Donny won’t win America’s Favorite “It’s not America’s Favorite F*** up” -Frankie

POV Holder: Frankie Next POV Aug 23rd
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 25th
HOH Winner 1: FRANKIE HOH Winner 2: Derrick
Battle of the Block Winner Donny & Christine Next HOH Aug 21st
Original Nominations: Derrick’s Noms (Donny & Christine) Frankie’s Noms (Caleb & Cody)
Final Nominations: Zach & Cody
Have Nots Christine & Victoria
POV Players Cody, Caleb, Frankie, Victoria, Donny, Christine

BB16-2014-08-20 15-01-44-480

3:02pm FIREROOM Christine and Cody
(Back to cuddling, I’m jumping near the tail end of this conversation.. Dawg covered it more in this post before this one.. BAsically what is happening is Donny is trying to crack the detonators so he’s working on the fringe players like Christine, Zach, Caleb. Christine tells Cody everything Donny is doing.. exaggerating a bit. Cody and Christine mock Donny Cody plans to call Donny out)

Cody – F*** you Donny
Cody – He needs one more person to flip no chance in hell
Cody says he can’t wait to call Donny you when he sends him home tell him that all the people he would talk to were Cody’s closest allies in the house.
Cody – F*** Donny
Cody – Ohh god Donny if you only knew
Christine – If you only knew
Christine says Donny is going to draw the nominees using M&M’s just to rub it in their faces..
Cody – He’s not beating.. Feeds cut..
Derrick wakes up
Cody says Donny thinks Derrick is a mastermind in the house.. Donny told Christine that Cody and Derrick whisper every night ..
Derrick – If I win HOH he’s going up.. period.. there’s nothing they can say to convince me either A he gets me out or B I get him out..
Cody – Or I get him out
Cody adds that DOnny is saying Derrick, Frankie and Christine are the brains of the house. We have to split those three up.
Donny told Cody they are not taking Cody over Victoria if he doesn’t break up that three Cody will go out they are not bringing him to the end.
Cody – He said your family is going to be wondering why aren’t you working with the good old country man.. he’s saying a bunch of sh1t to me..
Cody adds that DOnny told him going to break up Christine, Derrick ad Frankie. He’;s not going after Frankie specifically because Frankie is everyone elses target.
Derrick – I just want to call him out on it so bad But I won’t
Derrick – He wants to keep Zach here. Explains you can tell by the way Zach is talking he acts like he has one vote.
Derrick says they have to tell Donny up front they all want him out this will prevent DOnny from attempting to pry them apart. Derrick points out they have the numbers there’s nothing to worry about.
Derrick – Donny I respect you don’t come around and talk sh1t..
Derrick says if Donny thinks he’s resonating with people he’s going to keep doing it

Cody wants to Call DOnny out after he wins the HOH and is about to nominate Donny (Beter wait until you get the POV just be be save ;) )
Derrick says Donny is spreading rumours saying Derrick has a deal with everyone in the house. Cody mocks donny for saying that

BB16-2014-08-20 15-36-12-369
3:32pm HOH Caleb, Cody, Derrick, CHristine and Frankie
Cody – Donny is campaigning to get me out.
They fill Frankie in on everything Donny is trying to do. Cody – He said Derrick has victoria and Derrick/Christine have been playing Cody like crazy.. and Frankie has Caleb on lock”
Cody adds he wants to try and turn Frankie, Derrick Christine against one another. .

Frankie thinks they should go talk to Zach before he goes home and ask him what his deal is with Donny..
Christine brings up Donny telling her she was at the bottom of their alliance.. Donny told Christine that Frankie is Zach’s targe.
Frankie – Frankie is Zach’s target .. WOW
Christine – Ya and he wants us to start pitting these guys against each other
Frankie His pitch to me was really smart and well thought out.. the only way for donny to be eligible to get America’s player is if Frankie goes to the final 2
Cody says he’s going to call Donny out .
Donny comes in startles them (of course nobody gets called out)

BB16-2014-08-20 16-04-45-376
3:51pm Kitchen, Derrick CHristine and Frankie
Talking how unlikely it is for DOnny to win America’s FAvorite player.
Frankie – I don’t know why he thinks he has a shot at getting America’s Favorite Player
Christine – To be honest if cowboys out there and you are not Cowboys winning it
Frankie thinks Derrick and Christine have a better chance
Christine – he’s not getting it
Frankie – Donny No, It’s not America’s favorite F*** up”
Derrick – the guy is f***g nuts..
They agree to try and backdoor him next week.
Derrick says if Donny wins POV it means Victoria’s going home if he wins HOH one of them is screwed.
Frankie – Why the f** does he thinks he’s going to be America’s FAvorite
Frankie is certain Donny and Zach have been working together the whole time. Christine agrees.

BB16-2014-08-20 16-05-33-686

Derrick – sounds like they are building a big set out there
Donny – a lot of noise.. we did get to practice the one time with the knocking the balls.

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BB16-2014-08-20 16-17-08-490

4:16pm HOH COdy, Caleb and Derrick
Derrick says DOnny didn’t talk much he’s just sitting their building with the “F***g wooden logs”. At one point Donny asked him where his head was at. He just couldn’t do it anymore. Told Donny he’s going to focus on winning on Thursday. Derrick says if they keep trying to get DOnny out and he makes it to the end he deserves to win the game.
Caleb – The guys Vetoes are running out.. He hasn’t won the last three..
They agree if it’s still BOB DOnny winning HOH is no big deal but if it’s single HOH and he wins it they have a problem.
Caleb – from here on out we have to assume the BOB will be one person needed to win..
Derrick thinks there will be a BOB this week, “They’ll tell us before the HOH cope it’s a BOB because if it’s not one of us HAS TO WIN”
Derrick says Donny is the most manipulative person in the house
Caleb – He’s playing a game that won’t work because he’s playing it with people that have been loyal since day one
Derrick thinks DOnny knows what is going on he’s just doing the only thing he can. Everyone knows the pipeline to the win is winning the HOH’s and POV’s .
Derrick tells Caleb that Donny is going to stab him in the back.. he’s telling Caleb that he’s needs to break up Derrick and Frankie but turning around telling Derrick that Caleb and Frankie are close and should be targeted.
Derrick – It’s an insult a f***g insult.
Cody – I’m sick and tired of his manipulative ways i’m sick and tired at him scheming .. iand i’ve been saying this.. how many f*** weeks have I been saying this..
Cody says if he wins HOH Donny is pulling out the M&M to use to pick the nominations (Something they used with Skittles this week)
Derrick – So insult us .. I’ll slap those m&m right out of his hands
Derrick – I Swear to god on my DAughter I will.. he pulls that bag out i’ll slap them out of his hand,,
Caleb – He’s just making fun of us
Derrick – Ya .. I’ll slap them out of his hands.. . I’ll slap them right out of his F**** hands rip that bag into a million pieces and pick four of them off the ground … B!tch..”
They think it’s the wall endurance, not worried Donny will win it
Christine and Frankie come up
Cody – “I’m just so tired of him man

BB16-2014-08-20 16-52-24-081

4:50pm Derrick and Frankie bathroom
Derrick tells him that Donny is playing both of them. Derrick says from what he’s heard Donny’s plan is to put one oif them up and Backdoor the other one. Derrick says Donny is being “So Stupid”
Derrick – I’m hoping this brains (Points at Frankie) thinks of something”

“The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie

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274 thoughts on “Donny won’t win America’s Favorite “It’s not America’s Favorite F*** up” -Frankie

  1. This is the first season I have ever even gotten close to saying I hate a house guest BUT these jack wagons in the HOH room get me extremely close! They are all horrible little people.

    1. I think everyone knew this already, but this statement: “Derrick – If I win HOH he’s going up.. period.. there’s nothing they can say to convince me either” pretty much seals it that production tries to tell the HGs what to do.

      1. Luckily, Derrick’s not that much of a competition beast. Chances are he won’t be next HOH. (Praying to the BB gods.)

          1. Geez reading this really is distressing. What is wrong with these people.? They are so like high school mean girls and the boys are the worst. Christine is a c*nt. She is really disgusting filthy woman. All these people are disgusting. I really don’t think I can watch much anymore.

            1. …the same thing! It really is a example of how not to act towards each other. It’s gang mentality. It’s bullying. It’s really showing the worst sides of people and how they can be. Frankie is a f*cking a**hole. I can’t believe his sister would not be so embarrassed by him and what he says. How can Derek go back as a police officer after saying what he said? He sounds like a child. And yet he’s a grown man the carries a gun. Cody is just a ridiculous mess. Stick to underwear modeling you’ll never do anything else.

              1. I totally agree. I was watching Face Off the other night, and I thought, how sad is it that shows like Face Off, and Project Runway, the contestants are extremely talented, bust their ass on little sleep on the show, are generally nice to other contestants, and even root for each other, but only win $100k. Now, go on BB and you can win $500k for being a vile, disgusting, lying, backstabbing, racist, narcissistic, slutty piece of shit. Show’s what’s wrong with today’s humanity.

      1. Derrick and Frankie are the same type of person and they both disgust me. The one difference between them : one has Cody as a bitc8 and the other has Caleb.

    2. Yeah, and unfortunately the bomb squad will win the HOH and Donny will go home. There’s now way this season will turn around just for one week and give us viewers what we want to see…..Donny destroying these guys.

      So as usual I’m expecting Donny to go home next week, of course after they call him out and ostracize him.

      Am already thinking BB17.

      1. I can’t believe they are so convinced that Donny isn’t going to win America’s Favourite. He might not have if Hayden had stayed in the house, or Nicole, to be entertaining, but the way the house has turned into bullies versus one old guy (tho to be fair he is only 42, not 60, but he acts 60).

        So buyback brings someone in who can’t be nominated for a week, Donny wins Thursdays HOH, makes deal with someone who doesn’t run to tell Derrick, (i.e. no one), and puts up Derrick and Frankie (if he has any sense at all), and lets them battle for POV and if no one wins, out they go. It would be a vote that would be a surprise result, as I am not sure who would they want out? The sure win Frankie, or the guy who has a poor win track record, Derrick. What he would need to avoid is putting up anyone expendable. So put up Cody as replacement.

