Frankie – “I’m trying to crush all his hopes and Dreams.. I have to.. there’s no other option”

POV Holder: Frankie Next POV Aug 16th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 18th
HOH Winner 1: FRANKIE HOH Winner 2: Derrick
Battle of the Block Winner Donny & Christine Next HOH Aug 21st
Original Nominations: Derrick’s Noms (Donny & Christine) Frankie’s Noms (Caleb & Cody)
Final Nominations: Zach & Cody
Have Nots Christine & Victoria
POV Players Cody, Caleb, Frankie, Victoria, Donny, Christine

BB16-2014-08-18 15-29-26-501

3:07pm LIving Room Derrick, Cody and Donny
Derrick tells them about the live feeds and how flashback works. COdy had no idea. Derrick says theres a lot of down time on the feeds. Donny called into the Diary room.

Indoor lockdown is called frankie thinks theres music. Victoria walks by Frankie comments on how gorgeous she looks. Cody follows her into the bathroom.. neighborhood watch.

Frankie says the teddy bear they took of Christine’s didn’t count.. Frankie had also hid something from Christine’s competition outfit they are checking to make sure they have footage of it.

Feeds go to fish.. When we comes back Cody is with them they are talking about why they are in lockdown Derrick says after a hour his paranoid minds starts thinking competition.

3:30pm Victoria, CHristine, Donny and Derrick Chit chat in the living room. Wondering why they are on lockdown. Frankie says it can’t be a luxury competition that would leave for too much to show on Wednesday/Thursday show
Derrick thinks they are just doing maintenance in the backyard.

Talk moves to the COmpetition on THursday. Derrick thinks it will be physical but not endurance. Frankie and Christine think the competition will be the one where you fill up buckets and have a ladle to do it. Derrick – there really is no method to that one.. Don’t fall and go fast… don’t drop that cup
Derrick doesn’t think he will do good at that competition.

Derrick and Christine mention they have never seen the wall endurance comp with only 7 people. Christine says they do the spinning endurance with 7 people.

Lockdown is over houseguests go outside to check things out.

BB16-2014-08-18 15-40-57-414

Nothing has changed, Cody discovers that the grill has been burning the wall of the house.

BB16-2014-08-18 15-47-01-598

Frankie hides Christine’s shoes

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BB16-2014-08-18 15-47-35-741
3:44pm Frankie and Derrick
Because Production tells them the bear they took of Christine’s does not constitute a personal item. Frankie now hides her shoes in the have nots bed. Derrick comes in and Frankie explains what he did. Derrick says obviously they are doing good with the neighborhood watch if Production is getting him correct the first part of the task.

BB16-2014-08-18 16-25-50-853
3:52pm Frankie and Christine
Frankie says production is trying to egg Zach on to keep going, “But I’m trying to crush all his hopes and Dreams”.
Frankie – I have to though there’s no other options.. Already Caleb is nervous
Frankie mentions that Zach has been telling Caleb about all the alliances. Told him they he had a final 3 with Christine and Frankie.
Christine – Zach’s such a butthole. She’s going to leave a mean eviction message
Frankie – I feel that Zach is going to do a bunch more sh1t now
Christine – Like what
Frankie – he’ll hide stuff… I hope he just sticks to that.
Christine – me to
Frankie – I’m going to be super paranoid.. I already had 20 heart attacks about where my makeup bag is..

Frankie – I’m concerned about next week I can’t play HOH it makes me nervous..
Christine say this week was Skerry for her because she couldn’t play, “This HOH i just hope it’s something I can play my heart out”
Frankie – Next week there’s not going to be any snakes in the grass.. Well one
Frankie adds that everything will be straight forward next week no snaking around, Blindsides, Backstabs, Lies and Manipulation.
Christine – WE’re going to try and chop this snakes head off every week.. Swing and a miss..
Frankie – it took our 17th time
Christine – seriously AHHH

Frankie says that Zach is going around saying it’s unfair that he’s here
Christine never heard Zach say that.
Frankie about Zach “He’s a bitter Betty”
Christine – He’s evil.. the house will be so much nicer when hie’s gone
Frankie – he’s bringing up sh1t 5 weeks ago
Christine – He’s literally the worlds biggest baby
Frankie is going to tell Caleb that Zach wanted Caleb out. Christine has information to give to CAleb about Amber being pissed at Caleb for something Zach was saying.
Frankie goes over what Julie chen said last Thursday he questions if there will really be a buy back. Christine doesn’t think so.
Frankie and Christine are surprised at the think Donny said to Cody about the pecking order. Christine and Frankie agree that Zach made up the detonators and los tres amigos. They are going to make up a fake name for the defunct final 3 they had with Zach, “the Smart Bombs”

Frankie is prepared to have to go toe to toe with Zach all week.
Christine says once Zach leaves he’ll have complete control over Caleb again.
Frankie says he’s worried that Zach will try another prank before he’s sent home.
Christine – He’s so gross to be around
They start to study the dates..

