Big Brother Spoilers – Zach “I’m going home this week Donny”

POV Holder: Frankie Next POV Aug 16th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 18th
HOH Winner 1: FRANKIE HOH Winner 2: Derrick
Battle of the Block Winner Donny & Christine Next HOH Aug 21st
Original Nominations: Derrick’s Noms (Donny & Christine) Frankie’s Noms (Caleb & Cody)
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots Christine & Victoria
POV Players Cody, Caleb, Frankie, Victoria, Donny, Christine

BB16-2014-08-17 19-13-37-118
7:11pm Pool table Caleb and Zach
Caleb says it looks too perfect to not be Zach. all the evidence points to Zach being the saboteur this season. . Zach says he’s not the saboteur. Caleb says until they find out otherwise he is and if they come out and discover Zach wasn’t the Saboteur “My Bad”
Caleb – You have the personality of a saboteur you don’t give a crap
Zach -fine.. what do I have to do to complete the mission
Caleb Explains that the saboteur gets a mission each week and if they complete it they get money if they don’t complete it they get nothing.
Zach – Don’t vote me out cause I didn’t f*** do anything

After the pool game Zach moves to the kitchen where everyone is assembled. Frankei tries to give him a kiss but Zach pulls away. (See image)
Zach tells them all of them can think it’s him wasting the time following him around. While they do that the real person (Victoria) is laughing and getting away with it.
Zach – It’s you Victoria
Victoria- you are ridiculous this is absurd
Frankie – I think they all need to be watched.
Zach goes to the Diary room

BB16-2014-08-17 19-17-28-443
7:16pm living room Caleb, Frankie, Christine and Derrick
Frankie – I don’t think I have to sit him down.. (The sit down where they were all going to tell Zach he’s being nominated)
Frankie and Christine agree.
Frankie – I can’t believe he took my glitter that’s smart..

BB16-2014-08-17 19-29-01-770

7:29pm Rockroom Harassing Zach continues..
Frankie calling Zach the Saboteur lists off all the Team America tasks that Zach had done for them. Zach is concerned people are going to start targeting him now because they think he’s the saboteur
(going back and forth you are the saboteur, no i’m not etc et.v. )

BB16-2014-08-17 19-38-28-264
7:37pm Caleb and Cody continue to interrogate Zach..
Caleb says for someone that is going home you are sure happy.
Zach – I’m not going home..
Zach says he was in the Diary room and told them he’s getting blamed to be a saboteur and people are going to want him evicted.
Zach – I’m the saboteur.. Ok everyone it’s me”
7:44pm Zach and Frankie in the HAve nots Room. Zach is swearing he’s not the saboteur. “It makes sense it’s me I agree”
Derrick comes in. Frankie says the nominations with the skittles was Zach’s idea and that is a saboteur mission.
Zach – I wish it was me man.. Caleb really thinks it was me dude
Frankie – I know everyone in the house does rose

BB16-2014-08-17 19-56-51-429

7:54pm Chase Zach down he’s hiding in the toilet

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BB16-2014-08-17 20-14-38-001

8:02pm Kitchen
Frankie saying that Zach is the saboteur. Starts listing things Zach did. Brings up the skittle nominations as Zach’s Idea and a total Saboteur thing to do.
8:06pm Cody and Caleb find everything. Still blaming Zach. Zach confronts Frankie tells him it’s not him. Frankie yells says Zach’s been saying all season he’s been doing crazy sh1t for fun, “No ONe is going to believe you ZACH”

BB16-2014-08-17 20-29-02-623
8:19pm Backyard BBQ Frankie, Cody and Christine
Cody – do you think it’s been him the entire time
Frankie – yes.. what do you mean..
Frankie says Zach isn’t going home because he’s the saboteur he’s going home for other things he’s done, All this happening makes it easier “it makes my soul feel better.. all the reason why we’re voting him out they could be saboteur missions”
Frankie’s speech tomorrow will go something like – I’m not sure what they’re calling you, but you sure have sabotaged my game.
Frankie claims this season I awesome.