        Make sure Christine knows that the guys wanted to put her up before anyone else, including victoria, and he might finally be able to get some sense into her thick skull. Next HOH is the comeback HG, and one after that has to be Donny again. will it happen, probably not. probably comeback or donny have to win POV to take Donny off, and ensure someone goes up. That, too late, will be when Christine finally gets it, oh, gee Donny, maybe i should have listened to you, bye bye

        1. These people are so clueless & are unable to see what is right in front of them and have even mentioned it. Derrick hasn’t been on the block, gotten any blood on his hands, & buddies up to everyone. They even say him or Frankie could win. Duh! Get your heads out of your ass and open your eyes. This only goes to prove that with age comes some wisdom & these spoiled kids are incapable of reasoning & a clear thought process. I would enjoy a BB with guests all over 40 who play the game with some sane brain thinking.(Not the evil dick type) These children are hyper, spoiled and totally ignorant to rational game play.

    3. What would be great is a Team America mission that Donny could sabotage to expose Derrick and Frankie to the rest of the house thus turning the game upside down. Something that shows Frankie and Derrick were willing to blow up the rest of their alliances game. Priceless.

    4. If Donny happens to get evicted (hoping not ) I hope he gets a standing ovation when he walks thru the door. Best house guest by far.

      1. Unfortunately Donny will go within a week. I hope after he is evicted, the house burns with them locked inside. I can’t believe I’ve resorted to such drastic thinking but I really hate these people. Sometimes I think the racists would be better than this bunch (minus Donny). I don’t even know if I’ll waste my time watching next year.

    5. Donny has all those little punks panties in a bunch. Derrick ain’t gonna do shit, he’s all talk! Derrick just lost all points with me. He was second behind Donny ftw but he’s way too cocky for his own drawers.

      Donny FTW!
      The rest can suck eggs!

    6. You must be white and a despicable human being if you hate someone from this season but didn’t hate anyone from the last season.

      1. First of all, where in my comment identifies what race I am. Secondly, that’s very ignorant of you to say. Thirdly, I can say whatever I want, whether you like it or not!

        Finally, to correct your asinine assumption, I’M BLACK!

      2. Blanca that is a most Ignorant statement. Puts u right up there with all all of the racist bigots of last season. How does it feel?

    7. That’s okay, DanaDoo, I’ll say it for you: I HATE these people (except Donny, of course)

      Vicious, slanderous statements have been made against Donny, and it makes me wonder if he would have any legal recourse.

      Shame on you, CBS!!

    8. Is anyone annoyed with these people. It’s so funny how they all are saying that their going to slap m&m’s out of Donny’s hands if he picks them to go on the block based off the same dumb method they used. Yet when Donny comes in a room everybody is on hush mouth. Please they all say how they are so loyal to each other yet if Donny won HOH everyone would be kissing his ass and throwing each other under the bus. I’m hoping Donny wins or the evicted houseguest wins HOH!

      1. Is anyone else tired of people defending this cast of degenerates by comparing them to the BB15 cast? It’s like making the analogy that Bin Laden wasn’t that bad if you put him next to Hitler. BB15 is over and yes they were some terrible human beings on the show. If anything these HG’s should take some notes, look how it work out for those cast members after the show was over. What happens in the BB house doesn’t necessarily stay in the BB house. And other people’s poor behavior doesn’t condone their poor behavior.

    9. What I find funny is that even as they voice what Donny “said” to them, they don’t pick up the signals from each other. Donny basically called them ALL out….they repeat it to each other but then call him a liar???? He exposed each of their games (Derrek/Frankie/Christine….even Cody). If they were REAL BB fans, they would know there is truth in some things that are told in confidence…. At least entertain the idea…and watch the others in your alliance closer. Derrick is pissed because he is the only one that knows that Donny really does know what’s happening and is trying to discredit Donny. The Guppies (Cody/Christine/Caleb) will follow the leaders (Derrick and Frankie). Donny at least knows that they cannot be trusted… Hoping that’s why he walked in on them…to see/hear that he caused them to have a group meeting to EXPOSE themselves (and I don’t mean like Frankie going in the shower or Cody’s underwear ads). Just hate how these HG think it is okay to talk with such disrespect….it makes me agree with your comment too, DannaDoo. Here’s hoping Donny wins HOH, and the returning guest wins next one! …but realistically…I think Caleb will…but we can hope!! Go team beard!

    1. You know, this whole time I’ve been trying to keep any negative feelings off of Derrick. Trying to tell myself he’s just playing a game because he’s pretty good at it. But after all the dumping on Donny he’s doing he is no better than the rest of the trash in that house. I want all of them left in that house (minus Zach and Donny) to go down in flames! I almost want Donny *not* to be in the final two along with Frankie and Derrick and Caleb and have him win America’s favorite over all of them so I can watch their jaws drop. But I bet the stupid Ariana fans will make sure Frankie gets it. A pre-built fan base pouring votes on the relative of a star is NOT FAIR when a winner is decided by outside voting. It’s like Elissa last year….she didn’t have fans, her sister did. Although out of last year’s group there really was no favorite. lol

      The self-importance of this bunch is just over the top. Can they really be so vain that they can’t see how Donny could win America’s favorite? They’re disgusting! They are all in for a rude awakening when all this is over and I hope we get to see it.

      1. I wish we could get more shouters tonight that yelled “We love Donny! Derrick’s a cop! Frankie makes us want to throw up!”

        Knowing Frankie, he would hear “Frankie is the most wonderful person ever!” lol I don’t think I’ve ever seen a group of more vain, delusional houseguests in my life.

      2. Totally agree with you, I wasn’t a huge fan of Derrick but didn’t mind him so much either, but after reading this convo about him bashing Donny like the rest of these clown HGs are doing it seals the deal for me. So hoping Donny gets HOH or diamond veto or something these upcoming days!!!

        1. its bad for Donny now but if he could win hoh put up derrick and Frankie and turn to cody and caleb say veto gets used 1of you 2 azz clowns are going up so 1 of you 4 is jury bound and as john bon jovi would say im going down in a blaze of glory you should have worked with the ole gunslinger

    1. I have watched this show since season one and I have never hated anyone as much as I hate Frankie. I know it is just a game but the disgusting things he has done goes above and beyond game play. He is nothing but a pathetic bully.
      I am seriously thinking of not watching the show any longer. I can support a show that promotes the bullying and belittling of another player especially one that does nothing to provoke it.
      Tonight on the show it was the f88king Frankie show and not big brother.

    2. It was definitely “The Frankie Show” on BB tonight. Got so tired of their screaming and berating Zach, I had to change the channel. Kind of reminds me of the Lord of the Flies. Disgusting!

      1. Agreed. It’s really hard to watch now.
        Someone let me know when voting begins for America’s Fav, and I”ll tune in to see Donny win/everyone’s shocked faces. For now I’m done.

        1. ihope when they announce it Americas fav player she says this year with the biggest landslide in bb history Donny and they pan directly to frankie

        2. Vote (and tell everyone you know whether they watch BB or not!) for Donny for AFP, PLEASE!! I too am disgusted at the love affair that the cameramen on CBS and TVGN have with Frankie. He is not even good tv. I don’t get it… I didn’t think it could be as bad as last year, but I stand corrected.

    3. 2nd biggest boo goes to Derrick and 3rd is a tie between Cody & Christine! Unfortunately I believe I have read that the live audience is warned that “booing” is not allowed- but how ya gonna stop them? Once the BOOS are yelled en masse you can’t really UN-hear them, can you?

      1. How about silence?

        If you can’t Boo, don’t clap, cheer or anything, Think about it being DEAD SILENT as Frankie walks out. It would speak volumes.

    1. I’d love to see Donny shave his beard, cut his hair and put on nerd glasses and a white coat with a stethoscope around his shoulders one day. Next day, buzz his hair more and don some camouflage gear and combat boots. Do some creep mode. Production should give them some dress up clothes.

  2. I can’t wait til they all realize that Donny IS America’s FAVORITE!! F*CK you christine. You and Frankie look like goblins and are starting to act like it. I hate them all. IT’S CRUCIAL. For Donny to win HOH. So that someone from jury can come back and work with him.

    1. I always thought Ariana was stuck up. The way she snubs people and I can see the pretentious BS runs in the family.

      1. when zingbot got frankiehe should of said half sisters shadow they have 2 different fathers and use mothers name grande houseguest would fallout

  3. simon we as fan think production should help Donny with some power
    they all gang on that poor old man its make the show look bad real bad
    in we not happy at all we want our big bother show back

  4. Ok, so Derrick ‘wins’ the season, and another idiot (doesn’t matter who) takes second place. Big whoop. But Donnie will be America’s favourite and will be remembered as the player who deserved his winnings for all the right reasons. The rest are worthless fools, and no amount of money won will change that image we are left with IMPO.

    1. the only person that all the negative comments wont bother is derrick all he cares about is the money even if every viewer hated his guts would bother him in the least and I liked the guy at first but hating on my boy Donny ive been on this site for several years never seen someone liked as much as donny

  5. Like him or not, Derrick is playing a great game- mainly because most of them are Stepford children. If he was a little more likable, or funny, he would have a whole lot of support. I don’t dislike him, I just don’t see anything in him that makes me want to jump and say, “You go Derrick!”

    1. I used to feel the way you do, but Derrick has proven himself to be trash just like the rest of his minions. I don’t see how anyone could *not* dislike him now, especially after his recent comments about Donny. Yeah, Derrick, you’re really going to slap some M&Ms out of his hand because he’s copying your trick. Derrick is going off because he now knows that Donny is completely on to his game and is accurately exposing him to the others…..the others are just too stupid to even think it might be true.

      1. Frankie wants Americas player so bad. And Donny is Americas player, and Derrick, the @,sshole cop, says donny is the most manipulative, when he is. These people are nuts, really nuts! I hope donny wins it all.

        1. How can they say Donny is being manipulative when nothing he says works? I understand getting angry that someone is trying to blow up your game but the guy has no legs to stand on. What else is he supposed to do?Why compound that by taking it to a personal level and talk so much trash about him? Geez. Also he’s pretty much the only one in the house who doesn’t trash talk.

          1. Derrick for sure has a superiority complex. He’s a cop, so he is use to bullying people into doing what he says. So it pisses him off that Donny isn’t conforming. Like he said in his DR session on last nights show, this is the first week things are not going his way, and look what happens, he turns into a complete a@@hole.

    2. Derrick has crossed the line as have all these tools in terms of game and made things personal against Donny and Zack. They are nothing more than haters, and I hope there is some karma eventually especially against Fakie and Pig Face Snout.

  6. Now I REALLY want Donny to win Americas Favorite. First, because he IS my favorite. Second, so I can see the look of shock on those slimey peoples faces when he does win it. That will be epic!!

