Big Brother Spoilers “I need to go after Derrick and Cody those are my two..”

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BB16-2014-08-21 19-31-50-393

7:30pm FIREROOM Derrick, Cody, Caleb, Frankie
Derrick telling them to not go in closed doors with Nicole, “We stick together we win HOH we put them both up and we’re back to where we were“
Frankie – We’re six versus two”
Derrick – If she don’t win if he don’t win we’re putting them up together.
Derrick says Nicole doesn’t belong back in the game.
Derrick – If we are being realistic this person coming back in is worst for Frankie and Christine
Derrick – Theres no need for us to go into the beehive with her and explain anything
Cody says Nicole needs to explain things not them.
Derrick warns that she is way more prepared now after spending so much time out of the house.
COdy – Donny sealed his fate this week
Frankie – He needs to go over her..
Derick – we haven’t had a chance to watch movies and make out..
Derrick’s really worried about people going behind closed doors with Nicole.
Cody – If I have a closed door meeting I’m calling her out and DOnny out..
Frankie mentions that taking Zach out was the right decision because if Zach was left in the game and Nicole came back. Zach might have flipped with Donny.
Frankie and Derrick agree they wanted Zach or Jocasta back in. “When i saw Jocasta almost win i was like Praise jesus”
Derrick says there’s a HOH tonight they know what needs to be done they have to win it and if Nicole wins it they have to accept what she does.
Cody leaves..
Frankie tells Derrick that Caleb is down with them.
Derrick tells him not to be down he knows Nicole coming back is rough for his game. They will win the HOH they have the numbers. Cody comes back and they start talking about not going behind closed doors with Nicole. They keep bringing this up Derrick especially.
Caleb rolls on…
Derrick starts giving them a pep talk.. our fate is in our hands tonight..
Derrick says he thought Cody was going to back hand Donny after what he said to him.. Cody – was he talking about my hair.. quite frankly I don’t care I’m on a different level pumped to win. (Something about “Did you mean for you hair to be like that)
Cody is super pissed at Donny is about ready to call him out.. wants to walk out into the kitchen tell Nicole and Donny if they don’t win HOH they are going to be nominated.

BB16-2014-08-21 19-48-06-167

The Bros stick together

BB16-2014-08-21 19-49-35-923

7:42pm Kitchen
talking about usually the player coming back has immunity for one work.
nicole – not this time

7:47pm Nicole and Donny at the kitchen table. alone
Nicole – I got your back.
Donny says Victoria has no clue about nothing really has no idea what is going on in the game.
Victoria walks by them Donny tells Nicole that Victoria is now going to tell “Them” everything she can. Most likely they are together scheming.
Nicole they all know we’re together..
Nicole – I need to go after Derrick and Cody those are my two..

BB16-2014-08-21 19-58-17-085

8:00pm Derrick, Victoria and Christine
Christine is worried people are going to get sketched out by her being in the kitchen chit chatting with Donny and Nicole. She wasn’t there that long most of the time she was in the Diary room
They Agree Donny goes home before Nicole
Derrick telling her the no closed doors rule with Nicole. Frankie comes in and they continue to make plans to ignore Nicole.
Chrsitne – No NAMES.
Frnakie – Don’t tell her any names.
Derrick – We control the rumor mill.. to be honest I would rather her than Hayden.
Derrick – You don’t have to kiss anybody’s a$$.
Frankie – no never.
Derrick wants to be honest with them if Donny or Frankie win the HOH Christine is most likely going up.

BB16-2014-08-21 20-05-16-382

8:05pm Victoria and Derrick
Victoria tells she was really disgusted in seeing Donny and Nicole “Pound it” She left the room after that. but before she left she heard Donny tells Nicole he’s all alone.
Victoria – They are working together..
Derrick storms out says they have to won the HOH

BB16-2014-08-21 20-09-32-381

8:21pm Talking about where they are sleeping and if the HOH will be on TVGN

BB16-2014-08-21 20-26-07-115

8:27pm Frankie whispers to Cody they have a simple objective (Get Donny and Nicole out)
They start doing their British accents, Frankie – ‘Put the D1ck in your hole.. open hole.. My hole big and open, open is great” .. (Ugh)

There’s some random chit chat going around the house about Jocasta being close to talking in tongues during the Jury competition.
Caleb – that bottom lip was rumbling she was about to let it go

BB16-2014-08-21 20-28-44-027

8:29pm Storage room Frankie and Donny
Donny acting all excited “Maybe we get a chance at another 5 thousand dollars”
Frankie – of course we will.. WE’re on .. we’re on fire right now .. we’re back

8:50pm Feeds go to Jeff.. Probably the HOH competition
10:00 Feeds still on Jeff

Cody is the New HOH From TVGN for some reason Feeds are down
“The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick

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202 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers “I need to go after Derrick and Cody those are my two..”

  1. PRAYING Nicole wins HoH and puts up Derrick and Cody. I think Nicole coming back is exactly what we needed to have happen!