BB16-2014-08-18 16-40-08-062

4:41pm Cody is telling them a story about the puppies sh1tting all over the house “Oh my god it was a mess.. it was a Christmas present”

“The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie

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Did you see this today?

Cody comes out to the backyard (shirtless and “bowed up”) and “WARNS” Zach about throwing people under the bus.” He totally had this “OR ELSE” attitude. I just shook my head.



What are you going to do “tough guy?” Seriously, you are a total puss. Heck, EITHER one of the Olsen twins could kick your useless, douche bag, punk ass.

Oh yea, and while we’re at it. Two things a GENTLEMAN never does:

1. Strike a woman.
2. Mess around with a married woman.

There are NO excuses! And BTW Cody, on these two things 50% is NOT a passing score.

Stop embarrassing our gender, Jack-Ass.


Every time Cody talks on tv during his Diary room sessions, he actually sound like a teenage girl. He doesn’t talk like a guy at all.

Another Anonymous

What’s so ironic is that Cody is just sooo offended by Zach throwing people under the bus but Cody sees absolutely nothing wrong with throwing Donny under the bus and telling people what Donny said. Donny keeps trying to get these dumba**es to open their eyes and see what’s going on but they don’t even consider listening to him. They just run tell what he said then congratulate themselves for being too smart to fall for his manipulations. Every. Single. Time. Dumba**es.

Chuckles the Clown

There’s nothing wrong with messing around with a married woman, just don’t do it on TV and don’t let the husband find out.


Also to the point made that cody said don’t talk shit unless they are here he has talked shit about donny everyday since being there and donny has said several times that he likes cody

And cody always touches his balls and runs is hands on people how do these ppl not realize this?!?!


Also I hope that whoever comes back comes back as hoh! Donny would be in good if Haydon comes back or Nicole more Nicole because she could comeback as hoh then the put 2 them up they start turning on each other then she and donny are good to make final 4 with der and cody or caleb frankie or who ever is left I don’t want frankie caleb cody or Victoria to win donny I’m ok with derrick is playing a good game and could use the money


I’m guessing Zach was told by production to look in rule book. He fumbles through a few pages and closes it. Why can’t BB just tell him the page already I would love for him to stay with Donny.


Give Zach the page!!!!!!


any idea why they were suggesting he read the rules?

The Truth

Exactly which page is going to save Zach? He was backdoored. Deal with it.


Some rule about not being able to tell the house guest they are being evicted. You deal with that


Frankie broke the renom rule. He can’t tell the person that theya going up as replacement

The Truth

And when exactly has Production ever enforced that “rule”? Never in the 11 seasons I’ve seen.


Somebody said Season 11 or 13

The "Truth" is lame

They did it to Brendumb when he told Brittney that she was going up. They made him change his nom.


I wonder if Frankie warned Zach in hopes of the renom rule so he can do it without them having time to scramble to save themselves


I’m so sick of Frankie, he ruined Zach’s game with this Team America BS and now he’s just being an asshole. I actually hate him more than Natelie from BB11. Please BB, save Zach!!!!


Frankie and Christine SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!! Please SHUT UP!!! Lying pieces of shit are you kidding me Frankie saying you need to crush zachs hopes?? He’s a human being who trusted you and had your back!! Christine is a coffee making cheating slut fuck and I honestly want them be publicly hated on by America!! I CANT TAKE THEIR SHIT ANYMORE!!!!


I have been saying the same thing today, its hard to watch and read about. They are over the top, mean. They are both vile and delusional people. The things they say are so harsh.


Talk about throwing someone under the bus and then backing up over him until you feel good about yourself! Keep kicking zach while he’s down…at the end of the day…Frankie and Christine are just disgusting people!!!!


Frankie and Christine- the blind leading the blind. No offense

pants on fire

No Christine, you would be the one that would be gross to be around!! It’s time to get Woody Woodpecker out of the house…at this point I don’t care about Derrick and Cody…I would rather have them over this obnoxious little freak!! I seriously don’t want to knock the token gay guy…but I think it is extremely unfair for someone like that being able to snuggle and get cozy with both genders. At least last year Andy wasn’t crawling all over and kissing everybody!!