    1. I agree I now really want Donny to win America’s Fav. Nic is actually my favorite and I wanted her to win because I felt she was done dirty.. but after reading the behavior against Donny, I now want him to win just as an FU to these HGs.

    2. I have never actually felt hate for a stranger before until now but that witch just makes it too easy. I’m only watching now because of sweet Donny and silly Zack. The rest of the hg are total trash!!

    3. I hope that when it comes time to announce America’s Favorite, Julie says the server crashed, the phone lines blew out, due to the sheer volume of votes, and by a landslide, the AF is….(as Frankie gets ready to jump up) Donny Thompson!!

      Frankie will crap himself.

  7. I have a feeling production has some things up their sleeve to ensure Donny wins this next HoH to make a pretty exciting week of people throwing each other under the bus.

  8. Cody is a PUNK!!!!!! I wish he would step up to Donny and then watch that good ole country boy whoop him! These people are completely clueless!



    1. I love Nicole and I think she’s a good player but I don’t think it’s the best idea if she wins buy back because she hated who took her out of the house but when she watched the farewell messages she loved them again. I think she is easily manipulated so I’d rather see Hayden or Zach get back in the house and try to win it. I really hope Frankie/Christine/Derrick (although Derrick is playing the game) gets the boot next week.

      1. I disagree… Nicole is very underrated and I think she comes off a lot more weak than she actual is. Actions speak louder than words and her actions in this season show that she isn’t afraid to make big moves. Her biggest flaw is her concern of how America views her, but I think when it comes to the game she gets over it quickly. Throughout the season I have often found myself disappointed in the things she says thinking she is not playing smart (for example after Hayden leaving her running back to Cody/Derr). I was hoping that she was just doing this because she was on her own and new that Derr had control and her only choice was to play nice with him even if she didn’t really trust him. Thankfully I believe this is what was going through her head based on her talks with Donny. I don’t think she is the greatest speaker and has trouble conveying what she is really thinking… so once again I do think she has the guts to go against Derr and think she would not based on what she says in interviews but based on her previous actions and her game talk with Donny.

        Also I don’t think Zach would. He has made it clear based on his talks with Der that he would continue working with Der if he makes it back in the house.. mega fail if he gets back in.

        As for Hayden I know he will go against Der and Cody which is great, my only hesitation is he has yet to prove he can win comps. Doesn’t mean he won’t but it just makes me nervous…. and well I have a slight bias towards Nic, but I would be happy if Hayden came back.

        1. Then I guess you didn’t hear Nicole’s exit interview where she said she’d go after Christine, proving Nicole was, is, and will continue to be useless. I think Hayden is the best shot at teaming up with Donny.

          1. Actually no I did hear the exit interview. I also heard her say that the only people she could attempt to work with (besides Donny) are Zach and Caleb but she can’t really trust anyone. I also heard her say Derrick is playing the best game and everyone loves him. So do I think she will take a shot at Christine before Derrick, maybe. To be honest though I could see her trying to use Christine for a bit too though. I think she thinks if she takes a shot at Derrick it won’t work because everyone is on his side. To call her useless is a blind comment. She is the only person in this house who has tried to get big players out and that is including Derrick. I believe Donny would but he has only won one HOH. Also I do think Donny would be able to convince her Derrick is more of a threat than Christine. So YES she would be better than Zach to return.

      2. I don’t think we should count Zach out until after tomorrow nights eviction! Remember a rule WAS broken and CBS has to know that BB fans are well aware of that! I personally am hoping that they will step up and follow their OWN rule by voiding Zach’s nomination! Hey, a girl can hope can’t she?

  10. I have to snicker at all of Cody’s bragging about calling Donny out. I don’t think he could manage to do it without dissolving into tears. That’s pretty big talk, coming from the man who cried for half the night because someone wore one of his shirts. Just a foul-mouthed sissy, our Cody…

  11. OMG these people!

    I’m still hoping that somehow Donny and Zach are final two, but if not I want it to be Derrick and Victoria just to screw over the rest of Derrick’s minions and have them realize Donny was right all along.

    I also want Donny to get America’s Favorite just to see their faces.

    And Cody laughing at Derrick being a mastermind–yeah keep laughing, puppet.

  12. CLUELESS is not even the word to begin describing Victoria, Christine, Cody and Caleb’s game. I mean SERIOUSLY, did they listen to anything the people who have left has told them and what Donny is presently telling them FOR THEIR OWN GOOD not even to help him! Donny will get the last laugh though, he will! America will see to it, Frankie and Derrick, you don’t have to! If Zack Atttack, Donny & whoever comes back get evicted (SNOOZE) I honestly hope someone like Derrick wins just because the others shouldn’t for being HUGE SHEEPS!!!!

  13. Donny is definitely getting to these idiots. He was absolutely correct in his assessment of what’s going on. And now everyone is pissed because they know he is correct. Definitely struck a nerve! I just wish Donny could get some help!!!!! So sad!!!!! Production needs to step it up before they lose the whole season. I can no longer watch the live feeds. Too disgusting! Go DONNY!!!!!!!!

    1. Yep. He dug a hole and they fell right in. He knows his days in the house may be numbered. He is having fun! Go Donny ! Game on silly boys! Derrick’s reaction and Cody’s are over the top. Loving it!

    2. I hope Donnie wins America’s favorite player. Its so obvious Christine has the hots for Cody. I mean really. Derrick is just a jerk. He is mad because Donnie has figured out everything. I feel bad for Donnie having to be around a bunch of idots and bullies. Hope Donnie wins.

    3. I agree totally with you. I bought the feeds early, but now I have a hard time watching them. It is probably because I cannot stand any of these so called houseguests. Derrick really is turning out to be a bully, but the worst kind… one that gets everyone else to do his dirty work. If Donny does not win HOH this week it will be just another week of all the so-called alliance congratulating themselves and I just will not be able to watch it. Derrick is talking about doing a blog or something after this season… GOOD LUCK WITH THAT DERRICK. There are a lot of better hgs out there doing it and I could not even stand to listen to your crap. I just feel really frustrated right now and I guess it shows. Thanks production of BB16.. you pretty well are turning every one of the fans off. Sad… but true!

  14. These people make me sick to my stomach and I wanna knock them the out! I have never seen a group of huge bullies before and that’s saying a lot cuz we just experience the bb15 nightmare. Like seriously the stuff that comes out of their mouth and who the hell are you Frankie! The only reason you have a chance is cuz you are ariannas little sidekick! I can’t wait when these people come out of the house and see how loved Donny and Zach are and how hated they are! also it makes me so sad to see how badly Cody and derrick trash Zach and correct me if I’m wrong, I have never seen Zach trash them and he still trusts them which pissed me off . I just want to punch all of them in the nose don’t know how many times I can repeat it lol

    Please CBS can we please just vote back two jurors since you already made the game a week later so.I can have some peace to see these idiots squirm.

    1. BOMBARD CBS TELEVISION AT 212 975-4321 with complaints and if you have twitter twitter away with complaints after complaint after complaint. You will be surprised how successful it can be sometimes. If you do not think that is the number then call the CBS Communication number when you google it and they will give you the above number for CBS Television and complain, complain, complain. With enough support and complaints the game may turn around. Start tonight and just bombard them and post the number and the message on all spoiler and update BB sites and on BB Facebook and Spoiler pages. You never know unless you try. Sit back and nothing will happen; try and you never know it may work.

  15. Derrick has turned into a little bitch. They’re all terrible human beings for talking about Donny like that. And can Frankie just go away!? He’s the worst.

    1. Told you Derrick was a sociopath. Now you all see him for what he is.
      See how angry he gets when his authority is challenged and his BS is called out? Love it that America can finally see that Derrick is a douche.

      1. I used to like Derrick, but after seeing the way he is talking and treating about Donny and advocating physical violence whereever Derrick works should fire him immediately. He is the worst example of a police officer, but guess finding out he was a narc in high school makes more sense now. Had a lot of respect that he had been an undercover police officer, but that farce was just blown on here and BB telling lies that he was is another lie they have made up. Guess, if they said he had been a narc in high school he definitely would not of gotten very much love. Whatever town Derrick works in had better take note or they may have the same problems Missouri and Florida have had to deal with because with comments like he is making he has no business being a police officer and is giving all police officers a very tarnished name.

        1. I love and respect cops but do feel that Derrick is not representing cops well. Same way Caleb is not representing the military well. But I really don’t get where you are getting he’s not really a cop but a former narc..?!? Where are you getting that info and is it a reliable source? Bc if it’s just some random person saying it in the comments section why exactly would you believe it. This seems like BS to me

  16. ‘I’ll slap those m&ms out of his hand’ ???? The hatred, vitriol, ostracizing and talk of violence is getting over the top-it’s difficult to watch/read;
    PRODUCTION-DO SOMETHING NOW!!! Fix this train wreck of a season!!

    1. I dislike Derrick as much as everyone else does, but I’m wondering if the m&m comments are simply his way of strategically discrediting Donny. Not saying that’s ok but it sure is better than if he actually means it.

  17. Donny has a great shot at winning America’s Favorite because he isn’t an awful person like the majority of these scumbags. Oh and because he’s a beast.

  18. And once again we see Derrick’s true colors when he doesn’t have control of a situation. It’s so sad because I really thought he was playing a good game, but this goes to show how poorly of a game he would be playing if he ever really had to scramble. He is a hot head. I truly think if it weren’t for him being chosen to be in the bomb squad and for TA no one would think Derrick is a great player. I think it is an insult that people compare him to Dan. As for the others, they aren’t even worth my words. Poor Donny. I will be so upset if Zach’s fans rally enough votes for him to beat Donny for America’s Fav. I wouldn’t be so annoyed by Zach’s fans if Zach had proven to be a competitor either strategically or physically. However, much like inside the BB house American’s are like lemmings with no respect for the game and mob around the cool kid aka Zach. Don’t get me wrong, I do like Zach, I just don’t like him as a BB player. Also I think he is extremely immature with his taunting of girls, which most of his mob mentality fans seem to ignore.

    1. Just curious.. are the thumbs down because you are Zach fans or because you are Derrick fans? Other than that I think I have hit it pretty spot on.

      1. We get it. You don’t like Zach because he’s the cool kid. Not only is he the cool kid in that crap house, he also has the biggest heart of all of them besides Donny. Why do you think Donny likes Zach so much? Because Zach is actually kind to him when everyone else treats him like crap.

