Big Brother 16 Spoilers – Week 7 summary of Events, HOH/Eviction Results


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  • Double evictions Sees Jocasta and Hayden evicted 
  • New twist reveals that one of the evicted house guests will have a chance to come back into the game
  • Post Double eviction the house is in chaos Frankie is seen as the enemy of the house, Alliances crumble and are reformed many times over
  • Zach pulls Nicole aside and lays the entire game down from day one.. The bomb squad, Detonators, Everything. Nicole gets the feeling she can work with Zach since they are both alone.
  • Christine and Nicole say they were played by Cody and Derrick both agree Cody is playing a dirty game.
  • Christine and Nicole win the HOH’s Nicole nominates Frankie and Caleb, Christine nominates Zach and Donny. They both want Frankie gone.
  • Caleb swears to throw the BOB competitions boasts that he’ll just sit down and choose not to play in it. Everyone wants Frankie out at this point. Lots of Frankie bashing ensues
  • Frankie tells everyone his sister is a famous teen pop star his influence slowly begins to rebuilds but not as much as he thinks. Many people in the house still dislike him.
  • Luck would have it the BOB competition is best played singularly so Caleb not participating makes it easier for Frankie to win. The result.. Frankie wins Nicole is dethroned.
  • Christine and Nicole swear to not back door each other if they win the HOH. They clean slate it and will work together moving forward
  • POV players picked  Christine, Zach, Donny, Nicole, Caleb, Derrick
  • POV is played Zach Attacks wins it like a boss
  • Zach and Caleb go to Christine say that Nicole promised Caleb that she would backdoor Christine if she was HOH and POV was used. They say she made this promise to ensure Caleb threw the BOB. Cody follows this up with cuddles and Derrick with some heart to hearts. Christine goes back to the boys.
  • Caleb, Christine and Frankie won a trip to a NFL practice.. After coming back Christine says Frankie thinks he’s a celebrity based on how he was acting.
  • Team America twist is a bust once again
  • They start pinning a bunch of the rumours on Nicole. Christine is told once again the plan is for the detonators final 5. They follow this up with Cuddles and everything goes on cruise control once again.
  • Christine puts Nicole up as the replacement nominations 
  • Christine’s and Cody’s cuddling is noticed here here and here and called out by Caleb and Zach  here 
  • Nicole tries to campaign but knows it’s a lost cause. LAst minute help from Zach seemed promising but in the end the guys wanted her out.
  • Nicole and Donny essentially have the alliance structure figured out. They tell Victoria but she doesn’t believe them. (The fact she doesn’t believe them shows how complete Derrick control is over Victoria.)

Hopefully whoever wins the HOH takes a legit shot at the detonators would love to see Cody/Derrick, Derrick/Frankie, or Frankie/Cody on the block.

OBB predictions
Nicole goes to jury

Actual results
Derrick Votes to Evict Nicole
Frankie Votes to Evict Nicole
Zach Votes to Evict Nicole
Caleb Votes to Evict Nicole
Cody Votes to Evict Nicole
Victoria Votes to Evict Nicole
Evicted house guest is Nicole

HOH Winner’s are Frankie and Derrick

one juror will come back into the game either, Jocasta, Hayden, Nicole or who is evicted next Thursday
BOB twist is over this week

BB16-2014-08-14 19-04-50-547

7:06pm Feeds back CAleb complains he went out first.

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129 thoughts on “Big Brother 16 Spoilers – Week 7 summary of Events, HOH/Eviction Results

    1. Simon/Dawg-
      What is the password to stream the show live? Also, can i do this with Sunday and Wednesday episodes or just Thursday? Thanks for all you guys do!!

  1. This is going to get real interesting when these guys start turning on each other. I’m not a fan of these guys but I guess that Cody is my favorite of the detonators.

    1. Well , just as I expected, Frankie and somebody (in this case Derrick) as HOH this week. Let me guess, Derrick will get Frankie to put up Victoria and Donny and he will likely put Christine and possibly ask Caleb to volunteer to go on the block.