    1. Derrick is about to piss his pants. He could not shut up. Barking orders telling people to not talk to Nicole and lying to Frankie and Christine that they are Nicole’s target. Andy everyone else is to stupid to realize he’s the only one sweating bullets. Derrick will be exposed this week. I hope Nicole wins HOH. Derrick knows he can’t go out their in this HOH comp and relax or thro it, He’s going to have to work for it this week. No Frankie to help him out because Frankie can’t play in HOH, and his alliance members in Cody and Vic are useless. He’s hoping Christine or Caleb win, but with the fire in Nicole’s belly, she is on a mission and I think she will win this HOH especially if it’s endurance.

      1. I can’t watch them anymore but I HAVE to keep reading these recaps and comments.
        I can ONLY HOPE what you say is true Kaleb, that Derrick is exposed…if it were any other worthy BB HG he would be but with this group I think it’s but a dream. ugh

      2. I was team Derrick! until now… I just read that Derrick said Nicole does not deserve to be t
        here. who the hell is he to even think that? She won HOH last week and just won the jury comp to come back in. Still team Nicole! you go girl!

    1. He’s more of a wuss and whiner that Cody. Just listen at him whining to everyone in the Fire room about Nicole coming back. Frankie tried to tell him Nicole coming back isn’t so bad and he is so busy whining about her being back. He knows his game is about to end and be exposed if he doesn’t win.

  2. Let’s see how long the “don’t talk to Nicole behind closed doors” rule lasts if she or Donny wins HOH. Here’s hoping!!!

    Can’t wait to see the rats scatter!!

    1. Zingbot got Derrick Zing just right. He is ugly. Looks just like the guy from hunchback of Notre Dame only with a nasty personality. He’s sweating now. He knows Nicole is going to have him paranoid for the entire night, and if she wins HOH he’ll forget all the nasty things he said and kiss her a$$ after he told Frankie he’s not losing his integrity and told Frankie not to suck up to her. It would allow Frankie to see just how much of a hypocrite Derrick is, and get Vic from up under his thumb. Maybe if Derrick leave Vic will be like Caleb and start playing the game for herself because I have no clue why she is there. It’s almost like BB tricked up with putting her in the house. She serves no purpose,

  3. You are disgusted??!! I am disgusted with your lack of gameplay and stupid antics. Why are you even here? Dumb b*tch.

  4. Thank God she realizes that she needs to break up Cody and Derrick! I was going to be upset if she goes after Christine, like she said in tonight’s episode. Yeah she screwed you over but Donny and her need to break up that group of boys! Hopefully she or Donny can pull this off!!

  5. why would these morons not suspect anything when derrick keeps saying ‘no closed door meetings with Nicole!” LOL are they really that stupid?!

    We NEED a Nicole/Donny HOH this week! PLEASE! Otherwise the season is lame.

    P.S. Really hated how they showed Donny give his word to keep Zach but not Zach telling him to vote him out. Not sooo bad… but then Julie chimes in with “will Donny keep his word” before he votes him out, Bitch PLEASE!@

    1. Ohhh Zach told Donny to vote him out? Good to know. Watching the ep I was annoyed with him for breaking his promise but it makes sense if Zach told him to. I must have missed that when reading the summaries.

      1. They are trying to influence America’s player vote plain and simple. There is no other reason. They really want frankie to win even though he is a diseased douchebag…….

  6. WIN THAT HOH NICOLE AND DONNY! I want to see those people squirm for real! … If neither win this HOH this season is unsaveable at that point.

  7. I’m not sure which will happen first, Victoria winning an HOH, or Cody actually “calling someone out”. Both will probably, NEVER HAPPEN. This kid is a joke. Also, I love how CBS tried to make it seem on tonight’s show that Christine took Donny’s advice and didn’t go running to her fiance the human Tampon Cody. At this point, I don’t even care who wins. I just want Donny to get America’s favorite to rub it in Francine, Ratstine, Piggy, and Tampon’s faces.

    1. Cody did say last night that he was gonna “call Donny out” the day after…….The day after passed. He has said that so many times about so many people……………tick, tock, tick, tock…….

      1. Would you rather prefer that Cody pulls an Amanda and tells the entire house he is going to torture Donnie like Amanda did with Elissa last season? You would think you people would be happy that he isn’t going to humiliate Donnie, instead of asking why he hasn’t done so yet. If you want to see Cody humiliate Donnie and get others on board to bully him then just come out and say so.

    2. Oh, and knowing CBS editing, they will add that Christine and Cody getting everyone against Donny in this Sunday’s ep. They always add things that happened before an eviction on the Sunday episode. They did it with Amber and Caleb’s date.

    3. I was just thinking how Cody is such a douche. He talks a whole lot about calling people out, unfortunately Christine is holding his balls…

    4. Cody doesn’t seem to realize that “Calling someone out” entails actually SAYING SOMETHING TO THEM. Not just talking about saying something to them, pouting, getting his head rubbed, more slandering/whining, eating a quesadilla, falling asleep, and punching himself in the face. Someone should explain this to him.