8:21pm Kitchen Derrick, Zach, Donny and Victoria
Victoria having just come out of the Diary room says everyone is laughing at them. Zach says it’s not him. Derrick doesn’t think they will find out until after the show
Zach – Why so quiet Victoria.. pissed off that they found the sh1t

8:40pm Family Dinner
Frankie and Christine points out Zach has some glitter on his eyebrow. Zach says it wasn’t him. Frankie laughs says it’s obvious Zach was near his glitter.
Zach – It was on this sweater

BB16-2014-08-17 20-51-02-635

8:45pm Storage room Zach and Frankie
Zach – Dude I swear to god it isn’t me
Frankie – then it’s Victoria
Zach – swear to god it’s not me .. You’re still putting her up right
Frankie – ya
Zach wants him to swear Frankie wont

BB16-2014-08-17 20-53-32-968
8:56pm Pool Table
Zach – I’m going home this week Donny
Donny – ya think so?
Zach – I really think so
Donny – do you think they are plotting against us
Zach – for sure.. I just have this feeling if i’m up next to Cody i’m going home.. for sure
Zach – Donny i’m going home this week
Donny – Don’t think like that..
Zach – I know I don’t want to.. he would be stupid to send Victoria home
Donny – she will be like Gina Marie and make it to the finals
Zach – oh my god
Donny – do you think there’s a crack in their group.. I mean they can’t all win
Zach – Christine will be the first one to go.
Zach says Donny was supposed to go him this week and if that didn’t work it was Victoria but for some reason that is not the plan anymore.

“The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie

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It’s going to be funny when Frankie leaves the house next week

it is hard

see, Zack hasn’t been put on the block yet , has already telling Donny that the plan was get Donny out. For the boys side, he is the weak link and need to go. but For Donny, he can use it . and he is using it.


He’s telling Donny because he’s not stupid. He already knows he’s going up. If he is out up and evicted, then I hope he wins his way back in and becomes HOH and teams up with Donny.

Caren in Canada

But on a very small positive note, correct me if I am wrong but they just started this mission today sooooo they fail another cause they did not succeed the neighborhood watch for the 24 hours! Looks like Derricks daughter goes hungry a little longer than expected! Gotta love that Karma thing! lmaoooooooooooooooo


Only for a few more weeks. When he brings home the 500k Derrick’s family will be taken care of!!!!


But he hasn’t told Donny anything Donny doesn’t already know. I don’t understand why he’s the weak link when it was Zach that initiated getting Nicole out, and regardless of his tactics, he has remained loyal to the group with his votes, and even more loyal to Frankie telling him everything that has been going on. So I don’t see how he’s a week link to anyone. He was never high on the list of Derrick’s and Cody’s list of taking him to final three, he was only Frankie’s alliance member for final two. They are going to regret getting Zach out, because with someone coming back and that person being safe for the week, and may even win HOH and Donny will probably win something next week HOH or POV to keep himself safe, who are they going to vote out Victoria, I don’t see that happening either. I think after Thursday it’s going to be a real game changer, and Frankie is going to wish he kept him


Not only zach initiated on nicole’s eviction, he also started their alliances, but let’s wait on Thursday, things will go on wild.

Moe dramatics V2

Even if Zach goes up it still doesn’t mean he will go home. Let’s hope Zach can flip the house and send Cody the “crybaby groper” (or is it Cody the “crying baby groper”?).
Either way send him out the door then bring Hayden back in. Then next week Frankie/Derrick/Christine (hopefully her. That way the Gonzo, Rizzo shomance can continue).
Plus seeing the house flip like that would cause a whole lotta drama and we can all use Mo drama in our bb lives.
Team drama FTMFW!!!

Bum Squad

I’m ready for the down votes… this isn’t what anyone wants to hear, but tell me how I’m wrong…

Zach can’t flip the house. No way Christine votes out Cody, Caleb’s whole game is loyalty (and it will eventually get him evicted). Derrick has a final two deal with Cody and voting him out loses him a vote in jury.

HoH almost has to be an endurance comp, which Donny and Victoria will not win. That means the Bums will control the house again. Best case scenario is Zach comes back in the house and puts up two Bum Squaders. They still have three voters. For the sake of argument, lets say one gets voted out. The following week Donny would have to win HoH and even they the Bums have two votes even if two are still up at the end of the week. What if Donny does win HoH and manages to get someone that matters out? You still have a final six with four Bum Squaders (go ahead and count Victoria as one, because she always votes with them).