        Also keep in mind this is a SHOW. They play a part to a degree. I.e. They want Donny to keep the beard to fill his role of the “older” hg, Zach is the wildcard causing havoc. I highly doubt Zach treats woman like that outside of the house. I bet it’s the opposite considering when you see glimpses of the real Zach, he’s actually really sweet and respectful.

        1. Actually I’m thinking you don’t get it because I clearly said I like Zach. I do think Zach has a good heart and believe most of his mean spirited comments come from immaturity not cruelty. I said I don’t like Zach as a BB player.. meaning his game play only. He hasn’t done much as far as game goes… he begins to do something good and make great moves but then blows up his own game by telling on himself and undoes all his work. I do think some of this comes from lack of confidence, which he shouldn’t have because he is a smart person. But when it comes to BB I don’t see him making any big moves in the future so therefore would prefer Nic or Hayden to come back.

    2. I actually completely agree with your comment but gave a thumbs down bc I don’t like you calling Americans lemmings. I think Donny is clear fan fave. I think rabid zach fans just happen to be social media people and are really in people’s faces. I am 22 and to me Donny is the “cool” person in the house bc of how he treats others.. I like zach a lot but would prefer Donny to win and win AP. Zach had potential in the game but is very immature and didn’t play well. He grew on me as a person and I feel after Donny he has the purest heart of the people left in the house. When push comes to shove he may act the villain but he doesn’t like to wound people on a personal level. I agree that die hard zach fans fail to note his comments towards women. But with that being said I feel that he actually respects women and is not misogynistic unlike many of the other contestants this season. He may talk a lot of shit about them but that’s all it is is talk. And eventually he repents for what he said. Things he says come from a place of immaturity not malice. The others show their misogyny through actions.

      1. I respect that. I was just curious because I do like to have intellectual debates and enjoy hearing all points of views. I don’t think all Americans are lemmings, but I do feel a lot (not all) like Zach only because they think he is cool and not because of his game play. I respect the strategy of this game a lot and so it annoys me when people who don’t play well get blind love. I think it is part of the reason integrity is lost on the game portion of the show.

  19. Where do they find these people? Crusty is soo stupid? Y would she tell Cody? Do any of these people have any reasoning skills at all?
    I’m keeping the faith that Donnie pulls out an Hoh win

  20. The more shocking thing is when you enter the BB house you cant expect people not to try and win but apparently these people do.

    These belligerent bastards are mad Donny isnt with them so they have to be ruthless to feel better about themselves.

    Its the same thing these same group of people have done all season, if you try and play break up their numbers you are automatically an awful person.

    Jesus I am at the point to say these HG are just as bad as last years.

    Man if Im Zach, Donny, and the returning HG i would just say half a million isnt worth this and just leave.

  21. Is this for f***ing real?!?!

    I have never held so much disdain and hate for a group of BB houseguests since I started watching the show during season 3. Normally it’s a love to hate feeling but these people straight up disgust me with the experience of Donny and zach obviously.

    The real show I want to see is the finale when they learn Donny is ammericas fave (if this latest post isn’t more of a reason to vote for Donny I don’t know what is). These people are in for a rude awakening when this is over.


  22. Those HG are ao disrespectful Donny didn’t play this game dirty I wish I could slap them (on the hand). They make me sick. I can’t believe how bad this season is. Can’t wait for BBCAN at least people there are less evil and bully.

    1. Africa has enough on their plate already.They wouldn’t want that poor excuse for a human being anyway!!! What a piece of stinking shit he is!!!

  23. I’ve been watching this show since day one. I have never seen such mean, hateful people in all these years. Yes, Evil Dick, Amanda, but they were one person. This is so sad that CBS is allowing bullying on this show. All because he’s trying to win the money just like everyone else. They make me sick.

  24. Derrick sure does turn into a whiny b!tch when his name gets thrown out there. Hopefully Donny wins HOH so we can see Derrick back down from his threat to knock a bag of M&M’s out of his hand.

  25. They have all spread so much manure around the the land the BB house sits on should be the most fertile soil on the planet. Their delusions of grandeur and the fact that they have lied so much that they now believe their own lies boggles the mind. I don’t think a single one of them have ever been in the top 3 for America’s house guest. They make me want to cuss…

  26. I can’t wait to see Donny win America’s favorite… The man has made it this far in the game with over half the house working against him since day 1. America would be just as dumb as the house guests if they didn’t vote for him.

  27. Just because..I will vote Donny as Americas favorite!! If Frankie gets it because of his sister I will scream lol

    1. Well, Elissa got America’s favorite last year because of her sister. I don’t expect this year will be different, as much as I really want it to. It’s completely unfair for BB to cast people with someone’s already established fan base behind them and still have prizes given to HGs who receive the most votes. Other HGs don’t stand a chance against people with armies behind them.

    2. Yup! We have to rally together and vote, vote, vote! Zach/Nicole voters should consider flipping their vote too since at this point it will be between Donny and Frankie (only because of his sister and her fans). No sense in wasting votes on other houseguests who don’t have a chance either.


  28. Yeah pig nose slap Donnie’s hands if you want your ass will be right out the door , Donnie’s killing these assholes with his mind games & they can’t stand it, Co-dependent if you’re gonna call Donnie out do it or STFU already!!!! Christine is such a snitch bitch I can’t stand that bird nose heathen!!! These ppl are gonna be in for a rude awakening when they leave the BB house, Frankie…don’t think you’re going to win America’s Favorite cause you’re not!!! Go Donnie!!!!

  29. I’ve never seen Derrick so mad, it is because Donny has him totally figured out… Donny is the only one that sees what is actually going on. And Cody is so stupid lol he’s making fun of what Donny claims, and calling him the schemer! Oh you little fool, if only You knew… Derrick will win and he deserves too. I hope Donny pulls away with the HOH win tomorrow! It would be great.

  30. I don’t know how you do it .. I can’t read nor watch .. It’s actually painful … I’ll keep supporting you guys but Sade summer show got unbearable :( .. Hope it gets better !

  31. We should all bomb the hell out of Christine’s husband’s twitter account. Let him know what a cu#t his wife is.

    1. I don’t like christine either, but leave the husband alone… He is not playing this game… You turn exactly into what you criticize about these houseguests…

  32. If Derrick gets put on the block, he’s gonna blow a gasket? He’s never been but he needs to! Used to like him but not anymore. He’s such a manipulator and the house is so blind EXCEPT Donny.

    1. It is my hope that a miracle will occur and Donny will win HOH nominating Cody and Christine with anyone but Derrick winning POV to pull Cody or Christine off so that Donny will nominate Derrick. Derrick will then show the house his true colors and be officially backdoored! It is but a dream…

      1. Why would Donny waste an HOH putting up Cody and Christine. Put up Derrick and Frankie and if one of them wins veto, put up Cody. Caleb, Christine, and Victoria don’t have a shot a winning this game, I wouldn’t even waste an HOH on them.

  33. The easiest way for people to make certain they feel part of the “in” group is to make sure there is someone pushed outside the group. The people left in this house (minus Donny & Zach) are a very, very sad bunch. What was said about Donny early this morning in the kitchen is beyond horrible. They’ve gone over the edge – trying to make themselves feel included at the expense of someone else. Hoping Donny and Zach find a way.

  34. I’ve watched BB for several years now. And I will admit that over the years I have had disdain for several of the HG, especially last year. But I could recognize when someone was a good player even if I didn’t like them ex: Rachel.

    But this has been the most vile season to boot. First with the bomb squad and picking off the girls to all the trash talking about a man who has done absolutely nothing to these kids.
    Do these people not realize that they are on LIVE feeds and that their every action/word is being watched. These people with the exception of Donny and Zach are ugly inside and out.

    I can’t wait for this season to be over. If nothing else than to see Donny crowned America’s favorite player.

    1. Nope, as bad as this bunch is, no cast or season will ever come close to being as vile as last year. Do I have to remind you that GM, Spencer, and that asshat Andy were final three? Three of the most loathsome individuals to ever be on BB. Don’t feel bad for Donny, he’s got AF in the bag, just like Elissa. Also, as nasty as Frankie is, he’ll never come close to “babies dying of AIDS in Africa”, Ragan. Frankie’s just a weak imitation.

  35. Finally, Derrick’s going to have to break a sweat in this game. The master manipulator has been called out by our bearded hero, Donny. Now Derrick will have to actually work for that win. I’m convinced the season’s remaining contestants must have all travelled to the BB house in the short bus.

  36. Can we vote for America’s Favorite already?! Go TeamDonny!!! He will win it unless all those immature, under the age, Ariana’s fans vote for Frankie but hopefully they wont.

    1. Love Donny, but Zach will probably get fan favorite. The guy is the only houseguest who continually gets things BB related trending on twitter which is the demographic that’s going to be doing the majority of the voting anyways.

      Besides, Donny gets Team America money at least so you know CBS will give it to Zach even if Donny where to technically edge Zach out in voting.

      1. Don’t know why the thumbs down for Ronny. I hate that he’s right because I’d like to see Donny win it, but if Zach isn’t in the F2, then his millions of twitter tween fans that he’s inherited will easily vote him America’s favorite.

  37. All I can say is Christine’s face literally makes me want to vomit. I think the next team America challenge should be to get her to wear a paper bag over her head! ????

  38. Wow these people are dumb. I mean they can’t do basic math. Donny was telling Christine information that could only benefit her game and was only useful to her by keeping it to herself, so she just gives it away. “He’s trying to turn us against each other”. Of course he is there are only 7 people left after this week, the numbers demand you turn on each other. I hope he laughs at all of them as they enter the jury house one by one and Derrick wins exactly as Donny said he would.

    I bet Derrick’s daughter would be super proud of him physically ripping a bag of M&M’s out of an innocent man’s hands. They are pissed about Donny picking M&M’s out of a hat but fail to see the irony that THEY ALREADY DID THAT to him.

    Nobody is going to call him out because he didn’t tell a single lie and calling him out will only confirm that.

    1. The problem with this is, I don’t want Derrick to win. Like you said he gave pretty much all of them vital information that benefited their game but they spit at his face. They’re choosing to follow the psychopath cop.

      Hmm, or he could be Obi Wan if he can get a Luke…

      Well main thing is, I don’t want Derrick to win.

