Cody – “I’m pissed off I’m over this sh1t I can’t wait to win and call him out… Tomorrow”

POV Holder: Frankie Next POV Aug 23rd
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 25th
HOH Winner 1: FRANKIE HOH Winner 2: Derrick
Battle of the Block Winner Donny & Christine Next HOH Aug 21st
Original Nominations: Derrick’s Noms (Donny & Christine) Frankie’s Noms (Caleb & Cody)
Final Nominations: Zach & Cody
Have Nots Christine & Victoria
POV Players Cody, Caleb, Frankie, Victoria, Donny, Christine

BB16-2014-08-20 19-56-28-052
7:55pm FIREROOM Frankie, Christine and Derrick
Frankie saying that Zach and Donny told him the same reason to keep Zach it’s got him thinking…
Frankie says there’s no pecking order can’t believe that is what Donny is telling him.
Christine – There’s no pecking order
Christine – I think it’s funny he believes he’ll win America’s favorite
Derrick – that is why I think there is more to him.
Victoria comes by tells Frankie they have to feed the fish.
Christine and Derrick continue to talk about hating the BOB twist.
Frankie comes back.
Derrick wishes Frankie competed in the HOH Tomorrow.
Christine asks Frankie to cheer for her during the HOH competition it helps her a lot.
Christine I can’t believe Victoria doing well in an endurance
Derrick – she will very slowly. you should have seen her light bulb competitions it was freaking embarrassing
Christine – I can’t believe it took her 35 minutes to do the comic book competition
Frankie says not a full second past from when Julie chen said the competition starts to when POW POW fell off.

BB16-2014-08-20 19-57-17-084


BB16-2014-08-20 20-15-35-558

8:13pm Living Room Donny and Zach
Donny – they would rather hang out with you than me. Donny points out he cleared the house out when he got up.
The rest of the house doesn’t want to talk to Zach because he’s on the outs. Donny tells him it will all be over soon. Zach agrees says less than a month to go.
Donny doesn’t see himself hanging out with people much after the show.
Donny – When the credits roll this show ends Show me the door… get me out of here.. I don’t think the plane will get me out of here fast enough..
Donny – it will be like we went to war they will ask us and we’ll be like… I don’t want to talk about it..
Zach – they will know more than us
Zach – they don’t even know you exist until nominations comes around.. then they remember and nominated you..
Zach tells him he refused to be nominated beside Donny and throw the BOB that is what the “They” wanted him to do.
Donny – I couldn’t do it to Christine and she’s my worst enemy
Zach – they were like what do you mean you can’t throw it.. we need Donny out
Zach – You never had a skittle they lied to you there was only four skittles.. whoever’s skittles got pulled first went up with you and was supposed to throw the competitions
Donny – I wasn’t surprised.

BB16-2014-08-20 21-01-16-533
8:22pm HOH Caleb, Cody and Frankie
Caleb reports back from listening in on Zach and Donny. (Remember creep mode cowboy above)
Caleb says Donny and Zach were making fun of them for picking skittles but it was mostly them talking about being shunned.
Caleb says Donny doesn’t want to hang out with them after the show because they’ve all been targeting him from day one
Caleb says Zach told Donny everyone is against him but Zach.
Cody says he cannot stand Zach wants to back door Donny next week, “I stand him.. He’s pissing me off.. he’s been pissing me off for a long time”
Caleb – they were laughing.. They whispered a lot.. I couldn’t hear it.. I could hear Sss ”
Caleb says Basically Donny knows he’s been by himself for awhile, they have tried but haven’t been able to get him out yet. Donny knows if he’s sitting in “those Chairs” and the veto has already been played he’s going home.
Frankie – are you serious..
Cody – the thing that pisses me off..
Cody explains that they only really tried twice to get DOnny out
Caleb – he’s been up there twice and we never sent him home
Cody – Exactly and don’t act like you’ve been getting yourself throw all this.. you are not some end all be all .. we’ve chosen to keep him
Cody – “I’m pissed off I’m over this sh1t I can’t wait to win and call him out “
Caleb says he never heard any game talk all he heard was if there is a buy back Zach knows he’s safe for a week and knows he’s safe with DOnny.
Cody says it’s complete horse sh1t donny and Zach complaining they are being shunned.

BB16-2014-08-20 20-37-07-450

8:34pm Fire room
Caleb fills Derrick and Christine in on the conversation he listened in on Donny and Zach talking in the living room.
Derrick says they are all in teh game for different reasons but they have valid reasons. Donny thinks they are scumbags but the reality is they are all good people. They are playing a game of Big Brother.
Derrick – “.. I’m sorry DOnny that we played a better game than you
Christine – Ya exactly
Caleb – Ya
Derrick – I’m sorry .. what do you want from us
Christine – mmmhhh hmmm
Caleb brings up hearing that DOnny says they shun him when they know the results (HOH, POV, Noms) but before the results are known they are Buddy buddy with him.
Donny walks in ..

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BB16-2014-08-20 20-58-49-117
9:10pm Dinner time..

BB16-2014-08-20 21-15-37-382

9:13pm Living room Caleb and Cody
Cody – you shaved your arms today
Caleb – Yuuup
Caleb – I want to call him out.. just want to call him out..
Cody – Tomorrow I’m going to..
Caleb – he told Zach he was the lucky one because he didn’t have to deal with us anymore..
Caleb says they will find out in the morning what to wear it will probably be athletic wear.
Cody hopes so.
Frankie joins them Caleb tells him he’s been to Africa when he was “Months” old his dad flew them all there because at the time that is where he lived.

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171 thoughts on “Cody – “I’m pissed off I’m over this sh1t I can’t wait to win and call him out… Tomorrow”

  1. Zach is getting a lot of positive attention on Twitter from BB greats: Dan, Evel Dick, Rachel, and even Dr. Will!

    And none for that neapolitan hair whack job! Or that whiny bitch hanging onto the wicked witch of BB!

      1. Actually he’s not a fraud at all. He has been to Africa many times with more than one organization. With the nonprofit he co-founded he went every year to feed, teach dance and perform for children in South Africa. He builds schools in Malawi, Burkina Faso and other countries in Africa with a different nonprofit. I hope when Frankie is out and has made good on his donation – that you will put as much effort into posts about how generous and philanthropic he is.