  8. i hope derrick or cody leaves this week.we can save frankie and crustine for later. honestly whoever takes victoria to final two is going to win by a land slide. donny or nicole for hoh!!!!!! I hope cody leaves so badly pussy=cody

  9. Well, at least if anything breaks in there they have plenty tools to fix things right back up.

    Derrick doesn’t want any closed doors because he doesn’t want to be sold out by Nicole. Why don’t these other idiots understand that.

    Team Donny and Nicole!!!!

    1. He doesn’t give them an opportunity to understand anything. He’s so busy talking. He knows he’s number one on Nicole’s list. He knows if Nicole wins HOH everyone is going to be up in the HOH sucking up to her. I.E. Christine and Frankie, and he knows Nicole is going to be honest about her target with them. He also knows if this happens Nicole is going to have the votes to get him out, because remember Nicole has one ammunition left on Derrick. It was his idea to backdoor Frankie along with Nicole and she never sold him out. He and Cody was in an alliance with Nicole and Hayden all be it for less than 48 hours. He doesn’t want Frankie and Christine to hear any of this , because that would seal his fate in going home. He knows as long as Frankie doesn’t find out then regardless of who he’s on the block with he won’t go home against that person, but once Frankie finds out he knows Frankie is going to pull in Christine and Caleb and Donny is already going to vote him out. All he has left is Vic and she can’t save him by herself. Besides, /Frankie with the help of Nicole will call Derrick out in front of Vic if they have to. Derrick talks a lot of noise but he’s a bigger wuss than Cody, he’s not going to do anything but talk, because he knows right now Nicole HOLDS ALL THE CARDS. especially if she wins HOH.

    2. Unfortunately Derrick shouldn’t worry so much about what Nicole says. She could tell the others the truth about Derrick till she’s blue in the face but they are too stupid or stubborn to believe her and would just run back to each other about her “lies,” with the possible exception of Frankie. I can’t decide if Frankie sees what Derrick is doing but so far he hasn’t needed to intervene because it’s still working for Frankie, or if Frankie’s too distracted by the fantasy of his own fabulousness that he’s still oblivious to Derrick’s ways.

  10. Wow soooo happy to see that Nicole won.I wish that she had immunity until the next hoh though. I’m glad that she’s being smart and know that Derrick the Dick, and Cody the Punk ass pussy need to go up. I still refuse to watch the show . I’m so over these vile people. I can’t wait for them to leave the house and see the hatred everyone has for them. I heard Frankies ig was deleted.

    1. Frankie thought being on BB was going to help his youtube and internet career, but instead, it’s going to end it. Even though he brags about building schools in Africa, people see right through him and how FAKE, VILE, MALICIOUS, TWO FACE, MEAN-SPIRITED and ARROGANT he really is. He’s a POS.

      1. True that BB is not gonna help his career as much as he thought and he’s not beloved like he thought. But I mean be real this isn’t gonna end his career. He’s still walking out of the house with a lot more followers, more than he should have. Publicity is publicity.

      2. Did you also see how totally elated Frankie was when he thought Jocasta had won? He is the dirtiest, most low class foul person and if Nicole wins HOH he will be so far up her butt that when she opens her mouth you will see Frankie waving.

  11. I’m glad Nicole is back. I wanted Zach to come back so bad, but after his eviction speech I was just like ugh. It’s a game and you shouldn’t necessarily take it personally, but for them not to even be potential targets for you? Are you brain dead? But still love Zach Attack!

    1. keep in mind how little Zach actually knew. he never heard the comments, he got a little info from Donny but it wasn’t all that much, and it was far too late. I think he knew it was over and was good with it. then its “you have a chance to come back in the game” and he is like OK!, but really I don’t think he was all that eager to go back into that house. he had some people lie to him so early in the game that he trusted implicitly that I am not sure there is any way he saw to go any further. he would have been nominated no matter what unless he won the HOH, I think he just hadn’t really thought much of that out because he wasn’t planning a return

  12. Please let Nic or Donny win HOH and put up Derrick and Cody. A week of watching them squirm on the block would make the season.

  13. Derrick says no closed doors with nicole?! Will someone please explain to me why everyone lets Derrick treat them like his young children?

    1. Omg this made me laugh so hard. I’ve been thinking that this whole season. Derrick talks to them like they are his young children & they all so ignorantly listen to his every command.

    2. Not only do they allow him to treat them like children – He has the nerve to say Nicole doesn’t belong back in the game and he’s pssst – well, who made him Chief BB? How dare he – he’s been in the BB house so long he thinks it’s his personnel home. You don’t Rule anything but your Wife and Victoria get over yourself.

  14. I call on you BBGODS to send Nicole and/or Donny the strength and ability to win this next HOH. PLEASE HELP THEM WIN PLEASEEE!

    Derricks cockiness is digging deeper and deeper into my neck!

    Put a muzzle on Frankie’s mouth!

  15. What a bunch of babies!! I so hope Donny or Nichole win this. I seriously thought Derrick had more class than what he has been showing the last few days.

