Christine repeats her conversation with Donny. Cody says oh my god that is literally a flat out lie!!

POV Holder: Frankie Next POV Aug 23rd
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 25th
HOH Winner 1: FRANKIE HOH Winner 2: Derrick
Battle of the Block Winner Donny & Christine Next HOH Aug 21st
Original Nominations: Derrick’s Noms (Donny & Christine) Frankie’s Noms (Caleb & Cody)
Final Nominations: Zach & Cody
Have Nots Christine & Victoria
POV Players Cody, Caleb, Frankie, Victoria, Donny, Christine

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-20 14-35-36-932

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2:30pm – 2:55pmVictoria wakes up but tells Donny she doesn’t feel well so she goes back to bed. Christine comes out of the diary room and goes to wake up Cody. She tells him its 2:30pm. He asks if anyone is awake and she says no one but Donny. She says I don’t want to go back out there with him. She says I have a lot to tell people. She says essentially he was telling me … (She’s whispering and you can’t hear what she’s saying… something about Derrick and Victoria) Christine tells Cody about her conversation with Donny. Cody says oh my god that is literally a flat out lie!! She says we had literally like a 3 hour conversation and all I said was Uh hUH.. Big Brother blocks the feeds. When they come back – Cody says he talks to people like he literally thinks we don’t tell each other everything. he was telling me that Derrick and Christine have no targets on their back. he was going to put you. Christine said to vote you out and keep Zach. He said that I am not his target. Cody says that is a flat out lie! That’s a flat out lie! I knew he was a f**king liar! I can’t believe the things that come out of his mouth. I didn’t believe Nicole but now I believe her. She said that he would make up a lie to get me on the block. Cody says he doesn’t think we cross check what he says to each other. He was telling me that I am going to be the first to go. Cody says Donny if you could only see what I have been saying for the past 4 f**king weeks… That f**ker! I can’t believe he said all that to both of us. I knew he wanted Zach to stay. He’s had him on lock.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-20 14-50-20-047
2:45pm – 2:55pm Donny heads up to the HOH room to talk to Frankie. Donny says I respect your game and I hope you respect mine. Frankie says very much so. Donny says I hope to make it as far as possible. Donny says If I am still here I would do anything to keep you here. They don’t want to take you to the end but I would take you because I want to beat the best. I would hate to make it this far and nothing else. Frankie says we have something going on that no one else knows about with this team america thing. Obviously the whole house has turned against us at one point or another. Donny says you are such a powerful player .. once I am gone there is no one that will want to take to the end. Frankie says when I am in power I will not put you up and I will not send a vote your way. I will try to sway others away also. Some times it will work, some times it won’t. Donny says there is nothing I wouldn’t do to help you get to the end. They won’t help you get to the end. They will want to take Victoria. Frankie says I agree with you. Donny says I am on your side for the fact that I am a fan of yours. The reason I want to help you get there is for the simple fact alone that maybe if you’re there I can get America’s Favourite, if nothing else. Frankie says thank you. I think that is smart, well throughout and I totally agree with you. Donny says okay thank you and just think about it because I know you can’t win HOH this week. Donny says I was scared to even talk to you. Frankie says he’s glad he did. Donny leaves the HOH room.

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Big-Brother-16-2014-08-20 14-50-59-075

“The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie

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And I’m 73rd… ?!?
On a lighter note: I wonder why BB keeps on showing fish when noone is singing every now and then for the past hour.
Are they uncomfortable with the idea of people seeing that Donny tells-no-lie has been telling people different stories, and that they actually compare notes?
He went from playing not at all to playing too hard too fast in like a millisecond. And all that hurry for trying to save Zach. The others could have told him that Zach isn’t exactly the most valuable ally to have… That was a stupid decision from Donny to risk it all (and lose) for Zach.

Donny to Cody: “If I don’t make it to F2, I’d be rooting for you and Nicole. And if it was the 2 of you, I’d vote for you to win.”
Donny to Christine and Frankie: “It would be so disappointing if Cody made it to F3.”
Donny to the entire house: “I’ve never told a single lie in this house.”
He’s fighting the entire house, but he’s a hypocrite.