        1. Thanks for the input Ariana but we don’t care… Frankie has proven himself to everybody what he really is like. Crusty c*nt pie told everybody how he expected BB staff to wait on him when they were on the football award, demanding makeup, coffee etc.. He does everything for notoriety and to be recognized because he knows he lives in your shadow. Booooo Frankie! Go Donny… he will probably selflessly donate most of his money to good causes like helping his brother and doing good things and definitely won’t be concerned with how many followers he has on twitter.

    1. And I will get even more attention when the power of Jesus is summoned to me, winning my way back into my house! I am the Queen of Big Brother!

      1. Thanks for the laugh. Cackle. Cackle.
        I hope Jocasta teams up with Victoria. F2. Cackle. Cackle.
        #FearTheBeard (hang in there)

      2. No, Jocasta. I will always be the Queen of Big Brother. I am the reason Big Brother 10 was the best season ever. I turned the house UPSIDE DOWN.

    2. Watching how Zach can pull off different “faces” at the drop of a hat, I bet he can make a very good actor and hope he gets casting calls. I can definitely see him in one of those combat army movies. The guy clearly has talent. If he leaves tonight, I hope he comes right back in and causes hell!!!!

      1. Cody’s a little bitch that always talks about what he’s going to do and then never does it. He doesn’t have the balls to call Donny out.

    1. Cody, Christine, and Derrick are just pissed that Zach is very popular outside the house. Frankie and Caleb would be pissed too if they weren’t so blinded by their narcissism.

      1. I think Frankie is also very jealous of Zach, especially after hearing people shouting they loved him outside of the BB house. He wants Zach gone so he can be the star of the show.

        1. That pretty much sums it up. I had to delete a whole episode of BBAD the other night because most of it involved Frankie talking about Frankie, Frankie dancing around for the cameras, Frankie inappropriately touching/suggesting/ogling the guys,more Frankie talking about his sister,more Frankie talking about his fame. After 30 mins and a few FFs, I realized it was the Frankie Show so I refused to watch it.

    2. Cody please just SHUT the F*CK UP!! I can’t stand his stupid threats and his friggin pussy ways. Donny could take him so easily. Cody would start crying. He’s such a wuss. I really can’t stand him.

  2. Cody pouting like a toddler cause Donny is speaking nothing but the truth. Ohh how I hope Zach comes back and keeps Donny safe.
    Love you Zonny

    1. I wish they would do a show that has all the hgs watching the live feeds so we could see their reactions when they find out what everyone was really saying and doing. I bet a fight would break out. Although it would probably be a slap fight, and Donny wouldn’t be in it cuz he’s the only one that already knows everything that was going on.

    1. ”Beauty and the Beast Mode Cowboy”

      Laughed so damn hard I spit my Iced tea on my screen! You just might have something there, stay tuned!

  3. There is a part of me that wants someone to take cody to final 2 just so we can hear him make his case for the grand prize. It would be as awkwardly funny as victoria’s speech

  4. I am going to miss Zach so much, I hope he comes back! Even if Nicole or Hayden come back, I would just be happy that Donny will have a friend! The rest are assholes… I actually don’t know out of the “Bomb Squad” who I despise the most, they all equally fail… The sad part is just 60 something days ago when it started I actually liked everyone, and thought this was going to be an amazing season! I hope they never do the BoB thing again… and I don’t usually like production or fan involvement but since there is a limited number of likeable people GIVE DONNY A POWER!!!

  5. I would love for some bb alumni who wouldn’t take sh*t from these punks like Evil Dick, Rachel, Dan, and even Amanda to come in this house via Pandora’s box or something and just completely lay into these jerks and tell them how much we love Donny and Zach.

    1. I would literally pay to see that….Amanda would be my first choice. I couldn’t stand her last season, but if anyone could destroy that bunch of trash it would be her. A pandora’s box where she goes around terrorizing them like she did Elissa last year would be TV gold. Just leave Donny alone. lol

      1. won’t happen my brother will continue to be the darling of CBS, Viacom owns CBS and Nickelodeon. It is in their best interest to continue to make it the “Frankie” show.
        Only good edits for my guy Frankie.
        If you freaks have a problem with that contact CBS (a lot of good it would do you) FRANKIE is a star get over it.

  6. Heh, Zach and Donny know they’re gone and are just having fun with it all. I’m glad they’re pissing off the other Houseguests by enjoying themselves. Here’s hopin Donny can keep his survival instinct focused on the 500k instead of just getting away from these pricks.

  7. Is that why these guys work out? Great abs, big arms, tight glutes, 5% body fat all for what, to deceive the world to act like they are compition beasts when all that is inside that shell is a little b*tch whining all damn day. A real man puts up or shuts up! GoZACK and DONNY!

    1. As they say in my neck of the woods: Cody, sit your PUNK axx down somewhere and shut the FxxK up, PUNK!!!! you ain’t gonna bust a grape let alone a nut!!!

  8. Im sorry cody and christine. Did you guys say you guys played a better game than Donny? Thats bull. Stop complaining when your game is pathetic. #mussy.

  9. How to turn the house upside down: The houseguest that returns becomes the sole hoh = nominate cody and derrick = detonators gone

    1. But they won’t lol!!! Because they will easily be convinced not to. That’s why they couldn’t last in the first place :) Cute thought though…

  10. I think I may be too old – listening to the whole group (not Donny) talk about their favorite movies and it comes around to how JackAss is such a funny set of movies. I had to shut down the live feed because I never found that funny and I didn’t want to hear the disgusting scenes they were describing – it was bad enough having Frankie talk about a cannibal movie. This is so not my generation.

  11. i have been watching bbad and its no surprise that Asshole the movie series is the group favorite. Really Frankie? you want to give Nicole back her shirt with actual human feces? i don’t think the children in Africa want your help. They have enough hardship already

    1. I think the vile, malicious way Frankie talks about HGs behind their backs is the same way he treats people outside the BB house. I bet his friends outside the house have gotten backstabbed by him repeatedly. He has that mean spirited personality of saying the most f up sh!t about his friends behind their backs, then, when they confront him, he apologizes, says how much he loves them, tells them that they are his fav person on the planet, sucks their d!ck. Then, a little time goes by, and he does it all over again. He’s the fakest POS ever!!!!