I thought last years season was a total waste with the little rat faced pecker head winning, but this guy takes the cake. I can definately and without a doubt admit and say out loud that I hate that little troll headed, rat faced, snake in the grass, Frankenstein!

Fingers crossed

Production recommended Zach read the rules, but told him to wait to bring it to anyone’s attention until Thursday night. #PIPEDREAM

Kathie from Canada

If only …


Yeah but… we all know Zack can’t keep a secret.

My name is

What is this about Zach and the rule book?

I am


mr ed

IDIOT !!!!


Frankie and derrick make me sick! They remind me of the season where maggie won, the derrick, and ivette, the frankie, was number two. Two people America did not want to win. I can not believe these two are team America.


more BB12… In BB6 the house was divided..
this season everyone goes with what the house wants, there has only been 1 alliance dominating this entire game
and all the girls are again intimidated by the boys..

BB16 is indeed the worst season ever

Nerd Herd

Does that mean Donny is the janelle of this season? I hope their faiths are different though it would suck if Donny made it to final 3 to only have one of those headaches tell him to get to stepping


Derrick and Frankie no one likes you two. Stop talking to the cameras!
Christine claims each person that’s possibly evicted will make the house nicer. STFU
Does she really say “skerry”? Every time I read it I say it with a slur for some odd reason LOL.

New Super Maria Sisters. W

I like Derrick. Better to have a player that fought from the start, then one that floats, snitches or Jocastas.


By attacking zach like this These people sicken me. I can’t stand these people specially Frankie and Christine . Feel so bad for zach, hope he comes back on Thursday and wins HOH


They used Zach all the missions they have tried to complete, maybe they should give him a cut.

My Truth

It wasn’t mentioned that FAKIe in his conversation with RATine also said that NIC was a c***. Now we see the ONE MAN SHOW reveal who he really is.


Frankie is a mean ass person with no heart and I hope he gets evicted soon by Zach when he comes back in.

Kathie from Canada

He is taking such sadistic pleasure in his quest to totally destroy Zach. So not necessary. If the others had half a brain, they would take heed knowing that when they get the boot, they too will be on the receiving end of the same garbage since they love joining in on the carnage.

Cocoa Puffs

Stupid move on the Frankie’s part putting Zach up.


By all means leave Zach a nasty message. That way when you learn that an evicted houseguest is coming back and Zach is the one to come back you will be target #1.

Even if Zach doesn’t come back why would you piss off a jury member? You do realize THEY (not America) votes for who wins.


Zach is disgusting? Do the world a favor and DROP DEAD!!!


While I’m at, same goes for you Frankie!

Brokeback Gayleb

Wait till Squidward finds out that America and Canada find HER disgusting !!!


The Freakie show has got to go!!


Question: Why do they keep calling a possible return specifically a “buyback”?

Also, I hate Frankie.


I wonder where ” buy back ” comes from too. They don’t pay to come back.


It sounds like contract language used by CBS. Meaning CBS ‘buys back’ the player into the BB house as opposed to the jury house. I’m assuming there’s different salaries/stipends associated with each. Of course, I’m only guessing here.


shouldn’t be up to a HG to find when a rule is broken. fix this CBS. or I am done


I am literally, almost totally, at the end of the day, gonna throw them under a bus. No, really, I want to throw them under a bus, literally.


What really disturbed me was Frankies comment…Talking about
“stabbing babies in the heart and basking in their blood”
Who even thinks like that?
Frankie is disturbing in many ways!


Pedo material—beware !!!

Brokeback Gayleb

It’s all for attention…that dramatic flair…that …LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME. one word; SHALLOW


Why did Zach have to wait to tell Caleb about the alliances?? Caleb knows there was a lot going on and it did not involve him from his conversation with Zach the other night, he knows his days are numbered. If Zach would of told several weeks ago, this game might be a lot different.


Honestly with so many alliances floating around, exposing one mean nothing to this group that’s operating with a single brain known as Derrick. They start caring when its too late.


I’ll try to post again……This Freakie show has got to go!!


production look how Christina talking about Donny its not wright at all

Beast Mode Cowgirl

Best case scenario: Cody miraculously goes home and either Nicole or Hayden return to the house, allowing an alliance to be formed between Donny, Zach, Victoria, and Nicole/Hayden. This is actually very possible, with the way Derrick has switched the final outcome so many times. we can at least pray…

Worst case scenario: Zach goes home and Jocasta somehow comes back, resulting in extremely dull reality television. If this happens, I will shat on my kitchen floor and probably never watch Big Brother again.

