Derrick says Zach will stab us in the chest, right in the heart. He won’t even stab us in the back.

POV Holder: ? Next POV Aug 16th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 18th
HOH Winner 1: FRANKIE HOH Winner 2: Frankie
Battle of the Block Winner Donny & Christine Next HOH Aug 21st
Original Nominations: Derrick’s Noms (Donny & Christine) Frankie’s Noms (Caleb & Cody)
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?
POV Players Cody, Caleb, Frankie, Victoria, Donny, Christine

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-16 03-29-49-894

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1:40am Up in the HOH room – Zach says I don’t think its the worst thing for us if Donny wins HOH. We’ve got to keep swinging at him though. If he makes it through the next couple weeks he could pull out a final 3. If he makes it to the final 3 he will win the final HOH. Frankie says yeah he will. Zach says he won’t win the physical but he will win the next two. Frankie agrees. They comment on how funny Caleb is. Frankie wonders where that’s been. Zach says its because Ambers gone. Frankie says finally he’s a normal person. Zach says goodnight and tells Frankie he loves him. Zach says please win tomorrow. Frankie says I will.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-16 02-15-58-813

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1:45am – 2:15am In the hive room – Caleb and Derrick are talking. Derrick hopes that Zach doesn’t go run his mouth to Donny. Caleb says well we could say everyone knows Zach is a liar. Derrick says Donny won’t tell anyone though. His game is to just listen. Derrick says anyone but Donny wins, its a wrap. Even if Donny wins .. there could be a conversation with him where he knows that Victoria is the target. Maybe you come down. If Donny wins HOH next week he is a player and he is going to try and take one of us out. I think we need to win this veto and HOH. In addition to that there will probably be a buy back where Hayden would come back. My only focus is getting you off the block tomorrow. If Victoria comes in last again she is literally no threat. Caleb says maybe its time to get Zach out. Derrick says I will agree with whatever you say. Derrick says I was up in the HOH crying like a little bitch because I had to give my photos back and Victoria came up talking to me. And I was like you have no idea you will probably be going home this week. Derrick says you’re not going home. Derrick says Zach will stab us right in the chest, right in the heart. He won’t even stab us in the back. The talk about there possibly being money in the veto tomorrow. Caleb says I would go for it. If I could get another 10K with my 5K and the 13K stipend. That’s 30G’s I will go home with that, that’s no joke. Derrick thinks Donny would go for money too knowing he’s safe. Caleb says but tomorrow I am going into that veto treating it like its Iraq! I can’t lose! Caleb says again this might be not be a bad time to get Zach out. I said it to Frankie the other night and he was okay with it. Derrick says it might be time for it. He will try and make up lies and sh*t but we just all need to not believe it. Cody joins them. Caleb brings up how Victoria isn’t a threat to us. Cody agrees. Cody says I love you dudes. I am going to lay down. Derrick heads into the bathroom.
Big-Brother-16-2014-08-16 02-36-35-796
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Derrick talks with Christine. Derrick asks what did they say during the BOB? Christine says they (production) said if you pick up a bone you have to bring it back to your board. I was like crap! When Caleb took the one from me they said it again. He (Donny) knows that.. Big Brother blocks the feeds.. When they come back.. Christine says I am a trouble maker and rule breaker.. Derrick says what if that was your strategy!? Apparently they didn’t want it to happen. Derrick says Donny is definitely the fan favourite. Every year there are alliances that you do not want to make it and unfortunately we’re it. Nicole, Jocasta are great people but do we let them knock us out? We’re unfortunately the ones they don’t want to make it. They want a good story and he might make it to them end and if he does he is winning hands down. Derrick says Donny has already won 6 comps. Christine says wow he is so good. Derrick says Donny is in okay shape but he is smart. If he beats us all, if he’s up there at the end he is probably getting it. Christine leaves. Derrick talks to Zach and says that the jamoke (Donny) is going to make it to the end. He’s won 6 comps already. If you’re up there with him at the end I am voting for you. I’ve been with you since the beginning.
Big-Brother-16-2014-08-16 02-40-32-227

In the bathroom – Caleb is talking to Zach while he is in the bathroom stall. Caleb says I am going to win the Veto tomorrow. Zach says you should! You’ve got to! Zach asks Caleb if he is going to stay here for a bit? Caleb says it depends, they might already have the tickets bought and say that if I want to stay I have to fund it by myself.
Big-Brother-16-2014-08-16 02-54-26-024
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2:55am – 3:20am In the earth room – Cody and Christine are talking. Cody says I’m literally going to go home and f**k with them. I’m going to run into the room and ask them if they’re talking game. Are you guys trying to get me out? I don’t think Polly (His dog) is going to do good in the POV. I’ll tell them we need to backdoor striker (his other dog). Christine says I hope my family doesn’t hate me. Cody asks why? What are they saying to you, that you don’t really want to say? Christine says Nicole and I were ranking past house guest hotness for fun. Like Jeff would be hot and Dominique would be number 2.. And they they would get me to say things like don’t worry honey I love you but this guy is way too hot. I hate it but I said it twice now and I wish I didn’t. Cody says I don’t think it matters. Zach and Caleb join them. Christine says in highschool she used to be called “MV” and then later found out it stood for man voice. Cody says that’s mean. Zach says I think you’re voice is cute. Christine says thank you, that’s nice of you to say. Cody and Christine go to sleep. Caleb and Zach lay there and talking about random things.

