Big Brother 18 Countdown to the LIVE FEEDS and Rumor Roundup

Big Brother 18 is almost here and like every year twitter accounts emerge claiming twists and casting rumors galore. This year the main ones seem to be focused on returning house guests and coaches. There’s also a healthy dose of villains and heroes type rumors, but this is usually the most common one. The returning houseguests one is being repeated by many sources. However I suspect it’s people just having fun. As for scheduling we find out tomorrow about the cast and probably withing the next couple days Julie Chen will go on a tour with ET showing us the house. At which point buckle up, I hope you are ready. Here’s how the start will go down.

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Podcast Mashup – Big Brother 17 After Show episode 8 hosted by Kevin Zelman, Ryan Hooks, Ashley Iocco (BB Season 14), Jen Johnson (BB Season 8) – all super fans! On the Block – With hosts Spencer Clawson and Mccrae Olsen from Big Brother 15 talk with Clay Honeycutt about last nights double eviction and Jason Roy gives his rundown of the game thus far. Unfortunately AM 2 PM did not produce an episode this week but stay tuned for one to come out soon. Also Simon did another podcast guest appearance on the Kill Show last week.

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“I have no f****ing clue what Zach will ask us.. Maybe hey Cody Fruit Loops or Cheerios”

5:13pm Living room everyone
Chit chat.. Looks like Victoria is back to rubbing/stroking for final 2

They hope Big Brother lets them listen to music tomorrow morning today they didn’t even after Victoria Begged them.
Cody says if Caleb tries to go after his sister he’ll kick Caleb in the back of the head.
Victoria – please do

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Derrick says Victoria will make the perfect housewife ” she cooks, she cleans, she does laundry”

8:45pm Kitchen Victoria and Derrick. Cody is in the living room crushing it
Derrick thanks Victoria about her recipe says she’ll have to send it to his wife. “It was the real deal”
Derrick tells the camera – Guys if you are single late 20 early 30 Jewish not a virgin but hasn’t slept with too many people.. is all about spoiling their wife or girlfriend and treating her the princess she is.. Hit her up on twitter..

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Cody – ohh my god this is so insane what are we doing here

1:10pm Cody keeps himself occupied while waiting for the torture to end.

IN the Fire room Derrick and Victoria are talking Derrick doesn’t know what they are going to do for the next 7 days. Points out to Victoria she was a genius and a mastermind to their little lie. (Getting the remaining players in the house to thinks she hated Derrick and so did the Jury)

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Big Brother Spoilers – Cody calls Derrick a little soft b***h for not putting up Frankie.

12:20am In the kitchen – Victoria and Cody continue to talk. Cody says that he wanted to send home Caleb week four but that Derrick said Brittany has to go. She knows how tight we are we have to send her home. So I didn’t put up Caleb and unfortunately my love of this game went home week four. And then after that it was supposed to be Caleb but Amber was starting to start an all girls alliance. So it switched from Caleb going home to Amber. Victoria says she remembers. Cody says after that you really know what happened after that. After that Frankie wanted Zach to go and I said no! Because anything Frankie wanted I wanted to go opposite. Victoria says that she heard Amber was fighting to get me out. Cody says no, she never would have. Who told you that. Victoria says Pow Pow and Nicole.

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