      1. Agree, frankie thinks he is better then others, he is a fame wh@re, and has a nasty attitude. I do not care how many schools he builds he is not a good person. I know plenty of really good people and none of them have built schools in Africa. I think frankie is a poor excuse of a human being! Because that is how he portrays himself.

  12. In a faraway land, nestled deep in the back of a CBS studio lot, stood the Big Brother house. The house was a magical place that existed in a realm beyond our own, where reality was flexible and delusion was confined only by the limits of imagination. In the house deer read the works of Plato and Aristotle and a crow had the strength of a thousand crows and hungered for human babies. BYOB meant ‘Bring Your Own Brain’ and everyone always forgot. In the house Frankie was famous.
    The Big Brother-verse was ruled by an evil genius named Derrick. Being of average intelligence he had never before realized that he was a genius, but he was delighted to find out. He wore the face of a cop pretending to be a groundskeeper and no one suspected that he was actually a mastermind. He had assembled an unassailable army of the best and brightest the house had to offer. It took all of his training in the arts of deception and flattery to keep them in line, but he was proud of his ability to outwit such formidable opponents. All he wanted was to buy his daughter food, so much food that she would be the size of a small duplex, or at least a sturdy shed.
    Derrick assembled his soldiers for a strategy session. His greatest enemy, Donny, remained in the house despite his best efforts to eliminate him. Donny had a beard as big as his heart and he knew phrases like ‘pecking order.’ The guy had to go.
    “Donny’s going to win this whole game man. We gotta get him out of here. Call it a cop’s intuition, but I know he’s going to nominate one of us. I always know when a perps guilty, just by looking at them, but you still gotta work the evidence,” said Derrick.
    “Would I say I’d like to win the game? Yeah. Do I remember anything before or after Frankie said Justin Bieber? Quite frankly no. Did I spray Raid in my mouth because I thought I swallowed an ant? Maybe. At the end of the day maybe Justin Bieber knows Amber. I could get her number from him,” said Caleb staring at Derrick with eyes as vacant as a condemned asylum.
    “I like games. I always win at strip poker. Winning is when you don’t have any clothes on and all of the middle aged women are dressed and then they put money in your g-string, right?” said Cody, Derrick’s right hand man.
    “Would I say I’m bigger than Moses? Probably. I mean he never had a sister who was an international pop star. I’m sure people weren’t bugging him all day for autographs and it’s like, umm thanks for the love but I’m vlogging here, you know? Also Africa,” said Frankie.
    “I touched Cody’s butt today. It was so hard, like all of the no’s I get when I proposition guys outside of the coffee shop. Oh my God, you don’t think my pastor saw that do you? I would never vote out a butt like Cody’s. Never. A super fan better win this year,” said Christine.
    “Erm. Did I say cop’s intuition? I meant lawnmower’s intuition because I am 100% definitely not a cop. It’s like I always say, cops are pigs. Don’t disrespect the badge. Hahaha,” said Derrick relieved that no one caught his tiny slip up.
    And everyone laughed and laughed at Donny’s stupidity and because Derrick was their best friend and he would go to the final 2 with them all and math wasn’t anyone’s strong suit. Somewhere in the backyard Donny started to cry.

    1. This is ahhh mazing, loved reading this so much! Its like for a brief second you could read their minds! Thank you so much for the laugh I truly enjoyed this!

      1. No not a writer. I have a job with a lot of downtime to catch up on BB and I write Big Brother fan fiction now apparently (it’s only sad when I think about it!) Everyone is so ridiculous this year (especially BMC) that I like to picture them all as cartoon characters. If they were real humans there would have to be some explanation of the collective head injury that they all seem to have sustained upon walking through the front door!

    2. I’ll even admit that was great!!!! I would love for anybody to win other than Frankie, Christine or Cody. The last two are complete idiots. Donny speaks the truth!!! What bothers me the most is the way Derrick is starting to act more and more like the others. No need to lower himself to their standards now. Prediction: Nicole comes back in Caleb wins HOH and puts Donny and Nicole up.

  13. I know this is probably obvious- but every year the house seems to divide into the “ones America likes” and the “ones America doesn’t like”- and every year the ones America doesn’t like are totally oblivious to the fact that America hates them!! You would think Cody, Derrick, Frankie, Christine and Caleb would stop and think, at some point, am I on the “bad” side?! Why does this never happen on BB?!!

    1. If you were in the dark about how people perceived you, you would think that you came off looking good too. Notice how self-absorbed they are? Sure sign that they have deluded themselves.

  14. Did you guys hear Caleb today? Frankie was like “what’s the difference between indian and african elephants?”. And Caleb said “There’s a red dot on their forehead”. Oh and this was after he said he broke a lion’s jaw once when he was a baby in Africa.
    Okay Hercules….

  15. I’ve watched BB since the first season. I’ve disliked HGs and been annoyed by HGs throughout the years. But I have never felt disdain, hate or contempt for any until now. What saddens me is that there is more than one who make me feel such ugly things.

    I can’t understand the level of shittiness towards Donny and Zach displayed by Frankie, Derrick, Christine, Cody and Caleb. Shittiness doesn’t even do it justice… shittiness is an understatement.

    Wow. I am just so disappointed in this cast.

    1. I can’t believe you’ve watched every season of BB and you have the most disdain for THIS year’s HGs! Did you even WATCH last year? Last season’s contestants – like Aryn (sp?), Amanda, Andy, and Ginamarie – were definitely the most vile, ignorant, backstabbing and mean-spirited BB HGs ever. Why do you think some of them lost their jobs after the show due to their language, comments, and actions while in the BBB house? I was far more disgusted by last year’s HGs than this year’s. At least this year, there are/were a few likable HGs to root for. Go, Donny!