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9am The house guests are still sleeping..

The new bomb squad – Caleb, Zach, Derrick, Frankie, Cody, Christine
“The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie

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Derrick is crying & saying he lost his focus but can’t tell vic what is going on.
He knows now he should have hitched his butt to the Donny train, but it may be to late b/c he knows Donny does not trust him.
If he tries to throw Zack under the bus again, I hope Frankie figures it out and gets the biggest liar tool cop out of the house. His moves are so predictable and it kills me to watch these fools fall right in line. Cody saying how Donny has been skating by for so long now (or whatever he said-try not to listen to this idiot) is a joke. Donny has won more than competitions than he has and has a bigger heart than all of them combined.
They will all get theirs….karma is a B%^&&!
I just cannot wait until Donny gets to the finale-win or loose-and can see how much everyone loves him. He will cry and I will probably cry with him.

Slime ball cop

Slime ball cop now knows America loves Donny & production will want to keep him as long as they can. He is on the wrong the side of the house & I hope his game is screwed along with his puppets. Bye bye Derrick go feed your family with TA money you don’t deserve.


yup, derrick came in too fast and furious, always always focused on Donny. Some TA alliance you got there, Derrick, when you are constantly talking to EVERYONE in the house to get him out, what are you going to do now you pretty much understand for sure that America wanted TA to be your focus. Now he can’t even change his focus to Zach because he’s campaigned so hard and loud about Donny. You know he wants Vic to stay really bad, and you know he’s going to say Z and D are ‘talking’ and so Z needs to go because obviously those two are working together.

Donny Fan!

Donny, your days as a landscaper are over if you want them to be. You were very popular before yeserday, now if you can manage to flip the house with Zach and the returning jury member, you could go down as the most popular player in BB history.
Your family, girlfriend and hometown must be so proud of you. Keep your chin up and keep fighting!!

Derrick's fake tears

Didn’t Derrick tell Frankie he’s all about TA now! Haha! What a joke! He’s trying to remind him that Frankie can’t possibly put up a TA member. Has Derpick ever been nominated? His time has come people!!


That plus he’s trying to fool us & production. Don’t think anyone over the mental age of 14 will buy it!


Hell yeah!!!!!!!!!!!! Donny whipped them punk ass boys and is guaranteed another week. I love that everyone in the house hates that happened because they fear the beard! TEAM BEARD FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I agree, but he’s going to need help. Zach’s his best bet, but as expected, they’re going to find a way to screw him this week. Donny needs to talk to Zach immediately and fill him in. I’m sure Donny can see what’s coming, too.


I would like Donny & Zach together, but Donny has to tread very carefully with the big mouth not stupid – he knows what’s going on, but I think he thinks he’s better off hitching his wagon to the Frankie star at the moment, especially because he’s already run to Frankie with info about Donny. If Hayden comes back & gets with Donny Zach might then switch (assuming he’s still there & Derrick doesn’t get his way). I don’t think Donny will but a lie about them wanting to send Victoria home to use the veto if he wins, but I suspect they will lie up a storm to Zach about Donny so if he tells Zach it’s likely to be a hopeless effort.


Donny deserves to win, he has put on a great performance. He got all them bones by himself even with Christine handing one to the other team. This guy deserves to win. I really hope Nicole comes back and works with Donny and pulls Zack in with them, they would be the final three,because their would be a good game then.


Now that idiot Donny won BoB, Zach will likely get backdoored. #heartbroken


If Frankie had an ounce of intelligence he would use this veto to get Derrick out. Might not have another chance. Survivor and BB have both become games where contestants blindly follow a scheming bully and let him win. Really hope he realizes this Monday.

Lucy J

I so agree with you. I wish someone would figure out that Derrick is running everything. For god’s sakes he’s never been on the block. Can’t they see he is keeping Victoria and taking her to the end. It’s a sure winner if he does this.


You sound childish and imbalanced… is that what you’re going for?


Hey Derrick’s mom. Stop calling someone imbalanced. Ur son is not untouchable. Just as people wish one or the other HGs gets evicted, they can also wish ur son Derrick gets evicted too. So do some other thing and stop reading the feeds.


Um he was actually referring to the commenter that said, “that idiot Donny won and now zach could get backdoored”, when he said you sound unbalanced and immature. He wasn’t talking referring to anything regarding Derrick.


I was responding to Mayo’s comment about calling Donny idiot you moron.


Is that what you’re going for, lol! Thanks for the laugh.


I was talking about Mayo’s comment about calling Donny an idiot, you dumbasses need know everyone’s places before you judge my comments.


If we had seen production cater to or applaud another houseguest people would be going nuts, but since it’s Donny no one even seems to care? I hate how hypocritical these bb fans are. When Frankie won last week people went as far to say production changed the entire comp to save why aren’t we criticizing production this week for blatenly interfering in the game to save Donny. Donny is a nice person but he has less of a social game than Victoria. This irrational Donny love is driving me crazy. Let the dislikes begin.