And what show have you been watching? Donny isn’t trying to keep Zach – he’s just playing with the HG’s minds – and while they all laugh at him – he’ll be laughing back when he wins America’s Favorite!


Oh, I agree with you 100%.
You mention the shows I’m watching.
Yes, according to the golden – no, platinum – edit he gets on the CBS shows, he’ll win America’s Favorite.
So far, they have shown his goodbye message on the thursday show EVERY TIME (there are usually 3 or 4 shown), with a sentimental background music so that everyone would say “aaawwww!” They show him fighting alone against everyone else, for which he has my honest respect.
But I’m just voicing my opinion that him winning America’s Fave wouldn’t be so obvious if they didn’t hide how he’s whining to everyone how he deserves to be there since he’s so honest while he’s playing the same game as everyone else. And that game includes telling everyone a different story. I DO find him more likeable than most of the other HGs, but why not be impartial and show the CBS viewers what’s really going on?
And let’s face it. We all know why there hasn’t been any endurance HOH all this time. All those virtually IDENTICAL A/B type of HOHs were the result of CBS desperately trying to help him out.


Thanks, this gives me hope that Donny really IS America’s favorite, Ariana’s brother notwithstanding. Best case, Frankie is not F2 and Donny still wins it.

Incidentally, who can blame Donny for playing? He’s a pragmatic fellow, has continued to be basically decent to everyone, and he probably decided “Well hell, if I can’t beat ’em I may as well join ’em.”

What irks me is HG’s like Cody and Christine and Derrick getting all angry and defensive about it, attacking Donny on a personal level behind his back, as if they are pure as the driven snow when they are mean-spirited snakes. Cody and Christine have no idea what’s going on, could have helped themselves by listening to Donny’s points and keeping their blabbing mouths shut. Frankie is smarter so is keeping his convo closer. Derrick is seething that Donny has his # and is talking about it. We might see authoritarian bad cop rear his ugly head!


In Cody’s best interest to shut up and just listen to Donny? Donny wanted him out over Zach!


They act as if everybody but Donny has the prerogative to talk trash. He has been isolated from the very beginning and it’s so obvious they only interact with him when they need something from him,otherwise he’s the house pariah. I don’t know anybody who wouldn’t reach the boiling point regarding that type of treatment.

Cody is the worse. People with little minds are only as prickly as he is. If he were confident in his game (and not following Derricks blueprint for winning Derrick the money),he’d laugh it off and even understand to some degree why Donny said anything about them. Christine can’t see beyond her hatred for practically everybody so she’ll cut her own throat (metaphorically speaking) to stay another day within the inner sanctum.

Realistically Donny has run the numbers/scenarios and he knows that the path to victory for him is slim to non-existent. So I can totally see why he’d cause some chaos or throw out some alliance possibilities to the unwilling blob (Detonators/Bomb Squad/Derrick’s Clueless Posse), if only to make them feel just a slight bit of what he has dealt with all season. That group has been sitting too smug and too comfortable for too long.


Christine and cody. Two biggest dumb f@Cks / v@ginas ive seen play the game


Anybody else disgusted with Cody’s constant deep nose snorting and snot eating? Someone should throw a box of tissues at him…

The Snotmeister

It’s revolting. Someone needs to put together a compilation video of all of that hideousness and post it on Youtube.

BB Mom

So glad someone else is disgusted by that. It is sooo gross

Kathie from Canada

Donnie is doing everything he can to light a fire under someone, anyone, but his ship is sunk now. These idiot players will worship at the altar of Derrick and gratefully wait in line to collect their eviction slips. They deserve everything they get! How unfortunate that Donnie has had to endure being locked up with a bunch of half baked potatoes. They have literally conceded the game to Derrick. What a pathetic seasons this has been.