        1. I still think last year was the worst BB ever. This year we have Zach and Donny who have some endearing qualities and have caught myself laughing out loud more than once at Caleb since Amber has left. Looking forward to seeing who will be coming back into the game and hoping that person or Donny wins HOH. Then I think this game will get a lot better, but it would it be so awful if Cody and Victoria ended up being the final 2, but even then it would still be better than last year.

  16. I’m telling you when Cody, Caleb, Christine, and Frankie walk out of this house and see how hated they are, these a holes will be crying home to their mom’s for the next few months

  17. Cody calling Donny out?!? Yeah right! Donny growls just once and tampon Cody would run away screaming like a little b!tch he is! Why is Cody such a punk a$$ sore loser?


    1. Did you see the first episode when they were shown leaving home? Cody’s dad was kissing all over him like he was his first girlfriend!!!! No wonder he’s a p$$$y he’s been treated like a princess all his life.”When I win HOH I’m going to call him out”. What a douche. He win’s one comp, an HOH and he chokes and doesn’t put Caleb up. “My brother will call me a p$$$y for not putting him up”. No your brother will probably rub your back and tell you it’s ok

  18. Has anyone else noticed that even when someone else is speaking on TVGN, the camera is glued to Frankie? If anyone sees any of these people after the show, please ask them to shut their damn mouths and stop smacking when they eat!! So disgusting… Also, nobody is reading the bible lately, but I do believe that Christine swore on the bible earlier today.

  19. Donny had to take a chance. He has no one in the house to work with. Only chance for Donny is the “buy back.” Donny can feel the vibe in the house. He knows he is a marked man and hated. Why not stir up some $hit. Make them paranoid, get them talking and thinking. I really don’t who would be better for his game, Hayden or Zach. I’m leaning towards Hayden. He has had a couple of weeks to think about the house and who lied to him. Just give Donny ONE person to be on his side and lets see what the man can do. He has done a lot by himself, just imagine what he can do with a teammate.

  20. People are just hating on Derrick cause he’s against the favorites of the house. He’s still playing the best game, not his fault they’re not more useful to him. Maybe Donny should start trusting him and Zach should stop bring Zach. I like Zach but Derrick deserves to win.

    1. Nah people are hating on Derrick because he has been behaving like such a peevish mean girl today along with his homegirls Frankie Cody and Christine.

    2. Derrick has shown psychopathic behavior and that doesn’t make him good at the game. It’s very strange that there are still people out there that still believe this is ‘strategy’ or taking it as a ‘good social game’.

      He was good at hiding who he was but the longer these people are in seclusion the more they are unable to hide who they really are despite the cameras and microphones. Which is one of the reason I believe the bullying and the near violent outbursts have gotten worse. There’s been quite plenty of outburst wanting to Chastise Donny. Unacceptable!

      Does CBS even test these people beforehand? So far I don’t think so or they have been negligent.

  21. Are terrible at this game!! Lol I love watching you people defend them! Not saying they are bad people, but they don’t know how to lie (bluff). BB is a game of poker. If you are dealt a bad hand, you bluff your way out of it. It is all about the social game and manipulation. These comps are just for people like you to get into, so production can keep people like you entertained by sometimes giving the edge to those you want to win. At the end of the day, if you don’t know how to manipulate the situation, you can not win the big prize. Donny has played the game as if he were not playing a game. He is upset because everyone else is playing. Zach is just upset because he is going he. He was 100% on board with getting rid of Donny this week. But now he wants to play it up to Donny as if he has been on his side all along. Zach is already done, and he is still a bad liar lol. Grow up people, you don’t go into the BB house to make friends. Sorry your crappy players are getting eliminated one by one ;) what’s worse than being a floater ( aka Victoria)? being Donny!! The more often you have to depend upon winning comps to stay alive, the worse you are at the actual game

    1. Derrick, Frankie and Donny are the only ones playing the game. The rest don’t seem to comprehend basic math. 6 people will not go to F2. Derrick and Frankie are so busy trying to count jury votes they don’t see that all it will take is Caleb or Christine going to jury before Victoria and Donny has proved his point about pecking orders and who Derrick & Cody are actually loyal too.

    2. If Donny’s game is so crappy, then the rest of the HG’s are a thousand times worse. He’s been targeted since day one but is still around despite the fact they all wanted him gone for how long now? All them young people can’t get the old man out and has proven he’s in better shape than all of them. I wish they would have an all-star season and bring Derrick and Donny back. I’ll bet a paycheck Donny would finish a lot higher than Derrick. Derrick would get bounced within the first 3 weeks. And if his game is so crappy, then why won’t they even consider taking him to F2? After all, his game is so crappy, they would have nothing to worry about. Because they know he would slaughter whoever is next to him in front of the jury. That’s why they’re talking trash, they are scared of him because when he’s around, they know they’re nothing but cowards and scumbags and it kills them on the inside.

    3. And just because you have to rely on comps to stay in the house doesn’t make you a bad player. When someone wins a lot of comps, that normally makes them a threat. Even Cody acknowledged (in a moment of being mad at someone not named Donny) that Donny was the real beast because they keep trying to take him out but he keeps winning comps. Derrick said that if Donny makes it to the end then he deserves to win because of how hard they’ve come after him.
      Serious question: if Donny isn’t playing the game, then why do Frankie and Derrick want him gone so badly that they have the entire house spewing vile hatred about him?

      1. I think Team America has protected Donny. If it wasn’t for that, Fakie and Derrick would have gotten him out by now. Wish they would let America vote out the next house guest because if Donny doesn’t win the next comp, he’ll be going.

        1. I think Donny is the real player here, he wins and pulls himself off when he needs to, he knows when to put a bug in someone’s ear (ie when he told Zak he could be backdoored), he knows who is “running the house”, and he knows he can walk out that door with his head held high, he has played a strong, loyal game and stayed true to who he was. Even being on team America did not make a difference to him, when he felt the assignment would not be good for his game, he stood up and said so, he was not bought off by five grand like the other two, kudo’s to him. Of the three in team America he likely could have used the $$ more that the superstar cling on and the well paid undercover police officer and he stood loyal to his true alliance.