    1. People have been saying Donny has no game. But Donny has been living rent free in the HG’s head all week. Between Donny and Zach everyone has gotten paranoid and the true Derprick is coming out. Now with Nic back he’s in a panic. This is not the same Nic that left. She’s stronger and not afraid anymore and that really worries Derprick. He even said the HOH comp will be something designed for Donny to win. Ratine said earlier today that production was wearing Fear the Beard tee shirts.

      Please Please Please Donny and Nic F2.

  16. Derrick is shit scared now and I love it! Time for this cop to feel the heat! Notice how he’s telling everyone what to do. I wish Caleb would pick up on it.

    1. CrazedCaleb was sitting silently in the LR. Everyone else was talking and he was looking worried. Once again Donny’s been living rent free in the HG’s mind all week and it’s taken its toll. YES!!

  17. These bottom feeder d bags r all freaked out. Der is so f n paranoid. Cody wanting to call them out? Still waiting you POS no balls bitch!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. I’m so sick and tired of people worried about others spelling and grammar – this is a blog not school we’re here to have fun, we get excited about something and we type a word and may misspell it. Have you ever corrected Simon and Dawg? Or say to them (“Hey Simon, Hey Dawg you need to check your spellings and commas). Who cares and if it’s that irritating to you maybe you should fine a blog where people type perfectly. Stop complaining and let’s have fun do what the rest of us go back – read it again until it clicks.

        Not knocking your post Simon/Dawg I enjoy them. Thanks

  18. Shut the hell up Victoria. You are nothign but a dumb, hollow tool, inside and out.

    They should really listen to Derrick’s wording of things. They really give everything away to be very honest. I have never seen an alliance where almost everyone literally has no thoughts and identities to themselves. What Derrick and somewhat Frankie says, goes.

    Production is probably scrambling in their seats trying to get Nicole or Donny to win HOH.

      1. The house guest knows production favors Donnie. I think it was a POV and they were cheering behind the walls. I am sure the comp is going to be fixed by production for Donny or Nicole to win. Guarantee the CBS fix is in.

        1. Please this claim is soooooooo tired!!!! “Production will fix it”!!! STOP WITH THE WHINNING!!!

          On a positive note…. fingers crossed Nicole or Donny win HOH!!!

  19. Worst buy back comp in the history of Big Brother! No skill needed no drive, determination, or will needed. In fact most of the BB comps have completely sucked all season. I hope every HOH from now on is pure physical.

    1. Agreed. It’s like Big Brother On A Budget Season. They haven’t given really any alcohol or any luxury comps either. Maybe they’ve already washed their hands of this lackluster season and are just counting down until its over.

  20. I thought the show was really lame, if Nichole or Donnie don’t win, this will be a really sad week! The show didn’t show how they really treated Zach or Donnie. Wish we could have two America’s favorites!

  21. I really want Donny to win HOH because if Nicole wins it, I am afraid that they will talk her back into doing something stupid… However, because we all want Donny or Nicole to win HOH, the chances of one of the other 6 winning are greater. Really 4 because Victoria & Cody don’t win jack. And thank goodness Frankie can’t play for HOH. so I am going to keep on dreaming that Donny or Nicole wins HOH & even though Derrick is playing a good game, I want to see him & Frankie as being the nominations.. I would love to really see him sweat at least one week…

    1. I called her KnowNothingNic for most of the season. But not anymore. She has come back strong and determined. She’s not afraid of being voted out. She doesn’t care if they don’t like her. She wants revenge. Time for Nic to rock it!!

  22. Simon and Dawg, I used your Amazon link today, and I have another order to place tomorrow. Hope it helps to support your efforts. Your hard work is very much appreciated. Props!

  23. I hope she wins HOH and gets either Derrick or Frankie gone. I can’t wait to see Frankie’s face when Donny wins Americas favorite. He totally thinks he has it locked because of his sister.

  24. Derrick, Derrick, Derrick. I love the color of your sweat. I love to see you squirm. How does it feel to not be in control? Bah aha ahahahaha!

  25. It’s gays like Frankie that cause much of the gay bashing that still goes on. He is a vile and disgusting example of a gay man. He is just nasty. I don’t get why at least one of those “straight” guys don’t tell him to keep his hands to himself and shut the f@#k up. He has no respect for himself or anyone else.

    1. Frankie is a person who acts vile and disgusting. He happens to be a person who is gay. I hope he is evicted from the BB house right after Derrick.

    2. There should never be any bashing of anyone because of his or her preference in partners. That being said, I do agree 100% with you that Frankie takes his groping way too far. If someone is not comfortable with his touching, then they should tell him to stop. Regardless of whether you are straight or gay, you do not have a right to make others uncomfortable by offending their personal space by physically groping on them. If they are doing it to someone else, then turn away or get used to it. If they are doing it to you, then you have every right to ask them to stop and expect them to.

    3. I was wondering if anyone else noticed when Frankie won the POV, he ran up to Kathy Griffin shouting “that was for the gays, that was for the gays!” In responses Kathy said “no that was for the LBGT community…” Just goes to show how self-centered, selfish and caught up in himself Frankie is to only include gays and leave out the other groups with different sexual/gender preferences. To him only the gay, male matters. What a shallow, sickening little man he is! Also, check out Ariana singing in her home studio (if you could call it that). Her voice is run of the mill average and almost sugary. Now I know why she needs auto-tuned. No big deal there as this Disney maven will be off the horizon in no time flat. She is as talentless as he is!