I cant wait till some of these houseguests get out and see how much they are hated…i.e. frankie christene cody derrick


hate to say it but I think derrick is sitting there going the people in my alliance are so damn dumb this is easy they keep no cards for themselves they have no outs by him normally the thing Donny is doing would work perfectly but as is cristine cody and Victoria might as well say just tell me when im supposed to leave and I will act shocked because im to stupid to see it coming


I’m starting to believe Christine has her own big brother mission of the summer: to make us loathe her as much as possible. Good job b!tch.


I totally agree. I hate her more and more each day! She throws anyone good under the bus! She is just boy crazy and loves attention from them! I feel bad for her husband. If you are married, you don’t act the way she does!

Nera's Mommy

What’s with Christine hating everyone, except Cody and Derrick? If she had a scintilla of intelligence, she would have thought hard about what Donny was really saying to her. But she had to go running to her boy toy and blurt out everything, embellishing the conversation. What an IDIOT! Did nothing Donny said resonate with her even the tiniest bit?

God, she’s just a big bag of SUCK!

Shaking my Head

Definitely saw that coming. Christine talks sh*t about Donny all the time. She’s such a waste. Stuck up Cody’s a** constantly. I was hoping she’d seriously consider working with Donny, as it would be in her best interest longterm….. But alas. She couldn’t possibly contain herself whilst in bed with Cody. So disgusting.

Zack fan

Rattine cant help herself


I knew this possum face bi*ch was going to run and tell. I can’t wait until her a** is out the house.


Donny is not stupid. He knew darn well that whatever he said would be repeated but it is helping to create paranoia and doubt. The in-fighting will start shortly and Donny can sit back and smile. Donny FTW


I hope you’re right Taylor!!


Mission accomplished, Donny.


If his mission is to be evicted next, yep, mission accomplished.

Derrick and Franke were protecting him. They aren’t any more — and he already was the No. 1 target for everyone else. Unless he wins HOH or veto, or the returning HG wins HOH, he’s gone next week.

go donny

Frankie and Derrick are not protecting Donny they are protecting their so called team american image by pretending to protect him. At this point he has nothing to lose he already knows he is going next. He is trying to show some seeds so these idiots don’t just roll over and give the money to Derrick. At this point he should just go all out and bring them all together and run it down play by play just to let them know he is not as stupid as they think he is.


I am with you. Derrick and Frankie both have been willing to sacrifice Donny any chance they have gotten. The first time they blamed it on his refusal to follow through with one of the TA challenges. It is only after he saves his own ass (every time) that they flip their scripts and are all about TA again.
And as far as his latest maneuvers, there is no doubt in my mind that he knows right well that they will run off and tell each other everything that he says.


Too right! Derrick has even tried to mist America by saying in the live Diary Room vote on Thursday that he’s TA, then admits that he would have gotten Donny out if he hadn’t won BOB. LIAR LIAR pants on fire!!! I hope it’s Derricks turn to burn this next week. Hurry up Zach/Hayden and get back in this game… I want to see some Karma on these douchebags!!!! Nice going Christine, you look stupider by the day hahahahahaha Hope you’re gone in the double eviction next week!


To go Donny: I put the info you wanted on the other update but since do not know if you will be reading that update again the things they said Donny did, but he did not do, like making comments about his private parts, grabbing his junk, etc. where in the update below the other one and in a school setting regardless of your job that will get you terminated especially in the South. Also, the number I gave you was provided to me by CBS Communications so if you doubt the number please just google CBS commnunications and call that number and ask for the number for CBS Television and they will give you 212 975-4321 as they did me. You were not helping me but I think that these immature brats, be it the 31 year old pink immature nut or a 21 year old kid irregardless of physical age, have absolutely no right to try and ruin a man or woman’s reputation that he has worked to establish his entire life and it is a disgrace that CBS/BB did not block the feeds for that but they will block the feeds because someone calls Frankie DISGUSTING which is the absolute truth. Think they need to be taught a word their parents apparently never bothered to explain to them and that is accountability. Make up lies about someone and damage their reputation and you will have consequences. They should all go home that took part in the conversation about Donny, but if you choose to do nothing and believe what they did is acceptable that is your choice. No relation to Donny but just think he is one of the few in BB that have redeeming qualities and do not believe these little twits have any whatsoever.