If Zach comes back, Derrick likely won’t be the target, which is the only chance of the house flipping at all. Without their leader, the clueless voters (Victoria and Cody) would be scrambling and willing to float to power. So, that means:

IF Zach gets back in the house and
IF Zach wins HoH and
IF he nominates and evicts Derrick…

You still have the house divided with Zach and Donny on one side and Frankie, Cody, Caleb, Christine and Victoria on the other.

If Derrick AND Frankie are still in the house after next week, the game is over. There are no more moves to make to fracture that alliance. Even if one of them goes, Caleb and Victoria don’t know enough about the game to realize that they need to flip. Donny and Zach have to stay loyal to each other and win one comp a week, as it stands right now.


If Im zach & when they tell me im going up I blow everything up no one gets spared tonight.


you’re right CMW


I think it’s sad for production to allow Zach even though he was going on the block anyway to allow him to be voted out based on TA lie. I almost wish just to aggravate Derrick and Frankie even more that Zach is the one to come back and not Hayden this Thursday.


He’s not being voted out because of TA. He’s being voted out because Frankie wants to backdoor him & his alliance is going along with it. That’s it. It has nothing to do with TA,.


I don’t know who’s more delusional Caleb or Christine


Hopefully Zach comes back in the house after being evicted & wins Hoh.


Fuck off Frankie. I hate you Frankie. Ugh I hate this f***ing, rat weasel piece of sh*t.


lol…relax pal. he is annoying but calm your tits.


Well said!

And after watching broadcasts and DR sessions I’ve really come to not just hate Frankie (and all his boring tired last decades gay act as well as him being a mean old bitch), but also Christine for her stupidity (please get her out before Donny) and Derrick (for his arrogance)


I don’t mean to sound violent but I want to punch everybody except Zach and Donny square in the jaw starting wiry Frankie. Actually Frankie I also want to maybe break his arm or something


This isnt even funny anymore. Frankie is the biggest asshole. I know how it feels to be wrongfully accused and it doesnt feel good. Frankie is relentless at blaming him and its just disgusting. He is not playing for Africa. He is playing for himself.


I don’t want Zach to go!!!!! 🙁


Frankie is a fruit loop dingus! He will get his comeuppance….
#ZachAttack #FeartheBeard


LOL Brittany Martinez is that you?


ugh no Brittany would be my actual name


If im zach as soon as they tell me im going up i would act like the sabatour and destroy everyone and make them wany to self evict i would not let them sleep i would tell everyone everything


If Zach did that he would not be allowed to get back in but what I would do is pull Donny and Victoria to the side and tell them everything. Ya see when you’re quiet that’s when they really get scared of you, that’s why they are scared of Donny because he looks, listen and keeps his mouth shut and they have NO idea what he’s thinkin. That’s what you call “Old School”


If I was Zach, I would make sure Caleb knew the Cody wanted to send him home because he was flirting with Amber and scared of Caleb!


As much as I would love for this to happen he can’t say much. They have made it (derrick, Frankie) virtually impossible for anyone to believe anything Zach has to say anymore. He can try to blow them up but the only person who will listen would be Donny (and donny already had a read on the house weeks ago) and possibly Caleb.


Team America sabotaged Zach’s game by Frankie accusing him as a Saboteur and everyone else jumping on the ship but that was not what the mission was suppose to be. I just cannot believe that production is letting this happen and now Zach is going on the block and Frankie is going to use this mission as his reasons. Unreal. #SaveZach


uhh dude, GET OVER IT! its a game! it is a BRILLIANT play by Derrick & Frankie to use their TA mission to their benefit. It’s part of the game!! AMERICA voted for who would be on TA and that’s that! Many weeks they SMARTLY used Zach to achieve their TA mission AND IT WORKED! its great game play.

Why are you complaining about “how could production let this happen?” what do you expect? do you want BB to disqualify Derrick & Frankie FOR PLAYING A GOOD GAME?!


TA/production did not sabotage Zach’s game. Zach’s big mouth & alliance with scumbags sabotaged his game.