Whoa Possum

Perhaps they were not applauding the results of their “rigged” game… It’s possible that they saw Christine throwing it and were genuinely happy that Donny was able to pull it off.


Dude everyone knows production gets involved. It’s part of the “game” but you should know by now it’s not so much a real game but a TV show for our Entertainmenr! And as a station CBS needs ratings etc.

So keeping that in mind, sure I think production had a hand in this comp. Chrisitine even said production was telling her not to throw it. And Caleb mentioned he got called out by production when he took Christine’s game piece. They need to nudge things a bit and makes for better TV, more people getting excited and involved, drama in the house. This is what a station would want. Basically a more entertaining show. We still get to see what production can’t control and that’s everyone emotional state and how they handle the twists etc.

Derrick seems to understand this the most. He gets it and especially now gets that he and his crew are not Americas darlings! And Christine finally gets it and said “America must hate me”. Lol. Took her awhile.


The house figured it out last night. Production has changed the BoB comps because of them putting someone up to throw them every week. They know this season hasn’t made for good tv. Even the Fakie BS didn’t have America rooting for him. A few nights ago a car went by and screamed We LOVE you Zach. That shook Derprick and Fakie.
I think the cheers for Donny were spontaneous. Everyone except Donny treats production like crap. They ignore them, curse them, talk back and the house is a sty. Donny is always respectful, goes to DR when called, cleans up after himself and never talks about production. Plus production has had to see what we see on the feeds…Donny alone for hours everyday and even when people are up they won’t talk to him. He’s been getting more and more depressed but still plays his heart out every comp and still tries to help others (Nic/Zach). If you were production wouldn’t a cheer come out of you when Donny won this even though Ratine was obviously trying to throw it?

I hate morons

It’s “blatantly” you moron.


Wow.. I misspelled a word. Sorry.. I come on this site to talk about the game we all obviously love, not to be told how stupid I am. It is really unnecessary to be rude to other people who might have a different opinion than you. You obviously have a lot of hate in you.. You should go work on that. You have a great day.


Who pissed in your Cheerios today. Sheesh so they misspelled a word wrong. Get a life


To ” I hate motions “– you are worse than a moron.. You are a supercilious twit.


If you’re going to “diss” at least get the name right. “Motions”, come on!


Whitejack you are a double twit. How’s that?

Caren in Canada

I am not a fan of anyone at this point, but the blatant cheating this year has far surpassed any other season and now they are doing it right in our faces! Check out the feeds from this past HOH! Julie gave the question about the hospital, (the one that eliminated zack) So Zack had the answer right the other three were wrong so Julie changed the answer from B to A and because there is do much crap this year, no one even caught it! I have been a BB fan since the beginning, but it is really getting hard to watch anymore! (my humble opinion)

You are not allowed to talk about production

Not saying that we rigged it but we do know about the bionic eye that the military implanted in Donny so that he could see in the dark while searching caves for OBL…… that MAY have giving us the idea to play this latest BoB in the dark….just sayin’

save Zach

I’m praying that Frankie keeps Zach safe

Donny ftw

Derrick telling the other HG’s not to talk to Donny, then calling him a jamoke? How immature. I hope Hayden comes back in the game, and works with Donny to backdoor Derrick, Cody, Christine and Frankie. (I LOVE Jocasta but she and Nicole but wouldn’t be able to take them out). Hopefully Zach stays and Victoria goes so Hayden can easily come back. Derrick might be playing one of the best games, but he most immature player I’ve seen in the house.

Donny ftw

*she and Nicole wouldn’t


I hope Donny and Victoria win the POV – I’m pretty sure they would leave it the same
Goooo Donny


Victoria night as well be Derrick. She will do as she’s told like a good little lap dog. She won’t win it though anyway, she’s more concerned with looking nice. Derrick is playing with fire, he better be 100% sure that it won’t be him up there if he encourages using the veto, especially after they tried to get Frankie out & failed.


Derprick has been telling everyone not to talk with Donny the whole season. Every time someone spends 10 minutes even just talking with Donny they become the next target. Now Derprick and Fakie know that Donny is loved by America and it’s too late to change their game. They actually got mad that Donny didn’t believe them about how the noms were picked. And they know they are the bad guys this season.


now Donny needs to pull Zach aside and tell him let me come clean but don’t tell anyone im a retired navy seal Seal team 6 it would be classic whole house would hear it in 10 minutes


It would be better if Donny confided in Frankie. It would be all over the house in a minute.

Donny/Nicole/Zach F3

It would be better if Donny confided in Frankie. It would be all over the house in a minute.


That’s because Derrick is nothing but a sore loser! All he care about is the food taken from his daughter’s mouth. I’m sorry, Derprick, but you’re not the only one thst can really use the 500K. Just focus on being a role model for your daughter and stop acting like a fucking dirty cop that IAB eould investigate!


Derrick is certainly able to provide for his family. His daughter has no worries about food and shelter. Maybe she won’t have a fancy car when she goes away to college. Or his family will have to wait a couple more years to buy a modest home. Oh well, sad story.