      1. Yeah I didn’t really mean I want Derrick to win, but at this point I just want Donny to laugh at the others for being so stupid. Hoping Zach, Donny, or one of the evicted houseguests (Nicole or Hayden) can somehow get back in and work some magic but at this point Derrick has them all under such a spell they might just stupidly allow him to bring Victoria to the final 2 with him and cruise to victory. Sick of hearing how voting Victoria out would be a “waste of a HOH”. She’s a number for Derrick but Donny is the only one who can count in that house.

  39. It is bizarre when faced with honesty these guys confuse it with lies.
    Donny just mapped out all of their games to them.
    Christine is on Cody and Derricks list as the next out after Donny.
    Frankie and Christine have in fact talked about all of the things Donny says he has.
    Caleb is the lowest man on the totem poll right over Christine.
    They do plan on taking Victoria to final two because they will beat her.
    And YES Frankies biggest hope of being Americas favorite is Donnie being in the final two.

    Lastly Everybody on every board I have been on thinks that this is a horrible group of disgusting people for lying about, ostracizing and mistreating a old Country man…. their behavior towards him repulse most live feeders. (Not as bad as last year…. last year was a swamp of some of the most disgusting group in Big Brother History… so bad a little blonde racist girl actually came out looking like she grew from the experience in comparison to some of the other denizens of the swamp.)

    Now lets translate this to game.
    Evicting Zach is a wasted week. Frankie will learn that when he compares notes with the other evicted house guests that Cody and Derrick screwed all of them. A better thing for most everybody’s game except Victoria, Derrick and of course Cody… is to evict Cody. Or have had Frankie nominate Derrick and then evict Derrick. (but it did not happen.) This is a colossal mistake week compounded by another mistake in not listening to Donny.

    I would love them to call him out and then have Donny lay out all of their games in front of all of them. If he tells the truth about them to their face in front of all of them. What he says about them is true it means he says about the others is true. Calling Donny out for lying when he is telling the truth would be fatal for all of them.

    I hope next week Hayden gets HoH when he comes back or Donny wins HoH
    Their best nominees are Frankie and Derrick.
    Derrick wins PoV nominate Cody
    Cody wins the PoV nominate Christine
    Victoria wins nominate Cody

    Frankie wins PoV nominate Cody
    Caleb wins PoV nominate Cody
    Hayden wins PoV nominate Cody

    The rest would never use the PoV on either Derrick or Frankie…. The reason I said Hayden uses the PoV is that he wants Derrick and Cody in the Jury…. they are his primary targets after the interview with Jeff.

    If Zach stays it is infinitely better for Frankie, Caleb and Christines games they just have no idea how much. They should have listened to Donny and what he was telling them.

    Victoria has no game that is her own… she is merely a tool and that does not require a strategy.

    1. That’s what I love about Donny, he makes sure he has the truth figured out first, then he uses the truth to plant seeds of doubt in people’s minds. No need for him to lie or make things up.

    1. How did you miss it? Well, I guess technically it wasn’t her zing it was Cody’s but it definitely was on the show today.

      Christine’s was there too but it was just about her glasses not hiding the fact that she’s not smart at all. But I assume your talking about the Cody zing and it was on the show. It was the very last one shown.

      1. I just thought there was something better than that to upset her, she didn’t look that upset to me. I heard those two though. Zachs was hysterical!

    2. I guess if production agreed to not show Christine’s zing – they were still able to get the point out on tv on Sunday when all the guys sat around talking about how Christine & Cody’s behavior is inappropriate. If you can’t do it one way – then they do it another. At this point I think it’s safe to say Christine’s pastor knows what’s up.

      1. The Christine/Cody zing about them always touching and Christine’s husband being Cody;s enemy WAS SHOWN.

        Did you guys even watch the episode?

        1. I remember reading on one of the blogs on here that the zing bot said something about the only thing Christine has to look forward to is going home and her husband giving her divorce papers for her and Cody’s behavior. I did not hear it on the episode tonight. They must have edited it out. I was hoping to see it. Apparently Christine was in tears about it.

          1. Sorry that’s false info. The only zing said about Cody and Christine was the zing to Cody that was aired on the show. The zings to Christine were about her tattoos and glasses.

  40. Lost all respect for Derrick (the little I did have). He just affirms the stereotype of cops.

    Also, why is Derricks negativity never showed on the show?

    1. I think they want Derrick to look like a good guy mostly because of the Team America thing they are trying to force on us, and also because there is a good chance that he will win this game. They probably don’t want another hated winner this year, Andy did not have a lot of fans.

  41. This might be my 8 months pregnant hormones talking but…Frankie has to be the most awful human being to walk in this house!!!!

    Cody…grow a pair damn

    Caleb, you are an idiot…complete dumb dumb

    Victoria, you’re irrelevant

    Christine…I swear I saw you on Robin Hood…half bird right?

    Derrick…I really don’t care about you

    Zach…I feel bad for you abd the house outs gonna be extremely boring after Thursday

    Team Donny

  42. I hope when Julie says like the top 3 for Americas favorite how it is down to these ppl it would easily be Donny Zach and Nicole and everyone will be like what?! AND AMERICA WILL BE LIKE THATS RIGHT WE DONT LIKE U DERRICK AND FRANKIE U SUCK

  43. I have never wanted to slap a complete stranger as much as i want to slap christine. She isnt even playing the game. She is just trying to be all the boys favorite. She wants to be the pivot of a circle jerk.

  44. After watch Big Brother tonight, I have to say I feel pretty bad for Zack. My issue is with Frankie way more than Derrick though. Yeah, Derrick could have said something to defend Zack but at least he wasn’t yelling at him and accusing him like Frankie was. Especially since Frankie knew it wasn’t Zack’s fault. I can’t wait until Frankie gets evicted.

  45. These jokers seem to not pay attention to the fact it is no longer called America’s Favorite Juror. Since season 11 anyone who has been in the house can win it. It hasn’t happened yet where someone wins the finale and favorite, but it can happen.

  46. Of course Frankie got the most golden of golden edits tonight on CBS. They actually tried to portray it like Frankie was the victim and he had to make one of the “toughest decisions of his life” in nominating his “best friend” Zach.

    Lol, of course his all of his personal attacks that had nothing to do with the game against Zach are left out of the show. Of course.

    Frankie is such a jealous thing. Can’t wait until he’s sent to jury and then Zach wins America’s Favorite over him. The look on his face will be worth it’s weight in gold (and glitter).

  47. What a group of horrible people!! I hope CBS shows how mean these people are to Donny. I can’t stand Derrick, Frankie and Christine!! They are scum!!

  48. What I find funny is how Derick will try and throw something in about how Donny has turned them against him, how Donny isn’t down for team America. I guess he’s hoping that production will cut it enough to where it’ll make it look like he was trying to save Donny so that he gets americas vote if he doesn’t win. He’s already said that he wants Donny out which thankfully production hasn’t cut but then you hear him say that he wants to protect Donny. He’s getting all huffy and puffy and says that Donny is manipulative but he himself is trying to manipulate the viewers……..

    1. I know right? Derrick literally said that Donny was his target this week. He even said it in a DR session that was shown to even the non live feeders on the CBS show.

      So how he thinks that Donny is the one doing the manipulating and backstabbing when you were the main one who wanted him out this week is just hilarious.

      If he would’ve owned up and said I had my go at Donny and failed. Now I gotta hope I survive this next week then fine. But to try and act like you didn’t want Donny out all along and then get mad when Donny starts targeting you back is hilarious.

      Please please please let Donny or Zach/Hayden when HOH next week. PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE

  49. My heart goes out to poor zach:(
    I feel bad for him
    them mean and heartless so call alliance really did him dirty!

  50. I realized listening to Cody making insulting comments – then laughing along with Christine about how funny he is – I knew people like this in High School. People who get along in their own group and feel the need to be completely rude to either people who aren’t in their group or are on the edge of it. Watching the feeds took me back to High School and I realized that I would not feel comfortable being in that house – or spending time with these people (outside of Donny) out of the house. And I’m so thankful I’m no longer in High School.

  51. just my two cents worth,i hate all these loser in this house except for donny-zach,how they can even think they will be afp is beyond me especially christine and derrick.sicking assholes they need to just play there game and keep donny out thier fucki## mouths did i say i hate them all.donny and zach would be a great match-up too bad zach.s going home thursday.

  52. Everytime when I read Frankie, Christine, Cody, and Derrick comment, I feel like smacking myself in the head. What makes you think that you will get America’s Favorite. At least Donny plays the game with strategy and honesty unlike some people. jeez

    1. I’ll answer your question.. NO it will not be brought up because it is NEVER enforced. The only reason it was brought up via social media is because of all the desperate Zach fans. Also after Frankie came out of DR he went to Zach and told him that he still might put up Victoria (I’m sure because production told him he couldn’t tell Zach he was going up), therefore undoing the entire wrongdoing of the renom rule. So can we now stop bringing up this pathetic attempt of fans to try and save Zach.

      1. Thanks, I was just wondering because I kept hearing about it. I am team Donny anyway, but just don’t really like the other houseguest and Zach was probably the most decent out of what is left. I am hoping Hayden returns also so if I was all team Zach, I would want him back. So I don’t know if you were going off on me about it or not – just wondered. Supposedly this rule was enforced in BB12, so whatever.

        1. Sorry didn’t mean to come off so harsh. Wasn’t trying to go off on you, just more the whole thing being brought up at all. Spent too much time in chat rooms and reading tweets with Zach fans shouting for renom rule to be enforced. Just tired of hearing about it… my apologies to you, I am a Nic fan and I was just as annoyed by people trying to get everyone to call CBS and request the diamond power of veto for her.

      2. I agree with your comment. You speak the truth. Idk why you’re getting thumbs down. It would be cool if the renom rule happened to mess with Derrick and Frankie’s head.. But it’s not gonna. End of story.

  53. Maybe ever former houseguest from previous seasons can rally their fanbase to vote for Donny for Americas Favorite Player. It’s really sad that Stankie is only receiving votes because his little sister will tell her fans to vote for him–most of them probably don’t know who he is or watch the show. I hate this season but still watching because well it’s Big Brother!

  54. Quite frankly, at the end of the day, the BS squad is literally angry with rage.

    If they get this way with only Zach, who they decided to amputate, what will happen when they have to cut off more important parts?

  55. I wish Devin was still in the house… i miss him, say what you guys want about him, but i know for a fact if he were still here and was still in the the majority alliance he would of been the only one with enough balls to go against Derrick and Frankie and others in his alliance by now and he wasn’t afraid to make big moves even though some his moves were stupid they were moves nonetheless which these people aren’t doing… we needed more Devins this season that’s for sure.