          Normally the old ones go first, the fact that everyone that walks out of the house says ” I love Donnie” shows me that he is playing the best social game. I only hope that today he or the one they bring back wins HOH and we wave goodbye to my pecking order: 1. Frankie, 2. Derrick 3. Christine 4. Caleb 5 Cody 6. Victoria (Although the last three could go in any order as I think they are all equally as annoying and useless!

  22. I’ve been following Simon and Dawg for years now. I’ve never felt so compelled to comment until now (and that’s even sitting through the train wreck of BB 15)
    Ive been able to admit that Derrek is playing a smart game. He’s been able to manipulate whoever he needs to. He’s been in many alliances and somehow hasnt been completely called out for it. I can see how he should deserve to win…until the last few days. I don’t care that they’re all competing for money. How you act in the “worst” of times in your life is a true indicator to what’s in the heart of them. Frankie and Derrek are just bad people. Everything they’ve done to Donny, who has been a huge competitor without being a huge camera hogging jackass. He’s been find and gentle to everyone. In no way does he deserve the treatment hes getting.
    Cody is also driving me insane with his vendetta against Donny because he wants to keep Zach. Everyone will want everyone else out at some point or another. Its still a game.
    Ugh. Rant over.

    1. Hahahha the worst of times?!?! These people are on a nationally televised game show!!! You are supposed to manipulate your way through it you fruit loop dingus!!!!! The fact that you took this moment to rant, gives me a hint as to your IQ :)

        1. Yes, it is just a game, but I agree with you. I think the game is also a metaphor on life and the decisions we make, how we handle stress/defeat/loss, and how we treat people in the quest to get ahead in life. I think most of the HG’s are probably good people outside of the game, but you have to wonder…

  23. Caleb needs to stop trying to over hear what Donny is saying (since he doesn’t believe the truth), and listen when his so called close buddies talk. Perhaps then he might hear something worth hearing.

  24. I love Donny but I just have to ask why does he keep referring to himself as the old man?! Sure he is the oldest in the house but 42 is not old! And he acts like he is 60! I hate how the HG are treating him its bully behaivor behind closed doors! But I have to wonder if Donny came into the house shaved and acted like someone in their early 40’s if he would have had more alliances? I do realize that some of you may not like my comment but I was just wondering was this his strategy? ! Or does he truly act and believe he is a 60+ year old grandpa?! I think that hurt him in the game along with the fact that he is in a house with people who seem to have regressed to high school mean behaivor! Smh this is truly sad! I cant even get excited to watch anymore and that makes me even sadder since I look forward to BB every summer!! Shout out to Simon and Dawg for your amazing work!! It must be painful to have to watch these people and write up their moronic comments! Thank you:)

    1. DONNY said that production told him not to shave at his first interview for the show. He said he can’t wait to shave it off.

    2. Donny’s game was done when Devin outted the Double D’s. From that moment on the house has been after Donny. Even though Donny repeatedly told them that Devin walked up to him and said they should be in an alliance and Donny just said sure sure. What else was he supposed to say?

  25. “Caleb – he’s been up there twice and we never sent him home
    Cody – Exactly and don’t act like you’ve been getting yourself throw all this.. you are not some end all be all .. we’ve chosen to keep him”

    Delusional As Usual, every time they tried getting Donny out, he HAD to win a comp to save himself, and he did every time… STFU Puss Boy and Creepy Mode Cowboy, you never wanted to keep Donny…

  26. Hey can i get the site again to donate for Donny’s eye surgery? I didnt realize it was so bad until i watched live feeds a few nights ago

    1. I think they are. I posted it yesterday for someone and it went through. It’s just enter the name donny thompson in the search box and it will come up.

  27. Didn’t Cody win one comp, that HOH, when he pussied out on getting Caleb out?? F**k is he talking about IF he wins? Donny will win HOH, and he’ll be kissing his a** trying to stay safe…

  28. Please let Hayden back in the house. He’ll for sure put Cody on blast and Derrick to a certain extent. I really feel for Donny, he’s done nothing to deserve the way he’s being treated. The funny thing is, the fame these jokers are looking for is gonna go to Donny and of course Zach. I’ll start watching the show again starting on Thursday. Please win HOH Donny, the house will have an entire metdown at that point and knowing he thinks they’re all scumbags is just the icing on the cake.

  29. I don’t think Cody really listens to, or is even aware of what is going on most of the time lol. They
    could say that Donny said that Cody and Christine had played a great game, and the two of them would still find a reason to get mad and threaten to “call him out on it”, (but never actually do it). Frankie, Christine & Cody all seem to be stuck in highschool, like they never matured socially after graduation at all.

  30. Everyone inside that house… Expect Donny…n zach needs to SHUT THE F*CK UP!!! Frankie is a bully what a jerk. Id be ashamed of calling him family. There’s a difference in playing the game and just being a complete A**HOLE. I REALLY HOPE DONNY OR ZACH GET AMERICAS PLAYER MONEY.

  31. I love watching y’all freak out when your “champions” leave!!! Lol let the big boys and girls play the real game while y’all hunt for reasons production should keep your losers!!!! It’s so cute ;) i am sooo hoping Zach comes back, just so that I can watch ( via this board) all of your hopes go way up…. and then right back down!! Hahahaaaaa I love it!!!!!

  32. The sound of Christine’s voice when she revealed Candice’s name under hers on her microphone was priceless. The deflated disappointing sound in her voice made me laugh so hard!

  33. Do it Cody I dare u! I want to know when America can be HOH and then we have would all the power that would be a cool twist for the “most twisted summer” (yeah, right)”

  34. Are these fools just trying to out-doosh each other now?

    Cody is about as bad a player as Victoria at this point and just as useless. He has ridden pignosederrick through the game and constantly talks about calling people out but never has the ballz to do it. Maybe Christine is too busy fondling them for him to use them. Those two continue to rub each other like a couple of disgusting animals. Even after getting called out on national television for it they can’t help themselves. Maybe he should borrow her big ugly glasses, he must be blind if he looks like that and touches her.

    Speaking of Cody I am getting a bit of a homophobe vibe from him. On tonight’s show he referred to Caleb as Zach’s mancrush after he saved him with the veto. Earlier on in the season when Zach and Frankie were cuddling Cody was shown in bed making a face at the camera regarding those two.