      And then Frankie remains HOH and Donny loses VETO and is voted off. If he wins then Christine goes up and is evicted.

      There. That’s the whole week right there. Done.

      1. Exactly. Production sure must love the Bum Squad. The saddest part for me is BBUK is ending tomorrow, the only Big Brother that brings me any joy and makes me laugh (and sometimes cry). Oh well, there’s always BB Australia!!

  2. Rooting for Donny as well. Victoria just doesn’t have a clue unfortunately and I’m not a fan of Christine…so rooting on Donny for HoH!

  3. Hey Derrick if Nicole wants to help Donny then shut up
    Who do you think you are the king of the house .
    I hope Donny wins HOH
    and puts you and Cody’s ass on the block

  4. Does anyone else remember when Nicole and Hayden were on the block against Pow and Brittney, and there were sayings that played that night which they memorized…but I don’t think Big Brother has done anything with those sayings yet, right? Maybe they will come into play in a comp to send 2 people from the jury back to the house, paving the way for the return of Haycole. Of course, after Hayden explains to Nicole that they need to get out Derrick and Cody. Hey, a head scarf can only dream…

  5. GO ZACH ATTACK. I fear your game is screwed with so many HOH scenarios that you need a win here. if its still BOB, you need to win then lose the BOB and be free for another HOH.

    get em Zach! give Zach a power! #WILDCARD

  6. Donny could win HOH. But if BOB is still around, either Christine or Victoria would end up going home. BOB will protect the guys alliance.

  7. Silly Frankie……no one believes you were by yourself in BotB. We all know you had the best partner in there in Alison Grodner.

  8. Hope Donny wins as well…. This is getting so boring with the stupid all vote the same!! No one has balls lol! Ready to stop watching. Very boring big brother this year… Very disappointing

  9. And this is why I can’t stand Derrick:
    “This is for you America” with his eviction vote.

    Who the hell does he think he’s fooling with his obvious pandering. Ugh! Get him out!!!

    1. He was slick again after Nicole was evicted. Notice he was the one who held on to her bag and was the last to say goodbye. He always makes sure that the HG leaves on a positive note with him. Clever move even though I’m not a fan.

    2. Agree, Derrick saying that made me want to puke. Now that Frankie (yuck) and Derrick (yuck) are HOH I want to see if they keep “TA” Donny safe. Probably Donny is going up still , what lie are you going to tell us, the viewers, this time Derrick?

    3. Right! ! That fag (sorry if u take offense) already said the ONLY reason he wasn’t getting Donny out this week was that he didn’t want him to have the chance to come back! Who does he think he’s fooling? WE aren’t the brainless idiots in the house!!!

  10. Ugh, was hoping they would do away with the two HOH’s.
    Donny is toast. Even if he wins one of the HOH ‘s. It is too easy to evict someone this way. They will just throw the BOB to make sure Donny isn’t the HOH and than backdoor him. Simple. Unless production helps Donny he is done.

  11. Welcome to big brother hall of fame class of 2014.
    The first inductee is Brendan Villiegas
    The second inductee is Sovereign Six
    The third inductee is Danielle Reyes
    The fourth inductee is Jessie Goddrez
    The fifth inductee is Jen Johnson
    The sixth inductee is Nicole Nilsob Schoffrich
    The seventh inductee is…………….Sheila Kennedy & Eighth inductee is…………Chelsia Hart
    Congrats for both Sheila Kennedy & Chelsia Hart. Polls still open till Finale night. Right now Eval Dick vs Daniele Final 2 hall of fame.

  12. What the heck happened to endurance competitions??!! All they have been having is question comps for HOH this season! I want to see people actually fight for it!

    1. Since Caleb show boated during the first endurance and Caleb isn’t who production wants to back they stopped doing endurance. Of course they will resume hopefully tonight but it won’t be as much as normal.

      1. Right? Heaven forbid we like someone other than the people given the green light/forced upon us by CBS (Constant Bull $&!t) -at least when it comes to BB

    2. CBS has figured it out its not cost effective to build an elaborate endurance sets. Who of the House guests are capable of lasting more than 15 minutes straining holding on getting wet and cold, paying all that labor and material costs for zero air time LOL!!!!