  56. The little ounce of respect that I had for Derrick is now gone. These people have really gone overboard with all the personal attacks – yes, critique another HG’s game all you want, but then you start attacking them personally?! “I’ll smack the M&Ms right out of his hand” ?!? You’re a grown man!! Quit acting like a toddler whose having a tantrum because somebody is FINALLY on to your game!! He’s lucky he’s in there with a whole bunch of idiots (except Donny and Zach of course) if he was in there with HG that had half a brain he would have already been evicted long ago. And Frankie is just delusional – he thinks America loves him, when in fact it’s quite the opposite! I can’t wait until finale night to see the look on their faces when Donny or Zach win America’s Favorite. Even then they’ll probably be too stupid to realize how much they’re hated. I’m just really hoping Zach comes back into the game and him and Donny beat all odds and make it to the final 2.

  57. Derrick is too much of a pussy to call Donny out.. Derrick is just pissed because Donny knows all his bull shit and he is scared that others would start to think for themselves. Cody is a bitch and wont do anything until Derrick gives him permission to do it…. this has been the main reason Derrick wanted Donny out all this time… Derrick live feed watchers knows the truth.. it was u and Frankie who turned on Donny and not the other way around….

  58. I just spent the last hour watching the most immature person I have ever seen skip, and jump around the house, squeal, use exaggerated facial expressions and act like a damn fool. That’s it, I’ve had enough. That will be the last time I baby sit my 3 1/2 year old niece.
    As far as Frankie is concerned, I can’t wait to see that piece of excrement get flushed in the not too distant future.

    1. A grown-up man in his thirties prancing around and squealing the way that Frankie does is just ludicrous. He looks simply pathetic, and ridiculous. I know he’s trying for adorable, but he’s missed that mark…

  59. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

    Finally I told all of you haters this is what would happen to that creep Donny. You dont mess with my BAE Cody and get away with it. The BAE is way smarter than the pathetic groundskeeper Donny. Hahahaha Donny. So glad that he is on his way out; You all hated me and called me names, but I am right and you are wrong so you can shove it.

    Bye bye Donny. Plz Cody shove him out the door and laugh n his face when he is evicted so that that crybaby Donny can make some more tears. He wonders why he is all alone? It’s cause he just spread his lies and evil all around the house then try to act all innocent. That why he keeps saying oh please dont tell no one about my convo with you Cody. Oh please dont tell no one bout my convo with you Christine.

    Bomb Squad and my BAE Cody blew you up Donny. Now I hope they torture him for the rest of his stay and mmake him cry himself to sleep every night and then when he is evicted Cody laugh and cuss in his face as he walk out to the boos of America who hate him and then Julie just look at him and laugh and say ok interview over no questions for you just go to jury and be irrelevant some more Donny.

    Good job Cody. You are BAE. Donny lerned the hard way what happens when you attack the best player of this season.

    1. First of all… You’re using the term “BAE”.
      Second if all… You’re using the term “BAE” like you’re serious.

      …that is all.

    2. Looks like some little 5th grader has stumbled onto our site. Toddle on back to class now cupcake or you’ll be late for recess.

    1. I almost lost my dinner watching Frankie going nuts in the DR over a DList ditz. CBS has got to start finding gay men who are more typical of their community and not the ones like Frankie who are an insult to gays everywhere.

  60. Wow….the people this season are ruthless and ignorant. Once the jerks get their “targets” out of the house, I want to see how quickly they turn on each other. Go Team Donny! I hope he wins HOH and POV so he can see these poor excuses for human beings squirm and sweat their butts off!!

  61. I cannot stand Christine what a gross hoe, when she gets voted out I will be happy. I hope Donny can hang, and if Zach gets voted out he comes back with a new sense of game play and pairs with Donny and get those dumb asses and douches out of there.

  62. Dear Zach’s Mom, I’m sorry your son has to have his bb experience in a houseful of schmucks! Frankie being the king of all schmucks backstabbing, unfairly framing and humiliating your son. Only your son and Donny seem to have a heart and a brain. My heart hurts for you and zachs little brother having to watch this! They say this is just a game. Bs!!!!!!!

  63. Oh my just when you think you can’t stand these people any more than you already do they open their nasty mouths and you find out ” oh yeh I got me some more disgust for these people :. Derrick, really, you want to swear on your daughter you will slap m&ms out of Donny’s hand ?? I thought it was against house rules to lay a hand on another player ? Do you think because you are a cop you can do this ? Boy aren’t you making cops look bad . I wish he would so I could laugh as his ass got kicked out, bet he would swell up like a banty rooster thinking he was so smart . I have lost all respect if any I ever had for him. Quit using your daughter and Frankie quit using Africa schools, I am burnt out on both neither of you are getting brownie points for it. They all want to condemn Donny for having game, he isn’t lying about anything has told the truth about you all and you ALL know it. The rest of you lie and scheme and think it’s fine but poor Donny plays the game and you trash him with the vilest comments . Cody you the biggest P**** I have ever seen, bet I could whip your ass and I am 62!!! Christine I would love to smack that face of yours , your ugliness inside is showing outside. Keep rubbing on Cody while you can, those days are numbered heifer, what are you going to do when your pastor asks about that ?? Can’t even watch BBAD anymore can’ stand to see Donny’s treatment. I appreciate you Simon and Dawg for all your hard work and for all the posts left here keeping me up to date. This bunch has ruined a game I have loved for years. Sorry for the long rant I am just sick of the injustice it has quit being a game for me . CBS if you don’t step in I will be one of many who will switch to cable instead of your station.

  64. im really hoping a Donny hoh and Derrick and Cody on the block with Derrick getting sent to jury…. I would flip the fuck out if Donny is the reason that Derrick gets sent to jury next Thursday…

  65. Damn, look at all of them scrambling, F-bombs all over the place, because an old man got their number… ROLMFAO #FearTheBeard and soon to be, when he returns #ZachAttack

    The only player who deserves America’s Player, is Donny..

  66. Derrick is having a stroke! Finally some sweat from this dude. He’s shown himself to be a nasty little twit when he looses control of the sheeple. Oh and Frankie…Has anyone been able to read through his blog? I started to, but his incessant bloviating and self adoration caused some throw-up to come up in my mouth. Couldn’t get through it. Couldn’t get past “I am a wonderful person…I am a GRANDE for goodness sakes!!” OMG, this man-child is too much for words. I have trouble deciding who is the worst. There is just so much competition. Boy, if there were an “America’s Most Hated Player”, lord only knows who would win. That’s too tight of a contest. GO DONNY!!!!! Pleeeaaassse….

  67. Let’s see, Zachary stays because of the “rule in the BB handbook”, he puts up Victoria, she goes to jury, Hayden comes back, then Donny, Zach. & Hayden team up to get Derrick and Frankie out! Wouldn’t that be awesome! Great tv!!!

  68. “Frankie – Why the f** does he thinks he’s going to be America’s FAvorite”

    Simple, Donny realizes how terrible everyone else was this season.

  69. Derrick isn’t leading and manipulating a group of intelligent normal functioning adults. He’s a bit street so he’s hustling them to a point. His game being so masterful is relevant to this group of people. He piggy backs off of power and finds an opening to exploit a situation or a person’s weakness to work for him. I’m sure a lot of job training has helped him with manipulating a group of teen aged minded adults. But jobs like his really don’t always training you on how to deal with people outside your “profiling” people. Notice Donny, he looks a certain way but Derrick almost doesn’t even know how to talk to him. And he likely wouldn’t dare take his bravado down stairs in Donny’s face to confront him. He needs to hide behind some type of power to get pumped up either an HOH nomination or a group of people/the gang. I bet Derrick is nervous of little ole Donny who is playing the game by himself basically not that Donny has his name “in people’s mouths” now. lol

  70. If these SOB’s only new the truth…. I cannot wait for them to get out and see what most people thought about them. These are grown ass people and they are acting like fuckin high school teenagers! It’s pathetic… Donny is probably the sweetest houseguest to ever grace our BB screens and these people treat him like shit. The only one who treats him like an equal is Zach. I hope someone gets one of those banners and it says “We love you Donny -America” Sorry for the rant, I just don’t like when people are basically being bullied

  71. I was so upset and hurt when I read what the houseguest said about Donny. Words cant express how I feel. I really dislike them all and cant wait until they realize that most of the people who watched this season feel the same way. I will be voting for Donny as Americas Favorite for the first time ever just to show those nuts they are all wrong. You go Donny!!!!!!!

  72. Derrick has much been calm and chill this entire season but now that he knows that Donny’s on to him and exposing him for who he really is he’s finally starting to show his true colors because somehow if he doesn’t win half a million dollars his daughter is gonna starve. He claims Donny is the master manipulator, well the truth is Donny is the only honest player in this game. If frankie wins Americas favorite, I’m literally gonna puke

  73. If frankie wins Americas favorite I’m going to be extremely pissed because none of the polls i’ve seen have him anywhere near the top. So if he wins it production rigged it along with every other season. Honestly big brother gets worse and worse each year at this rate next year they are just going to announce the winners before they go into the house. Thats the only way it could be any more boring than this year.

  74. Them saying that Donny is lying and is a terrible person is like being the Sun but calling the Moon blazing hot. They are all hypocrites. It physically pained me tonight to watch be a$$holes to Zach. I wanted Frankie to cry after his Zing but alas my wishes were ignored once again. But then again if they weren’t then Frankie and Derrick and Caleb and Crustine and…well let’s just say that Zach and Donny and Nicole and Hayden were back in the house and the Fiendish Five would be Hasta la Bye Bye. And earlier Derrick flat out said to Cody Kotex and Vhrisyink that he was the mastermind behind everything AND THEY. DIDN’T. DO. SH*T. ABOUT IT!!! They are spineless weaklings and how Christine swore on the Bible and then went back on it just proves that she isn’t a real Christian. Hoping her pastor won’t see is just because she doesn’t wanna be judged. NEWSFLASH: All of America hates you, Cody Kotex, Vain Vic, Derprick, Creep Mode Cowpie, and Freakie the Felonious Fairy. ZACH (and Donny) FTW!

  75. It was sad watching tonight’s version of Big Brother tonight after productions edit.
    We all know what really happened this week!
    Tonight’s show Christine no longer cheated by trying to help Caleb, she was “throwing” the competition.
    Half the time was bashing Zach for everything missing, and other things TA did this season. This last task did not say anything about casting blame on another houseguest.
    And surprise of all surprises they didn’t show Frankie tell Zach with other detonators in the HOH room that he was going to be the replacement nominee and would be voted out.