  26. SOOOOO happy Nicole won! Her or Hayden were best option. Jocasta would have been a travesty. Zach would have been a waste after the way he went about his exit. Hopefully Nicole wins HOH and come next week either Frankie or Derick are GONE!…….for good!

    1. It was best for Zach to leave. Emotionally he can’t take anymore. He can have fun with Hayden in jury but BowTie will be there and Zach is more respectful of her. And Zach learned a lot from Donny. He got a chance to see himself from the other side. I think going now will only help Zach grow. And his mother has tweeted a mailing address for anyone who wants to send him something. I’m just wondering how many pink hats he’ll get.

  27. “I’m going to call them out. I am going to RIGHT now.” Bite me loser. Someone ought to by this Nancy K act alike some skates for the Gold Medal long program he is putting together this year. EVERYONE wants him in the end because he is an easy beat. Ya done nothin dude…nothing at all. Now…call me out.

  28. Please Nicole or Donny win HoH!!!!!!!!!! And then put up Derrick/Cody. And then win HoH next week, and so on and so forth… You are the only people I want to see in final 2! The rest are a-holes! I miss ZachAttack already :\

    But let’s go Nonny ftw!

  29. I think it will be a lot harder to blame everything on Nicole as she wasn’t in the house for a few weeks. your scapegoat of the season is gone. good luck with your lies, folks. its about time the house turns on itself. I just want them to get rid of Victoria this week, I am REALLY nervous that she will get to the end because no one will ever target her.

    1. No No No!!! They have to go after Derprick and Fakie. Time to take out the power! Without Derprick VapidVic has no one to tell her what to do.

  30. Derrick is the only one that has any game this season. Why is it that you all want the BB winner to be someone who hasn’t lied or manipulated, the winner is not crowned who is the most honest and likable person. This show is a game people, Derrick is playing it and playing it well.

    1. Derrick is unnecessarily cruel. He acts entitled. He is a hypocrite. He is condescending… not only does he talk down to the other HGs, he patronizes the viewers. Those are several of his personality traits that cause people to dislike him, even though his methods have taken him far in the game. I’m sure others could add to this list.

    2. Personally I don’t like bullies and Derprick is a bully. Watched him tonight telling them no one is to be in a closed room with Nic. They better not talk with her blah blah blah. All season if anyone talked with Donny for more than 5 minutes Derprick put a target on their back and out the door they went. That ensured no one ever talked with Donny unless they were on their way out the door.

    3. “It’s a game people”. Really? How about “it’s a tv show”? A “game” where rules can be broken, the production team can influence outcomes and half the contestants don’t know how to play!! Now NFL football is a game.

      We want entertainment. This ain’t no stinking game! It’s a reality show to watch people fall apart and turn on each other.

    4. Derrick has played a good game but lately he ‘s been way douchier than necessary about it. Plus the way he’s hypnotized and aligned himself with a group of mean-spirited halfwits is disappointing. And boring. I wish he would have stuck with Nicole and Hayden, it would be a completely different game at this point but he’d still be in it.

    5. Big Brother is a GAME. And whether people like him or not Derrick is playing a great game. He is controlling the house and no one really realizes it except maybe Frankie – but right now it is working to Frankie’s advantage. Derrick does not really have blood on his hands and Donny and Nicole know this and will talk in Jury about how he is controlling things which is playing the game. I don’t think it is possible for Donny or Nicole to win but weirder things have happened – who ever thought Dan would make it to the final 2 in his last season. Frankie is who Derrick needs to watch out for because sooner or later I think Frankie is going to realize Derrick is a threat and take him out eventually – he knows if they are in the finals Derrick is more liked than Frankie and has played a cleaner game and jury will go for that. Frankie can’t take him out now because the group will not vote him out right now. Derrick has to talk crap with everyone else otherwise he would stand out and they will all question him. Frankie is not going to win America’s Player Donny is. Every vote on the polls here has Donny #1 and I don’t think Ariana Grande fans are really Big Brother fans that would vote. Elissa won because she had Brenchel votes but Brenchel fans actually watched Big Brother. Here is to hoping that Christine finally figures it out and changes sides!

    1. Derrick – You don’t have to kiss anybody’s a$$.
      Frankie – no never.

      Yes it’s a safe bet that a Donny or Nicole HoH would = much behind closed doors ass kissing from Derrick and Frankie both. Besides how else would Frankie retain his rightful place sleeping in his private VIP suite?

  31. Derrick – We control the rumor mill. Does this pompous gasbag really think that Donny or Nicole will listen to anything that comes from the other 5?

  32. Victoria is making it to F3, if she goes to the f2, I can’t wait to hear about her big moves of the season. when she destroyed her hat, and when she….I got nothing.

    1. Victoria and her totally coached by Production hat-gate moment was so proud of herself. More fitting for Degrassi Junior High than Big Brother. She really needs to go. All the ‘super fans’ in the house should know the viewing public doesn’t look kindly on HGs who do nothing to make it to the end.