Frankie Bl*ws

What soul Tinkerbell ?!?!
You don’t have one…

I'm not the only one right

Please tell me I’m not alone when i say i want to see zach get eliminated then walk back into the house by winning the competition to get back in….would be incredibly entertaining imho


two people are coming back so I hope its Zach and Hayden

Chicken George

As long as he gets back in and makes a difference in this game before its to late. They need to mix up the cast in age and look in the future. How boring this is becomin. Its hard to expect the unexpected when its been nothing but predictable. There used to be seasons that were fun. That got sucked out years ago I guess. Time to reboot the casting crew for CBS.


Yes, I’ve heard 2 people are coming back too!


Only one person is coming back in. It’s been announced already by Julie Chen

Zach Attack

“It makes my soul feel better”
What a piece of shit

Im back

I feel bad for Zach. He’s the perfect fit for TA tasks yet it seems wrong to me. I still think Derrick is a master at this game but I really really hope if Zach gets nominated that he comes back and he or Donny win HOH. I love BB and that’s why I love a house shakeup!! I would have preferred Vic go, Hayden return and then it would have really gone crazy in the house.


Think about all the stuff Zach has done outside of the TA stuff – that’s what’s got him to this place (plus trusting the wrong people), not the tame TA tasks.


I’m guessing that CBS didn’t realize that they were sending out the one person that people still like in the house when they did this Team America mission. Out of all the things that Zach has done to ruin his own game, it kind of sucks that he will actually be evicted for something that he didn’t do. Haha. What are the chances of that? I just hope he blows up everything on his way out!

Roisen Dubh

Zach has been blowing up their games since the third week. These dummies are too dumb to process anything that would’ve helped their game. I mean cmon man, this is the first season where these people not only lie to each other, but to themselves. These are the biggest bunch of hypocrites I’ve ever seen in one setting on TV. This season is a Twilight Zone episode.


Does everyone forget that the plan was to evict Frankie this week regardless. This task is not what is getting him evicted. It’s his perceived lack of loyalty & the fact that they distrust him because he tells people stuff – remember when he spilled everything about all the alliances to Victoria & Nicole – that wasn’t a TA task.


So sad Zach has been used all season by TA and the reason they are getting paid for these completed missions. Karma would be Zach coming back into the game and taking the 2 rotten Derrick and Frankie out.


Zach should get some of that TA completed missions money! They owe him big time!


Hey I love Zach, but these TA tasks are not in any way affecting the outcome – Zach has done this to himself.


I really hope Nicole comes back!


When Zach said “Donny, I know i’m going home this week.” I actually started tearing up. I love this kid. And strangely enough, I would trust him with my life so much more than I would cop Derrick.


thats so pathetic that you would say that. Zach has made a million mistakes this game and has been dragged along by Derrick, Frankie & the alliance. He hasnt done ANYTHING admirable in terms of game play and while he might be a great person outside the house & a funny one inside, he doesn’t deserve to win.

CANNOT WAIT for him to go home this week & hopefully Nicole will come back.

I would LOVE to see Nicole, Derrick, Cody & Victoria work together!!

DerrickNeedsToGo - NOW!

NO! It has to be Nicole, DONNIE, Victoria, and Cody. Or even Beast Mode instead of Cody…ANYONE but DERRICK!!!!!


I’d NEVER trust a cop like Derrick… always putting people down and belittling them. Not to mention all he does just so HE can always move ahead at whatever cost…


Honestly, it’s like Zack can be straight up nuts but he seems like he’s got a heart of gold when he cares about people.


And I hope TA failed this mission because they found the stuff and there was no 24 hour patrol. Sorry that takes money out of Donny’s pocket but Frankie and Derrick don’t deserve another dime.


YEE HAW! I was thinking the same thing. I don’t get the feeds and BBAD isn’t on in L.A. yet, but it sounds like Frankie screwed this up by being over the top in laying the blame on Zach,


I know it’s a game but the things Frankie and Derrick are doing are horrible. Was that really what BB wanted them to do with that task. Cause hysteria and near rioting all the houseguests against one person. That just seems so extreme and not good television to me. It’s sad watching one person fighting for his right to stay in the game because 2 people ( mostly Frankie) fabricated several stories and mass hysteria ensued. This went completely too far. When Cody was yelling ” tie him up, tie him up” I’m sure Zach felt like a criminal. Was that the premise of the task. Good going Big Brother. It wasn’t funny at all.