  13. I guess they do not send the HGs to the jury house with DVDs anymore. Otherwise, how could Derrick think he could get away with that obvious flattering goodbye message?

  14. Cody stated that Donny has “skated by.” Donny plays well, does well in the challenges and is well liked. What exactly has Cody done except paw Christine?

  15. I just had a thought. I bet the evicted houseguests will compete against each other. The winner will return to the house as one of the new head of households.

    1. That’s what I was thinking. Wrong again. Guess that might be too much of a game changer for production to deal with.

  16. Welp, another week of just reading the site and not watching the show.

    It’ll be Donny or Victoria and it will be a house vote.

  17. Worst outcome ever! Nothing changes again. I figure Zach and Donnie will be the initial choices to go up. :(

  18. Guess I know the nominations this week. Let’s see Victoria, Donny, Zach, and Christine. No shocker..,,

    1. I think they would have to back door Donny because being part of team America, they have to save their butts. I think Derrick will put up Caleb and Christine or Zach and Christine and Frankie will put up Victoria and cody

    2. I kind of hope Zach offers to throw the BOB, gets paired with Donny & decides not to throw it. They could beat Christine & Victoria for sure.

  19. I was trying to be diplomatic during the HOH competition. I was hoping for anybody but Cody to win the HOH.

    Also, what do you guys think of the 2nd choice for Team America quest? I do not know who would be affected by being prevented from sleeping for 24 hrs except for Donny.

    1. Let’s just be glad we only had to suffer through 30 seconds of her. I half expect every new season of BB she will be part of the HGs since CBS loves her so much.

    2. The Rachel segment was a time filler there is no interest , no drama no story line! Maybe next week they bring two former house guests, add a few more commercials, and a 10 minute re cap from day 1!!!!

  20. Rachel had me cracking up on the live show! And she loves Zankie lol!

    So glad Donny is safe for another week. Looks like Derrick and Frankie will be trying to protect him until TA missions are over. And I doubt Frankie will try to get rid of Zach again!

    Go Zach Attack! Go Beard! Go Pink Pony!

  21. Donny better not go up cause derrick an Frankie on team America we will be real mad derrick
    put up zack and Christina
    Frankie put up Victoria and cody
    please production

  22. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse! Derrick and Frankie win hoh, so disappointed all I can hope for is they start turning on each other!

  23. I know they will put up Donny and Zach, Christine and Victoria.

    Frankie – Victoria & Donny
    Derrick – Zach & Christine

    Another useless week.

    1. Seeing how this season has been played its highly doubtful they put Donny and Victoria together. They would be risking them pulling out a win and their both safe. Most likely each HOH will nominate one of them like they been with targets all season.

  24. World domination by Derrick continues. Donny, don’t bother unpacking.

    And Frankie’s pink hair was a part of one of the clues in the HOH competition,really? Again,not a surprise he won the other HOH spot. Not that it matters since he never leaves the HOH Suite anyway.

  25. I’m going to miss Nicole. I didn’t love her early on. Her accent drove me nuts. But she grew on me and turned into one of my favorites. Maybe because everyone else left besides Donny and Zach are such huge douche bags.

  26. *heavy sigh* after live show
    The worst possible combo won HoH! Maybe the CDs are on hold until after someone wins a return trip to the house. Come on Hayden! What Rachel said she would like will NOT happen.

    Rachel and Derprick had a valid point. The girls did themselves in. The boys were willing accomplices. I wish she had touched on Ratine and Cody. HGs are finally questioning & getting as uncomfortable watching that as the rest of us.

  27. This might be naive, but hopefully since Frankie and Derrick are HOH this week and are both a part of Team America, neither can justify putting Donny on the block or backdooring him on camera. Perhaps Donny might get by another week, and can join forces with whoever comes back from the Jury (Hopefully Hayden, since he finally has caught a clue that Derrick (and Cody) are the puppeteers behind the show).