      Of course their strategy is to pull that dead weight right to finale night where she can have that dazed/confused,slightly bemused look on her face as she collects $50K for zero game play.

  33. If Donny or Nicole win this HOH we have a game on our hands for the next month. The remaining rubbish will turn on each other in a heartbeat. We will have an entirely new game. If one of the hacks win HOH well game over.

  34. Can’t wait for HOH! Derrick needs Cody to win so he can compete for it next week. Get Nicole out and then go after Caleb. He’s playing this crew like he always does. Keep them away from Nicole and control the game. At this point if he wins or not he’s 100x better than Dr Will!!!!

    1. I will agree with you he has played a good game but derricks followers are all dumb as can be with no game of their own. He is very different from Dr. Will or Dan. He is just the smartest of the dumb!!!

    1. I didn’t like Zach the fratbrat. But Zach has grown and I think getting out of the house is the best thing for his emotional health. They would have destroyed him if he went back. Now he can talk with his family, hang with Hayden but BowTie will keep him from going over the edge. And I think that both Zach and Hayden love Donny will help both of them going forward.

  35. these guys have walked around with their chest out all season and the second something doesn’t go their way “it’s not fair” lol was it fair that caleb went on the trip after sitting out the comp, or fair when christine was giving caleb bones? Give me a break I hope Nicole or Donny win HOH and throw up anyone but Vicoria.

  36. Looks like Nicole had a good talk with Hayden about the game. Her target was Christine now is Derrick and Cody. Yaaaay oh and I almost had a heart attack when Jocasta almost won.

  37. Nicole! So happy!!! She’s a comp beast and she at least tried to make big moves before. Hopefully she comes back guns a blazing !

  38. I called it, Derrick is unraveling!
    Derrick needs to get the boot this week, without him his pack of goons wont know what to do because they can’t think for themselves and haven’t made one single decision on their own all summer and so each will fall after him accordingly.

    1. no way derrick goes. victoria will never vote to evict him and he’ll get enough votes from caleb, christine, cody, and frankie to stay regardless of who he’s up against (victoria, christine, and cody vote him to stay if he’s against caleb; victoria, frankie, and caleb vote for him to stay if he’s against cody; he stays easily in all other pairings). that said it’s very possible he ends up sitting next to caleb or cody which guarantees one of them goes home, so i think that’s the most realistic scenario to root for, at worst the one not on the block wins veto, uses it, and christine probably goes (though i wouldn’t rule out frankie as despite the fact i think donny and nicole dislike christine more, frankie’s the way more obvious challenge threat).

      on second thought maybe derrick goes vs. frankie, but i think derrick would be able to secure cody and victoria’s votes for sure and considering the lack of intelligence caleb and christine have exhibited he can probably get at least one of them to vote to keep him.

  39. Biggest move – spending 3 days hiding, then cutting up her own property. At least it made her interesting to herself.
    Bitch Mode Victoria will be my username. She walks like she’s got something stuck up her ass. I am now certain that she absolutely wanted to start something with Zach (physical relationship) and he despised her so she cut her hat to ‘show him’.
    On to this week, I hope Nicole gets to stay at least long enough to get either Derrick or his princess Cody out of the house.

    1. How about this: Donny gets Pandora’s Box = he gets HOH and all the mirrors in the house are covered so he and Nic can hide in the HOH while the rest have to deal with VapidVic without a mirror.

  40. Derrick: “Okay guys…nobody talk behind closed doors to Nic or Donny, then when we evict them all you guys self-evict, and BAMM we got them!”

    Victoria: “You are so wise, I’m glad we’re a team” smiling like an idiot while looking in the mirror.

    Derrick: “Yeah, right…team…” eyes rolling.

    1. she always has that “deer in headlights” look on her face and the fact she thinks she is a part of some alliance is mind blowing to me

  41. Well well well…seem like someone’s cage is rattled…Detonators will implode! D erprick is sloppily fucking scared because he will be called out for him being the “control freak” and did you see the looks on Fake and Disgustine’s faces? CLASSIC!!!! C’mon Niconny. HOH and see them throw each other under the bus; and let the fighting begin!!!

  42. Nichole/Donny winning this HoH would be the first actual twist of the season. I just wanted to punch Julie when she was calling this the most twisted season ever, the dumb b*tch apparently doesn’t even watch the show.

  43. The members of the Detonators went from being such great well liked players to being most disliked. They are just getting power hungry, and should try to stay humble. They could possibly be liked if they went after eachother, now that’s something worth watching. Not Cody and Christine touching. After seeing how much they think they are in power and want to win, makes me just want Nicole or Donny to win. Go Nonny/Dicole!!

    1. I think what we hate is how they gloat. After nominating someone they go to the bathroom and joke about it. It’s hard to cheer for them when they aren’t playing against anyone. Although in their puny minds they think they are. What they don’t know is that Derrick has Victoria in his secret pocket. That’s the only game play they haven’t caught onto.