This is Big Brother where anything goes short of physical violence. I’m curious where were you last year while BB 15 was going on? The bullying on that season between women especially the biggest bully in the house Amanda who went after Elissa not only insulting her but her kids and her marriage and her reputation !!! The outrage from viewers who wanted Amanda kicked off the show was unprecedented but allowed to continue by CBS because it was entertainment gold and was garnering massive attention. Sorry but nothing will result from all your efforts either. Aaryn & Spencer also made cruel jokes about other players in the house as well last year. Amanda even went as far as making death threats against other house guests too..


Derprick and Fakie had already plotted how to get out Donny next week. Donny knew they were ready to pull the trigger and get him out. They’ve treated him like a child and expected him to kiss their butts for the privilege.


Please. Like Donny isn’t going to go up again next week unless he or the evicted HG wins HOH? He has nothing to lose at this point.

Amanda queefs slop

I hate Christine! She is tarnishing Donny’s name and making crap up that he never said. This could ruin his life outside the game. She should listen to Donny because her a$$ is on the chopping block.Those guys couldn’t care less about her ugly a$$. Team Donny!!!


This won’t hurt Donny. Everyone knows what a lying POS Ratine is and we love watching Donny make her crazy. But the thing is if she would have listened to him and told VapidVic the truth and maybe got her to vote NoBallsCody out Ratine could have a chance. But now she’s just the sleazy Ho she’s always been.

Art in the Dark

Seriously Christine! You had a chance to show some balls and you squeal as soon as you leave the room. SUCH A DISAPPOINTMENT!

So tired of Donny’s mistreatment by a bunch of immature and egotistical punks. I am no fan of Frankie but he better give Donny’s words some thought because he would have him and Caleb. Donny has been pretty much spot on all of his theories about the game and all they can do is say he’s a liar. Shame on them.

Production please rethink how you cast people in the future b/c I am tired of watching children’s games.


All I have to say is wooooooooooooow.


I give up with these people. In the BB house information is “currency”. Would you give away money? No. So don’t give away information unless there is a purpose for that exchange of info! Keeping some info for yourself is essential. Morons. C’mon Christine and Cody. Get real.


Christine just gets worse and worse every day. She’s got to be one of my least favorite bb players of all time! For a “superfan” you’d think she’d be smarter about info she gets. This goes for the rest of the house too. The second someone tells them something they run off and rat them out! They should keep their conversations private in case they need that person later on. Isn’t this common sense?! These idiots don’t know how to play this game.


Go figure? I guess they’re all competing for brownie points from their leader. Like a good troupe, they’re just waiting on the eviction order and go out like good sports. There’ll always get another opportunity for a chance at 500k for sleeping and eating and talking trash. smh


Wow… I don’t have the effort to rant anymore because it’s worthless. I’m still team #ZachAttack #FearDaBeard but I don’t get these other people, I just don’t.

If don’t want to win or align with Donny that is totally fine, but why spill the info? BB 101 gather info and use for yourself, but by revealing it Donny doesn’t get affected because he is already in trouble but you lose info that could be beneficial to you. And yes I’m looking at you Frankie, Victoria, Cody, and Christine…. Oh wait I didn’t mention Zach or Derrick, wanna know why? Because they understand how to play BB.

Just an absolutely embarrassing season on every level.


Someone must be dosing these HGs with sodium pentathol in order to have all the secrets spilled. There is no other explanation, rational or otherwise

The Truth

Lol @ Rob.


I agree on every level minus Zack knowing how to play. He doesn’t know how to play and I think that is why he is such a character. Zach releases all the information he obtains, which makes for an interesting strategy. Unfortunately the only one that really uses every bit of information to his advantage is Derrick. God I hope someone catches on and evicts him. Donnie knows what’s going on, but these children just won’t give him a break. So sad!


Oh totally Zach is a complete character but I was referring to the HG who tell everyone what Donny tells them (I forgot to write Caleb as well). On some level Zach wanted out of the Detonators or he would have never revealed everything to everyone. BUT Zach never tells none about his convos with Donny and that was what I was referring to.