    For a stripper (who strips with his brother, yuck) who is fondling a married troll 24/7 and who french kisses his own father he should not be judging anyone. He’s the biggest pu**y in the house.

    1. If Cody saw a big Dong and 1 dollar bill in front of his face, that Dong would disappear in that kid’s mouth in a nano second.

    2. I can’t stand Cody. He’s such a little insecure wimp. And I don’t find him very physically attractive. I have to say don’t think he’s homophobic at all. He let’s frankie cuddle with him and honestly I think Cody has gay tendencies. And I question his sexuality. Most viewers can say they are getting annoyed with Frankie’s consistent cuddling and man whoring. It’s annoying. Doesn’t make anyone a homophobe though bc they think that. I understand Cody’s facial expression at the frankie/zach cuddling bc I mean they do it all the time and it must get annoying. And they were talking sexually to each other, no one likes to hear that. I would be making faces in the house if I heard that. I’d also be making faces at Cody/nicole, nicole/hayden, Christine/Cody, etc.

    3. Cackle-Twat Crustine has spent the entire season trying to find Cotton-Balls Cody’s balls and no matter how hard she tries, she still can’t find them.

  35. You make a point, 42 is hardly ancient but the problem is that the rest of them are shockingly immature. I don’t mind Zach he is only 23. What I find revolting is Frankie and his self righteous, hornier than a housecat, gross, misogynist behavior. He is 31 for Gods sake!!!

    1. Damn. You said he’s housecat horny. These guys better start sleeping with one eye open or hole up in one room and rotate guard duty.

  36. “Zach thinks “The Purge” would be good for the economy.”

    That’s exactly what I thought after seeing that movie on TV…. Crazy as it sounds, if our government could get away with it, and we didn’t have crime, we would definatly have a “purge” of sorts, and it would be on PPV, they would make billions.

  37. sooo cody figures hes gonna call Donny out !, thats tooo funny and not gonna happen! Princess frankie and his sparkle unicorn need to ride the hell outta town !Christine the crow and derrick the control freak dick also need to return to reality where evryone will know what douche bags they all are and take freakmode cowboy with them if his huge swollen head is able to fit through the door!!

  38. Wow- gotta love their righteous indignation (Cody & etc.) Wonder what their families think of their behavior. Finale night will be interesting- keep a camera rolling on the audience.

  39. New from ZINGBOT’s twitter:
    Frankie I’m trying to see things from your point of view but I can’t seem to get my head that far up my ass.
    Hey Frankie, Huge Fan. Do you think your sister secretly wishes she was an only child?
    Frankie has been hiding another secret from you all. He is actually the king of a far away land called Douche Bagastan.
    Hey Christine, I’m sorry for the mean, hurtful, accurate things I said about you.

  40. The really sad part about these morons leaving [christine , frankie , derrick etc..] is that the live audience will be warned that they cant boo them , my only hope is that some of them will just do it so they have a clue their hated and nowhere near to americas favorites!

    1. I wish the audience would not only boo but throw tomatoes at them, also. Once they’re out in the real world, they will get the picture soon enough. Wait until one of them gets punched in the face at a sports bar…

  41. I am so disappointed that on tonight’s show they didn’t air Christine’s zing about her and Cody, I really wanted to see the look on her face. Though unless you watch the feeds you wouldn’t get it as they don’t show on the aired show how much C & C are constantly all over each other.

  42. yeah yeah Donny is a nice guy blah blah blah, I love following this site to catch up on what I’ve missed and Simon and Dawg are the best but I rarely if ever read these comments anymore. Let alone post. You people are crazy!

    Who cares if Donny is a nice guy????? That really has nothing to do with winning this game. This is a competition, a g….a….m….e!

    Donny put himself in this spot all on his own. In competitions he is doing well but his social game sucks! Is it that daft that he thinks at this point in the game he should be trying to break up a group that has clearly been together a LONG time. they just sent one of their own to slaughter! How in gods name does he think he has any pull for anything. Maybe he should have tried to actually be a part of the game earlier instead of taking a place at the head of the reject table.

    Best players of this game are Derrick and Frankie. Derrick has played a flawless game and Frankie just keeps pulling horseshoes out his butt and can manipulate his way out of anything.

    Donny is a nice guy sure but as for overall GAME PLAY he’s not even in the same arena as Derrick and Frankie and THAT’S what you should be voting on.

    Now let the thumbs down commence!

    1. Derrick and Frankie are disliked not for their game play, but for the lack of character and class that they show OUTSIDE of game play. And you can tell Derrick that when he gets out, next time you see him.

    2. Maybe because people aren’t crazy but have standards in what kind of people they want to see playing the game. Some of the tactics are really low class and low brow because some of the people are with how they act and carry on in the game. And if you have the game stacked with more social degenerates, spineless people, and people who make games moves based off personally attacking or ostracizing people than maybe people are intelligent enough to know it would be difficult to “get in there socially”. And simply don’t think it’s that’s a good turn in show. And if you were a target at the start than there is a stigma put on you anyway. And Donny’s social game is also attached to people he liked being evicted and being late at getting what kind of game was being played. Or people he liked being targeted and not being able to pull themselves off the battle of the block not only because maybe they were maybe a weak player but maybe they had people throwing it like Caleb did. Or how Victoria wouldn’t listen and would freeze up on people in those comps. So it’s not a black and white game when it comes to social just like it isn’t in life depending on the mentality of the type of people you are dealing with in real life.Now if Donny could have went into the bathroom like a wizzard and turned back the clock 20 years, and than waved his magic wand and gave the girls in the game a functioning brain , and than cast a spell where his friends where competition beast on the BOB than maybe I would blame him for his social game because he didn’t use his magical wand of leveling the playing field of having a house of cards stacked against him and one is ageism .

    3. Donny has been where he is at because the hand he was dealt in the beginning, going along with Devin and then not being included in the first alliance. Derrick has played the best game, but he landed in the great spot he is in because of the Bomb Squad Frankie and Caleb put together which has been his shield all game. This set him up with Christine and Cody, his two brainless pawns and also set him up with Frankie, the challenge beast. Even the Team America alliance he fell into helped his game since it made Frankie, the best completion player, his close ally, and kept Donny close, the only person who has seen through Derick this whole time.