I find it really sad that he’s resorted to this tactic since as a superfan he should know that individual circumstances are irrelevant in the game. Besides how much does he think Donny makes as a groundskeeper or Christine as a Starbucks person. They need to tell him to cut that crap, they all could use the money, he’s not special in that & it makes him look whiny & pathetic.


Such a give away for Derrick. “Jamoke” is a word/slang not often used by most people, except police officers when referring to suspects as ‘trouble makers’. He’s slipping and may slip up even more soon.


I hope Donny wins pov and doesn’t use it. Send pussy boy Cody to the jury… Zach can tell Victoria she was the back door plan. Hayden comes back and teams up with zach Donny and Victoria


VapidVic won’t believe anything anyone says against Derprick. That’s why she’s VapidVic.


F*ck Donny. He seriously sucks. Zero game- try actually campaigning DONNY or better yet, just stay up past 8:00pm
…Sorry,not sorry.


Fakie’s sister is that you?


Soooooooo, tell us how you really feel, hehe


Campaign to who? All he says to Caleb is we’re both country boys & it runs back to Derrick as a mastermind manipulation. Sick of these pathetic individuals who can’t think for themselves & can’t shut up.


Actually he game play working rather good for him. He doesn’t tell lies that could come back and bite him. He doesn’t share who he wants out next with others only slight hints occasionally. He cleans up after himself, is respectful of other players and production. This is not giving others ammunition to use against him. I kind of hope this new gameplay catches on in future seasons.


AYYYYYY FUCK DONNY. TERRIBLE AT THE GAME, all the stupid fans in this comment section need to stop complaining that there are people in the house who actually play, and are good at the game, unlike the old bearded fucker. this whole tv show is about lieing and manipulating and you retards dont stop talking about respect and integrity. if you think the houseguests give a shit about you nobodies opinion then youre fucked

Love Donny

You are a big loud ASSH$&E.


This is whats gonna happen. The pov will be used on cody and derek and company will get in frankies ear to back door zack, so frankie will do as the group says and zack will go up. With zack going up that will make him pissed at rankie and derek will know zacks #1 target will be franki so derek will then make the plan to blindside calab which is who frankie wants to go to the end with. Frankie will then ne on his own.


That actually could very well happen which would be awesome. Then you’d have Hayden or someone back in the house and With Frankie being scared, zach being zach and Donny winning comps, the house could really flip. We need to see Derrick fighting for his life on the block or in a comp at least once.


Hope Victoria win or Donny can’t stand other guys they are Bullies. Go Donny and Victoria!!!!!!!


I want Donny to win the POV and keep the noms the same !!!!! Then bye bye Cody !!!!!


Theres no chance if the noms stay the same that cody will be evicted.derek vic christine are not gonna vote cody out.

Man Voice

It’s too late Christine. America despises you, and that creepy husband of yours to boot.

Christine's Big Beak

I know I am big and ugly, but why did I have to be born on the face of the most vile creature on planet earth?
Maybe she can fix me with plastic surgery from her stipend?


I’ll agree with the first part, but you don’t know her husband so why would you hate him. If anything you should feel sorry for him that his wife is so disrespectful.

MV says

The reason everyone hates Tim too is because all he does is defend her actions or blame Cody. Cody isn’t married Christine is! Tim just likes to watch I swear
I knew Christine was a loser in highschool she has that whole mentality of being desperate to fit in with the popular people and being unable to stick up for herself or what she thinks is right.

Gator girl

Seems from the BOB that production is helping Donnie. I am OK with that, but do NOT want Frankie in the final 3. Can’t stand him, not because he is gay, I don’t care about that. He is so sure he has AF sewn up because of who his sister is. Saying he will give all the money to charity? I think that is also a lie. He is so positive he has won because of his sister. CBS is helping him also. When Frankie is a have not the HN get fish and PBJ.

Broken Lightbulb

At what point in the game will these IDIOTS realize that hey, it’s time to take out the person that will beat me in final 2 as opposed to making it to Final 6. Frankie already admitted that Derrick, Cody, Caleb, and Donny would beat him.

NEWSFLASH: Donny is safe, get over it. So are you. Cody and Caleb are on the block. You can always win back Caleb, so the choice should be obvious: Campaign to vote out Cody if the Veto isn’t used, Backdoor Derrick if the Veto is used.

At some point you will have to battle your alliance. The best time to do that is when you are ACTUALLY IN CONTROL vs “sometime down the line”. If Frankie would backdoor Derrick, Frankie would guarantee himself a spot in Final 4. His only challenge would be to break up the Christine/Cody relationship, but that is why you have Donny and Zach.


If I didn’t already despise that POS pig snout derrick, I would now after his resorting to calling Donny a jamoke. Prick is just angry that he can’t manipulate Donny, nor can he beat him in competitions. I hope Donny wins POV and does not use it.


Derprick saw the light last night. He realized that America loves Donny and he is this season’s bad guy. I think this was a real shock to him but it’s too late to change his game. He knows Donny doesn’t trust him and he knows if Donny wins HOH both he and Fakie are on the block. Donny or Hayden (with a comeback) win HOH and make this happen!!