By the way, Cody hitting himself in the face was the best thing ever. That was the funniest moment of the season for me, which just shows how low my expectations are.

Still praying for a Donny/Zach final two at the end of the game…


What rule was broken? I missed it.


I missed it too… Please someone let us know. What rule was broken? Also… if a rule was broken, why are they wanting Zach to say something? What… is their no one in charge of the BB house? Come to think of it… hasn’t this stuff happened many times before? Like with people cheating on comps and they just go on like nothing happened?


There is apparently a “renom” rule that the HOH can’t announce or broadcast who the replacement nominee is before the Veto ceromony. Frankie broke this rule this week by telling Zach and the house Zach was the replacement nominee.I’m open to correction since I read this online; Brendons nomination of Brittany didn’t count due to breaking this rule. I watched that season and don’t recall if it’s true or not.


It’s meaningless chatter. CBS is teasing the viewing audience by having Zach read the rule book. They are taking advantage of the Twitterstorm the ‘renom’ hashtag generated yesterday. At least that’s what the cynic in me says.

Although Zach is not the first HG to be shown reading the rule book. I’ve seen it done in previous seasons. Rachel Reilly did it on more than one occasion.


When the veto is used, the HOH is not supposed to tell the replacement nominee that they’re going up until the veto ceremony.


Frankie told Zach he was going on the block – Supposedly the rule states HOH is not suppose to tell it until the proper time. CBS (paraphrasing) they were not going to acknowledge the rule. I found what someone wrote I cut and copied it for you:

Here is the exact rule about nominations that Frankkie clearly violated: 10. No one is allowed to talk about the nominations outside the Confession Room. Implied and indirect discussions about the nominations (wanting to nominate an unidentified person with a distinct description, etc.) is also forbidden. Big Brother reserves the right to declare a nomination round invalid. The results of the nominations (i.e. the names of those with the most points) will be announced to the housemates and viewers a couple of hours later. By voting, internet and SMS, the viewers will finally decide who can stay. The result of this vote will be made public in the live show on eviction nights and the housemate who was voted out will leave the house on that same evening. This housemate will get enough time to gather his/her things and to say goodbye. I also agree with aw Cody and his statement about Frankie now clearly bullying and believe it or not BB has a hard and fast rule about that which they also do not abide too. Frankie should be ejected from the game immediately
Someone’s Answer (hope it helps)
unfortunately you are quoting the nom rules for the BB UK/AUS show, as the viewing public does not vote in the US. Too bad we didn’t have a say in all this mess of a season. Brendon broke the nom rule in his season- when did BB stop enforcing it anyway?


I thought my hatred of Rachel was as bad as it could get but thanks to bb 16 I can hate more….freakie Frankie takes the prize.


I’m so over the fakie show! He’s beyond delusional and pushing his lies too far. There’s a difference between game play and mean spiritness. Calling Zach a prolific liar had me on the floor laughing my hiney off. Has he looked in the mirror lately?

Here’s my take for this week eviction and buy back. Just before the HGs go to vote, Zach will bring up the renom rule. Fakie will put up Victoria and she will be voted out. Zach is safe and hopefully hayden will return to the game. Hopefully Zach, Hayden and Donny will team up, flip the house and put the otherside on blast.

If this comes to be…. Now this is a bb worth watching.

My fingers and toes are crossed.


frankie is a nasty piece of shit. he keeps on saying how he loves zach but he is so sadistic in his thinking about getting rid of zach. i hope when zach goes home and watches all the tape on what really transpired he will see frankie for what he really is. zach can get his 15 minutes of fame without frankie’s help.


I don’t think Frankie’s constant comments about zack stealing is appropriate since its him. It’s a little overboard even for him. My dad used to say ” I’m not mad, just disappointed.” Me too I don’t hate these HG’s just so disappointed by the hateful way they play. No redeeming qualities in the ugliness of it and the stupidity.


with all of Calebs stealthness, why hasn’t he caught Derrick talking about the TA mission and the 5k, I mean the guy won’t shut up about it. I hope he gets burnt up, oh but these guys don’t ever question Derrick, pisses me off!