      And as much as Derrick has played a great game, its also about how poorly of a game the rest of the house has played. Victory and Cody are worthless and will do whatever he says. Frankie is too paranoid about everyone to see that Derrick controls his every action. Caleb prides himself on being loyally blind. And Christine seems to have no interest in playing her own game, even when she wins challenges. She is the only player in the house who might lose the jury vote with Victoria since both sides of the house have used her as their scapegoat.

      Donny gets more credit in my opinion because he is the only person other than Derrick who has any idea on whats going on in the house. And he knows all this without a pack of stooges dying to show him every card they have and tell him everything. The only difference between the two is Derrick got put into a better spot than Donny from the beginning and took full advantage of it. Donny’s been stuck trying to get any kind of numbers going without making him a target, all while fighting an uphill battle and needing to win challenges.

  43. Oh Wow. Lee Harvey is in true form right now. Vic and Chris were talking trash about being scared of Devin. Dude is snapping. It started with the low crawl a couple of days back.

  44. Zach is now pumped to leave the house. He keeps talking about sleeping in hotel one night and getting a phone call.

    I hope he doesn’t throw the comp to get back in the house, just because he wants to talk to his family.

  45. I hate how they didn’t play Christines Zing on tonights episode. She deserves to be roasted on air for disrespecting her husband

    1. I think zach figured it out and that’s why he’s been so subdued. ZachAttack right before the votes. That’s great bb tv. If this is the case, a first in bb history. This will be the greatest blow to fakie and dirtbag’s game. Donny knows the truth, Zach is safe and hayden returns. These three will team up and flip the house. Yaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!

  46. damn derrick is freaking out about Donny….. Donny really scared the shit out of derrick…. please bb gods let Donny win hoh and put derrick on the block .. the way the tv edit is going its going to be a Donny vs Derrick game… I think Donny is the only remaining house guest that can prevent Derrick from winning this season or atleast make him earn the win,,,

  47. Nope, your feelings are very justified, I hope Cody, Christine, Frankie, and Derrick all get in a car together after the finale and it explodes. Four less scum bags in the world! I never knew what horrid feelings I could develop for HG’s until reading the live feeds. I only used to watch the edited weekly shows, and wow what a difference it makes on your views on the HG’s. I wish I could go into that house berate them, until they have not one once of dignity left. Then I would love to punch each one of them in the face, and make them read all the nasty things ppl think of them. Yup, horrid feelings, I tell ya.

    1. If Donny gets evicted, I hope the remaining houseguests get eaten by ants. I think there are enough ants in there to do the job.

  48. I wish someone would give these mutts some table manners. Frankie takes it in like someone is going to take food away from him. They chew with mouths open just smacking away. The don’t. Wipe their mouths so it looks like they have been eating those greasy looking pig lips and Victoria pushes her food forward in her mouth with her tongue like a toothless old woman. They are gross.

  49. Derrick’s had it too darned easy in that house. Major kudos to Donny. Derrick will have to scramble, now doing damage control. Donny did an excellent job planting those seeds of doubt. I’m hoping they sprout. Derrick, it looks as if your easy walk to that half a million just got detoured.

  50. Also, is it me or is Caleb losing his definition and getting smaller. Makes me wonder what steroids he was on before entering the game. That would explain his attitude and behavior about Amber. Zach’s abs have disappeared as well. Cody seems to be holding on to his body, that is when he can get Christine out of the way.

    1. It also explains the “breast cancer” which is actually the development of breast tissue as a result of taking testosterone without an anti-estrogen.

  51. I cant not stand Frankie and I cant believe he thinks he is well received . WOW talk about delusional. The way he talks to people in that condescending way Grrrr. He thinks his little wanna be lame “rap” that he did to Zach was comparable to Zachs? Can he get over himself already. He had that smug look like , I am the brother of Alicia Silverspoon (or who ever) and my little wack ass rhyme was way was better yours. He doesn’t realize that he followed Zachs lead and not in a good funny way. More like in a “im better then you way see ,look ,listen ,watch”. He just really trys to hurt your feelings not because he has to but because he wants too. I don’t know it just bugged the shit out of me for some reason. I will shut up now. :P

  52. Christine just plain creeps me out. She would’ve been in Charlie’s family back in the 60’s. No doubt about it.

    1. Hysterical! I’m sure most people know what you’re referring to. But, I agree; she would’ve been Helter Skelter all the way!

    2. OMG you are so right!Not only does she look like a Manson family girl, she acts like one- doing whatever a man says and throwing herself at them. Great insight.

  53. I know I am going to get yelled at for this but……..Why don’t Donny and Derrick talk and team up. Enough with the TA bs and get Frankie out. Go after Cody and Christine but get BMC out first (because you never know when he could win at the wrong time). Drag who ever they want with them to F3. It would have been great if Donny had of talked game (like he is now) to Derrick and they could have came together as a silent two……. (like Danelle and Jason)….. *Sigh*

    1. Derprick hasn’t wanted to work with Donny since he found out Donny is a groundskeeper. He was afraid Donny would see through him and blow his cover. Derprick has always talked to Donny like he talks to VapidVic. And Donny is too smart for Derpricks be. He knows how many times Derprick has tried to get him out while trashing him to the others.

  54. I wish they would blindside Cody tonight. The look on his face would be priceless. It would be such a great move, he would never see that coming. I bet he would start crying.

  55. The only thing Vagody is going to call out for is a super absorption tampax to replace his leaky one.

    Man up! If you want to call someone out… Do it without the security of HOH and the veto necklace.

    1. One more thing..okay… Maybe two.

      Can’t wait when karma and reality bitch slaps these punks/bullies of bb16:. Fakie, dirtbag, skanktine, Vagody, creep mode stalker and clueless.

      I want the cameras on these idiots and Julie announces that Donny is America’s favorite. That is priceless

  56. Line these fucks up and lets get this started! I would buy a PPV to witness that POS Frankie be on the receiving end of a little waterboarding. Cody stfu already.