Don't Talk About Us (Production)

If Donny does win HOH, he should nominate Frankie and Derrick. Pit the 2 main house factions against each other. If Zach could control his ADHD and if Caleb had average intelligence, they would make great partners for Donny. But neither of these actions will take place. Production won’t allow Donny to nominate Skank and Prick and the bonehead boys can’t escape Skank and Prick’s Svengali influences. I’m not even convinced that if Hayden or Nicole came back, they would side with Lt. Don Thompson (Special Forces). The HG’s are cowards and lemmings – they are not Dr. Will, Rachel, Jordan nor Brittany H.


Calling Donny a jamoke?! Well that jamoke has won so many vetoes to save himself and even a sick friend. That jamoke has won both physical and mental comps. What have you, a ‘non- jamoke’, won? A comp where you hit a ball with a club once. You were at advantage in that because you played last and saw the directions everybody before you went so you knew where best to take. In real life, the so- called jamoke has a job that involves more daily physical strength than yours. If that makes one a jamoke then I’d like to be one too.


In a sense he didn’t even really “win” that one(the golf one) because he actually wanted to lose. So, he’s just as bad as Caleb & Christine when is comes to throwing them. Then they all talk about he gave that HOH to Frankie because he’s such a nice guy & he would have won. BS – how do they know he would have won & he gave it away because he wanted to grandstand to America like he’s a good guy plus he didn’t want to win anyway.


Sounds like Gonzo is feeling a little guilty. It’s funny how she is just now realizing that groping Cody every chance she gets might not be perceived well by her family, not to mention her husband (notice she didn’t mention him either). I read a couple articles and tweets about him and by him and he seems like a cool guy. Trust or not if my wife was on national TV acting like Christine is I would be feel let down and hurt…


The other night the house called out Ratine/NoBallsCody about their constant groping. They stayed away from each other for a little while but we back in bed together last night. I guess the pressure sent them back to old habits. I just love the fact that Ratine knows America not only hates her for backstabbing Hayden and Nic but also for trying to throw a comp to send Donny home.


Yay, people behind the walls, clap like you mean ’em! So funny!

I couldn’t phantom Donny going this week because: he’s fan favorite and the buy-back would be worthless with him gone.

Now what I hope doesn’t happen is Zach being on the block but sadly, it’s not looking good for him. They’ll all gang up and said Zach’s #1 target is Frankie (true). Maybe Frankie will not nominate Zach as a new start to their friendship, a do-over.


It should read: … fathom, not phantom


Fakie was counting jury votes last night and realized that the 3 people there would never vote for him. He’ll need 5 votes to win so if 2 more go because of him he’ll lose. That and the fact that he and Derprick now know America loves Donny has Fakie worried.


PLAYTONE 22 started a fundraiser page for Donny at giveforward. The page is now live. I did not realise he was planning to use some of the money to have eye surgery. If everyone who claims to love Donny will give what they can, we can put Donny over the top. For those that Tweet and FB, can this info be circulated. Simon and Dawg, will you put a link to this page?
Thanks for your work on this PLAYTONE, I know it is in capable hands. How do we let other websites and newspapers know of this page?


Awesome… I love this idea! I can’t afford much, but $1-2 each from all his supporters would add up quickly. Donny is such a lovable and kind soul. I was so happy that he won BOB, but then sad to see him cry by himself over his victory. And the vindictive part of me likes the thought of the other houseguests finding out about this after finale….



Taylor, have you given notice or some type of press release to other BB sites and live broadcasts (RHAP, Evil Dick…)? Maybe make a youtube video? Figure out what local newspaper is in Donny’s area and give them press release, too. Reach out to school where he worked… maybe the student council can get the word out. Just ideas. Now I need to make my donation!


That’s a lovely idea, but isn’t it a little premature? Donny could very likely win BB (500,000) AND American’s Favorite (25,000), plus the TA money, plus his stipend. That’s more money than I’ll ever have!


I hope he does win the 500K plus AF and any other monies that he can. Like you, I will never in my lifetime see that amount of money and as an ex-pat OAP, my income is miniscule but I am happy to share what I do have with someone who has been a joy to watch this summer. Donny is a true southern gentleman with a heart of gold. I also truly believe that if Donny wins big, he will be sharing his money with those less fortunate.


I have no doubt that Donny would do something to ease his brother’s life and his parents. And I hope he gets more opportunities outside the house than any of the others. Shame on Derrick to be so heartless to his TA brother while blatantly lying to America on camera.


You cant win the 500k and americas favorite player (25k). If donny wins then i want zach to win the 25k and if zach wins i want donny to win the 25k.If neither win the game then i hope zach wins the 25k. Team zack all the way. Hes the only one worth watching.The rest are too boring to watch.i do like donny but he isnt very exciting to watch. Yes hes a good guy and he won alot of comps but this is the 1st comp he needed to win for safety. The rest he disnt need to win as he was just a pawn for everyone. The house saved him over and over. But i do have to say with his wins he does deserve to win. But his social game isnt good.


Hi Ayla — I did email the local newspaper in his town but as I do not live in the US — or even North America –it is not easy for me to contact other sites. I don’t twitter or use FB so hoping people who do can advance this fund raiser.


I need a link please.