I agree we are all sick of Frankie and Derrick playing to the cameras as if we care . They get more obnoxious as this pitiful game goes on. Frankie is just plain damn evil. That little peacock needs to put out and put out quick. He mauls the guys that will let him or just put up with thinking it will help their game, now how sad is that ?? Christine is just as despicable to me as Amanda was last year and I thought you couldn’t get any worse than her. Are these people so delusional they think America approves of their behavior ? If they were a family member of mine I would be so embarrassed by these three and last but by no means Cody, dear Lord give him panties to wear and a dress, I have never seen such a prissy wussy excuse to be called a man. Go Donny, you are the only decent one in that house . Hope he can feel the love !

Brokeback Gayleb

My neutered dog has more in the sack than Cody-pendent will ever have

Francisco Ulises Cristforo Kalim de Umberto

Caleb reminds mi de mi hermanita Cody has huevitos de algodon Christine is a mujer de la calle Derrick is a dictador Zach es muy loco Victoria is muy fea Frankie is une cobarde Go Donny win it all!

Someone who doesn't speak Spanish

I wish I knew what you just said, as it was probably very witty and clever.

I think it means...

Caleb reminds me of my sister, Cody wears cotton panties, Christine is a tranny, Derrick is a dictator, Zach is crazy, Victoria is ugly, and Frankie is a coward.

Francisco Ulises Cristforo Kalim de Umberto

Cody has little eggs of cotton (cotton balls) & Christine is a street walker (Craig list escort), other than that, muy bueno!

It actually means...

Caleb reminds me of my little sister, Cody has balls of cotton, Christine is a woman of the street (prostitute), Derrick is a dictator, Zach is very crazy, Victoria is very ugly, and Frankie is a coward. Go Donny win it

Fear the Beard

Thanks for the translation

Detonate 'Em

OMG…that is hilarious!!! Best nickname for Cody yet! Good Ole Cottonballs! Thanks for sharing your wit in any language!

Straight Guy

Cottonballs Cody will spoon with anybody for a profit!

Amber's bunny slippers

I think that the guys will start turning on each other and Donny will slip by and win it all. Caleb’s twinkle toes feet smell somebody please rescue me, give me back to Amber or throw me in the trash…………………..


Donny just referred to Caleb as “Creep Mode Cowboy” after Caleb tried to spy on him and Derrick talking. Sounds about right in more ways than one….Caleb is creepy and I’m not talking about how stealth he can be.


What happened that Zach would need a rule book?? I really hope Zach comes back in the house and really causes havoc on all these morons who think they’re such game players by “not getting blood on my hands” all freakin season!!! so boring and annoying!

Just Go Already

Frankie is the worst and Cody is a useless piece of sh*t

Art in the Dark

So tired of hearing Chustine say “I hate this person” “they are soo gross” “such a liar” ugg are we 12? Does anything cognitively interesting ever cross your mind or do you just blurt diarrhea constantly.

The biggest cop-out line of the season is when someone is campaigning for votes and the person says “If I vote for you they house will vote me out next week” I call b.s. I just hate to hear that. Man up grow some balls and make some moves people.

Yours Truly

Dear Christine.

I’ve never had the heart to pick on you before out of pity because you’re so fugly, but I snapped when I saw your Zach is so gross comment.

Christine, don’t you understand that most parents don’t have to tie pork chops around their kid’s neck to get the dog to play with them?

and Christine, I can’t wait until your next HOH when Tim’s letter informs you that your pastor took the Ten Commandments off of the altar and replaced it with a circle backward slash symbol overlaid on your picture.

finally Christine, I want to literally punch you in the face so badly that today I ordered a replacement screen for my laptop, and when it gets here I’m gonna (if I don’t Cody out)

Kathie from Canada

OMG … I laughed until I had tears in my eyes reading your letter! We apparently share the same warped sense of humour. Thanx for making my day!! 😉


Can someone please explain the renom rule. Im lost


When the veto is used, the HOH is not supposed to tell the replacement nominee that they’re going up until the veto ceremony.


As a gay man, I’m am sickened by the way Frankie is acting. He is definitely playing into the worst gay stereotypes! Someone PLEASE…take out the Drama Queen! As for Zach, I say we start a fundraiser for the poor kid. Try for $500,001! That would surely be the best! .


It’s just not being gay, Frankie is an embarrassment to all of us in the human race. He’s been such a privileged, spoiled and rotten child he brought it over to his adult hood, it’s time for him to go home to mommy and leave the rest of us alone and stay off of his sister shirttail.