  44. Donny and Nicole annoy me, Victoria could be replaced with a mannequin and no one would notice, Christine is getting ready to be this seasons Britney except she knows about the alliance, just isn’t bright enough to know how expendable she is.. The 4 boys are playing a great game and at this point Derrick or Frankie should win.

  45. I’m just happy Donny has a friend to talk to again. I would go crazy in that house being treated like that. It was hard watching him all alone. Donny/Nicole ftw

  46. please bb gods give it to Donny or Nicole, best feeds and episodes ever, if Donny don’t go to final 2 I am gonna be very upset, if Cody or Vic gets to final 2 then we should all apply because literally anyone can win Big Brother.

  47. I do wonder whose nose is bigger? Christine or Victoria’s? I think It may be Christine but it’s hard to tell when it’s always up Cody’s a$$!

  48. On the feeds last night Victoria talked about her hair last night and said something about it ‘bleeding’. That’s from the combs sticking into her scalp because she wears the weave to bed and everywhere. She was telling Derrick about it and he said it was stupid. Finally – her hero told her something she does is stupid.
    I can’t wait until she finds out about 90% Americans (more or less) probably feel the same way about her.
    Eat crow, Victoria.

  49. Oh joy…we get to watch Nicole look at herself in the mirror evrytime she walks by one. It drives me crazy. Even when she is talking to someone she looks in the mirror, pushes up her glasses and messes w her hair..Everytime!..I know i cant be the only person who has noticed this. Even tonite when she ran in the house w the other 3 jury members…i am like REALLY!

  50. All Caleb, Frankie, Cody and Christine have done is ride on Derrick’s coat tail. They’ve never made a decent decision they were not manipulated to make.

  51. watching BBAD and Derrick, Cody and Caleb are all talking tough again but they weren’t sounding like that earlier. Guess that means a B.S. member won HOH

    1. The bravado of Derrick and Caleb and Cody in that moment was truly nauseating…and in walks Christine’s beak for some more celebrating! Vomit!

  52. Thank The Lord! Finally the bulb has gone off in Nicole’s head to target the 2 people who have flown under the radar the whole game. I mean we’re past the halfway point and Derrick hasn’t been on the block once! Time to get him outta there! Followed swiftly by Cody, Frankie, Caleb, Victoria, and Christine!

    Donny for the win! Nicole for 2nd! Zach Attack for America’s favorite!

    1. How would Nicole know that Derrick is a cop? I thought that the jury was sequestered from outside info, and doesn’t even get to watch the regular show because of the DR sessions?

      Nicole does have some info she can use on Derrick against Frankie but it seems futile to think these people would listen to reason until it’s too late and they are walking out the door.

    1. Why do I do that? (DUH….sorry) I meant to imply I hate that Cody is HOH and Donny and Nichole will be leaving (not that they are trash….the others are). Because of Simon and Dawg I don’t have to be tortured with the idiots.

      1. I too have lost interest. Deleted from the dvr will just check in here from time to time to find out of the most twisted season ever has started yet. Sigh.

    1. I completely agree with you. I don’t get all the Derrick hate. He’s played a great game, it’s not his fault these people are sheep. And Donny can thank himself for his situation, he’s woke up day 60 and started to play. Donny seems like a genuinely good guy but really doesn’t know how to play the game.

  53. So done with this season, I can’t stand to watch it anymore makes me sick how they treat people. I don’t care that it’s a game, you can play with some dignity. Nicole and Donny seem to be the only ones in the house with any and now they will be on the block… sick of them

    1. I totally agree. This season blows and Cody winning HOH sealed it for me. I am so sick and tired of the same f***ing group of people controlling everything. I am so tired of Christine and Victoria’s vile attitudes. I am tired of King Derrick being in control. More to the point, I am tired of everyone allowing Derrick to manipulate them. Do they not see that he’s running things no matter who is in power? Come on HGs. You may as well hand Derrick the check right now and end the season early. So predictable and boring.

      I feel bad for Donny and Nicole. They had (have) no chance of winning this year. To think that Frankie honestly believes that he is soooooo liked and that he will win America’s Favorite. The only way he’ll win AF is if the many Grande tween fans vote for him…but even if they do, I still won’t trust that it’s a legitimate win. BB16 sucks so hard….

  54. Well looks like there is NO hope for Donny/Nicole alliance. Unless production steps in, my bearded brother is most likely going home. That pu$$y picks tonight to win a HOH. SMH. At least The Simpsons marathon on FXx is on now, not gonna waste my time getting pissed watching those fu##ing a$$holes brag and talk bad about Donny and Nicole.

  55. Cody won HOH hahaha! This sucks! I’m done with this season. I’ll watch again on finale night. I wonder if miss cody will have the balls to say something now.

  56. To sum it up: Cody won, Nicole has no immunity, Zach wasn’t saved by the renom rules.

    Mark my words: Production is working for a Frankie/Derrick finale.

    1. They really don’t need Production to walk Derrick/Frankie to F2, the easily influenced,clueless HGs are doing a fine job on their own.