Welll Frankie just confirmed it…. He has NO Soul.
I may not find Zach as entertaining as other people do and I really try to keep personal feelings out of my posts and jsut think game moves…. but god as a gay man Frankie repulses me. He is like every annoying tweaker, 30 year old trying to act like he is still a twink, crap talking… GRANDEr than he actually is Queen I know.
Everything about him is fake and if you scrape off the glitter there is something really dark in there that you do not want to be alone with in a dark alley. I’ve seen some horrible Big Brother moves in my day of watching this…. but this is actually worst than Brendan and Jeff bullying the newbies, Evil Dick and Russell. This was just pure wretched. It offends me as a gay man because for the most part we are extremely decent people taht would never do that to someone we called friend. There are those in the gay community that are exactly like how Frankie is behaving in that house so my guess is that is the REAL Frankie Grande a cheap wanta be that will do anything to have people notice him. He repulses me and I hope his eviction is a blindside and he is totally humiliated…. I want him on the block with Victoria thinking he has the votes to stay and then Boom eviction.
So Pardon my little rant. Trust me is extremely rare maybe once or twice a Season.

I would also like to start a Live Feeder campaign to vote DONNY for Americas Favorite… I feel we have to do that because Frankie is not going to be Americas Favorite it will be his Little Sister getting her Tween army to vote…I have NO faith any money he gets is going to schools in Africa… hell we need schools in America like the ones that are created to give gay youth a safe place to go to School so that they don’t drop out or worse hurt themselves.. or the inner cities like the one in Michigan that is closing that helps Young single mothers finnish school or better schools in areas like the Appalachia. DONNY FOR AMERICAS FAVORITE.

Caren in Canada

IMO That was an amazing rant! Wish I could like it a million times, and about the schools could not agree with you more, in high school my bff Doug was cornered in the boys washroom and hassled daily for being gay, and he ended up dropping out and getting home schooled out of fear! To this day he says he was robbed of his youthful experiences because of it! So I commend you on bringing awareness to it, it is something that needs to be addressed or it will continue to get worse! We are none of us perfect but we do however have the right to live our lives as we choose PEACEFULLY!


We get it…you’re gay and as a straight guy, we really don’t care if you’re gay, No need to keep mentioning it 30 x in your comment…damn.


Well said, EricCA; and as a fellow gay man, I’d love to hug you for expressing how Fakie make good, decent, and hard working gay men like ourselves look bad! Karma will bite him on his fake, glittery ass!


Couldn’t agree with you more. That WAS a good rant! It’s hard for me seeing a gay man bullying someone, especially an innocent man (Zach), and someone who has been so loyal to Frankie. Would think as a gay man Frankie might have experienced bullying sometime in his life and it wouldn’t have considered bringing Zach down this way. Most likely it has to do with jealousy, but I think he has taken his gameplay too far this time and used America’s Team to do it, which really upsets me. I agree it isn’t funny at all.


Now is Frankie looking and acting like a person sending money to Africa?! More like for an adult movie little horny weasel.


It’s so sad to watch Caleb blame Zach for the team America mission. So now he’s the saboteur, If that’s the excuse they want to use to vote Zach out then Frankie should 100% go home next week. Frankie already has money, his sister is releasing an album and as he says shes on the level of Beyoncé!! I’d prefer anyone to win over Frankie! He is supposedly so famous and great outside the house and rubs elbows with the biggest celebs he should be just fine leaving the bb house. Idk why these HGs don’t see it for what it is! Get Frankie out! Love my Donny and Zach !


Ruined zachs game

Poooooor Zach!

Ah, Zach. Zach, Zach, Zach. You’re realizing too late that you have been played as the Court Jester and as a fool. Half credit for realizing it when
It’s already too late but no points for second place, bro. Later, Gator!

Roisen Dubh

I can’t believe that this golden opportunity to put the two people who have never been put up is getting wasted away. Any other season, it would’ve been a no brainer. Oh well, least it Frankie is gone in the next 2 weeks. Dummy signed his death warrant, but is too blinded by the glitter to see it. Hard to believe a troll like Derrick is walking away with the money, but then again, it’s hard to believe that his name never comes out of anybody’s mouth.