  57. OMG you people are rediculous! Every year I read these comments and just because your favorite doesn’t have the upper hand you dog the one that does, and everyone that is with them. I admit last season was horrible! This season has actually been good, there has been drama, and there are quite a few good players in the house, with some that even got evicted! Derrick is playing a great game. He’s one of the best players that I’ve seen in a long time. If you can’t stand it, DON’T WATCH IT!!! You all talk about how disgusting and horrible they are, but you are sitting here talking sh**t about people that you dont even know!!!! They are all playing a game!!!! Donny just didn’t hook up with the right people to get him to where he wants to be. It’s said every year, you CAN NOT win BB alone!!! The people that Donny has tried playing game with have gotten evicted, so it’s no ones fault but his own! Instead of talking sh**t to Zach and the person who is about to get evicted from the house aka Nicole. Donny should go to the people he KNOWS have the power aka Derrick, Frankie and try and work with them!!!! PLAY THE GAME!!!!! You all need to just get over it already!!!!

    1. Don’t think you get it. We respect the game plays, lies and manipulation. It’s part of the game.

      What we’re all outraged about is the mob mentality and bullying from these people. Have you not seen and heard the diarrhea spewing out of their mouths? Especially from Fakie? That’s not game play. It’s pure unadulterated malicious behavior that is not warranted for any of the HGs. It’s juvenile and hateful actions for someone in their 30’s to be displaying….game or not.

      This core group are delusional and entitled.

      We love Donny because he’s played the game with integrity and respect.

      How would you like it if someone tells you and others that you should be euthanized, to kill yourself and crushed of all hopes? Is this behavior and words necessary in how bb is played?

    2. I totally agree with you. Im not sure what game some people are watching . I can name over 40 players whose game play and “bashing of other people” was way worse then whatever the hell Derrick has said and done. everyones favorite player Evel Dick was a total asshole (even though I liked him) he was still a total asshead. People lie in this game people will try to through other people under the bus this is how you do it. Yes there is a way to do things but sometimes you have to go with the flow. Something Donny has not done and didn’t want to do. Yes hes nice as a person and to talk to outside of the game. But don’t act like he hasn’t been talking his own amount of shit talk to people. Don’t act like every chance he gets he mentions getting Derrick out (Since day one might I add) . I guess Derrick shouldn’t play since hes a Police Officer and I guess if one is dirty (according to Americans) they must all be dirty.
      You people are nuts and Derricks game is great! Too bad for Donny that he chose to be the “poor old man” for his game play instead of playing the game!.

  58. Yes this is a game! And yes it is a sad state of affairs for our culture to see these young people act and think the way they do. Shows where our country is going I think that s what got so many people upset and angry. The House Guests seem to lack initiative and not willing to lead. We all see that the older class in here has a better grasp of what is going on, while the younger people cling rather than attempt to try to take control. Sad!! It is amazing how each House Guest s perception of them selves in the house is distorted. Most with one or two exceptions will be startled to see how they really have been portrayed and loathed by the fans of the show!!! Now all we can do is enjoy seeing each one be eliminated and how they will be bewildered and betrayed!!

  59. POk i’m sick and pissed of everyone talking shit about Donny i can’t wait until the finale when everyone finds out Donny wins americas favorite self centered egotistical bastards i can’t wait until they get out of the house and realize everyone hates them i hope frankie and christine soon go i mean u might not like donny in the game it would b understandable if he did something to them like if he was HoH and put them up but donny did’nt do shit 2 them and all those remarks are not for the game the comments r personal hopefully donny or zach will win hoh and put up christine and frankie hopefully then donny and zach will have a chance to make it to the F2
    #team Zonny #Fear the beard #Zach attack heres hoping someone whos actually playing has a brain and knows whats going on in the game and is not being controlled by derrick

  60. Hey cody how about this u grow a pair of balls and if u want to do it u fucking baby call out someone instead of riding derricks coattails this cast disgusts me come zach or donny win HoH and pov and give frankie the fag and bastard and put the prick up god i hate this season its the worst season and i thought last year was bad

  61. the main complaint I have is Christine saying Donny told her he had a big penis and showing it to her. how can you really dog a good man’s character for the sake of what? you are not going to win you disgusting girl

  62. I’m so sick of all the politically correct people having to point out “Did you see last season? Those people were racist” when someone says this is the worst season ever. Yes, last year had a few racist comments. It was also not the only season that had racist comments. And usually, the people making the racist comments are the biggest assholes in the house. That being said. This year is the worst season ever. Even with the racist comments, last year, the season was less boring than this year.

    And why is everyone’s picture showing all the guys doing ninja moves and Frankie is bent over with his legs spread like he’s waiting for something? He’s disgusting.

  63. How sweet would it be if Julie says there was a problem with Zach’s nomination and he stayed Cody or Victoria go out Hayden comes back and joins Zach and Donny. Perfect if Donny would win HOH put Derrick and Frankie up POV goes to Hayden not used oops someone would go bye bye. Sigh well that was my dream lol damn good rating Big Brother think about it.

  64. Does the HG returning to the house return as HoH or just a HG?
    If the former then its good for Donny if the latter then its bad i.e. Say Zach is voted out and then walks right back in and someone other then Zach or Donny win hoh then one or both go on the block and next week Donny could walk out the door leaving Zach to walk out again in two weeks

    1. Tonight the eviction will take place where either Zach or Cody will be evicted… (Sadly Zach is being evicted)
      Next the 4 Jury Members (Jocasta, Nicole, Hayden & Zach) will compete in a competition where one of them will return to the house.
      That returning House Guest will then compete with the other house guests for the HOH title.
      – Tonight’s HOH will likely be an endurance competition where whoever wants it bad enough will win.
      (It will likely be the endurance wall or the one where they race back and forth a slippery surface while trying to fill up a container with liquid.)

  65. I am hoping for a really big twist tonight – like after the eviction the HOH comp with the remaining 7 guests will have only one HOH (this is what they are expecting) – THEN the four jury members will compete for the chance to return and that person would be HOH #2.

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