don’t. He’s an undercover cop(or has been undercover at some time in his career), so lying and being convincing is second nature to him. He should be damn good at that so I don’t give him props for that as far gameplay is concerned. Secondly, the majority of the HG are naive 20somethings, with way over-blown egos and who don’t have any idea how to really play BB and see that Derrick is just ripping off Dan Gheesling’s BB formula. He is not in Dan’s league by any stretch of the imagination. Derrick has said that Andy would have gotten smoked if he were in the house. I doubt that. I wasn’t a fan of the personal things Andy would say about others but he had that house on lock. He played the ones(Helen, Amanda)who thought they were by far the smartest and in control like a fiddle, got them out and won. The theme of the BB game the past few years is to play both sides or however many sides there are and use the info to your advantage to get to the money rounds. I don’t agree with it(like most of the fans of this site) but it is what it is. I think Andy was better at this game than Derrick has been thus far. Ian is a much better player than Derrick. Derrick wouldn’t have gotten away with what he is doing now in either of those seasons. Lastly, there is Frankie. He’s not my fav either by a long shot. But he is playing as good a game as Derrick is. Derrick supporters can hate ALL THEY WANT but that is true. Before all the bs from the last week, he had all of them drinking his koolaid just like Derrick does. Plus I think Frankie is actually smarter than Derrick, slicker than Derrick and is going to get Derrick out of the house. It’s come to that people, for myself. I look at Derrick and the way he is playing Victoria( and he’s talked a lot of shit about her!) and I don’t see anything masterful about that. He’s just manipulating and toying with her emotions. What is she, 21? That’s sleazy. Just my two cents……


Heck with producting rigging it for Frankie it is easy to play a good game; heck if production rigged it for Victoria she would even look like a freaking genius. Get a grip on what is really going on this year, and production is rigging and the viewers are the losers.


Sorry, for the typo it is suppose to be Production. Just so sick of this season.


Frankie is a smoke screen. Production isn’t that obvious in their manipulations. They know people loyal to the show would be furious if Frankie won…so of course they are helping him get far, they want to drum up drama, but they don’t want him to win.

No, they put a bunch of kids in a house with a former undercover cop, who built his career off lying to and deceiving 20-something college kids. Then they threw him additional protection in the form of Team America, which I dont’ believe for a minute America voted him on to. Of course, Ariana fans would vote Frankie onto Team America too, again distracting the audience from production’s true agenda.

Derrick will win, because that’s what production has really wanted since day 1. They want a Dan 2.0, and people are dumb enough to believe he’s in the same ball park.


I hope Nicole doesn’t get back in the house. She really is a fruitloop dingus. Watched her interview with Jeff after her eviction and she STILL doesn’t get that she needs to team up with Donny plus she thinks Derrick is wonderful. She seems a bit dim. Hayden better bring it!


I absolutely despise Derrick. I understand and agree that he’s playing the best game, and to do so he needs to lie, but he is also lying to the viewers and manipulating us as well. He is so fake when he goes to the diary room to cast his vote.


I think that’s the part that irritates me the most about Derrick. The fact that he thinks the viewing audience is as gullible as the current HGs he’s rolling over. Even that weasel Andy would admit in his DR sessions that he was gaming the house. Derrick never does.


I am so glad someone shares my same frustration. Derrick is manipulating America to get “America’s Favorite”. Every time he says during live eviction “Team America” it irritates me because we know he’s not loyal to the team, but to Cody. He’s one person to the live viewers and a different person to the show viewers.


The “Team America” BS is a pathetic joke. What an absolutely pointless waste. Stupid idea.


The “Team America” BS is a pathetic joke. What an absolutely pointless waste. Stupid idea.

And hopefully its Nicole or Haden that comes back into the house. Those are the ONLY potential house guests who would make any sort of possible worthwhile moves. The others would accomplish nothing and/or just go back into the house to sit there and stare at the wall.


Someone please tell me when Big Brother is going to start, because this crap they are handing us this year, is not Big Brother… The whole Diplomatic strategy of pulling skittle colors to choose who was going on the block completely did it for me… WTF was that about? Do these people realize they are in a game? A game that could potentially win them 500 G’s? They are not here to make friends, they are here to make money and at this point in the game, it should be one for one, not one for all. Oh and PLEASE remind Frankie, that this isn’t the “Live Aid” reunion show and no one is here for Charity… They are there because they NEED the money. WTF!!!! And since we are on the subject of “reality rip off”, someone please give directions to Cody as to where Honey Boo Boo is filmed, because I’m certain he picked the wrong “Reality” show to be on…


I bet you Frankie would’ve tried that humping with Devin .