    1. Derrick had already started the let’s get Donny out campaign,which was being parroted by the house pillow Cody. Now that he has power, I don’t see him shifting his target,but we’ll see. He might not even nominate him since backdooring is the preferred method of getting rid of HGs this season.

  28. we know America if derrick and Frankie team America this week if they put up Donny they not
    if they don’t they are what it be derrick an Frankie we are not happy the fans are not happy if Donny goes up in goes home

    1. Here is my thought. Why even put up Donny? Next HOH comp will 100% be endurance. Donny will be one of the first ones off. Victoria or Christine should go this week. Then Donny next as long as returning house guest doesn’t win HOH.

  29. No big surprise…. Let me guess: Frankie will nominate Donny and Victoria, and Derrick will nominate Christine and Zack…… so predictable.

  30. What the heck was with Cody’s hair tonight….he had it parted and combed over like he was ready for his first day of Kindergarten!

  31. this could be it for Zach, not good. lot of things can happen between now and next week

    but this is the worst HOH possibility of all.

    Frankie….sigh…derrick? sigh. ….GIVE ZACH A POWER!!!! LET IT BE! #WILDCARD

  32. This week will has potential. If they put up Donny and Victoria with Zach and Christine, Donny and Victoria could win BOB and be safe for week. If they do Zach and Christine and one of them win veto Caleb? Mix up the combos and any which way gets messy. Not easy choices this week. This is when it starts to get interesting.

  33. I wish Donny had won HOH now lets see which member of TA puts him up. I have a feeling Derrick will somehow convince Frankie to be the one to do it

  34. Derricks nominations: Caleb & Christine. (Derrick gets dethroned & gets to play in next weeks HOH)
    Frankies nominations: Victoria & Cody (Derrick tells them to thow it & gets to play in next weeks HOH)
    After veto, Derrick gets Frankie to backdoor Donny. He’s soooo over Americas Team. Focused on 500k.

    C’mon Donny……… veto or be the returning player!!!!!!!!!!

  35. What’s worst than Derrick and Frankie winning HOH? Seeing Rachel and that hearing her annoying giggle. Anyone notice her lips got bigger? I guess she’s trying to 1up Elissa.

  36. I know most people are afraid that this was a terrible win but if Donny team loses BOB and then Donny wins the veto we are actually in for a good week. Frankie and Derrick are probably the two leaders in the bomb squad so sides might be establish this week. Also even though the picks seem easy initially their really not. I don’t see anyone besides maybe Caleb throwing the BOB and even Caleb I don’t think is stupid enough to do twice in a row. That leave Frankie choosing Victoria and ???, I doubt he chooses Christine and Caleb so Cody or Zach. I just wonder if hes willing to betray Zach again. For Derrick its looks easier its either going to be Donny and Christine or Zach and Donny.

  37. Frankie and Derrick could try to protect TA, by saying if it is endurance hoh comp next week. Donny then has no chance. So maybe try to convince others to get rid of Christine this week. It will be Endurance next week. They have an angle to protect Donny.

    But the safest route is to evict Donny, because if Nicole or Hayden come back they will 100% work with Donny. And that is a big threat.

  38. I’m sure House Dick Derrick wheels are turning, trying to figure a way to be in the final three with Christine and Victoria now.

  39. never do this but… noms will be Christine and Victoria then Donny and who ever or some combination of that four… shocker…

  40. I was glad that the Cody/Christine inappropriate relationship was recognized via Nicole’s observations to Victoria. About time she was outed for being a ho.

  41. Last year I kept complaining and saying I was done watching BB, but kept watching (it’s entertainment) this season I HAVE stopped watching and get better entertainment from here, thanks everybody for your entertaining posts.

  42. I think if Donny goes home cause of derrick and Frankie
    that when they fet out they going to get boo they getting boo now

  43. OMG I just wanted to cry when Nicole left, I so wish her and Donny would have worked together. The show is getting so boring and so predictable.