ITA. For some reason Frankie is playing personally. This is the time to put up Derrick. Regardless of whether you get him out, you’ve taken out one of his lieutenants & weakened him. So stupid.

This Season Blows

“Frankie is the biggest rat in the history of Big Brother.”
– Andy and Ronnie


If Zach is getting evicted I hope he comes back in, and teams up with Donny to get rid of all the idiots, snakes, cowards, and rats in the house. This was my first season of watching Big Brother, and I have to say I’m really disapointed. I’ve had the time to watch older seasons this summer as well, and so many of them are better than this. Expect the unexpected? I already expect Derrick to win. He’s not even that great of a player to be honest. He’s average compared to Will and Dan. I tried to like Frankie, but he’s really disgusted me. Zach is his only chance at getting close to the final 2. As soon as they evict Zach and Donny, Frankie will follow. Final 2 will be Derrick and Victoria and maybe (small maybe) Derrick and Cody.


Zach could literally be sent out as soon as he returned, if that is the case. If he is eliminated and comes back, I bet nothing would change.


Very true, but it really depends on how the competitions go – there’s still hope even if it’s slim

Poooooor Zach!

Anyone who doesn’t think Cody is in the closet isn’t watching BBAD or the feeds tonight. What a little bitch!


I don’t know why Spankie believes Chief Wiggum when he says, “I’m all about TA…I want you here til the end”…when neither of them had any problem putting Donny up. If anything, Wiggum spouting that crap should have sent up red flags…but they are all so blinded by their own egos that they can’t see Wiggum’s ego is running circles around them. It is so frustrating that Donny is the only one who see through it…but he can’t work with stupidity…so he is alone in this game.

And I hope TA lose this task…cause once again they used Zach for their dirty work (Donny excluded). Sigh, I guess this is what Zach gets for trusting these a-holes again…just like Nicole made the mistake to trust them again…and Spankie is making that mistake as we speak…cause his dumb ass will be on the block next week. (Not that he will go home…production’s Molden Boy will surely be saved.) At least Zach pulled away when Spankme tried to kiss him…he’d could probably sense that knife swinging for his chest as he leaned in…

Lastly, I friggin’ loved watching “The Adventures of Cackle-twat and Snivel-Snatch…and the Case of the Zealous Zings” last night. Ugh…don’t act upset and surprised that Zingbot called out your monkey-grooming antics, when housemates have already called you out on it. You do remember that WE CAN SEE YOU GUYS, right? Idiots…

I said "ha ha"

I just asked FB big brother group yesterday if anyone thought Derrick looked like a thinner version of Chief Wiggum. Glad I am not alone!


Oh yeah, I noticed a long time ago. Been calling him that on here for weeks now. Even posted a few funny pics, but don’t have the links anymore. I noticed other people on another board started calling him that last night. Maybe you started a trend…

I said "ha ha"

Well, if you’ve been posting that for weeks, I shouldn’t be credited with starting a trend. It’s funny that we independently saw the same resemblance. What other feeds do you read?

Frankie has gone too far for me

Let me get this straight???
This piece of shit can blatantly shove his homosexuality in our faces and now on CBS television,
and say the dirtiest, nastiest shit out loud, and then if one person on here comments on how uncomfortable we are about it, everyone jumps on the: “let’s be politically correct and not go there.”
Well screw that!


Congratulations! Now you know how men all over the world make women feel everyday. I mean come on. Heterosexuality isn’t pushed on the masses everyday? I see about zero difference between Frankie and any random straight or Bi guy. Guys think about sex every few minutes, and every guy minus Donny has said sexual things all got damn season.

Michael LB

“Shove his homosexuality in or faces?” You, sir/madam, are an ass. I’ve said repeatedly that I am not Frankie. But this is because of his game play and nothing to do with his sexuality.
Season after season we have seen straight people “going all the way” – thus the term showmance – and that is perfectly acceptable. But now a gay guy is openly being gay rather than keeping it to himself and you are offended? Deal with it. Frankie has to deal with straight people flaunting their sexuality in his face every day of his life (just as I do in my life).
Frankie is a flaming gay boy, with no shame and no apology. Zach, Caleb and even Cody a) love the attention, and b) are more than capable of saying “cut it out” if they were at all bothered.
There are gay people in the world. Know it or not, even some of your friends and family members are gay. They, and I, don’t need to keep it to ourselves any more than you need to keep your straightness to yourself.