Do any of these houseguests have a brain cell? (minus Donnie) Am really disgusted on how they talked about Donnie last night. This game has become a game children play. Do not know whether I will even finish the season


Christine is ridiculous!!! Geeeze

Beach girl

Christine who is so in love with her husband runs and jumps into bed with Cody and they cuddle and rub each other. Such disrespect for her marriage!


Stupid little _______!


If Zach leaves, he will come back and target Frankie!!!

Detonate 'Em

Poor Donny! He and Derrick are playing chess while everyone else is playing High School Hot Tub. The others are just too stupid to realize that they’ve been had and their only slim chance at winning would be to pair with Donny.


I wish somebody would finally listen to Donny. I think that Donny’s best chance is for Hayden to come back into the game. Zach would come back and listen to Derrick. He likes Derrick. I think Nicole would come back in the house and go right to Derrick. She has already said that she trusts Derrick but not Cody. Hayden is the only one who might listen to Donny and try to get rid of these jerks.


I could not agree with you more. Everyone wants Zach to come back. I get it he makes for good TV, but his game play sucks. I really hope Hayden comes back, because I know he would work with Donny. I hope that the comp is similar to last year’s and that Hayden hangs on for dear life.


You guys seem to forget that Hayden was terrible at the game. Him coming back simply means he’ll be back for one week, lose any competition he is in, then get evicted. You need someone back like Zach or even Nicole who actually has a chance at winning a competition.


Christine….c’mon really. At this point in the game, there’s no reason for you to have to tell your alliance members anything, especially if Donny or Buyback person, who’s obviously gonna align with Donny, win HOH next week. And to add to that, she didn’t even take the time to sit on what Donny said to evaluate her current position in the game. Christine and Cody really do deserve each other since they’re both idiots who can’t think for themselves and are just Derrick’s little minions. Now I really want Zach to call out Christine during live eviction night. #ZACHATTACK




Christine…….sweetie you just ruined your game and I was rooting for you to be strong but obviously you think cody and derrick will take you to final 3!!! :Oh Derrick I’m sorry, I didn’t know you were never nominated or part of team america….here’s your $500,000 check……Oh hey Victoria…..let me give you $50,000!


Donny Donny Donny….don’t come out so hard and fast.. it will cause them to further close ranks.


When you’ve got nothing, you’ve got nothing to lose. Donny knows that if he doesn’t win HOH or POV next week he’s gone so why not plant the seeds. Even if they just grow weeds it will confuse these simple minds. And since he’s already telling the truth when they see it actually happening and can’t stop it they’ll know what losers they really are.


I guess most of ya’ll called it: Christine spilled the beans. I actually didn’t think she would.

I wouldn’t be upset if Derrick wins; he’s played a good game, a master manipulator he is, but I do want to see who he really is by seeing him in danger, i.e., on the block. It’s so easy to tell Zach and others that they already won by getting a key (to BB) but don’t you just want to say STFU!

The two people I don’t want to see win, either 1st or 2nd place, are Victoria and Cody.


I would honestly rather see Victoria in the final 2 than Christine.


the only way Donny get help is form us in production dopov
for him please production help Donny out for us he want to take Frankie to the end
derrick don’t nobody do if you want Frankie to be at the end please help Donny
if you can give him some kind of power anything you got to do to help him please
do derrick is not taken Donny or Frankie
but Donny will take Frankie please help Donny thank you production form the fans


Cody and Christine are just…idk how Christine hasn’t had an epiphany regarding her marriage after the zing comments. You would think any self respecting married woman would want to set things right and therefore vote Cody out.


Well we know she is no self respecting married women! In the end she will lose the game, all respect that any of her family and friends had for her and she will lose her husband!!! If he stays with her after everything she has done to him, he is crazy! If she acts like this in front of thousands of viewers, I wonder how she acts behind closed doors!


She claimed sometime before Zingbot zinged her that her husband wanted her to be a MILF, so maybe they really are a match made in heaven.