  57. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss



    BYE BYE DONNY!!!!!!!!!!! BYE BYE LOSER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And if somehow this creepy Donny survives and wins POV then his little dorky friend Nicole will be booted off back to jury where she belongs. She had the nerve to say Cody is her target. Well you can feel My BAEs wrath then dork.

    HAHAHAHA. Hater going to hate some more this week I can alreaady tell. Cody you are the best and most handsome of all time. Now kick that punk donny out and cuss in his face all week n make hum cry and wish he never was born and then when Julie gets to meet him she will just laugh n sasy you crybaby how could you think you could stop Cody? Take your butt to jury Donny. start packing. America hates you and we will boo when you come out next thursday.

    Smooth sailing for my BAE Cody yet again. He is the best big brother player ever I think. Even Dr. will and Dan would lose to Cody. His social game is flawless n he is a physical beast as proven today.

    Keep hating haters. Cody and I will laugh all the time when he walks with 500k.

    1. Seriously, have you watched Big Brother before? Comparing Cody to Dr. Will? Cody’s social game is with the girls only and I think they will see through this. He has won 2 comps? Him AND Caleb lost to ONE person. I really do not think you understand the game if you think Cody is all that. Donny has just told the TRUTH to people and they don’t want to believe it.

  58. Well dang it looks like Cody is HOH this week. Still pulling for Team Donny/Nicole. Hopefully POV will help them out! But feeling like it doesn’t look good!

  59. So now our only hope is for them to put up either Nicole or Donny and a pawn which they’re not going to do. If both Nicole and Donny go up then one of them is guaranteed to go home and the season is over. Whichever one is left just leaves next week. Damn the numbers. At this point whichever of the Detonators wins, no one in the Jury likes them. I’d rather see what is going on in the Jury house than in the actual BB House if Donny and Nicole leave…

  60. Cody won HOH which means another predictable week. I am so done with this season. Give Derrick the money already. They should have let the returning house guest be HOH.

    1. It would have been more interesting to see all 4 evictees compete in the HoH competition with the best performance out of the four making it back in the house. Maybe Hayden would be HoH now. No disrespect to Nicole, I hope she goes far.

  61. HOH room is going to be a cuddlefest this week with Cody playing grab ass with Christine all week! The outcome of this HOH is truly disappointing!

  62. So Cody puts up Donny and Nicole but they still have a chance to win POV. And even if neither wins POV, only one’s going home. Which means next week the Stink Bomb Squad MUST turn on each other. Can’t wait to see it.

  63. Well Cody won HOH those bastards are back in power again!!!! I guess Donnie or Nicole will be gone next week!!!!! I won’t be watching anymore til finale night to see Der-prick & Frankenstein win the money!!! If Cody’s dumb ass was smart they would get rid of Fakie this week!!

  64. I didnt know Cody was gay? He was almost having sex with Frankie right after he won the HOH. I thought him and Christian had a thing going on, I guess he is bi? Hmmmmm

  65. 1. Can I get a Coup d’Etat over here? Please?
    2. Also, just a quick question as I’ve never watched any other seasons of Big Brother, but is this how it is usually played? Or did the combination of having BOB and a strong alliance from the get go get these kids this far? It seemed like when we got to Jury a lot of people were saying that numbers didn’t matter anymore so much as Jury votes and winning competitions. None of the Detonators seem too concerned with the votes though…

    1. Yes, America’s Choice Coup d’etat please.

      Also I can’t imagine the BoB “twist” turned out the way it was supposed to. Ironic we had the bomb squad and the detonators this season, which is bombing in a bad way. Still wishing for it to blow up.

  66. OMG! NOOOOO! Codyssa is one of the last ppl I expected or wanted to win HOH. Now I am totally bummed until the Veto competition. I was pulling for Donny or Nicole to win. I am glad that at least one of them will be staying even if those mindless sheep are targeting them both (Donny & Nicole). I really hope that Nicole uses her information wisely about the alliance she had to out Frankie. Maybe she can use it to her advantage and somehow flip Frankie to target Derprick or Chriskank. (Sucks that both of those 2 are in a lesbian trio with Codyssa though). Well all this might be wishful thinking, but hey, there is only hope, wishes, and prayers left for this season anyways.

  67. Only hope is they are both nominated one wins pov and a diamond veto is found by the other person…it did happen on bbcan lol it was kinda wasted but it would be super awesome. For nicole and donny!

  68. Here’s a brief list of things that make BBAD difficult to watch this season…Cody swallowing snot ( gagging), Derrick’s phlegmy voice, Victoria’s vacant stares, Christine’s brown nosing behavior, Caleb’s violent/ disgusting stories regarding Gods creatures, Donny’s ineffectual presence, and Frankie’s molestation of every object, animate or inanimate! That Is All…

  69. Cody is such a sucker (he is just Victoria’s male version) and Derrick is scared shitless of Nicole….Has Derrick just begun to crack up?

  70. Hey SLB remember when you told me Nicole was a useless player because she will go after Christine… yeah I told you she was underrated and smarter than she is given credit for. Granted I am sure Hayden had some influence but she still is a player you have to read between the lines with.

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