    I am sure they want be showing any of the insults made towards Donny, or Derrick making a physical threat saying he would knock M&M’s out of Donny’s hand.

    Don’t try and even complain on the CBS website or the Big Brother facebook page, because they will just take it down, as we have seen by the posts on here this week.

    I am Hopefully and Begging!! people will start getting the message out about what is really going on this week, by flooding the many fan pages like this one and flood Twitter, hopefully before tomorrow night.

    Enough is Enough!! it is time that viewers speak out that cheating is allowed and rules are broken to make sure that the players producers want to see do well, continue to do so while they say hateful and physical threats against other players.

  76. If Derrick does hit Donny or slap his hand wouldn’t it count as assault which would get him kicked out of BB? Wasn’t there a season which a fight broke out and the guy who pushed another was eliminated? Maybe we want Derrick to do it after all and get his butt tossed out of BB! That would look good one him – then able to bring back two players one as a bring back and other in place of Derrick!

    1. Ok this is getting annoying all these people saying Derrick is gonna assault Donny lol. Come on people. I am a Donny fan all the way followed by zach but to say ‘omg is Derrick really serious about slapping m&m’s out of Donny’s hand.’ That’s ridiculous. Of course he’s not going to. You guys do realize this is how people speak sometimes, right? He doesn’t literally mean it. In daily life people often say things like ‘I wanna punch her’, ‘I wanna kill him’, Etc. People don’t literally mean it. It’s just a way to show frustration. Zach has also said he wants to hurt people etc but he’s not going to obviously. Frankie has said Jocasta should kill herself and that he wants to euthanize zach. The comments people should be taking seriously are like when Caleb got very specific and said he wants to light ambers mouth on fire or when he hit her hard with a pillow. Yet I didn’t see anyone getting up in arms about that like they should have. Those are worse comments than slapping Donny’s hand. Also a lot of the commenters here threaten to kill or hurt contestants they don’t like. I dislike people being hypocritical like this .

  77. These cowards will NEVER confront Donny….not ever!!! They know that all his truths will destroy their games.
    I WISH Donny would get them all together & out Derrick & Frankie on Team America before the vote to evict Zach.
    Not that they will keep him, but Zach can go out with…”I told you so!”
    I will also cripple Derrick & Frankie’s game.
    I am a complete Donny fan but looking at Zachs DR sessions hurt my heart…..

  78. Simon…can you please answer a question….
    When they formed Team America, they said it was up to them whether to keep it a secret or tell others.
    Do they all have to agree to tell or can just one decide to tell & not lose the $ thus far?

    1. I believe it is up to them as to whether they want to reveal Team America or not. I hate this twist or whatever you want to call it.

  79. I have never seen in previous seasons the houseguests so stuck on “America’s Favorite” instead of winning the game!

  80. What I am trying to figure out is why are these players in the game. The reason is to win $500K. But so far it seems the majority of the house is content with making their $1000 a week and not worrying about positioning them selves to be the big winner. With a few exceptions all these players are extremely young and immature. As viewers of the game most are sick of watching this season, I my self cant even watch the edited Sunday Wednesday shows any more. These House guests are hard to listen to and look at!! Now the only things worth looking at or hoping for is their reactions if and when they are evicted or put on the block, which isn’t much but a fleeting moment of joy for us the viewers. And knowing what they are expecting to have instant fame is working in reverse. In reality they will be ridiculed, embarrassed and laughed at.

  81. I’d take Devin over anyone left except Donny. He played too hard but at least he had class. Thats went out the door for many of the remaining players.

    1. I think the feed fans are dwarfed by the 5 million or so TV fans. CBS wants drama and excitement.. Having Zach leave Thursday and then come back in maximizes this.

      1. But does social media ie. Twitter maybe change CBS thinking? Seems like a lot of fans are expressing their outrage and disappointment that way. Hoping that CBS might be outed with the sham crap they edit and throw out there as ‘reality tv’.

  82. Frankie only said that bc he thinks America loves him bc of his sister! I want Donny or ZachAttack to win Americas favorite now more than ever!

  83. Oh the detonators are such a tough ass bunch! None of them are going to do jack shit. Derrick is a big pu$$y hiding behind his gang of bitches. He’s just mad bc Donny has had him pegged for some time now and had it relayed back to him piecemeal by his troll crew. They all KNOW THAT Donny is AFP and they can’t do anything to stop that so they’ll keep lying to each other that he’s not. Derricks trying to be all hard so he doesn’t lose face with those fools. He won’t step to Donny bc he knows Donny won’t back down from his ass. It would be great if Devin was still around bc none of them would’ve gotten in his face or threatened to slap anything out of his hands. Zach let them punk him; Donny won’t.

  84. I wonder if they are getting clues about Donny and Zach being fan favorites and that is why they are being extra cruel when they talk about them. No one is fooled by it though, anyone who watches the feeds, or even just the show, knows that Donny isn’t any of the negative things they say about him.

    Not sure if it is going to do him much good, but I am glad that Donny is going around planting seeds of doubt in everyone’s ears. I am curious as to whether he will out “Team America” at all. He is an outsider and a target either way, so he might as well go down swinging! I would love to see him or Zach as fan favorite, but as long as Frankie doesn’t get it I won’t be too upset. Donny will see how many supporters he has when he gets out of the house!

  85. simon they doing Donny wrong call him names
    derrick talking about he knock it out of his hand in call him a bitch
    if I was their that be a problem to me simon Donny should win hoh
    a good man cant not keep get done like this production should try in help
    Donny to cause the fans or not happy at all in if Donny goes we cancle everything big brother
    we are not happy Donny is a good man

  86. On a side note, I am glad they didn’t cut out Cody’s zing about Christine. There was nothing wrong with what Zingbot said at all. I was surprised how upset Zach was about his zing, (wears pink and cuddles with men), and thought Derrick’s was a little harsh (called him ugly) , but there were a lot of funny ones! :)

    1. @:)…….I just looked the pic of Derrick a few times and I don’t believe Zingbot was being harsh about him. He IS ugly.

      1. Newest competition: An ugly-off between Derrick and Christine (externally) and between all the of them (internally except, of course, for Zach and Donny who who are not eligible to participate for being beautiful inside and out!

  87. The seeds are planted and now they’re all paranoid; and fumbling over their words, plans, and what little brains they have left…good work, Donny!! Now just focus on winning the HOH tomorrow night, and really think long and hard about who to put up, and take it from there. Teach those punks and bitches a lesson…OLD SCHOOL STYLE!!!

  88. Donny reminds me of Clint Eastwood in Gran Torino. He is going to get himself evicted to expose the truth.

  89. I just… I just can’t anymore!!! This season X__X It’s so boring and one-sided! The real season begins if production filmed the HGs watching themselves play the game on playback and taped their reactions! Where are the twists, Julie?!?!

    Frankie: I’m a fan of Ariana Grande BUT Frankie GTFO OF MY TV SCREEN! Everyone’s faces when Donny wins America’s Fav will be replayed on my PVR over and over. The backyard yeller said it best: “Caleb we hate you, Zach we love you, and Frankie is DISGUSTING! Honestly, after last season I wanted to stop watching but gave it another shot because Frankie was on, since I am Ariana’s fan but Frankie is so disgusting he doesn’t deserve to ride the coattails and be in his sister’s shadow. Once you’re gone Frankie, I got one less problem!

    Victoria: Does she even know herself what her strategy is? Cutting up HER hat to prove a point to Zach *sigh and face palm* – when she checks herself in the mirror and spends 2 hrs preparing for the day *rolls eyes*.

    Donny: You are a beast and the only one who sees the BIG picture (Derrick as mastermind) I am so sorry that Frankie and Derrick are a part of TA (which is hurting more than helping you) I am also sorry you are always on the block and having to fight for your life while having to put with these imbeciles (I would call them worse, but I’d be stooping to their level – besides mama taught me better than that!). :( Don’t worry though, the REAL WORLD LOVES YOU! WIN THAT HOH!

    ZachAttack: The reason this season was remotely entertaining. Go win that buyback! Team with Donny and flip the script on this house and on production! I can’t believe the witchhunt of him around the TA missions.

    Derrick: I really had high hopes for him since he was an undercover cop (obviously no longer undercover), and his strategy off the bat was fine but then TA happened… and well… yeah X__X Stop insulting America by pandering to the cameras as if all your decisions benefit Americans. Do your decisions help the econ crisis or the prevention of racial profiling (as a cop, he should be working on this one)?… No… so STFU! If he wins, (which will most likely happen), it will not be because of great gameplay but because of the HGs obliviousness (except Donny). Can someone please find the sun within the fog? LOL to when they rewatch and see themselves as sheeps.

    Cody: Yes, you’re attractive… but that’s all you’ve got working for you. Really… cuddling with Christine??? I can’t even…! Stop being Derrick’s b**** and grow a pair… highly unlikely coming from a guy who sits and pees.

    Christine: Please don’t insult your husband’s intelligence by stating your ‘thing’ with Cody *shivers and shudders* is nothing but gameplay. Honestly, how did it take this long for her to realize how inappropriate it was? Thank you Zingbot! I’d love to ‘talk’ to Christine outside the house (or if she was my barista at Starbucks) *takes off giant hoop earrings* . Any horrible thing you say about Donny or anyone else is really a reflection of yourself. Nicole had you’re back… she doubted you but was willing to put that aside… and now she’s evicted!

    Caleb: As a woman, his obsession with Amber definitely earned him Creep Mode Cowboy status (nice one Donny!), like c’mon she just ain’t into you. However, as a BB viewer, it made him entertaining… because now he may have some game but he’s just gotten condescending and narcissistic.

    Nicole- Voice annoyed me, played bad game but TRIED to turn it around too late. BTW hated production trying to shove her and Hayden down our throats as Jeff and Jordan 2.0.
    Hayden- Could’ve been a contender if he had done more and listened to Donny. Sad way to go out though. Please get a haircut!
    Jocasta- Had personality in DR sessions, wished we could’ve seen this IN the game.
    Devin- like he said himself, played too hard straight outta the gate. Yo bro, at least you’re hanging with your daughter.
    Joey- She’s laughing her butt off at the girls being picked off week since they didn’t listen to her.
    Amber- I feel sorry for you being in the house with Creep Mode Cowboy and being called out by Zach. You looked great with straight hair! Wish you stayed longer!
    Pow Pow – Liked her in the beginning but then the BOB comp with the swings X__X * sigh and face palm*
    Brittany – Is it just me or does she look like the actress (Friday Night Lights) Minka Kelly (who herself looks like Gossip Girl actress Leighton Meester)? I thought she was the most attractive! Like Donny said, she was dealt a bad hand to play with… but c’mon watch the show at least! I did feel bad for her leaving after kicking 2,400 goals. Hopefully her situation with her kids works out. Wished you stayed longer!