Jax, I just went to and searched Donny Thompson. He came right up.


Thanks!! I can’t afford much but I matched yours. Team Donny 4Ever!!


Hi Jax — I just went to and then put in a search for Donny Thompson.
BTW, you mentioned that Deprick and the Pink Poodle now realise that Donny is very well liked. I do not have the feeds so can you tell me what happened to open their closed minds and closed eyes? Thanks


Their first clue was the other day when a car drove by and they yelled We Love You Zach. Fakie and Derprick were shocked. Then when Donny won the BoB some in production couldn’t hold it in and cheered and clapped. Derprick and Fakie were talking to everyone last night telling them it looks like they are the bad guys this season. Both were shaken by it. Then Fakie was counting jury votes with Zach and he realized that no one in jury now would vote for him and he needs 5 to win. Last night was a real wake up call for both of them.

Irked by the stupidity!

I am Team Derrick FTW but I LOVE Donny! I’m all in! Thank you for taking the initiative to do this! Made me tear up…


I love this! Wonderful idea. I’ve already visited the site and left a donation. So nice to know that we can do something in a proactive way to help out our favorite guy. Go get that eye, surgery, bud…

Holy Cow

Be nice to see Pig Face and his cabana boy sidekick ( Kotex Cody) squirm this week!!! Maybe Beast Mode Moron will come up with a That Donny guy is stealing food from the mouths of


Thank you for your hilarious post……..I had a serious “laugh out loud” for your clever names of the boys!!


Donny should get more credit for winning when he has to! I think the loser squad is just jealous that an older man is whipping their a$$! I don’t think production rigged that many competitions. It’s just Donny is the real beast & they can’t accept it. Go Donny!!!


Ha! Christine hopes that her family doesn’t hate her for things she is doing on the show? I can bet they aren’t too happy! Her husband might keep lying to himself and telling himself that it is her strategy, but I can tell you that all the pawing and petting she has done on Cody, her parents and in-laws sure aren’t going to buy that idea. She acts like the school girl that no one would sit with at lunch. You notice that Cody hardly ever reciprocates? I guess he figures he’s stuck in the house with her so he might as well take advantage of her. He’s a joke too.
Derrick sure seems to be worried now too. Almost shaking in his shoes, wondering what Donny is going to do. Christine had it pegged when she said that Donny is the fan favorite and that their alliance is looked on as the bad guys. Derrick probably doesn’t believe that, being the big headed cop that he is. As much as he talks to the cameras, he has to think that he is everyone’s fave….wrong! I think many of the people in this house are in for a rude awakening when they get out and get back home! I could go on and on about most of the rest of them, but what is the point? What a crappy show this year…


Derprick and Fakie figured it out last night. They now know they are the bad guys and America loves Donny. They also knows Donny doesn’t trust them so its too late to change their games. They know that a car went by and yelled We Love you Zach. And Fakie was doing a count of jury votes last night. He realized not one of the 3 will vote for him and neither would Donny or VapidVic so if the veto is used he might make his move on Derprick. And if he does and Derprick comes back then they can go after each other and Donny can get some rest. We can only hope.


It’s nice to see the dream team scrambling.


Just a side note. I love how Nicole’s mom is rooting for Zach and Donny even though Nicole got sent to jury.


Shazam. Great job Donny. Keep your head up. Now watch them all flock to you.

Victoria FTW

Frankie please put Derrick up as a replacement nomination.
Knowing Frankie he will probably put up Zach.
He never misses an opportunity to stab his best friend
in the back.


Beast Mode Douche Bag needs to keep Zachs name out of his mouth! I’m sick of him trying to throw Zach under the bus. And Derrick? Just please STFU

Irked by the stupidity!

Hahaha…”MV”….. just hahaha! That there is a clear indication of why she is the do-girl for the boys. Trying to fit in and it’s going to cost her. Can’t say I’m sorry. It will be exactly what she deserves. I hope they cut her loose the same way they did Brittney or Amber. Can’t wait for her to be sitting on the block on a Thursday night.


Ya, that bitch only threw the comp because she wants to continue being accepted by all the idiotic guys. She must have such low self-esteem to need this much validation from men. Well, wait till she gets out of the house, she’s going to be in for a treat.

Capt obvious

Ummm, I understand that you are ‘Irked by the Stupidity’ and all, but you do realize that Christine(along with Donny) can’t go on the block right? She was just carried by Donny to a BoB victory…


I believe IRKED knows that Christine cannot go on the block THIS Thursday. IRKED said “Can’t wait for her to be sitting on the block on a Thursday night”. Operative word “a”.

Irked by the stupidity!

Thanks Taylor, you rock! Isn’t it funny when someone is trying to correct someone else and ends up looking like a dumb ass?

Capt. Obvious…practice your reading skills, then…and only THEN, come out with your guns loaded. Yes…I AM irked by YOUR stupidity. The end.


I’m pretty sure they were lying to her…”MV” probably stood for Most Vile…


First good nights sleep I’ve had in weeks. You can do this Donny, just keep at it.


So…Zach is stabbing them in the chest rather than the back. Isn’t that saying that he is playing the game the honorable way. Derrick is so delusional that he doesn’t even realize that he has back stabbed everyone who has ledt so far. His bully/entitlement attitude is getting old.