Michael LB

* Should have read “I have said repeatedly that I am not a fan of Frankie”. Obviously I am not Frankie…


This is 2014, gay people are not expected to be quiet, docile and keep in the shadows any more. Frankie’s actions have less to do with him being gay and more to do with what type of person he is inside that seemingly black heart. I don’t know if he putting on a show as a over the top character or not. Gary Glitter from BB Canada1 was far more over the top than Frankie ever was and actually had a drag alter ego but despite his sometimes bitchy exterior he was loved by the audience so much that when he got evicted, production thought of a way to bring him back by having Canada vote for the house guest they wanted to return. So at least in Canada over the top gay people on t.v do not offend that many people except homophobes which are a dying breed anyway. Frankie’s main problem is that he is truly desperate to be the center of attention at all times and will stop at nothing to ensure it.


Gary might be over the top but he sure wasnt heartless or anywhere near what that lyin crude self-absorbed frankie is all about. Gary’s few tempertandems/meltdown dont come close at all to Frankie’s obnoxious behavior. Gary drove me crazy at first but he did have endearing qualities. BTW – did you ever see Gary sexually harass the men? NO – there may have been an innocent joke or two but that was rare and it was in fact done in a joking manner. Frankie on the other hand actually sexually harasses. I dont know how a family could be proud of someone like him. If that were my bro, I’d be givin him a good bitch-slap upon walking out them BB doors.

BTW Frankie – as for glitter? – Gary wears it better


I don’t think many BB fans would disagree that Gary from BB Canada 1 owned that glitter!! LOL I remember how the other house guests would complain that Gary kept leaving a trail of glitter everywhere he went.. LOL Frankie could learn a few lessons on wearing glitter from Gary.


Zach, don’t believe that shit about a cue ball. That Asshole Frankie and poor excuse for a cop Derrick, gone overboard with this saboteur mission. I can’t wait until that same dildo stick Frankie, in the ass on the way out the door.One thing about it you have a chance to come back and when Frank get evicted he want .


Frankie is so disgusting!!!! accusing Zack of being a saboteur…I hope Frankie goes to jury next week!


Any sports game is boring if the other side is always winning. But have a game were the score is 0-0 last half hour of the game.That’s were fans are at the edge of their seat. That’s why we need Zach to come back in the house. Make it a true David and Goliath story. Donny (The Underdog) and Zach (The Comeback Kid) for the win!!!!!

Hate Cody and Der

Dont fret people. Zak will be back and all hell will break loose!!!!


this game just got dumb. zach leaving to this ranks this season as one of the worst ever, with no hope of recovery. cancelling my feeds. the last two years of paying for them have been a rip off, probably never will again.


Frankie is just mad that Zach won’t have sex with him and Zach actually had a so called crush on Nicole, someone that Frankie hated. This pink haired weasel has a serious issue of not always being in the spotlight. I seriously think the majority of these hg were severely bullied when they were younger to act like this smh


Frankie Caleb just told Zach he is going home. Zach is cool with, he isn’t pissed at all.

Hate Cody and Der

F U Frankie!!!!!!!! Just told Zack Donnie sucks all their dicks

Nasty, Narcissistic, Disloyal

Donny would never speak that way about anyone even if they DID deserve it–Donny certainly doesn’t. Also the stuff Frankie said earlier about euthanizing Zach slowly or whatever was pretty depraved. Ntm, backdooring Zach this week is highly questionable in terms of his game…what is he even thinking, from any angle? SMH.


This is exactly why I don’t want him coming back in…if he goes. He will just go right back to them…rinse, repeat. My hope is that Hayden makes it back in and even if he and Donny Darkorse have to win back-to-backs and start clearing some of these effers out of there…by themselves…at least it is possible AND they will go for where it counts…Wiggum. And that is my last shred of hope to cling on to…


While I personally do not care about Zach going home, something about this makes me really uneasy. If I were Caleb, I would not feel too comfortable, cause he is the MOST out of touch with what is really going on. Man still thinks there is really a Bomb Squad. He disgusted me when he insulted Donny, saying in a pessimistic tone “that old man”.