Ron Swanson

So did production actually say something to Zach about the rules? or is everyone just speculating ? I never minded Frankie before but the way he has spoken about, and to, Zach lately is disgusting. Unacceptable for someone that’s almost 30 years old…….On another note i was thinking today that after the team america task is complete it would be the perfect time for Donny to blow it up to the house. With out a doubt he has to know that hes the bottom of totem pole. He’s got nothing left to lose. By coming clean about TA it could cause a ripple affect of possibilities. Caleb could feel betrayed by Frankie, Vic by Derrick, and he would also finally be revealed as the gamer hes been all year. Zach could be absolved from his “saboteur” status and possibilty sparred if Caleb and Vic flop, and more importantly Donny could gain favor in the house. In effect it could result in a house reset. With a returning house guest this Thurs (who will surely align with him) he could finally gain some momentum on his side.


Frankie’s actually in this thirties. He’s been lying about his age. Which is very pathetic…

Nana B

Deputy Dog has been getting his jollies with this little cops and robbers skit. I’m surprised he didn’t ask for a badge so he could be the “chief of police”.
Also is it just me or is anyone else starting to think of the color pink as disgusting!

Frankie is a genius

Ok what if Frankie is just another level genius and he is aware of the Renom rule and is trying to save Zach for a last minute chance to put Derrick up???

He’s going over the top to get everyone to tell him he is nominated.

If Frankie is pulling off a move this genius then…damn

Brad H

Fuck Frankie… Really hope he, Cody, or Christine don’t win this game or even make it to F2

Eric Stein

CBS is going to make a new show called “Naked and Afraid…and Gay.” Frankie and Zack will be paired up first. I can’t wait to see how they stay warm.


i really wish Cody would go to jury this week. Give the game a huge twist instead of predictable mindless tv. I have really enjoyed Zach thus far. At first he got on my nerves but then I began to understand he was becoming the game. Thanks to Zach Ive started enjoying watching Big Brother again. I fear that if he leaves Thursday that I won’t enjoy the game as much.


Agreed. Tell him there’s one person left he hasn’t cuddled with this season and that person is Julie Chen. Time to go see her!

Frankie knows about the Renom rule!

Promise…he’s taking care of his boy the super stealth method…Derrick is a gonner…watch!


Lol, I’ve been hearing this all day and it’s making my head hurt.

Frankie is getting way too much credit. Frankie has no master plan to save Zach. If he did then he wouldn’t be talking nearly the amount of crap he has been about him to anyone and everyone who’ll listen.

Frankie is going to be in a world of hurt when he gets out of the house and realizes how many people seriously do not like him after his actions in the house. I just hope that bis behavior in the real world isn’t as appalling as what we’ve seen from him this season.

It’s what thing to play the role of villain in the game. Fine that’s ok. But he’s taking the insults and bashing to a personal level that have nothing to do with the game anymore for no reason other than others are getting more attention and adulation than him.

Pathetic. And this man is 31 years old? This is what happens when you get babied and pampered your whole life and never have to actually live in reality.


I know Zach gets a bad rap, but I think Frankie is MUCH worse. I think deep down that Zack is a sweetheart, he’s just spoiled.Oh, And Zack is 23, Frankie is 31. Frankie is a immature, needy, clingy man.


Christine about Zach: “He’s literally the worlds biggest baby.”

Uhh have you met Cody? Or are you too busy staring into his eyes and stroking him to actually listen to him speak?


As soon as this disgusting group manage to oust Donny………….I’ll be gone as well. This show is way to depressing with the meaness and unnecessary low blows. Can these people really think and act like this in real life? It actually breaks my heart to watch Donny and what he has to go through each and every day in there. I hope he feels the love when he gets the hell ot of there!

Amanda has slop in her piss slit

No offense taken cause the blind cant see your comment anyways 😉

Brad H

If I was Donny, I would go to Caleb and tell him that I’m in an alliance with Frankie & Derrick, but don’t trust them anymore…I would say it’s team America, but I’m not sure if BB would allow that. I would have him go to Frankie so Caleb could say he overheard Derrick & me talking about our alliance when he was creepin around. Frankie would probably give it away… Donny has nothing to lose so he might as well try anything he can to get someone to work with him. Sounds crazy, but it could work especially since Caleb is already skeptical from what Zach told him about the Detonators!!!

Francisco Ulises Cristforo Kalim de Umberto

Cody has little eggs of cotton (cotton balls) & Christine is a street walker (Craig list escort), other than that, muy bueno!