Okay, I have something to get off my chest to you all. First, I love the way this site is set up cuz it’s awesome! Second, we all can vent about all the houseguests from how much we love them, hate them, or wish death on them. Now there are some folks that may say things that can be gross or disgusting, but hey, we all have the God given right to say what the hell we want!! I found my friend on here and we’re both Brooklynites (he’s from Bed Stuy and I’m from Bay Ridge). He’s gotten razzed on because he said something about Cody need to change his tampon! People please, everyone say something negative and way worse about anybody from the BB house on here! Some of you just want the pretty boys or girls to win because of their looks. I would love for Donny to win because he’s like myself, my friend, and other people I know…real people that work hard and show respect for others. People like Christine, Cody, Caleb, Derrick, Amber, and especially Frankie do not deserve nothing because of the way they’re acting. So if anyone has any comments to anyone on this site for speaking their mind and show contempt for them…maybe you need to pull that stick out of your asses and maybe you’ll be happier people! Go Donny!! WOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!

Frankie's Burning Loins

fist pumps……agree

(oo) Derrick's Snout Nose!!! (oo)

Accurate…and well spoken! Donny FTW! We all know how Donny would invest the $500,000 winnings!


Thank you kindly!


If you were to say something racist on this site you would get razed. Why should it be different for misogynist comments that imply women are dumb, stupid, woosy, wimpy, worthless etc.It’s these kinds of things that perpetuate the idea that women are lesser humans than men. Sorry you won’t get a break from me if you post these kinds of comments – you should be called out for it or you’ll never learn.


As a full bodied, all 100 percent Italian American from Brooklyn, NY, I have no problem saying what the hell I want to say. I am not prejudiced in any shape or form, in fact, I love all races and my fiance is a black man who is also well bodied, well spoken, and speaks his mind too. I do not like people that act all “hoidy toidy” and try to shame anyone that do not share their opinions. So my friend said Cody should change his tampon…so the f#%k what? He has the right to say what the hell he wants because on this site, we all say what we want, but don’t get up on your soapbox and try to shame anyone. Now if you want to challenge me, come to Brooklyn, NY and step up to me otherwise, pull the stick out of your ass, keep to yourself, and get to stepping! Like GinaMarie Zimmerman says, “I do not start shit, I finish shit!”


I wish someone would break those prop glasses (no lenses in them BTW) while they are still on Derrick’s face. Does he think he is deep undercover and they are part of his ‘disguise’ or does he just think they make him look smart? Makes me want to gag when people sport fake glasses but on his ugly face … just make him look like a dick.

(oo) Derrick's Snout Nose!!! (oo)

Derrick needs those glasses to look at his sweet lil’ girl (Victoria’s) pock marks on her face! Ugh!!

I hope

Frankie doesn’t make Final 2 or 3 or whatever starts the vote. because Frankie will win due to the idiots on jury who think that will earn them a life of hanging out with the rich and famous.


I hope if they follow through on this Derrick has to wear a pig costume for the rest of the season as losing HOH


I hate the TA part of BB this year. It is stupid to give 3 people $5000 each to perform these idiotic tasks. The only good thing (for all the Donny fans out there) is that Donny would have been gone after he refused to perform the task a few weeks ago, and stated (rightfully so) that he didn’t come all this way to get sent home because of the tasks. Although I like Donny and think he is a genuinely good guy, and a sweetheart, he has an extremely nasty side as well as all the others in the house. He is extremely crabby and whenever he has been approached in the past by other people to talk game has constantly answered a question with a question. How do you get close to people like that? Call it being guarded or whatever you want, but people cannot warm up to people who won’t open up a bit. I saw on several occasions the nasty side of Donny as well, so maybe before nominating him for sainthood, go back on the feeds and watch him closely and see for yourself. Should he be Americas favorite? In my opinion he should. But to say he is flawless unlike the other people, I say NO HE IS NOT!!!


I can only imagine what would be said by me if I were monitored nearly 24 hours a day for months. None of the HGs are saints and I wouldn’t want any such people (self-proclaimed or otherwise annointed) on BB. I think what draws people to Donny is that he is an under dog.

Now, part of his problem is self-inflicted as he has found it hard to adjust to the younger house dynamics. I think its too late in the game for him to do much about it, except make defensive moves for as long as he can. But I do think he was always viewed as an outsider, and despite his best efforts (if he actually put forth one) he still would’ve been viewed as unworthy. He’s either a target every week to deflect from the Bomb Squad/Detonators cannibalizing themselves or he’s just a vote for whomever they’ve set their sites on eliminating.

Aspiring Minds Want To Know

Basically a lot of lies are happening right now Julie.


Forgot to add the person who had that genius insight when questioned on Thursday but I’m sure everyone knows …..


I think Derrick and Frankie are just too cocky.. when they get a Team America Mission, they tell each other first then they tell Donny last. -__- they think America likes them more, well Donny was chosen first. It’s not fair and plus this twist sucks, they are not even in a true alliance, it’s just an alliance where they earn money completing missions… -_- this twist is a fail…