    #DonnyFTW #FearDaBeard #TurntUpDonny

  90. Like many who post here I have watched BB since it began and read the blogs. Although I was upset with the “rat” last year this is the first time I have literally had to walk out of the room watching what they did to Zach tonight when it aired- sick to my stomach and painful. Now reading what went on with Donny today I just want to cry. Like many of you I get that this is a game, but didn’t want to accept that they could stoop so low to treat Donny especially like they do. One of them may win the game, but they will never erase the negativity associated with their “five minutes of fame”.

  91. They may be on lockdown now, but it’s time to organize! Let’s storm the CBS lot with twenty megaphones, a few pitchforks, and some burning torches and we’ll give those scummy scum-buckets in the House an earful they’ll NEVER forget. I’ll bring snacks…

  92. Don’t worry Donny will win HoH!! Zach will come back in and Donny will get a special power from Pandora’s Box!! Here’s to hoping!!!

  93. When America’s real f% $ k ups send Donny home I hope before walking out that door he blows up TA on the pig and the fake. Then we may get some real feeds.

  94. ?1. Caleb throwing a BOB and production does nothing about this

    2. Christine throwing a BOB and production does nothing about this either

    3. TA does the mission and then Derpick and Fankie decide to target Zack as a saboteur

    4. Deprick says he been want to find a way to get rid of Zack

    5. Fankie tells Zack he going to put him up and send him home before the POV

    6. THIS IS AGAINST THE BB RULES, Amber read these rules in the begin of the season we all heard that!

    7. But again PRODUCTION and AG decide not to say anything and let Fankie go ahead and put Zack up!

    8. In the back yard Fankie is fighting with Zack and calls him a thief and that he going home.

    9.If Zack would have been my son I would have been on the phone to a lawyer!

    10. Two night in a row someone yells thing into the back yard and they go to fish and get everyone inside. Can’t have anyone saying anything about Fankie cause he is a brother of a coming singer who cares?

    11. Christine, Derpick, Cody Cable all say terrible things about Donny in the back yard and they just let them away with no fish

    12.Derpick say if Donny win HOH and use M&M to pick players he will hit them out of his hand. I believe he would do that and production and AG would let him get away with this too.

    13.Derprick says Donny is trying to manipulate everyone and insult them time this cop get a brain what has he been doing the whole summer.

    14. they don’t believe Donny is America Fav, how stupid can these disgusting people be.

    15.Fankie with his hands all of these guys and the talk of (&^#@ themselves last night and how they sat on the chair is this now a Xrated show?

    16.CBS hears us all bitching about these people and they are laughing all the way to the bank. CBS does not care about the fans.

  95. To Donny snakes don’t hiss anymore these days .They’re call Frankie,Derrick,Christine,Cody ,Caleb and Victoria.

  96. Really, I’ll be surprised if a few of these guests DON’T get punched in the face a time or two, after they’re back out in the real world, again.

  97. Derrick is finally losing his marbles because someone finally caught on. Good for Donny, slow and steady and very observant! :D

  98. Simon or Dawg: Can you please tell me if it is true that final two are NOT eligible to win America’s Favorite as so many posters seem to think? I don’t see why these would be mutually exclusive titles.

    1. I did a little checking and the fan favorite from seasons past has never been the winner or runner up. Not sure if they are eligible or not.

  99. If we get every single person that reads these blogs to spread the bullshit things the houseguests are saying about Donny, it could help Donny’s chances of winning America’s Favorite Player even better so he can rub that shit in their faces and make them look stupid for the shit they said about him. I can’t believe they are talking shit about him when they have the ugliest personalities in the house. C’mon Donny, I know im voting for you to be America’s Favorite!

  100. Who would any of you choose to hang out with in real life? The manipulator, Derrick, who really holds a position of power outside the house that can screw you. The wanna be, Chris, that has never been a real social butterfly and acts like a middle school girl by running and saying I have something to tell you. Caleb the one from Texas that has the PHD, piled high and deep, and apparently has a misconception that he is God’s gift to anyone. He is probably the joke of the group. Cody, looks are only skin deep, and what you are showing below the surface is not good-looking and do you have a real job? Victoria the other word for shallow! Frankie, flutter boy just like an annoying mosquito, please light and I am sure some has a bug spray. Donny have you not learned good ole boys do not win in real life. It takes liars, back stabbers, and manipulators to play the game of life. Do admire you for trying but you our playing against the me generation. What a difference 20 years can make! Zach, life is going to slap you in the face, hope you learn the lesson and come out a real winner. I have to pull for Donny and whoever returns to the house but the others are bullies that need to be sitting outside the house. The way you act in this game has to be a true part of your personality or it would not be so easy to act the role!!!

    1. I want to hang out with Donny and Nicole…..I’d add Hayden too but the boy admits that he doesn’t bathe frequently LOL.

  101. They are such a clique, they have no one to bash so they magnify Donny into a monster. I hope when they watch it back they are regretful. And learn a life lesson. Idiots. What the heck would they do if Donny goes? Who will they put down then?

  102. I hope CBS is happy with their reduced viewership. Along with many others on this site, I have stopped watching the network episodes and read the updates here. The comments and actions of these small, petty houseguests have gone beyond ‘game’ and now are personal and potentially destructive to life outside the BB house. I am, however, recording the shows so I can watch any episode where a member of the Bomb Squad finally gets what they have coming to them!

  103. So I guess we can all see that what kind of cop that Derrick really is… how dar he swear on his daughter to slap another mans hand for playing the same game he is playing!! I am disgusted at how petty and mean Frankie, Christine, Cody, Caleb and Derrick are. Donny has such a sweet ora about him and for these people to just dog him out day in and day out is heartbreaking!!!!

  104. I don’t think Derrick has really lost his cool – he has to do this in front of the others to be in with them. The game is still his to win because mostly overall he has no blood on his hands and in jury they will figure out he was behind the scene making decisions. And they all know what a snake Frankie is – although he is playing the game good, just a different game than Derrick so think Derrick will get the votes over Frankie. I think Donny knows he really doesn’t have a chance to stay and he knows they are all talking to each other – he is trying to blow up everyone’s game and he is succeeding. They are all talking to each other but each of them knows the parts of what Donny is saying is true so they are going to think in the back of their minds if the other parts are true. They are not going to say this out loud but they are thinking it. Donny is going out with a bang and he WILL get America’s Player! Every vote on this site has him # 1. Also, Elissa won because she had Brenchel’s fans – they watched Big Brother. But are Ariana Grande’s fans actually watching Big Brother – I don’t think so

    1. If Derrick is in F2 he will get the votes, not because he doesn’t have blood on his hands but because he will be the lesser of 2 evils. And the only front he is putting on is for us. Nothing happens in the house without it first being run by Derrick, therefore everything that has happened is because Derrick wanted it to. He uses the excuse that Donny is only a target (to him) because he didn’t want to do the one TA mission, but none of them did, Donny was just the first to say it so it makes a great scapegoat and a perfect excuse to want Donny out without having to say, hey guys Donny has to go because he’s got my number. They are all trash, any decent human being would have said “hey guys that’s crossing a line” when they were all sitting there talking trash trying to paint Donny as a pervert. That has nothing to do with game or which side you’ve taken, just a little human decency which no one left in that house seems to have.

  105. Cody is a lazy do nothing , Caleb needs a brain. Christine knows how others played the game but she fails to play her own afraid of getting bloody. It’s no surprise that they are still there. While these idiots have been lying, backstabbing and making fools of themselves, Donny has been playing stealth. Winning when he needed to and making friends. They are afraid of him now because they have done nothing and he is the most likable person playing this game. Frankie can keep dancing but he has the largest target. Derrick is making deals with everyone in the house…….that is true. Donny should be America’s favorite player if he doesn’t win . He has clean hands, he is a good guy and in this house a good guy should be last and win it all. I was a Derrick fan until recently when he began showing a different side to his nice guy, good cop persona. He can take second but Donny should win. Unless some real changes happen in the next few weeks and Zach comes back, he can take second over the other losers ?Zach had more entertainment value than anyone else even if he did cross the line more times than he should have. His act went too far sometimes but we all know it was an act, unlike Frankie who is just plain self centered evil.

  106. This year the lines between production and game have broken down. Why would they accept throwing competitions as game play? Why are the players talking endlessly about the money and the public appearances they will be making? Why are some of the competition favoring certain players? I really wonder if they do care about what the public thinks? I am not a fanatic about BB but I do remember when there were more rules than “STOP SINGING!” and don’t talk about the DR. It looks like the fix is in and if that is the case then why bother watching in the future? Do they care?

  107. I just want Donny to read all the great things America says about him so he knows he’s not alone. He feels like the outcast, no one has taken the time to get to know him. Instead they talk sh!t behind the poor guys back and put him as an ongoing target because he is one of the remaining HG who actually thinks for himself. I want Donny to read these great comments and know that he’s not alone and that America loves him, I could picture him crying.
    Screw the rest of the houseguests!!(except Nicole)

  108. TEAM Donnie All The Way!!!!!! Lets get rid of the bullies and show them that even an old man can win BB!!! I cant believe all these married ppl in there caressing and provocatively massaging others in the house! I feel so sorry for Dereks wife and Christine’s husband! We want someone who actually has morals and manners to win. So tired of the bad guys always winning and everything always falls right into place for them. If we dont get Derek out soon him and Victoria will be locking up with each other. A man should only look at there wife the way he looks at Victoria. Such a shame that he is sorry enough to stoop to that level and put his wife in this position to be embarrassed because of his hard on between his legs! TEAM Donnie all the way or we are officially done with BB this year!!! We only root for ppl who have morals and who really deserves to win!!! Donnie deserves to win a special golden power of veto to save himself this week and then come back and win HOH next week and shake the house up! Donnie is the only one who has big enough balls to put the ones up who deserves to be there!!! We need Donnie to shake up the house and show them how you really play Big Brother!! He deserves to be ” Americas Player”!!!! GO DONNIE!!!!

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