Derprick and Beast Mode Cowgirl is at the bottom of the %^$ barrel!! Cowgirl is just running to Derprick and Frankie blowing hot air and Derprick is running to everyone talking about Donny like a dog just so they will keep Victoria. Hope Princess cried don’t win POV because she will just take Cody off by Derprick’s demand. The whole house is scumbags!! Ugly Crustine belongs to the superfan dumb club if you are throwing comps at this stage of the game. She hates everyone for no reason, but why does she hates Donny? Is it because he looks better than her, well if so she should hate the whole house because she is beat in that honker of a face of hers!! Should be mad at her mother and father because of their genes (lol). Let Hayden come back and hook with Donny. Nicole can stay gone she is too intimidated and will run to Derprick and do the same ole mess should did when she was there NOTHING ACCOMPLISHED!! C’mon Frankie now is the time to Backdoor Derprick, because if you don’t it will cost you sooner than you realize. Let’s goooooooo Donny!


Here we go again with the “get Zach out” BS. Although, i saw it a mile away. No way is Derrick sending home his puppet (Vic) this week. Unless, veto is NOT used Zach is going home 🙁


Now that Fakie has done a jury count and knows that none of them will vote for him and he knows America loves Donny he may go after Derprick this week if the veto is used. So Derprick/NoBallsCody on the block means VapidVic would be the only vote for Derprick. Donny, Zach, Caleb and Ratine send Derprick home. Even if Derprick comes back in 20 minutes later he would go after Fakie who can’t play in the HOH.


Nooooooooooooo! Zach cannot go 🙁


Derrick thinks he’s so smart. Donny asked Derrick what color his skittle was and Derrick told him Donny’s was red and Christine’s was orange. Then Donny asked Cody and Cody said Donny’s was orange. LOL Not covering your bases too well here, Derrick, I think you’re the real Jamoke. Oh and GO ZACH!!!!


Zach and Donny take them down!!


Derrick already knows that Donny is onto him, that’s why he wants him out so badly. He doesn’t feel he needs to go to extreme lengths to cover himself with Donny since he has the numbers. I’m so hoping that comes back to kick Derrick in the balls. Donny was just confirming their shady stupidity to himself.


Derrick’s getting a bt sloppy – he’s the one that messed up on their story. More proof he doesn’t do so well when he’s under pressure. He sure is smooth with his manipulation of these morons, but it’s not too far from falling apart. He talks to much already & as he gets more stressed he may push too hard for something so that even these dummies realize what he’s up to (well, probably not the Brainless Beast)


If the POV is not used Kotex (Cody) will go home because Frankie wants to keep Beast Mode Cowgirl because they know he does not have a one brain cell and is easily manipulated. Derprick was crying because he knows it is a big chance now Victoria is going home. Derprick just did not want the audience to know he was crying over Princess cried. Who will he have to cut up construction paper, scribble or color with? lol. Crustine hates Donny for no reason, she should hate her parents for those genes they gave her! She is a fool to be throwing comps at this stage in the game. Frankie can have Donny, Zach, and Caleb to make a move on Derprick because if you don’t do it soon it will cost you. Donny for the win, Let’s goooooooooo!!!


I respect Derrick’s game, but I do not respect him as a person. If he made it to the final 2 I do think he deserves to win over the majority of the people in the house. I’m basing this on game only and not personal. But as a person he is an overconfident douche who definitely thinks his game is so much better and he is so much more deserving. People still like players like Dan Gheesling because he had charm, but Derrick has nothing going for him. AT ALL!


went on Faggie Bell Grade’s you tub site about a week ago, many negative comments listed, just went on again and wouldn’t you know it, every single one was deleted, new ones are there, wonder how long it will take his family to delete these???? He makes me sick!!!! also my heart was ripped out to see poor Donny crying in bed all alone, these people should be stoned to death as they leave the house, true scumbags!!!!! GO DONNYGO, kick so ass and win the 500k


I don’t really understand what Christine was saying about hotness ranking. Can somebody explain that to me? Why is she upset about that ?


What’s up with the stupid fake eyeglasses? You would get the same results with a “congress of baboons”. I just can’t decide who is more stupid.


Please, please, let Derrick’s game blow up in his face.

Mister E

I believe once production seen that people were just throwing the BOB comps, then they changed them up so it would give the other person on the block a fighting chance at winning. They started this several weeks back with the chess comp. I do not think they rigged it just for Frankie last week or just for Donny this week. They at least are trying to keep it a game and give the players a chance without the big alliance controlling everything.
As far as all the commentators on here that can’t figure out why people (including myself) love and root for Donny. Its the ole Good (Donny) vs. Evil (Detonators) battle. Rooting for the underdog scenario. The David vs. Goliath match. I know and agree Derrick has played a great game, but is he the smartest one in the house, nope. That title belongs to Donny. If Donny was brought into the Bomb Squad at the beginning and giving the same oppurtunity that Derrick has had all game,, then Donny might have bested Derrick at this game. We will never know, because Donny has been a target from the start.
Just so happy that this thursday one of the people from jury gets to come back. It does not matter to me if its Nicole or Hayden. Nicole has proven herself in comps, and Hayden is a good competitor. Either one will work with Donny and at least he will not be alone in the house with these people that hate him for no reason and will not even hang out with him and let him sit there all alone. That is just so petty of them. I think Caleb has started talking to him more, and Zach does some, but for the most part he is alone.
GO DONNY GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You are not allowed to talk about production

I hope Zach wins the veto, uses it on either Caleb or Cody, and Derrick gets put up and backdoored.