She seems to have an insanely short attention span (except when it comes to hating people or touching Cody).


I know the ratchetiness of Crustina was going to go back and twist the conversation. Please for the sake of goodness, please let Zach or Nicole come back to win the buy-back and either Zach/Nicole/Donny win HOH. It will be so funny to see how her Ratchetiness jumps side.


Donny’s going home after zach. Then caleb. Then victoria. Then christine. Then frankie. Cody/ Derrick final two. what a shitty season.


Derprick’s plan is to get Fakie out after Donny. Then march his way to the end with VapidVic.

Just Saying

Christine is not making it to final 3, she’s most likely going out on this week’s HOH or the next week’s HOH


I’m thinking: Donny or buyback, Donny or buyback, Christine, Caleb, Cody, Frankie. Derrick wins against Victoria (maybe not unanimously since Cody aka *why aren’t I the mastermind* might be pretty butthurt still). Ugh so boring. I would much rather be surprised.


I’m soo done with Christine! I was hoping she would redeem herself but NO, she had to run and tell Cody. Screw you Christine!!!!!!!


Christen is such a little weasel.. It was only a matter of time till she ran back to tell. Can’t wait till she leaves
Cody doesn’t like u fuck !


-_- Christine…..
Why are these people afraid to make a move? They have to know it’s coming eventually… I just don’t get it, they should be playing Big Brother trying to win 500k for themselves not for Derrick.
The only people playing the game are Donny, Zach, Derrick, and even Frankie in a way.

Victoria would be an easy person to take to final 2 because it is a guaranteed win since she did nothing.
Christine did whatever the Detonators asked like their little puppet, but even so, I doubt anyone would take her to final 2.
Caleb is the only one on Earth who believes there is still a bomb squad…. and for that alone he shouldn’t be awarded final 2.
Cody hasn’t done much of anything except be Derrick’s lapdog, I however wouldn’t be surprised if he is in final 2.
Frankie has won comps and he better hope he keeps winning because I don’t think anyone would take him either, I do however think some of his “wins” were orchestrated in his favor.
Derrick is in a perfect position to be in final 2 and win the game and over anyone except Donny he probably should win.
Donny and Zach would be my ideal final 2, they are both awesome, and have fought to be here.

Sorry this is long, but Christine put me in a ranting mood.


You’re right. The only ones who care about winning are Frankie, Derrick, and Donny. I have no idea why the rest of them are there. Oh, right; they want to be reality show stars. Whatever that means.


1. Fame 2. Twitter followers 3. $50k. Nitwits.

Pretzel Twist

Christine is such a disgrace! Literally the first thing she did (DR doesn’t count) was tattle on Donny. And no Christine you didn’t just say uh-huh.

Cody has some nerve calling Donny a liar.

>As if they told each other everythingthe first bone was taken but she actually handed one to the other team afterwards (though both looked like the dud-bones). Ugh Christine, if you’re not going to give a sincere apology or own up to what happened why bring it up, so unnecessary.

Pretzel Twist

My post got shredded!

fixed part:

>As if they told each other everything> I wrote something of the sort then About the episode where she tried to screw Donny with the bones.

Pretzel Twist

I don’t understand why my post keeps getting ripped apart, there’s a piece missing again. Is it getting ripped by the moderator, why? I have yet to use vulgar vocabulary or anything of the sort.

Lawon's Special Power

Jen from Big Brother 8 has won more competitions than Cody has…..

….let that sink in for a moment Cody.

christine the snake

Christine is so stupid! Haha like the guys will take you to the end…..SMH


Well I thought Crustine would redeem herself (and maybe let her husband see that she’s been just playing the game)… BUT NO!! She had to run to tell her lover CODY immediately!!

She really is a ridiculous stupid cow. Has she never watched this game. Why take what Donny told her and run to Cody. Keeping information and a possible vote to yourself makes so much more sense then just blurting it out as another reason to crawl into bed with Cody (and maybe catch get a free feel of some wake-up wood)

Jeez is this cast stupid and predictable. For heavens sake production.. save this show!!!