Derrick and Frankie did go a bit too far with all of that. Victoria just gained another week (eye roll).

Poooooor Zach!

Zach: “I’m going home to a 60 inch TV in my room and to play golf with my little brother.” How about you get a job, move out of your parents house, and stop screwing with your little brothers head and making his life as messed up and pointless as yours you lazy arrogant spoiled brat punk SOB! Oh, I forgot, you went to UF, so you probably really can’t get a job…

Poooooor Zach!

Frankie is backing up the bus and running over Zach again and again and again


Kind of off topic, but I’m curious why a lot of people seem to not like Floaters?

From my understanding of the BB wikia, BB4 winner Jun Song created this strategy. There are different types of Floaters. Aggressive and Passive ones.

This seasons’ Floaters (Jocasta and Victoria) are passive. They have done literally nothing.

Do people just not like passive floaters or do people dislike aggressive ones too?

Roisen Dubh

Go watch season 4. That is my favorite season because it was a pure game and it had a great twist. Cody is the Alison in that house. The person that should’ve won made a very avoidable crucial mistake. With the exception of Donny and Derrick, calling these guys floaters gives floaters a real bad name. Even 10000 times worse than the Rachel definition.


I agree. I feel like a lot of players in the game and some people who watch, totally don’t get what a floater is. I just finished season 4 earlier this summer and I loved it! Jim’s strategy was flawless. I feel Will and Dan were kind of floaters too, but very manipulative ones. Floating is probably my favorite social strategy, because it takes so much thought and strategy.

This season was ridiculous. Besides Donny and Zach, everyone left only has loyalty to themself.

Roisen Dubh

I telling you guys, this finale is gonna be insane. JERRY!! JERRY!! JERRY!! When they find out Derrick is a cop, this last TA mission, and all the butthurt that’s been going on in that house, the scars are staying for a while.

Donny AFP!

Zach took it well, I’m hoping he gets to jury house and changes his mind on his alliance members. Especially Frankie who played him the hardest, but know this for a fact if Zach gave in to Frankie’s advances he would still be in the GAME! I am not sure how my Man Donny will have the willpower to get thru the endurance comp but I’m hoping my bearded man will keep winning and taking himself off the block. He plays for himself, and wins for himself. He never has anger towards the youngins and always listens to them vent. Shit if I was there I’d stay far from them and call them out every week. I mean Donny knows he’s been a target since week one. He’s played the game as a gentleman and gave those youngins a run for their money. I hope if he doesn’t make it to the end all the true BB fans vote vote and vote! For Donny as Americas Favorite. Frankie’s sister has a over a million followers that hang on her every word! Keep that in mind and let’s not let Frankie win any more money!

Donny ftw

Frankie has NO loyalty!


I hope Zach comes back as HOH in the buy back this week and Donny wins the other HOH and they sent Frankie packing finally.

Murphy's Law

At the very end of BBAD tonight…Donny’s eyes widened & the ‘wheels were spinnin’ right after Derrick told him that Zach knew he was leaving this week!!

Chicken George

I noticed the same. Every time the word “they” and “we” get used, Donny knows who that is. “They just told Zach hes going home”. Then Skankie comes down and Derrick tells him ” he knows”. As if Donny isn’t even there. No respect for Donny. This game needs a huge shake up. Aweful people. I don’t know how they have let Derrick dictate every move in this game without doing much else, but its been masterful for him so far. He is barely a blip on the radar. This season hasn’t offered up much for fun factor at all. Even BBAD is drama and serious and dull. UGH. Good grief Charlie Brown!


You know they really need to change the name from Big Brother to Dog Eat Dog, because that is what it has degenerated to being. If Frankie ever goes back to Broadway he should be cast as Thénardier in Les Miserables. Thenardier and his wife are the human equivalent of cockroaches. Thenardier even sings a song Dog Eat Dog which may be the most cynical and vile song in musical theater history. That pretty much sums up Frankie.

Chicken George

You shouldn’t insult cockroaches by comparing them to Frankie. That’s just mean. And I don’t need to hear him sing to know he is human garbage.

Bren says

Watch BB after dark, it was so sad when they told Zach he was leaving, I hope he blows up the place!