Zach did not get picked to play in the veto.

You are not allowed to talk about production

True. Forgot about that. Now, I hope whoever wins the veto takes one nominee off and Derrick is the replacement.


Production has interfered in the game all along….not just this past week with Donny…..we all know they plant seeds in the DR and tweek the competitions to favor certain people winning to enhance the storyline….
Unfortunately they realized too late that BOtB and this group of houseguests created boredom rather than drama…and their plans for a twisted season…quickly unraveled….hee hee!


The one wrench here in taking out a detonator this week is this: that person would then have a chance in the Buy Back. If that person won the Buy Back this upcoming Thursday, then the house would be back to the exact some composition as it is this week. It would be next to impossible for Donny to then be able to beast it through another week. It would actually be better for Victoria to go home this week, b/c then Hayden or Nicole are practically guaranteed the Buy Back win. Other than that, I’d love to see Caleb or Cody or Derrick get taken out this week.


But if one of the BS was to jury they may turn if buy back. They were chosen to leave before why not feel threatened that they would be low man and it happen again. The person that gets to come back needs to work with Donny and possibly get Zach into the mix. I feel like Zach knows he’s not that safe and it may be a big move if he could make an alliance with Donny. I want to see Derrick or Caleb go home. The weak would eat each other alive and I don’t believe Frankie has the command over the house like Derrick.


I would really love to see Donny & Zack as the final 2! Donny is so humble and sweet and Zack has so much personality and I find him amazingly sexy! I’d be happy with either one getting the 500 K.

Can someone please tell me what the heck a Jamoke is ?


Jamoke: its an Italian word means “idiot”. A clumsy loser who is incapable of doing normal human tasks. That’s what the great Officer Derrick thinks about our Donny. The man who needs to win money to feed his child. Who’s the Jamoke now


That’s crazy I’m quite certain Donny has won more comps than Derrick & doesn’t throw his “friends” under the bus! Plus Donny would rather be alone than be a follower and kiss anyone’s ass! NEXT …


Can someone who is in the final 2 or won the 500k win America’s fav?




I didn’t think they could.

really hoping

As much as I don’t really care for Frankie, I’m thinking he may be the only player in there (besides Donny) who has enough smarts to backdoor Derrick. I’m shocked people think they should get Victoria out because she is in Derrick’s back pocket. Why not just get Derrick out? Frankie has to know that his chances of winning go down every week Derrick gets to stay in the house. This is the perfect week. I’m sure he can convince Christine and Zach to vote Derrick out. And I’m sure Donny would love the chance to vote Derrick out. He can’t play in veto this week so it is a perfect opportunity. Cody and Caleb are harmless. So is Victoria. Don’t waste this week Frankie. plus I don’t think Derrick would really be a contender to get back in during the buyback.


I think he’s not sure he could get the votes, plus might be concerned about Derrick coming back. Personally I would say no guts no glory- just go for it.

pants on fire

Derrick says that Zack will stab them in the front, stab them in the heart…one can only hope!! BTW copper…you have no heart!!!

Lady Luck

Donny can only do so much in a house full of sheep!!! After he had a conversation with Caleb, Caleb went back and told Derrick that Donny is trying something, and Deriick said don’t talk to that man. Ugh it makes me sick. And then people on here will complain that Donny has no game!! What can he do??? I dunno maybe he should be more agressive, or would that just blow up his game? He is in tough position, I feel sorry for the man.


He DID say “that man”, didn’t he. That’s really funny. He has always been afraid of him, knows he’s smart, knows he’s onto him and is TRULY intimidated by him. It’s always cracked me up. He’s Derrick’s headache, and I love it……finally! A real match in his game!


Since Derrick is so smart he would try getting Celeb out now. They do not want to go into an endurance comp with him, he can more than likely win against Donny or Victoria. It’s time boys to start picking each other off! I’m so pulling for Donny, but if he doesn’t get into someone’s ear (hopefully Zach) than he needs to win something every week. Best case senerio is Donny wins the next hoh and it’s Pandora’s box and he can bring back Hayden!


everybody (in and outside the house) claiming caleb could easily win the endurance comp sure doesn’t know bb too well. the big muscular guys have no chance in endurance. light guys and girls win.


Really people..It’s a friggin game…….It’s designed to make people lie and cheat….how do u not win this game without being a liar and a backstabber..Do u hate your friend if he forecloses on you property playing monoply….. jeeze go watch the price is right ..maybe you can handle that!!!!!


Derrick controls everything in the house.
How they vote, who they vote for, who’s a have not, who throws the game etc.
He gets all the credit for people thinking their safe and none of the blame when they aren’t.
Good Cop/ Bad Cop all rolled into one devious player.