There’s no way this girl is a super fan, not with how she is playing the game right now. She lacks any serious game play when it comes to Big Brother — so happy for the experience. If she truly wanted to win, she wouldn’t give away anything and everything she learns, with the hope that one of the guys will take her to the end. Why doesn’t she pursue taking someone to the end herself? Seriously, this girl doesn’t know the meaning of “super fan.”

Oh Well

What can I say – Donny’s game seems to be coming to an end – but at least he’s going out with style. We know that if production wanted to – they would continue to water the seeds that Donny is planting – but I don’t think there’s any hope of that happening.


Donny’s game will come down to winning competitions….simply as that…so he could still be around hopefully!


Off with her head!!!
You heard what Christine said, Production told Calbeb to toss the bone, I wonder for what reason they would tell Calbeb to do that. Once she revealed that piece of information, Production called her into the diary room. I wonder what that’s all about. Who can be trusted on/in BB – evidently no one not even BB. This is a mess!!!

He’s got to win HOH but now I don’t even see him doing that. Our poor Donny he tried, not in less he has a reason for going to Cody and Christine – IDK I’m just crushed right now, just crush


What is this, the season of repetition? How many times can you call out a person in a group format in order to deflect attention? This is bound to backfire. Donny will push back


He may push back and then say but I was telling the truth and call everyone out to would he/she said and let the fire works work, it’s a long shot but they say horse races have been won in long shots. IDK


God, I hate Christine.

Lawon's Special Power

Even Christine’s husband knows Christine should align with Donny. Although I’m not sure about the “prouder” part.

Timothy Brecht @timstinks · 1h
ReplyReplied to 0 times RetweetRetweeted 83 times83 FavoriteFavorited 292 times292


Instead of making him proud she ran to Cody’s arms…so gross!


Christine is such a cow.
She’s a bad person who’s infatuated with Cody.

Karma is a bitch – she better watch out.


I HATE that skank. Wish her only the bad karma


Wow, Chrustine is so stupid. She had a chance to save her game and possibly her marriage if she could have put her hormones in check long enough to consider what Donny was telling her. Instead she runs to fondle snivel snatch and tattle with Derrick faking sleep in the next bed. I hope she has a long time to consider her poor choices and the consequences of her crush on Cody when she is booed off the stage and sent to jury. When both Christine and Cody are in jury (and they will be) I can’t imagine what her husband will be thinking she might be doing without the 24/7 camera. She deserves all the flack she is going to get.


Really, it didn’t take Chrisine long to climb in bed with her gigolo and spill her guts, poor Donnie! I am not giving up hope! I really hope the audience lets them know how they feel! Poor Tim she is not playing the game,she is playing for attention !


Frankie believes Donny and he knows he is the low man on that totem poll.. the fact that the house already tried to get Frankie out makes him believe Donny…

The Snotmeister

I’m not a Frankie fan, but I hope he takes heed of what Donny said. Derrick’s not going to let Frankie get to final two.

Guliana from New York

Jeez Christine is unbelievable. I can’t wait for when they boot her ass out next week, or the following week. What a moron. I’m beyond sick of all these people except Donny. Christine is such a disgusting person. She’s only been married for 2 years and she’s alre behaving like that. If anyone can remember, when she first came into the house the first thing she said was that she was married and she needed to room with ONLY females. So not only have her morals been thrown out the window, so has her brain. This woman have no respect for her marriage, or even herself.

Pink Skunk


Kill Beauty And The Beast

I really hate Cody and Christine !

Christine the Airhead

just when I thought she couldn’t get any dumber or blinder, she proves me wrong.
congrats, Christine. you’ll be leaving the house before your manchild boy toy and beast-mode-can’t-win-a-competition.

I hope Donny gets HOH next week just so she will see that she is the most expendable member of the alliance. stupid foolish girl.


Christine reminds me of that puppet thing on the movie Saw. Hate her stupid laugh too. These houseguests suck!


Why would I let myself think there may itty bitty teeny tiny redeeming quality in Christine?!
So disappointed. And so very sorry Donny!