  44. I would love to see what Derrick or Frankie or going to say when they put Donny on the block. They BOTH want him out, yet they’re both TA and claim they want all of TA to remain in the house. Idiots.

  45. I think Donny knows he is going to jury this Thursday….. sucks big time, its going to be a miracle this week for Donny to stay… he needs to win veto or his going home…

  46. they are saving Victoria in case Donny wins pov and take himself off the block… Victoria wont be nominated this week…

  47. People think Donny is safe because of TA but if he goes along with the mission, they can still evict him. I think Frankie and Donny will start to think the $5000 per mission will not be worth keeping him any longer. I hope Donny wins the BOB or POV and makes them get rid of one of their own. Zach needs to get together with Donny. Team Beard!!!

  48. derrick said Donny going up yall im done with big brother in derrick quit talking to the camera nobody care what you say you going to find out when you get out just quit talking to us you not with team America
    this just piss us off hope Donny wins pov or bob if he don’t we 300 people or done with big brother

  49. derrick always says he is team America but we all know he wants Donny out this week. This sucks. The only houseguest who actually played an honest and sweet game. No lying involved.

    1. Ugh hate to admit this Zach has played a fairly honest game he usually admits his dirty which is honest and he says it to peoples face Dr Will style. Donny is the sweetest person in the game.
      I will be so frustrated if Frankie wins the America Vote for Favorite Houseguest….. It isn’t him winning that it would be his sister the same way he got Americas Team.

  50. My hope this week is this… They’re screwed
    Derrick and Frankie are going to explode. There are way to many scenarios in a week like this that can go terribly wrong for them. First off they have the BoB crap to deal with and they can not do their usual scenario. They have only one scenario… Donny does not win PoV. With numbers that low it is hard to keep him out of the PoV.
    So lets do some scenarios, the reality is Donny is the veto king.
    If Frankie Nominate Donny/Victoria
    Derrick nominates Caleb/ Christine
    Zach is not that great at competitions and he is having some medical problems if Derrick wants his guys to win battle of the block he can not put up Zach.
    So lets say Victoria and Donny win the BoB…. they are both safe.
    Say Donny wins the PoV. and uses it on Caleb Derrick then has to put up Cody, Frankie or Zach… I think Derrick would pick Frankie and Frankie would be evicted hoping the returning house guest is chosen by Americas Vote…. but a week with Christine and Frankie on the block would be deadly for Derrick and Cody.

    Now lets say the go a different route and try to backdoor Donny
    Frankie would nominate Victoria/ Zach and Derrick would nominate Caleb/ Christine.
    Now lets say Victoria and Zach win the PoV
    It is Christine/ Caleb
    Now if Donny wins the PoV and takes off Caleb
    They would be force to put up between Cody or Frankie
    Derrick would nominate Frankie
    So it would be again a week of Frankie v Christine and their games blow up.

    This is sort of a loose, loose, loose…. maybe win week for Frankie and Derrick
    the only thing I am sure of is Cody is safe for another week without having to bat any of his pretty lashes.
    Their greatest hope is to backdoor Donny with a consolation of maybe evicting Victoria…. but I do think those guys would choose to keep Victoria over Frankie or Christine. She is infinitely easier to control than Frankie, Christine or Caleb. Beside I think Zach, Frankie and Derrick all plan to make her their final two. She is the easiest to win against. These guys are not loyal to anyone they are greedy.

  51. UGH…can’t stand RATine and her neutered Lil doggy NoB@lls. So glad it was aired that they are so inappropriate. Later in conversation, he stated he HAD to keep it PG with Christine. REALLY?

  52. Can’t wait to see FAKIe LEAVE… He is so ANNOYING! Always about me me me. Before her eviction, Nic talked about the FANS who gave a shoutout to ZACH by saying they LOVED him. FAKIe response “It was ONLY one FAN”. AT THE END OF THE DAY ( LOL ) hope he sees the extent of own popularity.

  53. Why is it that production only saves players that we (America) hate. They sure as heck won’t save Donny but they will completely change the competition for Frankie…… He will be impossible to get rid of

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